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No. 68079

I don’t think there is an existing thread for them, but I’ve followed them for a while, long enough to see the shit fits they spam on their story. They constantly complain that they can barely afford to live in their apartment because they’re just a server at Disney, but turn around and blow $140 on fabric alone for cosplay. All while begging their fans for kofi donations. They went as far as literally shutting down all social media because they were getting shit on for not liking a Jojo character, and proceeded to blame their fans saying they had never meant to even gain a following. They claimed they even cosplayed “obscure book characters” so everyone would know they were niche, but that was only after they amassed tens of thousands of followers, and continues to cosplay Zelda, Peach, Pearl from SU, and multiple Jojo characters. They recently bought a cat too, that they knew they couldn’t afford, and hammered their fans to send kofi to cover the expensive vet bills when the cat had to go to the hospital. I really want to make a video on them, because I only just scratched the surface here, but I honestly don’t know if they’re even popular enough to really expose them. Getting really tired of their unchecked bullshit though.(shit thread)

No. 68085


Didn't they throw an absolute shitfit when the EnTiRe CoSpLaY cOmMuNiTy was CaNcElLiNg ThEm for cosplaying something with DDLG undertones, (a character from Dream Daddy wearing a bib?) even though literally only one person made a call-out post that was more or less asking them to comment on the photo?

I love cosplay chimp outs, and I especially love the braindead white-knights that immediately flood the comment sections saying shit like 'everyone else needs to stop being so mean uwu'

No. 68093

shit thread newfag

No. 68094

Honestly use to like their stuff until their head started getting too big from all the asspats they were getting. kinda questioned the sincerity of some of the cosplays they did (especially when it came to the Johnny Joestar + Gyro Zeppeli stuff that came out of nowhere) and claiming to be "a big fan" of Jojo just when Part 5 cosplays were getting big in cosplay circles and it's suddenly their fave thing 5ever.

And yes, the sudden whining over people asking for advice on cosplaying the same character or wig styling stuff really made me unfollow them.

No. 68098

>rambling block of text
>no receipts
What's not to love, anon. kek.

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