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gender critical and female politics
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No. 15330

Thread for when you're at your peak and need to vent, scream or sperg about troons, TRAs, or related topics but don't want to shit up or derail other threads.

In a world where women are shunned for standing up for themselves, banned from using the word "woman", have their prizes and scholarships given to men, get told to shut up and take the girldick, that their same-sex attraction is transphobic, that their kids should have their body parts cut off - it's hard to not go insane.

The fear of getting cancelled, fired or shunned by TRAs and friends around you is weighing heavily on a lot of us, lc is one of few refuges where we are allowed to be honest. So go on, scream into the void about troons all you want.

No. 15331

messed up making the thread a few times like the idiot i am, hope I got it right this time

No. 15361

Close! Just link the last thread next time

No. 15481

I saw an anon say they didn't feel like the world was peaking like anons here have been saying it will for years. I think if you're from the US or Canada it will take a bit longer, you're sadly behind Europe with the troon stuff. We've already banned puberty blockers and HRT for minors in my country in because of the harm they caused and the backlash was non-existent, I think at most some tumblr and twitter troons were angry about it.
It's a massive relief that they're not giving it to kids here anymore, and it hurts my heart that it happens to kids in other countries. Mentally stunting them, castrating them and giving them permanent physically unhealthy bodies is so cruel, I genuinely think it's a massive human rights violation. I don't think most handmaidens understand what they're supporting at all, I can't imagine they're all evil enough to think it's ok.

No. 15488

I knew I forgot something, my bad

No. 15489

I think we should make terf shiba a thing, dogs who are know to dislike men still don't like troons and it would make the anime avatar weeb troons seethe kek

No. 15500

Reminder to myself that arguing with gender cultists is not a productive thing to do with my time because they are so deep in the ideology that they will never listen to science, reason or logic.

No matter how much compassion you come with, no matter how accommodating you try to be or any amount of using their language will ever reach them. Go talk to and warn normal people about their ways instead.

Shout out to any detrans nonas lurking the thread, it's not easy to get out of a cult mentality but you did it!

No. 15502

I wish I had peaked about troons and men before I picked my career path. I'm stuck in gamedev and its hell. I hate that I love what I do because it takes women and chews them up and spits them out until they troon out, pander to moids, or quit. Watching what happened to the Harry Potter game almost got me outted as a terf several times. I cried after realizing how much everyone in this culture truly hates women. "JKR deserves a bullet to the head." Was something someone said and no one batted an eyelash. It feels like thought police on the daily.
Okay sorry for vent. When I have enough money saved up I'll start an all radfem indie studio or something. Is there anywhere left in the states where I could do that and be safe from being sued for discrimination and troons wrath in general? Ah whatever. Pipe dream for now

No. 15505

This reminds me of something Is aw recently, where a successful TiM concept artist talked about how he didn't understand the alleged discrimination against women in gamedev until he transitioned and all of his work dried up. I genuinely wanted him to neck himself because it's so stereotypical of men to not believe women until it becomes an issue for them. I'd be willing to bet money that he thinks he has it even worse than women because he's a TRANS woman.

No. 15506

I agree because I literally owned the shiba plush in picrel when I was in a relationship with my TiF ex and had to throw it out after she violently stalked me post-breakup because anything I owned associated with her was so upsetting. Looking back, there were so many stupid things in that relationship that should have peaked me and I would like to change my associations with miss shiba plush to ones of trouncing troons instead of feelings of being terrorized by one.

No. 15507

How are LGB rights going in your country? There's so much fearmongering from TRAs here in North America about how reducing trans rights is a slippery slope to making homosexuality illegal again.

No. 15511

I'd throw my money at a terf indie studio so fast nona!
On the other hand, pandering to troons means they pay for your work, they are unknowingly giving their hard earned money to a terf. If they knew they'd seethe kek

As an industry pro, do you think a game dev studio that doesn't pander to troons may secretly be against it? Given how hardcore everyone panders to virtue signal now when I see a small indie dev that is just 100% silent on the issue I get my hopes up a bit.

No. 15512

File: 1685950182632.jpg (65.42 KB, 600x600, terf-zone.jpg)

Terf shiba is our new queen

No. 15513

File: 1685950234510.jpg (36.92 KB, 640x400, terf_shiba_be_gone.jpg)

all shibas are terfs, not just in plush form

No. 15514

I'm from Sweden so we are VERY embracing of sexualities, I honestly think there is no way gay people will lose any rights whatsoever because it's not even a hot topic here the way it is in other places.

The problem for the US (as I see it from here) is the homophobes are against "trans rights" exactly because they see it as gay (ironically a lot of trans people are trans because they're homophobic too). To them there's no difference to gay or trans, it's the same thing. So in a way they're right, that homophobic group would like to ban gay rights too.

Maybe I'm optimistic when I think that won't happen, but because the people peaking and actually seeing and pointing out issues with the trans ideology tend to be people who were in it themselves or who are victims of it (like gay people) who are very much NOT homophobes I think it won't happen. I think trans stuff will be banned not because of the rights homophobes, but because the left got fed up and don't want to see more children hurt.
This whole time the trans ideology has been painting themselves as victims of threats that don't actually exist, so I don't buy it.

No. 15515

I've had the same pipe dream of an indie radfem game studio and also an indie radfem animation studio too. troon wrath about a game or media can end up being a free advertising campaign - hogwarts legacy being the biggest example but there was some indie game (heartbeat) made by a lesbian radfem couple and troons crying about it caused tons of people to buy the game.
what's his name? I get the feeling his work probably dried up after trooning out because nobody wants to deal with working with a deranged troon male unless they have to

No. 15519

Honestly probably, at least in the US. I wouldn't say for sure since I haven't really experienced a studio like that but it's super easy to post about trans rights on social media so anyone who doesn't is just losing out on free woke points. Esp if they do post about women or LGB it seems likely? I've worked more in the AAA sphere of gamedev so I could be completely off the mark when it comes to indie politics.

No. 15522

Thinking about how trans ideology can't last no matter what they do. They decided everyone can be trans just by saying the words, and it just doesn't hold up to scrutiny or in law once people look into it.
It's not "what is a woman" that can't be defined, it's "what is trans" that doesn't have a logical answer. They're screwed by their own doings.

No. 15539

Back when I identified as trans, it was ironically a straight friend's very argumentative boyfriend who peaked me. I don't think he had any actual stakes in the discussion but he kept insisting that it didn't make sense for the T to be included in LGBT because it doesn' have discernable relation to the rest of the original acronym. As much as I argued for what I believed at the time to be the historical significance of troons to LGBT rights, his stance that troons were something separate that should be their own thing was undeniable. It really got me thinking.
It was a small thing in the scale of things, but getting that kind of reality check from a total normie who didn't have ill intentions aside from a known love of debate (almost to an excessive extent) was the start of it all looking back.

No. 15554

I really cannot stand my residual TRA/gendie "friends" anymore. I'm losing patience. Any discussion if moderately difficult topics, from historical issues to modern politics, are met with nothing more than a pathetic, "oh no,,,". The stress and anxiety that comes with confronting the real world is far too much for them, it seems, despite these topics being things that affect people they claim to care about. All performative wokeness that lets them easily pat themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum of not being an outright bigot about issues. And so, it doubly enrages me when the only politically-tinged topics that recur are those of "trans wins" or witch hunts against TERFs who they all proudly say they've mass blocked as a group. Very mask off behavior. So when it comes to issues of systematic oppression on axes of economic class, nationality, and ethnicity, it's too much for you? It's too much for you to care about the basic frustrations of women or lesbians? But trans issues you have no issue "boldly" facing full-frontal? Ironic, considering how you assert that transphobia is so severe that simple misgendering kills. I hate you. I hate liberals, and I especially hate lily livered white, middle-class liberals who have never had to and will never have to confront issues of systematic and generational abuse.
Troonism is the entitled coward's fighting front. These fools crucify themselves for self-gratification and even their trauma in troonism is as handcrafted as they believe their bodies can be.

No. 15556

It becomes clearer ever day that transgenderism is just a fad. "This outfit is so gender" and such just means it's literally just a fashion statement for girls/fetish for males disguised as a revolutionary, rebellious thing.
Unfortunately it'll leave a lot of victims of the medical industry but at least we can be sure it'll pass eventually.

No. 15559

> My four most important interests are populated by gendies.
> All the terfs in this Latin American country are polilez who won’t hide their distaste for bisexuals
Are you Brazilian, by any chance? Almost any nerdish fandom here is infested with gendies or alt-right tradcels, and even shitty normie fanbases like Big Brother or pop divas are full of libfems and HSTSs.
And about the “gender critical” bubble from here, it's just a bunch of polilezzies, goldstars and TEHMs acting edgy together against the “BTQIAP+” and then stabbing each other in the back a short time later. They’re so retarded and cultist that’s even funny sometimes, like the fact that they discovered MacKinnon is pro-tranny just last week and are crying about it. I imagine they'll commit suicide if they discover Dworkin's views on incest and bestiality, lmao.

> changed her name to Noah, despite being Latin American
There are several "Noah"s here, it must be one of the most common TIF names along with "Bernardo".

No. 15561

Get new friends nona. Perhaps do some light rants and make fun of people (acting like it's not them) who are just performative activists or who do the things they do, just make the target another group.
Like "I saw this gay gay who blocked all lesbians on sight saying they were triggering him, isn't that immature? Who blocks an entire group of people just like that instead of being open to meaningful mature conversation, only an idiot would act like that, he should grow up". Not the best example, but basically take exactly what they're doing but pretend it's someone else doing it to another group and ridicule that behaviour. If it backfires and they disagree with you keep in mind that you can always pull out the trans card: "but this gay guy was actually doing it to trans lesbians, he's totally being transphobic" kek

No. 15563

samefagging but we need to go back to subtly socially shaming and conditioning these people. They talk about trans people? Don't reply, switch the topic, wait a bit too long with responding and only give unsatisfying unmeaningful answers that don't continue the conversation. If they switch to another topic, reward them with taking part in a fun conversation and attention, compliments and so on. Make it so they associate talking about trans things as being boring and not getting a response, while talking about other things gets them attention and a good time.

No. 15572

I'm going to be real with you, thid would work on my normie friends who don't already have deeply entrenched views on the issue between a surface-level belief that trans rights = human rights. But none of this is really going to work on my terminally online gendie/TRA friends– they're not Pavlovian dogs, as much as I don't respect their opinions on this shit. They're not stupid, they're just staggeringly priviliged with a victim complex from being trans, and you can never underestimate how far white troons will go with their mental gymnastics to believe they're in the moral highground. I wish it was as simple as a game of association, but it's not. I don't think even repeated and prolonged abuse from an actualy group of troons would peak these people.
I just need to leave.

No. 15580

File: 1686075432453.png (14.58 KB, 598x344, quote Tweets.png)

Trans didn't do shit until the '00 and they started to whine since gay marriage was legal since 2015. I swear if I hear another "is because of us that LGB rights were made"…

No. 15582

File: 1686075567349.jpg (65.04 KB, 600x600, 71654ee6cca7f791583036d4c29ba0…)

I like those stories where the dog is "transphobic" because they bark to men and it hurts TIMs ego. No, bro, they just can see you're a dude.

No. 15587

same, it's nice to know that no animal ever respects gender identity and goes fully on what sex someone is, and they can always tell kek

No. 15589

>I just need to leave
You're right, you really do need to leave nona! They have sick extremist views that quite literally include promotion of physically harming children. Every extremist of any side thinks they're morally superior and in the right, they will never change their mind and they're not ever worth being friends with. When I distanced myself from my woke TRA friends and my parents noticed I wasn't hanging out with them anymore I straight up sat them down and told them the truth that I can't be friends with extremists who want to harm children. It just goes against my morals. As a bonus they're now peaked and get the severity of trans views.

No. 15607

I've been trying to slowly peak my TRA boyfriend over the past couple months and despite having to dance around the gendie topic a bit, I expressed some of my viewpoints surrounding it and he surprisingly seemed to understand and agree with what I said. However around the same time I noticed that he uses this browser extension called "Shinigami Eyes" (https://shinigami-eyes.github.io/) that highlights whether a page online is transphobic or otherwise. I confronted him about it and what the criteria for "transphobia" was and of course it focuses mostly on feminists speaking up about their experiences as women.

What I don't understand is why the fuck doesn't something like this exist for other groups? Why isn't there one for general homophobia? Racism? ACTUAL Nazi shit? What about, and I may be asking for too much here, misogyny? Why is transphobia considered the worst thing on the planet now? Why are we virtually wrapping trannies up in protective bubblewrap? Fuck off.

I hope someday a talented radfem girly makes a browser extension that does this but for misogynists and anti-feminists specifically. Or if one already exists, please let me know where to get it.

No. 15609

Good luck with the peaking nona. Maybe that browser would be useful in finding terf content to consume kek

No. 15610

i actually installed it myself once i found out what the extension was called for that exact purpose lmao

No. 15611

Genuinely sounds like a good idea! If a site doesn't have a "transphobia" warning I'd get sus because surely they must then pander to troons

No. 15625

dump him before he troons out

No. 15639

The point of that extension is censorship, not protecting troon feelings. If a troon supporter inadvertently visits a terf blog, chances are it will be logical and rational and empathetic, not the comically evil pseudo nazism trannies accuse us of. It might peak them and prove how full of shit TRAs are, a worst case scenario for troon ideology.

That doesn't apply the other way around. Homophobes, racists and misogynists are not going to convince people to 'switch sides', seeing their posts is more likely to convince you of how awful they truly are. Like, lots of women don't realise just how much men hate us so it would honestly benefit them to be exposed to what men really say about us. It wouldn't benefit feminists to hide that stuff since it can only prove their point.

No. 15640

Positive vent, I guess?
I think a friend that used to be really into the TRA movement has started to peak. We are a very close-knit group of four friends, and three of us have always been very openly gender critical when we meet as a group while she would either argue for troons or just look uncomfortable. But when she got pregnant her discomfort during gender critical discussions seemed to start leaning more towards "I don't know what to think anymore" and now that she is a mother of a baby girl she seems to be slowly peaking, yesterday when we met up one of us had a long rant about the whole HER twitter drama and she just looked absolutely DISGUSTED the entire time. The time we met before that she let it slip that yeah, the gendie movement has gone too far and needs to stop but bit her tongue right after. We are pretty sure that she is on the verge of peaking, but she is also feeling a bit ambivalent since her close childhood friend is super into the whole TRA cult so we can't blame her for possibly feeling stuck right now.

No. 15645

That's great nona! You have a golden opportunity to peak her now. I would try to peak her further by focusing on mother-baby things like troons getting into support groups for female infertility (when they're perfectly able to get a woman pregnant) and how male drug induced nipple secretion isn't in any way benefital for a baby and the men are doing it as a lactation and feeding fetish that the baby can't consent to. Imagine growing up and being told you as a baby were forced to suck a mans (who's probably your legal guardian) nipples, the absolute violation it would feel like even if you had no memories of it.
Maybe even share some screenshots of drag queens reading for little kids getting caught for pedophilia again and again… yet no pro-troon person is saying anything about it, surely if they wanted to keep kids safe they'd throw out the pedos the second they find out, but no they just let them keep going and pretend it deosn't happen. Or like reddit did, banned the word "groomer" so victims can't speak up at all and the pedos are protected.

I don't know how old her baby is, but you could also point out that mothers are claiming their kids are trans almost right after birth, but certainly at 2-3 years old. Does that make sense to someone who has a baby on her own?

But also focus on how you think people who are pro-trans aren't all super evil and that most of them have just been mislead by lies and had good intentions at the start, so she doesn't have to think her TRA friend is evil - just ignorant and mislead.

No. 15675

One of my roomates is leaving for a few months later this year so she’s subleasing her room to one of her friends without letting me know beforehand
But the person moving into the room next to me is a they/them TiF who does illegal tattoos and changed her name to one of the 3 “enby names.”
I seriously do not want to be made to play along with her gendie shit because she thinks she’s too unique and special to be a stinky girl but I think my best bet is to just ignore her entirely so I don’t get evicted kek. Advice is appreciated though

No. 15677

There aren't extensions for those other things because, unfortunately, a high amount of programmers are trannies.

No. 15678

File: 1686342340251.jpg (51.38 KB, 500x500, artworks-000134106127-28trvf-t…)

anyone else notice the gradual shift from male/female and man/woman to "masculine" and "feminine"? why do trannies have to drag us all backwards

No. 15683

My cousin has gotten really in to gender stuff and it's driving me nuts, I know that MtF trannies are a million times worse but dear god I've wanted to bash my brains out being around my cousin all week. She's trans non binary (Tif) or whatever, and she frequently brings it up every five seconds, and is constantly on facetime with a genderspecial goblin who is also just a Tif. It's mostly just irritating when she gets on a roll of talking about this stuff, it's pretty clear she wants me to acknowledge it but I've been ignoring it and instead continue talking about whatever is actually on-topic. I had to listen to her and the goblin friend (who is autistic) rant about a coworker who is "totally transphobic" despite that coworker ALSO BEING GENDERSPECIAL AND CLEARLY AUTISTIC. I do not understand their gender rivalries with each other. They are all exactly the same, middle class girls who work at starbucks and have various mental illnesses and nothing better to do than compete with each other over who can invent the most family trauma from their parents asking them to pay their phone bills.

It's so sad to see what she's become, she's genuinely hostile and kind of aggressive. She immediately snaps at people and constantly complains, it's easiest to just say "okay" and move on so she doesn't have a meltdown. She has a therapist but it sounds like it's the kind that enables all this. The one funny thing though is that she constantly has freudian slips, she'll call the goblin friend by female pronouns and she referred to herself today as a woman rather than a nonbinary transfemme whatever.

On a separate note I live very close to San Francisco and am regularly there, the entirety of Mission District is a cesspool of trans shit. Yesterday I saw a really ugly one in an empanada place. He had purple hair and terrible fashion and looked like a man because he was a man. 'Ate troons, 'ate San Francisco, love me cousin and wish she'd go back to normal

No. 15687

>she's genuinely hostile and kind of aggressive.
The fact that this behavior is so common with troons really shows how the movement is led by moids, they learn from each other how this aggressive behavior is okay but anyone with a brain would understand that this isn't the way to convince someone of your stance or win them over. They're so brainwashed by this scrotey behavior.

No. 15688

It's hilarious to me whenever I see a troon working at my local Starbucks and they're gone within a month. They all heard that Starbucks' health plan covered troon surgeries, but didn't realize that you have to be full time for six months or something like that. They legitimately think that you can sign up for surgeries the week after they get hired part-time kek.

No. 15689

I think ignoring her is the way to go. Just minimum politeness so it's not obvious. It's better than having a male troon around but you could still take note of all the bad things she's doing and when, if possible take pics without her noticing (like if she refuses to clean up or keeps making a mess or something so you have it documented). Note down annoying troon friends she brings over too.

And big warning if she's a testosterone taking tif - if it's T-gel it could transfer over to you and give you health issues from skin touch (goes through clothes) so in that case don't get close to her at all. It's a personal question to ask if it's gel specifically rather than injections or whatnot, so I'd just make sure to not touch her or her clothes if she has the T changes of facial hair and froggy voice and so on just to be safe. Also don't sit in a sofa she's been in or such as well. Don't let her touch your stuff either.

No. 15690

It's because of a few things.
First and foremost; transgender is mostly just a fashion trend and after a while the new people want to change it up to make it feel like their own thing, while essentially doing the same thing. Just like how it used to be all about "style", then "aesthetics" and then people moved on to "core". Same meaning, different words.

Secondly, it's "safer" and protects them against backlash. Wearing a suit once doesn't make a girl a boy but she can still claim it makes her more masculine without anyone being able to really disagree. And she still gets to be a cool oppressed trans kid becuse she's actually transmasc and not boring old cis.

But the worst part is medical practitioners are pushing it to protect themselves.
I heard GC medical people talk about it recently, how it's shifted from "treat horrible gender dysphoria" to "realize and affrim their gender goals". Meaning if you send an obvious delusional autist into having her breast removed and she later detransitions because it didn't help and now wants to sue - she no longer can, because they never claimed it was to "fix dysphoria", they only claimed to help her reach her goal of looking masculine and now she looks more masculine so she can't complain.

I also think they've started to notice people are peaking and are realizing you can't turn a man into a woman - but you CAN turn him feminine so if they focus on that part the pesky terfs can't complain and transwomen get to be seen as legit women if it's all about feminine gender steretypes. Anything to make it not be about sex and biology.

No. 15691

Maybe dropping little not so subtle hints like "you used to be so happy and nice before the trans stuff now all you do is complain"

I've actually considered going to a therapist despite being in a good place mentally to complain about trans stuff just to see how they react. I know how to argue gender critical points for myself if they try to call me transphobic kek At the very least it would give them the perspective of having met someone negatively impacted by trans ideology.

I've also considered doing it as an experiment to see if they affirm me immediatedly if I come in as a undercover "cis" person saying I think I might be trans and then bringing up the fact that I was an autistic tomboy as a kid and making sure to mention all my would be red flags to see if they take any kind of note of it. See how far I could push it without having to make things up and without lying or acting, like would me saying "I just want to escape sexism" make them react? But I think it would be more useful if a journalist did it. Then again it would be interesting if a whole bunch of people did it to different therapists and they all were pushed to transition and we could use it as proof that "gender affirmation" has always been a scam and not therapy.

No. 15692

I have an idea: use IMDb account to add new keywords to various movies about transgenders. For example, to a movie about a TIF I added keywords like “misogyny”, “grooming”, “sexism”. Anything hinting at the sexism (of the idea of troonism), how it hurts women and girls etc. will work. Now I’ll think about some “subtle” keywords for TIMs media, to hint it’s wrong and grotesque nature.

No. 15703

Speaking of the word "grooming", are there other synonyms to the word? I'm ASL so idk all the terms in English but just the other day I saw a gay mutual who in every other aspect is a decent person, but he's completely brainwashed about trans stuff, say that you should NEVER believe the word groomer when it's used for ANY LGBTQ+ person. It shocked me (but not really, because it's what thd cult preaches) that he acted like LGBT people are all innocent 100% of the time. As if a gay or TIM has never groomed or raped a kid ever, and those kids are supposed to just shut up and never talk about their trauma. Point is, they've ruined the word and won't see it for what it is so I'm wondering if there are other words meaning the same thing that can be used to talk about it without them reeeing at the sight of "groomer".

No. 15705

File: 1686498481579.jpg (39.64 KB, 600x511, im-tired-3xg1ro.jpg)

Looking up tips on any kind of storytelling, or what mistakes to avoid always now results in them smugly spitting out "don't forget to add gender representation, and if you're trying to justify an all cis white setting you're RACIST and a TRANSPHOBIC BIGOT you piece of trash". Why the fuck are they all advocating for tokenized representaion just for the sake of it? It's so gross to force yourself to write in a gender special themby or racial minority just for the sake of feeling progressive. And why exactly do I need to write in transwomen and transmen, you're saying they don't feel representated by regular men and women, huh? Now why could that be…

I've honestly at no point in my life even been bothered by an all male cast in a game, book or movie. Nor have I ever been bothered by an all non-white cast. A good story is a good story, I do not need to see myself represented at all.

And I'm not going to write in a gender confused themby just so I can confused people with the shitty use of pronouns. I think it's a lot safer to fully leave out all transness than to even try to please the trans crowd, if they think you're "on their side" they expect you to 100% submit to their every whim. And it's just going to age like milk and you'll forever have it in your finished work that you were simping for the child-castrating side of history. People studying your work in the future will have to do a little section of "this author/creator had problematic views that we have now outgrown as a society".

No. 15710

Gender has never been a spectrum.

Male and female are not opposite ends of each other. There is no vagina-to-dick spectrum where a short dick is "closer to being a vagina" than a long dick, or a vagina is "more dick than other vaginas" because the labia happens to be longer. So there is no spectrum between male and female to begin with. There are only 2 kinds of people, and sometimes they have developmental disorders that affect these 2 sexes differently simply because evolution isn't perfect. Being born with a disability doesn't make you non-human, and being born with a sexual disorder doesn't make you not that sex. It's SO simple, why are people acting like it's hard to understand?

There are 2 spectrums. One is female and one is male. They do not overlap at all, they are simply parallel and sometimes mimic each other. There is no third non-binary spectrum. There is no forth agender spectrum.

No. 15712

File: 1686578484436.jpg (53.63 KB, 720x630, 1686577591709.jpg)

I remember in the past that I believed the "true trans" and now I wonder if there really was a person who, before surrendering to the transition, tried to live in another way or to find a solution that alleviates their "dysphoria"

No. 15713

There's plenty "repressors", as they call themselves, who spend years fighting the urge to troon.

No. 15714


I deliberately avoid writing trans people into anything I write because it instantly dates it. They switch up what the "correct" terminology is every two years and then declare everything that doesn't use it is twanzphobic, even if it was "correct" when it was written. I just spare myself the grief by ignoring them all together.

No. 15715

Even if an extremely small minority benefit more than they're harmed by trans medicalization (which is a metric fuckton and a burden on society and themselves and everyone who cares for them) that still doesn't actually make them change sex in any way shape or form.

I don't think there is ethical "trans care" that plays into the delusion at all. Every medical provider of surgery and hrt should be legally bound to tell their clients they can't change their sex, only their appearance. I think for those extremely few that are helped they're all old school trans who know they aren't ever going to change sex and are freely able to state so out loud and in public. Naturally they'd also use the correctly sexed spaces, and if they choose to appear in such a way that other members of their sex could be a threat to them then it's on them to find a solution for it. Like finding an alternative unisex bathroom. That's a struggle they chose to have.

No. 15716

I don't think there are any studies proving trans medical care is better than other treatments/ placebo treatments. But of course they're not gonna admit that could be the case even when they're trutrans. There are plenty of detrans people who are no longer having dysphoria even though they legit felt it before. And the fact that trans care supposedly helps trans people by lessening/removing it too is proof that even TRA admit dysphoria is a thing that CAN go away and be managed. Because that is literally their goal and argument for transition. Meaning the same thing should be able to be achieved through other methods even in their brainwashed eyes. But even TRA don't want other ways to help trans people, they just blindly follow what they're told to say.

No. 15718

File: 1686618038447.jpeg (535.1 KB, 1536x2048, FySxFO_XwAAcLMK.jpeg)

These shirt should be read as "A person with homophobia is an angel without wings".

No. 15719

An angel without wings is a normal human being, and humans with wings don't exist. So a woman without a penis is a normal person, and women with penises don't exist. The shirt is a self-own.

No. 15731

Had the same thought "so they don't exist" kek

No. 15733

there is a terfigami version of that extension for firefox.it flips the colors around.

No. 15738

File: 1686722569389.jpg (164.98 KB, 1920x1040, Heathers.1989.1080p.BluRay.H26…)

trannies just drag us all back man. not looking forward to the barbie movie releasing because every libfem and troon i know is SO hype for more "femme" content huehue. fuck off retards

No. 15740

anyone else roll their eyes at pics of "passing" troons being used as a gotcha to "we can always tell" when they had to have a shit ton of the most expensive surgeries in the world, then slather their face in makeup to get to that point of passing at a glance, and that's still only if they were lucky enough to have been born on the smaller side of male and/or were abused by being put on puberty blockers as a kid
Like oof yeah you got us, totally passing, good for him, but now that I know for a fact he is male I can never unlearn that fact and will always know he's a man despite all those efforts so what was the point again?

No. 15742

How do we know it's not a man trying to steal your info?

No. 15744

File: 1686748678184.png (26.36 KB, 1192x352, tides are shifting.png)

Not a vent but the opposite really, but recent tweets like this give me so much hope

No. 15745

Can any zoomers confirm? I'm late 20s and out of touch with the youth, but I've always hoped that trans would eventually just become lame and dated and die like any other fad

No. 15746

Basically what I've noticed is that non trannies were just tolerating them because they thought trannies were just "born that way" like gay people, but the extreme misogyny and mental illness plus the contradictory statements made by trannies themselves are making normal zoomers really tired. The only people who really hated jkr were tras themselves. The vast majority of zoomers still like Harry Potter. Most zoomers (if they aren't misogynistic moids) are fairly supportive of lgb, but ive noticed that trannies make them annoyed. From disrespecting female athletics to being the porn poisoned boys they avoid in school, many of my normie classmates from highschool and in college are becoming increasingly put off by trannies. Actual gay zoomers (like me) are getting tired of spicy straights and bihets telling us we need to fuck trannies. Back when I had Tumblr more then a few of my lesbian mutuals just paid lip service to trannies on main while they complained about them on their terf sideblogs. Its not a tide turning but more like finally telling the spoiled kids no

No. 15747

Yes and any photo editing done to it too. A photo is just a single moment and for lack of a better term, a photo flattens it's subject. The viewer doesn't get all the information from a photo. Any troon will be easily clocked in real life. Everyone gets on fat girls for catfishing through angles, so they should get on troons too.

No. 15751

A few libfems have peaked but its mostly normies who were supportive but weren't fully aware who have turned against them and really troons themselves are the one's responsible, they act like massive degenerates and its very obvious for everyone to see

No. 15754

I’m so sick of trannies. They’re everywhere in my daily life and it just feels so inescapable constantly having to hear about this shit. I’m sick of hearing about hormones, I’m sick of hearing about gender, I’m so fucking sick of being around trannies. I feel like I’m suffocating under it. I just want it to finally end, I want to be free of this.

No. 15755

My respite from going insane was realizing it's a religion/spiritual belief not based on (and in direct opposition of) any science. So I treat them the way I do religious people, with slight pity. I wouldn't yell in a christian or muslims face that god isn't real, I kind of just smile and nod and ignore their delusions. "You'll go to hell/genocide trans people if you do that" sure grandpa, let's get you to bed so I can go talk to other less insane people how tragic it is that you live your life in fear of a made up threat tht doesn't exist and attack others for it.

No. 15756

samefag, it REALLY gets TRA annoyed when you point out gender is a spiritual belief kek but I like to drop it in casually here and there just so passing by normies who read it have a chance to realize that's what it is and now have words to use for it. Literally the ONLY argument they've given me back is "no it's not!!!!!" yet none of them offer an explaination or proof to me being wrong. It's especially useful to use it about they/thems who claim they're not their sex, it just becomes more obviously ridiculous when they're essentially claiming to not be human (because we only come in male/female)

No. 15764

File: 1686805221885.jpg (71.35 KB, 1170x830, FxutnssXsAAigVi.jpg)

The world is healing

No. 15765

more of this please!

No. 15766

File: 1686814599036.png (429.76 KB, 1190x1308, trans_athletes.png)

The more people see how trans people really act the more they peak

No. 15768

I wish we had an easy to access resource with anti-troon science and how to deal with it.

Like how to deal with being asked to use pronouns in bio at work. You'd have easy access to both polite and appropriate arguments against it, as well as high quality science supporting your claims AND ones disproving theirs.
(As a side note, seems like the best action for this is to make them do an internal anonymous vote for if employees want mandatory pronouns or not. Most normal people vote no.)

People know there are only 2 sexes and that men shouldn't be in women's only spaces. But they lack the words to say it in fear of sounding like bigots or being rude, and trans ideology pretends to be scientific and most people lack the confidence to refute it. If those sources were easy to access it could help so many people feel confident.

No. 15769


No. 15771

And UK nonas there's help re trans inclusive policies still relevant to adults. scroll down.


No. 15772

No. 15776

Looked up this tweet because I was curious about the second tweet, and so many in the response tweets have children roughly the same age or younger that are openly fed up with the whole thing. Could change finally be coming?

No. 15780

File: 1686856292258.png (605.4 KB, 700x700, TERF-shiba-drink.png)

I think so yes! Just like how hipsters were genuinely seen as cool for a few years but then became incredibly cringe until the trend died out, transtrending is getting old and unfashionable, and half of the people they meet who are trans are either awkward autist girls or coomer males, they're simply not cool people you want to be like.

There's also that restaurant saying that goes something like: "one happy customer might tell one other person about it if you're lucky, but an unhappy customer will tell everyone they know how shit the food was". Detrans people are increasing every day, and every one of them permanently peaks more people and exposes the industry. Once you've found out the gender wizard of Oz is a fraud you can't unpeak from the knowledge.

No. 15782

File: 1686856828849.png (545 KB, 700x634, terf-shiba-food.png)

sorry if I spam terf shiba memes, I meant to only make one but it's so cathartic and I get to look at cute dog pics

No. 15783

File: 1686857310337.png (81.45 KB, 375x480, terf_shiba_smelly_y.png)

No. 15784

File: 1686858352722.png (73.77 KB, 1109x902, replies-to-tweet.png)

here are some replies if other nonas are curious

No. 15787

terf shiba anon you are so blessed

No. 15788

Not Brazilian but we’re neighbors down the south!
What you describe sounds very similar to what we have here, actually. It’s funny how the more internet access a South American country has, the higher the chance for pronoun fads and muh misgendering panic attack, such non issues that didn’t even have a name a couple of years ago, and now we have to revolve society around them.
> . I imagine they'll commit suicide if they discover Dworkin's views on incest and bestiality, lmao.
kek nonnie, true that. You’re right on the backstabbing tendencies. It feels kinda weird to see gendies destroying each other in one hand over petty flag discourse, and in then the other extreme, a handful of pollilezzies holding each other by the throat over gold starness when 99% are likely just traumatized hets. I do feel like Im losing my mind sometimes.

No. 15792

>Discover cool fun thing
>See fun content of said thing from fandom of thing
>Investigate fandom of thing
>Screeching trannies and genderlords everwhere
>Profound disappointment

Many such cases. Sad.

No. 15793

the problem is you need to find those small hidden communities of the fandoms, the big mass is always trash

No. 15795

>finally find a person that isn't trans and doesn't have a million contrived trans headcanons
>their blog is 50% braindead takes about evil terves and twans youth anyway
If anyone ever finds a fandom where nobody cares about this shit, please let me know. I will check out any piece of media if there's a chance I could talk about it online without encountering this.

No. 15796

I'm so tired of troons invading spaces for children especially little girls.
Tranny flags in every childrens store.
I wanted to take my daughter to the bippity boppity boutique but they have a moid working there now apparently. Disgusting neckbeard with makeup and a dress on doing little girls hair.
The women that yass queen these men upset me too.

No. 15797

Do these women not remember how scary adult men could be to them as little girls? Not even threatening ones, but just your average adult man has this aggressive aura that women don't. And while far from all men working with children have ulterior motives they're still far more likely to have them, and the gender cult literally encourages and welcomes open pedophiles as long as they pretend to be some flavor of trans. I honestly think 99% of all men who want to work with children from the trans crowd are doing it for sexual reasons, be it pedophilia or for their own AGP validation.

No. 15798

I think I've vented about this before but… the whole "trans women are women" deabte is so meaningless! Even if we granted them the label, heck even if they were by some biological magic women, they'd STILL be a completely different kind of woman. They'd have NONE of the physical vulnerabilities of real women, and they'd be indistinguishable from men (despite in this scenario not being men) so they'd pose the EXACT same threats to real women that men do, and they'd need NONE of the unique protection from men that real women do. No matter how far you push the label woman to include them, it just never adds up - because women and men are biologically different. Men can never be women. Sucks for them, but they have to make peace with it on their own and leave women alone.

No. 15799

Made the decision to quit my job because my boss hired a troon (legit scary 6ft tall black dude with the broadest shoulders and deep ass voice) at a location where it would be just the two of us working and a back room area with no security cameras. Yeeaaahhh no. Now I'm stuck at a shitty minimum-wage position and I hate this world so much. I'm just so glad I found this place and don't have to feel as alone.

No. 15800

Good call nona. Being alone with a moid like that is scary even if he isn't a troon, and statistically 50% of convicted troons are rapist so he's more likely to be one than your regular moid

No. 15801

I know I'm trash for watching him and it's a retarded take but I'm tinfoiling that Cinnamon toast Ken is transphobic/gender critical, because he's old kek and because I haven't seen him pander to troons the way all youtubers do even when he talks about topics directly involving troons.

The unwritten trans-ally law is as soon as a trans person is mentioned the youtuber has to take a moment to talk about how oppressed they are, how much they personally support and love trans people and that transphobia is super duper bad. I see this pandering in the most random videos not even about troons, so to have someone like Ken ridicule a troon without making it a troon thing openly (in a video about plastic surgery addiction) is honestly refreshing. He also talks a lot about how his wife updates him on internet drama/gossip so I'm also suspecting she's a secret terf, because it would be nearly impossible for someone to follow internet drama to not be in contact with troon content, and if she was a woke trans ally she'd force it onto her husband the way they all do.

My new hobby is secret terf/gc spotting kek

No. 15802


Sage bc OT but I watched the same video and he accidentally misgendered the TIM like 2 or 3 times kek. I feel like he just doesn't care about the whole discourse. He is still friends and makes videos with Pewdiepie who has been a big edgelord in the past. With them being older and becoming parents they probably are just more focused on their family than stupid pandering to trans people on the internet.

No. 15803

i just want someone to explain to me why trans"women" are so special? what about them makes them so worthy of so much attention and praise and deference, like they are gods? why are their imaginary rights so much more powerful than anyone else's on this earth? no one can ever tell me why these people need so much protection in society? they're men who wake up one day and decide that they were born in the "wrong" body. it's not the same thing as race, which you can't change. whatever shit they go through in life they typically bring on themselves. i see how trans"women" behave. they're either mentally ill perverts, raging misogynists, or sexually deviant gay men who like baiting straight guys into having sex with them. there's so much propaganda in the media to present these people as being persecuted or that they've been around for a millennia (that two spirit bullshit) that it's insane.

No. 15804

White, male autists with connections to big tech and big pharma, who constantly scream about how they'll kill themselves if they don't get their way Now Now Now. By caring about the tranny, shitty men, handmaidens, and the otherwise uninformed get to feel like they're wonderful, respectful individuals and conveniently ignore all of the other world issues going on because the twans snowflakes are all too happy to get the attention instead. And will shriek very loudly if they get anything less.

No. 15806

does anyone else think about making "bathtub hrt" but just selling placebos or sugar pills to make a quick buck? I think about doing it to help pay tuition and filling it with fake reviews and update pics. It would be cool ig but I don't want to slip up and get killed by a deranged troon. Any nonnas have advice? condolences? words of wisdom?

No. 15807

These are cute.

No. 15808

>My new hobby is secret terf/gc spotting kek
Which other youtubers do you think are sercretly gc? I desperately want to believe Michelle McDaniels is, she just doesn't feel the drama is worth the trouble.

No. 15811

I 100% think Michelle McDaniels is a terf, but in the normie way. I don't think she'd go on lc or anything, but she's already said pronouns are hard and silly and refuses to back down even when called out on misgendering. She's the kind of person that sees troon stuff and goes "lol no that's fucking dumb" and then goes on with her day. For troons that's the worst kind because she takes no bs and won't try to cater to them in an effort to be nice, they've got nothing on her.

I think because she's black and muscular she's probably been called manly enough time by troons that she rolls her eyes at them by default, she was never under the illusion that they're all "uwu innocent lil' beans that can do no harm to their fellow girlies".

No. 15812

Love that he kept the misgendering in the video, even pointed it out with a quick "oopsie sorry", and that his audience is edgy enough that no one gives a shit. It almost felt like a subtle message saying "look we misgendered him because we don't see him as a female and we're still not getting cancelled". As if he's testing the waters and showing others that it's fine.
I really hope it stays that way and he doesn't have to grovel at troons feet and beg for their forgiveness in a week. We need more people to just ignore the troon tantrums. It almost makes me feel like his videos are a safe space knowing I won't be burned at the stake for being a terf lmao

No. 15813

i often dream about scamming troons out of money but I'm too scared about getting caught to actually do it

No. 15814

I rememeber reading that in the US a surprising amount of conservative rich people were "secretly" behind funding trans shit. And troons really are a gold mine for them.
>you get to replace females in power with men pretending to be female
>meaning you can ignore all female specific needs and only focus on what you as a men want
>you get to have the troons as medical cash cows for LIFE
>if you disagree with the troons, you can just cut their medical funding/access and they'll go away due to health complications
>you get to push sex stereotypes harder
>you get these gay men to appear straight (and if you're secretly into men you can now fuck them and still not be gay)
>you get to say gay men don't really exist/they're not real men, because they're trans
>you get to sterilize minority groups and mentally ill people, who happily sign up for it by themselves
>you get to control the population, both in "quality" and size
>you get to push and perform inhumane wanna-be-god medical experiments on humans you dislike
>you know it's a leftist topic so you get to watch them fall apart over it making your side stronger
>once it falls apart you get to blame it on the left and pretend you were against it all along
>Even after it's fallen apart, the troons are still your medical cash cows and the unwanted people still sterile

No. 15819

Forever infuriated about people blindly accepting literal opposites when it comes to troons.

Are they being genocided, or are they passing flawlessly because "you can't ever tell what is in someone's pants"?

Are they a super small minority, or do school classes where 70% of the kids are trans make sense and they're all valid?

Does wearing a dress mean a boy is possibly a girl, or do clothes not have anything to do with gender?

Can they make up their fucking minds, or better - shut the fuck up if they don't have anything logical to say.

No. 15822

One of the biggest trans shills I know got called out for making and selling inclusive content showing POC, trans and enbys when he's a "cis white (gay) guy" and thus earning money on their imagery. He's being pretty salty about it trying to prove himself as an ideal ally and using his gayness as a shield. I feel bad for him but he got himself into it, and he's throwing women under the bus in favor of AGPs anyway so idc. The trans crowd will NEVER be happy no matter how much you cater to them and they will always despise gay people, he's just not figured out he's catering to people who hate his guts yet.

No. 15830

Instagram has figured out that I'm some flavor of masculine woman because of my likes and who I follow, so now they've decided it's appropriate to pelt me with ads for binders (including binding swimwear? The last place I want my breathing and movement impaired is the open water) along with ftm body builders and their 'advice' posts on how to build a masculine physique. Why the fuck would I follow the advice of someone who's essentially roiding? It's obnoxious because it feels like it's encouraging poor self image, I'm already being inundated with memes about how much easier it would be to give up and just get on gear, and now I'm being shown women whose performance enhancing drugs are not only considered more socially acceptable, but prescribed.

No. 15835

>Why the fuck would I follow the advice of someone who's essentially roiding?
Not even essentially, they're literally on anabolic steroids (assuming they take testosterone). Absolutely insane that they think they're in ANY position to talk about any kind of health when they're so fucking delusional and self hating they chop off healthy body parts and take extremely damaging drugs for the aesthetic of looking as not-female as possible. In reality they can't escape it, they don't get male bodies they just get roided damaged female bodies. Their bodies are just as female and womanly as the danitiest weakest pink loving girly girl. They can cry about the binary not being real all they want, but it's never going to change reality.

No. 15837

This is sooo refreshing to see. I would just love to see these gender loons try to screech at and prosecute children for wrongthink, which of course would just end up peaking more and more people. Love to see it.

No. 15838

Most of these troons are sexually deranged perverts. You could probably sell your own bath water and they'd buy it up. You could probably even just say it's your bath water and then just sell them plain soapy water kek.

No. 15842

I recently heard someone say about their own teen children that they were perfectly fine using pronouns for their trans classmates, however they didn't feel comfortable at all actually refering to them as the wrong sex. So basically in their mind they think "some boys go by she/her, I just have to remember to use it for those boys" rather than "that person is a girl, therefor I should use she/her", and the same for girls going by he/him or anyone going by they/them. It's funny to me that after all that preaching these kids still just see it as "some people use the wrong pronouns" and it changes nothing about how they actually view them.

I know it's a vent thread but I would LOVE it if more nonas posted little wins like this they come across, it gives me so much hope to see people peaking

No. 15845

Something that I noticed from the younger ones (tweens and teens) in my family is that at first they accepted the trans shot. Then little bit by little bit, their “trans” classmates started getting on their nerves by having meltdowns about their gender and pronouns being “disrespected” by their teachers (one had an explosive violent tantrum because a teacher put her on the girls side for a gym game) that they just got tired of it. That and they saw a bunch of retarded shit done by trans activists on the news and internet that made them pissed off with them. Kids really do not care about tranners and just see them as a nuisance most of the time, and I’m glad they’re proving that just by existing. It’s sad that kids are getting indoctrinated into this bullshit, though, since I can clearly see that the “trans” kids I come across are usually socially withdrawn, don’t have many friends, and have severe behavioral issues that are all being overlooked so the parent could let them live as their “true self”.

