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File: 1551320787518.jpg (1.03 MB, 1999x749, aria.jpg)

No. 49365

Aria Rose is a plain as bread basic white girl from Canada known for making videos against “egirls” and how much she hates them, everyone's favorite Arabian hoe–Pokimane is usually her main target. In her commentary videos she's always condemning the shit out of egirls, cosplay girls and loli girls. In typical egirl fashion she claims she's not like those other whores while doing exactly the same things the girls she is talking about does. A few weeks ago Aria started a campaign called #reworkmercy movement to make Mercy more dps damage than healing but the thing is, she sucks at OW, carried to gold Mercy egirl main ofc someone with 0 credentials is definitely certified to start this kind of revolution! Aria is also a pull rat, she makes threads and posts her crappy opinions on that toilet under her real user name.

Her hypocrisy is pretty amazing, the things she complains about is exactly what she does.
>egirls having white knights and using them to attack people when she has her own white knights and launched an attack on a ow streamer and a little kid for having an opinions about her
>complains about egirls using filters and photoshop when she uses blur and filters for her pics
>Hates how loli uwu girls pander to pedos and weebs when she liters her room full of the same cute shit the loli girls have, wear the same cute clothing and uses anime girls for her avatar and banner. Made a thread and video mocking and talking about how terrible loli egirls are, deleted and pretends it never happened after being called out
>criticized Lilypichu for her fake ass egirl voice when she uses a fake egirl voice too
>criticizes and calls others out but can't take criticism back
>actively posts on Pokimane's pull thread
>keeps shoving it down everyone's throat how she's NOT like those other ebitches! And how she's totally different and totally not jelly of them
>fake down to earth attitude
>always paints herself as the victim of egirl attack when she's the one doing the attacking
>claimed that the evil egirls threatened to break her legs for “exposing” them +claiming to be constantly boollied by them damn egirls!
>briefly deleted twitter account because she couldn't stand the backlash from Pokimane's white knights + people calling her out for her own bullshit
>Doesn't like how other egirls flaunt their sexuality for their thirsty wks when she posts pics of her legs with obvious sexual undertone
>hard denies being jealous egirls when it's obvious that she's really jealous
>On her now deleted discord, she said she hates how niggers are taking all the jobs from the whites, kicked and blocked people who called her out on the racist comment
>doesn't get views from making regular videos so she resorts to making videos trashing other people cuz we all know controversy sells
>asks viewers for their thoughts and opinions >delete comments when she doesn't agree

Every egirl goes through this edgy phase where they believe they are ~different~ and better than the other egirls while openly trashing on their own kind. Gratz on joining the club Aria, you can take a seat next to the other egirls in denial you hate like Pokimane, Emiru, Lilypichu.

Tdlr: Another egirl in disguise

She also uses lc, enjoy your stay Aria.
Pull thread https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10355-general-loli-e-girls-aka-uwutubers/

No. 49366

File: 1551320859034.png (89.55 KB, 1090x896, 4.png)

pull thread

No. 49367

File: 1551320900888.png (402.84 KB, 1223x896, 3.png)

Regular on Poki's thread

No. 49368

File: 1551320966161.png (735.19 KB, 1190x767, 1.png)

Wearing the garterbelt accessories the egirls she hates wears

No. 49369

File: 1551320995808.png (1.13 MB, 1175x769, 2.png)

No. 49370

she's jelly she was born too ugly to be a successful egirl lol

No. 49371

She sounds like a fusion of Indigo White and Brittany Venti, lmao.

No. 49372

Aria talks about egirls using and manipulating their wk and fan base into thinking they are innocent, sweet girls, guess who does the same? She manipulated her wks to throw a #reworkmercy raid on the blizzard forum and it ended terribly.

She attacked many other Overwatch streamers and Youtubers for not agreeing to her shitty proposed Mercy changes on top of attacking another YTber for defending her when asked if Aria was boosted. There's literal video proof of the youtuber saying "I don't think Aria is boosted" and Aria still went at the youtuber for no reason, sent the wks to attack, when that wasn't enough she invited the Youtuber to her discord full of wks, the ytber didn't take the bait. She left pull after the pulltards made a thread about her MEGALUL!

Aria is a big ass bully, her ~I get bullied all the time nice girl~ facade is so obvi fake.

No. 49373

File: 1551335230045.png (401.02 KB, 552x1019, Screenshot_2019-02-28-00-22-54…)

I swear she has no self awareness
>promotes herself as a person of reason
>attacks people
>claims that people are exposing her for views

She checks off for everything she just mentioned on her tweet

No. 49374

Yay! I'm glad this bitch finally has a thread. I'm tired of her shitty takes popping up in my youtube recommended. She came off to me as a white Lilypichu initially but now I think even Lily is less annoying lately.. How old was Aria again?

No. 49375

Wow look its miss little internalised misogyny.

No. 49376

Latest video. Basic bitch montage that briefly shows a fun ult combo, people leaving, and fake laughter and reactions. No editing, no personality.

She's now deleted most of her OW context. Her channel used to be mostly the same type of video complaining about Mercy. If they were deleted out of shame I'll give her credit, because her insight into the character was so flat; does anyone know if she watched OWL? There are very few videos left that are OW related, let alone Mercy.

Also, she thinks she should be allowed to say the n word, and I've heard her called an anti-vaxxer if anyone can confirm that.

No. 49377

Aria is legit a crazy person, she tried making her Mercy movement into a civil rights movement. Her raid was suppose to be secret so it would seem like legit community outcry for mercy changes, in her mind she thought if Blizzard sees all these posts they'll rework Mercy right?! /s
All this bullshit and drama over a fucking video game character.. keep in mind she's turning 26 this year.

No. 49378

File: 1551367105630.png (14.09 KB, 601x114, aria.png)

One of her nigger posts, she says nigger a lot. Her statement "I hate how all the niggers are taking jobs away from whites" was said through voice chat. On PULL she tried saving face by saying "I'VE NEVER SAID NIGGER IN A BAD WAY! I ONLY SAY NIGGER TO DEFEND BLACKS FROM SLAVERY! CHECK OUT THESE TOTALLY UNSCRIPTED DISCORD MESSAGES"

Thanks to her, Mercy players will further have bad rep and the girls who play her will receive more hate, guess this was what she wanted since all Mercy players are egirls and sluts rite?

No. 49379


I'm so confused on why she thought this would get anywhere, the gaming industry drops their own workers without a second thought because there's no union. Blizzard doesn't even care about their own so why the fuck would they care about .00001% of their players being upset about Mercy? What videogame company as ever listened to players for stuff like this?

Even her photo is pandering. It's not like fashion off-shoulder top it's a regular t-shirt that she forced to the other side, than covered the evidence with her hair.

Nobody can take a job away from you that you weren't qualified for. What's with ugly white loli girls and hating blacks. Was she trying to pander to pol base?

No. 49380

File: 1551367494692.png (62.66 KB, 1116x306, aria white knight'.png)

Aria trashes Pok on youtube and wks her on PULL lolwat? Typical pullfag behavior, you praise and defend the same snowflake you hate. Before she left PULL she was one of the regular whiteknights on the thread.

No. 49381

So basically shes a "uWu I'm intellecktuahl and not like the other egirls" horsefaced youtube cringe content creator.

No. 49382

With an added FUCK THOSE OTHER WHORES! I'M DIFFERENT!1! NOT LIKE THEM! (but I secretly want to be them)

No. 49383

Honestly why can’t she just shut the fuck up and stop being a shithead to other women. Those women who do those things don’t owe you a goddamn explanation it’s their job. The pedo pandering is fucked up because it sexual uses children and she doesn’t get to do it either just because she’s such a potato faced loser. And I’m only coming for her appearance because of that ugly racist shit and for how she tries to bring down other women she’s clearly jealous of.

No. 49384

File: 1551372202545.png (10.18 KB, 568x96, aria discord.png)

2/2 Aria's wk defended her blatant racism against black people, they believe that "racism is freedom of speech"

No. 49385

what reminds you of LilyPichu? Just curious. This 'uwu uguu' aesthetic?

No. 49386

>fake voice
>anime crap ~aethestic~
>shitty weeb fashion
>fake nice personality + shitting on other people
>both uses laughably inaccurate depictions of themselves as anime girls
>leeching off other people for fame
>both try to come off as sweet high school girls when they are in their mid to late twenties


No. 49387

The people who spend hours complaining about "e-girls" are more obnoxious than any of them. This girl seems bitter more than anything, her face is too hideous to be a successful egirl. Not even facetune can save her and her bulbous nose.

Because freedom of thought means freedom from thought, apparently.

