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gender critical and female politics
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File: 1677263701769.jpeg (8.35 KB, 187x269, ss.jpeg)

No. 10759

Posts, discussions,theories, and organizing surrounding females belonging to the superior sex belong here.

>Cultural avoidance of physicalogical capacity

>Sexual restraint, humility,diverse biology etc.

All discussion belongs here

No. 10761

File: 1677266050107.jpeg (11.14 KB, 300x168, fdfgfg.jpeg)

Some typos, but a needed thread. Some feminists are too soft to actually be able to support the genocide and beating of scrotes. Pro gun, pro muscle, and anti troons is utter self defense.

I can atest as a high ranking volleyball player when I was in college. Meeting one-on-one with the men in the football and basketball team, they were often joking sexually, showing off their physical definition and typical scrote behavior. Eventually we ended up competing in our respective sports and ended up winning most.

It's then I realized that women are only SOCIALIZED by gender roles to be submissive. It's not reflected or based in concrete science. The pressure and expectation to conform allows for abuse to take place.

We as women need to show scrotes we mean business and be able to TRULY have spaces of our own. Liberation is not given.

No. 10763

It's actually funny you say that because I've seen my girlfriend beat one of my friends.

I posted in another thread, so won't elaborate here, but it really did shock me that it's so diencouraged for women to fight back or use full force to defend themselves and who they love.

No. 10765

Go into it, I'd take that this thread would take awhile to kick off.

No. 10766

It's off topic

No. 10767

This concept honestly is kind of so far gone. I'm not well educated on theory, but I'm sure there's not enough material, memes, or an actual community that'd support this at all.

No. 10768

Who said anything about that? It's a supremacy general.

No. 10772

I like thinking about this often. Seeing a large amounts of animals being larger/dominant had me thinking where we went wrong. Our opression started early on with organized propety that went along with gender roles. When looking at prelithic humans, it was more equal/beneficial to women. I think if we organize and decentralize scrotes or find a "solution" to them we'd be right on track.

No. 10774

I think it's plausible, alot of the times we stop at the possible point in reproduction. As a lesbian, I think we can rely on science to advance first. The other option is giving WOMEN penises. Which doesn't seem good or possible without it being associated with troonery.

No. 10775

Maybe? Besides the fact hyenas are one of the most vile beasts on the face this planet, they're system is so based.

it raises the question on how far we could go without men. starting with the family counts.

No. 10776

I remember one anon going crazy about writing a manefesto. Where'd that go?

No. 10777

What even is this thread?

No. 10788

a fetish thread by some moid, obviously

No. 10794

No. 10826

I come on this image board to jerk off as it reinforces my view of women as mean, evil lying creatures and feels me with rage that keeps me going.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 10827

Kill yourself, scrote

No. 10847

Also, love the thread. But it seems like everyone here is too busy seething over troons rather than having worthy conversations.

No. 10849

>feels me with rage

No. 10856

Didn't even try to look appealing

No. 10865

>comments on an image board is enough to psyop a man into hating women
>pre-first grade level grammatical mistake
Holy retardation, Batman! Actually, can we talk about this for a second? I've notice men are way easier to develop prejudices against others over the most inane and non-issue things whereas women tend to be the opposite, taking more extreme measures before they "peak" to something. I can't be the only one who's noticed this right? Guys will start whole movements because of two or three innocuous events, or even stuff like straight up porn. It makes imageboards that are male dominated an utter pain to browse because of the newest 'thing' men have enraptured their brains around like BBC posting, race and politics, or even shit like clowngirls.

No. 10875

I don't believe them for a minute when they say that kind of shit. They already hated us before hand, they just wanted an excuse to exercise that hatred. A lot of men have pent up rage for whatever reason in their day-to-day life, and they look towards morality as an excuse to let that rage out towards acceptable targets. Thus they will make up any targets they want, no matter how bullshit, because what it is doesn't actually matter, just the fact you get to let your feelings out. This is why sometimes you will see men suggest violent retribution for shit like shoplifting or cutting in line or whatever in comment sections. All of this applies to sexual stuff as well b/c to men sex and violence are the same thing.