No. 15846

nta but sadly I have noticed that both TIMs and TIFs tend to be far more over represented in alt and niche communities.

No. 15848

ugh i wish I could live as my true self and have people pander to me. Inside my head I'm a screaming asshole toddler that melts down when I don't get what I want but I made myself integrate into society with the help of family and therapy. I swear there are so many stupid fucking reasons to troon out but one of them is just refusing to be a functioning human being. They probably accept all the medical harm they do to themselves because at least they can have others take care of them because they actually are too sick to do anything. Can I identify as retarded so that I can get a pass to be a degen sometimes? I promise that is my TRUE SELF

No. 15849

No. 15850

i wonder if my age group (twenties) is too far gone kek

No. 15855

I think not, people's brains aren't fully developed until their mid-late 20s, so that happening + this group starting to have children on their own puts the trans ideology in a new light. It's one thing to be 18 and assume a 3 year old can totally know their true gender self, it's another to see your 3 year old daughter smear shit on the wall one day and then call a dog a kitty and throw a tantrum over having to wear socks the next, suddenly you realize kids are not that smart and aware of themselves. And suddenly the thought of men in dresses wanting to give her a lap dance and tell her to insert tampons becomes a real threat to her safety

No. 15857

File: 1687336602567.jpeg (87.13 KB, 1170x809, 1687334192005.jpeg)

Stolen from another thread, but this is fucking hilarious. "Cis is a slur" has been a thing for years already so fair game really

No. 15858

just wanna say that i fucking hate trannies!!! i cant stand them anymore!! thank god that i have peaked.

No. 15859

File: 1687341499708.png (313.25 KB, 866x1144, terf_shiba_research.png)

Nonas what is the most stupid/silly thing you used to believe about troons before peaking?

I'll go first I thought that study about "trans brains are closer to the other sex's brain than their own" was true because I saw it on tumblr. Of course I was maybe 15 and didn't know how to read a scientific study correctly in the first place, I never tried to read it myself and just let tumblr groom me into thinking it was legit valid proof because "surely someone has read it and is being truthful about it". Jesus was I naive and gullible. I don't think anyone in my tumblr circles had actually read it lmao

No. 15861

File: 1687348288130.jpg (54 KB, 800x800, v25Hpgk5r61jv.jpg)

I didn't think they were real women but I believed they always existed through out history, but the more I actually read about them, I realized it was all just young boys being raped in misognystic societies and eunuch administrators or priests

No. 15862

I don't think I ever actually believed any of it, I had a couple of trans friends already before the rise of tumblr so I didn't think all too much about it and just happy they found a way to be happier with themselves. But I could never convince myself they were 100% man or woman because I could still see male/female behavior in a lot of their reasonings. But I did fully buy into the "b-b-but I just wanna peeeee" argument for a while.

No. 15863

This woman I became friendly with via a fandom just announced her 10 year old daughter is "trans and pan". The girl just came out as "nonbinary" last year. It's honestly disgusting to see her daughter going down this path and how the fuck does she know what being pansexual is at 10?? If I actually knew this woman IRL I'm not sure what I'd do, because my first instict would be to report her. That's beyond creepy imo.

No. 15864

That trans people are so rare I might see 1 or 2 in my lifetime, that all mtfs had surgeries to get their weiner cut off before taking their place in a womans bathroom, and that ftms never had surgeries of any kind just used the gel or whatever to grow their clit if they were kinda pervy in the agp type way. I also believed there were a LOT of medical and psychological clearances needed in order to begin transition and that the first step was to work with a psychotherapist to try to work on other underlying issues first…

No. 15868

If a 10 year old is "coming out" something has gone very wrong. Kids should just be kids and not worry about the definitions of their dating preferences that they haven't even finished developing at that age

No. 15869

That being trans was the mental disorder known as "gender dysphoria", people who just felt like they were born in the wrong body, when in reality the largest portion of trans people have always been the AGP who do it for a fetish. I think it may only have switched recently over to ROGD possibly being the largest group, because before girls were rarely trans at all and now it's the trendiest disorder to have.

No. 15870

I hate the "born into the wrong body" talk. It is deeply disturbing that "gender dysphoria" is treated with hormonal injections and surgeries. These procedures are supposed to alter your body closer the shape your mentally ill mind wants it to be. Which is so, so wild to me.

Why is this so widely accepted? Shouldn't we be teaching kids to accept and keep healthy the bodies they were born with? If you look in the mirror and have suicidal ideation because you can't stand the shape of your body, the solution should be therapy that gives you tools for self-acceptance.

No. 15871

I took their word for it that srs results "look just like the real thing" and are perfectly functional for sex. Then I saw pictures of the typical surgery results…

No. 15873

>If you look in the mirror and have suicidal ideation because you can't stand the shape of your body, the solution should be therapy that gives you tools for self-acceptance.
They do give therapy for EVERY other body dysmorphic disorder, just not for trans people. Imagine if an anorexic went into therapy and all the therapist said was
>"yes, you know your body best, you really are fat! Of course we're going to help you reach your body goals through invasive surgery so you can finally be your true self. Do you want your stomach closed up and a lipo suction as your skinny-confirmation?"

No. 15876

File: 1687391811627.jpg (38.91 KB, 500x375, cb8.jpg)

Now every troon is saying "Cis has never been a slur", but they love to ignore picrel or any merch saying "die cis scum".

No. 15877

I got questioned if I would date a TiF today in front of the whole group chat (I'm straight). Wondering if they're suspecting I'm crypto somehow. Don't think I dodged it well. Sure felt like the times my family would ask/make sure I believe in God kek. I usually don't talk about feminism at all online outside of lc. Just keep it offline so I don't know how they would think to sus me out

No. 15878

The trans movement has always been pushing for "misgendering" being bad, to the point that many of them want it to be illegal. Yet from day 1 people who do not believe in gender ideology or that they don't have a gender and do not identify with "cis" (which if anything would make them "agender" according to the ideology) are ridiculed and told they are wrong about their own gender identity. It doesn't add up. Calling someone who doesn't identify as cis by that word is no different than calling a transwoman a man, by their own rules and logic.
Either misgendering is an awful act of violence and hatred, or it's not. So which one is it?

No. 15879

>Don't think I dodged it well.
What did you say and how did they react nona?

No. 15892

I definitely wanted to say no I would never, but I first tried to ignore the question and pretend I didn't see it. Then someone else mentioned my name followed by "would you date a trans man. One with a vagina." I tried to play it off really casually as if I don't think too hard about such things so I said "I dunnoooo I guess I would have to meet them first." One of the people asking me this is a HSTS so I don't know what his angle was. The others in the chat are all women with no gendie label as far as I'm aware. After my response, the HSTS said he always sees everyone say they accept trans people but do not accept them as a romantic or sexual partners. No one else said anything and I ignored the comment. Eventually the subject changed. Idk if it's enough to be excommunicated and I'm worrying over nothing. I should mention this was an adult group chat about fictional 2d husbandos so it felt really out of left field. And again, I really don't mention feminism or my level of misandry at all even when it's relevant to the conversation. Just hold it all in so I don't slip and vent on here. Kek maybe I should have asked if a relationship between me and a TiF is even considered straight since they joke I'm the straightest person there and also I never seen a TiF in a relationship with another woman label themselves as straight kek not even Ellen Paige. Do HSTS's even consider themselves straight? He honestly is such flamboyant a gay guy I forget he has the tranny label kek. Hell maybe I should have asked him if he would date a TiF himself

No. 15894

>Then someone else mentioned my name followed by "would you date a trans man. One with a vagina."
Oof, definitely sounds like they were trying to get you to confess your sins. But if no one else said anything it kind of sounds like the troon alone was attacking you, and perhaps some of the others also thought it was a rude comment. If you're close to any of them you could test the waters by venting in private that it was such a weird and gross private question to ask out of the blue, especially in front of a group of people. You don't have to bring up transphobia, it would be equally gross if someone started asking how much you'd want to date guy because they have dicks.

Next time you should defend yourself by saying something similar in front of everyone, point out that it's a personal sexual question and not at all appropriate in this setting. Don't let him get away with doing shit like this.

No. 15895

I'm straight and I would say no because I'm not attracted to vaginas. If that makes me transphobic, I would remember them that they force gay people to like vagina/penis in a quite homophobic way.

No. 15901

I was in voice chat playing a game on discord the other day with friends I had made on a server recently. We were all a group of women, then a troon from the server joined us. We were all chatting for a while, then I made a comment about my boyfriend. Soon as I'm done talking the troon starts going off about how much men suck and women are better. I'm all for cracking jokes about men but it was so hard for me not to tell this deep obvious man voice to shut the fuck up. The disconnect is giving me whiplash. Everyone else kind of laughed it off and passed around some general "men suck" jokes but I swear I could feel the energy change. We didn't speak about it afterward but it really felt like at least a few of us were just tiptoeing around it.

No. 15903

Had a peak win today nonas, my boss clocked and pointed out a troon staff member after a client meeting we had. He has little to no knowledge about the troon debate and simply just stated his opinion that the more they try they just look more like men because it highlights that their features aren't actually female. He really didn't sound resentful or anything, just the casual way he said it and "misgendered" the troon because to him it was just neutral facts gave me so much hope. So glad I'm not working at a chronically online woke pandering place kek

No. 15912

File: 1687506836902.png (47.28 KB, 1022x402, t horrible side effects.png)

a jfashion wearing tif I stumbled across on tumblr is forced to detrans because being on t basically almost killed her. she had to get a hysterectomy too because of what seems to be issues caused by t. this is depressing - a mentally ill misfit girl going through puberty has body dysmorphia, develops an eating disorder, has medical professionals convince her to troon out over the course of many months, and the complications from the hormones have caused her so much suffering. why is this shit being encouraged? attached link for anyone who wants to read. I genuinely feel bad for her.

No. 15915

>she had to get a hysterectomy too because of what seems to be issues caused by t.
All females on testosterone HAVE TO get a hysterectomy within a few years because of the health complications related such as vaginal atrophy and cancer. It can literally kill them of they don't. I'm pretty sure most of them aren't even aware of it, especially not the enbys who take it just for the aesthetic.

No. 15920

holy shit that's insane, yeah I don't think many people know that. I didn't even know until just now. they don't really tell troons about bad side effects before giving them hormones, I doubt this girl would've gone on t if she had known how damaging it is

No. 15921

To be fair, cardiovascular issues don't happen to all trannies. There's just a significant probability.
Vaginal atrophy, however… Yeah. I know some trannies apply estrogen cream to keep the vay jay working, but I don't know if the method is viable long-term and/or if it causes more complications down the line.
Doctors and trannies themselves need to be upfront about that shit.

No. 15922

I'm apart of a group of artists in a small, nearly dead fandom on discord. When gender ideology swept the lands, over half of them went and trooned out or gender specialed themselves.

Okay, whatever. It's not like I'm super close to them. I'm just there for fanart. Because it's so unavoidable in this group, I talked to at least one TIM very casually. This TIM considers me a friend, but I just am friendly, so it's not mutual. They have a super temper like most moids, but it's not directed at me so I don't think about it.

Christ was I wrong about that. Don't be like me and even talk to trannies. I am serious.

Just two days ago, he suddenly sends me a flurry of discord DMs. Apparently he was broke, no job, living with his black boyfriend in one of his mother's properties (squatting it?) and he just had a huge screaming fight with her on the phone. The mother is religious and her husband died, so she needs the money from these properties she inherited to sell. Out of her good graces, she was letting her trooned out son and his fucking boyfriend live there, despite it being against everything she believed in. What a kind fucking mother to put up with all of that when her worthless troon clearly doesn't even care about her, or if she lives or dies.

So the mother gives him 60 days to move out. That's pretty generous considering what happened. He posts the e-mail she sent. She doesn't curse, she is patient in it, and it ends gently on a Bible verse.
In contrast, he is full, high testosterone seething and ranting at her in his e-mail and it's x3 as long. He admits he just screamed and abusively railed at her on the phone, calling her a religious bigot and saying she is a stupid monster. He then has the audacity to say he's abused and he's the victim. He does not have any capacity to see what a loving parent she's been to him.

He messages me at 2 am, saying he's having nightmares about this because he and his bf are going to be homeless. Then he messages me again an hour later saying the same thing. All trannies are in a mindset of self-harm. All of them. You treat them like crazy cutters and severely mentally unstable individuals, even if they can put up a face of "normalcy" sometimes. It's like watching someone shoot themselves in the foot, then cry and rage they're bleeding everywhere, blaming other people for their actions.

I was always "peaked", never liked these self-harming crossdressers. However, I have never been openly GC. I feel as though I've "peaked" in a different way, where I now know need to be openly radfem and GC. I have no tolerance for this.

No. 15923

I feel you in some way nona, I'm a part of a niche hobby that's 99% female and infested with handmaidenry and virtue signaling to the point where I frequently consider disengaging with the community aspect, although I can never bring myself to do it owing to its community-driven nature.

A few mid-sized, not insignificant creators did do sponsored content with Hogwarts Legacy, though, so there is marginal hope that not all of them buy into gender ideology.

No. 15924

I’m so tired of Trans everything. Even with this new submarine story, trans people are somehow making it all about them and how they need to build more submarines and forcibly send transphobes out into the sea that way. And you know they mean literally everyone. This is happening even in discords i participate in.
Would cheer me up to see more Terf Shibe memes if anyone has em. Also wanted to ask, what do the green, pink and purple colors mean? I am crypto on twitter but see a lot of radfems with said colors. Maybe i can draw some shibes in those colors and post them here

No. 15925

File: 1687561645092.png (738 B, 324x216, suffragette.png)

Not sure about the pink color, but purple, white, and green are suffragette colors.

No. 15926

I'm so fucking mad right now. Just saw a promo for a tranny film that's going to be released in my country, about an indigenous """""third gender""""" (effeminate gay men who take on feminine gender roles, as usual) and they even mentioned that retarded excuse about "third genders" being the same as trans and existing before colonization, because that makes it sound more legitimate and not just an imported gringo thing. Of course they existed before colonization, you retards. Retarded and restrictive gender roles have existed for millennia, women have been treated as subhumans for millennia, men have been forbidden from "acting like women" and vice-versa for millennia.
It's so crazy seeing this insanity unfold on my own TV screen. I always thought it would be contained to the US. I can't believe people here are so indifferent to it and just let it happen because they think supporting trannies and gender ideology is a good harmless thing. They think it's just people wanting to crossdress.
The saddest part about all this is that it's never going to pass. It's only gonna get worse or we'll just go back to the status quo of society never actually challenging gender roles and sexism which are the whole reason both "third genders" and troons are a thing. A lot of people are fed up with tranny shit but they don't think about the actual reasons this is happening, they just think it's "wrong" for a man to be effeminate and for a woman to be masculine, or they think it's wrong for either to pretend they're the opposite sex, that's the deepest reasoning people have for being against transgenderism. When this troon era ends it's NOT gonna get much better, especially for women. Seeing that ad on my TV has made me so depressed. I don't even know how to tell people here what's wrong with it. These TRAs have the resources to advertise this lunacy as they please, I'm just a random woman with few friends and contacts.

No. 15927

Maybe it's because I'm an American, but don't worry too much about it. It's scary, but not the end of the world. The trans movement has a short lifespan. Maybe 15 years tops, but people can refuse it in about 7 years if they're smart and are watchful. Not sure what country you're in or the culture there. If it's very traditional and conservative it's not going to go far or spread very quickly.

What will happen, is first it'll be unleashed and people will not even know what it is. They'll just think it's an LGB person thing. If it gains any traction it'll start to grow and sadly that's when the victims pile up, after a short period, maybe 5-7 years, normies start to really catch on. People start talking when their daughters want to cut off their breasts or their sons are suddenly being groomed. Once it becomes public knowledge, there will be massive backlash. You'll see upheaval unlike you've ever seen before and very publicly too. People are unironically threatening to blow up Target or any corporation that dares to have a trans logo. It's getting very serious. All of America is aware it's a form of child grooming and preying on mentally ill and autistic people now.

I know it sounds bad, but it's ironically dying here, so it's spreading around the world before it dies off, like some kind of cancer. Everyone knows what it is now in America and is super hostile to the mere mention of trans. I just was talking to a boy at college who was leftist, but was anti-trans for example and was just open in casual conversation about being against it. That never used to happen here.
What you can do is start telling everyone you know about it really early so they are equipped to deal with the insanity and push it back. Showing the medical gore of trans people and detrans stories is very effective. It's the only way.

No. 15928

Thank you nonna, that really helped calm me down. Knowing that the tranny phenomenon is going to die down in a few years is relieving. My main concern now, though, is that this could cause the wrong kind of reaction, a right-wing backlash. I hope that doesn't happen or doesn't get too bad, probably not.
And I have actually tried to talk about it with my parents first, but my mom just thinks I'm worrying too much, and my dad just took that chance to reveal his homophobia, missing the entire point of what I was saying. So now I feel like I have no one in real life to talk about this with.
I knew a couple of therapists who helped me when I was younger, one woman who helped me in high school with my self-esteem, and seemed to be critical of porn and to realize how it affects girls, and a man who helped me get over my own gender confusion (he made me accept that I can be a woman and not be feminine, among other things). I wonder if I could schedule an appointment with either of them, or even casually chat with them. I wonder if the female therapist has become a supporter of gender ideology or if she is critical of it, I know tranny propaganda is aggressively targeting medical institutions and the medical community, especially in the field of psychology.

No. 15929

This is what I meant, thank you!

No. 15932

You're right, troonism is a symptom of the collapse of moral and civil values in society. It is just one of many moral failings that we are witnessing. With the end of this era, society will be reborn and we can strive towards a better future.

No. 15933

this some tradtard shit

No. 15934

File: 1687599258053.png (598.53 KB, 700x700, terf shiba sleepy toy.png)

>Would cheer me up to see more Terf Shibe memes if anyone has em.
Ask and thou shall receive

No. 15935

File: 1687599283646.png (59.98 KB, 338x451, terf shiba crypto.png)

No. 15936

File: 1687599334847.png (316.47 KB, 1280x720, terf shiba and kitty laptop.pn…)

No. 15938

lol I love this one

No. 15939

beautiful nonna.

No. 15940

I'm actually a socialist and would be considered far-left in much of the wes.

No. 15947

My tif acquaintance hung up a trans flag in her room and when I visited her I noticed it wasn't ironed and asked if she was going to. Apparently it's some unspoken rule between troons that you aren't supposed to iron it? Why on earth hang some crinkled mess straight out of the bag you just bought for $30 on your wall just to fit in with unwashed dirty moids who only didn't iron it because they're too lazy/don't know how? If my community was represented by a flag you can't be bothered to put in slightly more effort to make look nice I would not be having good feelings about that community. But that sounds pretty similar to their whole MO, doesn't it?

No. 15950

File: 1687657273740.png (34.55 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20230625-033912-360…)

>wtf, this is true
Males are mentally impaired, istg.

No. 15951

File: 1687663478058.jpg (53.17 KB, 640x661, gccatarte.jpg)

Thanks, nona. Your post really made me feel a lot better. You're basically the only one who's consoled me on any of it and only people here know my true thoughts on it. I feel like that's the space a lot of us are in with the current climate. I hope that can one day change when I'm open as gender critical.

It's really scary to be woken up to strange 3AM discord alerts to a mentally disturbed troon screaming about his own problems, especially when you have other friends you'd worry those messages are from. Apparently he has threatened to go kill himself in front of his mother and he's suspiciously offline. Like all of them, he suicide baits. I am avoiding appearing online on discord because of it. I'm just a really sensitive person and I didn't deserve such a sudden trauma dump. Nobody does. Who cares about my feelings on it, right? I'm sure that fan group is consoling him too lol. I might just stop talking to all the people in that tiny fandom, but I don't know what to do. Just collecting myself atm.
I just have my nerves shot between having to deal with judgmental relatives for the upcoming holidays in America and I did not need that from him or literally anyone.
You ever notice men and especially TIM troons never ask or question how real women are doing? No "hey, how are you? Can I talk to you about something personal?" I fucking loathe men who do anything remotely close to that. I am not his "mommy", "girlfriend", or even friend and I hate men who unload their personal baggage.

It just shows you how completely narcissistic and self centered trannies are. Also, I am sorry your community is full of handmaidens. I am starting to wonder if the best cure for handmaidens is just to be the first to be openly gender critical. I think a lot of women close to peaking or have quietly peaked will follow you. If they all hate you, then you should actually double down. That is at least the idea I am getting.

I genuinely hope you find peace in your fandom and if you don't, you find one better for you. Here is also a highly artifacted meme I made for you and as thanks. It's been through the washer and dyer three times, but I still find it to be good.

No. 15956

late and incoming long blogpost, but i graduated high school not too long ago, and i can say from experience in a majority black/hispanic area that most nonwhite normies especially have started openly trashing on troons in many ways. there was a TIM teacher who looked ugly as fuck—pale scraggly hair with a huge bald spot, massive adams apple and a tall, lanky frame, etc etc—and girls openly made fun of "her" to ""her"" face by the time i was a senior kek.

on the non-normie side, even my gendie friends/acquaintances thought things like the hogwarts legacy boycott were retarded. although one TIF did say something about how "sad" it made her that the person who made a series she loved "wanted her dead" which nobody in the group responded to lol.

but overall, i do get the feeling that most normies especially think it's all fucking stupid. the one GSA meeting i went to was full of extremely autistic white girls, with like 2 token hispanic she/theys and one TIM. half the meeting was cringe icebreakers where they said incredibly embarrassing things about themselves, but when it came time to discuss their "bad experiences" they cited being made fun of by other girls for being gendies, which even at the time (still not fully peaked) seemed silly to me.

i wouldn't say the youth are necessarily peaking, but i also think the number of zoomers who genuinely believe in the shit we see on twitter/tumblr irl are extremely limited in the majority of working class communities. i'm going to a more white & upper class college in the fall, and even from orientation alone i saw WAY more gendie shit than would ever have been tolerated at my high school, including calling women "womxn" and only addressing everyone with "y'all" to be inclusive. but even the latter was called into question by a black girl in my smaller orientation group later in the day, which everyone agreed was silly and unnerving. in the end normies truly do hold the line

No. 15958

samefag as above, but here's my troon vent for the day.

one of my friends for the past 13+ years (kindergarten to now) trooned out a year or two ago and has recently tried extra hard to be the "celtic forest goddess" of his dreams. shit like dying his hair red, wearing a flower crown and hideous green lipstick to prom, the whole nine yards. the dress was also bought from amazon, of course.

in any case, he recently had a get together with some other old friends because he's leaving to another state for college, and we were nightswimming, so obviously all were wearing swimsuits with coverup shirts and such. unfortunately neither the suit top nor t-shirt he wore covered up the disgusting pokey nipples of his fake rubber tits, so we had to see them all night. and because he has no idea how to actually wear womens' clothes, they were hanging low and close together like a strange inhuman uniboob. the goodbye hug at the end sent a genuine shiver down my spine feeling them on my chest, eugh. as did the patronizing high-pitched voice he put on.

but even with all that, i got home and had to fight back tears, because this was my friend of 13 years. he's done some weird shit in the past, sure, but mostly in the autistic socially unaware way. i never could have expected the hard AGP pivot. what was once a good friendship grew into a strained one, where i was the token "woman" to ask for fashion advice or to alter/mend his shitty amazon finds. i'm trying to look on the bright side, but 13 years down the drain hurts no matter what. i shouldn't have to look forward to an old friend leaving just so i don't have to hear as many weird comments about women.

No. 15962

>Apparently he has threatened to go kill himself in front of his mother and he's suspiciously offline. Like all of them, he suicide baits. I am avoiding appearing online on discord because of it.
Don't just accept it nona, tell a discord mod in private that you think it's manipulative and unacceptable behaviour and that rules have to be made about it.
Arguments to use for anyone in this situation:
>it's extreme emotional blackmail to post about wanting to commit suicide or to trauma dump
>if for no other reason, it can be "triggering" to others who are stuggling
>it's not on anyone else to fix "her" problems
>the ONLY thing that can and should be done is for the person to go to the mental health ER, immediately. No one in the discord can do anything about that anyway (assuming no one knows each other in person)
>if there are minors around, who in their right mind would think putting someone's suicidal behaviour on kids is ok? doesn't matter if the troon in question is a teen too, the end result is still the same
>it's making people want to leave the group because of how uncomfortable it makes them

If the mods refuse to implement rules against suicide baiting and trauma dumping then prepare a public statement saying you asked the mods for exactly that and they refused, and as a result you feel this discord isn't safe and you feel you can't be part of it anymore and will therefor leave at the end of the day. This gives people time to say goodbye or for you to keep people's contact info outside of the discord.
If you're lucky the troon will feel called out and be upset enough to leave the discord (I've seen it happen several times kek). Other people who agree with you may come forward. If people think it's stupid and are against you, then you only have more reason to leave anyway.

Even when you can't call out troons directly you can target their behaviours and make sure to signal it's not fucking ok. Don't let them get away with things.

No. 15964

File: 1687700975165.webm (7.24 MB, 858x536, Better Than Chocolate - 1999 M…)

So this a scene from the 1999 indie-produced lesbian comedy film 'Better Than Chocolate,' which explores the queer scene in Vancouver, so it seems like academic libfems have been always like this.

No. 15965

Maybe she meant because of how oversexual and pornographic current western culture is? Since that is immoral to an extent, and it's a huge contributer in why troons exist. As well as misogyny and it never going away because people refuse to be decent people.

No. 15966

I hate troon fake high voices so much. This scene is retarded qnd trying too hard to paint troons as victims. And they even attack the based woman physically for daring to stand up to the troon. Almsot as if they're saying "accept us or you'll be punished" which isn't a good look but to them it is kek. When in reality if this happened, the troon would beat the woman on his own and won't need anyone to save him because he's a man with a bigger stronger body. And people would probably still stand against the woman who is the real victim here.

No. 15977

>Like oof yeah you got us, totally passing, good for him, but now that I know for a fact he is male I can never unlearn that fact and will always know he's a man despite all those efforts so what was the point again?
Thinking about this, it's just so true. You can't actually pass if you're openly trans, once people know they know and you're no longer fooling anyone (unless you pass so well they still don't believe you at all, which is like a one in a million case at best).

No. 15978

Me and my friend went to a convention this weekend and she commented about the obvious minors/childen wearing asexual pride pins. She said it was silly, because kids naturally aren't suppose to be think about sex or sexuality at that age. And when we went home she opened up abt how kids nowadays are so obsessed with gender instead of just being kids, and that a lot of kids who are non conforming gets sucked into the whole trans thing. She even mentioned detransitioners. I ranted about these things myself on my private socials and she never commented on it until now, which really surprised me because she seemed like a libfem type, uses pronouns in bio and has a lot of gendie friends but she basically agreed with all of my points. I think she just found relief to find another person to talk about it without being crucified by the gendies that shes surrrounded with. Don't give up nonnas, there are a lot of women who think like us but are just afraid to be open about it.

No. 15979

Epic win nona!
>she commented about the obvious minors/childen wearing asexual pride pins. She said it was silly, because kids naturally aren't suppose to be think about sex or sexuality at that age
I even see many adult women call themselves ace now because of the "sexual liberation of women" with constant insta-thot and onlyfans culture has made women think we should actually all be hypersexual at all times, that it's normal and healthy and women have just always been supressed and not allowed to be the super wild sexual degenerates men were allowed to be all along. It just wasn't ever true, women have a lower libido than men on average, which makes full sense given how our bodies works when it comes to pregnancy and periods. It's not abnormal to not be that into sex, or only into it like one day of your period cycle, or only with the right person. Those are all SO fucking common for women. But of course troons come along and act like the slutty degenerates they want women to be and act like that makes them the real females, and the real women are some weird abnormal asexual variation of women. And the only women who call themselves ace are woke by default and therefor have to accept that they're now a queer minority.

No. 15980

Last year I finally dumped a male autist friend over his troon views. He was one of those woke leftist gamer guys who had troon friends and who think they're the holy feminist savior of the world. He hated terfs and acted like transwomen are real women, as they typically do.

I just wonder how me finally leaving impacted him and his views, if at all. Did losing his ONLY real female friend (and he knows I'm not a right leaning conservative, science denier or anything he disagrees with etc) in favor of protecting his males-pretending-to-be-women friends seem worth it? Did he somewhere in his mind rethink and wonder why if he's such a feminist did the only biological woman take so badly to his views she fucking left him for good? I know these people all know what sex someone is even if they won't admit it. He's straight and chronically single so "losing access" to the real females might actually affect him and make him think.

I honestly don't think he went there though, I think he just labeled me a bigoted terf that he just had to convince I was wrong and mislead by internet lies. Surely I must agree that lesbians should shut up and take the girldick, surely if I just think about it more logically will I see that putting a serial rapist who came out as trans literally one day ago in women's prison is the only fair and right thing to do. After all, men might rape or harm him in male prison, and that would be so unfair to this poor innocent "woman"!
But I still hope in a few years, when the trans ideology has collapsed further and his friends start detransitioning, or start changing the narrative to "well we always knew us transwomen were a variation of men biologically duh we totally never said we were real women" that he finally grasps what he did and what he stood for. I think it will take until the first of his troon friends detransitions.

This is pretty stupid and ramble-y but I would apprecaite some support nonas.

No. 15982

Reading this made me think back to when I had sex for the first time, and I was really unimpressed by it. I was a late bloomer and mostly just had it with my then boyfriend because I was tired of being the token virgin in my friend groups (I was about to turn 18, my friends were roughly the same ages). When I brought up to my friends how I just couldn't understand how something this meh could lead people to cheat on each other, break promises and whatnot, their immediate response was "maybe you're just into some specific kinks and don't know it yet?" and sent me links to different kink forums. When I didn't seem too keen on the idea they started pushing that I might be asexual and wouldn't leave it alone until I went along with it just to make them STFU.
This was in the late 2000's. This shitshow has been brewing for decades, it's just even more in the open today.

No. 15983

>their immediate response was "maybe you're just into some specific kinks and don't know it yet?" and sent me links to different kink forums.
Eww wtf people aren't even born with kinks, they develop them so that doesn't make sense to begin with. Like did they fully seriously think you were gonna go like "oooh! I finally get it, I can't get off unless I see a man squeeze ketchup all over his body while we do it! Thanks guys!" fucking dumb

No. 15985

An update on this if anyone cares kek >>15892 >>15877
I did what >>15894 said and decided to ask someone I'm closest with in the chat and she agreed it was a really random question. She told me she thought it was a "tricky situation" that made the chat feel really awkward. It felt like a pretty guarded convo with her at first because no one wants to admit to potential terf crimes kek but we did both agree that being into TiFs something simply not for us. She told me that she later pm'd the HSTS that she thinks some women will be into both men with dicks and men with vaginas but that she herself is not one of those women. She said he responded that he understands and so far the chat has gone back to regular husbando posting. I still don't know why he even asked. Maybe he got rejected irl and wanted to take it out on some women he knew idek. I do wish I was stronger and could stand up for myself as usual

No. 15986

That's a great start nona! Even if you don't feel brave enough to say it in a group, make sure you vent to her at first sight of the troon doing something weird again, or if he does it to someone else make sure to pm that person directly to let them know you're on their side and the troon was in the wrong

No. 15991

I've been encountering so much troons these days, all of them being tims, it's really starting to take off where I live I guess. I don't think I've seen a single tif lately, but it might be that I just register them as lesbians or gnc women. I had met some troons before, mostly the young drug fueled hsts kind, but seeing all those old transvestite living their fetish in broad daylight is unnerving, especially in places where I thought they would not appear.

The other day I was at a very specific seminar related to religious studies, and didn't notice him at first.
In the afternoon some people left and the organizer made a comment about how we were now between women; that's when I scoured the room and noticed that the very fat long haired person in front of me was actually a tim. Since he was fat and old he "passed" as a very ugly looking woman to an untrained eye, but the hands, jaw, unisex name and weird tone were a dead giveaway. I tried to ignore him, and I don't know if he was emboldened by the fact that no one seemed to have cloacked him, but he kept turning around and staring with a dead eyed serial killer look that contrasted so much with the cutesy soft voice he was parroting earlier. Fortunately I didn't have to engage with him but this moment really peaked me even more. I've seen a ton of even more disturbing looking, depraved perverted transvestites on here, and this one was dressed normally at least. It may sound dramatic but I just had that gut feeling of uneasyness and unsafeness, that I don't usually have when I pass by troons (I usually just pity or mock them) : I really felt the saying "a wolf in sheep's clothes" and was disturbed by this encounter. I feel so sorry for women who have to spend time and interact with tims, mainly those clearly predatory agps, because of their work or studies, and especially in countries where you cannot express any critical view against them.

This whole situation feels like overreacting, but his presence alone made everything "click" in my head. Has anyone else experienced that ? I still don't want to be hateful, but it really dawned on me that I had to be more courageous, peak everyone around me and fight so that those kind of people are not normalized and don't end up teaching my kid or using women washrooms. It's hard being outspoken about this issue in the academic world, but thankfully my country isn't brainwashed like North America.

No. 15994

I just want to say thank god for this community. At this point I'm coming out as a TERF publicly. It's the only way we can combat this, we need people to SEE others speaking up. I just removed myself (I was told I was going to be removed anyway) from a Facebook group that was a random fandom, had absolutely nothing to do with anything even remotely close to the trans issue. But was told not sucking tranny D in the comments section was grounds for removal.

The funniest part though is how serious people get…over FB groups kek none of this matters in real life but people are acting as if what they do in places like Facebook is reality. But even saying you're a TERF is enough for them to freak like you're spamming KKK imagery to the group.

No. 15995

samefagging to add, this was a meme group and recently a man had joined and started posting multiple "memes" DIRECTLY relating to his sex life with his wife, who is seemingly unaware he's posting these memes across several groups (so thousands of strangers are now getting intimate details of their sex life). One even included what someone questioned was a picture of said wife, to which this disgusting moid replied "narc" (as in don't narc on me and tell her). That complete violation of this woman's privacy is not only allowed, but encouraged and laughed at by other moids in the group. But me daring to write one level headed comment about how I don't believe transwomen are real women and I'm evil and removed. You gotta love it!

No. 16004

Have any of you experienced cotton ceiling (Being forced to fuck trannies if you're lesbian)? And if you did, could you share your experiences? I was on the lgbt sub and they seem pretty adamant about genital preference being "totes valid!"

No. 16013

>being forced
you mean rape
>genital preference being "totes valid!"
because it is, it's a retarded phrase but saying it IS valid is a workaround to not offend twans and woke people while still allowing gay people to be gay (and for straights to not date trans people either), it's bad when they say it's NOT valid because that's massively homophobic and predatory

No. 16014

File: 1687941801016.png (418.75 KB, 720x718, terf_shiba_misgender.png)


No. 16015

File: 1687944336314.jpeg (14.16 KB, 275x183, IMG_5612.jpeg)

2 zoomers in my personal life told me they hate trannies. they even said “trannies” too

No. 16016

(samefagging) the gif didn’t work because i’m a mobilefag, but the “crowd cheering” sentiment is exactly how i feel

No. 16017

>2 zoomers in my personal life told me they hate trannies.
I'm so glad zoomers are starting to switch lanes because they have to share spaces with so many narc troons
and at the same time millennials who are finally having kids of their own switch when they realize their little toddler can't tell a dinosaur from a cat and can't possibly know what gender roles mean at that age and that "Lilith" with the beard was a bit too excited about teaching your baby girl about inserting tampons with a bulge visible through his skirt.

No. 16028

Hey Shiba nonna love your posts, have you ever thought of posting them on twitter or ovarit>

No. 16029

no i don't have the time and energy to post them in several places (that i don't even use tbh) but I highly encourage everyone to steal and post them everywhere and making their own terf shiba memes

No. 16031

You can post them on ovarit at least.

No. 16032

just post them yourself if you use it

No. 16033

Considering what a good psychological persuasion of parents is that can counteract "would you rather have a dead daughter or a trans son"?

Would you rather have a daughter upset that you made her wait until she was a mature adult, or would you rather have a daughter upset that her parents let her body get mutilated as a teenager?

No. 16036

I just read on the news that a school nearby will be adding menstrual product dispensers in the male washrooms which will cost up to $17k. Apparently 75 of 80 student respondents were supportive of this. But really… what a waste of money. I wonder what creative pranks teenage boys will do with the menstrual product.

No. 16039

File: 1688070924947.jpg (3.59 MB, 3000x4000, 20210413_151239.jpg)

This is going to be a fucking blogpost, I'm sorry but this is the only place I have to scream into. (and if you saw this appended to the old thread… no you didn't.) I don't know how to handle this. I really don't.

It's not my girlfriend who I'm worried will end up going down the transition tubes on a neverending dragon chase. It's her best friend since childhood. This is a woman who blacks out the nonbinary stereotype bingo card: shitty home life as a kid, got stuck as the caretaker for a family member as a young adult, hit puberty early and started getting the typical sexist bullshit just as early, bi but convinced it's not queer enough, genuinely highly intelligent but not emotionally intelligent enough to realize being arrogant about that alienates people, was a self-described Mom Friend up until gender started happening, short and overweight with a mid-90s dyke aesthetic, pursuing a career in STEM-adjacent things without grad school, loses her shit about misgendering to her friends but also won't correct people when they say "she" and not "they" at a goddamn renaissance festival (AKA possibly the safest place outside a trans event to get practice in doing that), has started to refuse to show up to my gal's family gatherings because Granny has dementia and will call her a nice young lady and Fellow-Nerd-Girl Cousin will ask naively and bluntly what's bothering her when she does the flinch-then-scowl routine, uses "they" and "she" but without explaining who has the rights to use which and when and where… you get the picture. Let's call her Tiffany for now, I need a name because too many female pronouns makes the story confusing and like hell am I using "they" while posting here.

This is someone my love called her sister and meant it, who moved in with her family for several years. She genuinely cares about her, and so does her mom, but only she knows why Tiffany isn't coming around as much anymore. She brushes it off with "she's busy with work" when her mom asks, and she's obviously trying not to be hurt by this, but… I can tell she is. Worse, it's obvious that she's hurt by how much of Tiffany's life now revolves around Being Trans and Being On The Right Side Of History. Those are apparently the major foci of conversation when they do talk, now, as opposed to things like the hobbies they (used to) share or how both of their lives are going. It's to the point where it really seems like she avoids talking about Tiffany, now, but when we first got together she'd be mentioned as much as anyone else's close family would.

The way she just curled up in her chair, withdrawing physically from the conversation when her mother asked if Tiffany would be coming over for dinner too or not… it hurt to see. She'd admitted to me separately that they'd been talking less over the past few months, and that it's only partly because of how exhausted Tiffany has been due to work and her own third-shift hours.

I'm worried that she's lost her sister to the cult, and I don't know how to help her grieve for that relationship when the time comes where it is irrevocably severed. We're not SUPPOSED to mourn when someone's "true self" is a self-absorbed asshole who cares more about being right than being a good friend, and we're not SUPPOSED to be hurt if we end up discarded along with a previous identity, but what the fuck else can anyone do in a situation like that?

No. 16042

Fucking waste of money. I hope the boys ruin that thing in less than a week to prove how useless and stupid it was

No. 16043

>She brushes it off with "she's busy with work" when her mom asks
Why though? She should tell the mom exactly what is going on and her concerns about it. The more people who peak and understand what is going on is better for society and for the individuals harmed. It would help to have her mom know about the literal cult mindset these people have and that bringing it up to Tiffany would only push her away further. If she can't save Tiffany she can at least get a bigger support group who understands.

If/when it all finally falls through it might help to let Tiffany know it's ok if she ever detransitions. In the moment she'll feel offended and enraged which is why I suggest doing it if/when the relationship has already gotten pretty "bad", but years down the line in the future when she realizes it was all a mistake she'll remember it and might eventually reach out.

No. 16053

Nothing more obnoxious than the bihet white woman who looks like a completely normal white woman but identifies as nonbinary while living in one of the most liberal states saying she feels so scared like she needs to get a gun in the face of the supreme court's LGBT ruling today.
You're planning on buying a house with your husband (who you get all defensive about despite being "so gay") this year in a bougie neighborhood. Shut the hell up.

No. 16054

Boys can't even have mirrors in their school restrooms because they destroy them let alone a menstrual product dispenser for their confused daughters who continue to use the girls restroom anyways…..

No. 16057

it's her 'partner', not her husband

No. 16061

I didn't think the whole "calling your significant other partner" thing was that big of a deal (even though I didn't want to do it myself), but then a gay man told me he was against it becuase it allows people to pretend he's straight. So instead of saying "your bf/husband" people would say "your partner" to him so they wouldn't have to think about the fact that he's gay, and partner sounds less romantic too just furthering the not-gayness. After he said that I realized I had only ever seen straight people use the term "partner" and now I think it's stupid.

No. 16064

this has been hijacked by genderspecials as the "genderqueer" flag within the last 10 years or so

No. 16066

Unfortunately yes, although the colors are pastel in comparison. But I'm pretty sure it's well-known on twitter as a terf thing when you use the colored hearts in your username

No. 16068

This may be an odd complaint but I hate it when genderspecials use fish or animals changing sex as some kind of proof for humans being able to change sex. Because no, the fish didn't change from one sex another, it was always both. The thing that happens for those fish is that only the characteristics of one sex are "active" at one time. It produces sperm for a while and then as it ages switches over to produce eggs, both happening naturally as intended by nature in the body it was born with. It didn't change sex anymore than a teenager going through puberty is changing sex, it just grew to express what was already there.

Human men do not naturally have their sperm turned off to suddenly grow ovaries, not even pumping them full of every female hormone in existence can cause that to happen to them. The only traits men get from HRT are male traits - enlarged moobs and a different fat distribution. The same things happens to men who happen to be naturally born with for example higher estrogen. Everything that happens is determined by their male genetics.
Same with human females, they're not suddenly instead growing a pair of sperm producing balls when pumping them full of male hormones. You get female traits such an enlarged clitoris or a dropped voice, which would also happen if she naturally was born with more testosterone than is usual. Men do not have an enlarged clitoris no matter how feminine they are, it's an exclusively female trait no matter how much they want to cry about it now being a micro peen. It isn't. Men also do not have a female voice that was forcefully dropped to sound like a frog- I mean more male. They have male voices that can be high or low.

For something like snails, multiple sexes can be active at the same time. That is not possible for humans because we did not evolve to merge the 2 sexes we come in and have them both work at once in the same individual. Then there are animals like bees where 99% are infertile females - yet they're still female and capable of laying unfertilized eggs. Doesn't matter that they're not fertile - we know they're female because their body plan is the kind that evolved around the large gamete production aka eggs.

I just find it so stupid that they're even trying to use animals as a justification for transness and transition, it comes off as "well if humans evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys, check mate terfs!". Bro no, they're a different living being that evolved to be that way while we evolved to be this way.

No. 16069

Rant here but Stupid pick me libfems have always existed. It's like a genetic thing or something. When my great-grandmother was fighting for women's fights you had all the "burn the bra" free love groups which sexualized themselves and pressured women into sex under the guise of equality and feminism. My grandmother talked about how it went against everything they had fought for when they wanted bras that wouldn't sexualize them.

Its always those who want sexual moid attention vs those who don't in feminism. Handmaidens and actual feminists.

No. 16086

It's like trying to claim that you can cut your limbs off and it'll grow back just like a starfish or a lizard's tail. Or that we can fly just because birds can kek. Or produce venom just like those venomous mammal species.

No. 16088

Nobody asked kek but here are some of my favorite stories to use to peak/explain troonism to normies

>Emperor's new clothes

We can all tell their sex, but everyone has been told the correct thing to do is to pretend we only see a woman rather than a bearded man calling himself a little girl who's a lesbian. Everyone is pretending and lying while telling the emperor what a lovely brave woman he is, and noone is brave enough to tell the truth.

>Wizard of Oz

He's the promised Cure to Every Problem and everyone fully believes in it - perfectly mirrors trans health care and transition. Only at the end is it revealed that he has been a fraud all along, and that the real Cure was within themselves, that they were all fine the way they were.

>Little Red Riding Hood

There are people (mostly men) who are predators trying to dress up in friendly ways to get the trust of kids. The rainbow colored, queer, inclusive, sex educational videos for kids aren't as innocent as they may seem to some. They work hard to make you think they are, but if you see any signs of teeth (pedophilia, sex focus, breakdown of boundaries) it's because they want to fucking eat your child. Pedos usually do their best to hide that they are pedos, so when something gives obviously pedo-vibes… it just IS a pedo. There have to be SO many red flags they cross to become like that, literally only a pedo would do it.