No. 49388

Damn. That's a tldr about LilyPichu, even after years she haven't changed at all. Thanks anon. Had no idea that Aria makes fake voice tbh, since i saw only one video of her. What a shame, lmao. She is so damn insecure and should just get off YT.

No. 49389

Don't forget the uwuw not like other girls shtick when they're exactly like other girls. Except Aria is worse for being unapologetically racist imo

Pretty much any incel weeb defends blatant racism with ITS MUH FREE SPEECH REEEEE Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences, she deserves any hate she gets as a result.

Maybe he thinks if he wks hard enough she'll fuck him or send him nudes.

She's probably projecting or has resentment because she is like an e-girl minus the being pretty part.

No. 49390

For reference, this is one of her notorious videos about "e-girls". Notice the obvious salt she can't do the same.

No. 49391

i’ve been seeing shit tonnes of new creators on youtube making videos exactly like this and their fan base explodes overnight because it’s incredibly appealing to MRA and MGTOW types, ironically enough. shit gives me a fucking headache.

No. 49392


>Omg love your hair girl! ^^

No. 49393

I don’t get why she can’t just improve herself rather than shitting on other women? She insists how dumb and bad Belle Delphine is, yet I think it’s actually smart that Belle can milk so much money out of horny virgin loser men. That’s intelligence when you can make a business and income out of nothing. Racism is not intelligent.
Aria is an adult. She should get a nose job and quit getting those ugly haircuts and actually make herself pretty, she could but doesn’t.

No. 49394

She's prob trying to save up for one hence why she blurs and filters the fuck out of her nose and has a patreon + Twitch donation. It's ridiculous how she ~exposes~ girls for using photoshop/filters/blur when she uses it too

No. 49395

Honest question: Does she even have a job, or does she blame her unemployment, unsuccessful attempts at online popularity, and general uselessness on "the niggers taking away jobs from white people :'("?
I want someone to call her out on that comment to her face really badly, but chances are she'll just deny it, even though multiple people know about it by now. The "uwu i kno what words 2 use now!! sorry about the n-word im no racist no bully pls" was painfully lame and ineffective.

No. 49396

Aria:"EVERY GIRL ONLINE IS A LYING SLUT! Except for me of course!

No. 49397

File: 1551383053069.jpg (184.55 KB, 1100x700, aria transracial.jpg)

She openly defended transracial people and said there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your race and changing your skin tone. It's pretty gross considering how she was a regular in the himeahri (white girl lying about being Japanese) thread and often wked her on the pull thread. She tries to come off as intelligent in her videos yet says horribly racist, ignorant things and agrees with people changing their race, does that sound like someone smart to you? Did her mom take drugs when she was pregnant with her?

She's def an autistic edgy 4chan dweller who believes that black people are sub human and whites are the superior race.

No. 49398

>Says she's okay with people who want to look like other race
Calm down you sperg, go back to twitter with this shit.

No. 49399

nta but dang anon, did you miss this? >>49378

No. 49400

Are you pro transracial too?

No. 49401

>someone says word nigger
You're mentally challenged.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 49402

No one said that Aria wanted to kill black people. She has said nigger on numerous occasions, she's obvious racist against black people. Do you know how to read? Pretty sad that people are coming in to wk their butterface queen.

No. 49403

stop being an illiterate ESL moron and read the thread. she uses the n word in a derogatory way and thinks the evil blacks are taking all the jobs from poor widdle innocent white people.

No. 49404

She said that because she wishes she was a qt Asian girl and not…who she is now. It's ridiculously transparent. The bitterness about people "not wanting to share culture" is hilarious, too.

No. 49405

She hates Poki because dumbasses mistake her arab ass for east asian and she's mad that no one is calling her white ass asian lul

No. 49406

>autistic edgy 4chan dweller

Most of us are tho.

No. 49407

speak for yourself

No. 49408


No. 49409

File: 1551396732798.jpeg (117.96 KB, 989x773, AF487CE6-6339-4DAF-AEF3-4AA0C0…)

Men are going to hate female players regardless of the hero they’re playing anon. I get the same shit playing mercy to sombra in high master games regardless of my playstyle men hiding behind screens are going to shit on any female they can.

Speaking of Aria, I’ve known about her since the dawn of her mercy sperg. I frequent the ow gossip subreddit. She gets a lot of things about the game wrong and even used wrong comments to prove her point.

My boyfriend and I used to queue snipe her but she wasn’t in VC so it wasn’t as fun.

Sage for blogging.

No. 49410

File: 1551401324774.jpg (1.39 MB, 2667x960, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7yB5…)

(Aria deleted the pic on the left so I got the selfie from a thumbnail)

How are you going to hate and make fun of girls for wearing makeup when you yourself wear a full face of makeup?

No. 49411

Destiny reacts to the deleted fake loli e girls vid, he whiteknights Poki and Lily so hard, it's pretty cringe. He's in denial about some of the valid points that was brought up about them high and low key whoring themselves out, he's like “I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WOULD SAY DAT ABOUT POKI SHE'S SO INNOCENT!” clip goes to poki purposely sticking out her ass in front of the cam and going OPPSIES! Wking aside he does make good points against Aria and I love how he calls her a dumb bitch

No. 49412

I saw this video (and an even spicier follow up) and this was basically all I needed to know about Aria. She's a cunt and doesn't even know how to play Mercy.

Also to be clear, the Mercy forum raid was pure spam and shitposting/trolling. Way to make your "cause" heard. She basically used #reworkmercy to get some fame and then dropped it and OW completely. Maybe because of the backlash. But really shows how much of a flake she is.
I'll post the follow up video in my next comment since it gives her less "benefit of the doubt" for lack of a better term.

No. 49413

Here is the follow up video this guy made. The "diss track" at the end is pretty cringy but his points are very strong and compelling.

The fact this chick is such a cow and uses PULL and LC is news to me but it's deliciously ironic and I'm glad to see a thread about her.

Also I agree with those who say "Great, an even worse reputation for girls who happen to ever play Mercy, or play OW in general - thanks Aria." I wish I could throw her to every sexist teammate and remark I've ever had to put up with and ignore. She deserves less than 0 respect.

No. 49414

Ladies and Gentlemen, the #reworkmercy civil rights movement leader, Thotaria in action! 1:24 for the megaluls

I think soradot hit the nail on what he said about Thotaria.
>I'm pretty sure she doesn't care about Mercy and only did it to be the leader of something, that's why she bailed and pretended like it didn't happen when it went to shit.

No. 49415

Andd that video is gone I bet Aria and her wks threatened the poster

No. 49416


>Basically they are 20-30 year old women who act innocent and child like to gain a fanbase
Hm pretty sure that Aria doesn't act all innocent and kawaii to gain fans right!? Also you're 25 who the fuck are you to shame them for acting a certain way when you do the same?
So much cringe. She tried exaggerating her voice to make it seem like her "normal" voice isn't fake
>I'm a 25 year old girl who loves sex
Rofl if Poki said that Aria would be all SEE FUCKING MEGASLUT RIGHT THERE! SHE ADMITTED IT!11!!!

About the whole transracial acceptance thing, I can see why she's A OK with it, it's cuz she herself is a fucking weeaboo white bitch wishing she was a cute lil Japanese girl

No. 49417

we all know if shes was born a smol azn girl she would be milking it harder than the girls she bashes on

No. 49418

File: 1551451890609.jpg (600.47 KB, 1316x720, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-J6ti…)

Definitely not an e girl wannabe guys

No. 49419

it never ceases to amaze me how 99% of the people making “anti-thot” content look like fucking lizards and are just assblasted that they can’t wear the skin of someone cuter

No. 49420

She has one of those unfortunate faces that make her look old even in her twenties. No wonder she is so bitter, she is skinny, pale, blue eyed, blonde…yet her face is not either cute or beautiful poor thing

No. 49421

I'm so glad she has a thread, she keep popping in my recommended and her saltiness is insane.
This video had me kekking. A $50 tier on patreon for 2 pics isn't a scam. It's only a scam if they dont provide the service and still take the money. Overpriced yes but at the end of the day it's the retard scrots who lose in the end.

No. 49422

File: 1551455233494.png (125.76 KB, 800x366, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-33-22…)

Rofl the second someone mentions Poki she's on it. She's like a fly excitied to find some dog shit to eat

No. 49423

File: 1551455280221.png (375.27 KB, 800x612, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-33-38…)

2/2 Brace yourselves for another Poki video

No. 49424

File: 1551457716762.jpg (182.14 KB, 1280x720, 19-03-01-09-24-37-915_deco.jpg)

She's just wants mercy reverted to her five man res cause she has no skill or common sense to actually play something that requires a bit of thought. Apex at the minimum requires you get your dead team mate's banner (which can be hard to do especially if there are enemies near by), and then carry that shit to a beacon… Literally not the same as hiding, letting your team die, and then pushing your ult button to have them back… She's so desperate for old mercy that it's sad.