No. 10882

Secretly a Troon. The troon menace.

No. 10884

Can we ban them again, please?

No. 10885

OP here, this is a general thread, definitely not porn or sexual related (obviously because that breaks global rules???) Why are men even here.

No. 10922

its because testosterone gives them the jump to believing any empty thought that that pops into their heads, instead of parsing it through. this is how moid opinions are more likely to be weightless garbage. it really is this easy for them to psyop themselves into believing any propaganda.

No. 10926

>women are evil and lying
youre drinking spastic levels of copium if you cant accept that genociding scrotes is the cure for humanitys degeneracy

No. 11001

Your statement here is false, although I'd like it to be true.

Due to testosterone, men have greater capacity for bone density and muscle mass, although it can vary genetically speaking. It'd take a fool to say we'd be able to compete.

No. 11007

I know highlighting physical sex differences is popular because of the great tranny debate but if you think an average man can’t be physically dominated by an average woman you are brainwashed. A woman could absolutely wreck a man if she wasn’t afraid she couldn’t.

No. 11013

File: 1677734158754.jpg (126.06 KB, 721x932, tCcgKyuMogPxk.jpg)

This is what people mean when they say that radical feminism is a neo-liberal ideology out of touch with reality, Dworkin said something similar about how women could easily kill all men if they truly wanted too and it's an idea could only from a moron would formulate
women have tried fighting men in combat and they have lost, when the Mujahideen came women took up arms and tried fighting and they lost, when the Taliban came and tried taking Kabul took up arms and they lost, by your retarded and offensive logic these women were simply not trying to hard enough, men on average are physical bigger and stronger that's just a sad fact and a trained man is impossible to beat

Also you shouldn't take fitness/combat form someone who looked they'd die of a heart attack from walking a kilometer

No. 11014

I didn’t say they weren’t trying hard enough. You said that. You’re wrong.

No. 11017

nta but lol where did Dworkin say that? and fucking Jason Unruhe? I smell unwashed nutsack

No. 11020

File: 1677763010666.jpg (80.54 KB, 637x658, andrea-dworkin-465161.jpg)

>nta but lol where did Dworkin say that?
>fucking Jason Unruhe?
Jason Unruhe and Dworkin are equally culturally valid imo, fat losers who did nothing in their pathetic lives and for some reason both their "stans" are willing to defend them for seemingly no reason

No. 11021

Literally all ideology/belief creators are fat an ugly, therefore in your own belief, are unworthy of following. Why should anyone obey fat, ugly, loser moid governments or ideologies?

No. 11022

Because they are retarded and entitled as always.

No. 11023

File: 1677764154587.jpg (466.7 KB, 1284x2110, UNDXQhjTRod3B.jpg)

no they aren't, and especially not to extent that Dworkin and Unruhe
Marx literally criticized a wanna be Anarchist for being a creepy fat edge larper in his own time period, also its tragic that this was was considered unnaturally fat at one point and now its average for moids

No. 11024

She also wants to be a wife to Varg Vikernes. A bald, racist, fat moid who has never done anything politically valuable in his life.

No. 11026

They even start movements from shit that isn't true and they make up to justify their inhumanity towards women and victim complex while being responsible for majority of society-destabilising violence and the subjugation of women for millennia which we are still recovering from the affects of. Women couldn't even have their own bank account till recent years nor prosecute rape in marriage as a crime, yet moids chimpout about 'female criminals escaping justice', when women just don't commit as much violent crime as they do, so there aren't as many violent female criminals as their are men, but acknowledging this forces them to recognise male depravity which goes against their retarded evolution and ego-driven behaviour, so instead they cope their just must be an equal amount of violent female criminals escaping justice because muh 'double standards' that don't exist, and when they do they are ones stemming from their own retarded subjugation and behaviour determining those standards kek. They lose their minds when they can't even win the game they rigged in their favour.