No. 16093

you didn't ask for me to springboard rant off of your post either but:
>Emperor's new clothes
yeah. i'm always amused by how easily tras break their own rules if the troony in question isn't a friend, or if the space is private enough for them to get away with it/feel like they can "speak freely". mind you, this disrespect usually only ever happens to aidens (kek), but it's still been frequent enough for me to notice. it's like everyone knows you're a woman using he/they or they/them or whatever and the moment you fujosperg is the moment you get shit-talked in private.

anyway it's crazy how much of their movement stands on everyone being too kind to tell the truth, openly

No. 16096

casually chilling on lc in a room with people who would cancel me out of their lives if they knew my opinion on troons kek

No. 16098

File: 1688357711507.gif (1.04 MB, 200x182, 1466540931914.gif)

I admit I love the "room tours" videos for some inspo (even if most of them are inspired by the same Korean room and Ikea furniture) and found one of a girl between 13-18 with a trans flag near her bed.

No. 16115

An artist I looked up to for years just came out as a TIF after a hospitalization for a manic episode. So disappointing.

I wish I understood why this stuff was so appealing to seemingly every single nerdy/creative person. Where does the idea that LARPing as the opposite sex will cure your mental health issues even come from and how come nobody sees all the blatantly miserable troons out there and concludes that it isn't true?

No. 16117

File: 1688427609142.png (242.57 KB, 598x579, yorkecell on Twitter.png)

Someone should tell them that those Wikis meant shit and Woodstock have always been male, just that he has a female name in Norwegian and Finish translations.

No. 16120

Just found out the person who started the "Mitski had a sex slave/is a sex trafficker" is a TiM. I'm so fucking pissed because the internet really let this disgusting agp moid slander and harass Mitski so he could get sound cloud streams and he recieved no backlash. I'll refrain from a-logging but I'm truly exhausted with scrotes

No. 16121

currently listening to a tim talk about how he cheated on his partner with a tif who was also in a relationship during an orgy with no protection. might end it all.

No. 16136

Long blogpost incoming, sorry but I'm getting more and more fed up every day.

I am sick of so many friends and even a close family member turning into raging handmaidens overnight. I don't even know when it all started but all of a sudden I started noticing people being much more vocal about the whole gendie bullshit and even bringing up the topic in completely unrelated to it conversations. Completely boycotting favorite streamers the moment they say a single slightly transphobic thing, non-stop screeching and info-dumping about the newest "bathroom bill" and how it's SO GENOCIDAL, all of them make sure to write their she/they pronouns everywhere and of course they all resort to calling anyone who disagrees with them TERF, saying how it "makes them uncomfortable" and caping for trannies like their lives depend on it.

The thing is, I've never believed in troonism - ever since the whole tumblr era a few years ago I thought that the whole thing is just a delusion and that it screams mental ilness to me, but I wouldn't really say it bothered me. During a conversation with a chronically online twitterfag (who's the biggest handmaiden I know) about some random TiF I stated my opinion (in a much more diplomatic way than I explained here mind you), but what was the response? I was lectured in a pretty condescending way and called names. That's when I knew I can't really voice my opinion freely without being called a bigoted TERF or getting cancelled, so I resorted to going crypto and playing dumb, acting like I don't really know what the whole trans debate is about.

And that's exactly what peaked me. When "educating" you these sleazy idiots will do their best to exaggerate every single struggle (kek) the troons go through, they will lie that there hasn't been a SINGLE case of violence by trannies against women, they will only show you the top 1% of most shooped photos and carefully ignore all the other atrocities. But after doing my own googling and browsing the threads here I can no longer remain neutral - now every time I see a troon or a handmaiden cape I can't help but feel exasperation and annoyance by the snowflake behavior.

And the best part? I DON'T EVEN LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE TROONS ARE AN ACTUAL PROBLEM. I'm in a small ass dirt poor shithole that's currently dealing with so much shit that most normal people who aren't online 24/7 don't even know what the fuck "trans" means - we're not very advanced with LGBT in general, mainly because we have much more pressing issues to deal with. Inflation and political corruption are the worst they have been in years and we can't even keep up a government going, but instead of the actual problems the TRAs proceed to screech about troons getting misgendered in restrooms in the USA which is literally on the other side of the world. Why the fuck are we all suddenly supposed to lick the asses of entitled moids who jerk off to all the attention? Who think that the pain after eating a spoiled sandwich is their totally existing period? Who contemplate suicide the moment they see a random good looking woman in the grocery store? No thank you. At this point I have seen so much disgusting shit by these "brave and stunning" degenerates it's not even real. Abominations. But unfortunately too many of my (ex) friends would cancel the living shit out of me if they ever find out about my opinion.

Once again sorry for the blogpost, but this is the only place where I can actually voice my frustration. I'm thankful for this thread, now I feel much better!

No. 16139

I knew a tim who admitted to me that his chronic illness is made worse by his low testosterone and hormone treatments, and that he would probably be back at full health without them. He works very little, mostly mooches off his parents, and is trying to get on benefits. I think he admitted this because he was trying to get sympathy for being willing to sacrifice his health to look exactly the same but it had the opposite effect on me. It makes me angry every time it crosses my mind and whenever I bring it up to someone I watch them peak a little right before my eyes. His problems are 100% self inflicted.

No. 16145

He pretty much disappeared from the internet afaik and was/is a schizo laughing stock to literally everyone, even the TRAs. Pretty sure he went to jail for a bit, unrelated to the mitski fiasco. I am in similar online circles that he was, we were mutuals for a while and talked briefly before the mitski shit went down kek.

No. 16169

File: 1688589436709.png (67.26 KB, 1080x367, Screenshot_20230705-133746.png)

These people are retarded

No. 16170

Tras hate black women so much. If tras had to argue for Tims without calling black women Manish they'd die. Black female tras will see black moids and the right calling them gorillas and male trannies then parrot that same sentiment to protect the feelings of racist white moids. Unreal

No. 16178

A very woke guy is trying to court me while obviously not knowing I'm a secret TERF and it's such a massive turn off to hear him talk about trans people. And you just know he thinks anything he says about it makes him look good and righteous, when in reality it does the literal opposite. I could never date anyone so delusional they support harming children irrevocably, and I'm not gonna be one of those "I can change him" women either kek

No. 16183

File: 1688656101352.webm (6.67 MB, 320x568, 4EbsFcdqSCUKBfAV.webm)

The world is healing(vidrel had 100k likes)

No. 16184

Maybe I'm just sheltered and lucky but I never heard black women being called mannish/masculine as often as I did when I started dealing with gendies. I'd heard about the Michelle Obama thing when I was younger and it was obviously racist and had nothing to do with the hurt feelings of men in dresses. It's so inappropriate to draw these comparisons, I find it shocking they can't see that.

No. 16187

File: 1688660261922.jpeg (831.26 KB, 1546x1165, IMG_4464.jpeg)

i posted about this on the TiM thread once, but i’m losing my fucking mind and need to rant about it again. i work at a coffee shop and we have this 70+ year old man who comes through all the time. i vividly remember three years ago the back ledge thing by the rear windshield of his car was absolutely filled with trump merch, as well as an abundance of american flags. i hated when he would come through because he was super nice, but having to look at his tacky and cheap looking shrine would ruin my mood. i started working at a different location for a year and a half and when i came back, my coworker, we’ll call her annie, was telling me about this customer we have that occasionally cross dresses. imagine my surprise when i realize its this trump-obsessed military veteran.

over the past six months, he has decided that he’s trans and has started trying to assimilate into being a woman. he calls himself “olivia.” when he first told us in december, i was pretty peaked at that point but my co-workers are also caring and empathetic people, so one of them sent him a text (has always had his number for a reason i can’t remember) that he’s always welcome at our coffee shop and we support him. who could’ve guessed it would open the can of worms that followed. some more about him:

> brings us plastic bags filled with random shit including hairties and opened bags of pads, saying he “finished his period and doesn’t need them anymore”

> will inform us when his periods have started and ended, literally will give us random dates like “olivia had her period january 1-6”
> sometimes in these bags he’ll include a card addressed to all of the employees that work at that specific location (we only employ females), and the inside of the card will be literally filled front to back with ramblings
> once, one of those ramblings was about how his “girlfriends” would text him that they “woke up with blood all over their sheets because they started their periods”
> greets us by saying “hey gorgeous” and before he leaves he always says “bye, love you”
> handmaidens from various parts of his life (the employees of the tanning salon he frequents and his barber, that’s it) have made a facebook group where they can share cute stories about him and his nail lady can post photos of his pedicures for all to see
> invited annie, she joined, but the handmaidens always want to plan outings with the tranny to take him out to lunch and that’s where annie draws the line
> has mentioned my car’s pink fuzzy steering wheel cover every single day for the last three weeks and talks about getting himself one. pls don’t
> is a recovering alcoholic
> wears pink gloves in the winter but otherwise puts in 0 effort to appear female

one day last week i saw him walking up to the window. i always try to have his coffee ready to go to minimize chatting, but i was a little slow because he started telling me about how he was wearing a sports bra under his shirt in public for the first time, “but no one can tell really so it’s fine.” then he said something about how he should just get over it and feel confident enough to wear a t-shirt!!! 90% of our shifts are worked alone because we’re just a tiny drive through kiosk, and it’s really hard to set boundaries in that situation because these people know where we work and they know that we’re alone. also in a weird area of town with lots of addicts and general sketchiness. so i just kind of go “oh wow!” because i don’t want to enable but i also want to stay alive. the next day he was wearing a t-shirt and made sure to immediately inform me that he was wearing the bra again, and how proud he was of it. i cannot take it much longer nonnies

obviously i’m beating a dead horse by saying this but it’s so disgusting that all we are to men is periods and bras. i haven’t even worn a real bra in years because they’re fucking uncomfortable. i had to start the pill at age 14 because my periods were so irregular that it was affecting my quality of life. it’s so bizarre to look at a wrinkly, bald, delusional man 50 years your senior and realize that he truly thinks he’s the same as you.

picrel is one of the cards he wrote to us. blocked out identifying info. he dropped it off when he came through after coming out to us, so i guess this was his thank you? good luck deciphering it

No. 16189

Nonna, is there any way to report this? All of this behavior sounds completely and utterly unhinged and creepy and I genuinely worry about you and the safety of your co-workers. This reads as bordering schizo behavior.

No. 16190

I think I'm getting close to peaking.
My friend that I've kept for the longest time is ftm, bi, and is now dating an mtf lesbian. I don't know who is more disrespectful here, using trans logic. I was recently educated by the ftm friend that "transwomen were always women, and they're no different than cis women" when I had asked them if they knew any cis lesbian content creators.
So if trans people were always the gender that they say they are now, then isn't this relationship invalidating BOTH of your identities? Why did you get your tits chopped off and your womb removed just to date someone who is invalidating your special gender because they see you as a woman? Isn't it also homophobic to date a lesbian when you say you're a man?

I fucking hate how spicy this straight relationship is. I hope my friend stands up for themselves and realize they just didn't want to be sexualized for being a woman, and that being a woman was always ok. It's just that filthy fucking scrotes prey on women and can only see them for sex and try to make it how everyone sees women. I wish they only got a breast reduction and not removed all of their breasts. It's going to hurt seeing them in even more pain from the T years down the line.

I don't care what happens to the mtf. Disgusting fucking mentally ill coomer only pretending to be a woman to take advantage of mentally ill women.

No. 16191

Does anybody else here have gc friends/loved ones that still respect pronouns and if so do they try to police your pronoun use? I've had mixed results. One friend respects pronouns but doesn't bother trying to correct me and never has. One got upset because the guy was her friend and she said she felt like she had to come to his defense. I have a third friend who has no problem with me "misgendering" randos and will do so himself but he does have one ftm friend that he him's for some reason.
This is nightmare material, I agree with >>16189
you should report this or at least try to sus out if any of your other coworkers are uncomfortable with this, someone has to be. Maybe you can unionize against the guy lol. The card's pretty tough to decipher on the second page, him referring to himself (or I guess "Olivia") in the third person is wild and reminds me of In The Darkroom and classic reddit tims, referring to their hersonas in the third person. The fact that he has a fan page is also nuts.

No. 16192


ayrt here. i honestly think my boss wouldn’t give a shit if we refused service to him. she’s a 60-year-old woman and she’s owned and ran the place for 20+ years. once when i was working with her, we served a TiM who was desperately trying yet epically failing to pass. when she handed him his drink, she went “here you go sir!” and he said “it’s ma’am” in the most pathetic, small little voice imaginable. she didn’t even say anything, just looked at him and eventually he drove away. she turned to me and said “that was a dude, you know.” that was pre-peak so i was put off by it then, but i’m laughing just thinking about it. she’s so based

annie and i have had quite a few conversations about trannies before. she’s kind of a used-to-do-drugs-but-now-loves-home-improvement-projects-and-takes-mushroom-supplements type of millennial while i’m a terminally-online-since-nine-years-old-and-it-shows zoomer. we both seem to tiptoe around the subject a bit. her political views could probably be described as left-leaning, but the kind of left-leaning you’ll find in midwestern america. we both agree that he takes it too far and that the period shit is especially fucking weird. she used to work with special needs individuals, both children and adults. she has an abundance of stories about having to deal with elementary-aged boys aggressively jacking off in front of their fellow children in class. i think this honestly just doesn’t phase her because of all the other crazy things she’s seen and had to do

i’m not going to lie to you ladies about the state of my town. tranny pandering hivemind has infected the people here and if word got out that i worked at a “transphobic establishment,” i would be fucked. the coffee shop is a part time for fun gig as i’m a photographer the rest of the time. also very heavily involved with the local diy/downtown/artsy scene, and if i got outed as a tranny hater, i would be excommunicated. i’d genuinely probably have to move away to find work. it’s really funny because every tranny i’ve met in this town is absolutely batshit balls to the wall fucking disgusting and horrible. this experience here with olivia is actually the least threatened i’ve felt while in regular contact with a TiM

it’s pathetic that i’m that scared of what troons will do, but i’ve weighed my options and unfortunately holding my tongue seems like the best thing to do for now

No. 16193

It pisses me off whenever straighties and bihets use it. It's like, what are you afraid of?

No. 16195

Holy fucking shit what the hell is wrong with men. I think you should call the police

No. 16197

What if he shows up with a gun one day?

No. 16198

>"i have to be real careful with this one"
>roasts trans people by stating facts
kek thought she'd be a bit more handmaideny from that first statement

No. 16199

god this is terrifying nona

No. 16204

ayrt. i know he sounds absolutely unhinged, but i don’t think he would do that. obviously you never know with unwell people like this but he genuinely, sincerely sees us and the tanning salon girls as his close friends

No. 16207

I'd legit look for a new job just to get away from a person like that. He went from extreme Trump-lover to trans with a period-BLOOD-fetish in a short amount of time. What if he decides that the blood doesn't have to be a period, just has to be blood from a woman - the ones whose opinions threathens his fetish. Ones who "betrayed" him when he saw them as "friends"?
>i don’t think he would do that
Well nona did you think that the trump-loving old man would ever trans out? Has he not proven already that his mind is fickle, delusional and entirely occupied by a sick and fast growing fetish he's not afraid to force upon others?

No. 16213

Recently I had the great misfortune of having to listen to my gf's het-partnered libfem friend going on and on about how they're gonna have to flee their state because her fugly horse-faced boyfriend is basically anne frank and they're gonna get shot and killed if they stay there for one more second. The entire conversation made me want to peel my skin off but I couldn't say a word because even tho my gf is an epic evil terf as well, she doesn't want to upset her friend or risk losing her. All this woman's problems will end the second that unemployed loser takes off his skirt but I can't point that out even though it's obvious to everybody else. She's dealing with actual harassment from random scary ass men at gas stations because this dude wants to wear his anime girl gear outside, that's fucked up. I can't imagine putting my gf in danger just to satisfy my own wants. I don't like her but I hope she gets out of this.

No. 16214

okay you’re so right FUCK. i hate that we even have to discuss this shit, let alone having to genuinely consider leaving the best job i’ve ever had because of trannies. i hate that i’ve minimized the situation in my own brain in order to cope with it. i hate that people would call /me/ the bad guy in this situation for being mean to an uwu poor old trans woman who’s suffered her whole life and is finally her true self!!1! god damn it. i feel like i’m going crazy sometimes

No. 16215

not to take over your post nonna, but it reminds me of what’s happening in my town. a local TiF and a TiM partnered up to start an “organization” to fund emigration for trannies. they just feel sooo unsafe here in america that they need to fuck off to another country. they’re both chronically ill NEETs who e-beg, the TiM being the worst of them. had the unfortunate displeasure of conversing with him once and he couldn’t stop talking about his $10,000 breast implants which look fucking horrible. he’s such a cow, he’s single-handedly divided the local queer community with his bullshit. for example, he thinks trannies who don’t try to pass aren’t real trannies, meanwhile he’s 50 years old, balding, bony and greasy. the fake tits are the only thing he bothered trying with.

i really hope your gf’s friend can gain some self respect and leave. exactly like you said - how can you endanger someone you love and not think twice? he’s going to ruin her fucking life all in the name of cooming? moids truly do not care about anyone but themselves

No. 16217

I think you did the right thing with engaging as little as possible without being directly rude to him to get on his bad list. Make him think you're just super boring and not worth talking to so he forgets you exist.

No. 16218

>Does anybody else here have gc friends/loved ones that still respect pronouns and if so do they try to police your pronoun use?
My gc friend will use the preferred pronouns for troons only if they're able to admit what their real sex is. So she doesn't affirm delusion, but she'll play along if they admit it's a made up character i guess.

I've really changed my mind on pronouns. Started out handmaideny, thinking we should respect them because it doesn't hurt anyone. Then had my terf phase of thinking we should always use the right sex pronouns to not muddle language and meaning of words. While I do still think that's mostly true, now I've realized the policing is often derailing the conversation and I want to respect that some people use it out of habit to protect themselves and their jobs. As long as we're able to have meaningful discussions about the topic I'm fine with them using the wrong pronouns, and they have to be fine with me not using them.

No. 16235

>I've realized the policing is often derailing the conversation
I completely agree with you. Early on when I peaked I would kind of roll my eyes at people for she'ing obvious men but I realized pretty quickly what an asshole move that is. What's the point of that, anyway? Me calmly using correct sex pronouns in a non-malicious, matter of fact way proves my point a lot better than acting like a snotty child.

No. 16256

All of the obese troons in my neighborhood decided to wear crop tops recently. Yesterday, I saw two of them with huge very hairy guts hanging out of their too small booty shorts.

No. 16264

>Feeling unsafe in America

Where are they going to take other trannies? To Middle East?

No. 16273

I'd donate all my spare money to a refugee exchange program where we trade TIMs for women from misogynist countries.

No. 16304

The amount of times my woke friends bring up troons unprompted is astonishing. It wasn't in any way related to the conversation, they're not trans themselves, and they never do it for any other "oppressed" group of people. It's one thing to see it online but when your friends do it to your face it just hits differently… Holding my tongue on it is hard. Trying not to make a negative facial expression is hard.

Does anyone have a better word than "woke" for this? "Ideologically captured"? I feel like both are a bit too politically loaded and a lot of people who do it aren't woke in any other aspect so the word doesn't really make sense. I need like a casual insult-y word that's like "weeb" but for people who cape for troonism. Troonaboo? Nonas please help lmao

No. 16306

File: 1689182197276.jpg (70.38 KB, 500x719, 1597735984.jpg)

I wish I could tell to this person that these terms were way before than Trans people started to appear everywhere and they're porn fetishes. But nah.

No. 16307

I’ve seen this with “BoyPussy”, nasty term but gay men have been using it since forever, but now it’s “denigrating for trans men”, “objectifying ftms”. They take over terms and then whine about them being problematic or not inclusive enough. Truly a cancer.

No. 16311

File: 1689207693675.png (27.03 KB, 598x320, prednisone hate account.png)

Trans people should learn that's how celebrities act, to do not being lynched because "they haven't done enough".

No. 16315

These poor celebs are just ruining their own future legacy. Like how people today look back and "cancel" works by "problematic" people of the past, people are just gonna look back and say "he was a decent actor at the time, but he supported the child mutilation movement and even made his own child be part of it"

No. 16316

Samefagging but just think about how we now feel about people who strongly advocated for lobotomy at the time. It was supposedly safe and helped poor vulnerable people, it was a modern medical intervention they blindly trusted, but in reality it ruined their lives completely and it was obvious after seeing just a single victim of it.

No. 16328

There’s a couple of gender specials in the latest group of new hires at work, and this is the first time I’ve encountered an entirely feminine presenting they/them in the wild. She’s got wannabe manic pixie dream girl energy… she just came in to tell us about climbing a tree before work. What the fuck, this is such goofy bullshit. I’m afraid our upcoming LGBTQ “training” is gonna be so frustrating to sit through. It feels like all the older ladies are gaslighting themselves into being nice. Sucks to watch.

No. 16332

I have a good TRA friend in medical school who always tells me when we catch up about how she's doing so much work with gender affirmijg care and such in her campus activities. This is because I used to be nonbinary (she knows that I've since detransitioned, though). And I just have to be all… uhh… okay… and find an inoffensive way to listen nicely.
I know I can't say shit because one of her other close friends is married to an AGP who came out as a troon like a week after they got married so there's no way she wont take criticism of troonshit personally.
Disturbing that she's in medical school and will directly enable access to self-mutilation, though.

No. 16333

why do so many nonas continue to have friends they are deeply at odds with? it's not like you're reliant on this person for anything, right?

No. 16334

NTA but most of us are left leaning and we will unfortunately have friends who will consider troon rights to be an actual issue.

No. 16341

Lots of us were handmaidens/casually supportive of troons ourselves at some point, we know they could change their minds and that the trans trend will pass one day. It's all mostly lip service, they say troons are women and that no one can tell a difference, but we know they can. We all can. Troon ideology literally cannot win, they've built their movement on lies and harmful actions and only get to continue as long as people stay ignorant. A peaked person can never go back, and more people are peaking every day.

Some friends should be left behind for your own mental health, but some are worth hanging around and are possible to peak. You just have to figure out which one applies to you and your friends.

No. 16343

>most of us are left leaning
This is one thing TRAs don't get. They do NOT know their enemy and it will cause them to fail kek

They think their biggest enemy is old, white, Christian, right leaning/conservatives. They've dubbed them karens and terfs because they hate women, but they sure as fuck don't act like feminists are the true enemy. They instead act like they themselves are the true feminists, and the terfs are evil people in disguise but not "real" feminists. They still don't even get that poc are LESS accepting of troons than white people. They don't get that gay people are fed up with their homophobic views. They don't get that women being vocally fed up with troons are more often left leaning because those are the ones who had to deal with troons first hand.

No. 16361

>They don't get that gay people are fed up with their homophobic views.
Lesbian bars. Just: lesbian bars. Trannies made them go extinct because they flock to anything "lesbian" for the aesthetic. You go looking for pussy and meet a sausage party.
Funny thing is, I used to be sympathetic toward trannies when there were so few of them. There was always a couple of local trannies of either sex. We mutually acknowledged our differences and coexisted without the "let's talk about trans issues" crap. The resident fakeboi wannabe was slaying lesbian pussy. The resident MTF tranny was sipping cocktails in the corner. Sure there were arguments, but no one actually cared. They knew lesbian spaces belonged to female homosexuals. We knew it, too.
Then the hysteria began and guys started trooning out en masse. Even implying trannies are not women became haram. Most MTF trannies used to be attracted to men, now the "transbian" crowd is everywhere I go. Butches had gone borderline extinct. Something went wrong.

No. 16367

It makes me sad to read how things were before. Showing my age a little but I wish I could've lived before all this, or at least had a young adulthood or something before it. I came out directly in the middle of this troon crisis and it has been never ending bullshit ever since. Sometimes I even wish I hadn't publicly come out or tried to find community, but how do you ever meet someone if you don't do that? So now I'm one of those people like >>16332 with friends that are sort of 'left behind' and anyways, it feels awful to cut a friendship off based on something so goddamn stupid. It feels like it should be a non issue but it is. I'm so sick of it.

No. 16396

When an Aiden talks about hard is to get testosterone, I want to point out the risks of having high testosterone for your ovaries, but I know they do not listen.

No. 16417

I despise troons, but the decline of lesbian bars can't be attributed to troons online as they've been on a decline since the 2000's; its instead driven by financial factors. Gay male bars, on the other hand, act as casual hookup spots and gay men on can spend more time and money in these spaces, as they typically have fewer familial obligations. The spread of "queer" identity was simply the final nail in the coffin for lesbian bars. Additionally, other third spaces, such as small live music venues that host independent acts, are also withering away.

No. 16418

My local LGBT bar used to have dedicated gay and lesbian days every week. Like, say, you knew Thursday was a lesbian day, so you went in knowing others would be there to dance and hook up. Then more and more troonies started showing up, fewer and fewer actual lesbians attended, and now it's just a queer bar with only dick on the menu 24/7.

No. 16474

File: 1689459965335.jpeg (377.39 KB, 1423x2048, F1HAxEAWIAUEM5Q.jpeg)

Kudos for the artist for not using a female body for the evil terf, but I wish the TRAs have the same energy for the bigoted and homophobic men.

Oh wait, they're TIMs most of the time, so they're welcomed in their circle.

No. 16475

TRAs are wolves amongst us? how accurate

No. 16476

Wolves are way better than that. They're a tight family, no brainless wolves following an "alpha" like people think in general. Even rats are better than TRAs.

No. 16491

This one troon I know seems incapable of writing a woman that isn't:
>DDLG bait/manic pixie dream girl shit.
>"Cunty Bitches"
>Woman struggling with "femininity"
I need him to 41% so bad nonas.

No. 16495

i got super into an indie music artist and i have this irrational fear that she’s going to turn out to be a troon because there’s lots of freaks tinhatting about it all the time i wish i just didn’t care but i’ve connected a lot to the music and the idea of it being by a male makes me extremely sad

No. 16505

Once a troon had me read his OC fiction and it was just him being the saddest most persecuted person in the world, getting supernaturally transformed into his petite blonde OC (he's a fat neckstubble troon irl) and then brutally killing a woman who was mean to him along with all of her friends and family (he told me afterwards that the girl was based on one of his childhood bullies). Disgusting shit, cannot lie.

No. 16507

Why are they so fucking obsessed with us? We're the most reasonable haters of troonism and even if they disagree with us, the basis in misogyny was always empathizable to me even when I was a TiF myself. It makes no sense that a fraction of this performance of hatred isn't directed towards like, cops, or pedophiles, or conservatives, when they're the ones taking the most effective IRL actions contrary to the trans movement.
I can't see it in any way other than them taking some sort of sadistic delight in trampling the one group that they know they have the power to lynch and persecute while being praised as the blameless victims. It's gross.

No. 16526

i know your pain too well, nonnie

No. 16547

You said it yourself. Women are an easier target to blame rather than point the moids or bigoted men.

No. 16548

File: 1689528188850.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, terf_shiba_art.png)

I think the message is that trans people are wolves in sheep's clothing out to harm people kek

Remember how nazis had skulls on their uniforms? And how ironically appropriate that was because they were evil and killed innocent people? I literally cannot believe that troons keep representing themselves with predatory animals like sharks and wolves, making art with violent slogans like "kill/punch women" - they're like textbook kids media villains!

I'm gonna art sperg since this is the vent thread anyway: You can tell the artist is bad and/or stupid because they fundamentally do not understand what they're saying with this image (or they're secretly a terf themselves trying to make troons look bad on purpose, which I doubt). You have a GIANT wolf/werewolf which is perhaps THE most classic image of deception there is thanks to the little red riding hood. Not only is it deceptive, because the wolf is typically depicted as a male literally dressing up as a female (grandma) specifically to harm a real girl. So the artist could not have chosen a worse animal to represent trans people. Or for a terf - a more appropriate one.
But werewolves transform - like trans people! So it's a perfect allegory, right? But the artist failed to take into account that werewolves were humans who then transed into monsters that harm and kill innocent people. The harm werewolves do come specifically from being transformed. So again, shit choice to make if you want to make trans people not look like evil predators.
But even outside of that the wolf is GIANT and harming a much smaller and clearly helpless human. It could have been any monster or even a giant human, and it would still be saying that trans people are big, scary, and dangerous.
And of course it's not insignificant that the wolf is literally black in color. Black in art typically represents bad/evil, so to make it black just makes trans people look even more like the villain. And it's even worse for these people who are in the "woke" crowd, because making the darkest black creature be a giant monster is… pretty racist. And the victim is partly brown too, which it didn't have to be as it's clearly an artistic choice. So the artist is choosing to make the victim - or in their eyes the true evil villain - a black/poc human. They literally chose to make the one being murdered have brown skin. While also making sure the true darkest black is associated with the violent perpetrator.
Every choice the artist made works against them and they don't even know it, and that's why they're a shit artist. They wanted to make themselves look edgy and strong to scare women who think differently than them, but all they're doing is making themselves look stupid and violent.

No. 16550

These questions are the exact ones that start to peak women. If they want to "protect trans kids" why are they literally protecting pedophiles? Like sure, not EVERY troon is a pedo, but why is it that every time a troon is outed as a pedo they keep getting protected and excused for it? Why do platforms ban words like "groomer" when that only protects pedos and harms their victims and tell them to not speak out? And these victims ARE the trans kids they claim to want to protect.
Why do they want JKR dead when all she did was write a book series and open a women's crisis centre? Why do they not have that energy for the actual lawmakers and politicians? You know, the people who could actually make real change for trans people. Why can't I name a single male person who is as hated by trans people as JKR is, when most of those people in power are male?

No. 16555

I love you, terf shiba.

And imagine even if the werewolf is white over a black background: "Are you telling us that white trans people are better than BIPOC trans people??".

You're right, this is another description of "Trans people won't be peaceful until everyone believe in them, so peace is not an option while they brainwash kids and make women the evil while ignoring bigoted men".

No. 16564

Love and appreciate your posts shiba nonna, I feel a bit spoiled cause I feel your work deserves to be seen more by others.

No. 16565

There's a crime manga I read a few months back. One of the chapters featured a misogynistic man who would go out of his way to inconvenience women in any way he could. However, he turned chicken if a man was nearby. I think this explains why troons harass and focus on "TERFs" i.e any and all women specifically, because they are afraid of men and think that picking on women is easier.

No. 16567

Isn't it sad how the image would have worked better if the "evil person being devoured to protect the artist's trans friends" was labeled as "bigoted" instead of "terf"? It would have worked for both bigoted men AND women, but no, it has to be the evil terf while bigoted men do more damage. But since bigoted men also are TIMs…

No. 16594

I'm telling you this not cruelly but as a point of reference for the future: sometimes rhetorical questions are used as an opener and frame for an ensuing statement. You can often identify this when somebody answers their opening question at length in the ensuing statement.

No. 16595

I love terf shiba, I wish that she could become widespread and recognized as a dogwhistle (pun not intended… maybe?)

No. 16617

>I feel your work deserves to be seen more by others
Terf shiba anon here, I hope people steal and post terf shiba wherever they want, and make their own terf shiba memes too!
>I wish that she could become widespread and recognized as a dogwhistle
Made me kek, good pun nona! I want troons to seethe every time they see a real cute little shiba walking down the street, because they can and do smell their male pheromones no matter how much surgery or makeup they've gotten. Dogs really are terfs!

No. 16631

ok not that anyone is waiting with bated breath to hear more, but i’m the coffee shop anon with the 70 year old TiM customer. last week my coworker, annie, brought up troonism kind of casually and i just decided to be totally honest with my opinions. turns out she was basically peaked anyway but was too scared to talk to me about it because she didn’t want me to think she was a bad person. it’s so fucking relieving. i can’t even explain how good it feels to have an irl friend i can discuss gender shit with. we’ve been discussing it sooo much the past few times we’ve worked together. i share a lot of the shit we talk about here and she’s 1000% peaked now, if she wasn’t before. we’ve both been holding our opinions in from everybody in our personal lives for so long. the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders, as dramatic as that sounds. being surrounded by handmaidens and TRAs does genuine damage to your brain i think. makes me feel like i’m hiding this terrible secret about myself, when in reality, being able to finally talk about it out loud just cemented my beliefs even further. i genuinely think so many more people would peak if we weren’t at risk of losing our fucking jobs over the simple act of questioning transgenderism

No. 16633

Love that for you nona! This year has felt so much more peaked in general, like I can hear the distant rumble of a peaking thunderstorm coming. My favorite thing about peaking is that people really can't go back, once you know you know!

No. 16634

a leftist bookshop i went to today had copies of Females by Andrea Long Chu and it made me fucking homicidal

No. 16636

I love the stories were animals are not buying their TRAs shit and treat them badly equally. Is quite sad because you know they were abused by men in the past, and then you have TIMs crying over a dog trying to attack him because it's afraid of men, and TRAs are like "why hasn't that dog being put to sleep?".

No. 16653

It probably doesn't help you but she will always be a woman no matter what she does to her body.

No. 16654

I love when nonas sperg out on here. They are always interesting reads and show how diverse our community is. "Terfs" come from all walks of life.
Anyway your analysis was really poignant and fun to read
I've always been a cat person but I really want a terf Shiba now

No. 16657

I'm a crypto terf and I have a TRA friend whose dog completely hates men. A fully transitioned TIM acquaintance of mine who is a good friend of hers was in town several weeks ago, and they went over to her house to spend time with her animals. When the TIM was talking to me afterwards, he gushed about how nice my friend was, and how she had given him treats in the car outside ahead of time to make sure he made a good impression on the animals. Talking about how cute they were, any mention of the man-hating dog, who is by far the best looking of my friend's pets, was conspicuously absent.
Made me kek a bit, because when I first went over I a) had no issue with that dog and b) had not needed coaching ahead of time on how to approach the animals. If anything, his worst trait was that he was overly affectionate without realizing how large he was, which is cute. I've been over with other female friends too and this has always been the case regardless of how familiar he is with the woman.
As much of a bleeding heart TRA my friend is, sounds like she still at least subconsciously knew that the TIM would be clocked as male by the dog and made efforts to prevent an awkward situation. And it still didn't work because the TIM admitted to me later that the dog had been actively aggressive and hostile the entire time he was there.
Dogs really are the biggest TERFs.
It can be this, but dogs also react with hostility to men even without a personal history of abuse from them because they pick up patterns of anxiety in their owners.
This similarly why it's been proven that dogs aren't actually racist as some people like to allege– they're reacting to prejudices or anxieties in their owners.
When it comes to men, I see it as a tell of how even handmaidens actually feel about men, ln a subconscious level at the very least. There's a history of domestic violence from men in my friend's family, and while none of the men are around anymore and my friend's dog wasn't around for any of it + came to thrm from a reputable breeder as a puppy with now history of abuse… He still recognizes men as people who make his owners anxious and identified the TIM as a man, regardless of how true my friend's insistence that she perceives him as a woman are.

No. 16665

laxatives, either crushing the pills up with a mortar and pestle or broken up pieces of those chocolate laxatives. combine covertly with Buffalo Bill's brew.
you do the math.

No. 16671

File: 1689658452982.png (28.83 KB, 598x392, chloe.png)

So you'll be the "boring gender" while cis would be "the cool gender".

No. 16674

You made me remember that ep of King of Hills where Hank asks for help to a repairman to fix the water heater and he was angry at his attitude, so Ladybird attacks him. The repairman think she attacked him due racist reasons (he was Afro-American) and made Hank believe the racist was himself because he made Ladybird attack him.

Almost all the ep later, there is another repairman with the same hollier-than-thou attitude and Ladybird attacks him, and Hank realized he's not racist, he just dislikes repairmen that do not listen to him. At the end of the ep the first repair man (Mack) think Ladybird was going to attack him, but Hank asures him she attacked an Scottish-Irish repairman and for his propane gas company he promises that she's not, and turned out that she wanted some rubs and loving from Mack.

So yes, even if there are no abuse behind, dogs do tell when someone has bad intentions. Hell, sageblog but my neighbor's boxer barks at everybody except me and she let me pet her. She even growled a man that was following me to ask me for money.

No. 16714

>As much of a bleeding heart TRA my friend is, sounds like she still at least subconsciously knew that the TIM would be clocked as male by the dog and made efforts to prevent an awkward situation. And it still didn't work because the TIM admitted to me later that the dog had been actively aggressive and hostile the entire time he was there.
Kek even in the best of circumstances the dog still knew! And that's why we stan queen terf shiba! The honesty of animals is amazing and pure. Troons really go against nature in every way, trying to deny reality and reshape their biology all in vain. I can't imagine the amounts of copium they need to inhale on the daily just to get through the day, it sounds exhausting.

No. 16716

No. 16717

you know this is an attempted "gotcha" joke based on homophobia, it's supposed to look ridiculous and unreasonable because surely everyone against troons must be straight white men, gay people couldn't possibly be agains troons extremely homophobic and bigoted views!

These people always fail to take into account that GC people don't buy into gender at all, that it doesn't fucking exist, it's not a physical thing… it's nothing but a spiritual/religious belief based on sex steretypes. There is no cis- or homogender because gender isn't real. Get your gross religious sex stereotypes out of our faces, we do not want them. I'm fully open to freedom of religion and their right to believe in gender, but they have to admit it IS a relgion and not based on science or facts and it has to stay out of schools.

It's like saying "i don't believe in god, i'm an atheist" and them going "oh wow you're going to hell for that, aren't you scared of satans wrath??" bitch no i don't believe in hell because it's part of the religion, what is it you don't get about that?

No. 16718

I gotta tell you anons about a troon I saw the other day. I saw a group of girls all in goth-ish fashion styles, I only saw them in periphery without paying that much attention. It still stuck out that one was noticably larger and bulkier, had a very unfortunate big ugly face with a giant skull. They sat down at the table next to us and not until I saw the shrek lookalike open its mouth and heard the deep man voice that came out and realize it was a troon. I was honestly a bit relieved because for a second I almost thought a real woman had to look that ugly kek. Once I had heard the voice I looked at him closer and immediately the male features were obvious. He had fishnet stockings and wore a jacket to try to hide his wide shoulders but it sure didn't help. I think he even had the typical troon choker necklace.
It's like a little lightbulb moment clocking someone, suddenly the disproportionate features all make sense.

No. 16747

TIMs have no idea how clockable they are online just by how they type.

No. 16765

It's sort of incredible how well some of them affect their sickly-sweet 'trying too hard to sound female' voices into their text.

No. 16766

Rant incoming
I have to work with this TiM for a project and holy shit he is the most annoying person on the planet. He totally expects me to hold his hand and walk him through how to do everything, and is extremely manipulative. It is truly as though he doesn’t know that google exists, and will ask me questions about the smallest, easiest things.
And he has been messaging me multiple times a day about just random shit that he is doing, how his day is going, and on and on. I tried to respond at first because I do need to work with him, but now I am just ignoring him flat out.
The saddest part is that he is “one of the better ones” that actually recognizes that he is male and can never change that, and doesn’t try to hide that he is trans because everyone can tell he is male at first sight.
The good part is that one of my friends met him and it totally peaked her, although she was 90% of the way there anyway

No. 16789

Tifs too! I didn't even think that much about male/female different writing styles before, but then troonism happened and somehow troons of both sexes end up being super steretypical in how they write. Half of them really do try to be "themselves" and end up sounding exactly like the sex they are, and the other half try to mimic the other sex and get it wrong 99% of the time.

I really think part of trooning out involves fundamentally not understanding that the other sex is different than you. These people think they can be/are the other sex (or nonbinary) specifically because of this delusion and lack of understanding the differences, so it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. A person who understands that males and females are different and then respects that would simply never troon out in the first place.And then this lack of understanding leads to funny little quirks in both sexes of troons, like having their writing style give away their sex without them getting how or why.

No. 16793

>He totally expects me to hold his hand and walk him through how to do everything, and is extremely manipulative.
I hope you can be stern and put your foot down, tell him you know he knows how to use google and that you don't have time to do his part of the work for him when you have your own work to do.
If you can't do it directly at least make sure to shame him every time he asks a simple question, pop in lines like "do you seriously not even know the very basics of this?", "our professor/boss has made us use this method in several projects already, you should know it by now", "why don't you google it and see if you can figure it out, I'm busy working on my part".

Make sure you keep receipts like screenshots if he admits/pretends not knowing how to do something and then in private use it to tell the teacher/boss that you had to do all the work for the project, and also to tell/show your closest classmates/coworkers how lazy and manipulative he is.

It's especially effective if he claims to not know about something and forcing you to do it for him, if it's something you know he's done before in projects because it will make it obvious that he either lied and was manipulative on purpose, or he cheated in those previous projects. He comes out looking bad either way.

No. 16848

Peak first world problems here, but this really fun horror rpg I've been playing recently has a tim in it. I was kinda hoping it was just an instance of people transwashing an ambiguous character, but nope. The horror game that takes place in the forties has a troon in it. I really didn't expect the dev of the game to bend the knee to trannies, but here we are. The troon is easily the most obnoxious character too, very blatant wish fulfillment/self insert fuel. The troon is 18 and barely legal, is explicitly described to look underage, has practically everyone and everything in the game thirsting after him, has a female character whose only purpose is to be madly in love with him, and of course is the most dainty and waifish of the cast. He also has a bunch of 'quirky' and 'meta' dialogue (in a horror game, mind you) that isn't even remotely funny or interesting and just ruins immersion. His backstory is that he was groomed from infancy to be a girl and liked it. Honestly, it could have been an interesting character if all the troon shit was removed- it would still be a bit lame because trap shit, but I could at least overlook it. This character has also attracted a ton of gross troons to the fandom, and now even basic conversations can be intruded upon and turned sexual. There's even a man in the fandom, a hulking ugly fully grown man who loves to dress up as the troon and show the pics unsolicited. All it takes is one bad troon, I guess. Since this is an anonymous imageboard I don't see why I can't just namedrop the game I'm all pissy about: It's Fear and Hunger 2 Termina. The troon is Marina. Fuck you Mr. Dev for trooning up your otherwise awesome game.

No. 16850

I’m happy that you’ve found an IRL peaked friend to share your feelings with! I have one IRL friend who I can kinda be honest with, but she still expresses some TRA views. I’m always reminded of the part in the book “The Handmaid’s Tale” (fuck Margaret Atwood for caving to troon pressure on Twitter) where the narrator uses the word “Mayday” to suss out whether her shopping partner is part of the cult or part of the resistance. I wish that there was a secret handshake or something that we terves could use.

I used to work at a coffee shop where this gross boorish moid was a regular customer. He used to come in, act like he owned the place, demand special treatment, and flirt with/casually touch us young female employees on the shoulders. I don’t think any of us liked him, but the other girls laughed at his jokes and did the whole fawning thing, probably as a defense mechanism. The coffee shop was a new struggling business so I guess none of us wanted to cause trouble by bringing this to the owner’s attention or straight up telling the guy to fuck off. I can’t imagine how much it would have sucked to deal with a similarly creepy customer but not be allowed to say anything without being accused of troonphobia.

After I quit the coffee shop, this moid somehow got my phone number (I’m not sure if one of the other employees gave it to him or if he peeped the employee contact sheet hanging up in the back room) and texted me something like “I’ll be thinking of you in ways you can’t imagine”. So I texted him back “You are a fat fuck and nobody likes you. I am blocking your number.” and he texted back something like “fuck u bitch ur ugly anyway”. It felt soooo satisfying. I hope that whenever you get a new job you can do something mean to make this tranny feel impotent rage.

No. 16852

>So I texted him back “You are a fat fuck and nobody likes you. I am blocking your number.”
lmao nona

No. 16884

LOL I could immediately tell what game it was just from the first third of this. FWIW, it's not clear that Samarie is an actual person. She still manifests in Marina's epilogue art the narratige for it requiring Samarie to be dead… So you can at least twist that offensive aspect of Marina's character into something less insulting. NGL, I'm not that mad at Marina's existence in the game. Given FaH's content it's not like I expected it to have decent stances.
Context for other nonnas, this is duology (so far) of games that are very heavy on sexual violence. It's up to interpretation how fetishistic that actually is, and to a degree I do think it is useful towards the oppressive atmosphere it tries to generate. But I'm not going to be shocked at troom depravity in it because it's a series where half the enemies overall have their penises hanging out and engorged, your characters can get raped in any number of unfortunate circumstances, and the first game even had anal bleeding as a status effect.
Just seems odd to mald over troon shit in this sort of game.