No. 49425

With all the black hate you'd think she's from the South

No. 49426

Repost, forgot to sage, sorry. Been going through old discord messages where myself and others laughed at her videos, here's some quotes (likely paraphrased)

>"if mass rez needs to be nerfed just make it three rezzes"

>"A good Mercy does not need AOE beam healing"
>"A good Mercy doesn't need free flight"

Now there are no wrong opinions about video game characters, just bad opinions. Flat, generalizing opinions that judge other players, even when you're average at best. Sadly can't find more videos. Aria wasn't relevant enough for people to reupload her shit.

No. 49427

File: 1551466124989.png (99.39 KB, 800x328, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-20-30…)

She's fake af. She told her braindead wks to not attack people and to be respectful when we all know she's just doing that to up keep her fake nice image. She wanted a war and harassed the fuck out of anyone that disagreed. She and her wks threatened to doxx the guy who revealed the truth about her Mercy raid and how it was staged by Aria and her wks.

No. 49428


is it just me…or she has a damn photoshop on her eyes? Her Eyelashes look like she used some asian make-up app

No. 49429

File: 1551467001777.jpg (550.73 KB, 801x801, CYMERA_20190301_125525.jpg)

Her face is unpleasant to look at. She has such a punchable face, Poki is no goddess but fuck atleast it doesn't physically hurt when you look at her. I literally downloaded a pic of Poki to disinfect the folder holding this grimlin's pic. She tries so hard to be and look cute. She've said stuff like how Lilypichu should act her age, shouldn't Aria act HER age?

No. 49430

She looks like a tranny lol. She's just mad her ugly, big nosed, man-faced ass can't be a successful e-girl. She's fucking horrid looking.

No. 49431

Sort of ot, but is there a general thread for streamer girls like lilypichu and poki here? If there is, I can't find it.

No. 49432

i wouldnt say she's horrid bt i agree with the tranny statement. She's just a boring face with ugly glasses, changing the glasses alone would improve her.

No. 49433

She's a regular plain Jane that uses angels to disguise the reality of her nose. The usual really. I wouldn't say she's the ugliest egirl I've seen.

No. 49434

Like >>49432 said, she needs new glasses. she just looks weird and, ngl kinda like she's aging in a bad way.

No. 49435

She definitely photoshops her nasolabial folds like Poki.
She shops her folds, jaw and nose

Since she used pull and lc I wouldn't be surprised if she was one of the ~nasolabial fold~ sperges.

No. 49436


She is the perfect example of what it is to look 'plain'

Takes all her pics from the same angle and
hides behind her hair.. she knows she's not pleasant to look at. She looks like the kind of person to be very timid in real life too.

Her obvious jealousy towards other women is the ugliest thing about her

No. 49437

The timid, bitchy type that talks shit behind your back and is jealous of everyone

No. 49438

File: 1551473623695.png (773.19 KB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-30-46…)

Can we talk about Aria next target for her ridiculous video game ~movements~?

No. 49439

File: 1551473656075.png (578.51 KB, 800x618, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-30-37…)


No. 49440

File: 1551473872705.png (846.08 KB, 800x1176, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-30-52…)


No. 49441

File: 1551474029394.png (830.43 KB, 800x1178, Screenshot_2019-02-28-19-30-28…)

4/4 She's REEing so fucking hard over the rework outfit when DIS BITCH DOESN'T EVEN PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. She watched 1 lol video on youtube and suddenly she's all "I FUCKING LOVE KAYLE"
This bitch needs to shut the fuck up.

No. 49442

she needs to settle down. first of all the changes haven’t even taken place ingame yet. secondly anyone playing overpowered champs like kayle and morg already have hella skins, so the reworks really won’t change much aesthetically ingame. lastly, if this dumbfuck even played league she’d know that 99% of the game is spent too zoomed out to even see the tiddy. i’d love to see her useless ass try ranked.

No. 49443

If she played the game she would also know kayle has skins outside her armor.. Aether wing Kayle looks similar to the reworked kayle design. I would love to see her stream LoL.

No. 49444

File: 1551478369145.png (61.4 KB, 1371x419, sc1.png)

Aria disgusts me she tries to come off as a supporter of women's rights when she's actually a misogynist. If she truly gave a fuck about women's rights she would be helping the women in third world countries without rights. Not calling out some video game company over the design of their female character outfit and making video essays encouraging people to hate on other girls who she deems as more attractive than her.

This is basically what she says about the ~other girls/egirls~ and this is the target audience she caters to.

No. 49445

didn't she make videos about simply_kenna/cozykitsune? i remember her being active on PULL and she made a video about her and then it got deleted or she removed it.

No. 49446

She deleted a lot of her videos where her hypocrisy is obvious as fuck. She deleted some overwatch vids (her crappy analysis) fake loli uwutubers, video mocking loli girls and her weeb anime singing covers + some music stuff. Someone made a reaction vid to her deleted Ana vs Mercy vid. In the vid it's super obvious that her voice is fake, it literally sounds like she can't breathe from how she was forcing for that pitch.

No. 49447

File: 1551494828425.png (21.43 KB, 733x168, tweet.png)

When ur 2 poor 2 afford photoshop but u still want to edit ur butter face

No. 49448

File: 1551496314280.jpeg (150.5 KB, 1410x474, 82398D50-C3E5-41F7-BC05-69E83F…)

>is actually smug about being a pulltard

No. 49449

File: 1551498019446.png (136.36 KB, 1001x200, 1.png)

She posted a new video yesterday
lol she can't get any views without talking about her fellow e girls. I think it's time to wrap it up Aria, go back to being just a regular white weeb.

No. 49450

Haha she thinks she's so clever when she just led thousands of her followers to read how bad she really is.

No. 49451

Seeing her face is all I need to know. It explains why she 3 videos screaming "IM NOt lIkE tHE OTher e-GIRls!!!".

She starts every video off by sating she's totally not jelly. But more than half of her points are just opinions and it's obvious she's salty she's not pretty enough to make money off her looks. And of course she's a fucking PULLTARD. They're delusional AF.

No. 49452

wow is this thread an insight into the average pulltards head?

No. 49453

Well, you can care about two things at once lol I'm a woman from a third world country but that doesn't mean I can't find it off-putting when every female character in a game needs to be borderline naked

But regardless, yes, she's a fucking hypocrite because she's shown time & time again that she's a thot who is horribly jealous of these "e-girls" that are way more popular than her pandering ass will ever be, kek. She's "not like other girls" supreme

"hurr durr, people are using my name for views" this fucking retard I swear

No. 49454

she should not be doing asian style lips, they make her tiny lips nonexistent…bitch criticizes others of taking pics in one angle while literally doing the same…how can someone be this stupid

No. 49455

File: 1551516456095.png (838.71 KB, 720x1113, Screenshot_20190302-154818~2.p…)

Well her hair is wavy now, so she's not plain looking anymore guys!!!

No. 49456

I literally came here to post this picture. She looks so sickly, old and haggard here. Big yikes. Those nasolabial folds, those nonexistent lips, those sunken in eyes framed by those ugly glasses… she’s one unfortunate looking gremlin.

No. 49457

It just looks like she didn't brush it - especially the part in front of the window.
Still with that diagonal angle…

Legit she looks like a grandmother with slightly better skin. She looks 35+ at LEAST though. I'm 31 and she looks hella older than me or people I know.
Also those thin bangs are doing her no favors.

Agree. It's weird, her smile isn't a genuine smile. It's sort of like an old lady smile, completed by the thin lips but not just because of them. None of her photos look happy or friendly or really.. anything. It's actually a bit unnerving but the blandness kind of overpowers any other impressions.
Also it's damn obvious she tries to skinwalk "Asian girl stereotype" as much as a dumb haggard white cunt can. Does she even have a personality?

No. 49458


She can be as sassy as she likes on twitter but she looks like she'd shit herself at the first sign of real life confrontation. She has that 'emotionally fragile' look

If she sorted out her own insecurities she'd be less vocal about…those damn pretty girls

No. 49459

She looks like that momo creepypasta thing

No. 49460

Yeah the pullfags invaded

No. 49461

Lmao she's trying to look good but she just looks lousy and messy. She has no sense of style, doesn't know how style her hair and wear makeup.

No. 49462

>>49461 agreed, to be honest, i just have this urge to cut her hair shorter along with her bangs, wave it or layer it, throw whatever concealer or foundation she uses along with her lipstick or whatever she uses on her lips and practically do her makeup myself. It's a pity she has this self hatred and pushes an effort to hate than do change a part of herself to the image she aims to achieve. She may not be the prettiest girl in the planet but hey, personality sells too. Sucks she doesn't have that either

No. 49463

she has a nice cow potential but all i read about here are nitpicks about her looks. we get it, she's ugly. let's move on to something more milky.

