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gender critical and female politics
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I know we have a female dating strategy thread but I thought it might be interesting to have a thread for us dumb handmaidens who have boyfriends and still date men despite knowing bad they are.

I recently started seeing a guy and I found out he's a brocialist that's pretty indoctrinated into the trans nonsense. I'm just casually dating him for fun and sex but it's starting to grow more intimate so I don't know if I should tell him I'm a radfem or not. I could either tell him and see what happens, or I could not even bother risking him reacting poorly and just dump him. I know the latter is probably the right thing to do, but the dick is good and my crush is strong.

Do you struggle with getting crushes on shitty men?
How does your partner feel about your radfem views?
Do you need to vent about your boyfriend and his male ways?
Or have you met your perfect Nigel and want to boast about him?

Tell me about your Nigels anons!

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Thread already exists, locking.

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