No. 16952

Well, the reason I mald is that it's out of place and the troons it attracted to the fandom are extremely creepy. I guess I kinda imagined the dev would just be your run of the mill edgelord, but the dichotomy of including graphic and extremely disturbing content to a game plus trying to be very progressive and virtue signaling is just offputting. It's not in spite of the violent and disturbing content, but instead bolstered by it. Basically, it creeps me out a ton that it attracted not just your average every day edgelord, but instead troons who enjoy this kind of sexually violent content, likely uncritically, along with aggressively demanding access to women's most important spaces. It's not the biggest issue in the world, but it does upset me quite a bit to see those people.

No. 16974

tif i know is so basic in her tifness that it makes me mad. why are they all EXACTLY the same, right down to the retarded sexuality labels that are basically just straight/bihet but relabeled (she calls herself a "masc spec" lesbian i would be willing to bet she's never seen another woman's pussy in her LIFE)

No. 16988

these terms are used by themselves, porn twitter accounts with troons use them because the first to be treated as a fetish are them.

No. 17003

File: 1689907330980.png (13.24 KB, 598x118, Twitter.png)

From that horrid image: Rowling did said "Lupin's condition of lycanthropy was a metaphor for those illnesses that carry a stigma, like HIV and AIDS”, so technically trans people are full of HIV and AIDS???

No. 17025

>why are they all EXACTLY the same
Because it's a social contagion and a fashion trend, it's why those "tif charts" are scarily accurate

This is the most common tif I see (trans and enby, both look exactly the same):
>short hairstyle, but not TOO short so it can't be something like a buzzcut or full shave
>50% chance on dyed or bleached hair
>is noticeably overweight
>wears baggy tshirts and hoodies, typically black but the longer she's been a tif the more feminine images and color she adds
>baseball cap and army shorts on sunny days, serving a "lost little boy aesthetic"
>hasn't gotten her tits amputated yet, may wear a binder but even if she doesn't she's convinced just a baggy hoodie makes her pass and look fully male
>has one of two childish manners: she either acts like one herself, or talks down to others as if she's explaining something to a child
>does not know how to interract like an adult (or with age appropriate maturity)
>just started T and has a tiny bit of facial hair coming in, it looks patchy at best
>voice has started to sound froggy
>mild autistic or adhd symptoms, may or may not be aware of it herself

No. 17027

File: 1689935253446.gif (610.2 KB, 498x266, harry-potter-laughing-hysteric…)

It will never cease to delight me that troons can't stop loving the Harry Potter fandom so much. They've spent years calling JKR a terf nazi monster, saying she is literally killing trans people, that she should die for her transphobic crimes. They literally BEGGED and threatened the whole world with fists raised and tears in their eyes not to play Hogwarts Legacy, to burn her books, to denounce her fully and never give her any money or listen to her at all. They literally think she is and openly call her "transphobic Hitler".

But they STILL can't stop themselves. They love her books, the love the movies, they love the HP world and fandom. Even when half of them are claiming she is genociding trans people (and they full heartedly mean it) the other half still can't let go of this one fandom. No matter how much they hate her, how proudly trans they are, and claiming supporting her is killing trans people… they can't give up this one thing for them.

They can drink all the copium they want and claim to not support JKR and just support the fandom but ultimately they really love her work and keep asking for more content of it. Like this one wants to see more of Remus, the character JKR created, because they love the character and can't give him up even after being told by their own trans community that it's trans genocide to support her. They keep her and her work relevant by always bringing her up.

No. 17061

oh man when i said "tif" i actually meant *enbie. you still described her pretty well though, minus all the surgical stuff

No. 17064

the surgical parts are just a question of time really, they all creep closer towards getting all the surgeries. enbys cut off their breasts to look more "gender neutral", but they've yet to explain exactly how a mutilated female body is more neutral and less female

No. 17079

It's because of this I want owls to be the official terf symbol kek

No. 17089

We have terf shiba and terf owl, united in the fight against troons

No. 17090

Speaking of which (or witch), I feel like the day Emma Watson peaks is gonna be a big day. I pray she'll speak up about it but I fear she's pandered too much to have the courage for it. But as JKR wrote "it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends". I hope she'll follow it.

No. 17093

My me friend/coworker asked me to go shopping with her because I'm into fashion and she wants to develop more of a personal style but our TIM coworker invited himself and is coming with us and asked me to help him with his "makeover". He literally doesn't present at all as a "woman", uses a male name, and just vaguely alludes to his ~dysphoria~. I genuinely have no idea how to get out of this I'll probably just make up an excuse day-of but I was really excited to help my friend get some cute outfits

No. 17094

Hey nonas, I need some advice. Extremely frustrated by some things being said by two of my TIF friends— one no effort enby and the other that I can only describe as a very typical TIF but with no medical intervention. They’re talking about public perception and how bad it feels to be “perceived as a woman”. I got over that shit a long time ago and it feels so gross to hear. I KNOW it’s the same feelings misogyny imprinted on me when I was their age/going through the same thing, so I really like to hope that me not caring about perception or identity and being somewhat gnc sets a good example.
Actual thing need advice with: latter friend said something about how she is perceived as “effeminate”. She’s not effeminate at all. She clearly means female. I told her that she doesn’t come off as feminine at all— she doesn’t. She just looks female, because… of course she does. She is. How the fuck do I communicate that concept to her without a) being branded as a bigot or b) triggering her body image issues?? It just feels so bad to not be able to share this with her. I want to help so badly. I may have a little bit of a savior complex kek. If it’s a lost cause just tell say so. Mostly just needed to vent I think. I hate gender ideology and what it does to autistic girls.

No. 17095

Maybe not the answer you're looking for but you could ignore the masculine/feminine thing entirely and take the "no one actually gives a shit about you or spends even a fraction of a second thinking all the things you think they're thinking" route. The good ol "do YOU think this much about random people you pass on the street?" I know it doesn't address misogyny at all, but maybe you can encourage some humility and comfort in her own skin at the least. I read a story a while back about a mother who pulled her daughter out of the cult by taking her on trips to the outdoors and focusing on activities that utilized her body as a useful tool and not an ornament. Maybe a similar approach could work here. Don't engage with the gender stuff at all, encourage a utility based mindset, and maybe embarrass her a little for even caring what others think, and hopefully with time she might come to the realization you actually want her to have on her own.

No. 17102

Can you try telling your friend you'd rather just go the two of you and reschedule? You're not friends with this guy, he invited himself even though it made you uncomfortable and you only watned to go with your friend and it's reasonable to only want a strictly professional relationship with some coworkers who you are not close with. I would avoid leaving your friend alone with a TIM, that's just cruel and she might secretly not be into him being there either. You do NOT owe this man pretending to be a woman anything. If he gets mad at you over it at least he won't bother you about it anymore. And to be frank even casual handmaidens can admit that a bearded man who goes by their male name isn't very trans kek

I'd just talk/text her something like "Honestly I really just wanted to go with just you, just the two of us. Could we cancel it and reschedule? I'm not even close with Guy and would rather keep it that way and not hang out with them after work. If you wanna go with Guy I can hang out with you on another day though". If she's ok with it you can make up an excuse for one/both of you like some family thing you have to go to came up so you cancelled it for now. Then you two pick a new date behind his back, don't tell him about it of course, and if he asks just allude to "maybe some other time, nothing is decided".

No. 17103

I like what >>17095 said here
>maybe embarrass her a little for even caring what others think
I don't know their ages but subtly point out how incredibly childish, vain and self-absorbed it is to be obsessed with how other people view you. Because it is!

If you're brave you can point out that telling a woman (you) or just talking about it within earshot of a woman, that it's gross to be percieved as a woman is really mean and misogynistic and women get shit on enough as it is. Then when they naturally jump to saying you can't possibly understand what they feel like as trans/nonbinary you tell them "YOU'd never understand since you're enby/trans, and NOT women. WOMEN have to deal with SO much misogyny just for being ourselves, including from trans people who think even being perceived as one of us is gross. I wouldn't be grossed out if someone thought I was nonbinary or trans or even a man, something for you to think about."

If that's too direct for you, you can do things like join the discussions by seemingly agreeing with them but you change everything to being about just things women struggle with, since that's your perspective. Like "it sucks being a woman because people expect you to be feminine ALL the time when most women aren't", "some dumbasses even think women HAVE to like makeup, when plenty of women are tomboys or just want to dress comfortably and not give a damn about their looks". So literally just keep saying these obvious feminist points about women. Hopefully something will eventually click within them.

No. 17250

File: 1690051792063.jpeg (554.04 KB, 1080x1080, F1ldTD6XwAEF4zy.jpeg)

Please someone do a "fight for women rights".

No. 17251

And I bet some of them bought the Hogwarts Legacy, but hide their stream thing for the "let's find who bought this transphobic game so we can attack them" page. They even added a trans character and his name was supposed to mean "Sea siren" but people were offended for the SIR-ona.

No. 17254

In one of my fandom discord groups most people were saying they're not playing the game because it's transphobic, a few of us were saying we wanted to play it and got side eyed really hard for it. I play innocently dumb every time the topic of troons come up so they think I'm just ignorant and not a gender critical terf kek

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when I hung out with my friend in person and find out despite him very clearly saying "no way, not interested in playing it at all" in public he did secretly play it and liked it, and he told me so did another girl from the group chat who had also denied it.
I know both of them are still unpeaked, but it made me feel so good knowing they were just lying about it because they understand the backlash they'd get. Hearing him say that people were stupid for complaining about the name etc was great. That's step 1 to peaking, to see how ridiculous they act and only pretend to go along even though the doubts are staring to appear in your mind. Eventually they'll be pushed far enough to peak and I can't wait

No. 17255

I love also how many of these TRAs used the ending so people can stop playing the game. Most of the fans were there when the "Snape killed Dumbledore" and "Voldemort killed Snape" was so common, that spoiler wasn't going to make people stop playing the game to find how it happened (plus the small quests).

No. 17257

File: 1690069058989.jpeg (875.69 KB, 1184x743, IMG_5296.jpeg)

I hate males for inventing misogyny, if only because women’s self hate is expressed in a way where I’m now forced to look at this retarded shit everywhere. Especially when it’s fic after fic of PiV sprinkled everywhere in my yaoi. Nobody’s browsing through the m/m tag actively wanting to read about a limp arm skin roll fucking a dry pussy. Not my yaoi! reeee

No. 17260

>MFW not even BSD is safe.

No. 17263

>Not my yaoi
This is me every time I see one, or even both characters in a slash pairing I like drawn with mastectomy scars. I’d think it was obvious I’m not here for PiV, dammit!

No. 17264

There was a secret in Fandom Secrets about how OP dislikes when authors leave their Trans fics untagged and of course TIFs came claiming "PIV IS STILL GAY!!". No, TIF, is not.

No. 17266

A friend and I gave our friend a couple of velvet pumpkins with a male and female skeleton carved in each as a birthday gift, when I pointed out (since we gave them to her separately) that they were a pair someone made a "how heteronormative" as a passing joke and my friend immediately went "OH NO! Well I decide that they are trans now! A beautiful trans couple!". I could feel my soul leaving my body.

No. 17296

Why do yaoifags prefer seeing buttsex? Is there a reason? Because it's taboo?

No. 17317

not a fujo but they just don't want women to be involved when these men degrade each other, not rocket science

No. 17399

AYRT. Good question KEK I guess I just enjoy seeing men in vulnerable (and sexual) situations

No. 17401

Idk what to do anymore! I got on Tumblr as a preteen and immediately fell into trans stuff because I was a nerdy fandom-brained autistic GNC lesbian who had a history of abuse at the hands of men. I was a themlet for years until the cognitive dissonance was too much, but the thing is literally all of my (female) friends over the last decade have trooned out and wouldn't understand if I said I'm just a normal lesbian and not some boyish celestial spirit or whatever the fuck.

So many of them insist they're true and honest men (despite being the most gender conforming women ever) and admit they are only trans because of yaoi, then they date predatory men and pretend it's uwu gay. Idk how I ever fell for this shit or why I believed they were "gay" like me considering that even at my trooniest, I only dated other Aidens.

It hurts realizing my whole friend group who I grew up with is homophobic, it hurts that they all get so uncomfortable when I say even the mildest things like "same sex attraction" instead of "same gender attraction," it hurts knowing they are why I struggled to accept that I'm a lesbian, it hurts so much I wish I could unpeak, but I have tried and tried and tried and I can't.

I'm also extremely resentful that instead of addressing my trauma history and underlying mental health issues, all of my therapists just affirmed affirmed affirmed my dissociated metaphysical body hatred bullshit. This shit is just escapism on steroids and it makes me so upset, I swear it's like some modern lobotomy shit. I quit therapy and refuse to go back. Fuck them for telling me I was trans when there were so many other explanations, like gee, I wonder why a bulimic teenage girl who cuts herself after years of being beaten and sexually assaulted by men might feel uncomfortable with her body. They should have their licenses revoked, all of them. I was vulnerable and they just made everything worse. I hate them so much. The worst part is every therapist I had was a woman because I'm afraid of men (which should have maybe also been a sign that I obviously am not one, ffs) and they still did this.

On the bright side, my mom makes me feel more sane, she's GNC and always told me a woman can be anything, and now I feel bad that I didn't listen because everyone kept telling mr she was twansphobic and abusive. We've made up and are closer than ever but I'm still so so upset that I put her through so much. I cry about it often still. I drank the koolaid and it's all so fucking evil. I was a child! I'm just so angry and hopeless. I haven't really spoken to many of my friends in awhile and I can tell they think it's weird that I am so distant now, but I just can't deal with their obvious internalized misogyny and homophobia and inability to critically think about anything.

Sorry this is so long, I haven't ever admitted this anywhere and it's been stewing for over a year now. I feel like I woke up from a long stupor and still feel so groggy and confused. I am so angry and hurt and idk where to put all of it, it just boils over inside me and makes me feel crazy.

No. 17403

File: 1690145682195.jpeg (317.72 KB, 1170x926, IMG_1878.jpeg)

Already skeptical of trans stuff but this whole “protect trans children” was the tipping point to my peaking. My mom works at a preschool in a very liberal state and they have at least 5 kids who identify as trans or non binary, 10 years ago that number was zero.

No. 17404

I'm sorry you had to go through all that nona!
>It hurts realizing my whole friend group who I grew up with is homophobic
Realizing your friends were terrible and misguided all along really sucks. Letting go hurts, but in the end you'll be so so much better off without them. They're in a literal cult mindset, you were lucky and strong to be able to get out of it but they can't get there themselves until they want to on their own. Until/if that happens they'll only drag you down with them and harm you further. It's NOT your job to save them. If you're going to distance yourself from them anyway (which you 100% should) then you could drop in a last "I'm going to/have detransitioned". If they ever come out of it they'll possibly know you're a safe peaked person too, you know? And if not at least it'll keep their cultist minds away from you as you're now a tainted detrans non-believer.

You need real friends who actually accept you for real and won't drag you further into delusions. So glad you have your mom! It's not entirely your fault you didn't listen before - trans ideology is a cult and they wanted you to cut her out of your life, so of course they'd tell you lies to make you not trust her when you were vulnerable and traumatized. I'm sure your mom doesn't blame you and is just happy to have you back.

Detransitioners are starting to gain traction and sue medical practioners and if you're feeling up for it you could try it too. Look up and contact Beyond Trans if you're interested. They may also be able to get you in touch with real non-affirming therapists who see the dangers of trans ideology and affirming. At the very least I hope you could email your previous therapist or doctor and tell them how you feel, let them know they hurt you through sheer negelct and stupidity. Because as you said, how the fuck did they not take ANY of your very real traumas and problems into account?? That's really gross. Just don't make any threats or anything kek I trust you're smart enough not to.

I know we don't know each other but I'm really rooting for you nona! I'm mad that you got hurt and I'm happy you got out of the cult. You can beat this, you can take your life back! Come back and spam in this vent thread any time you need to, it's what it's here for. Good luck nona!

No. 17406

Recently I found out that the webmistress of a fansite I loved as a child has trooned out. She has not gotten any surgeries, she's just deep into gender ideology and believes she's a gay man in spite of being with her husband since her teens. Now she's obsessed with Tranny Fantasy XIV, she claims it's the game that made her discover she's trans because her character is a catboy and Haurchefant is gay for him.

It's sad and disappointing but I am not surprised at all because she was misogynistic AF towardsmany female videogame characters.

No. 17410

>"neither of my children is cisgender"
Becasue their confused mommy-daddy groomed them into an ideology. Those kids are at best going to grow up to hating their mom and at worst be messed up beyond repair and it will be all her fault.
>"would prefer them to be dead"
They never said that, no one ever said that. Even the most conservative people or gender critical terf has ever wanted the "trans kids" to be hurt - everyone has always just wanted them to be healthy and happy, and to not get abused through transition.

She's the kind of person who will never back down because she is literally sacrificing her kids' lives to the ideology. To be able to live with herself she can't ever admit what she's doing is wrong, it takes an incredibly strong character to be able to do that and most trans parents are narcs or mentally ill.

No. 17439

Anyone else tilted that the Barbie movie has a troon in it? It’s not just the fact that there’s a TiM barbie, the movie is very “men can’t do shit while women are underestimated and forced to deal with so much shit”. TiM Barbie implies he was once a Ken, but “became” a Barbie. How come TiM Barbie isn’t retarded like all the other retarded Kens. It just screams “actually trans women speshul and always the same as women. their male socialization has absolutely no affect on how they act, think, and feel.” Also the fucking voice and adams apple made him instantly clockable.

No. 17453

Vid rel was interesting and even brought up medical misogyny being proof that women tend to get auto immunities. And I was following along until it said even trans women have autoimmune issues too, I should have seen the red flag when he said "identified". He already said in the first part of the video how men get them too kek.

No. 17522

>it said even trans women have autoimmune issues too
To my understanding they do, because they take estrogen and that's a cause for autoimmune issues. Some detrans men have talked about how they're now permanently fucked up from auto immune stuff because they took estrogen. They could have been healthy if they hadn't chosen to take drugs not meant for their bodies.

No. 17523

File: 1690227618442.jpeg (101.43 KB, 1024x596, 3A8A6AFA-743E-48E3-8F0F-8E1EFC…)

Just learned a dev that I looked up to for years but never really followed is a fucking troon. Feel like this whole fucking time I've been living a lie. All it took for me to realize was playing one fucking game in my Steam library because I was bored and now I'm questioning everything. I must have been fucking retarded at 13 if I really thought this shit was peak writing. Picrel

No. 17524

Are you fucking kidding me? I thought it was bad enough that they let a troon be a Barbie, but they actually acknowledge it in the movie?

No. 17529

They don't. The character is in like two, perhaps three pretty quick scenes and he had maybe five lines in total. Still stands out like a sore thumb though.

No. 17543

Nah, hes barely has any scenes. Also there is scene where the ceo says they are for female empowerment bc they have gender neutral toilets, which was satire so Greta def knows about the co-op of feminism by trannies.

No. 17546

>get a tranny to act in a movie that makes fun of trannies
Greta is a genius.

No. 17550

Who was the tranny barbie or what did they look like? I don't remember seeing them in the movie.

No. 17551

File: 1690244519118.png (131.42 KB, 2048x998, troonbarbie.png)

It's Hari Nef

No. 17577

I'm having to join discord servers because of the twitter thing. Every single one of them makes you state pronouns and I'm having to get more and more creative to avoid that shit lol.

Oh definitely, video mentions medical transitioning being a part of it. But I feel it really just threw that "trans wimmin too btw" in for tra brownie points.

No. 17578

>very single one of them makes you state pronouns and I'm having to get more and more creative to avoid that shit lol
Some ideas
>I haven't decided and it feels like a lot of pressure, but unoffically just call me she/her for now (to avoid them assuming that means they/them)
>My native language doesn't do that so I don't really get it I'm just a woman
>I don't want my native culture to be erased and americanized and we don't do pronouns, in our culture it's a sign of being a colonizer oppressor to have pronouns in your bio (you can use this even if you're american but have roots to any other non-english speaking country.)
>I want to be anonymous online so I avoid pronouns
>I need to think about it and will add them later (and just never do it)
>I'm too old for pronouns, you kids have fun with it though
>omg people still do pronouns?? ok millennial, you want some avocado toast with that lol
>uh we stopped doing pronouns in middle school…

No. 17580

Thank you for these! I just sidestepped it for now and said "woman" somewhere. I like the angle of pretending to be unaware though. So far it's impossible to nparticipate for some servers that make you get pronoun roles to get access but I can bypass the written intros like the ones you typed. I hate how saying "I don't care" and tras will interpret it as they/them kek.

No. 17667

One thing I've done in a group setting was to reply "Just regular female ones." in a pretty dead pan voice. I tried to communicate that even though I sort of participate to not cause trouble, I don't use their language (by avoiding saying "she/her" which is what they want) and I remind them that there's a regular normal way to use the words that we all know. It lets other gender critical people know that I'm not in the gender cult. Yet at the same time I could just be "uneducated" and I did pretty much give my pronouns so the TRA can't really call me out kek
This was face to face though, people are less likely to want to start a fight irl and just move along.

Saying she/her (or any other combo) in the way they expect and want is like saying "amen" and confirming "yes, I believe in the Gender Cult, yes I will play by the Gender Gospel Rules" so it throws people off when you do it differently. Doesn't have to be a big change, just "wrong". Break their rituals.

Breaking their rituals just enough to throw them off is a good way to start to peak people. They rely on these rituals for comfort and it keeps them from thinking because they just follow the scripts. Same reason we have greetings, just with more ideology. Like if you say "good morning" and the other person doesn't greet you back you feel something is off, they didn't do the social interaction "correctly". Eventually you'll stop saying good morning because you didn't get socially rewarded for saying it so you stop seeing the point of it.

No. 17668

Advice needed, nonas. A guy that I’m seeing is starting to talk about being non-binary. When my longest relationship ended I managed to barely escape being a transwidow, which made me wary of potential gender-special males. The current guy in question is an exception.

Alas, I can't help but feel for him because he's been through a lot of trauma, coming from a very conservative country with a fucked up family. I’ve always been attracted to androgynous and GNC people; that’s what made me attracted to him in the first place. God, how I miss the days when men sported long hair and eyeliner without being ensnared by the spinny skirt quicksand. Why can’t men just be pretty men anymore?

I'm crypto, and wonder if there's any way to gently and slowly but surely make him spit out the troon pill? I think that trying to peak him with TRA atrocities/activities will sound off alarms in his head. I think the safer route consists of more obvious and palatable ideas, like showing him that being sensitive and experimenting with fashion and makeup (or lack of) doesn’t make anyone less of a man or a woman. That creating a billion more labels is just giving into and furthermore upholding gender norms; it’s far more ~stunning and brave~ to stand your ground as a man that simply enjoys self-expression; anyone can do anything; etc. We're still very young (20), so I try to hold onto hope. Any suggestions? Similar experiences or success stories? Appreciate you all.

No. 17669

The entire movie pissed me off. I loved barbie as a kid and I like Margot Robie but it was offensive in so many ways. It didn't hold men accountable for their own actions it infantilizes them which absolved them of responsibility despite having a mildly sympathetic cause (kens aren't rapists like real men are). I knew that they wouldn't get feminism right so it pissed me off that they tried at all instead of just being fun.
I'm pretty sure that the troon barbie was supposed to be not a troon in universe but that was only my reading. Why would a created doll ever be trans? Iirc it was supposed to be a fluke that barbie connected with the woman who played with her at all.

No. 17671

Idc as long as it keeps breaking records and making scrotes mad I’ll keep supporting the Barbie movie

No. 17675

I mean it literally stated that men created and were responsible for upholding the patriarchy, and that it benefits all men even the useless ones despite benefiting the ones in charge the most. Not sure how deeper a pg13 movie can go?

No. 17685

I didn't hate the movie despite the "baby's first feminism". Knowing they had casted a troon to play a barbie i expected muuuuch worse and for it to have a bunch of troon pandering. I don't agree with the anon who said it implies he was a Ken-to-Barbie, he was clearly casted to just be a regular barbie. But if you were to judge the movie as a TRA you'd have to deem it transphobic for always saying girls and women without including gender neutral language, with the exception of the one mention… from a greedy corporate CEO kek

Barbie has always been a feminist icon with a "girls can do/be anything" message so while it does suit the brand I also would have preferred just a silly adventure movie without the feminism. I did like how it called out the fact that her original message had been corrupted and she got blamed for womens problems instead.

No. 17710

I work in higher education and it’s sooooooo grating how practically every single time I get an email from someone (faculty, staff member, student) or look up someone’s profile on a university website I am confronted with their pronouns. It’s like everyone has declared their allegiance to a fucking cult and it drives me crazy.

I don’t put my pronouns in my email signature (never have, never will, nobody in my workplace has ever questioned me about it. I’m definitely in the minority by (not) doing so) and I’m guessing that 90% of the people who do include them are doing so because they’re good polite liberals who have been told it’s the right thing to do, and they’re scared of what will happen if they don’t follow the herd. I can’t wait for the day when this troon shit is recognized for the social contagion that it is and we’re allowed to openly TERF on main.

No. 17712

At first I didn't really understand why some people were calling this atrocity a cult but jesus christ it's a perfect description. Just a few years ago no one even mentioned this shit and then all of sudden boom - so many of the women I know turned into handmaidens in the blink of an eye. And of course they're all terminally online twittertards and they all use the very same phrases, the brainwashing couldn't be more obvious. The only thing I don't understand is how do you even fall for this crap in the first place? Did they just collectively lose all of their braincells the moment the pandemic started? Because I really can't imagine how fucking brainless you have to be to hear about the "trans genocide" or see some rapehon's selfie and be like "oh yes this is totally a woman just like me!". Clown world.

No. 17716


If you’re in a reading mood, these 2 essays really put stuff into perspective nonnie. Tl;dr as educated Western liberals rely less on “traditional” religions to teach people about right and wrong, wokeness has crept in as a replacement for a moral compass, and transgenderism has emerged as the most extreme sect of this new woke religion. Especially for liberal white people, white privilege is treated as a replacement for Christian original sin, and you can’t identify out of being white (unless you’re Rachel Dolezal) but you can identify out of being “cisgender”, thereby eliminating some of your evil privilege.

No. 17770

Have there been any similar social contagions in modern history like the troon/woke cult movement we are going through right now? How did they disappear from the public eye?

No. 17913

Anorexia/eating disorders. Like for example asian countries where they had virtually 0 cases suddenly had a massive boom of young girls having eating disorders all at the same time, all because they had reported on eating disorders in western countries in their local media.

Being skinny wasn't always the ideal, then suddenly it was. Suddenly you were "bad" if you're not skinny. If you didn't agree and said you think some curves look better you'd be ridiculed because obviously skinny was objectively sexier and everyone could see it! And during that time EDs had a boom.

Being trans wasn't always the ideal, then suddenly promoting it was. Suddenly you're boring and basic if you're cis. If you don't believe in trans ideology you're objectively wrong because everyone can see trans is totally real! And now there's a trans boom.

People become blinded by the current group think.

No. 17915

File: 1690507076524.png (241.41 KB, 1724x1086, e696acff-8294-528c-9c97-30be0c…)

I can't think of anything on this scale (probably because troons latched onto legitimate social justice movements for legitimacy), but pic related definitely rings true kek

Or maybe something like the hippie/counterculture movement of the 60s?

No. 17916

Maybe lobotomy?

No. 17918

how to cope with knowing your friends want to destroy their bodies in the name of “self-love”when all they’re really doing is maladaptively responding to body image and identity issues

No. 17919

samefag put sage in the wrong field, my bad

No. 17920

File: 1690511985665.png (685.49 KB, 598x1110, Tim Doyle.png)

Trans-formers are machines, no homo sapiens, Tim.

No. 17921

they're too late we already claimed

No. 17922

File: 1690512633388.png (407.6 KB, 598x605, Trans Rights on Twitter.png)

Perfect pins from sane people to sane people!

No. 17923

lol so now it's okay to support a company that is paying dust to artists on there to own le ebil terfs

No. 17926

These graphs don't hold up in arguments with TRAs because the logic when they say that [insert trans variant here] has always existed is that the reason why we see so many more now is because they trans people finally have the language/safety to be openly trans. So yes, to them, in 1883 there absolutely were just as many troons as there are today, they were just all repressed and unaware of it.

No. 17932

No arguments hold up with TRAs because they're delusional, but that graph is just a bit of a joke about how nb seemingly came into existence the moment emo faded away. I think we can all see how emo kids of the past translate into the genderspecials of today.

Anyway if they bring up the whole
>We always existed!!
nonsense you can always ask them how they existed without killing themselves as a child due to a lack of gender affirming treatments kek

No. 17933

File: 1690530865265.jpg (1.1 MB, 1188x1110, Screenshot_104.jpg)

TRAs using the hashtag meant to display misogyny towards women to promote their mediocre art is peak online activism.

No. 17936

It's gonna be so funny to watch the enby trend die out (pretty sure it already is on the decline as people are peaking more every day) and then watch them explain why there suddenly isn't a new enby-variation. They'll probably just say it's because people are hostile towards them again though, but they'll fail to see at that point it will be 50% former troons and TRA who peaked who are hostile.

No. 17937

>nonsense you can always ask them how they existed without killing themselves as a child due to a lack of gender affirming treatments kek
Good point kek amazing how they all managed to "always" exist with this excruciating gender dysphoria, and according to them going from maybe 10 to a million troons in 2 years is totally natural and they're all valid trans people. And all of them will kill themselves if they don't get life saving trans health care - so where were all those millions suicides before? Unless they want to argue it was easier to be trans/enby before modern times?

No. 17938

Challenge them on it any way you can

No. 17939

nothing troons love more than cheap, tacky, mass produced worthless trinkets made by poor workers and unpaid labor

No. 17951

I had never realized how similar the TRA movement and Christianity are and also how esoteric their mantras sound. Absolutely devoid of logic but not chanting their mantras is basically social suicide. This also explains why the hadmaidens I was talking about in my post use "cis" (or their favorite "cishet") as something offensive and shameful kek. All the time I hear them say stuff like "ew I don't want to look cishet", "you're cis, you have it so easy so be happy you're not living in constant fear of getting hatecrimed", "trans people's existence is threatened every day, cis people are sooo spoiled and privileged" and so on. This whole circus has even come to a point where they are putting troons' feelings before our relationships. Calling me, their friend and relative, a bigot for not kissing the asses of random twitter trannies who say shit like "I will slice your throat open if you're a terf and don't take my girlcock".
I got a bit carried away but yeah, thank you for the essays nonni, they gave me some insight and explained some things I was thinking better than I ever could.

No. 17960

>Using Sailor Moon characters to be misogynistics when Naoko create them to show women power without moids help


No. 17969

File: 1690570877321.gif (2.41 MB, 268x200, éowyn-i-am-no-man.gif)

Posted this in the regular vent thread first but figured it fit better here.
I was a tomboy as a teen in the mid-to-late 2000's, when it was pretty popular for boys to look a bit more feminine, so I would occasionally be mistaken for a moid, this also happened a lot online because I apparently "wrote like a guy" (I still don't know what that means). And every time I got mistaken for one I felt this weird feeling of empowerment, like "haha, you thought I was a MAN? FOOL!", but I couldn't quite point out what it was that I enjoyed so much about it. While I have figured out that what I'm feeling is like gifrel, it makes me wonder if that is what some tifs and gendies think makes them not women.

No. 17978

I personally often enjoyed the fact that I was assumed to be some intelligent dude, one of them. Me being a woman confirmed both that they were sexist and that their sexism was stupid and wrong.

No. 17994

Nayrt, but are you from Argentina, nonita? The every-radfem-is-a-polilez thing is true here, too. Would be really interesting to know if you are actually from here since I'm bi and I don't think I want to get too involved with activist groups if they hate bi women so much, kek.

No. 18010

>I had never realized how similar the TRA movement and Christianity are
Nta but I've noticed people who are religious are way more likely to buy into the trans ideology. The individual can even be atheist themselves, just being brought up in a family or culture where religion is valued seems to be enough. I'm guessing if you were brought up in an environment where they consciously or subconsciously teach you that "blind faith in things you don't understand" is good and the natural state of humans it rubs off on you whether you like it or not. Same reason people who have left a cult is more likely to end up in yet another one, they were primed for accepting those thought patterns. So having come from a Christian background makes it easy to fall victim for a movement that functions similarly.

It's true on a wider scale as well, the nordic countries are seen as pretty "woke", some of the most supportive of LGBT stuff in the world, feminism etc… they should be like Canada and be a gender hellhole, but they instead were among the first to roll back on gender care when Canada doubled down. The main difference seems to be the general lack of religion and instead a belief in science. These are my own observations though, I could be wrong.

No. 18012

I use my nickname since always and people think I'm a man until they notice I'm a woman in my portfolio. I feel like that gif.

No. 18024

File: 1690618802370.jpg (201.15 KB, 1592x1065, illu.jpg)

Two online acquaintances of mine from different circles came out as TiMs. I'm SO frustrated.

No. 18025

kek the image is so true! If troons knew how much almost every single person in their life is lying to them they'd be shocked, even more so if they knew how many of their friends are secretly terfs/gender critical and talking about them behind their backs. It's what happens when you try to live a lie and want everyone to play along.

I had a falling out with a male (autist) friend recently but just before that he had expressed distress over one of his (very few) female gaming friends being kicked out of the group for "transphobia" towards one of the poor innocent troons in the group (who had naturally acted like an ass to her). Some others wanted to let her back in to the group, and my friend was mad and upset they wanted to take the transphobe back in just a year later. It delighted me to hear the others didn't care that much and wanted to let her back. And it delighted me to see her obviosuly-peaked-female posts that got her banned in the first place, knowing she was secretly a terf in their pro-troonery gaming group for ages before she snapped and they found out.

No. 18026

It's CTK-anon again, disappointed to see him apologize for an old troon/trap joke in a recent video. At least he also said "saying a racist/transphobic joke doesn't mean you ARE a racist/transphobe". Still sad to see him cave in to pressure, but maybe the previous video mentioned where he makes fun of and misgenderes a troon got him backlash and he felt like he had to say it all to cover his ass. I only half listened to the long ramble but I'm pretty sure he still didn't say anything like "twaw", which is still the expected thing to say for an ally so I'm still thinking he's a lot less woke than he pretends to be (and hopefully most youtubers are.).

No. 18071

>hopefully most youtubers are
Honestly I think most content creators actually are, ESPECIALLY veteran youtubers.

No. 18073

File: 1690641801082.jpeg (837.16 KB, 1178x2139, IMG_4025.jpeg)

Had to unfollow this lesbian ig account today. Posted this dumbass shit about a man ID’ing as a butch lesbian and how much of a woman it makes him feel like. I wish I could go off in the comment section. It’s almost impossible to find lesbian positivity accounts that don’t post trannies. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 18136

I wish social media at least had "secret" dislike buttons or something. It's annoying to be silenced because the homophobic child-chopping cult will go after you if you express minor disagreement. Currently I will mark as not interested and report the post, knowing full well nothing will actually come from it but at least I'm doing something lol

No. 18137

I wish more celebs, be it old school ones or new social media ones, came out as gender critical and spoke out against the OBVIOUS lies the TRA are pushing that are actively harming children. Instead they performatively support it. They're all gonna look like such idiots, in maybe 10 years supporting "trans health care" for children will be looked at as someone today would have looked at "pushed diet pills and stomach surgeries on anorexic kids" and they can only pray people in the future will have moved on from cancel culture by then or they'll be out of a job real quick.

No. 18146

I always wonder how my online they/them female friends would react if they knew how I really feel. I've been peaked for years and afaik they've never suspected once.

No. 18147

I laugh my ass off every time some troon starts complaining about how he's so ~discriminated against~ or ~endangered~ in the US so he's planning on emigrating. Dude where the fuck are you gonna go? The only people who go along with your delusions are equally deluded terminally online liberals from rich western countries who have no actual problems and spend their lives on twitter. If you try to come to my country you will get beaten up by moids who see you before you even get off the plane kek. And don't even think about calling the police, they'll most likely join the fun so it's in your best interest that they don't know.

No. 18148

File: 1690694719093.png (67.44 KB, 837x752, Screenshot_131.png)

I content myself that we probably agree on the same things if I break it down enough but the terf word is too scary to discuss anything. I want to peak a TRA friend so bad, she's so close yet so far… We got into a convo where she somehow understands lesbians into "afab ftms" but cant understand that lesbian means homosexual female and won't date tims lol.

No. 18149

File: 1690695298396.gif (1.01 MB, 498x273, IMG_5345.gif)

AYRT, I am, actually! Fellow Argentinian bi, are you single? Don’t break my heart.

No. 18152

TIMs are actually right that a ton of TIFs, especially they/them girlies, hate them and cannot detect terfy talking points to save their lives. It's funny to me more than anything, but also frustrating because it's like they're so close, but so far. At this point, TIFs are just nerdy women who self segregate by sex–I haven't heard a male voice on call in years and it's not even intentional, I just hang out in TIF-heavy online spaces and they are very female only kek. A lot of them honestly only seem interested in pronouns as an aesthetic thing, I've met a few irl and they all tense up if you use the pronouns in front of normies because it's just an online larp and they know it. Most of them aren't even GNC in any meaningful way, they're just fandom-brained women who are scared of men and don't talk to them, so their idea of gender is totally distorted by anime and other media. But they hate everything about TIMs, they just don't know it because TIMs are conceptual to them. Like so you hate incels, pathetic men, coomers, pedos, uwu animu catgirls, and sex pests who bother lesbians, but support TIMs? Nah. They support them in name only; it's easy to support people if you don't actually know anything about them. I just think it's hilarious that TIMs are constantly whining about the lack of asspats and saying they think TIFs don't see them as women deep down, and ime that's sooo true. Good, you love it to see it, seethe harder, go Aiden go, etc.

No. 18154

File: 1690697664923.jpeg (284.16 KB, 720x735, IMG_9345.jpeg)

Actually chudcel, youngshit trans women are hot and should shove their fun bags in my face immediately.
Why be scared of the trans girl when you can take her out on a date
Why be scared of men when they make decent friends(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18166

A mod ought to delete this post.

No. 18169

All other male posts stayed up, even the ones called anons foids or retarded females so I doubt it.

No. 18177

handmaiden whose brain has been taken over by sperm to act as a female version of a moid is a femoid. complaining about women calling women who spam that they're normie because they suck cock retarded, is retarded

No. 18193

Ngl it's kinda funny to me when a troon or TRA hate-reads and get so incredibly emotional about it that they just HAVE to post something

No. 18196

They just have to insert themselves and remind us of their own existence, ahahah.

No. 18219

File: 1690755708713.jpg (25.68 KB, 341x603, tumblr_c6d3753ddec25c965107be1…)

AYRT, sadly I'm not single, but I'm not in a stable or serious relationship either, lol. Kinda complex to explain here, tbh.
But if you'd like to get in contact, I would love to! I've been trying to meet more radfem adjacent womem/gc/terves, but it's been a bit difficult. Not to mention that most rad-leaning women I've met have no idea what Lolcow is, or don't know about Radblr either, kek. It would be refreshing to talk to someone with whom I have at least a bit more in common with.
No idea how we could get in contact, tho. Maybe a throwaway email would work? I guess it's kinda risky, but the nonnies in the friend finder thread have been doing that.
Quería dejar un meme argento pero sólo tenía pic related a mano, rip.

No. 18232

Yeah, I wish meeting other likeminded people wasn't as hard. Troons/handmaidens probably rejoice at that but ironically it just means those evil terves will still exist, only pretending to be nice to their face and/or befriending them as a last resort for socialization. They'd freak if they knew how many of their lovely friends are gc. I know we're out there, just gotta find a way to socialize. Art anon from above really nailed the average situation (ily art anon)
And sure! Friend Finder thread it is!

No. 18284

Troons have turned me more rightist politically. Before I was fully leftist, all my opinions were from tumblr and I didn't get why anyone would have any right leaning opinions. It took troons to realize the left has just as many lies, misinformation, misogyny, violence and hatred for people who look or think differently than what they approve of. Now I'm just in the middle somewhere, I understand that both sides just see the worst parts of each other and I understand that both sides are right in some things and wrong in others. If I had seen leftist troons for what they were from day 1 and that's all I ever saw, I for sure would be on the right to oppose them. Like how I only saw the wildest rightist people.

No. 18288

i don't think that makes your opinions right leaning anyway? that's just libfem rhetoric for everything bc most of the dyed hair sjws have bpd symptoms thus black/white thinking + a need to serve men hence why their sense of self comes from tranny activism. like "omg you said a man can't become a woman out loud, you're such a rightwing trumptard for not caring how men feel!" then the ben shapiro types hijack gender crit to make it seem to other men like not worshipping misogynistic troons IS rightwing so they can claim women are on their side, like we must belong to men no matter what..

No. 18305

>i don't think that makes your opinions right leaning anyway?
No, but they're comparably more "right" than before, and I can actually see and understand some real rightist arguments now rather than dismissing them as "ignorant hateful lies". Like I get why they want guns when the government seems so untrustworthy and want to take your kid away if you don't sterilize them with hormones, I even get why they dislike the LGBT if all they every see is TRA, troons and depravity.
I'm somewhere in the middle, and I don't think I'll ever be able to venture far enough to either side to ever call myself left or right. I've seen too much of both sides.

No. 18307

When will this end. I want to engage in fandom nerd shit again without having to bite my tongue. I am so fucking sick of talking to "genderfuck fagdyke queer goblin" women with shitty fashion who think they're out-gaying us all by dating a man. Is this because we made fun of straight people too much? So now they literally cannot bear the idea of being heterosexuals who enjoy dick in vagina sex and so they have to call it gay bottoming. I really enjoy fandom, I love fanart and meta and cosplay, but I cannot stand 90% of the people involved in it now because it's unavoidable. I really thought we'd all collectively realize this was a phase just like being emo but no, people in their 30s are still on this he/they shit and it's making me crazy. A woman I'd been enjoying talking about fandom stuff with talked about trooning out last week because "why would I read so much yaoi unless I wanted to become it" God make it stop. I feel so autistically annoyed about this. I wish I could un-peak sometimes.

No. 18311

I feel your pain nonna and I totally agree. I just became obsessed with an anime and I want to make friends in the fandom to talk to about my favorite character but he attracts a ton of TIF fans who headcannon him as a FTM and I just…don’t want to subject myself to listening to any of that bullshit.

No. 18314

this is a big reason why i don't engage much with fandom at all anymore. it would be useful if there was a secret crypto signal to use across fandoms so it'd be less difficult to find other peaked women to make friends with. like an emoji in the bio or something maybe?

No. 18315

I'm so sick of trannies at fandom events. There will be zero line for the men's restroom, and these disgusting men insist on using the women's when it has a line out into the hallway. I'm tired of having to walk to bathrooms that are farther away just to feel safe.

No. 18321

TBH with time, I'm realizing that the women I need to stop interacting with aren't necessarily TRAs but rather women who spend too much time with men. It's so true that a good few TiF heavy spaces are essentially rad-leaning female-only spaces, it's just that the inhabitants haven't realized it because TERFism is so demonized that they'll never come close to knowing what it actually entails.

No. 18326

Yup, same group that's obsessed with headcanons, cosplaying, larping etc… yet they can't see trans is just another costume for them.
It's not much, but any time I see a fandom person without pronouns in bio it peaks my interest, it's SO rare that the person has to be a little bit crypto.

No. 18345

So last year I found out my cousin came out as trans. I guess he decided he was tired of working dead end jobs to support his partner and the 4 kids they had together and came out as trans and walked away from them to live his best trans life.

And now I find out my 12 year old niece, who's now living with her father, after her mother who was previously raising her and her brothers on her own, lost custody of them due to mental illness/depression, feels like she's a boy. And of course her father who gained custody of her, and works as a programmer in liberal media, thinks that's all perfectly fine.

This trans lunacy is coming close to home and I hate it.

No. 18354

File: 1691002050425.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, e85.png)

"This drawing has a lace with pink blue, pink and white! is the trans flag!"

I know headcanons are for fun but come on…

No. 18358

Sorry nona it's never easy to see trooning in the family. Best thing you can do is inform (peak) and give the rest of the family access to accurate information about troons. I always recommend using genspect for struggling parents/family members, and general feminist/female struggle points for more casual peaking. Like how they larp periods, tell tomboys they're not real women unless they perform feminine stereotypes, how autismgender, bugself/faeself are accepted as real trans, how males want babies to suck their nipples etc. How most male troons 80-90% "were" straight men and now say they're lesbians and invade female spaces and changing rooms.