No. 49464

It's ironic how she talked about people's looks on pull and now people are talking about her looks.

Sweet karma.

No. 49465

this, the sperging is getting a bit much. She has a lot of milk by the sound of things.
We know she looks like gollum can we move onto other things?

No. 49466

File: 1551539549933.png (205.59 KB, 950x353, aria loli girls comment.png)

Her comment on the deleted loli vid. Her grammar is pretty horrendous by the way.

Since a lot of you are misinterpreting the video, I'm going to add this as well. The main problem with these girls is that they lie. They are lying about their voices, about their personas, or about the fact that they are using their sexuality to gain a fanbase. They will attack girls who are proud and truthful about using their sexuality when they do the exact same. They believe because of this deceitful persona, they hold a higher ground to other e-girls.

I was using these girls as an example, so here's the reason why for each one.

Nyanners: Made the pedofile song “Pomf Pomf” and still makes questionable content.
NyanAFK: Faked her voice, still does to an extent.
Nikkichi: Extremely fake baby voice paried with loli persona.
LilyPichu: Has said very questionable things about naturally big-breasted women, built her fanbase off a loli persona, deceitful about it.
Pokimane: Uses her sexuality to get a fanbase (think “thicc” videos) but is not upfront about it. Was involved in a video that based big-breasted streamers alongside Lily.
Gumdrop: Panders to men while not being upfront about it, baby talk, etc.
Wolfychuu: Very fake voice, questionably sexual thumbnails, very questionable stories (r/thathappened)

I am not asking people to unsub to them, I don't mind if you like their content or have a different opinion. I felt the need to make this video as I'm tired of being compared to them and I strongly dislike the persona they put out. It's toxic, it's deceitful, and it's something to watch out for.

I'll edit this if I need to add anything.

She tries to make it seem like the video wasn't as bad when she literally trashed 7 girls for 10 minutes straight and she's all like “sInCe a LoT of you are mIsInTeRpReTiNg tHe ViDeO” Uh no your motivations were clear as day. Yeah it's pretty dumb how Pok and Lily made a video making fun of E-sluts when they are E-sluts as well but it doesn't make YOU any better for making fun of them when you're a salty E-slut. This is a weird inception domino of sluts yelling at sluts. She doesn't sound like a 25 year old woman, she sounds like a retarded 15 year old thinking she's all smart and shit—wait I take that back even 15 year olds have better grammar and writing than her dumb ass. I like how she “HATES being compared to them” uh it's because you are one of them that's why you're always being lumped in together with those types of girls.

No. 49467

Can't really do anything about it since the pull sperges are here cuz their thread isn't as good.

No. 49468

>I'll edit this if I need to add anything.
no, you won't. Integrate.

Those names tho, lol. Your opinion should be immediately disregarded if your username has "nya" in it, "chu" or any other weeb word.

>This is a weird inception domino of sluts yelling at sluts.


It's funny how they're all the same thing but every one of them thinks of themselves as something so much better. I'm not very keen on calling those girls "sluts", because they aren't. What do they do, show some cleavage? If that's enough for men to throw money at them, I'd rather laugh at the moronic virgin-dudes than at a girl who found an easy way to earn money.

No. 49469

>no, you won't. Integrate.
"I'll edit this if I need to add anything" is part of Aria's comment

No. 49470

She always takes photos the exact same way lol

No. 49471

File: 1551545692523.png (403.64 KB, 851x489, aria.png)

Aria's social media details how much of an egirl she is. Before mass deleting her accounts, pictures and posts she posted the same stupid shit on Twitter, posted a lot of selfies on Instagram and made a lot of anime and video game music covers. After she got called out by the OW community she got rid of everything to prove to minna that she's tots not like the egirls! She called out tHe sLuTs for hiding and being ~deceitful~ when she's lying and being ~deceitful~ by deleting all the evidence. Aria gives me a fucking headache, she should change her name to Aria Hypocrite Rose.

No. 49472

She looks like she sucks on lemons

No. 49473

File: 1551546079865.png (864.67 KB, 1127x509, screen cap.png)

She posted a video mocking fake loli girls called how to be a uwutuber after she deleted her the fake loli uwutubers vid

Aria: "yOu sHoUlD aCt yOuR aGe!"
>has a room designed for a 10 year old

No. 49474

Always found that ironic. Its so stupid how most of people who REEE over e-girls the most are e-girls themselves whom are just jealous of the popular ones

No. 49475

File: 1551547518446.png (595.56 KB, 956x538, sc 2.png)

From her how to be a uwutuber vid

No. 49476

ohh i see, the image wouldn't load so it seemed like a post by someone. Sorry >>49466 anon!

No. 49477

i feel like she would be cute if she got lip fillers and more of a western makeup style, and maybe got highlights to bring out the blonde in her hair, and got a haircut for those disgusting dry ends. and i feel like the glasses age her… the japanese weeb thing isn't really working for her the way it works for pokimane.

No. 49478

Is it me or does she look like she has FAS or down's syndrome in that screencap? It's the smooth philtrum and thin upper lip.

No. 49479

File: 1551549605450.jpg (455.13 KB, 1728x489, aria kelly.jpg)

I was wondering if she has FAS too lol

She looks like she's cosplaying as Liam Sullivan's character Kelly everyday

No. 49480

She deleted her how to be a egirl video. Didn't she have like 5 videos on Poki? There are only 2 left. She also made videos taking about how the evil egirls bullied and threatened her into silence and how she's speaking out again!1! Those vids are gone too. My, Aria has so much to hide, how ~deceitful~ of her.

No. 49481



No. 49482

File: 1551553687972.jpg (527.32 KB, 1016x1459, ads on ads.jpg)

Hold on, she went on Pokithot's ass for advertising herself on Twitch through other people's ads which was bad but she advertised her channel on Youtube through using one of the polls she had for the people subbed to her as the ad. This would pop up on people's homepages, her ad was posted 1 month before she made the video on Pokithot's ad.

Another classic move from Aria Hypocrite Rose! ba dum tss

No. 49483


You can tell when a girl knows shes ugly because she only takes pics in one angle

No. 49484

File: 1551577557417.png (384.23 KB, 558x559, aria.png)

Anyone else notice this pattern? When ugly white girls can't pull off the instagram look or the edgey goth look they'll turn to shit weeb fashion and lowkey wish they were Japanese. She's going keep trouting around in ugly ~Kawaiidesu~ fashion when she's in her 30s alongside Lilypichu

I don't think lip fillers or a lip lift will help her case lol

No. 49485

I wouldn’t say she’s ugly not gorgeous but plain doesn’t equal ugly. I have noticed that the girls who don’t fit what’s popular at the moment do whatever is alternative. The uggos seem to be fake boys tbh

No. 49486

I honestly don't think she's ugly, Not everyone needs fat blow up doll lips but the super thin bangs and the obvious fake nerd uwu glasses do her no favors.
What is funny is her coming after uwutubers when she is obviously pandering towards a similar demographic and her own voice doesn't sound natural either. And of course she'd start some hashtag about Mercy kek
Is there an archived version of her uwutuber videos? Or a reupload? I'm kinda sad I never got to see them.

No. 49487

File: 1551583152103.gif (970.71 KB, 450x188, gif.gif)

No. 49488

File: 1551588181886.png (20.04 KB, 744x169, tweet.png)

On top of being a snowflake and a egirl she's also a munchie.

>Minna give me attention and feel bad for muh mental disorders uwu

No. 49489

File: 1551588643280.png (374.9 KB, 1413x761, ow tweet.png)

One of her old tweets, she has no idea what she's talking about and backpedaled real hard IM JUST JOKING GUYS~~ after people called her out for being a dumb fuck

No. 49490

File: 1551588695168.png (752.58 KB, 1130x843, ow tweet 2.png)

No. 49491

Jesus, she looks awful. A legit mix in between Margo and an ugly version of Prozd's gf.
The scary thing being: all of her pics aren't fucking candids, they're her own selfies, which means that she fucking saw them, and went "Yes. This is a good picture of me, I look cute."
No wonder she can't shut it about Belle Delphine and the others, I would too if I looked like a literal bird

No. 49492

File: 1551652439350.png (1.1 MB, 1152x715, yt aria.png)

It's pretty cringe how she put pictures of herself in her egirl attack vids to "prove" that she wasn't ~jelly~, not afraid to show herself while talking shit and to show off how suuuuper kawaii she is

No. 49493

Basically, she tried manipulating guys into thinking she's attractive and better by demonizing the ~egirls~ and making herself look like the angel who could do no wrong. The girls she hates on is bad but she's pretty fucking bad herself.