No. 11027

All moid ones are.

No. 11029

Cope. Majority of male ideologies are creating by fat or ugly or fat and ugly men and therefore according to you, completley worthless.

No. 11031

>Nooo, they don't identify as fat and ugly! They identify as based and correct logic gender with right ideas!
You are part of the reason why trannies exist, enabling scrotal self identification delusions.

No. 11033

File: 1677767922308.jpg (138.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The founder Neo-liberalism and post-modernism(Which is the reason radical feminism even exists) fit that description

a bunch of ugly goblin looking men who knew that would be sent to labor camps if real communism ever were to succeed

No. 11034

Just say you’re a poltard who hates Jews and go

No. 11035

>literally mixed race(Seriaki-Sindhi mother and Khokhar father) Jatt nationalist who plans to have multiple male partners to be the father of my children is a poltard
very genius logic

No. 11036

File: 1677772436982.jpg (46.44 KB, 720x720, 1b07f095aff01c00501bad40a92e7c…)

Its possible when your prepared for it, if your opponent is at a 5 in aggression you have to be at least 20, fight like an animal, bite their faces, claw their eyes out and when they are distracted them hit them with a weapon without hesitation and run away

No. 11037

File: 1677777868191.jpg (313.02 KB, 800x1013, Karl_Marx_001.jpg)

it's funny bc they were both ugly fatties

No. 11047

I assume they are >>>/m/198208 & >>>/2X/5676 who often appears to sperg about Dworkin and 'subhuman fat jews in academia'.

No. 11055

Aurguable in the conditions they're in the same weight class. I've seen women absolutely body men.

No. 11056

Also let's remember not to get off topic and engage in semantics. Someone brings up a point, either add to it or ignore. This is a "general" after all.

No. 11057

Don't bitch about WHO invented theory, think about how we could use it to OUR advantage and make improvements. Like math

No. 11059

File: 1677814374401.jpg (468.43 KB, 1339x2035, J24D.jpg)

please pray tell what theories the great fatsoc spoutet that anyone with a basic understanding of feminism could have made, she was a neo-liberal at heart and radical feminism will always be fundamentally neo-liberal
self-sufficiency is great for everyone, its healthier for you but it requires a lot of willpower and commitment, but I don't think I have radfems actually ever be self sufficient, picrel is also the exact opposite of being a self sufficient human being

No. 11060

Was she a neet? You provided 0 information besides a picture.

No. 11067

she became a disgusting freak who destroyed herself cause she no self control, she was an "academic" which is no better then a NEET, she wrote some books with her dumbass takes and then got praised by other fatsocs and that's it

No. 11070

Well at least she had a college degree, what do you have?

No. 11098

Leave the fucking thread if you're just going to be off topic an insufferable

No. 11108

Let your brother use the computer for a while, Paki-chan.

No. 11170

Actually a good take.

No. 11181

Do you even know what neoliberalism is

No. 11905

>Some feminists are too soft to actually be able to support the genocide and beating of scrotes.
I always viewed physical violence as a moid field tbh

No. 11913

As opposed to chemical violence?

No. 11914

As opposed to being rational and talking shit out like a adult human.

No. 11915

That’s called liberal feminism hunty

No. 11937

would you try to reason with a rampaging bear or would you just shoot it?

No. 11952

Exhibit A of my point. You're too soft.

No. 11956

You can shoot the bear, punch it until it breaks to pieces, let it fall into a prepared trap, or poison it.
Which choices are in the male field and which ones are in the female field?

No. 12007

Im a teacher and the top sets are all girl dominated. When I pointed this FACT out, the TWO boys in a class of 28 GIRLS got so fucking triggered.

But schools have wild political policing of what you can say so I panicked and said 'boys are good at other stuff, like sport' to try and balance it out because I was worried they'd report me for sexism or some shit.