No. 18359

I will never forgive troons for ruining the color combo. Even after troons are rightfully exposed as a cult it will then instead have the sex pest cult tag for a while so then we still won't be able to use it.
The only good thing that flag has done is make it so I know who and what to avoid so I don't accidentally support child mutilation

No. 18360

This scenario is one of my biggest fears. My brother has 4 kids that are now in their teens and I'm so scared of any of them coming out as troons, I used to think the fact that they're extremely normie and living in a small town would make them safe but even that doesn't seem to be enough anymore.

No. 18362

talk to them about troons and see how they react. you could talk about how sad it is that trans people don't allow girls to be masculine or boys to be feminine (because if they are they HAVE to be trans or enbys) just like how conservative people do the same and that you think both sides are stupid

No. 18366

I am so tired of handmaidens. I just wanted to watch a video where crazy fundies get trashed and of course to "offset the harms shes done" by purchasing from the fundie the handmaiden donates to the mermaid organization. Ye sure offset the harm done by purchasing from a misogynistic pos by giving money to misogynistic pedos, great. They barely even mention trans people and she donates to a trans charity because of the "violence" they have to face every day. How about the violence women face everyday? sexslavery? being treated like property in a large part of the world? disproportionate poverty? femicide? no? yet we have to help the "trans kids" by pumping them full of hormones because some evangelicals rant about how women should be submissive, makes total sense

No. 18368

I'm not especially close to either of them, it's a big extended family and I live out of state so I only see them one day every few years at family gatherings, but I'm trying to carefully peak mutual relatives that I see more often. It does make it more real when it's people you've known for decades and know more of the behind the doors stuff from the family grapevine.

The TIM cousin is obviously AGP to me. Acted like a typical straight man until coming out in his mid 30s. Conflicted between wanting to cringe and feel sorry for him. I guess at least his transition has been limited to cross-dressing/pronouns for now. I feel sorry for the mother of his kids though, she has a big heart and clearly loves them very much, but the 3 kids with him and 3 with her previous boyfriend is a lot to handle. Not that they need an AGP in their lives but 6 kids is a lot to raise on your own.

For the niece though (ok, looked it up, 2nd cousin is the technical term, and think of her as the generation below me due to the 20 year age difference), I really hope she ends up okay. It's so obvious to me that the first thing you should be looking into is the trauma of losing her mother… Her older teenage brothers were hiding her mother's mental health struggles to try to avoid losing their mother and most of us didn't realize the extent of things until pretty much the point that she lost custody. Going through that in the formative pre-teen years is obviously going to have major effects. Unfortunately it's hard to trust the Canadian mental health institutions, etc to investigate that line of reasoning with their blind affirmative care policy. I hope her dad is not so naive as to believe this is anything but a phase that she can grow out of as she overcomes the trauma and that he's more skeptical than he's letting on and just going along because he thinks as long as its just a social transition, it's harmless… But I don't really know my second cousin's dad, he wasn't in a relationship with her mother for very long. I'll have better luck by trying to go through mutual relatives (parents, aunts, grandparents) I think.

My brother works in tech and most of his colleagues are in the Bay Area. Four men out of like 50 at his workplace came out as trans in the past few years. Not sure how much of that is a Bay Area thing, or an autistic tech worker thing, or a social contagion, but it sure is a lot more than the 0.5% or whatever that is claimed.

No. 18369

They'd catch on too quickly I'm afraid, they're super obsessed with sniffing out cryptos to the point they think you're a crypto if you have search turned off on your Tumblr blog, if you have a Hogwarts house in bio, if you use the Labrys flag, etc. Like >>18326 said, no pronouns in bio is a good way to find cryptos (or a TIF who doesn't want to talk about it.)

No. 18370

Small town only counts for so much when it comes to these things. I live in a small town and there's still a LBGTQIA2+ lawn sign on every street. I don't get the sense of much militant TRA activity here like you might find on some university campuses, but there's still the well meaning but misguided allyship especially within the local newspapers, school boards, etc. that seems to permeate the political and media class and trickle down to teachers, mental health organizations, etc throughout the country.

Best you can hope for is your brother is peaked and his kids are well adjusted and side step all of this. I think there are hints that the broader societal winds are turning, but until then I guess you have to take it into your own hands.

It's not really a topic I want to talk about with my relatives, but I guess they have to be peaked somehow.

No. 18375

>I'm trying to carefully peak mutual relatives
>The TIM cousin is obviously AGP
That kind of makes it easier then, tell mutual family all about AGP and what it is and throw in any examples you know he is doing, but without ever saying it's like him and let them draw their own conclusions. Like if he's mostly cross dressing and you know he's worn the programmer socks you could explain that the high socks are a porn thing they do because they want to look like little cartoon girls they fetishize. It's very rare that any woman (who's not a massive weeb anyway kek) ever wears knee high socks so you know he didn't get it from the women around him but from porn he watches.

No. 18376

>she donates to a trans charity because of the "violence" they have to face every day. How about the violence women face everyday?
This pisses me off to no end because WHAT fucking violence are they talking about? They're statistically one of the LEAST attacked and killed groups on earth with like 400 at most getting murdered globally a year (and from reading news we know some of those were killed by other trans people). If you're a TRA this is fucking great news for them, but yet none of them acknowledge how safe it actually is for troons and keep painting them as victims.
They're like flat earthers crying about falling over the edge of the earth, you show them an actual photo of the earth being round so they can feel safe and know they won't fall off and they just scream that it's a lie and the edge threat is real. There's nothing we can do for them because they're so delusional.

No. 18377

Since a few of you seem to be talking about peaking extended family, here are some peaking thoughts.

If you're peaking women, bring up sexism and female issues and how troons perpetuate and larp them at the same time to get off to it.

If you're peaking men, sports is usually a topic they find interesting so talking about how men who can't win pretend to be women so they can win will usually work. Also bring up how they as straight men would be expected to date a bearded transwoman with a dick, and if they don't they're transphobic.

If you're peaking kids, make sure to tell them that gender stereotypes are stupid and they can do anything they want and that won't make them less of a boy or girl. A girl with short hair is still a girl. A boy doesn't turn into a girl if he wears a dress for a day.
Explain that some people have a religious belief that gender exists and that it's part of their religion to say and think that it's NOT a religion, because to them that's just "the truth". So if they encounter it in school or from friends it's because that person is religious and you do NOT have to agree with them because none of it is based on science or facts. Point out that even many adults fell for it, but that you don't think they will because they're actually smart kids who think for themselves. It will make them feel smart and trusted and less likely to fall for it.

No. 18387

File: 1691091534465.png (217.28 KB, 800x600, violentvictimization_gendersex…)

This is one of the things that peaked me hard honestly. I was a nice proper TRA and mindlessly repeated the whole "trans women are one of the most at-risk populations for being murdered" talking point when I was a teenager and a woman on Reddit very simply replied, "That's not true, you've been misled." So I looked into it and was just so shocked at how low risk they are. Even the sites that cape for troons have a hard time stretching "32 in the US (out of 1.6 million) in 2022" to sound like a genocide. Especially when you realize the vast majority of them are killed by men in the context of prostitution, and the fact they lump in GNC people to inflate their numbers. They're counting on the fact that most people will rely on mental schemas about LGB people being vulnerable groups since they are obsessed with pretending we're the same. And picrel is from a source that actively capes for troons, so it's really telling even they can't argue they're the most oppressed people ever. I will say I have seen some brown/black trannies seethe at the wannabe anime catgirls for being extremely low risk and pretending otherwise, but it's still treated as "relative to me" rather than "relative to literally everyone they pretend to be oppressed by."

No. 18388

The breastfeeding/pregnancy fetishes are an easy way to peak moms in particular. I've watched women literally recoil in disgust when they first hear about it. You don't even have to point out they're fetishes, if you just tell (or better yet, show) them these men whining about wanting to breastfeed babies, they'll draw their own conclusions because none of them behaved that way about their own pregnancies/breastfeeding.

Also men know they're degenerates even if they pretend they don't, so if you just point out that self-identification laws mean any bepenised loser can access any bathroom/changing room with their wives/moms/daughters/sisters, they'll all automatically think of a man they know who is perverted enough to say they're a woman to gain access. In the words of a male family member I peaked, "Anyone who thinks men wouldn't do that doesn't know men."

No. 18392

File: 1691111255057.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20230803-174842.png)

Seeing troons irl is just so comical. I was at this gaming event and got absolute whiplash hearing someone refer to this 6'2 neanderthal with a hulking brow and disgusting scrote shaped nose as "she". He was very thin and was wearing a cinched waist top close to picrel with a bright purple floral pattern at the bottom that looked so unfashionable, I was almost embarrassed for him. He had stringy estrogen curls and poorly done smokey eye make up. To top it off, he wore a powder blue and brown knit beanie, probably to cover his widow's peak hairline and bald spot. Like I'm really expected to pretend this absolute loser of a moid is anything close to female? I was already afraid of using the restroom in such a place.
There were other troons there, but I point this one out specifically because I realized he was in the event's discord channel with an extremely photoshopped/facetuned photo of himself as his profile picture and I laughed myself to sleep

No. 18422

>"Anyone who thinks men wouldn't do that doesn't know men."
I've seen so many people say it's ridiculous to think anyone who isn't a true honest trans would ever claim to be trans "because it's so hard for trans people", like how naive and stupid can you be? All a degenerate man have to do is literally to say "i'm trans" and then get unlimited access to women's spaces. Of course men will do that, men go in to abuse women even without being allowed so why wouldn't they make it even easier for themselves. Interestingly though, the argument used to come up A LOT, but I haven't seen it at all in the last 2 years or so.

Whenever my handmaiden friends brought up the argument I would ask them "Do you think there are more innocent transwomen in the world, or more cis men who lie and intentionally hurt women?". They've been told trans people are a tiny minority so obviously there are more cis men, and it allows them to accept that we can't just accept troons in women's spaces, but they don't (yet) have to face the thought that those groups are actually the same and it doesn't (yet) put the blame on the troons. So it's a nice way to make them think logically, without having to out yourself as a terf or push them so far they shut off.

No. 18434

I feel for you anon, I hope they get rid of them or make them use the gender neutral toilet or something instead.

No. 18454

i’m so fucking angry about all of this. i peaked a couple months ago and luckily my sister turned out to be a crypto, but i’m surrounded by TRA people at my school. i’ve also learned that arguing with them is fruitless. i got told yesterday that i’m a right wing lapdog and that me saying ‘listening to trans people is what made me peak’ is a dog whistle. these people have their fingers in their ears and are screaming lalalala when we’re genuinely trying to reason with them. i still have never gotten a clear answer to the ‘what is gender’ question, without using stereotypes, circular definitions, or saying it’s a feeling. and i think that’s what will keep me peaked. why am i losing friends because i said jk rowling shouldn’t get death threats? why am i being roped into fetishes that these TIMs love to engage in? god, the fetishes are the worst part. i used to be friends with a couple TIMs and they all agreed that all TIMs have degenerate and depraved fetishes and that they hide them from cis people to seem more normal. they said this in front of me because i am a detransitioner (desister to be honest, due to where i was living i couldn’t pursue medical transition. thank god) but i was also licking troon boots back then so i was one of the ‘good ones’. i’m so sick. i hate that i was tokenised and led to believe such a lie for so long. i feel honestly stupid to have ever believed i was trans. at least i see the light now nonnies!

No. 18479

>i got told yesterday that i’m a right wing lapdog and that me saying ‘listening to trans people is what made me peak’ is a dog whistle.
lol it's literally just the truth! If troons acted and looked the way they say they do, few people would peak. But they don't look like beautiful fully passing petite little girls who just happen to have been born with a dick which has now been replaced with a fully functioning totally real vagina. At BEST they look and sound like a glammed up drag queen, srs is really rare (and reading their own words they go wrong 99% of the time) and the majority of them have "euphoria boners" from doing anything they consider feminine and want to have sex with "cis" women only. And they all act, think and talk like any other man. Or if it's tif, like any other woman.

>these people have their fingers in their ears and are screaming lalalala when we’re genuinely trying to reason with them.

You really truly can't reason with a cult member, and it's NOT your job to save them nona. If they ever see the light it will be when they themselves are ready for it. The best thing you can do is to distance yourself from them for your own good and peak casual supporters or people who are mostly unaware of troons. Start with family and friends. I like being honest to these people, and exaplaining the whole cult aspect and that my woke friends would never speak to me again if I said "female sex-based rights are important" because they're literally in a ideology that mimics a cult.

No. 18489

Like the other anon said, you cannot reason with them because it's a cult mentality. Think about when you believed you were trans–would you have listened? I know I didn't when I thought I was. I dismissed counterpoints wholesale and was absolutely unwilling to even entertain any dissent until my 20s. I wasn't raised religious, so I wasn't able to see it at the time, but they are operating from a religious cult mindset that believes fully in something unprovable and metaphysical. If you step out of line, you'll be destroyed, and you know this, so you gaslight yourself and contort your thinking to fit what you wish was true. The reason you cannot make them see is because they are stil trapped in this mentality, and there is no way to pull them out of it. You cannot save people who don't want to be saved, and you cannot reason people out of a position they did not reason themselves into. But it's a good way to burn yourself out and be ostracized by the same people who may very well peak in a few years. Just focus on fostering connections with likeminded people and peaking people who are reachable.

No. 18492

This company I work for, we're doing this event with our playerbase, right? Someone in the company wrote us an email saying: "To everyone (but especially our femme/female presenting team members) be careful about accepting friend requests. I do my best to make sure players know that our discord is not a dating site, and there are going to be a lot of lonely, and generally masculine/male presenting gamers that are looking for love in all the wrong places. If that happens, please let me know and I will take care of it. Its unfortunate that this is the case, and, it's a reality that becomes more prevalent the bigger the playerbase gets." Fucking "femme/female presenting", cant even say "women", cause we have fucking troons in our company. Fuck these faggots.

No. 18493

File: 1691264210047.png (444.73 KB, 640x624, Screenshot 2023-08-05 reddit.p…)

Got so annoyed I have to sperg about it somewhere without shitting up any threads. I know I shouldn't even use Reddit, but I just popped in to check something and this was the first thing I saw. You just cannot fucking avoid this shit online, it's everywhere. POTS is infamously understudied and dismissed due to medical misogyny. More than 85% of sufferers are female, typically young adult women. It's almost funny how obvious sex differences are, and how cognizant they clearly are of this (why are transmascs the ones with POTS? Fascinating!), but it's also just infuriating because they are actively making it harder to acknowledge and address illnesses that affect women by refusing to even be called women. Like this isn't something small, I've watched the literature for POTS pivot from being woman-centric to adding a billion disclaimers about how it's totally not a women's issue at all (which doesn't actually help get research done because doctors still see them and treat them like women–that is to say, like they're hysterical and stupid.) So now you cannot even talk about it in any online community because they'll rush to Aidensplain how it's so harmful to call it a women's issue.

Plus this meme is just annoying. First, women do take spiro for acne and other reasons, stop trying to make it a TIM thing. Second, POTS is something involuntary, whereas TIMs choose to go on hormones for their fetish. Third, it takes 5-11 years for most women to get a POTS diagnosis, whereas TIMs can get prescribed HRT the same fucking day they walk in. Even when TIFs try to show solidarity with TIMs, this is all they can come up with? "We both like salty foods because I have an incurable autonomic disorder, and you want to be a kawaii catgirl!" Fuck off. Like I know this is just some retarded munchie-heavy genderspecial micro-community and it should not induce this much rage in me, but after a flare up this morning, I am just extra irritable. Stop ruining pickles! Reeee

No. 18494

TBF nona, men on discord will try to milk any and all feminine-looking profiles on discord for coom-worthy content without giving it much thought wether the account owner has a penis or not.
I've seen so many young heterosexual men do the e-naughty with the worlds most obvious troons kek, and then have total meltdowns when the troon exposes themselves.

No. 18501

Still so filled with rage over a troon who tried to tell me sex based women's rights are transphobic and then cried to his friends that I unfriended him over it. He's legally allowed to have his shitty gross misogynistic opinions I just don't want anything to do with him as a result.

No. 18502

File: 1691272135537.png (790.68 KB, 480x750, 5hsol2y.png)

Someone submitted this secret to F!S and my first thought was "Oh OP said 'women' instead of 'people with uterus'. Cannot wait to see the trannies go 'acthuali'".

No. 18574

Kek I always find it funny when misogynistic incels get catfished by troons.

No. 18653

Same anon here. I’ve realized that at this point, putting your pronouns in your email signature in higher education (and probably other woke workplaces ig?) has become the 2020s equivalent of saluting the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance, or standing up for the National Anthem at a baseball game. There’s no material effect whether you do it or not, but it’s a very publicly visible demonstration of whether you’re onboard with the current fashionable ideology or not. (The 2 examples I cited, the pledge and the anthem, probably aren’t as much of a big deal anymore, at least in woke states, but I’m sure that showing your loyalty to American patriotism in that way was a much bigger deal during the Red Scare in the 1950s.) And just like saluting the flag, there are probably plenty of people who think it’s bullshit but do it anyway because it’s easier to go along with the current ideology than risk getting called out for not following the crowd.

While I’m on the subject, land acknowledgments at the start of events in higher education are basically a woke secular version of an opening prayer. Land acknowledgments don’t actually do anything (other than make rich white educated liberals feel a little better about their white guilt), much in the same way that Christian prayers at the start of a meeting don’t actually do anything (if you’re in a meeting you’re not actively engaged in following Jesus’ commandments to feed the poor, for example). If universities actually cared about helping Native Americans they’d give them all free tuition, or give some of their precious campus real estate to a local tribe, for example.

No. 18657

An artist I followed posted a "pro transmac drawing" and one of the comments said "as long it doesn't hurt no one (even yourself), it should be a problem". Way to ignore all the health issues and parents making their kids trans for woke points.

No. 18663

File: 1691464138789.png (54.64 KB, 489x352, Screenshot 2023-08-07.png)

They are so retarded I don't even know what to say at this point. Like how do you even come to this conclusion. Grim

No. 18670

what's not hurting anyone? the drawing or people's "transmasc-ing"? Because I'd argue both can hurt.

The drawing can hurt the same way a drawing glorifying nazis can hurt, it promotes a sick evil ideology (both of which experiment on children).
A person claiming the transmasc label, which is a purely ideological/religious label, also hurt people by promoting the evil ideology. A normal woman would just put on her hoodie and go out, the ideologist sees it as a ritual to have more "male gender essence" and demands everyone else plays along.

No. 18671

>this is the fault of terfs
lmao idiots
i wouldn't be worried about posts like this because they're only preaching to the choir and circle-jerking. normal people don't give a fuck about their whining and anyone who actually looks into terfs quickly find out it's all lies

No. 18678


how long until the TIMs find this post and cannibalize the OP alive for daring to suggest that sex-based oppression is real when men larping as women are the Only oppressed women kek

No. 18690

They’re pointing out that tumblr is massively aggressive against people talking about sex based oppression AND that people use terfs as an excuse to be sexist… if it weren’t for the conclusion that people’s sexism is somehow the fault of evil terfs, this would be a great post pointing out how people hide under social justice to bully and mistreat women.

No. 18695

I think the commenter said that "as long you're discovering your gender doesn't hurt yourself, is ok", but we have seen enough problems with TIFs to know they're hurting themselves.

No. 18696

I’m still friends with so many tifs from my troon days and what sucks is I love these people dearly and think they are great, but the shit they say about gender and dysphoria is so retarded. So much of it is just hating and feeling uncomfortable with misogyny and probably 90% of their problems would be solved if they broke free of gender roles and beauty standards. It’s so painful to witness and so hard to keep my mouth shut. I don’t wish I could unpeak because I feel so thankful that I know and am proud of being a woman now, but damn was it easier to just close my eyes and pretend this stuff was normal. I really wish these people could learn to love themselves as they are without all the mental gymnastics.

No. 18700

Has anyone thought of using the term "cis4cis lesbian/wlw"? I've been thinking about that. I wonder if there is a way to say you don't date troons in the least overtly offensive way possible. I know that anything that isn't outright kissing their ass 24/7 is offensive to troons, but I mean to just normies. Cis4cis seems like such a non controversial term. You are using their own terminology, their own language, and not even saying female exclusive. I don't think a troon could possibly argue against it without looking batshit insane when trying to get you in trouble with the normies. I bet it'd piss them off too; being offended and excluded but without that coveted victim status. You aren't saying anything remotely "insulting" to trans people, so they couldn't possibly claim victimhood. I don't even want to argue with them, I just want to exist and not be bothered and hounded by them.

No. 18701

>>18700 it makes a lot of sense to use it but at this point its kind of like painting a big red terf target on your back since troons hate the idea of any woman being even remotely sexually unavailable to them. apparently people have been banned from dating apps for having it in their bio, so yeah, probably not the way to go unfortunately…

No. 18702

Like the other anon said, you get banned for doing this on dating apps. Normies are so disconnected from this discourse they wouldn't even know how to sympathize and troons would accuse you of dogwhistling and enacting licheral genocide. Literally the only way to stay female-only is to be a T4T TIF, funnily enough. The people who run the apps are not normies, they are deep in this conversation, so really the only sympathetic ear you'll get (aside from lesbians) is from normies who are plugged in enough to understand this is a thing but who aren't already poisoned with "it's just like saying you'd never date a black person" style rhetoric.

No. 18704

I fucking never wish the word 'dogwhistle' got popular. Everything is a dogwhistle now. I've been accused of it for the most random shit, and not even like, questioned just outright demonized. I don't even know what the fuck I did. It happens all the time. I'm pretty sure these people just use the word 'dogwhistle' to harass whoever they feel like, funnily enough, it's usually minorities they harass. So progressive of them!

Referencing this >>18663
This is an example of this bullshit. They get pissy about women wanting to be treated like human beings, so they shut them up by crying wolf. Then, naturally, women are blamed for the actions of shitty men. It's always the woman's fault somehow. There's not even a direct connection made; they just say the TERFs did it. I can't wait until all this shit blows over. If it's any consolation though, I've seen even my liberal groups pipe down a little about troons. Just a little bit. I've seen even the most troon crazed groups have little moments of doubt or gaps in attention. I've heard whispers of discontent in even the most heavily troon dominated areas. We may finally be free of this shit. I give it 2 years.

No. 18707

The superstraight term was an attempt at this, it started off as someone's joke but people kinda went "huh, that IS a pretty good term to ask troons to back off without having to overexplain myself". But of course TRAs started a shitstorm about it and also added that it was homophobic for good measure. You can't win unless you're a tranny yourself.

No. 18716

the problem is the "gender exploration" is really just "wallowing in insecurities" which does harm them

No. 18717

I know the pain nona, many of my friends would literally ignore everything good about me and throw me in the trash if I told them my views on troons.
I sometimes try to redirect their anger closer towards the truth, little by little. If they talk about transphobia I will try to switch it to "they're not even really transphobic, they just hate women and femininity". Or point out things like "honestly i think they've never even heard of trans people, they're fuelled purely by homophobia because they see them as gay people. Otherwise they'd just see a neutral man/woman who they have no problem with." I only do it in private conversations with them, never in a group

No. 18720

>I know that anything that isn't outright kissing their ass 24/7 is offensive to troons, but I mean to just normies
Do not ever bother to seem pro-troonism if you're just saying it to normies. They'll only think you're 100% in on the trans train then, it keeps them silent if they're questioning it themselves and they'll avoid you because you're "one of the annoying woke ones". Just say you're a lesbian who dates women. In general the best strategy is to act as if you're a mostly clueless normie yourself. Only if they ask can you start to reveal things like how you don't want to date people with dicks and that saying you have to is homophobic.

No. 18721

>I've heard whispers of discontent in even the most heavily troon dominated areas. We may finally be free of this shit. I give it 2 years.
I think it will snowball and go REALLY fast at the end and we're only in the beginning. Of course every country is different and the US and Canada will drag in on for longer because of how deep you are in it. All the detrans cases are starting to solidify, surgeons will panic and close down soon enough kek

No. 18727

i just saw a tiktok of a scrote sperging about "nonbinary liontheys" which is just maned lionesses with excess testosterone. he's essentially implying human females with pcos aren't women but are actually NoNbInArY instead. if i hadn't already peaked it might have been the thing that did it for me. this shit is so fucking stupid, i can't believe i used to believe this retarded TRA bullshit and i don't know how people are still falling for it.
the scrote who made it also has "feminist" in his bio, of course.

i'd post it for context but i keep getting an "unknown file extension" error when i try.

No. 18730

Maybe you should write in your dating profile that your favorite book is Harry Potter, or mention what Hogwarts house you belong to. Hopefully that will keep the genderspecials away from your profile and attract fellow TERF or at least normie lesbians.

No. 18731

It requires at least a minimal interest in HP but it's a good idea to have the house in your bio. If a troon/TRA comes directly at you like "that's a dog whistle for transphobe terfs" you play full on normie who hasn't even heard the term dog whistle before and call them a weird conspiracy theorist.

No. 18741

From seeing the peakening happen more and more like watching detrans people roast the trans community and starting legal cases against doctors, watching people like Helen Joyce and hearing JKR stand strong, seeing sportswomen like Riley Gains speak out against men in their sports and seeing even men agree and calling those men cowards and cheaters…
I've started to reach the point where I can truly just laugh at troons and their antics.

No. 18777

I wonder how long troonism will take to die down in niche hobbies that have a lot of autistic people, which are the spaces they really caught on in early on and still full of diehards for the cause

Will gaming and crafting circles ever be free?

No. 18780

I had an introductory meeting for my new job today, halfway through, the hiring manager goes "pronouns are really important to us here" and we all had to share our pronouns. Damn it. I was hoping this wouldn't happen but the company is more woke than I thought. I'm worried about my coworkers' opinions if they find out I detransitioned. ugh.

Most everyone in my life is fully onboard the trans train, there's just no escape. I know so many people (almost all women) who identify as nonbinary and go off about how hard it is when people misgender them because they "want to be seen as just a person, not as a woman" and all the allies nod along. Some of these women have also had the gall to say shit like "trans folx like us" to me, and act like we had similar situations. Fuck no, I was on t for years and it fucked with my health, I changed my documents and everything. This is literally just a larp for them which they can drop at any fucking time. My sister identifies as nonbinary and is in an open relationship with a no-effort trans "girl". I met the guy and had no idea he identified as trans if it weren't for the she/her pronoun shit. She complains to me about him sometimes, like apparently he flies off the handle at every little comment (had a breakdown when she suggested a different shade of nail polish), wants to be a lesbian housewife, lives with his nesting partner gf, no full time job, and has a history of random casual sex with men on grindr. It takes all my restraint not to scream about how toxic this asshole sounds whenever she tells me about him. I can't even vent to my boyfriend because his response is always like "just be kind." I'm just so tired.

No. 18783

>I wonder how long troonism will take to die down in niche hobbies that have a lot of autistic people
It's been discussed before but autists are the ones to go in 100% thinking it's all true, but then among the first to peak/peak the hardest. The majority of outspoken detrans people are on the spectrum, and statistically they're only like 10% of all trans people at most (still a big over-representation as they're only 1-2% of the general population).
Might be part of that black/white thinking they're said to have. So I think it will be fine save for small clusters of extreme autists that will take a bit longer, and those groups are the ones that would be real life full time furries and vampires even before the trans trend was a thing.

The ONLY group that will never change are the trans parents that irrevocably harmed their own child(/ren) in the name of trans. They can't ever admit to themselves that they did that because the reality of it is too cruel and hurtful. They're the real long-term danger. Those kids love their parents (think Jazz Jennings) and working through the trauma and admitting they were never trans and instead hurt by their parents "supportive" action is near impossible for a (mentally delayed through puberty blockers and hrt) child. And admitting it directly to those parents who made their child's trans identity their whole life is so hard most of them would rather pretend to be trans their whole lives than admit it was all a mistake.

No. 18784

>I'm worried about my coworkers' opinions if they find out I detransitioned.
I think it would be a good reality check for them to meet a detransitioner. Just be honest and open. You can explain how you were hurt and groomed into it without directly saying that's the case for everyone who's trans. But still never say bs pandering like "twaw" and "but other trans ppl are valid". Casually talk about how you were lied to when they said tomboy traits or disliking sexism mean you're not a woman etc

No. 18792

I've been trying to be more social and joined a D&D server. Got on voice chat with a handful of "women" to discuss starting a "girls' night" game. I was expecting a TIM or two of course but the server seemed pretty normie and skewed older so I assumed it'd mostly be actual women. But nope, everyone but me was a TIM, and when I spoke someone said "whoa there's an AFAB here, I didn't think cockless girls played TTRPGs" and people started acting weird at me.

Reminded me of a decade ago when I was the only girl in a Magic: The Gathering club. In other words, very othering with a constant undertone of sexual harassment. Moids is the same no matter what they call themselves.

No. 18793

>everyone but me was a TIM, and when I spoke someone said "whoa there's an AFAB here, I didn't think cockless girls played TTRPGs"
jesus christ, I hope you nope'd out of that group and never went back

No. 18794

I don't get why they even want a "girls night" when they all know it's all men. They don't get any of the "pros" of hanging out with real girls, all they get is another boys night

No. 18795

It's because they all share pornified concept of womanhood that only they find desirable. It took me awhile to realize this, and I only noticed from watching Tumblr TIMs, but it's because they know that when actual women have a "girls night," they just watch movies and have normal fun conversations. But when TIMs have "girls night" they talk about having yuri pillow fights and making out with each other and squee about their breeding kinks. They're all larping together in their anime fantasy, and they are the only people who will actually validate this because real women are repulsed by it. It's why they're so often "T4T" and insist on tranny superiority, they know we are not the same and they hate us for it.

No. 18797

Not necessarily a vent but recently at work the TIM wasn’t there and it was so nice. Me and the other younger women my age reminisced on dolls we played with and dress up games we played and it was really fun and natural. He will always try to butt into conversations like these and dominate them and immediately suck the air out of the room because he never shuts up about himself or his male as fuck interests. It was so fun to just talk to other women about stuff we loved in our childhood without him constantly talking about being trans or how quirky he is for being “a girl that loved Thomas the tank engine” or whatever. It never fails to astound me how awkward trannies make everything and how narcissistic they are. They really are typical males who constantly bulldoze over women and demand to be the center of attention. It’s just such a breath of fresh air whenever they’re gone lol.

No. 18800

Not surprised TIMs like TTRPGs. They're already roleplaying 24/7.

No. 18801

File: 1691786897739.png (407.99 KB, 1890x1350, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 11.3…)

Speaking of autism and troons, get a load of this reddit post.
As you can well imagine, the TIMS that now dominate that sub came out in full force with scolding, patronizing dissertation length comments using Orwellian language to try to gaslight OP… a lot of stuff about how "biology is actually really complex" etc etc.
And they actively were trying to gaslight OP into thinking she's a TIF because she doesn't understand what "feeling like a woman" means.

No. 18802

File: 1691787031140.png (98.89 KB, 1612x428, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 11.3…)

This is the new mod of that sub, which some of you might remember from back when it was a chill as fuck sub with the Daria picture…. as of today the post has been taken down but this person annoys the shit out of me and has ever since they took over the sub - basically they harassed the administrators until they allowed them to take it over.

No. 18803

File: 1691787165859.png (175 KB, 1626x804, Screen Shot 2023-08-10 at 11.3…)

Along with endless paragraphs of "eDuCaTe YoUrSeLf SwEaTy" was what is possibly the single dumbest fucking comment I've ever seen on Reddit.
I know I should have posted this in the Reddit hate thread but it's close to bump limit, might repost in the new one.
But frankly the whole thread pissed me off so badly I couldn't sleep last night… yes I am Mad on the Internet

No. 18804

God, you can tell she's an autistic woman by the way she just assumes it's her own fault she can't force herself to not see a woman as a woman, even I did (subconciously) when I was a TIF, and they all saw me as a woman too. We all know, you're just not allowed to say so, and even then, we'd slip up all the time. It's sheer, unadulterated larp and I hate the fact she's walking on eggshells to try and gaslight herself into truly believing, not even just tolerating, some psuedo-religious idea about gendered souls.

Actually this really is a perfect analogy because it's so unrelentingly retarded that you'd have to be the dumbest most controlling motherfucker alive to actually insist people tell you your hair is naturally pink when you know damn well you dyed it.

No. 18805

I spotted my first fellow TERF in the wild yesterday, she was wearing a “Make Women Female Again” hat in a grocery store. If you’re reading this, I love you based queen.

No. 18806

I'm trying to socialize but this niche animu WhatsApp group I'm in brings up pronouns and shit every two hours I can't fucking bear with it, especially when people answer with "she/her! They/he!" YOU SPEAK SPANISH. why are you talking about the core of your identity in fucking English, maybe because it's a made up American shit and not an actual concern you'd naturally have? Why do you complain about "terfs" and "misgendering" like they're such important matters to you… But there's not even a word for that in your language? It's a fucking ideology import you ate up because as a latinamerican you have that inferiority complex vs burgers. I know I'm retarded but it ruins my mood so bad.
I can't be open about this anywhere, I made a tinder and had to set for putting up a dogwhistle as my description ("hmu if you agree with jk Rowling) since otherwise my account will get banned; no biters, of course, and every woman my type (alt short haired girl) has "no binarie" on their profile. I'm not attracted to normie looking women. This fucking sucks. Seeing people my age, who I otherwise constantly try to befriend, who I could be SO CLOSE WITH otherwise, nearing 30 and asking newcomers "(what are ur pronouns (eyes emoji)" makes me want to kms. You're all yaoi shippers in an idol game WhatsApp group. 99% of you are women. Oh my god. Groups related to my other hobbies arent much better. I'm gonna die alone aren't I.

No. 18807

Yeah, there were a few comments along the lines of, "Yeah, people can't really control how they're perceived by others and we're just being polite" from other users. (you know, typical Autistic "pointing out the Emperor has no clothes") but they got attacked brutally of course.

No. 18813

I'm finally cutting my Aiden and TRA friends out of my life. It took months of tolerating them outright disrespecting and condescending me for it to come to this, and I'm ashamed that I let it go on this long. A lot of that had nothing to do with my detransition and more with them just being immature assholes (huge shocker frim those types, I know) but I guess one plus side of waiting this long after my detransition to snuff out tthe relationships is that I won't be suspected of crypto TERFism.
I'm only keeping one friend who a) has logistical justification for being the only one able to reach me anyways and b) was consistently caring listening to me talk about my feelings regarding detransition and my relationship with womanhood. She's been a positive light in my life for a long time through dark periods and Ihope that in continuing to talk about my experiences, I can peak her s little or at least get her to realize that she's not nonbinary, she's just an autistic woman… Unlikely, but this is my small fight.

No. 18814

I'm happy for you nona, best of luck with peaking her and enjoying your freedom from the lot of them.

No. 18829

There is a troon that comes into my job sometimes and today he went off on how Obama is a porch monkey and his wife is a troon. He was expecting me to laugh along but I could only stay silent. He's the classic gigahon agp stereotype. I hate how troons are always the first to mock black women like Michelle Obama isn't masculine at all she's quite feminine really, I guess her dark skin is enough to make her a male in their eyes. He once asked my coworker if she could tell he was a tranny and she said yes because he still has a male body kek.(racebaiting)

No. 18830

>Obama is a porch monkey and his wife is a troon.
Not even American but what the fuck does this even mean?

Coping mega racist white troons and moids in general always try to argue black women are "masculine" and less than women. It's a racist larp that hopes to pit women against each other and reinforce the default position of rape apes as it's fetishized white supremacy. All males try to reinforce this racist larp too even if it means treating their own family and closest friends as subhuman. It shouldn't be paid any attention to at all and even dignified with a response. These insane racist males aren't trying to have a conversation; they know black women are women. They're trying to reinforce and dignify their casual inhumanity and subhuman fetishes.

No. 18831

Nta but "porch monkey" is a term that originated in the southern US I believe, and it's supposed to imply that black people are all lazy and just sit on their porches all day (and the monkey thing is just the normal black people = monkeys racism). The tinfoil that Michelle is a man has been around since Barak was president, and it was near exclusively perpetuated by racist white men and they still haven't let it go, not even after they started trooning out en masse.

No. 18840

Even though I live in a pretty liberal city, I hadn’t really ran into many TIMs, but I had my first experience with one the other night.
I went to a party and there was this fairly attractive, masculine-looking, guy with medium length wavy blond hair tied back in a low ponytail. He was dressed in a t-shirt and cut-off shorts. I think he might have been on the shorter end, but I don’t remember.
Ngl, I was sort of interested in him until I asked one of my male enby friends his name and they said it was “Emily” and that “she’s, like, one of the hottest lesbians in [liberal city]. There’s no girl that can resist her”.
It’s so retarded. That’s a dude. That’s just a normal skater-looking dude that calls himself Emily. He gets girls because he’s a good-looking guy.
I know my friends are TRAs/sip the enby koolaid, but jfc. It’s weird because besides the troon thing, I like to think my friends aren’t complete idiots? How can they tell me with a straight face that this guy is a lesbian?

No. 18853

No. 18870

I wish it was possible for me to live alone in this city. I am so paranoid all the time that my housemates will find out that I frequent lolcow and radblr and listen to podcasts like RedFem. I was listening to a video yesterday and my phone buzzed and my stomach literally dropped thinking it could be one of my housemates having overheard it and asking me what I'm listening to or something. All my friends are deep in queer ideology and would absolutely disown me if they found out that I consume such "hateful extremist content". I'm moving out soon but I'm going to be moving with a friend who is deeply deeply invested in trans activism; despite the fact that she listens to and agrees with me on the most mild and self-censoring grievances I have with the community, I know that if I go too far she will probably consider me such a genuinely innately hateful and contemptible person that she wouldn't want to live with me. I feel like I'm trapped. I keep having nightmares about my close trans friends finding out about some of my feelings and views and being so hurt that they can't even look at me anymore. I don't want to hurt them, but the trans community and some of its politics and ideologies have hurt me so much that I can't ignore it anymore. I don't even hate trans people and empathise with dysphoric people a lot, but I can't keep pretending that the trans community doesn't produce some of the most hateful, violently sexist people and ideas that I've seen in my life. I can't keep pretending that thinking trans women belong in women's sport is a normal idea. I can't do it anymore. I love my friends so much and I'm terrified of hurting them but the abuse I've been through at the hands of a trans woman and the pure, vile misogyny I've witnessed has changed my life forever. I can't do it anymore. I don't know if I can peak my friend, I don't think I can. It's one step forward, two steps back. I'm afraid and in despair constantly. I don't know what to do.

No. 18879

nona, i feel your pain immensely. i lost all my TRA friends at once when i was in the midst of peaking and stupidly thought that maybe they’d have some sense if i asked them about JK rowling’s essay. but no, they shunned me and kicked me out of the friend group. i promise you, being alone is so much better than being with those freaks. i was also under the assumption that they’re intelligent, thoughtful people but no. being intelligent and being pro troon is an oxymoron. that’s like saying a flat earther can be reasonable. i promise you, you will find people that understand you and resonate with you and you won’t feel censored or like you’re going to be witch hunted just for having this opinion. most normies secretly do have a problem with trannies, and just hide it for fear of looking ‘’bigoted’’. i promise you the most normie woman ever will always be 100x more fun and thoughtful and nice to be around than your average troon.

No. 18880

I think for both sexes of troons there's this idea that even if they're an ugly guy/girl they'll make a hot version of the other sex. Like the girls think they're too masculine so they'd make a hotter guy, and the guys think they're not manly enough and that it means they'd make a cute girl. In reality only good looking people are good looking, and they'll look the same regardless of trooning out or not. Although as we've seen taking all those hrt drugs can definitely make them all look way worse. But in general like with that guy people just see a good looking guy with longer hair, no one actually sees him as female.

No. 18890

It's insane to think I'd still be a handmaiden if my friend hadn't peaked me by showing stuff from lolcow. To be fair I still saw troons as mentally ill people and that gender wasn't real but I didn't realize just how far the delusion went and how harmful the ideology truly is on so many levels.

I even remember in the beginning I thought the things she said often seemed unnecessarily mean and strangely rightist all of a sudden. It honestly really helped me come around when she showed me videos made by trans and gay people making fun of the woke trans left. Only then did it fully click for me. Even though people like Blair White are still not ideal for insisting trans is a real thing or whatever it still really helps to have them as a bridge to sanity. "Listen to trans people/poc/oppressed groups" was still the only correct thing to do. Any white or cis person was demonized and you just stayed away as if they were dangerous, afraid to even hear them out because it would all just be bigoted lies anyway. But when a trans person said it themselves, or a gay person, or a black person, and they say the literal opposite of what they "should" say AND it all makes sense it just opens up your world view.

No. 18898

Nonnies, do you know or have any theories on how the tranny trend started and escalated? Is there a patient zero that started it? We can all blame it on tumblr and the pandemic but even then there has to have been something that started and fanned the flame.

No. 18904

I'm 98% sure that if I told my TIF friends what I really think, they'd drop me and tell everyone we know that I'm an evil fascist, but the 2% possibility that they'd consider what I have to say and understand that I'm being completely reasonable haunts me.

No. 18905

It was a slow movement that started decades ago, but it only escalated recently because of niche internet communities.
I honestly think tumblr did a lot of harm by practically inventing the gender "spectrum" and non-binary identities. And that's where the female social justice part of it started that's so harmful. It started at least 10 years ago though (the pandemic didn't have much to do with it at all imo other than of course more kids being more on social media and getting groomed, but the whole movement was already going strong).
Then places like 4chan and reddit spread the AGP and coomer degenerate parts of it in their corners to males.

No. 18906

you're the one who should drop them nona, find friends who you can actually give your perfectly reasonable opinions to without fearing they'll think you're a literal facist

No. 18912

There were trannies before Tumblr, including AGPs and other particularly offputting ones, but as someone who was there when it really took off, Tumblr was definitely ground zero for making it a trendy bandwagon. Specifically the popularization of being nonbinary in 2012. I remember it vividly, and it was very, very stark, almost overnight. The Tumblr girlies ate that shit up, and I never thought it'd spread like it did because it was such a specifically Tumblr phenomenon back then, but here we are.

No. 18916

Having a very "troons ruin everything" day. So sick of every youtuber trooning out over coom. I want the whole world to know how degenerate they are

No. 18923

Mine said that they didn’t necessarily disagree with me about gender but since gender wasn’t abolished yet the only way they could survive in this world was to keep being TIFs

Granted this was almost a decade ago and I’ve said nothing about it in years and just let them assume I’ve drank the Kool-Aid, with one of them deciding that I’m agender and me not caring enough to argue. I’m pretty sure now they’d call me a fascist and ditch me if I told them what I thought.

No. 18924

I’ll try not to give too many details as to not imply location or actors, but something hilarious happened… If positive venting is such a thing.

>chatting with friend, who belongs to a local, closed off community for fans of a piece of media. Tells me a recent story:

>fan club decides to meet for a special occasion
>meeting scheduled to be at a themed place about the media. Media is family friendly, so parents actually take their children to the cafe sometimes.
>event organizer decides to invite a friend (male) who is not part of the fan club.
>arrives wearing fishnets, a skirt so short half his ass showed, and massive plaftorm heels
>discusses being a whore with members of the fan club
>friend tells me at some point he drops something and when picking it up his skirt is so short she can actually see his balls inside a thong, which makes her disturbed
>everyone in the meeting is uncomfortable but keeps it to themselves, because tranny
>two weeks pass
>the place complained to the event organizer
>parents complained to the event organizer
>event organizer cuts tranny off for good, apologizes to members, says tranny had never dressed like this and only presented as male until that day, doesn’t understand what happened but he’s probably a genderspecial
>fan club sets a dress code and bans discussion of gender from the group

My friend has been committing increasing wrongthink since then and more shamelessly. I’ve noticed a pattern where meeting an AGP tranny in the wild tends to really get under people’s skin and fast track them to peak, which is fucking hilarious. (The same thing happened to me). Mashallah this keeps happening. Also I feel sad the event organizer was blamed for the troon’s actions, but I’m glad she had it in her to cut him off and prevent that from happening again.