No. 49494

if that's the case then why doesn't she do the full video showing her face instead of dumb video games the whole time? is she a blockhead or ..?

No. 49495

She did but deleted them all see >>49473

No. 49496

File: 1551655840476.jpg (10.13 KB, 300x168, deleted vid.jpg)

She also made shitty story time vids which are now deleted.

No. 49497

File: 1551715901216.png (428.36 KB, 742x537, tweet 2.png)

Thotaria is so obsessed with the ~EVIL EGIRLS~ she loves it whenever someone else mentions or talk about them

No. 49498

File: 1551716605397.png (33.46 KB, 800x1044, Screenshot_2019-03-04-10-20-11…)

She deleted her twitter again how convenient

No. 49499

File: 1551716988737.jpg (266.32 KB, 976x1280, 19-03-04-09-27-22-243_deco.jpg)

She still has her positive uwu / music twitter. She'll probably jump over there to pretend she's so positive now.

No. 49500

File: 1551719022557.png (977.25 KB, 800x929, Screenshot_2019-03-04-10-20-55…)

She does the fake positivity thing on her insta too.

I wonder how hard she lurks on her lc and pull thread I'm pretty sure she's lying >>49448 when she said people told her about her pull thread. She goes on that shit 24/7 how would she not notice? She was trying to be so witty saying the pull users cow tipped and shit, but how was she so sure the pull users were the one telling her about the thread in the first place? She's a terrible liar and a dumb fuck.

No. 49501

File: 1551719373716.png (72 KB, 800x449, Screenshot_2019-03-04-11-05-09…)

Also why would someone like her give out "self care" tips when she could barely put herself together?
>take your medication at the same time everday~!
Rofl nvm she's just low key trying to flaunt her ~muh mental illness~ card.

No. 49502

self-care tip no.9:

stop being a crazy gossiping wannabe e-thot with no upper lip

No. 49503

File: 1551721271132.jpg (89.58 KB, 800x736, __c___dulcetrefrain__1_2__by_m…)

Shes been pissing me off for 2 years now.
My theory is , shes resentful of all the cute e-girls because she knows she can't do what they do. besides actually being cute she behaves exactly like them but profits off talking shit about them.
Look at the type of art she has paid money for, she obviously has a fantasy of being a cute uwu egirl thot , but she knows she can't pull it off. shes literaly a thot leecher.
Aria,you should learn from kenna , deleting your videos doesn't mean deleting your past.

No. 49504

None of the egirl loli YouTubers are "cute" either, wouldn't be surprised if some of them like wolfychu were posting in this thread and even less if they were behind the comments about her being "just jelly". If she didn't act like an egirl herself her criticisms would be justified, nothing cute about being a pro-pedo piece of trash.

No. 49505

File: 1551721971802.png (68.87 KB, 800x308, Screenshot_2019-03-04-11-05-17…)

>make sure you eat something drink something if you have a weak stomach like me~

Anyone wanna bet she's a ana chan?
Honestly it seems like she starved herself to have a ~kawaii body~ like Yumi king or something. She's just like Dakota Rose with the fake sweet name while being a racist and toxic person. She prob got her name from Dako anyways

>Surround yourself with the things you love

She should take her own advice and stop being a hateful hoe. If she's so unhappy over what people are saying about her on forums, twitch, twitter, reddit and youtube and has to up her medication dosages~ she should just perma delete all of her social media and yt accounts and leave the internet.

No. 49506

It always seems The most unhappy and toxic people are usually the ones who post crap like this. They must be trying to convince themselves they feel positive and happy but I’m not sure anyone who makes hate videos about strangers on the internet can claim to be positive in any way.

No. 49507


Self Care tip: Remember not to spend your days projecting all your own insecurity and unhappiness onto others! lol

She looks so sickly that the ana theory could be right. Maybe she thinks 'I can't be pretty but at least I can be thin'

No. 49508

Theres enough egirls that are conventioally attractive,which makes them sucssesful at what they do to some extant . also not all egirls are that milky , when i say egirls i also mean peopple like loserfruit . she isn't lewd but she isnt the best player either and mainly gets clout for being a cutesy girl. point is,Aria can't even do that.

No. 49509

File: 1551724159230.png (248.54 KB, 754x632, amino aria.png 1.png)


Her amino page supposedly made by one of her white knights
>She has a soft yet expressive voice

No. 49510

File: 1551724214853.png (34.17 KB, 760x627, amino aria 2.png)

>She can speak English, French and a bit of Japanese

Remembering a phrase or two from anime doesn't mean you can speak a little.

No. 49511

File: 1551726033939.png (1.44 MB, 1305x900, egirl.PNG)

Sage for literally no contribution.

I looked up her username on deviantart to find her account, and damn she's commissioned so many artists. I imagine she got all of these to use when she becomes a "super popular" twitch streamer.

No. 49512

100% sure it was all commission,
Who would draw fanart of her? She's not even that popular and well known, her Twitch was empty, her anime and video game vids gets only gets a couple thousand views, her anti egirl vids are semi popular and that's it.

No. 49513


>I'm a 25 year old woman who loves sex

Talk about cringe. She's trying to sound sex positive while slut shaming everyone else? Who's having uwu ugu kawaii sex with her? Incels? Neckbeard basement dwellers?

No. 49514

Most well to do egirls are big titted and thicc and aren’t pedo peddling, the fact that she mainly attacks the uwu loli ones is pretty much proof that she’s bitter she has an old lady face atop her ruler shaped body. Absolutely unmarketable.

No. 49515

>she mainly attacks uwu loli girls

She attacks egirl streamers, fake loli girls and cosplay thots equally not just fake loli girls.

No. 49516

None of the "loli" ones are cute, but saying someone like Pokimane (who Aria seems to be obsessed with) isn't MILES prettier than this shriveled up gremlin is ridiculous. No fucking tolerance for "nOt liKe oTher gIrLs" piss babies who criticize other thots for doing what they wish they could do but they're too ugly to do it. She panders to and sucks incel dick because they hate that women can make money off being attractive, and this bridge troll just feeds that bullshit. Guess what? The thots wouldn't be making THOUSANDS if there weren't hundreds of desperate, stupid men willingly throwing money at them. The problem isn't the thot, the thot is a symptom, but of course none of the self-hating, incel-feeding, e-thot-wish-I-was-er would ever blame the poor menz who get ''''scammed'''' by a woman using filters on her pictures or wearing makeup. The man is the victim of the evil woman and her scheming Patreon.

Aria Rose sounds like a pornstar name to me.

No. 49517

I thought the same thing when I saw her vids for the first time she can always do porn/camwork there are so many animu uwu white weeb girls like her on those sites she has the name and ~LOVES~ sex

No. 49518

Her face is unfortunate but not old lady like. Also the loli YouTubers hardly if ever do face reveals and when they do they don't exactly look like the embodiment of youth either. Kek it really does seem like a few loli uwutubers are posting in here, you guys know you're hardly better than aria right?
Another thing that makes this feel to be the case is the backlash at anyone who DARES say this bitch isn't the ugliest monster hag on the site, even if she ain't being complimented. Sounds like something some of you uwu-chu-desu faggots would do.

saged my sperging

No. 49519

There are 3 kinds of fake anime wannabe loli girls
>no face reveals
Cuz ugly
>face reveal
Ugly but thinks self is kawaii
>shows face all the time after plastic surgery cough Lilypichu

No. 49520

I bet her real name is something typical and bland like Helen Smith or something

No. 49521

None of these look remotely like her. I can tell by the blond similar hair that it's supposed to at least.. represent her. But these just look like some random animu shit.

Also that cliche-as-fuck angel wing+demon wing design for the "OC". Not an original thought in her head.

Begone whiteknight(s).
>Her face is unfortunate but not old lady like
Multiple anons here do think her face is old lady like, but you're entitled to your personal opinion.
>the backlash at anyone who DARES say this bitch isn't the ugliest monster hag on the site, even if she ain't being complimented
Nice strawman lmao

No. 49522

People out here are wild if they think that just because i have no issue with most e-thots , then that must mean im one of them lel.
no bitch, i have no issues with girls profiting off themselvess or their body [ofc not talking about super problematic personas like belle etc]
I have a problem with shit stains like Aria rose that cant even profit off herself so she profitts off putting down girls knowing that if she could pull off what they do , she would have done it in a hearttbeat.