It's not my fucking fault that women are genetically more intelligent and I wish we didn't have to shelter boys from this objective fact.

No. 12098

Sorry that happened to you, nonna

No. 12100

Also just an announcement for those who don't understand:

>B-but violence is male-like!!!

You will continue to suffer under opression and will not make it
>I don't want to buy a weapon or prepare to defend myself in any way :(((
You will not survive
>Allied with alt-right/gyropers
>Allied with GBTQ alliances
>Allied with trads and pick-me's
>Not informed on women's history
>Ignorant to intersectuality and other problems within the community
>refuses to organize and contribute

You will all not survive or be able to make anything happen. Matter of fact, I CAN ASSURE YOU. The only change we as a political affiliation in regards to America and the UK (which is most of the userbase) We've only achieved so far due to co-opting and allying with the SAME PARTIES THAT SUPPORT OUR OPPRESSION.

Being real for a moment, you need to realize patriarchy runs so deep that there is no freedom or dismantlement.

It's by any means replacement, revenge and retribution for all of the history of women forever.

I propose that we gain systemic power by exploiting the very men who slip up.

No. 12103

Ntayrt but let me try:
Female: Trap and poison.
Male: Shoot and punch.

No. 12220

File: 1679697186511.jpeg (90.93 KB, 1200x800, 17a5dc0a-188f-11ea-9462-4dd25a…)

Literally this

I've been looking at Korea's 4B movement. We should have that WORLDWIDE, but with a little bit of extreme flavor.

No. 12222

I hope to god your a troon troll

No. 12227

They have great points. I agree that alot of nonnas just sperg and "peacefully" change their lives instead of actually making change.

Not to infight, but just some critique for improvement

No. 12247

You should note this is not a radfem specific issue, western leftists of all stripes and sects seem to fetishize revolution and potential violent and I have to ask every time what the hell do you mean?
you gonna go out to the street and start looting, you gonna try to fight random men or egg some male owned business, none of you gave specifics just we need to be "violent" or some vauge shit to make your specific ideology seem more "badass", you have to stop living a fantasy

No. 12248

I'd never heard about 4B before, so I just went down a google rabbithole about it. Incredibly based

No. 12251

>I propose that we gain systemic power by exploiting the very men who slip up.
What do you even mean by this?

No. 12252

But why do you say that?

No. 12254

How fucking dumb are you? If you don't know how to exploit men and their weakness for your own gain you're either young or naive.

No. 12255

NTA but we're asking again what do you fucking mean, like stop acting like some retarded fantasy
you don't ever give specifics, you just say vague shit

No. 12266

I'll assume this is all samefag due to spam. I already explained what I meant, you manipulate in order to gain power, the key is to ORGANIZE.

I'm glad you have actual concerns, that shows you're at least paying attention. But when I say "slip up" I mean the moids who are veunerable to women in some way or another. Notably sexually, like most tend to be. We use our oppression to our advantage.

I need to reiterate that there will be no equity for women without extreme measures. That doesn't mean randomly looting or what have you, although it could be done. There has to be meaning behind the destruction, if that be depraving men from their entitlement by essentially copying the 4B movement, creating an organization to leverage political power, etc.

It can be badass, I won't lie. But the pure idea holds power, execution is key.

No. 12267

Forgot to mention that you're extremely retarded, nonna. Pick up a book.

No. 12269

The 4B movement has clear objectives and methods that aren't illegal and won't jeopardize their exitance, you aren't giving any points though, you are saying the same thing over and over again like a moron for the ages

No. 12274

I mean, they noted "sexually" which probably implies some dumb seduction shit.

No. 12282

Yeah, but what's the common objective for female supremacy? What is the endgame?

No. 12285

I was excited to read this thread and am now terribly disappointed

No. 14477

Well seems like the threads dead enough to ignore OP. Does anyone have any better ideas on the concept?

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