No. 18925

I've noticed a similar pattern of people going from staunch tranny defender to "umm that was weird…" once they actually interact with TIMs, not just with normies but even with TIFs. The only way you can support TIMs is if you've never interacted with them before or if your only interactions with them have been brief and superficial (and you just so happened to interact with one who knows better than to start babbling about girlcock). This is why I absolutely do recommend people "listen to transwomen," once they do they hear everything they need to hear and see everything they need to see. It happened to me too. It's like Paris Syndrome but with trannies kek

No. 18927

This trans bullshit has only served to high light to me how big of a difference there is between me and my straight friends and family members. I see them all supporting troons and queers in a kinda awkward out of touch straight person way. I can't entirely blame them for it, but I know they're just self-interested straight people. I don't have any issue with it; I just wish they'd be honest about it. I think it's actually caused long term damage in how they have lied to themselves for so long. I hate how isolated I feel now. Before I still felt like I was mostly normal and generally accepted as just another person, I didn't feel so different from everyone else. Now I just feel like I'm separated from all my loved ones by an invisible wall. I still regularly hang out with people, but I can never be open or honest with them anymore, I don't trust them. They're all extremely pro-trans save for a few mildly skeptical ones. I can never communicate with them how trans people treat gays and bisexuals away from the general public's view. I've actually been in a violent and dangerous domestic abuse situation with an older family member, and oddly enough, it feels a lot like that. A problem I hide from my friends for reasons I can't describe. I won't say a word about this to any of my loved ones. I'll just wait for it to die, because that worked out before when I was a kid, why not now? I see the cracks forming anyways.

I could show the people close to me how trans people are treating gays and bisexuals, and maybe some would even believe me, but they won't ever stop being sympathetic to them until they are burned by it. I don't want to start any drama with my friends anyways. I'm friends with all moids, mainly because I'm just very masculine and into male dominated hobbies. Autism, and all. They don't understand what it's like to be biologically female and the threats that are present. They think tims are just tragic oppressed women because they've never been sent homophobic hate speech or rape threats. I trust them, but I don't really expect them to be very understanding. There are mainly two people who are the most openly pro-trans, and I've actually been afraid of them trooning before, but luckily nothing happened, and now I see it being far less likely. Crisis averted, I guess. I think having a social life and actual biological females in your life you talk to might discourage trooning in males, but maybe I'm just naive or self important. I've had two people close to me troon out before and even a brother who gave warning signs, but I think that myself and my social circle might've made it out of the troon trend with only two casualties, which is actually quite impressive.

No. 18928

I find the first part interesting in how different our experiences can be. For me it's mostly bisexual and asexual people I know and met that are heavily pro-troon while straight and gay people are the ones that are uncomfortable by them because the trannies won't stop harassing us. Like every time it's brought up that I wouldn't date a transman I get told it's transphobic to have a "genital preference" at worst or "so you have a genital kink?" at best by my bisexual and asexual friends, and when I tell them it's nothing I can just "get over" to save someone else's feelings I just get this empty look and them going "what's the big deal?" because they genuinely don't understand how I can only like one thing and not the other. I have getting some, but not quite as harsh, comments from some pro-troon straights but they have one thing in common: they are in long-term relationships so they haven't been on the market as troons have been taking over so they don't understand how fast people are to call you a transphobe for not wanting to suck the girlcock or whatever tif equivalent there is.

No. 18931

gonna blogpost real quick the fact that people support troons until they actually talk to them and realise it's a coom thing is hilarious. being in a ffxiv data center server/fc headed by a TIM who used massive titty mods on his self-insert character was something that weirded me out from the get-go and definitely fast-tracked me peaking, even if i just thought i was being an evil bigot and needed to stop wrongthinking in the first place kek.

No. 18932

NTA but TIMs also accelerated my peaking when I interacted enough with them online.
I was a turbo-coomer myself too, unfortunately I had a porn addiction for a very long time and was a pickme and troon supporter. I even tolerated and liked some futa and tranny porn, it was that bad. But not even I could stand the level of mental illness and porn obsession as those scrotes who every single day, all day long, talked about sissification, turning into a "slut", shared their nudes, demeaned themselves calling themselves and each other female terms, were into pedo shit, and so on. They showed me on their own that it is a fetish and that their fetish is entirely based on misogyny and pedophilia.

I coped with the facts so many times, telling myself I wasn't being understanding enough to them and that they're just suffering a lot and depressed so I should tolerate their sex obsession, until I finally got sick of it all and then it clicked: they're just like any other male, especially incels.

No. 18933

What I would like to know is how the hell it spread from Tumblr to the mainstream. We all know Tumblr played a part in it, but it's still a mystery to me how a bunch of terminally online girls making new genders up for fun ended in trannyism being officially promoted by medical institutions worldwide.
I was reading an article about an airplane crash that happened in my country, and ended up watching some videos about airplane accidents. I would've never realized that the owner of that YT channel recently trooned out, if it wasn't for the comments, since he has such a male voice making no effort to sound female. He has a side channel where he uploaded this video about his autism.
Gruesome plane disasters are such a stereotypical male interest kek.
Every moid with a strong interest in something troons out I'm so sick of it

No. 18935

>but it's still a mystery to me how a bunch of terminally online girls making new genders up for fun ended in trannyism being officially promoted by medical institutions worldwide.
It's insane really, and it makes me feel scared for other areas. What other pop-culture pseudoscience have reputable institutions adopted for no reason without us knowing?

Trans ideology followed the previous big social justice topic of race. Then they basically just swapped the talking points to be about gender. People had already been primed to accept critical race theory as truth so it was easy to convince them to accept it again in a different context. Racism is accepted as bad, so surely transphobia is just as bad if everyone says so. (You can see other movements such as the "fatphobia" movement use this tactic too, they now unironically say fatphobia is actually rooted in racism.)

We also have to remember they didn't start out as insane as they are now. They gradually moved the goal post. Initially it was just "We have gender dysphoria and to help alleviate it we transition to the other sex.", nonbinary wasn't a thing, demigender wasn't a thing, transwomen weren't women, gender wasn't a spectrum.
It's why it doesn't matter what people do to accomodate trans people, because it will never be enough for them no matter what. If we could perfectly replicate a working female body medically and let them all have it, they'd just insist they get transplants from real women instead, that they have a legal right to access to our real female bodies.
The moving of the goalpost is also why it's SO easy to get someone to fall into the trans trap. You can pick and choose how far down the cult you go for each point and it doesn't matter that the points contradict themselves. It's extrememly common to hear a TRA or troon say "trans women are women!" only to in the next breath say "well of course we know we're not biological women, nobody said that you idiot". You can't argue with them because they literally don't use any consistency or logic and they don't even care to try.

I'm someone who thinks dialogue is important. But you really can't do that with TRA. All you can do is listen, take what they say and show it to others and talk about them that way. By FAR the best way to peak people is to just have them see what trans people are actually saying and doing.

No. 18936

>If positive venting is such a thing.
We need more positive venting, I love to hear about people being peaked

No. 18937

>What other pop-culture pseudoscience have reputable institutions adopted for no reason without us knowing?
AYRT, I just realized that the reason this happened is not because of Tumblr, or at least, that wasn't the main reason and, at most, Tumblr was a propaganda platform to indoctrinate those terminally online girls with an ideology that already existed before.

Someone in the MtF thread recently shared this:
So there was already support for trans ideology in those institutions through powerful degenerates with tons of money to promote their fetish, completely separate from Tumblr retardation.
Let's also remember that transsexuals were a thing even in the 20th century, so they've been pushing for "trans rights" since then (but as you said, gradually moving the goalpost). The only thing Tumblr contributed was gullible idiots to propagandize, Tumblr girls weren't the ones pulling the strings or convincing whole medical organizations and even the government to promote gender theory in the mainstream. They merely just helped spread the word among young people on the internet. There were definitely tranny propagandists on Tumblr spreading the ideology in the early days.

>Racism is accepted as bad, so surely transphobia is just as bad if everyone says so

Don't forget how the LGB movement was co-opted by TRAs. People were starting to accept gays and lesbians, then troonies realized they could piggyback off of that, so they added themselves to the LGB. It's just like being gay, they say (even though being gay just requires accepting yourself as you are, and being trans involves mutilating yourself and pumping experimental drugs into your body)

No. 18943

I'm sure there are plenty of gross fetishes moids are ready to hard core back as soon as they see the opportunity to do so. They saw they could do it with the trans ideology and they took their chance. And a whole bunch of other fetishes followed like ageplay, pedos, furries, kinksters of all kinds are now claiming some kind of trans label. And they're getting away with it because TRA welcome ALL self-identification with open arms. It will only hurt them in the long run though. Normal people do still think pedophilia is gross and despicable, when people see TRAs welcome them in it ruins any credibility they had. Only people who have been in for so long they turn a blind eye to the pedos are able to withstand it, and people are rapidly beginning to peak.

No. 18945

File: 1692109304606.png (132.24 KB, 1460x470, y9TE19w.png)

Because those 'terminally online girls' were teenagers who went to college, got careers, and spread this stuff. They confronted their professors and banded together with fellow Tumblrites. They wrote dissertations on gender and connected with other transgender studies people who had been there since the 90s. They entered academia, the non-profit sphere (this is a huge one), corporate. Remember for years the average tumblr user was basically a nerdier pinterest user, not a shutin. Basically, they grew up and spread their ideology.

The internet part of this really started with the feminist blogs and livejournals. Before that, transgender theory was limited to academia, and transgenders online were mostly MIT guys with an intense crossdressing fetish. "Intersectional feminist blogs" wanted to bring the theory into the mainstream and livejournal and nerdy spaces were a great way to do that. "Intersectional" means you can't just talk about women, you have to talk about every group, including trans. There were some early influential trans blogs in the intersectional sphere - check out archives of "TransGriot", who I think is HSTS. Julia Serano's book "Whipping Girl" also became gospel in these circles.

Tumblr finished what Blogspot and Livejournal started - take third-wave intersectional feminist and digitally spread it to the masses, especially nerdy spaces. Picrel is from 2009, a black woman asking a black MtF how women can support 'transwomen.'

No. 18950

samefag but you can find the link here: https://transgriot.blogspot.com/2009/03/monica-speaks-at-womanist-musings.html?m=1

> I see womanists as being far more willing to accept and embrace us as friends, get to know our issues, and intelligently realize that we have many things in common.

One of the more interesting things here is the willingness to call themselves by the label 'transwomen', which is verboten nowadays, and the idea that MtFs and women "have many things in common," not that they are the same thing. If the trans had kept this same attitude (we're not the same thing, we just have common interests) and recognized that not every branch of feminism needs to include, let alone focus on them, then none of this would have happened. They could have happily stayed with the libfems and focused on ending violence against prostitutes while radfems would basically just focus on women and not really pay attention to them. But of course, even in these halcyon days they can't help but hate anyone who calls out that the medical industry claiming to 'create' women is misogynistic:

> Feminists, and particularly the radical feminists are still clinging to the 'hate on transwomen'. screeds uttered by Janice Raymond, Germaine Greer, Mary Daly and others.

And here's one that reads very differently in 2023. As shown by this thread, this works very poorly if the 'transwomen' are misogynistic and don't care about women's issues. Which, frankly, seeing this person complain that there's a branch of feminism that doesn't focus on transwomen, shows me even in 2009 they were just pretending to be down with the cause because they needed libfems on their side.

> One is form friendships with transwomen. You'd be amazed how much you do have in common with transwomen and how much we desire to be full partners with cisgender women.

No. 18954

>Julia Serano's book "Whipping Girl" also became gospel in these circles
I don't understand how any supposed feminist could read that and see a thoughtful work by an oppressed minority instead of an entitled perverted moid whining

No. 18957

File: 1692127290020.jpeg (393.97 KB, 828x1001, C961C58D-18B9-4FA2-909A-525C83…)

One day we will have to confirm that no matter how sympathetic the expressions of gender dysphoria are, they have no sense in logic.

The agreement of ‘passing’ as a goal for these men are founded in very simplistic, uncharacteristic models of “women” that are dyed by THEIR OWN perspectives of women. The beautiful, naked, exaggerated thinly form of woman.

Show a picture of a facially and body-heavy hair, like one of our natural genetics or developments like PCOS. Of our big shoulders, feet and muscles. You will see no sympathy and acknowledgment; it’s not their picturesque woman, which they claim as proof of their strived female sex. I am done of this lie.

No. 18958

Their whole movement is based on reinforcing sex stereotypes while pretending and claiming to do the opposite. They can't win even if they get their way because if nothing is gendered they can't be male, female nor gender-neutral. If for example a dress isn't "for women" tims have no reason to wear them, it wouldn't make them look "more female" than other men, give no gender euphoria, no skirt go spinny, no help in passing. A tif couldn't refuse to wear it to look "less female" or wear it while pretending to be "a heckin gender norm breaking boy in a dress uwu".

If you can't ever tell what gender someone is or what sex or their chromosomes, then their truly exists nothing to base their movement on. How can gender euphoria exist if no one can tell anything about gender? "I feel like a girl/boy" would mean nothing without gender stereotypes.

No. 18959

Just had a flashback to years ago when I had become friends with a guy who later turned out to be an nb-troon who sexually assaulted me. He vented a bit about how a girl he'd hang out with got upset with him and accused him of trying to use her when he just innocently wanted to cuddle (the way autist troons think girls are just up for cuddle/touching you at all times) and how I was better than her because I offered to sleep over at his place "on my own accord". He hardcore baited for it until I asked to be polite (I was dumb I know but he was a close friend at that point) and I found out the other girl had done the same but then actually called him out for it saying it was really his idea all along.
Not until now after cutting ties with him did I realize what a red fucking flag that was, especially since he had no other real female friends (just troons) and I never heard about the other girl ever again so she must have ditched him just like I eventually had to do too. He manipulated me to do what he wanted just like he'd done with her, then he praised me when I took the blame thinking it was my own idea all along. I feel really gross realizing it.

No. 18960

samefagging but now I'm wondering if he told me red flags like that on purpose to see how/if I'd react, and when I didn't "get it" he knew I could be easily manipulated too

No. 18965

I’m worried that my relative is going to troon out. She’s a gnc (maybe butch? idk what the criteria for that are exactly) lesbian who’s clearly autistic but afaik isn’t diagnosed. She’s described herself as a feminist and for a long time I just assumed she’d be radfem-leaning because she’s a late 30’s gnc lesbian in the medical field. But I recently came across her Pinterest board on ‘feminism’ and it’s 99% trans shit with an emphasis on TIFs and how uwu valid they are. There were a bunch of truly braindead pins about Disney’s Mulan being a transman and the song I’ll Make A Man Out Of You being some kind of transmasculine anthem because
>it says u must be swift as the coursing river it doesn’t say u have to have a penis to be a man!!1

At a recent visit she looked visibly, quite over-the-top uncomfortable when we were discussing sexing pets in the context of accidental litters, like it pained her to know that we were associating testicles with maleness and the capacity for pregnancy with femaleness. I hope I was imagining it, but she really was curled up on the couch with a face like she was smelling something foul, and constantly clearing her throat like she desperately wanted us to change the subject. She’s never been squeamish about sexual stuff before so I doubt that was it. I swear if this relative troons out I’m grey rocking her until she snaps out of it. She’s far too old for this.

No. 18967

Can you be direct to her about the dangers of trans and how they prey on gnc girls and women? Or at least with the rest of the family so if she troons out they know exactly what happened

No. 18968

>I honestly think tumblr did a lot of harm by practically inventing the gender "spectrum" and non-binary identities.
Those weren't all invented on tumblr though, the concept of genderqueer has existed long before tumblr.

On online spaces I think livejournal and deviantart fandom and furry communities were the first places the current type of trans community started to develop, when compared to the usual creepy lonely agp males who had some small forums and the common gay trannies. Sure you had the creepy agps and so on in furry spaces too but from there you got bunch of younger people and teenage girls to participate in this shit, like you had the animal avatars so you know I guess imagining you are different sex goes with that and furries are pervert degenerates so trannyism is pretty much given. At deviantart you had the proto-aiden fujos, and at livejournal you had small social justivce groups and fandom brough these all together.

No. 18970

kind of off topic but here is an infamous example of bunch of proto-troons and their fandom insanity from early 00s kek (pretty much everyone in this story that is referred with he/him pronouns is a tif, it seems the video maker removed any mentions of that lmao)

No. 18971

They may not have been patient 0 of nonbinaryness but they invented the form of it that got popularized. Where else could you see demiboys and faegender girls pop up in hoards before tumblr? Where they were expected to be treated as real men or non-women simply for saying they weren't ever a girl, and pushing for it to be a human rights issue? Where pronouns were a sacred ritual? I don't think taking testosterone and chopping your tits off while still claiming to be a nonbinary genderless person who doesn't want to look male at all but who loves frilly dresses, somehow was treated as normal and reasonable in many other places. Tumblr absolutely made up the rules as they went and kept pushing until it is what it is today.

No. 18972

i actually found the original story but like i said, kind of off topic, but an example that this insanity has existed for a long time

>at the busstop, hojo met me in a labcoat. hojo was, i knew by now, actually a girl- not a transexual, just a girl

>i myself have always been squicked by personal displays of affection. it comes part in parcel with being asexual.


No. 18973

Does anyone remember the name of that Deviantart emo fakeboi with the weak chin who’d post shirtless pictures with her breasts blurrily edited off and socks stuffed in her pants? I want to say Aki-something but that’s so common that Google isn’t helping. This was back in ye olden days when these girls would pretend to be real honest gay male (often part-Japanese) prettyboys and would deny being trans when asked. Gaia online was full of them back then, but Aki or whatever is the one that sticks out most clearly in my mind.

No. 18975

File: 1692221526097.jpg (84.54 KB, 422x564, 9457.jpg)

Fide (International Chess Federation) bans trans women from women's chess tournaments.

Redditors are losing it:

No. 18977

>Trans women desperately need visibility and safe spaces like those, I'd say even more so than cis women
>trans people also face hardships, playing and otherwise. Possibly more hardships than cis women in public.
This shit makes me so mad. Doesn't change the fact they grew up with male privilege and reaped the benefits that it had to offer. Meanwhile girls were discouraged and ridiculed for having interest in a male dominated field. It's not like there's a shortage of troons in STEM fields like CS and engineering either.

No. 18978

>Doesn't change the fact they grew up with male privilege and reaped the benefits that it had to offer.
It's also just not true that they as men need more visibility and face more hardships than women. But if they're gonna say cis women are soooo oppressive and mean give them their own trans space then so they can be safely away from us. They could argue gay men and mentally delayed people face unique hardships, but putting the gays and disabled men in the women's section to protect them from other men is not the solution nor fair to women.

Glad they banned them tho kek we love to see it

No. 18985

Nature is slowly, slowly healing.

No. 18989

>testosterone gives men more energy
>more muscles means more vigor
>can compete in chess for longer periods of time
>there are more rare men at the higher extreme of the bell curve than women, because intelligence is fluid and testosterone gives them the energy/vigor/nlog-entitlement to encourage them to intellectually challenge themselves
>men in general are smarter by 3-4 iq points because of this (i cant remember if this is due to the center of the men's bell curve being skewed right, or because men's average is overall raised by autists at the higher extreme)
>trans women benefit from this
>trans women shouldnt compete in womens chess

<women need to substitute this energy/vigor/nlog-entitlement by building true confidence and motivation, rather than one supplied by hormones
<socialization still plays a role which causes women to doubt themselves (as proven by studies, women perform worse when in the presence of men, to any bpers reading)
<thus a womens chess tournament should be female-only to encourage women to play, not discourage
<to build raw confidence, motivation
<and only the greatest of women (arguably greater than men in spirit) are able overcome this
<thats why most of us are midwits and losers

No. 18996

Just say that women are less likely to have started playing chess as kids or encouraged to play chess. Not that complicated. Trans people should only be allowed to compete with their bio gender though because otherwise makes no sense.

No. 19006

I'm so fucking tired of troons ruining everything. They basically ruined my life by grooming my 12 year old self into thinking I was a true & honest man and not a gnc woman who had been sexually abused. They told me to lie to doctors. I feel like I lost 8 years of my life stuck in this cult and echo chamber, I lost my breasts, my skin texture, my singing voice, so many of my friends, I developed endo, PCOS and addictions (because after several years of medical transition, all troons still know deep down they will never be born with the chromosomes they wanted and all you can do is chase the perfect camouflage harder and harder, so you mimic it in addictive behavior too).
I was part of the problem of "ruining everything". I see it now more than ever, every fucking thread on every fucking social media that exists, they have to make it about them one way or another, or handmaidens and chaser coomer males (and everyone else who's scared of being cancelled) have to shoehorn in a heckin valid disclaimer to include troons even if they're talking about a completely unrelated hobby. I hate this retarded psyop so much, I hate my friends trooning out when they perfectly saw how much it ruined me and how miserable I was when I was there, I hate people defending "top surgery" and poisoning women with hormones as casual fun things that are totally reversible.
I hate it so much when people tell me to "just ignore it" and look elsewhere. I already quit most social media because I don't want to run into it. I don't even wanna talk about it, I never bring it up with anyone who's not close, it's not like I'm trying to campaign for how I'm feeling about this. I can't install enough browser extensions and blacklist enough words everywhere to shut them up, they always have to find a way somehow to make it back, because gender is all they have. It's their entire identities, life plans, interests, it all revolves about how trans and kweer they are, how much degen sex they're having and how "gender" this or that is. How can it be all they ever talk about? It's so fucking bleak. It's like they've had all personality and humanity sucked out of them. They have no hobbies outside of "gender" and consuming media. I feel both like I'm one of the sane ones and like I'm going insane when around them. And having to pretend I'm okay with it or at the very least not say anything is exhausting.
I can't wait for it to die off as a fad, but I'm not excited to be the one all my former friends - who ghosted and blocked me when I came out as detrans - come crying to because I was right and I'll be the one to understand. It's already begun happening and I want to disappear. Even after years of coming to my senses it's like it keeps getting worse. And I was already ashamed to be one of them in the mid 2010's. This decade is gonna see a fucking tidal wave of women groomed into believing their internalized misogyny/SA/homosexuality/autism meant they were men as teens coming out in droves with this irreversible medical trauma and damage. And there'll be no support, no community, no financial help to go back, there was never any of this for these women that wasn't a front for a fridge temp IQ politically-motivated TPUSA campaign, asking them to put the clown nose on and parade.
The real "trans kids" that need protection are these women, and it breaks me that inevitably a lot of them will cave from the pain of detransitioning and kill themselves. I'm refraining from doing it so that no troons or moids can ever use my still-lukewarm corpse to make a point.

No. 19008

Don't argue with a moid. Just report.

No. 19012

Sorry you had to go through all that nona, I really am. I hope and believe you can find peace and happiness even after all that some day. Detrans people speaking out, even in anonymous places like this, is what made me realize I can't just be a quiet bystander to all of this and I've been peaking people around me since. I obviously don't know you but I see you, and I see other girls and women hurt by this movement, and I'm angry and sad on your behalf.

No. 19022

im not a moid and that person isnt arguing with me

No. 19025

>less likely to have started playing chess as kids
that sounds like such a cope

No. 19034

File: 1692423432440.jpeg (38.93 KB, 540x417, F3diw7yaIAErd0B.jpeg)

>people calling this moid "a queen"
>"I'm a lesbian but I swing both ways when it’s funny" so homophobic but so funny!"

And they call themselves more "progressive"?

No. 19035

I'm always looking out for cryptos especially from my country. There's an lesbian anthology in the works but when I checked the members they all kept saying wlw, sapphic, GL. Half are he/they lesbians. It's so over.

No. 19038

This is clearly just some fetish power fantasy he has and nothing something he's actually doing. And even if he did, "man in a dress acting inappropriately" isn't the "gotcha" he thinks it is, it's just "weird uncle acting like a sexist pig as usual but in a dress this time"

No. 19053

File: 1692457682358.jpg (197.07 KB, 1007x1390, 20230819_170913.jpg)

This is so true, I'm tired

No. 19054

Gigahon screeds became gospel in feminist circles for some inexplicable reason

No. 19055

File: 1692459723710.jpg (87.98 KB, 540x960, MyS00Ar.jpg)

if you didn't know this already, this is ripping off a very popular existing joke.

No. 19058

I feel this so much. It's been painful to see friends start down the path of medical transition after I disclosed (in vulnerable detail) how years of testosterone wrecked my body. It's also been profoundly insulting to see friends larp a trans identity when all they changed was pronouns. I've had to unfollow friends who kept posting brainless propaganda about how "trans kids" need to be medically affirmed at all costs, and how detransitioners are a right wing psyop. Do they think my case was a one-in-a-million exception? Why are they so slavishly devoted to this ideology?

No. 19066

It makes me genuinely upset to see so many young women trying to run away from reality by deluding themselves into being she/they, he/they, they/them or whatever is coded as "not a woman!". I usually saw these in weird autistic profiles, but now I've seen in so many profiles of women in their early 20s that look like normies. The amount of talented artists that I used to follow that suddenly are "not women anymore! I'm totally a he/him!" is ridiculous. I don't feel angry at them as individuals, but I feel upset that "not being a woman" is the new solution being sold to them.
I empathize with them, I used to hate the reality too, I wished it would be different and I understand how tempting it sounds to just change a pronoun and think it will fix some of the problem, but it won't. Running away from reality won't fix anything, it will only make it worse over time. I used to pretend I was male on the internet and on online games, until this day I won't say my gender unless it's necessary. It was a pleasant experience to "run away" from things for a moment, but it's a very limited, it's not a solution by any means, it's a copying mechanism at best that is short lived.

No. 19072

>it's not a solution by any means
What is then?

No. 19073

What do you mean?

No. 19075

>I empathize with them, I used to hate the reality too
>used to
>It was a pleasant experience to "run away"
>it's not a solution by any means
I'm asking about your solution.

No. 19084

File: 1692480054517.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1911, F3tDMecWIAAK054.png)

i'm so tired of gender holy shit these boring faggots

No. 19085

Why Leon exactly? This is a new kind of husbandofaging. As if some cop in some apocalyptic world has the time for this bullshit.

No. 19088

I started accepting reality as much as it hurt, because I knew not being a woman wasn't an option. So many things in my life I wished could be different, I still hate many aspects, but I've learned to direct the hatred where it's deserved and it's not on what I am. The problem isn't being a woman, it's the men who abuse us, it's the culture that makes us hate our bodies, it's the lack of proper support for our needs and so it goes. I can still hate the reality without hiding from it, accepting it doesn't mean enjoying every aspect of it. I don't have a solution, that's why I empathize with them, I understand how they got there, I understand it's frustrating, but clinging to a delusion hurts more long term. It's like being high, yeah it's great for a few hours, but when reality comes back it's dreadful and depressing, makes you want to go deeper and deeper into the hole.

No. 19093

File: 1692481071951.png (1.5 MB, 2048x1975, F3tDM5MWsAEJOkL.png)

he's straight woman bait i guess that's why

No. 19094

Holy shit, are you me? I genuinely considering posting this exact image on lc yesterday. I'm so tired of seeing Leon with a pussy, "he is so gender" or whatever. People who go by they/them are usually the most obsessed on gender I've seen.

No. 19096

Atyrt, your picrel so goddamn cringe I'm dying. I'm bi but I also unfortunately find Leon hot and he unfortunately appeals to the common denominator so ofcourse genderspecialfags are gonna latch onto him.

No. 19100


Of course. Reminds me of when I saw a TIF on there looking for a woman to act as a "beard" for her bf

No. 19113

Most sane leonfag

No. 19119

Me too nona. I'm now strangely proud to never have rejected the label of girl/woman through all this. I was always a tomboy and got diagnosed with autism as an adult, I'm a prime target basically. I think there's something beautiful in never having given up on females, of always knowing we're good enough as we are and that running away from yourself is impossible no matter who you are. I see now that the "evil terfs" I saw in my handmaiden days were just tired girls and women, doing their best to keep people like me safe from harm, all while getting insulted and villified. I regret every single activism post I reblogged or liked back on tumblr.

I have a lot of compassion towards those who got lured into transitioning and still made it out the other way. It takes a lot of strength to go against the cult once you and all your friends are in it, you suddenly have so much more to lose. Even just admitting you were wrong (which I as a handmaiden also had to do) can be super fucking hard. That's why I don't think "exploring gender" for kids and teens is as harmless as people try to make it out to be. It's also a lie, because you're not exploring gender at all. You're really just experimenting with fashion and presentation. It's not that hard to say "I'm not really into the semi-goth style anymore, I'm trying out cottage core now" but to say "actually my entire world view was wrong, I know I was super adamant that you call me Dave and that I'm a boy but please go back to my real name, I was wrong about everything" takes so much introspection, humility and bravery. Because that's embarrassing to admit. And you have to do it to EVERYONE, including everyone who told you that you were wrong and that it's just a phase, and people who sacrificed their own friendships to protect you. And that's before anything medical is even part of it yet.

No. 19147

tumblr is such a goddamn cesspit. saw a post where a TIF pointed out that someone was being """twansmisogwnistic""" but was concerned about a grown man in his late 40s hitting up a barely legal TIM for sex while in an open marriage. cue the TIMs in the replies being "barely legal is legal" and criticising the TIF for not caring more about their fake oppression than a guy dating someone half his age. funny how they say people can never tell who is/isn't trans and yet TIMs are always jumping TIFs for not caring enough about them and having problems with their disgusting behavior

No. 19157

Perhaps not as pressing as the trans issue but I feel like it's all connected… I think the next social contagion for girls that should be looked into is that SO many girls claim to be asexual. I see comments about "as an aroace person…" and they've all got thousands of likes and comments agreeing. Girl unless you were a trans victim who was put on puberty blockers as a child, and then wasn't given any replacement hormones whatsoever and is now incredibly mentally stunted as a result I highly doubt that's true. You've just been told that female sexuality is the same as being a horny slut 24/7, that you gotta be "sex positive" and that the natural repulsion to it isn't super common, enough so for most societies in the world to have sex as a taboo topic. Like if prostitution is icky to you you're told you're slutshaming and incorrectly saying sex work isn't real work, some gross twisted shit like that. Either you're a terrible slutshaming bigot, or you're just a valid ace person.

A lot is from the same thing as the tifs come from. Girls trying to escape being seen as sexual objects for men, with a touch of hatred for all the other girls who are sluts (and thus making YOU seem like a slut too, how dare they). You're deeper and more special because you only care about personality. I'm not sure if it actually plays a role, but I'm not discounting that it could also be a medical issue happening from something we're not considering, like perhaps childhood obesity also later greatly decreases libido in the adult.

It can't JUST be stress and insecurity that causes it because pretty much every generation has had that. Other generations went through fucking war and still made it out with functioning sexualities, you know? The last generation that went through the eating disoder era still made it out. There's clearly a social contagion aspect to the ace epidemic too. A big part is that these girls are told being asexual is natural and valid, just like how being gay or trans is, rather than an extremely unnatural uncommon medical condition that should be looked into if it's true. But then 90% of them still go on to say "oh I love reading smut, I just don't want to do the sexy things myself". You ain't asexual then, because you enjoy and seek out sexually stimulating things. Just because it doesn't involve others directly doesn't mean it's not sexually motivated.

No. 19161

It's frustrating how tifs wants to have the cake and eat it too. Oh, so you're a man now and want to be perceived as such? Then don't throw a shitfit whenever you're not invited to a girl's night. I've helped out with three different bachelorette parties and all three times there was some tif stomping their feet and complaining about how left out they're feeling and that we should just ignore traditional rules so they can take part (with of course us relenting every time because it's not worth the arguing), but the moment anyone at the babyshower brought something for specifically the parents (like a giftcard for a spa evening, in one specific instance) the very same tifs throw a fit about how it's tradition to only give gifts to the soon-to-be-born baby so it's wrong to give something personal to the parents.
Like…how do you want it? Do you want keep up the rules when it comes to traditions, or do you want to break them? You can't say you're a man with your flaky neckbeard and still demand to be invited to women-only activities. I know part of troonism culture is to be entitled af, so I shouldn't really be that surprised, but still.

No. 19168

It's not like being asexual requires you to take hormones and chop of your tits

No. 19169

Yet. People are now chopping their tits off and taking cross sex hormones to be more "non-binary". If you're asexual you're not going to use your uterus or boobs for a baby anyway, why not yeet it and be free from periods and uncomfortable bras? Boobs are sexualized a lot so trying to "desexualize" themselves by having them removed isn't far away

No. 19173

If mtf troons are "weaker" than other men due to hrt and that makes it "fair" to compete with women, shouldn't there be a push for disabled men to compete with women too? Wouldn't that be also be "fair"? Oh and boys. Boys are weaker than men, so they should be allowed in women sports too right? Totally "fair"?
Same for female spaces. A troon risks violence from men and so wants to be protected in female spaces where he doesn't belong. So why shouldn't disabled men and boys demand the same? If a troon "isn't a threat" and "at risk" among other men than why shouldn't these also vulnerable to mens threat groups also invade female spaces instead?
I don't doubt that's where we'd end up if we let this go on. All female spaces would be filled up with males.

No. 19175

They give themselves away with their logic. They're women through and through, just NLOGs with extra steps.

No. 19177

Really annoying how every time there's some sort of "women in x" visibility boosting campaign it ends up full of TIFs. When asked they'll usually say that it's because they still experience misogyny… Which is true, but isn't it evil TERF rhetoric to say that sex-based oppression exists?

No. 19185

Tifs don't get called out enough for still using female spaces, while they're still somehow loudly asserting tims belong in female spaces and sending them to men's spaces is unreasonable. Shouldn't you as a "man" only be in men's spaces then? Why aren't you insisting you get condoms for tifs, the way tims want binders and tampons? They want male priviledges and to still access to female spaces, just like tims huh

No. 19192

File: 1692684066749.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.79 KB, 855x1894, Pornsick.jpg)

Not that much of a rant but it's always creeped me out how all tifs seem to have obvious porn addictions. Even the ones who posted on farms like Rita seemed to be pornsick. I think this is because of the testosterone and other mental disorders they have.
On the spoilered pic, trans identitified women have posted their pictures and begged men to play along their very pornsick humiliation fetishes.

No. 19193

I wish someone would send it all to their handmaiden friends who all insist THEIR troon friend is just an "uwu innocent autist trans". If they truly were innocent they wouldn't have trooned out in the first place. There is NO way to convince an "innocent autist" he's a troon without enticing him through porn, and if he's the kind to act meek and innocent it's almost guaranteed to be loli/pedo adjacent things that made him troon out.

No. 19200

it's fucked. A good blackpill of their degeneracy is when you search the detrans tag on tumblr, 99% of it is shat up by degenerate TIFs who want to be misgendered and called girls instead of community for actual detrans women. I harbor such a deep hatred for them, I hope their porn addiction hits them with the consequences.

No. 19201

My friend stumbled upon a former tif friend of mine on a sex site, on her profile she was bragging about how she could fit a fanta bottle in her "boypussy". True degeneracy.

No. 19204

It's no consolation to know you aren't alone, but… you aren't. They've found an especially hideous way to keep people in the cult. And this may sound like eugenics but hear me out: since true validation for your average Tiffany McPornbrain would be dying of AIDS just like "Lou" Sullivan, we should respect their choice to be demented bugchasers and withhold modern medical treatment when they achieve the ultimate proof of kweer manhood (seroconversion).

No. 19207

That actually makes me sad for her. I hope she doesn't get taken advantage of by someone with ill intentions
Absolutely disgusting. I'll never understand why they so badly wanna be misgendered though, I've never seen similar behavior in tims, maybe these tifs aren't as willing to be seen as men(at least sexually) as they pretend they are?

No. 19215

Lol I saw this sub two years ago. They were saying they want to be raped.
This is who I got grouped with because I mentioned that I hate dick suckers and womanhood and made someone sperg all over the website neurotically about "ftms" while I have nothing in common with those females that are exactly like any other woman on earth. Imagine getting this mad and accusing me of the things I said I hate while all other women do those things. I used to engage with this girl on other website who made up a lie about me being a "self hating ftm" bc of me saying blackpilled things while I never even hated myself or mentioned desire to transition or never identified as trans while she's a self proclaimed "male brained" perverted woman. Then I got a bunch of neurotic messages from gc bitches who shit themselves at the mention of ftms and started taking how actually I am not manly but the most feminine weak woman they ever encountered. Kek. Absolute obsessed retards and all these people who got mad at me for being blackpilled in my life turned out to be evil hypocrites or sluts. And what's funny about the the women who were ok with bp is that at the same that time suddenly started getting pissy about it they were turning into masochistic sluts. I remember this one misandrist who one day got mad about me and then it turned out that she had a priv acc where she talked about hooking up with males kek(cocksucker chan autism)

No. 19217

Are you that anon who calls everyone c*cksuckers?

No. 19220

Not to start a fight but sucking on male genitals is a real thing done on a mass scale by human females and I have a phobia of this extreme sodomy so technically calling that people shouldn't be controversial of doing it isn't seen as controversial

No. 19222

car hook car door hand hook car type of sentence

No. 19274

It doesn't change my point

No. 19291

>That actually makes me sad for her.
Don't. She is also a furry that molested my friend, sexually harassed another friend of mine for a long time and stalked me when I cut her off the moment I heard about these things. She is an absolutely rotten nutcase.

No. 19295

I was hanging out with my friends again and trans rights came up unfortunately. They all love to loudly voice their support for trans people and I just kinda wait for the topic to die down. I'm sick of hearing about them. I want to avoid trans people as much as possible. I can't even find it in me to hate them, because I just don't have the energy to hate people. None of my friends are trans and they don't know hardly any trans people (is that really a surprise? If they did they'd wanna avoid them too). I hate being reminded that I'm the only one attracted to the same sex so with trans people routinely harassing the LGB it makes me super uncomfortable. If I ever get asked about it I'll just pretend to be an ignorant and enthusiastic ally. I'll just lie through my damn teeth and make shit up. I'll say that the LGB and T are actually mostly separate because trans people prefer to be seen as independent from the LGB and identify as queer because identifying as straight, bi, or gay is uncomfortable for many of them. I'll say that trans people actually dislike being in women's restrooms and prefer the gender neutral stalls. That they actually aren't attracted to cis people and all want to date each other. I wish it were true honestly. I wish they would just go and be by themselves instead of forcibly including everyone just to bully them. Maybe if I have to deal with an actual troon again I'll be a supportive "ally" but keep making mistakes. I dunno. I wish I could avoid them all. It really is true that trans people hate the LGB though. They hate our group and hate our behavior. I've been harassed by trans people just for being same sex attracted. I could never tell them that though. I could say that trans and gay people prefer not to be lumped in together and that trans people find it offensive and reductive and that calling their sexual orientation queer is more proper. Maybe this could work? I could say "Yeah, ofc I support trans rights! I think it's great that our area accommodates their need for gender neutral restrooms and I think it's great they want to be their own independent community!"

No. 19303

>I'll never understand why they so badly wanna be misgendered though, I've never seen similar behavior in tims, maybe these tifs aren't as willing to be seen as men(at least sexually) as they pretend they are
If I had to guess, I'd say it's because sex and humiliation are the same things in their minds, and femaleness and humiliation are also the same things in their minds, so they want to be female when they're having their crappy porn brainrot sex because it's more humiliating but otherwise they want to be taken seriously and respected as people which is why they identify as male

No. 19304

Omg wtf. I feel so bad for your friend, I hope your friend hasn't been too traumatized by it. That woman really is sick I guess.
Your theory does really make sense, thanks anon.

No. 19310

On one hand I don't want to shame women who are forced to do sex work, on the other I want to expose tifs that choose to do degenerate shit and post in online to their friends and family so they can intervene. In what way is that "living your true male/non-woman self"? You're mentally ill and need to get off the internet.

No. 19311

>If I ever get asked about it I'll just pretend to be an ignorant and enthusiastic ally.
Advice to all lesbian nonas: Don't do this. Or at least sneak in some "well of course they're valid BUT lesbians don't ever have to date anyone with a dick and it's homophobic to force them to even consider it". Otherwise they ARE going to use you as proof to others and say "my lesbian friend said she would date trans women, so that means they're valid real women". Other bitter lesbians will hear it and assume you're a handmaiden, troons will assume you want to date them etc…

I find if they're brainwashed enough they usually think 90% of troons eventually get srs (even though it's the opposite and nearly non of them do) so you can usually get them to think it's reasonable for lesbians to only want to date post-srs troons with "vaginas" so they can't really accuse you of being transphobic. For the very casual straight handmaidens "would you really date a dickless man? With boobs?" sometimes works for them to get it.

And also reward your friends any time they're critical of troons bs even if it's minor. Smile, show interest and let them subtly know that they said something good. Tell them thinking critically is really healthy and good for them to do, that they're really smart for doing it etc.

No. 19312

I hope so too, we aren't very close so we haven't talked about it since it happened (this was back in 2016-17). But I feel a lot of guilt because I was a handmaiden at the time and introduced the tif to the group, she had some issues but none that wasn't too far off from the others I hung out with at the time. So glad people weren't afraid of telling me about who she really was so I could kick her to the curb.
Oh no, she isn't doing any sex work. I should have used the term hookup site rather than sex site…

No. 19313

>And also reward your friends
Sorry nona, but I can't stop imagining someone giving their friend a piece of candy whenever they criticize troons now lmao

No. 19316

I should specify what I meant to say: As an ignorant ally I would think of things to say that sound supportive but are actually ignorant. I can't think of any examples, but maybe slipping up like accidentally saying "women and trans women" or just subtle things. Or maybe even that would be noticed. My whole social group is pretty hardcore progressive when it comes to transgenderism. Even one of my friends thinks it's fine to harass people over raising legitimate sexual harassment concerns for bathroom access with tims. So it's pretty bad, but again, none of them are trans so far. I also think that some trans people are a bit wise to the "yasslighting" and hugboxing they get but they don't fully get it. So it just slowly gets under their skin. Especially when it comes to being asked if you'd date a trans woman. I could say "Oh no trans women are too valid and stunning and brave and I don't think I would be able to make "her" feel truly happy. The love between trans women is so pure because of how well they understand each other!" That's a heavy exaggeration but hopefully gets across the point of what I'd try to do. I'm really not a very eloquent person.

No. 19324

File: 1692760738719.png (70.45 KB, 992x314, aNcEMPT.png)

>"Oh no trans women are too valid and stunning and brave and I don't think I would be able to make "her" feel truly happy. The love between trans women is so pure because of how well they understand each other!"
Okay no but I think this is perfect. They get to celebrate cheating with each other and "stealing yo man" and breaking up relationships all the time, picrel but they're constantly posting things like this, as long as they call it "t4t" so I think allies can get away with saying they support t4t relationships too. I know TWO girls whose boyfriends trooned out and both the men cheated on them with other troons. One girl walked away and lowkey wrote it off as him coming out as gay but the other is still with hers, 30 years old and just hanging in there I guess.

No. 19339

Does anyone else who used to be friends with TIFs noticed if they were traumatized by any porn or sexual media or looked up such things on purpose? I remembered one of my former friends at school (who became a TIF at a time when we both knew another TIF too) told me she watched Boku no Pico, I don't remember if she looked it up herself and was curious or someone "challenged" her to see it. Apparently it's one of that shock media (in that case, pedo/shotacon as well) that people used to watch for the shock value or because someone told them to check it out not revelaing what it's really about. I never knew the context of that event and she never discussed it in detail but I wonder if it could have been one of the things that traumatized her on some level.
I also know that due to discussing some matters with the second TIF (who came out as trans earlier than her and who was FTM when she became genderfluid later) she used to see some weird images of deformed genitals online (?). Once she brought it in discussion with me too (I think it was because we talked about trans issues back then or the surgery that children with some dysfunctions go through and the ethics of it).
Then the other former friend, that FTM TIF (it was because of hear that I properly learned of the whole trans thing), she used to follow various ecchi sites on Facebook when she was ~13. Idk why she did it, she never spoke about it and one can think it's more associated with teenage boys. Strangely even though I'm repulsed by sexual stuff a lot I never asked her about it and never considered her inferior due to that (guess I tried to forget it, thinking it's some niche things she might not care a lot and the trans thing was more important at that time).
It's only years later and after they distanced from me (which is better even though I didn't think so when I was younger) I notice how bizarre many things were and how they could have been purposely groomed.
Not media rated but it makes me think of how that FTM TIF also claimed to date some random guys online, sometimes from far away countries too.

No. 19362

You're describing a regular 2000s kid with unrestricted internet access. Most girls in my class watched that shit, none trooned out.