No. 49523

Her face is so forgetful and she's so boring to look at, no wonder why she shits on egirls

No. 49524

God you "both" sound like fucking glue eating retarda.
Calling someone who might disagree even slightly a whiteknight and getting uppity about it really doesn't make your case. At all. So which loli wannabes ending in -chu are ya eh?
Get a fucking grip, mate. I know it's apparently the end of the fucking world that a fellow anon might not lick your gunt about this bitch but I promise the sun will rise tomorrow jfc

No. 49525

Yet you're the one who has to convince herself that everyone who dislikes your post must be the same person! Despite evidence to the contrary.
But whatever helps you sleep at night. Please though chill down because you're sperging harder than anyone in this thread now and embarrassing yourself by broadcasting your paranoid delusions.

This thread is entertaining and well-deserved.

No. 49526

wait, so her oc has two personalities or smth? bcz her main oc looks like half of her 2nd OC. Anyways, I find this half back half blonde OC a damn mary sure from 2007, and the other one looks like a basic uwu-e-persona

No. 49527

…And even after surgery, she kept hiding her face w face mask, etcs. Lol. And I also find it ridiclious that even now, after years, she keeps saying that her ~ uwu friends ~ are doing her make-up when she still can't do make-up herself. Yet she is going to turn 30 this year. How can her bf even stand her? Though people keep rumoring that her Albert is going out with some girl called Choco more than her lately.

No. 49528

Stop detailing by talking about all the girls you are jealous of, Aria. This thread is about your insecure ass.

No. 49529

>hates e-thots with loli personas
>has loli animu OCs that look nothing like her and look like they were designed by a 13-year-old weeb
Also, I find it mildly amusing that her OCs are wearing stolen outfits. I see at least three outfits from Project Diva (two are ugly recolors while one is the exact same) and I'm pretty sure that outfit with the black skirt and blue bow is taken from something too but I can't quite put my finger on where it's from.

Are you daft? No one here likes any of those other bitches either. I personally find Belle Delphine and Pokimane annoying and I could never stand LilyPichu and Nyanners at the height of their popularity (I don't know who the other girls are but I'm sure they're just as annoying), but you can tell that this bitch is only sperging about e-thots because she can't be like them. She does everything they do, but she fails at it so she takes it out on them. Example, she takes pictures like this >>49368 to garner attention from weebs and horny men, but gets a pitiful amount of likes while Belle Delphine can easily get hundreds of thousands of likes. I don't like either of them, but you'd have to be blind or delusional if you don't think Poki and Belle are attractive and able to at least fake a likeable personality for neckbeards. If Aria wasn't so plain, boring and insecure, she would be singing a different tune. There's definitely nothing wrong with calling out and complaining about annoying e-thots, but she's only doing it because she's SEETHING.

No. 49530

I'm thinking the same exactly.
Honestly at this point idk whats worse, pedo- pandering thots or leecher gremlins like Aria.
Both shitty as fuck , but one disgusts me more than the other.

No. 49531

Never said it wasn't a deserved thread and never said anyone who doesn't like what I say is the same person. Calling these posts delusional and embarrassing and this "whatever helps you sleep at night" shit doesn't hide the fact that you still look retarded and you still don't seem to get the point at all. Maybe PULL is more your speed.
>despite evidence to the contrary
Bitch, where?
>using the word paranoid when it doesn't even fit here
Look, I get that you like to act like a five year old anime girl for the attention of men but you don't have to act like one all the time, right…?

>Belle Delphine
pick one

No. 49532

So in the same breath you mock being called paranoid and then accuse everyone you reply to of being one of those popular e-thots? kek
>for the attention of men
Your bias is showing.

Calm down already with your infighting/derailing. No one is forcing you to read the thread if you dislike it so much you can't help but sperg out.(infighting)

No. 49533

I literally said that the thread is deserved, how stupid are you?
Also lolitubers or the people that Aria went after doesn't always = popular ethot.
Again, calling something a bias when it doesn't fit the bill.
Considering me pointing out that lolitubers could be posting here which started all this "infighting" you are just as guilty of participating in =/= accusing everyone posting of being an ethot. I hope for your sake you're not trying to refer to an obvious joke about acting like five year olds or whatever as an accusation.

Aria is a fucking cow, absolutely, no one is saying she isn't. But all this shit over a slight disagreement on her looks or pointing out that the girls she calls out do kinda deserve it even if aria is a hypocrite about it…shit's suspicious as fuck. Y'all can say "no one is saying they don't!!!" but the reaction is still suspicious as fuck.
Call me a sperg or tell me to "calm down" if it makes you feel better, that's fine.(infighting)

No. 49534

File: 1551825648643.png (1.16 MB, 834x1418, knk.png)

>that outfit with the black skirt and blue bow is taken from something too but I can't quite put my finger on where it's from.
Looks like a rip off of the uniform from Kyoukai No Kanata.

No. 49535

File: 1551842366203.png (78.54 KB, 709x431, Screenshot_2019-03-05-20-38-08…)

Aria is back at it with her fake uwu positivity. She's just playing a character at this point lawl, her imperial army of faggots died down after the rework mercy civil war loss but she still has a small group of whiteknights. They must be very dense and braindead to not notice how fake and toxic she is. I wonder how long she can play this character for before she goes back to openly hating and shaming people

No. 49536

She made another discord. Her leftover white knights consists of


>white racists who hate black people
>Leftover Mercy cult members
>Retards that blindly kiss her ass
>Low IQ weebs
>Handful of girls who are ugly like Aria

No. 49537

File: 1551843416733.jpg (745.39 KB, 1834x1422, aria discord racist.jpg)

Aria just loves hating on black people and so does her faggot white knights, time after time she keeps deleting her discord and the racism against blacks doesn't stop
>I'm NOT and was never racist to blacks!

Let's pretend no one saw the nigger messages proof, why do you keep letting your discord members say racist things then?

No. 49538

File: 1551844861373.png (44.83 KB, 1228x471, aria autist.png)

It's not like she doesn't get offended or anything, she kicked this guy for mentioning autism, turns out her brother is autistic (lol) and kicks him out for the comment, he reinvites himself and apologizes for saying something he wouldn't have known anything about. Funny how she'll make fun of retards and be racist towards blacks but when you mention anything about autism it's WHOA WHOA YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR! This hoe just likes to stir up drama even when it's not for Youtube clicks.

No. 49539

I love how her ass has ~suppporters~ shes really no different than any other snowflake

No. 49540

This just seems like her exercising her power for the sake of it and feeling "respected." If she cared sooo much she'd ban the guy.

Also someone who goes around spewing racial slurs in their free time likely spews other slurs such as retard. Especially if she does dumb power plays like that (but doesn't back it up by actually banning) - she's a wannabe insecure brat. Same reason she was doing the "rework Mercy" movement which she abruptly dropped when she got too much backlash.

No. 49541

video called "Why I NO LONGER support Aria Rose": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnTDXE_09BQ

video from Niandra talking her experience with Aria and hypocrisy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ICW2uykLcQ(embed youtube)

No. 49542

The retards over at pull are such degenerates, they take their content from here, copy paste it and dumb down what is being said so the other retards can understand it and they try to play it off like it's their own thoughts and opinions. Aria would be disappointed that her own people can't come up with original content.

No. 49543

I wonder if she's going to stop making yt vids since she's pretty much getting next to nothing views

No. 49544

File: 1551981705512.png (14.73 KB, 433x133, perfect.PNG)

Lol she's still out here beig like "POOR LITTLE WHITES ARE STRUGGLING UWU"

No. 49545


somebody tell her she still has white privilege

No. 49546

No one is saying white people don't have struggles (if they are they are uneducated and from Tumblr)? It just means that their race isn't one of their struggles like chill out.

She's just a racist who is looking for people to blame as to why she's a failure and ugly as all hell. What she needs to do is work on her skills, moisturize before bedtime and sit down and eat her food. I can't stand Belle Delphine but Belle is x1000 more tolerable than this prematurely aged , goosebumps/keeper of the muppet show reject character looking ass hoe. She clearly is just pissed off because no amount of the snow app is going to fix her ugly both inside and out. She doesn't want to work hard for anything, she wants her being white to be enough for prosperity and success.And also to be considered beautiful.

No. 49547

File: 1552011767874.png (128.79 KB, 1009x525, aria shaming post.png)

Can't forget how much Aria loves sex yall. When is she going to quit with the fake sex positivity thing?