No. 19368

lmao I love this
Troons really do deserve each other, let them cheat and be pornsick with each other and set the clueless normie women free

No. 19372

I got it nona! I think you should find better friends though, or peak them asap.

No. 19373

We know that there's a whole section of tifs who trooned out from sexual trauma, detrans victims often talk about how it directly affected their choice in trooning out because it made them hate their female body.

While not exactly the same, as a teen my trooniest female friend (who eventually came out as nonbinary) was weirdly obsessed with yaoi and irl gay porn, but in a different way than my other fujo weeb friends. The "normal" fujo friends would just read smut manga and fanfics, they wouldn't openly admit to watching actual porn and at least seemed pretty shocked at the idea when the other girl brought it up. I was the odd one out who wasn't into it at all and I never wanted to know more.

No. 19376

I think you’re on to something, anon. I know several women who are pursuing medically unnecessary hysterectomies because they “won’t use it anyway” and find menstruation annoying. Not especially painful, just a nuisance. One is a lesbian who’s very enthusiastic about her wife and their sex life but also identifies as aroace. I’m not sure how the others identify but they’re all dating men. I’m all for women having full control over their reproductive capabilities but the way some people think they can treat their bodies like Mr Potato Head is really disturbing.

Is she/they code for actual woman?

No. 19380

she/they means actual woman in that post

No. 19381

File: 1692839242953.gif (879.4 KB, 275x138, IMG_4271.gif)

i love how easy it is to clock troons solely on music. i clock them within seconds on lastfm and it’s laughable how male they are even in music taste. they always listen to other tranny artists with “loli” in name or anime on their cover art

No. 19382

I was messaging a handmaiden friend (not a close one) and I'm wondering if she could have picked up that I've peaked because I told her I have a preference for cis women
when we're both bi and used the LGBT acronym instead of LGBTQXWK. Am I just being paranoid? She hasn't replied but I often don't reply to her, it's just how our friendship is. I don't like hiding how I really feel from people especially when it's an issue that affects me as a SSA woman but I feel like I have no choice, neither IRL or online unless I want to be cut off from everyone.

No. 19383

File: 1692851263361.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3520.jpeg)

>find book titled Rad American Women A-Z in waiting area of business
>I bet there’s a troon in it

No. 19386

File: 1692861014641.png (1.36 MB, 1600x967, whatthefuck.png)

Does anyone here actually get chills or some kind of deeply disturbed physical sensation around troon lingo? I was looking up on Twitter how they were linking lolcow threads here (you should search lolcow.farm on twitter occasionally because mad trannies even post 2X here sometimes), then saw how how much they use the word "gender euphoria". Even typing that creeps me the fuck out.

They'd make everything about "gender euphoria" and when they're sad, it's "gender dysphoria". They'd take unrelated characters, some of which I'd like, and go "this gives me gender euphoria". It's like they're in a cult and have been deeply brainwashed to think in gender 24/7 and it feels like watching a literal insane person from a distance, but nobody else sees it. I don't want them near me. I don't want them liking the same anime characters as me. I don't want them liking the same cartoon characters as me. I don't want them to be anywhere but some locked down island away from normal civilization.

Why can't they just admire a pretty boy male or a nice female character? Why do they want to wear their actual flesh? They feel like skinwalkers, like Buffalo Bill. It made me actually scared some troon might be doing that to me. These people are dangerous.

No. 19387

>I know several women who are pursuing medically unnecessary hysterectomies because they “won’t use it anyway” and find menstruation annoying. Not especially painful, just a nuisance.
Those women are stupid as fuck and don't know their bodies. Having periods regularly is important for women's health, even just going on the pill to stop it for prolonged times gives women health problems down the line as they age. Iirc one of the risks with hysterectomies is early dementia. Like wow congrats you didn't have to deal with an annoying period for 2 decades of your life but now you can't remember what your family looks like and no one but paid staff ever goes to see you because you make them uncomfortable with your demented ramblings. Hopefully the staff will be an actual female and not an incel tim who wants to take advantage of your confused state, but there's no guarantee and even if he does no one will care because you insisted he's a woman who belongs in your space.

No. 19388

Sometimes it's good for troons to read what real women in their lives actually think of them. How women only pretend to see them as women to be polite even though we all know they are men, how we mock them behind their backs over how bad they look and how little they pass. How most of us "evil terfs" peaked from interracting with troons like them, even though a lot of us were handmaidens and allies before. That the most supportive brainwashed ally, even the ones who are coming out as a new form of nonbinary every second week, eventually peaks and turns against them too. History will not remember troons kindly.

No. 19389

Doing things like this, collages/memes highlighting how creepy, weird and stupid they are to mock them helps keep you sane. It's like when you just screencap some dumb shit they say and silently post it and then troons report it for "transphobia" kek literally all you have to do is point at their own words and actions

No. 19390

I’m applying to a job at an agricultural research university which makes a big fuss about being inclusive, and of course their DEI page features almost entirely greasy white men in ill-fitting sundresses. Because awkward, badly dressed white male nerds are the most oppressed and underrepresented minority ever, naturally. At least the group I’m applying to doesn’t appear to have any trannies and the application form only allows us to choose between Mr. and Ms. Enbies and xenogenders need not apply.

No. 19412

Women have a greater tendency to be sexually reactive as opposed to spontaneous, and I think this is the main driving force here. It explains why many of these aro/ace claiming girls will eventually find themselves in sexually active relationships and still identify this way, because they think that since they don't "see another person and feel aroused" that they don't experience sexual attraction. That they merely feel interested in having sex in isolated moments. I've seen that claimed, "You're not any less asexual just because you have sex sometimes!!" It is of course ridiculous, but finding your place on the spectrum of LGBTQ+ appears to be the current counter-culture revolution, and this is an easy way for a fundamentally straight woman to hop along for the ride (and of course commonly switching to they/them). That's the real root contagion, minority status as accessory.

Another driving force is acknowledging the madonna/whore dynamic of female sexuality in our culture. It isn't all "female sexuality = horny slut 24/7" like you said, the other path is "chaste and discerning and waiting for true love." I'd argue that second path is much more common among the actual women I've known in my life, even if they believe "sex positive" things. Because it's always different when they're talking about other people and not themselves, and they don't want to fuck like that. "I think other people should do whatever they think is best for them" is all they are saying in that case. The most popular opinion maybe of all time. But as we know all that noise and BS leaves a young women coming into her sexuality inevitably confused. It's an "unwinnable" situation, and a young woman seeking male validation is culturally encouraged to choose one of those two paths to attract certain kinds of male attention. When a woman might not want that, claiming "asexual" to escape it probably feels right for them at that time. People have to respect these minority labels right now or get dogpiled. I see it as a woman's words alone not being enough, and using the words of a thousand others to fill in the space for defence. More evidence is that religious women get married all the time and feel completely sexually unfulfilled and devoid of desire, because their ability to engage with this part of themselves was permanently damaged. Take a look at ex-Mormon spaces for more reading. It isn't just that their lawfully wedded moid is terrible, their psychology was attacked at a vulnerable time.

Last point, I think a certain amount of people really are asexual and there isn't anything wrong with that, as you suggest. This is nothing close to as damaging as the trans delusion, these people simply either start fucking or they don't. There's no associated medical component required or encouraged unless enbie-ism enters the picture. I have a close friend who could date but doesn't, out of total disinterest. She gives the basic set of reasons, but has no desire for a family or partner. She doesn't use the word asexual but we're well into our 30's now and she hasn't changed - the word doesn't seem inappropriate for people like her. It is a noble thing to realize what you want and not live on a life-script autopilot, having kids you regret. The social contagion element confusing an increasing amount of women about themselves is a problem, when it is already hard enough to understand a reactive sexuality. And this is a man-hating board, an asexual woman is basically living life identically to a heterosexual woman who has stopped engaging with men. Good.

Actually you sound like you don't know anything about women's bodies and frankly like a cud-chewing moid. The regularity of the period itself is not important long-term, but the hormonal cycling is which will (supposed to) proceed regardless of menstruation. IUDs are mostly safe the up to 10 years they can be inside a woman before switching it out for another 10, and the associated risks are not of the down-the-road variety. They stop the menstruation too, pretty common knowledge among adult women and a popular choice. Interesting you don't seem to know that, easily fact-checked. A hysterectomy is the most extreme form of sterilization, far from necessary for most women pursuing voluntary sterilization, and the increased risks from all forms come from specifically removing the ovaries - where critical hormones are produced. Heart disease jumps startlingly up 33% (the number 1 cause of death if you care to play in reality) and the increased early dementia risk you fear-mongered is 8%. A disease with very complex proceedings that you can only decrease but not eliminate your risks of, and without family history you cannot make much of an estimation of likelihood. The bilateral salpingectomy is the safest form of female sterilization, carrying no known negative long-term effects and still dropping your ovarian cancer risks to nearly nothing, and that is what a doctor is actually likely to recommend a woman who they are allowing to pursue this. This process is far more restrictive than what troons go through getting hormones and shit, not to mention actually important considering it is being requested by women who don't want to make babies by accident or have a real medical concern.

Sage for length

No. 19414

I cried last night when I tore down a pro trans safe space badge from my dorm corkboard last night and saw it was put up by the women's and gender department. They are supposed to be fighting for feminism right? Who will protect me if they won't. I'm pretty lucky that because my school is so deeply into trans shit that there are a quite a lot of peaked male students and some male profs because of the absolute delusions some tims here have. But the few women that go here are all she/they or he/they/it (wtf?). I want to vent more but I fear being found out and I'm so close to graduating that I can't "come out" as a terf yet.

No. 19418

Could you email the women's department and the peaked professors and let them know how you as a real female feel that they won't protect you? You can set up an anonymous account so they don't know it's you. (You can even mention you set the account up out of fear of getting kicked out just for raising concerns for the safety of females) These people aren't going to be handmaidens forever, even if they'll reject your message right now in the future they'll look back horrified at what they did. Perhaps it will plant a seed of doubt in them.

No. 19431

just blogging but there’s a TiM that comes into my work regularly who i’d kind of befriended before i peaked. after lurking the mtf threads (and mtf reddit) i realized how they really are all the same. this one was an alcoholic for years, had a brain injury at some point, married a woman and got her pregnant, and then trooned out before the kid turned 1. it truly pains me that whenever he comes in all my coworkers fall over themselves complimenting every fucking thing about him. i’m pretty sure it’s because they feel uncomfortable and are trying to overcompensate for being freaked out by him. the silver lining is that one of my coworkers regularly accidentally misgenders him in front of him lmao. someone actually posted his picture on the mtf board a long time ago.

No. 19432

samefag but it’s truly so exhausting to not have anyone to talk about this bs with. i have two friends who tend to agree with me, but they aren’t that passionate about anything so it always feels like i’m giving a TED talk when i bring anything up. also my nigel is so non confrontational/complacent that i think he thinks i’m just a maniac when i vent. he doesn’t give any signs of trooning out but i still worry about it constantly and have made it extremely clear that i have zero tolerance for troonery. how do you all cope? is venting here the only option we have? everything feels so bleak. trannies in my city are like flies on dog shit and i want to move eventually, but it seems like there’s no place left that isn’t infested. the few places that might be slightly better are just cesspools of conservative retardation so you’re just picking between two evils.

No. 19447

It just kind of hit me that this social contagion wouldn't have been possible in the past because teenage fashion didn't exist and they had little to no say in what styles got popular. Teenagers just had to transition into adult cloths from children's clothes. It's so strange that it's one of the driving forces behind this movement, just clothes and fashion.
It nearly always starts with clothes for the small kids, it's either a boy who wants to wear a dress and is told "only girls wear dresses" or a girl who doesn't want to wear them and is told she should want it because she's a girl.

Or well… this WAS the case until recently, now we can see tiktoks of parents bragging about what a good parent they are for purposely only using gender neutral language and they show videos of themselves clearly coaching their child to say they're the opposite gender. It's so obvious when the parent is coaching them I wonder why they're not called out more, like you'll hear them say "do you like sitting still, boring, calm games, dolls… oooor do you like fun! running around!! being adventurous!!! Yeaaahhhh!!! See HE agreed, HE only likes the fun BOY stuff!!" there was clearly only one correct for the child to answer to that question.

No. 19448

IMO people who aren't interested in sex exist for real so you can't say that "asexuality" is some dysfunction. I am one myself although I dislike the terminology strongly because they made it into some kind of orientation and I disagree it should be one. I guess something similar would only count as dysfunction when someone wants to be dexually active but something is stopping that person, like trauma or insecurity. I agree that some girls who identify as asexual in youth grow up to be in sexual relationships but that just shows how meaningless it is to make it an orientation and pressure teens to identify as LGBTQP buzzwords. In my opinion it happens because they think that unless they're interested in being porn objects or talking about sex 24/7 the conclusion is they must be asexual if they don't fit the hypersexual normie standards (which is wrong of course).
I know I can sperg about it for a long time but it really makes me angry how they made "asexuality" into an orientation and made it "queer". Since some people aren't interested in sex I'd say they are prone to have less problems in life in the field of sex and/or romance because they're not into sex which gives one new responsibilities and new concerns etc. And yet the queer idiots (including troons) want to do what they can to manipulate these people and make them their handmaidens. Every sane asexual who is against hypocritical shit like "you can watch porn and be asexual" or "you can have sex and be asexual" is shunned in the supposedly "asexual" communities. But I guess they don't lose anything because these communities are troon-pandering shitstorms and your casual hypersexual normie lingo communities.
It exists for real but it's rare and the LGBTQ ruined the popular perception of it (also the self-identified "asexuals" ruin it too, due to the queer connection). I even started to be disgusted by the word "asexual" because I saw more and more people associate it now with the queer idiots.
I agree a lot with what >>19412 said about this topic. The real asexuality wouldn't be a danger, it's harmless and not affecting anyone beside the person who has a sexless life. What ruined it and the perception of it by those who learn about it is the queer association and (what I want to add) the push for people to describe themselves with labels.
Relatable. Even though I have online friends who agree with me on this topic I have no one like that irl. And even though I live in a country where the troons are still something niche, the libfems and LGBTQ supporters keep making it a bugger issue. It makes me depressed to see many young adults around my age and teenagers too who support them, not always loud but being ready to criticise women who speak against trannies. I even had a misfortune of going to a school when teachers made everyone use the trans name of some TIF student when I was growing up.

No. 19467

kek reminds me of back when otherkin was trendy - there was a tumblr that would just screencap retarded profiles or posts from the otherkin tags and just post them on her own blog, no commentary or edits. Just screencaps. Her inbox was FULL of these weenies claiming they're gonna kill themselves over her blog and that she was evil incarnate for doing it.
100% guarantee all of them are troons today.

No. 19536

I posted in the vent thread a while back about seeing TIM graffiti in women's restrooms. That graffiti is long gone, but today I saw a different one saying something along the lines of "A trans woman peed here- you're in a safe space" in the same building and I couldn't help but to think about how self-serving it truly is. Do they want applause? An award for being such a strong, stunning and brave soul?

Most women are only in public restrooms to do one thing - use it. There is nothing that is remotely unsafe about women's restrooms. Nobody thinks too deeply about it. If TIMs really cared about "being able to use the right bathroom", they'd advocate for more gender neutral bathrooms (so that people who have "other identities" outside of male and female can use them as well), but they don't. Because, in the end, it's all about invading the spaces of women. It's a fetish and I don't understand how handmaidens still can't see it.

That being said, sticker scrapers, markers and wipes to remove graffiti are now key staples in my bag.

No. 19552

My best friend from highschool trooned out a few years ago and even though I never really stopped peaking I really tried to be respectful of him. I spent years thinking "ok well 80% of troons are agp brony freaks but some tims are just normal people right?" This guy has been my best friend for over 10 years, and he KNEW that I was raped by a coworker a month ago who had cameras set up, and I've been having a breakdown over the idea there could be revenge porn of me online getting raped. So me and my" friend" were having a conversation and he starts whipping out incel talking points, saying women should have empathy for the fact men who have done nothing wrong feel creepy, that women's suspicion is at fault for the "crisis of male loneliness". I tried to explain to him that if a woman is at the point of feeling NO empathy for men she's probably been extremely hurt and it's for our actual survival, and he starts getting all pissy, insisting he's never been creepy to women and not having empathy is always a bad thing period end of story. I go "I thought you were a woman, not a man?" and he's freaking out saying "well I lived as a man for 25 years, I get the experience of both, not you". I thought male socialization wasn't real? You get to call me transphobic if I reference you having been a man, but you can use it as a gotcha to make rape victims look bad whenever you want, in a conversation about rape? Telling me I don't get to talk about my own experiences, or be afraid of men when it's been less than two months since it happened? He even started freaking out and saying being a man was a prison because "he constantly was threatened with extreme violence if he didn't conform to the expectations of masculinity" Did he forget we were both loser friends together in highschool? No one was threatening him with extreme violence for looking like Shinji Ikari. All he whined about in hs was not being able to get a gf, he never mentioned being afraid of violence a single time. It felt like the most gaslightey infuriating fights I've had with ex-boyfriends where they're trying to make you the crazy emotional woman, while they use lots of big logical emotionless words. Only men act like that. Only men think a woman having a lack of empathy is a crime, but not extending that same empathy towards women is just "logic and reason". I'm just so angry and betrayed and I can't even talk to anyone about it without being labeled a bigot. And I can tell he went to talk shit about me to one of the "cis lesbians" he's trying to fuck and she sided with me, because he out of nowhere switched up from angrily ranting at me and victimizing himself to "I'm really sorry and you're totally right, I hope you still feel safe being my friend but I understand why you wouldn't" Ugh. No I don't.

No. 19566

File: 1693188520224.gif (935.58 KB, 500x239, tumblr_inline_ocy9d0DAH71so06r…)

>Explaining in a chat about women body stuff.


>MFW I cannot say that's how human anatomy is or else I'll be labeled as "Terf".

No. 19570

it's like saying "so this dinosaur lived 230 mil years ago…" and them going "um excuse me but GOD created the earth, and dinosaurs are fake" like you just can't have a normal intelligent conversation with them because they so strongly believe in their silly things and are only there to insert their own religious views. They don't even care about the topic at hand and want to change it to gender religion at all times.

No. 19577

Exactly. If was another chat I would have answered with other stuff, but I would have been reported and I have no one to rant about how ridiculous it was, except in here.

No. 19579

I just came back from a girls sleepover where a TIM was present and oh my god. I fucking hate TIMs but I always thought this particular person was retarded but generally harmless. But jesus christ hes so disgusting. Greasy stringy hair and unwashed yellowed teeth aside hes so ugly I can barely stand to look at him. The whole night he would not SHUT UP about being a tranny and how hawd life is for him. I can't stand it. He uses all his money on coomer shit and would rather take DIY hormones tham shill over some money. He constantly turned every conversation into sex and about his tranny girl orgies. All the handmaidens yes qweened him and I just got so sick of it. He smelled like onions as well.

I can't do this anymore, I hope the bath bomb estrogen rots his balls off.

No. 19582

Nona get better friends, they sound awful. What if they had insisted you share a bed with him and "it's fine because you're both girls"? These girls would leave you alone in a locked room with him, pretending he's safe because he's a girl when he's really a coom sick man who could hurt you. They’re not real friends. I would honestly have said I'm not comfortable with how sexual they're all making it (but they'd all know it's aimed at him) and gone home instead. At the very least please being it up with your friends afterwards how uncomfortable you were, you don't even have to act openly transphobic they'll still know who it's about and chances are they kinda agree.

And tell all your female friends about what happened too. You can start off with "this one girl was making everyone uncomfortable… she's trans actually btw…". If there's one thing females are good at it's socially gossiping about which men suck.

No. 19583

Rant about troons as much as you want here, it's what the thread is for!

No. 19588

I will genuinely refuse to occupy any space with that manlet around again. One good thing is I noticed some of my usual handmaiden friends getting uncomfortable with his coomer comments towards us. He tried to imply me leaning over my friend to show her something on her laptop as 'Yuri bait'. It's actually unbelievable how Tims are able to turn any normal interaction into porn. The thing that was the kicker is that he kept trying to imply that the Barbie movie is troon media and would get aggressive when any actual woman present tried to argue otherwise. I can bet good money that his nonsense peaked some of the girls there because oh my god. It was that bad.

No. 19598

these fuckers are like locusts jesus christ. i feel so hopeless and like i will never be able to find a girlfriend because there is no where to go to find sane lesbians. the dating apps are FULL of trannies and gendies. i'm so sick of seeing them on bumble or her i want to scream. just fuck off! fuck off!! i literally came across one calling himself a "she/it" and a "goth queer poly transfemme furry" and i'm supposed to welcome these degenerates with open arms into my community. no, i don't think so. in a perfect world where they never encroached on women's spaces and lesbian communities i wouldn't give a fuck what they did but by their very nature that hypothetical is impossible. i hate living in a woke city.

No. 19599

And I thank you for that.

No. 19601

I can't believe that this whole time, those people were being homophobic to me. I used to be so confused why I couldn't make real friends in the "LGBTQIA+" groups I tried to join. I would meet all these tifs and they were always weirdly hostile towards me, I would try to befriend them because I thought they must be similar to me (am gnc and gay) and are part of my community anyway, but no they would always be cold and the mtfs would be super gung-ho about befriending me. I didn't realize it then because I genuinely thought these people were telling the truth about themselves (don't yell at me, I was a teen), but I do now. It's because they were all straight people in costumes, probably not even bi, and they responded to me the way all straight people do. The women rejected me and the men fetishized and pursued me. That was what peaked me, the whole "you can't say no to me that's transphobic" thing. It hurts my feelings, looking back. I was young and stupid and desperately needed community, they all lied to my face basically and occupied what should've been a safe place for me. In some cases it wasn't an occupation but more of a trap they made. I'm embarrassed and I regret so much ever being around these people.

No. 19602

Heard the story of that detrans woman Kasey. The one who got bullied on twitter for losing all her hair. I heard her story and it was fucking heartbreaking. She had insane fundie parents who forced her to be super girly and straight and when she began developing feelings for other women she started having mental issues due to her homophobic parents. She transitioned and only then was allowed to finally cut her hair and be "straight" for girls. She said wearing masculine clothes just felt right for her and she was fast tracked into medical transition as a child. After detransing she said she just wanted to run away from all the trauma around her birth sex and not be forced to be a straight feminine woman. She even asked her mother when she was doubting her transition if she would rather accept her as a masculine lesbian or as a straight trans man, and her mother said she didn't think she could ever accept her as a lesbian. It hit really hard. I can't believe she was allowed to go through such abuse with nobody intervening and now a bunch of larping straight girls bully her for it for no reason other than their own egos. It really resonated with me too. I've felt like I was meant to be a straight guy, and like my loved ones would accept me more for it. Except my dad I guess, he's always been really supportive of me. In a way, hearing her story helped me resolve some of those feelings, but her story never should have fucking happened to begin with. It was evil. How could they do this to a young traumatized girl?

No. 19604

>He tried to imply me leaning over my friend to show her something on her laptop as 'Yuri bait'.
Bring that up in private with you friend, it's a perfect peaking opportunity. If any of your friends pick his side then stop being friends with them.

This goes for other anons in similar situations. You are literally telling them as your friend that a male, a man, made you uncomfortable (typically sexually) and they excuse the man for it? That's shitty behaviour. And they might put you in dangerous situations with those men who have proven that they are perfectly comfortable sexually harassing and bothering females. And like that guy did, he saw your normal interaction and assumed and insisted it was sexual in nature. What if you tried to show him something instead of the friend, and he decided it was sexually aimed towards him and he acted upon it? He's not safe, and if your friends support him they're actively putting you in risk of danger. Real friends worth having don't do that.

No. 19605

The whole trans movement is built on extreme homophobia, always has been. In all societies where there's been a "third" or trans gender it's always been gay males who were deemed too feminine to be real men, sometimes the opposite for masculine women too but they were often just ignored. Even when it was just "I knew from childhood" troons that's still just internalized homophobia, because they were taught at an early age that they didn't act "correct" according to their sex and somehow got the idea that they should have been the other sex all along. They were gender non-conforming, and people fear that because they associate it with being gay.

No. 19606

I called a mental health hotline the other day and ended up chatting for quite a while with the woman on the other end. I could tell she was choosing her words very carefully when I explained how I was detrans, but when I said I've seen it evolve in the past 15 years and completely boom "like a trend", she actually sighed, laughed nervously and said "yep, you said it, that's the word". She turned out to be a former school nurse and "trans kids" really fucked with her, she peaked organically. When I shared the hopelessness I feel in society as an ex-tif who was heavily medicalized she basically went full-on GC and told me to look into what some Nordic and other European countries are doing (rolling back "care" for minors after actual evidence it doesn't help has started to come in). I'm genuinely convinced many more women are uncomfortable with what's going on than we think and it's a massive emperor's new clothes situation. I hate that it's such dangerous terrain to tread during a conversation when you're trying to parse if someone is GC too, but the relief when you both realize you're safe venting about this to one another is everything. Helen Joyce is spot-on, it's all preference falsification and pluralistic ignorance.
Bless that volunteer. I was so scared she'd be a handmaiden who'd gaslight me about le poor troons during a crisis. If you're on here I love you, I felt so much better after that call.

No. 19609

Thank you for sharing this, I am straight and GNC and I've been through the same thing in hobby & fandom spaces that were supposed to be very 'open' and 'welcoming'.

It's even more fucked up when it happens in LGB spaces, being a lesbian with a tiny dating pool is bad enough on it's own, but having to face homophobia in your own spaces? Damn.

No. 19614

kek the cope is evident
>“The Transgender Craze Seducing Our [Sons]”; or, All the Trans Guys Are Just Dating Each Other
>Recent antitrans discourses have critiqued trans masculinity in particular as a site of social panic and contagion for proto-trans adolescents. In extreme cases, this is framed as a seduction. Turning “seduction” from a social danger to a benefit, this essay theorizes masc4masc t4t erotics as a type of contagious gendering
Or, in other words, just young masculine lesbians who date other masculine lesbians… Why must they turn into men to be able to be both masculine and attracted to women (AKA people born with a vagina AKA """AFAB""" people)? Do they even read the arguments gender critical women make about trannyism as a social contagion?
>The authors make a close reading of 2000s-era erotica and pornography to argue that Daddy/boy and group sex dynamics can be read as gender labor, affective and intersubjective work that produces gender and that in t4t erotics works within a framework of differentiated reciprocity.

No. 19615

I've learned that the most prominent TRAs in my online circles are all virgins kek. I've seen radblr call TRAs virgins a lot, but never interacted with that many that closely to understand myself til recently. Plus all the recent Tumblr polls indicating the majority of users don't date or have sex. Ofc this group can easily say "hearts not parts" when they don't engage in any part touching themselves.

No. 19617


I've thought for a while that part of the reason for the asexual explosion is because it's the only way for people to police their sexual boundaries without getting cancelled.

No. 19618

sa. Makes sense to me. I think the same about the sex repulsed label, too–it's vague enough where you could either be actually traumatized or you're just trying to assert your boundaries in a TRA landscape

No. 19620

>I was so scared she'd be a handmaiden who'd gaslight me about le poor troons during a crisis. If you're on here I love you, I felt so much better after that call.
If you ever talk to her or someone like her again, tell her! These people are in direct contact with troons and detransitioners, they can make a real difference but they need to know people support them and that they're right to have the confidence to speak up

No. 19622

I had a dream that I was again in my high school. I was in some classroom with people who I can't tell if they were based on my former classmates or some random people. But there was one new girl and she was introducing herself. In the classroom there was also my Math teacher (a woman) who used to be my class teacher when I was going to that school. Suddenly the new girl started saying something like she doesn't feel that she's a woman and she wants to elaborate a bit about her gender identity. Then the Math teacher joined and she started saying she knows where it's going and she has an important thing to tell us. Then the teacher started talking about how years ago she used to accept this position (trans acceptance, gender stuff to some extent etc.) but since then she had changed her mind. I was pleasantly surprised.
The thing is, the teacher from that dream about my former school was supportive of trans people and probably still is in real life. That reawakened some sad memories for me. I live in Poland AND YET I got to meet trans people as a teenager and the school from my dream allowed a TIF to socially transition. I knew her back in middle school and we went to same high school too and this is where she could go full blown publicly with her trans identity. This is fucked up, imagine living in a country where trans is a super small minority (like everywhere to be honest) and yet you got to be in school where the principal and some teachers affirm shit like that outside some friends group (who would do that because I was in one which I'm ashamed of but then I guess it was like being groomed by peers). Even though we had no pride events etc. I still find it crazy how everyone was addressing this girl by a male name. Other students, teachers. Because they (school staff) said so. I remember briefly an incident when in the beginning of our first year said Math teacher told my class something like "we got a trans student here, respect the name etc.". There wasn't really any discussion about it but I wonder what others really thought on their own. Really fucked up when I look back at it (I peaked while finishing school when the TIF wasn't around there anymore).
Now I wish something like my dream would happen - that this teacher and others would peak at some point in their life, the sooner the better. I have no contact with them anymore.
Sometimes I want to write an email to that Math teacher who tutored my class and tell her how I feel after what I went through. That this trans thing spoiled my teenage years, that I was living a lie, that I'm bitter towards the people in charge who allowed this. But I got some irrational fear that my parents will get involved, even though I'm adult since some years. I just feel angry at the people who allowed this, who harmed the trans-identifying student even if she would like it and who harmed others who were somehow brainwashed by the "authority" that the school is supposed to be. They wouldn't cherish the students taking drugs for example, would they. And yet they openly accepted something very harmful and fucked up.

No. 19624

SiriusXM radio is so ideologically captured nonnas. Yesterday they played “Smooth” by Carlos Santana on the 90s station, and afterward the DJ announced “Carlos Santana said something really bad recently. He’s supposed to be a guest DJ on the station in a few weeks but…idk, we’ll see about that.”

Being a good TERF, I knew the DJ was referencing a recent concert where Santana said “… a woman is a woman and a man is a man. That’s it… whatever you wanna do in the closet, that’s your business. I’m OK with that." What an absolute monster. (Btw Santana made a groveling apology for his comments a few days later. Which goes to show that you should never back down and apologize to trannies. In their eyes, once a sinner, always a sinner.) It’s interesting that the DJ didn’t mention exactly what Santana said, only that he said something “bad” - I wonder why that is? Maybe the DJ knows that it’s ridiculous to condemn Santana for such a milquetoast statement, but he was asked to denounce him by his supervisors?

Another time I was listening to the Tiktok radio station, and they randomly gave a shoutout to Dylan Mulvaney - the DJ was like “I just wanna tell you about this content creator - Dylan Mulvaney - she’s super relatable with her dating struggles!” I’ve never heard the Tiktok radio station just do a random promo for any other Tiktoker like that.

I wonder if there’s a tranny or an extremely devout handmaiden pulling the strings in the upper echelons of the SiriusXM boardroom?

No. 19625

Same anon, I just googled it and SiriusXM was founded by a tranny, Martine Rothblatt. It all makes sense now.

No. 19626

File: 1693418998030.jpg (67.02 KB, 680x661, rnm.jpg)

>Which goes to show that you should never back down and apologize to trannies. In their eyes, once a sinner, always a sinner.
Yup, never apologize for stating the truth. Why would you want to appeal to and appease the insane child mutilation fetish cult anyway? I know the picrel is cringe but it's true. Being called a "transphobe" means nothing because I've seen what the troons cheer for and I AM fully against it. Their disapproval when I say "sex based rights are important" or "children can't consent to mutilation" is only more proof that I'm right.
The troons will find a new target and forget about you soon enough anyway, and all the GCs, TERFs and normal sane people will only be disappointed in you for backing down like a coward.

No. 19627

Yeah I've seen "reformed TERFs" who apologize profusely, out cryptos they used to be friends with, call it a cult, and some even start transitioning, and they're still carrying around that scarlet letter forever. There is absolutely nothing you can ever do to appease them.

No. 19629

im an mua and a troon i worked with got posted in the ftm thread ew ew ew

No. 19630

The funny thing about that is how many TIMs openly admit to how they used to be alt right/internet neo nazis but the cult never seems to bat an eyelid at that

No. 19632

nonnas my friend just told me yesterday that her boyfriend thinks he might be a "sissy". They live together and she needs his money to be able to afford rent. What do?

No. 19633

Well step 1 is to mentally prepare for the breakup with her gross pornsick boyfriend. If he "thinks" he might be one that means he's already consuming the content and have been for a while. He's not gonna stop. If she isn't aware of how bad it is, send her some sissyporn stuff from the mtf threads as examples. It's also the kind of fetish that ALWAYS escalates if indulged. It's also a kind of humiliation fetish, meaning it requires other people (be it her or done to strangers by leaving the house) to partake in it.

She should get a job (possibly behind his back) to be able to support herself, or ask her parents/family if they'd be able to help her out with housing.
Depending on the situation (like say if she only needs his money to finish studying for a year or so) she could give vague excuses and pretend to "have to think about it" or "it will take time for me to get used to" and then basically put it off for as long as possible. She should mentally to herself take it as a breakup without telling him, but while leading him on for a while longer to use his money. Naturally she shouldn't spend any money on the relationship during that time, like no buying a new fridge or game station together, no trips, save all the money she can.

No. 19634

Oh nonnás, this is not a vent so much as it is a triumph. I was emboldened by having a fellow TERF at my side so this is a call to stand by your sisters in blatant solidarity against the troon menace.

To set the stage, my friend and I are both Very Tall Women standing in line waiting patiently to buy fruity bitch beverages and snacks for a girls night, where we will undeniably disrobe and whack each other with pillows before practicing kissing.

>Jk we got white girl wasted and watched Bluey

From behind us pipes a lispy moid voice: "seriously, they go out wearing THAT and I'm the one who gets misgendered??" I sneak a peek over my shoulder, curious who this faggot is talking to, hackles already raised because I've realized the hubris in wearing a red flannel shirt to a store known for being entirely Red and have been approached by customers several times already, quit assuming my employment, shitlords.

>wispy moid with a wispy combover in a boho sundress and last season laceup sandals, revealing his hairy painted toes

>wearing the sookiest pout I have ever seen on an human being who wasn't under five years old
>arms crossed defensively across his bony chest, which has thankfully been graced with a recent wax, unlike his horror toes

The devil rose up in me, ladies. I leaned in, just enough that I could continue to look down my nose at the little bugger. "And yet, we're both effortlessly 1000x more feminine dressed down than you'll ever be, MA'AM" and snapped back around on my heel. I might've tossed my hair a little.

My friend, being a TERF Wellington, laughed in that delightfully toothsome British way thats just so DERISIVE and I heard his sandals slapping away indignantly, maybe to find another line, maybe to pick up a pink princess rope from the sporting goods section, who really cares.

One more for the Trans Genocide, I'm Doing my Part!

No. 19635

kek this post is so british

No. 19638

"I'm a trans guy that loves to dress and act fem"

You're a girl trying to be a femboy. It's really sad that now girls do not want to refer themselves as "women".

No. 19639

You sound vaguely southern but I'm glad there's more than one terven bong ITT, this island has been feeling extra lonely lately as a "wlw" surrounded by libfem queers. Love from the north x

No. 19641

kek your writing is so extra

No. 19642

>Feminine presenting "gay transboy" who spins in a dress asserting she is totally breaking gender stereotypes
>Masculine presenting "lesbian transwoman" with a full beard and male clothes insisting he's a butch tomboy lesbian
And now they're dating and calling it queer, it's the most toxic relationship you've ever seen.

No. 19643

One of my friends I've known for ten years is calling herself trans after dating a non-binary man. She's claiming to be "healing from dysphoria". She's never had any problem showing off her body and has even enjoyed public nudity. She's a survivor of multiple sexual assaults and has some form of PTSD. But since she met this guy now she can pin her problems on being trans.

Sometimes I ask myself why I'm so angry about this movement. If some people with severe mental illness need to take hormones to feel better, it's no problem to me. I'm willing to compromise on including them in public life under their label so long as they acknowledge sex and don't prevent people from organizing under the banner of female sex. But what's truly driven me out of my mind is the fact that accepting this ideology has led to almost every woman I know calling herself some flavor of trans and distancing herself from womanhood. They're no longer interested in feminism but in trans rights. And they, of course, want to spread the gospel to other "eggs." The lack of rigor and scepticism in the definition of 'gender identity', 'dysphoria', 'euphoria', makes it so anybody who wants to be trans can be, and there is no mechanism to interrogate this. Call yourself non-binary, genderfluid, a fem gay trans man, a butch lesbian trans woman. Nobody is allowed to say "you don't seem trans to me, are you sure about this?"

When gay marriage was the battle of my day, this didn't really happen. Straight people who befriended gay people didn't start claiming to be gay. Maybe a few adopted the bi label in the myspace days or on forums, but overall people were honest about their orientation and what they thought it was. Being gay was randomly distributed in the population, not something that appeared and spread in clusters. None of my gay friends asked me to consider if I was gay, because they trusted that I was aware of my own sexual experiences and had the competency to label them. Meanwhile, trans people apparently need a guide that tells them everything from "a vague sense that something is wrong in life" to "not liking your body sometimes" is a sign that you're actually trans and didn't know it. If being trans is innate and powerful like being gay, why do people need to be coached into being convinced they're trans with these vague, munchie-like descriptions?

And my remaining female-identified friends are of course, down with the cause. Sometimes, when it's just two of us, I catch signs of dissent, because everyone who's been around actual trans people IRL notices the high likelihood of bullshit and drama happening. It never leads to anything more, though. Some of them are even "experimenting with gender." I'm going to have no female friends left at this rate. And it's politically problematic. It distracts from real issues affecting their lives, like women's issues, to focus on issues that have literally nothing to do with them, like puberty blockers (none of them have kids or are kids) or bathroom laws (as "non-binary" women with no sex dysphoria, they'll use the female bathroom anyway) or JK Rowling (she's British and they're not, so she has no power over their country). It's luxury politics to the max. But I guess it's less harrowing than dealing with abortion issues.

No. 19644

i hate gnc trans people. don’t get why they don’t understand it is impossible to be gnc while trans (as gender is ultimately based on sex)

No. 19646

I read this in a British accent kek

No. 19650

I feel like the whole trans movement requires more and more victims at all times. They can't just "be" trans, they have to trans everyone around them. And they'll still never be "trans enough", there's no end - just more trans. There's always another surgery, more HRT, or unlearning another internalized -ism, another memory to retcon into having been trans all along, another flag to put up, more science to deny because it doesn't fit the narrative, another terf to fight.
And it requires them to BE victims, you have to teach them to be in "fight or flight" mode at all times so they don't think and just blindly attack. There is no trans genocide but a large part of them actually believe there is. They literally train these people to commit suicide if they don't get what they want, or at the very least to threaten to do it.
And once you've finally learned all of the trans gospel - it changes again. You spend years saying gender and sex are separate only to realize that means transwomen are still the wrong sex to be in the spaces of the female sex - so now you have to instead change it to that sex isn't real anyway, but also you CAN change sex and some males are females because they say so.

Whoever started the transmovement deeply, deeply hates trans people and wanted the worst for them.

No. 19656

They just want to sexualize themselves because they've been groomed into it, but at the same time they're (rightfully) disgusted by the idea of being objectified for being female, so they solve this cognitive dissonance by pretending to not be women in the first place. Plus they think it's so subversive to objectify a (wo)man.

No. 19658

>men in general are smarter by 3-4 iq points because of this (i cant remember if this is due to the center of the men's bell curve being skewed right, or because men's average is overall raised by autists at the higher extreme)
Actually, from what I've read on the topic, women are slightly smarter on average than men. Also, there are more male geniuses than female, but there are also more male retards, so yes, there are more males on both extremes than women. Still, the average woman is smarter than the average man by a slight margin.

No. 19659

I cannot fuckin stand AGPs. I’m at the lesbian bar rn and full bearded ass men are in where twerking on each other. The fact that there is a lesbian bar in my town is already so rare but it attracts AGPs like flies to shit. I hate AGPs

No. 19661

I was tomboy growing up. Now as an adult I love and enjoy feminine things. But it's not that I "became more feminine" it's that instead of me glaring at dresses and makeup thinking they were vapid and beneth me, I instead started seeing those feminine things as neutral. I can wear a dress now, because it's just a dress and I like the design. It's not me "expressing femininity", it's just wearing another garment. There are other feminine things I still don't have any interest in, the fact that that's "supposed" to say something about my "gender" is just… insane. This is such a normal experience yet there's a whole movement out there that has pathologized it so girls like me get their breasts cut off as teens. And that movement has captured governments all over the world. How did we get here?

No. 19662

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion but I don't believe in "male/female socialization" the way it's typically presented in trans and GC spaces like here.
I don't think if you tell a boy to just be nice, only give him dolls to play with and to expect him to sit quietly etc that he'll just grow up more effiminate. He'll still just grow up a normal boy (who probably hates his boring parents). Same with girls who are expected to be tough, they're still just girls.
There are gc women saying some troons are ok because they had "female socialization" because they were abused into trooning out at age 5. That literally makes no differenc, he's still a boy who grew into a man.

I used see way more of it on lc which makes me hope people have outgrown this way of thinking. To me it sounds like very early peaking thoughts. Like when you're still slightly handmaideny and trying to accept a few troons you know personally, and still feeling afraid of being called a terf.

No. 19675

Explain to me how gender identity is a more useful or relevant way to categorize a species than sex. Fucking explain it to me. I receive NO meaningful information from your "gender identity", aside from a very basic assessment of your mental health, which is obvious from absolute state of your appearance anyways. For how much longer can the emperor wear no clothes? Do you really believe you can erase reality? You don't even pass in TEXT. You're beyond repugnant. For how much longer? And when it all comes tumbling down, who will be held responsible? You're erasing all the words used to describe us, but you'll find a way regardless. A man's accusatory finger will always find a woman. Always.

No. 19676

When I was a handmaiden and preached trans rights, my father acted like I was totally retarded, but the second he started using Reddit suddenly it's "trans women honestly are so marginalized they have a right to be violent against TERFs" like what the fuck. Now when I say things that are TERFy he acts all scandalized and suspicious of me, like bitch you didn't even support gay marriage until Obama did but now you wanna come after me like I'm some bigot? I'm a lesbian and he thinks lesbians have life on easy mode too, he's also pro-life and jokes white women deserve to be murdered, etc. I already knew this was a movement that caters to men who hate women, but if I wasn't already peaked this would peak me again.

No. 19679

socialization isn't just how your parents raise you though, it's also how those around you and society as a whole treat/perceive you and those of the same sex. i agree that socialization alone isn't going to supersede biology, but it still plays an important role. tbh i don't even see how the opposite can be argued, a lot of the behaviors and insecurities associated with women are a direct consequence of how they're treated and what's expected of them. and men can definitely get worse than they naturally are if they're encouraged to behave like violent rape apes.
>There are gc women saying some troons are ok because they had "female socialization" because they were abused into trooning out at age 5.
i doubt lc would agree with this take though, i think some gc women just pity transed children because obviously they aren't at fault the way their parents or adult troons are. trooning out early just means you've experienced the genderspecial treatment longer than other troons, it doesn't mean people actually believe that you're of the opposite sex. it's like when trannies whine about how they grew up GNC so they don't have a male socialization. yes they do, the socialization of a male who was bullied at school.

No. 19681

Apparently one of my high school classmates is now a they/them TIF and another one is most likely a TIF in the making (calls herself queer and is vocally pro-trans). I hate this shit.

No. 19684

>i doubt lc would agree with this take though
when I first started using the gc threads on lc maybe 2-3 years ago this was a take I saw commonly pushed. I don't think anons thought they were women at all but they acted like they had been neutralized since they hadn't gone through male puberty and "passed" fairly well as kids. At least I think that was the take, I wasn't ever on that side

No. 19685

>Explain to me how gender identity is a more useful or relevant way to categorize a species than sex
You're right, there is NO fucking reason that gender (which in my opinion doesn't even exist in the way they're defining it) should be used over sex. THEY are the ones who pushed that the 2 are totally different things, so then fine have your religious view that your gender-spirit doesn't match your physical bodied sex - but the rest of us do not have to agree, validate or take part in it. The only laws and rules around gender should be under religion, and those laws already exist. Their right to be religious weighs equally to our right of not being religious.

No. 19686

It's so scary to see people get brainwashed like that, it's why you have to start to peak people before it happens. I'm sorry that your father is homophobic nona

No. 19687

Started reading a book on autism that was recommended to me and in the first page I get

> I had an eating disorder that had ravaged my digestive system, and gender dysphoria that made me resent how other people saw me, though I didn't yet understand why.

Look it up, author is a tif. Heartbroken that “how other people saw me” got interpreted as “gender dysphoria” and not just sexism. And of course the eating disorder, almost every tif I know has or had an eating disorder.

No. 19688

If girl and woman doesn't mean females then there are no sex based rights. They don't exist at all. I'm so scared to lose all sex based rights. JKR was right all along

No. 19693

Does anyone have a list of celebs/brands who are against troons? Even just a minor statement like "puberty blockers are bad" is enough. If they apologised and took it back then fuck them, but people who have a spine and haven't backed down. It would be nice to know a few safe people whose content you can consume and support.

Maybe I should go into a trans space and ask who's transphobic so I know who to support that way kek

No. 19696

I went into a 'radical' (their words, not mine) local bookstore yesterday naively thinking I might find some cool feminist books or something. What, dear nonnas, did I actually find? A million fucking books and zines on trannies (and commie shit kek). The section labeled 'feminist' had about three different books and if I remember correctly, two were written by men. They had stickers, and one of them was about defending 'bodily autonomy' which was clarified to mean abortion AND transitioning. Because an actual lifesaving procedure is totally the same as getting big mommy milkers in a last ditch effort to stop yourself from 41%ing. Found a woman-specific bookstore in the same area, but googled it and they have a ton of IG posts pandering to troons. Women are literally allowed fucking nothing. I hate liberal cities.

No. 19700

Go back and take photos so we can laugh at the books and zines kek

No. 19702

I guess this is more of a question then a vent. What would you say to someone who’s a TIF that’s peaking but is afraid to go through with detransition? I have a long time friend who’s so so close, has confided in me about being uncomfortable, realizing she made a mistake. She’s been a TIF for a long ass time (since middle school) and has always been really nonconforming so it was a given she ended up this way. On top of which a very anxious person. Luckily she hasn’t done much to herself so no zipper tits. She was on hormones for a while but quit like within a few months but her reasonings as to why were all cope sounding. I am not sure what to say even tho I saw it coming. She’s had other people tell her she’s wrong and that it “happens”. They are all creepy TIMs or TIFS that give me just BPDchan vibes. I don’t hide that I am a radfem but am quit about being a “ebil terf”. I am super worried for her. I am just not sure what to say.

No. 19704

This is a case where being gentle and understanding will probably be best, pushing her too hard any way might scare her. Just let her know that she should prioritize her health and happiness and that anyone who tries to make her feel badly for trying to reconnect with her body has an agenda and isn't acting in her best interests. It sounds like she just needs to know someone is on her side and won't vilify her for detransitioning. Just let her know you're there if she wants to talk about it more, and that she can take things at her own pace. She might not have much sense of autonomy/agency if she's been constantly told who she is. Someone who gets swept up in this stuff so early likely isn't used to making their own choices without peer pressure. If she detransitions, it has to be because she wants to, not because anyone swayed her into it, or else she'll be succeptible to just going right back.

No. 19705

That sounds like the best bet, thanks nonna. She’s my friend and always will be. Before this she was just my fellow tomboy in arms. It hurt her more then helped which I think she sees now.
I just hope she chooses to care for her and be herself over what some silly propaganda is saying. She’s had some TIMs be really creepy to her and one even molested her which I think is a big play in her current state. Her TIF friends are really mean to her which is sad to see (I assume worse in private as this is what I see publicly and the few hangs out I have been invited to/went to). She lost contact with our old friend group for them expect for me. I hope she knows we all still care… I worry for her and I don’t like being out ward about my terf stance but I want her to be safe, happy and healthy.

No. 19706

You sound like a good friend, and honestly I think what you're doing is already the most effective thing you can do. It seems like she already sees, but is just struggling to accept, that the people she's surrounded herself with lulled her into a false sense of safety with lovebombing and constant empty validation. Once she understands they'd eat her alive for stepping out of line, even if it's for her own safety, she'll also realize who her real friends are–the ones who care about her and have cared about her all along. Lonely, insecure people get carried away with this just like any cult, and knowing they have a support system to "go home" to is the best thing you can do for her. Wishing you both the best nona.

No. 19708

Can I be an otherkin? Like trans shit is driving me so insane I may as well dissociate and be a fucking squirrel. It feels so innocent now looking back at it

No. 19710

Let her know you'll still be her friend no matter what she chooses. Maybe suggest she watches detransition content/interviews to see if she can relate, pretty much all detransitioners are peaked and end up talking about how they were just tomboys, or gay, or groomed etc so it will rub off on her further while there's also the comfort of knowing she's not alone. If you've got the time you can scout out one you think applies to her specifically (female tomboy close to her age) but act like you just stumbled upon it. I know Benjamin Boyce has a ton of interviews with detransitioners on youtube.

No. 19711

I'm terf-gender, TRAs must respect my gener identity or they are transphobic bigots. Come with me squirrel-chan and let us kick some nuts out of female only spaces

No. 19718

i just saw a woman on tik tok say the phrase “misogyny affected people.” are you fucking serious??? misogyny is literally, by definition, prejudice against women. WOMEN. not “people.” not trans women. i’m so fucking mad

but in better news, one of my internet friends (who’s a lesbian) posted a tweet asking why it’s not okay for lesbians to have genital preferences. she of course had to sugarcoat her completely acceptable question to make sure nobody was offended by it, but i messaged her and essentially said that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. i told her that the only people who say it’s unacceptable are terminally online idiots. we chatted back and forth for a bit and i guess she had seen a reddit post where someone was pissed off about the “transphobia” in that new movie, bottoms.

idk if y’all have seen it yet but i thought it was fucking great. i especially loved that they didn’t pander to trans people at ALL. like, they didn’t mention transgenderism a single time. i haven’t seen the post but i’m pretty sure the scene this reddit post was referencing was when the two main characters are talking about a girl one of them has a crush on. they’re joking about how that girl has a boyfriend, with a penis, and how much she must love his penis. something like that. it was supposed to be a funny bit where two friends poke fun at one another for being interested in straight women, but of course the trannies are up in arms about it because “some women HAVE penises!!1!” i cannot tell you ladies how amazing it was to not see a single hulking scrote dressed in women’s clothing on that screen.

side note: there’s an extremely fucking attractive androgynous women in one of the leading roles, and they didn’t they/them her. she was still a woman nonnas!! it was so fucking beautiful and refreshing!

No. 19719

I was looking at the About section of a feminist library in my city any came across the following sentence:

>Any ‘women only’ events organised at the Library must be inclusive of all self-identifying women, and we ask groups to make this clear when promoting events. No group is permitted to organise events contrary to this at the Library.

I wish things weren't like this

No. 19720

File: 1693934766006.jpeg (89.76 KB, 675x900, CqUKVlFVIAAA7hj.jpeg)

>Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth) died yesterday
>Most TRAs: Only remembering for this.

No. 19721

Nonas I'm boiling right now thinking about how I ended my friendship with a nonbinary troon over him thinking male troon rapists belong in women's jail because they're soooo vulnerable to violence from men. He'd go insane lengths to argue why his shitty gross stance is the morally correct one because if a troon says he's a woman, he just magically is and real women are bigots and evil terfs for thinking otherwise.
My friend confided in me yesterday about having been raped in the past, and it reminded me of all the disgusting takes that guy said all over again. He'd defend this rapist too, if he just put on a skirt and lipstick. It makes me so fucking mad to think about it. Sometimes I even worry ending the friendship over one statement was too drastic of me but then I remember all those things he said and the real life consequences his ideology is having on women, and him really not giving a shit about real women.

No. 19723

I met a cool lesbian through radfem/ rad aligned spaces that all things considered is kind to me and a wonderful friend. She's however a TIRF and Anarchist and I can't stand that side of her own politics and how she capes for Troons and gay men still more then I do. sighI wanna meet a girl with similar niche interests who doesn't fucking do that!

No. 19727

Would you be able to peak her? Like can you at least start to get her to think that while troons are tooootally valid, they of course have to have the perfect-magic-neovagina-surgery because you can't force lesbians to like dicks. Saying lesbians like dick is homophobic and if she's truly a lesbian and not a larping bi she should get that.

One idea is taking a deranged obviously fetishistic male no effort agp transbian screenshot and saying someone is mad at you for saying you can't be attracted to that person as a lesbian. Really mention how the homophobia is negatively affecting you. If you can get her to think AGPs are using trans people to hide their fetish that's a step in the right direction. You want her to start thinking "some" troons are bad and just fake trans. That gives her an in to hate and see flaws in some trans people, because they're not trans at all - just fakers who are actually harming real trans people! Eventually if she keeps following that path she'll see it's all of them.

No. 19728

File: 1694030993999.jpeg (17.19 KB, 460x527, When u hit the roaches with th…)

Thinking about that time someone on a group chat I was on was talking about having cysts form in their mouth on their 'period'. Later found out that that person was mtf transgender. I don't know why but that made me angry. They seem like an okay person otherwise, that just made me uncomfortable.

No. 19733

She capes for Homosexual troons ( of the gay and lesbian variety) and was herself a TIF and still ids irl as a he/ him lesbian. She already doesn't think straight troons are "valid" but praises homo ones for muh gender abolition ( even if there gender non conforming for bull shit sexist reasons).

No. 19736

I work at a university and today we had an “introduce yourself” meeting for employees and nobody stated their pronouns, even the employees who’ve given pronouns unprompted at previous meetings. Maybe nature is finally starting to heal.

Inshallah maybe by this time next year people will start taking the pronouns out of their Zoom screen names and email signatures.

No. 19742

We love to hear it! I find it so fucking silly in meetings or videos where everyone states their pronouns or they all have a tag with it visible on screen and they're all obviously just normal people with normal pronouns. And the few times there's a gendie there… you could already tell from looking at them because somehow "being my true self" looks identical to all other "true selves" in the cult.
>even the employees who’ve given pronouns unprompted at previous meetings.
I love to do the "wrong" thing and not follow up with my own pronouns when they do that. If they call me out and tell me to state my pronouns I'll word it in an obnoxious way like "just normal female ones". I do have the benefit of being ESL though kek

For nonas who have been forced to have pronouns in your bio/signature at work, have you tried just silently taking them off after a while to see if anyone reacts? After a few weeks if you have normie coworkers (often older males will think pronouns are stupid) you could casually mention it to them and that no one reacted and hopefully they'll do the same.
I think the way I'd go about it is asking something like "hey remember pronouns in bio they made us do? Do you think those are actually important?" and if they say anything that can be seen as sceptical you can go ahead and tell them "I accidentally removed mine a month ago and forgot about it and nothing happened, so I think it's fine without them". If they instead went "yesss omg they're so important transwymon r wwmon!!1!" then just drop it and find someone else kek

No. 19746

I only knew him for Smash Mouth and the most popular songs but now that's depressing. Shit.

No. 19748

File: 1694174820835.jpg (104.81 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20230908_090842.jpg)

Oh no, the "men are afraid that gay men treat them like women" returned badly.

No. 19750

I’m going to a niche meet up for an animu rhythm game tomorrow and it’s mostly chronically online zoomer based. Dumb but I feel like the anxiety of being asked for my pronouns trumps a bit of my excitement kek. I don’t know anyone and I’m going all alone but also I got no hopes of making friends or anything because I’m an evil female supporter (gasp) and I don’t think a horse or a rooster can experience the same things as a mare or a hen (oh no) so that’s pretty defeating. I hope I can still have fun even if it’s me by myself pretending I fit in.

No. 19756

Well females are afraid that the trans males (who directly invade and try to take down female only spaces while knowing they're male) will treat them the way other shitty space invading males always do or worse.

And the "cis" males are afraid the trans males will hurt their daughters, gfs, wives and mothers with their gross fetish, or indeed to try to rape or force them to perform sexual acts they don't want to do. I don't see what's so confusing about it.

And that's not even touching on how infuriating it is to either sex that trans people deny reality and are anti-science which is literally harming ALL of society.

Funny though… why is it the "cis het" men they are confused over being "threatened"? Is it because they know men can easily overpower a weak tif despite all the hormones in the world, meaning "cis men" in particular have nothing to fear from tifs? That a "cis man" is at least on the same level as a tim so he has no reason to ever feel threathened by either variety of troon? Hmmm.

No. 19757

good luck nona, play a dumb normie who doesn't know about pronouns if you can

No. 19758

I'm just putting my gender ideology predictions here because I'm 99% sure it's gonna happen in the next few years or so. As troons become more and more public with their depravity and people see more and more bullshit they can't ignore, I'm fairly certain we're going to see an increase in 'true trans' people. It's just an ideological self defense mechanism. Like cutting off an infected arm, but the rest of the body is infected too, just not as obvious. They'll tell us that all the crazy weirdo trannies on social media aren't really trans, but still be told that we can trust most trans people because they're the ones who are "really trans". Basically, the only troons that are allowed publicity are going to be the ones who are better at hiding their degeneracy, like Blaire White or whatever. Gender ideology won't be any less toxic, of course, it'll just keep it mostly behind closed doors and try to appeal to the public now that the mess has been swept under the rug. I'm probably gonna feel compelled to believe them, but at this point I think I'm wise to this manipulation tactic. I'm very weak because of my empathy but even I can only be fooled so many times. It's still gonna be tough not to crack when someone is so good at pretending to be in a state of immense distress, but I now know just how good narcissists are at faking emotions and entire backstories. It's fucking chilling how well they can adapt and effortlessly fake such strong emotions all to manipulate other human being by exploiting one of their most fundamental traits. We're pack animals and we evolved to have empathy in order to survive and there's an entire group of people out there that can hand craft personas and backstories purely to manipulate that. I'm not gonna buy their bullshit anymore though.

No. 19759

File: 1694245629790.jpg (397.96 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20230909-094330_X.j…)

I know Musko isn't the best person but he does have a very big reach and a lot of influence so him tweeting against the gender cult makes me hopeful. I feel like techbros who follow him are a group of people who unless they're wearing programmer socks has been unaware about the trans ideology because they don't normally listen/care about women and children. So if he can get them riled up over it that's a step in the right direction

No. 19767

went to a shopping center for some stuff. there was a cafe with one table a mtf and ftm troon sitting. it looked like they stared at me walking past then even looked at me taking an escalator down. it just disturbed me to even think the mtf fat ugly ass classic troon would look at me or another woman and think "I wanna be her!" I feel schizo saying they were looking at me but it was way too coincidental seeing them looking one angle then again.

No. 19768

watching a streamer play a game in the customization part of it, and a viewer coming in like "make it white, pink and blue! transify that shit!!" like shut the fuck up with your gross child mutilation cult. the streamer was about to do it too, but the game fucking crashed lmao it didn't want that trans shit in it kek

literally no one else in chat was saying anything about the trans shit but this one person, so i'm hoping it means they weren't on board but they all know they can't say anything without getting banned for twansphobia. normally everyone would do some mandatory "omg yasss trans ppl are so valid" so to see total silence from everyone else was refreshing

No. 19769

I can't even understand why they picked pink (a color it used to be a "manly" color), white and baby blue (a "feminine" color). Would it be because it used to be x color until society made them the opposite? (blue = boys, pink = girls)?

No. 19770

File: 1694309200015.png (434.72 KB, 1897x1080, starfield.png)

I don't play games much these days but I was kind of interested in Starfield until I learned how it panders to gender ideology. There's no mention of male or female anywhere in the character creation screen. You get a choice between two "body types" and "walk styles" which are just labeled 1 and 2, and at the end you pick your pronouns (and of course they/them is an option). It's retarded because they're still acknowledging there's only two sexes but I guess using the words male and female would hurt tranny feelings. And men and women walk differently because their bodies are different, so it makes no sense to mix a male body with a female gait. Anyway, this isn't that important, I just won't play the game, but it creeps me out to see these ideas being shoved even into escapist entertainment. Apparently Baldur's Gate 3 pulls similar shit. Any nonnas interested in these games, please pirate them.

No. 19773

Yeah the trans flag is because "baby pink is for (trans) girls" and "baby blue is for (trans) boys". It's funny how even the flag reinforces rigid gender stereotypes, almost everything they do is so regressive while they claim to be progressive.

No. 19774

I so badly want game developers to stop pretending this is helping anyone. Erasing female bodies from video games after we just got them is so insane. Sure you CAN have it…. but don't you dare call it "female" or associate it with cis women you terf!
But it is funny that almost all of the games doing it does a "option 1 or 2" sooo literally still a binary choice, based on the two sexes. I would like to think it means some or most people involved don't give a shit about trans people and just pander because it's in fashion right now. It's not often they have a real "trans body" that's like a puberty blocked eunuch with their typical longer limbs and fat torso, or a short curvy broad hipped woman with a mutilated chest with the typical "dog ears".

Even if you were trans, you'd usually want to play as the opposite sex. You don't want to play as an effiminate-walking-style male with a huge square jaw and bad wig hulking over the female npcs. Enbies literally mutilate their own bodies permanently for a disordered fashion statement, I don't see why anyone would want to pander to them in the first place. It's like all of it is just a big ad for plastic surgery.

No. 19775

> I would like to think it means some or most people involved don't give a shit about trans people and just pander because it's in fashion right now.
Wouldn't surprise me if game developers decides to stop listening to troons' twitter freakouts now that they saw how little it affected Hogwarts Legacy's sales, despite the massive smear campaign and autistic spoiler spreading.

No. 19777

I wish so badly I could go back in time and stop myself from every becoming exposed to tranny ideology as a young teen on tumblr. It fucked so badly with my sense of self and I feel like I’ve had a decade of my life stolen from me. There were so many times I disagreed with it but stayed quiet or was basically bullied into ignoring my beliefs about sex being immutable and mattering and I feel like it made me weak and unstable. I really had to rely so heavily on cognitive dissonance to function in those spaces but I thought that’s where I belonged because that’s where all my weirdo nerdy female friends were who made me feel loved. It’s just so crazy to think back on that crap and how much it took from me, but especially in terms of time I could have been using to actually build a stable identity and sense of self, and reconciling the trauma I’ve experienced as a female and genuinely healing it. Even when I thought about detransitioning multiple times, each time I would feel so scared of excommunication or that I’d be “betraying the trans community” or labeled a transphobe and the fact that I was wrong about myself for so many years that I would just dig my feet in deeper. I’m so happy that I’ve woken up and see this shit for what it really is, but I have so much regret for the time I’ve lost. I’m so thankful for the brave destransitioners who showed me it was possible to come back to myself and disagree with the madness.

No. 19779

Hogwarts legacy was such a godsend, thank you JKR for all the work you do proving how insane these people are. I'm so happy HL did incredibly well and was liked by everyone, and I'm thrilled they're making a new potter series based on the books as well.

I feel you on that, my (admittedly very tame compared to others) handmaiden days back on tumblr are so embarrassing to look back at. Even when I thought "I don't really agree with all of this" I'd reblog things to not stand out and to be a "good ally". I wish I hadn't helped spread it at all, even though my own blog was super tiny and non that popular. But what is done is done, and if I hadn't been on tumblr and seen it all first hand I might have been even MORE susceptible to buying trans ideology as part of LGBT rights. I wouldn't have seen it go from "we're just born in the wrong body" to "we're biological men despite being female because sex isn't even binary" etc… I think slowly seeing vulnerable autists and lesbians troon out one after another in real time helped me peak. Without having been part of it I wouldn't understand the issues as well as I do today, or perhaps not have as much compassion for detransitioners who I now find amazingly strong for essentially making it out of a terrible self-harming cult.

No. 19784

Nonnas, today my Nigel tried to pull a 'not all trans' card on me during a discussion about sick fucks on the internet even though he is well aware of my terven feelings. I had to ease it down with saying, yes, of course not all trans, but the ones crowing and crying loudly about MUH TRANS RIGHTS and MUH TRANS KIDS are all rotten to the core. So, you know, all of the ones that the internet produced since the mid aughts.

I am worried his online friends are influencing him, what a damn shame if that is the case.

No. 19787

Peak him more nona. Show him the drag queen pedos, the AGPs masturbating in women's restrooms, troons winning in female sports etc

No. 19793

Made some friends at a con and now I see one of their closest friend has “if you’re a terf I genuinely want you to kill yourself” on her profile and I know it’s just words on a screen but the association with irl really just makes me feel like shit.

No. 19795

I hate tims so much. They're so fundamentally removed from womanhood that their delusion is laughable. If they really were somehow women born into the bodies of males they would shut the fuck up and thank their lucky stars they got to be male, maybe send some money to a women's shelter. They've been given the privilege of being male, of not having to fear being preyed upon, and in the case of AGPs/transbians they are lucky enough to be straight too. I would fucking kill to have all that privilege and power. They have no idea what it's like to be a woman and they never will. I won't even say they had the audacity to discard their manhood because they never fucking did to begin with. They keep their manhood, both literally and figuratively. They flaunt it and use it as a cudgel to punish the women who they deem 'out of line'. I fucking hate troons so much nonnas. I have to see their hideous hulking frames when I'm out and they've infiltrated my social circle and I just keep my mouth shut. These freaks are the farthest thing from women possible. I hate that they have so much privilege and power but have the sheer nerve to pretend to be oppressed while they are actively oppressing real women, especially lesbians. I still reserve a little pity for the HSTS, especially the ones who were bullied or groomed into trooning out as kids. They're not women, they're abused boys. I still feel a little sympathy for them in the sense that I get what it's like to be jealous of straight people. But I can never, ever see them as women. Also, they do still show general moid behavior, unsurprisingly.

No. 19797

If I made friends at a con and I discovered that they hated "TERFs" or any person that knows men can't be women, I would cut them off. I don't know what your next move is gonna be, but I get very particular when I choose my friends. I'd rather be alone than make friends with a tranny or a supporter of trannies.

No. 19800

>a chat talking how mental health and its illness have been destroyed by Internet
>biting the tongue to mention about gender shit and how suddenly everybody and their mom are trans.

Each time

No. 19804

>If they really were somehow women born into the bodies of males
If they were somehow a subcategory of women who were literally in every single possible way indistinguishable from men (like they claim), they'd still be the exact same threat to women, children and other men that normal men are. But that could only happen if sex wasn't real, so that's why they claim sex isn't real, not binary, a social construct etc
They pretend we can't ever know what person can impregnate and what person can get pregnant, that it's a magic lottery and either could happen to anyone. It just doesn't add up.

No. 19805

Understandable; the ideology isn’t really escapable and even my family has bought into it, I’ve been mostly alone for around 10 years strictly befriending people who are ignorant about the issue but have not much in common with me, and my mental health has suffered terribly because of it. I need to learn how to live within society and suck it up because I’m really craving that human contact and feeling of belonging.
I feel like the prisoners who are willing to feel like shit around cruel inmates just to not be in solitary confinement. I wish I could be like some of you nonnies in this thread who can have gendie friends and everything, be critical of it, but not let the anxiety of it consume them. Or like you who would be okay with being alone. Both interacting with them and being alone are dogshit options honestly, but at least at cons I can have a little bit of fun. I don’t know.

No. 19806

This gonna sound silly but pretend you're a secret spy nona. Make a game out of it and then you can come and went/report to us here on lc so you can regain some sanity. Change any details you're worried about so they won't know it's you if they against all odds find the posts.

Use light peaking methods if you see the opportunity, like if they question any trans thing in the slightest and go with it to encourage them to keep questioning it. Some tifs are critical of tims, or have trutrans views that can be built on.
Ask normie straight family members/friends if they'd REALLY date a same sex person who hasn't even transitioned, inform them if they say no that trans people think they're a transphobic bigot but that it's wrong of them.

Also I think asking people who know trans people "would you still support X if he/she/xe detransitioned?" is helpful to make them think that it's a possibility. Make up a recent detrans acquaintance if needed as a reason for you asking, say all their TRA friends left them even though they're the same person (because that's always what happens).

No. 19810

Not silly at all! Thanks nona, I think these are actually pretty doable. One time people brought up the popularity of this trans headcanon for certain effeminate male character, and I was able to say I didn't share it because it seemed like sexist stereotypes (the character sews and likes dolls), with people around me agreeing. I hope one day they fully make the connection. Thank you anon!

No. 19817

File: 1694548803858.png (365.6 KB, 600x600, download20230902215106.png)

>This gonna sound silly but pretend you're a secret spy nona
Make your own secret terf spy sona everyone kek


Mine is a young fashionista woman who acts sweet to troons faces but she secretly despises them. She'll give them backhanded compliments and make comments that make them cry of dysphoria in the guise of being an uninformed but well-meaning ditzy normie, but she's actually well informed about all troon issues and has a secret terf chat where she roasts troons on the daily with her friends. She dyed her hair an unnatural purple/blue color to seem more innocent to troons and always encourages tims too go further in their transition just so she and her friends can laugh at how ugly and stupid they are. They see it as a favor to all women when they get troons to sterilize themselves and thus taking out their degenerate genes from the market.

No. 19824

File: 1694560845761.png (421.45 KB, 600x600, IMG_5910.png)

weeb furry woman who plays dumb when people bring up genders

No. 19826

File: 1694587707361.png (357.2 KB, 600x600, download20230903085002.png)

When talking with troons or TRAs, I like to pretend I'm even more autistic than I actually am, and therefore have an excuse for saying their rhetoric makes no sense.

No. 19827

File: 1694591930812.png (497.97 KB, 600x600, download20230903092326.png)

I love these kek

My terf-sona is a pink haried high school girl professional gamer and streamer who is openly transphobic. Everyone loves her because she's cute and feminine so she gets away with it. Her fanbase will shut down any attempt at cancelling her in a matter of seconds.

>When talking with troons or TRAs, I like to pretend I'm even more autistic than I actually am, and therefore have an excuse for saying their rhetoric makes no sense.
lmao I've done this a number of times too, they get really pissy about it because so many of them are autists too so they hate it when you use it against them. "Sorry but my autism makes me only believe in science and logic" makes them seethe as they try to stammer out that troonism is totally based on science (easily disproved) and logic (lmao bitch where) and not just a religious faith based ideology (which they can't because it is)

No. 19829

File: 1694600951349.png (404.69 KB, 600x600, 185483_KcixSrtz.png)

This was fun.
My TERF-sona became a doctor because she wanted to improve women's experiences with healthcare, make people's lives easier and because she found the job fascinating, albeit challenging. She's secretly a TERF because she doesn't want to lose her job so she's respectful towards them, but still finds subtle ways to annoy them because "you shouldn't hide your biological sex from doctors, it might cost your life". She and her colleagues earn a ton of money by selling hormones to troons and while she thinks some of the surgery results are horrifying, she is interested to see how far the whole thing will continue and how it will potentially improve science

It seems plausible the trutrans crowd will increase.
>There are plenty of detrans people who are no longer having dysphoria even though they legit felt it before. And the fact that trans care supposedly helps trans people by lessening/removing it too is proof that even TRA admit dysphoria is a thing that CAN go away and be managed.
To me gender dysphoria seems like the nocebo effect. If you want to learn more about it, I suggest watching Helen Pilcher's speech, it's on YouTube. Or you can search it online. Basically a person is conditioned to expect a negative response from an experience. I saw cases of people saying "my dysphoria became worse since I realized I am trans" or some of them showing no signs of dysphoria until they learned about the concept, very bizarre. Gender dysphoria, as a concept, is hard to pinpoint because like any emotion is just a negative response to certain stimuli and these people attribute it to gender. While it could be literally anything that causes this response. Are you sure it's not just bias?

No. 19830


This happened to me. Reading TIF stories made me feel disgusted about my body because they shared similar backgrounds to me, but rejected their female bodies. There were a bunch who were your usual tomboys, gamers as kids, and then they were talking about how much they hated their hips and thighs and body shape. Over time my 'ideal' body changed from a more 'feminine' one to a more 'androgynous' one because of the way TIFs spoke about their bodies with such disgust. I stopped reading anything TIFs wrote and my dysphoria went away. It's fascinating, I think trans people can function as subcultures with their own particular beauty standards, so if you hang around TIFs too long, you end up adopting their beauty standard (androgynous, thin, lank) instead of the mainstream culture's.

Unfortunately because most scientists seem to take gender dysphoria at a surface level, I don't think we're going to get any research on it that isn't just affirming the existing narrative. There's not going to be research on people like me who developed dysphoria very quickly because of constant exposure to TIFs and then had it go away once I realized what was happening and stopped reading that content.

Does anyone else get the impression that a lot of the scientists that research transgender issues don't even know any trans-identified people? So none of their studies investigate anything interesting you'd observe from watching TIPs. What is actually happening to TIMs when they claim they get periods? What changes would TIPs report if they were given placebos instead of hormones? Does sexual orientation actually change with hormones (testing with blood flow, not self-report)? Instead we get the zillionth underpowered study on 12 kids (4 of who dropped out) who report that puberty blockers made them 1 point happier (out of 100).

No. 19838

>There's not going to be research on people like me who developed dysphoria very quickly because of constant exposure to TIFs and then had it go away once I realized what was happening and stopped reading that content.
That's ROGD via social contagion, it's one of the few things that actually has been studied and is talked about a lot by gender critical professionals. So there's hope!

>Does anyone else get the impression that a lot of the scientists that research transgender issues don't even know any trans-identified people?

Oh absolutely. They don't know shit about trans people other than surface level and the sweet facade they've been force fed. It's often very clear. Like for example, go into ANY male trans space and euphroia boners and AGPs are everywhere. Troons literally saying "I only feel like a girl when cooming, and then afterwards I'm a boy again until I'm horny again, am I still a valid transwoman and not just a fetishist?" and then fifty other troons agreeing that it's totally normal and valid and they all feel that. And then researchers still say "it's not about sex nor a fetish and no one is turned on by being trans, that's bigoted propaganda" like bro just listen to them for 5 seconds-

But on the other hand, I remember seeing trans people shut down studies on trans people… from about 7 years ago! They've been actively shutting down science and studies because they've always known it would be harmful to them for people to actually know what's going on. The fetishists have always known it's a fetish and don't want it exposed. So there HAS been plenty of interest in studying it, but they get shut down… by trans people. But it's still very much possible those studies do exist and are just unpublished, people waiting for the second the tides have turned enough that they can publish it without losing their jobs.

No. 19839

Trans people talking poorly about people who have historically studied and supported trans people, like Zucker and Blanchard, just because they don't go full affirmation, is one of the craziest things about the movement. These older studies are so useful for the reason that they were made before 'gender identity affirmation' became the liberal political prerogative, so they reveal a lot of interesting things.

I do think the truth will win eventually because you can only ignore the consequences of reality for so long. There are already a fair amount of studies on TIMs in sports showing that they retain advantages over women, even if they can't be competitive with men anymore. Even this (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/bies.202200173) paper, which is pro-gender identity, is asking people to realize that sex is binary, not a spectrum, and to stop spreading this misinformation. You can take this to anybody and they cannot call it a dogwhistle because they're bending over backwards and affirming gender identity, just saying it has nothing to do with sex being binary.

I don't believe in 'mass peaking' or 'the tides are turning'. I think it will be a few people at a time chipping away at this, some news about detransitioners, some papers coming out like the above, and this will slowly change people's minds. The fact that radfems have not shifted goalposts, that many radfems know trans people in real life or even used to identify as trans, and that they continue talking to people despite the attempt to make 'biological sex' into a poisonous untouchable term will have an impact. The more normies become aware of and agree with these talking points, the more the activists will have to either change their language and backtrack, or go full crazy and lose normie support. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

No. 19841

If Argentinian anon is still around here please check your email! I’m a dummie & took me until now to reply but I’d love to chat!

No. 19843

weird synchronicity with the TiM thread today. went into my first class at uni today and we were immediately sorted into groups, one of the people in mine was a TiM who told me i was "clocky" with the tone of a gay male giving a backhanded compliment. i told him i couldn't be clocky because there was nothing to clock and he and a handmaiden sat out of the group work for the rest of class. this isn't the first time i've heard a TiM say this to me, is it a 4chan thing or something? i'm very obviously an actual woman so is it some form of negging?

No. 19844

he probably thought he was complimenting you by calling you a troon, expecting you to be like "omg i luv transwomen thank you so much"
that or he's trying to insult you because you're a woman and he'll never be one so he's jealous

No. 19853

I hate it when otherwise gender critical women think passing troons should use the bathroom they "pass" for. Like have you seen the gigahons who confidently claim they pass? And the curvy aidens? They're quite literally delusional about how they look and what they are, that's why they're trans.

And for their own sake, it's cruel to force trans people to hyperfocus even more on their appearance as the opposite sex when that's literally at the core of their mental illness. Teen girls will feel like they HAVE to get a mastectomy to pass because only then are they allowed in the male bathrooms. It just becomes a prize and a goal.

And it's not fair that males being made uncomfortable or violent over an mtf in their bathroom is therefore used as an excuse to make him go to the women's bathroom. That's just males not being able to handle other males looking different. If the males were homophobes and a gay man came in and it made them uncomfortable and violent, should the gay men then go into the female restroom instead? What about disabled men? Why is it up to women to solve and protect a purely male problem?

No. 19854

samefag, but if they're genuinely so mentally ill they can't handle "just peeing" in their proper sexed space, then they should find and use the (typically gender neutral) disabled toilets since they're disabled by their mental condition which qualifies to use them

No. 19857

File: 1694696936850.png (695.92 KB, 576x768, 1032749.png)

Guaranteed that the same sign on the mens toilets is not present

No. 19862

>This gonna sound silly but pretend you're a secret spy nona
Time to do my terf spy duty and report my troony findings kek
So I'm in a mod group of ofter overlapping fandoms, a few mods from each one, it was created to make sure mods could keep tabs on problematic people crossing over the groups.
Now the funny thing is through joining this group I've discovered some of these mods are incredbly whiny and immature. It's to the point I don't think they should even be mods because they go in assuming every interaction is a micro-aggression and end up causing more drama. These people clearly have their own mental issues. And of course the main whiny people in there cape for troons above all else. Some of them are nonbinary themselves.

It's both bitter to watch them be anti-women and kids pawns, but also hilarious to watch them act like whiny babies over non-issues. I also enjoy the fact that while they threathen terfs there's one right in front of them just silently making fun of them and they have no idea I'm even there kek (I also suspect at least one other mod is a terf, but I haven't dared ask her lol).

Today's encounter has one of the whiniest most pro-troon mods in there crying about someone saying Richard Ayoade is a great comedian (since he's just been labeled a terf). This mod guy is clearly so pressed on it and is reeing over that other person "spreading HATE" in a server. All RA did was review a book, my dude you're losing sleep over a book review from the other side of the world. All because that guy MAYBE stands up for women's rights and doesn't think men should go into women's spaces…? Jesus your life is pathetic lmao

No. 19894

Absolute win nonas! My sister who I haven't seen in a while came to visit and it turns out she's a full on terf, we ended up spending hours talking about the harms of trans ideology. I can't stress enough how nice it is to be able to freely and openly talk about it all to a person who fully gets it

No. 19899

This is amazing anon! I feel so lucky, my sister is also the terfiest. It honestly feels so good, a breath of fresh air.

No. 19905

i'm so glad i have found this space. my only friends are online from a fandom we all joined pretty young and like 99% are fully on board with the gender craze, if they aren't some flavor of nonbinary they're fully supportive allies. i love them and their presence and i enjoy talking to them as they're the only social interactions i get apart from my family, but man it's impossible not to roll my eyes when they start to sperg about shit like "x is a trans icon!!" or "neopronouns are so valid uwu". i always had my doubts about what being trans truly meant, i quickly outgrew the belief of nb identities at like age 13 and thought that only dysphorics were the real trans (if you don't hate your body why transition and potentially ruin your quality of life?). of course i have to keep quiet because i don't want social death, but i'd love to know if at least one of my friends share some of my thoughts. i can't be the only one.

i'm rather young and i hate that this virus has started to poison the minds of even younger, more vulnerable girls and boys. i hate subreddits like traaa that make it obvious it's just a fetish and/or a trend and basically advertising it to naive teens. i hate websites like pronouny that put so much weight in mere words, because if someone calls you a dude even though you aren't one you must CRY AND COLLAPSE. i hate boys thinking that if you're nerdy and quiet and like pink it means you're actually a trans catgirl! or if you're an alt girl with uncommon interests that means you're not really a woman, you're some demiboy genderflux clowncore otherkin world salad. i hate people making their super speshul gender their whole identity and reason of being, and thinking they suffer more than actual marginalized minorities. the other day i saw someone on twitter saying that terfs stole the genderwhatever flag colors (purple white green), but they had "14 year old" in their bio and that made me feel relieved for a second, only to be worried again… fourteen year olds shouldn't be saying this shit and adults shouldn't be encouraging that either.

what made me completely peak was looking at an ex friend who became nb because longer hair makes you not a man apparently. since then he made his whole personality hating terfs, being trans and opposing transphobia. outside of that, he's pretty privileged! he comes from a well-off family, he's a straight tall white man, literally checking all the boxes. he was one of the few friends that was from my country, which has a pretty bad wealth gap, and seeing him thinking he has it so bad because some english terf says biological sex matters while i'm a working class woman with lesser opportunities by default is so rage inducing… once again, the privilege! he's so happy to shut down gc women and tell them to not make things about themselves, for him they're the worst evil on earth since it's the only thing he'll get "discriminated" on.

to end this block of text, i am a pretty girly girl but i have some male-dominated interests. i am happy to be a girl, liking certain things don't make me less of a girl, and it's pretty disheartening to see how other girls adjacent to my friend group are rejecting the label for really superficial reasons, when we are already so sparse. there's like three of us left, counting myself, because the rest thinks they're all a xe/xem nonbinary. like yasss girl, this is your true self girl, even if you didn't interact with certain people online you would still feel this way! nope, it's not a phase mom!

No. 19907

>of course i have to keep quiet because i don't want social death, but i'd love to know if at least one of my friends share some of my thoughts. i can't be the only one.
This was me until a few years ago. I was very young and I'd just come out of an abusive religious environment, I accepted my friend group's beliefs at face value because I didn't want to be anything like my homophobic family and because I desperately needed their support. I had literally no one else after I came out, they were my only friends and it felt like they were the only ones would accept me or even care about me. In hindsight I feel like they weren't any different than a predatory church scooping up a 60 y/o alcoholic. I learned really fast that I had to just stay quiet and listen and repeat back anything they said because all of my organic takes on feminism were, surprise surprise, trans exclusionary because my upbringing was extremely misogynistic and I recognized that it was because of me being materially female. And after so long of the fire and brimstone routine, it was reeeaaal easy to accept and repeat the "small" stipulation that "lesbians need to at least give transwomen a shot and date them and not all transwomen even have a penis so it's okay really and no one's gonna force you to date them anyway". After all I'd already accepted once that I was evil and a sinner and destined for hell. Sure, I could be a genital fetishist. I'm disgusted at myself looking back but I can see at the same time how easy it was to manipulate me and I hate them for it. I've posted before how disheartening to realize exactly how much homophobia I was dealing with without realizing it. I was already hurting and it feels like they took advantage of me.

No. 19909

Vent as much as you want here! I'm also so glad lc exists, all of my online friends would cancel me and never speak to me again if I said anything super mildly against trans people. Heck one guy blocked me for saying "hogwarts legacy looks fun, can't wait to play it". That simple line made him think I'm an evil bigot.

Since you're young you could try the "no social reward" method on your friends if you want to peak them. Basically try to never reply to any trans stuff they say, and instead just immediately change the topic. You want to cut off the social reward they get from talking about trans stuff by never reacting to it. They're all in this phase to fit in, if you start making them feel like they don't fit in they'll eventually try to adjust and change. Basically ignore all trans stuff, and whenever they talk about anything else you reward them with fun conversations and compliments. You should point out things like "it's so nice to talk to you about (chosen non-trans topic, like movies or games or whatever) your takes on it are so fun and interesting".
So when they say something like "reee trans people are so oppressed right???" You just say something like "I saw this fun movie from my childhood the other day, it's about X…". At MOST you start with "Right. Anyway I saw this movie…"
Like they get a 1 word reply agreeing so they can't be mad at you for disagreeing.

And if needed also casually give little excuses like "idk i just don't like talking about depressing political things and hearing about people getting oppressed
is bad for my mental health rn".

If/when you have to reply to the trans stuff you keep it as short and boring as possible, and you don't say what they "expect" you to say. Like never use the common phrases like "transwo/men are wo/men" or talk about things being "affirming" or call things "cis". If you're asked for pronouns you don't say "she/her", you say something like "oh just like normal female ones thanks" so you're technically answering them, but not using the cult words they want. It makes them confused kek

No. 19910

blogposting, i'm worried about posting too much info in case i get sniffed out by a lurker but oh my god i cant take genderspecial bullshit anymore. im studying in a foreign country rn and there's a she/they lesbian TIF in our dorm who i was under the impression was reasonably chill until i found out she's a vehemently anti-terf gendie and dating a greasy TIM that she gushes about all the damn time. she's been inducted into this little clique of people that have been stirring drama and defending this autistic moid that's done some grody-ass shit towards some women in the dorm while declaring others every damn -ism under the sun in order to get people to avoid them. this one moid in particular has been getting called transphobic for some random reason (probably harry potter-related, he's a giga-normie who believes in separating art from the artist which they dont like). i would be more understanding if this was like, a terminally online younger zoomer engaging in all this shit and tolerating it, but this TIF is approaching thirty and being besties with a raging misogynist who has forced himself on women and twisted the truth to make her look like the bad guy. i can't tell who hates women more at this point, gendies or moids

No. 19916

Just distance yourself from them nona. Maybe make friends with the terf-guy and the women the tim did shit to and let them know you're on their side and don't buy the lies.
That group of people are shit and start pointless stupid drama, they'll drain your mental health and energy in no time. Doesn't matter if they call you a terf and hate you, you'll never see them again once you're done studying lol

No. 19917

File: 1694995576641.png (35.42 KB, 986x403, AITA for yelling at my mentall…)

>OP is ranting her moid cousin destroyed her dressed

>this mf asking her if she was a trans woman because "TRaNSphOBiA"?

No. 19922

File: 1695053398919.jpg (45.85 KB, 500x500, artworks-000484114464-cjvlkb-t…)

Nonas how much do you think shows like Steven Universe affected the troon start? In particular enbys. It was huge with gendies on tumblr and I remember cringe af video clips of fans crying telling the creators "I wish this had existed when I was a child so I could have had the nonbinary representation" through their sobbing tears, just because Rebecca Sugar chose to make the 100% clearly female characters "not female" since they're an alien race from space.

No. 19923

Steven Universe was just a symptom of a bigger issue. The gendies already existed or the show would have crashed and burned before being "discovered" by gendies.
Also ironic that you used the image of the one gem voiced by a man for your 100% female example. 99% of them do fall into your framework though.

No. 19924

Well duh, of course I used the most gender special one in the example. He literally didn't show up until the last episode but the male part is human and not gem though. It's still an all female species except Rebecca Sugar is an nlog who resents women so they can't be female and are ennys instead

No. 19925

I want to go to graduate school but I am so afraid of being stuck for years in a lab with labmates and an advisor part of this cult. Higher education/academia seems to be completely inundated with all this stupid nonsense. It seems inescapable and it makes me discouraged about continuing my education. Every time I see pronouns under a potential advisor's name, I get nervous about contacting them.

No. 19926

If I may give you some hope nonna, grad school is not all bad. I'm working with mostly older professors in a liberal arts field and they truly don't care about pronouns or gender stuff beyond what the university makes them acknowledge. Unless you go into hopelessly infiltrated fields like women's studies, I think you'll be okay. Try to look for older people that don't have time to deal with gender bullshit and tune out the gender discourses. Don't engage with that crap as much as you can and give noncommittal answers. So far in my experience I have had no problems with that. Plus, international students are usually better about leaving political conversation behind closed doors, so I'd suggest looking for friends/labmates in those circles.

No. 19927

Thank you nonna, I needed to hear that. My field is biology, which has unfortunately drank a lot more of the gendie koolaid than other related fields, but probably not as much as fields like women's studies, like you said. You're right that a lot of the professors probably just put pronouns because they have to (I have had to in the past as well), but the scary part is not knowing. And there's no way to ask directly, so I am just trying to look for any signs or clues that I can to avoid getting accidentally stuck with a crazy. I will definitely look for older people with international students.

No. 19928

>biology, which has unfortunately drank a lot more of the gendie koolaid than other related fields
That's such a sad sentence, it should be the opposite since biology works directly against troons. But I guess that's why they want to rewrite it and disprove it

No. 19929

File: 1695061319185.jpg (20.93 KB, 640x640,