No. 49548

She has also copied the concept art of a vocaloid original (Hirari, hirari) as seen here

No. 49549


vs vocaloid original

No. 49550

i unsubbed from this fucking annoying bitch(no1curr)

No. 49551

File: 1552080984150.jpg (48.54 KB, 403x410, dana-carvey-waynes-world-watn-…)

No. 49552

kek uncanny resemblance

No. 49553

File: 1552103139800.jpg (521.03 KB, 1228x1531, aria uwu depression discord.jp…)

>posts video of a black guy playing tetris


No. 49554

File: 1552152264637.jpg (395.27 KB, 1009x1280, 19-03-09-10-20-33-622_deco.jpg)

Here is some more of her uwu I'm so positive bs. I find it hilarious how quick she decided to change once PULL decided to make a thread on her despite her being an actual user on their site. She was stupid for using her old Twitter handle for her pull account.

No. 49555

File: 1552184434280.png (27.99 KB, 1063x161, lily.png)

Lilyfakevoicechu's response to Thotaria's fake loli e girls video, this was posted on some tranny sounding weeb's video against Thotaria

I like how Lilyfakevoicechu pretends to take the moral high ground when she also gets her wks to attack when she doesn't like what people are saying about her, >>49386 adding to this list they both make shitty vocal anime song covers, piano anime and video game covers, lurks and uses sites like this, boosted and they both are dirty weeaboos wishing they were Jap. Lily and Aria are like the asian and white version of each other.

No. 49556

File: 1552185665686.jpg (28.03 KB, 1024x512, arialily.jpg)

Their Youtube icons look pretty similar too

No. 49557

Skinwalker much

No. 49558

Aria must really hate Poki she talked about her for all of her egirl vids and mentioned her the deleted egirl vids Poki isn't even a fake wannabe anime girl and she still threw her in the loli uwutuber vid

No. 49559

File: 1552236563793.jpg (392.05 KB, 1014x1280, 19-03-10-10-44-44-861_deco.jpg)

So Aria changed her pull name to 'notinuse' and is going alone the path that she won't be making drama videos anymore. She deleted her J* vid yet not the ones about the ethots (still gotta try to get attention from it ig) I quite love the fact she's just now wanting to change once she noticed she was now the topic of discussion instead of her sticking her nose into it.

No. 49560

File: 1552263755785.png (801.35 KB, 1190x615, aria 2.png)


Again with the ~soft yet expressive voice~ who the fuck is writing this stuff? She sounds like another online girl faking her voice to sound cute and nice

No. 49561

File: 1552264026593.png (405.41 KB, 420x420, WLZssQq.png)

Sounds like she wrote it herself kek

No. 49562

File: 1552264842413.png (1.31 MB, 1597x776, Aria yt.png)

Aria is trying to rebrand under SaccharineBeats, she deleted and changed everything to that name. She deleted all of her selfies, tweets and vids to hide her egirl status how ~deceitful~ this is her youtube atm, most of her vids are gone

No. 49563

File: 1552264957566.jpg (223.4 KB, 886x271, aria vids.jpg)

The last remaining egrill vids

Imo she should delete all of her vids and go back to being a anime cover Youtuber.

No. 49564

No. 49565

File: 1552271448053.jpg (2.3 MB, 1340x2043, edits.jpg)

Most of the edits were made by her I guess that's one way to put urself out there lol

No. 49566

File: 1552271612086.png (11.88 KB, 737x150, sc-681092.png)

Why does every snowflake cry uwu depression muh mental illness when they get exposed and called out for their BS?

No. 49567

It's funny that she's rebranding herself as 'saccharine' when that word has the negative connotation of being cloyingly, sickly, disgustingly sweet. Shows that her English skills are awful. At least 'dulcet' had a relevant meaning uwu, though both are ugly and pretentious words

No. 49568

File: 1552356676806.jpg (258.28 KB, 1888x1149, aria da.jpg)

Our girl Aria is on a DELETE DELETE spree

No. 49569

File: 1552356728425.png (62.27 KB, 800x1196, Screenshot_2019-03-11-21-10-48…)

She didn't rename her insta she deleted it

No. 49570

File: 1552356869313.png (180.22 KB, 1610x557, wiki.png)

She's trying real hard to remove her Dulcetrefrain Aria Rose persona but she can't let go of the ~sweet yet expressive voice~ thing lol. Is she going to delete her Youtube next?

No. 49571

File: 1552357006647.png (49.74 KB, 800x1193, Screenshot_2019-03-11-21-16-37…)

Deleted her website

No. 49572

File: 1552357223956.png (464.02 KB, 1810x846, aria bandcamp.png)

You forgot about ur bandcamp page Aria

No. 49573

File: 1552357607888.gif (6.84 MB, 300x300, putn.gif)

Definitely lurking kek

No. 49574

File: 1552357624700.png (701.04 KB, 1254x814, aria ig.png)

With her new social media accounts under SaccharineBeats ~Sweet Melodies~ she's desperately trying to come off as wholesome and sweet. She's only following natural and animal accounts on her IG and only posting pics of her pets. This is so obvious and forced.

No. 49575

File: 1552358205074.png (29.21 KB, 739x351, tweets.png)

>muh hallucinations have been pretty bad

Who the fuck would openly tell people that they are crazy and see shit that's not there??
It seems so fake, first she said she has anxiety then depression and now schizophrenia? She only started going I HAVE MENTAL ILLNESSES to use as a shield against criticism. When she thought she was top dog she never mentioned anything about mental illness, she's trying to play up the munchie victim card now that people see through her bullshit. Also the way she words her "hallucinations" sound so bullshit, she's describing it all dramatic like how a shitty anime character would.

No. 49576

File: 1552362075269.png (737.22 KB, 1887x995, 78123.png)

I've always found it hilarious how she made a vid on how to be a twitch slut or something and she mentioned having a full face of makeup, filtered photoshopped angled pic as your profile pic, when her Twitch profile fit her own Twitch slut criteria

No. 49577

Like every other flake she'll eventually come back when the attention runs dry

No. 49578

File: 1552419042966.jpg (255.3 KB, 800x781, do not steal pull.jpg)

She's going to delete the rest of her hit piece vids and start anew~
Her half assed apology

>”I've made mistakes that hurt both my self and others emotionally and I apologize for that, it's time to move forward ^ _ ^”

Lmao that's not how things work. She's really not sorry, she's only “sorry” because she got caught and no one gives a fuck about her bitchy opinions against other girls anymore. She never acknowledged any wrongdoings and all the terrible shit she did. She kept denying and kept making herself the victim when she was the perpetrator. She relentlessly went after smaller streamers and Youtubers, got her whiteknights to send death threats, harass, doxx and hate on these people for not agreeing with her Mercy changes, having different opinions or for fucking DEFENDING her ass. What about all of the people she hated on her views? May I remind you guys she sent her fucking white knights to attack a little kid? She's been unapologetic about her racism against blacks and harassment towards anyone who kindly disagreed with her on her Mercy CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT! And her witchhunt to demonize all girls videos. People saw through that and now it's “oppsies sorry let's move on~!” Aria kept going off on Niandra and demonized her when she did nothing but defend her from people alleging she was boosted, she kept apologizing to Aria for literally nothing and this bitch never gave her a chance or stopped to realize that Niandra wasn't saying shit about her but she wanted to be the prime victim. Just disgusting.
She can't even refute anything, she didn't even bother making a Youtube video or making official statements. All she did was make snarky comments, deny, diss people, block, block, block, delete, delete, restore, delete, change user names and persona, play victim and post new commentary vids like usual hoping people would forget and everything would be all fine and dandy~ She's slowly deleting her vids because she doesn't want it to seem like she's SHOOK from the backlash from forums and Youtube.

No. 49579

File: 1552422623580.png (1.64 MB, 944x934, 145.png)

She literally can only take pictures like this. It's like she'll die if she changes the angle, pose and facial expression

No. 49580

Wait what???? you're going to tell your therapist in April that you are having hallucinations? Not like right away? If she truly has schizophrenia she needs to tell someone right away that she's going off the deep end, not wait a whole month.

No. 49581

That's because she's lying anon..

No. 49582

File: 1552444191969.jpg (93.28 KB, 948x1280, 19-03-12-20-28-46-205_deco.jpg)

Looks like she went ahead and deleted her Twitter along with some of her cat pics on Instagram.

No. 49583

Rofl that was fast is she ditching the whole rebranding thing?

No. 49584



obvi I'm just being nice but she could make her lie a little more believable as well.

No. 49585

File: 1552491624042.jpg (278.07 KB, 1280x764, 19-03-13-09-39-05-165_deco.jpg)

When will this dumbass understand she was also apart of the 'toxicity' in overwatch? You can't play moral high ground when you were toxic as well.

No. 49586

In all of her I HATE THESE FUCKING SLUTS vids she ass pats herself. I wish there were reuploads of those vids, her how to be a twitch egirl vid was hilarious

No. 49587

File: 1552506240387.png (506.69 KB, 701x623, 1.png)

>haii minna check out how ugu skinny i am arent i so kawaii

cap obviously not from the original vid

No. 49588

Virtue signaling basically while showing how thin her skin is and how insecure. Sounds super manipulative too.

It's a damn online game, like welcome to the internet? Plus you're more likely to get harassed if you're an attention whoring cunt who thinks she's good but is really terrible.

Lmao those hands are doing more than just pulling her shirt up. Probably pulling up some chub while cupping boobs for "subtle" "sexiness".
Oh and having a hoodie on and in that form does hide some chub showing, as it tends to be more visible when not straight-on.
Source: Am skinnyfat myself and have a bit of chub on tummy but would look pretty much the same as this if I did that pose with those clothes lmao.

No. 49592

haha holy fucking shit she lives in my city. first time i’ve ever seen a cow from here. pretty interesting tbh.

No. 49593

Interesting, while listening to a lo-fi playlist I noticed lilypichu did one of the tracks so it might make sense that Aria is trying to emulate that. I guess it's just another form of projection against the girls she envies.

No. 49594

Just post the actual caps, no one cares what the pullfaggots are saying. Her real name is probably Nicole, like every wannabe anime uwu kawaii egirl they have fake "cute" names like Lily, ARIA, Nori, Peachy, Wolfy, etc.

No. 49596

That would be nice since she tried getting her whiteknights to doxx the guy who revealed her Mercy raid but it's against the rules here

No. 49597

NTA but that's Aria's post from when she shared that Youtube comment, not a random PULL user giving their input.

No. 49598

So ur telling me the comments under the screenshot were made by Aria on pull?

No. 49599

Yeah, that was her own comment.

No. 49600

Was this recent? Thought this bitch left pull and denounced the pull community.

No. 49601

It's an older comment when from she made her first ~callout video~ about uwutubers, she has since edited the comment but back then there was a bit of drama around that situation, so screenshots were taken.

She used to do this a lot, another example is here https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10355-general-loli-e-girls-aka-uwutubers/?do=findComment&comment=369014


Another comment that I remember had a LOT of screenshots of conversations originally before she edited it:


No. 49602

Next time give context before hand if you're going to post ur shitty pull caps.

No. 49603

still NTARYT but you're welcome for the spoonfeeding anyways

No. 49604

>Thread about active PULLtard with 300 comments ready to be lurked
>REEEing about PULL caps being posted

No. 49605

File: 1552588937618.jpg (849.65 KB, 1080x1705, z.jpg)

Deletes everything again, with only this post left because ~my depression~ uwu ^_^

No. 49606

You pullfags don't know how to make posts, you guys don't give context or caps. All you do is post links.

No. 49607

File: 1552597896415.jpg (62.28 KB, 744x744, aria.jpg)

deleted pics

No. 49608

File: 1552597970256.jpg (127.4 KB, 960x960, aria 2.jpg)

No. 49609

File: 1552598039075.jpg (38.31 KB, 400x400, aria 3.jpg)

No. 49610

File: 1552601220781.png (79.21 KB, 1010x513, g7982743.png)

Plz come back our hypocrite queen

No. 49611

File: 1552614918706.jpg (72.67 KB, 500x500, 2w2g38.jpg)

The Aria classic

No. 49612

She's 'saccharinetweet' now.

No. 49613

Kek that was fast.

No. 49614


So fucking fake.

No. 49615

She's toxic and terrible to other people but when people throw it back at her she's all "nooo uwu please be kind and civil!" "I'm fragile please don't be mean!" She loves acting all tough and intimidating when she's actually a pussy ass bitch

No. 49616

File: 1552664749209.jpg (651.28 KB, 1080x1821, i.jpg)

Changing your name won't erase your past, Aria. You can't simply hide from your mistakes with a few username changes and some uwu positivity ^__^

Well, at least she's kept the awful ~saccharine~ part. That word is perfect for her: sickly sweet, disgustingly fake sugar uwu

No. 49617

File: 1552719953238.webm (16.88 MB, 640x360, Undertale - ASGORE - Rock Cove…)

Here's a sample of Aria's "music", it's just as nasally and grating as her fake cutesy UwU voice and definitely sounds like she's straining to hit those high notes.

No. 49618

Damn this is fucking awful. uwu ~soft yet expressive~ How delusional can she be? No, Aria, your voice is pitchy, thin, nasally and completely off tune. She's honestly below amateurish. There's nothing redeemable about this ~saccharine~ "music".

No. 49619

File: 1552753833484.gif (2.48 MB, 384x372, tenor.gif)

>sOfT yEt eXpPrEsSiVe vOiCe
Not even autotune can save that. What is up with all these wannabe animu girls having shitty voices while washing it down with 100% on autotune?

No. 49620

there's no autotune in this whatsoever, it's just mixed that badly.

No. 49621

>Aria Rose
>Saccharine beats
>saccharine bests ~sweet melodies~

She sounds like a 12 year old autistic weeb.

No. 49622

this reminds me of those really bad vocaloid covers kek

No. 49623

File: 1552833918146.png (555.34 KB, 800x954, Screenshot_2019-03-17-09-37-58…)

Jumping more bandwagons
She has to mention her ~anxiety~ for everything she does. Ofc she maining Pichu cuz he represents how ~kawaii~ she is. Lilypichu does this as well, in Aria and Lily's womanchild minds EVERYTHING YOU DO AND LIKE HAS TO BE KAWAIIDESU when you're a wannabe irl ~♡animu girl♡~

No. 49624

So now that everyone realized she's a huge hypocrite. She tries to delete everything and scream "muh mental illness" for pity points. Don't dish it out if you can't handle the heat Aria. All of the shit she talked, you would think she has thicker skin than this.

No. 49625

Haha she went from loving Lily to hating her. She tried leeching and failed so she resorted to making hit piece vids for the attention.

No. 49626

File: 1553037219250.png (67.91 KB, 800x215, Screenshot_2019-03-19-18-09-34…)

>someone said we should call people who dig up old mistakes to hurt someone twitter vultures

Aria is talking about herself again kek.

Can she stop with the uwu I'm such a sweet saint act? She's so fucking fake, pretending like you never did anything wrong and acting like a cringey happy go lucky person doesn't magically erase everything you've done.

No. 49627

File: 1553037615796.png (44.5 KB, 800x168, Screenshot_2019-03-19-18-17-14…)

>participate in discussion not cancel culture

Uh bitch, you would delete, block and harass anyone who didn't agree with you and now you're trying to preach this shit?

No. 49628

Can she just stop convincing herself that she is an ~ uwu cute, pure, angelic and sweet girl from muh animes ~ ? Disgusting. Everything about her new shit screams fake.

No. 49629

File: 1553099202238.png (449.53 KB, 1537x690, 190320.png)

The usual lack of self-awareness. Literally everything in Aria's comment applies to herself too. What a delusional, unlikable fake bitch.

No. 49630

File: 1553117128549.png (113.96 KB, 800x377, Screenshot_2019-03-19-18-15-54…)

She's back on Youtube I hope her vids continue to flop

No. 49631

File: 1553117326019.png (39.17 KB, 800x155, Screenshot_2019-03-20-16-26-46…)

She has to get a job like everyone else now that her youtube channel is dead and no one gives a fuck about her patreon

No. 49632

>Internalized misogyny
More like she’s blatantly jealous and wishes she looked as good as the other e-thots. I’ve seen women hate each other so much IRL that they are willing to become blatant hypocrites and attack other women for doing the thing they do just because they have better looks, a (better) boyfriend, more friends, etc. I figured it’s just an archaic sexual competition behavior that women use to pretend they are better mates than another woman when they actually aren’t. The difference in this case though is that unlike she’s being so obviously hypocritical and ethotty that it becomes plain pathetic aonce that’s how she attracts beta orbiters that become her paypigs

No. 49633

Kek i like how she tried sweeping everything under the rug

No. 49634

Hypocrite snowflake queen updates~ ^ . ^

No. 49635

File: 1553534031940.png (405.03 KB, 800x463, Screenshot_2019-03-25-12-01-15…)

Cap from the vid

>pic:I've been diagnosed with sEvEre dEpPrEsSiOn

>vid:I hAvE eXtRemE DePpReSsIoN

Didn't she say she was going to see a psychologist in April? It's not even April yet. If she had EXTREMEDEPRESSION she would've been hospitalized and forced on medication by now. She lied about having schizophrenia and a bunch of other mental illnesses to use as a scapegoat. Her lies never match up too lmao.

No. 49636

this bitch is the worst liar. “extreme depression” isn’t even a recognized term that any medical professional would use, number one. and number two, bullSHIT she’s getting a psychologist appointment that quickly. this is winnipeg, resources are stretched thin as fuck. unless someone canceled the appointment they made months in advance or her mommy paid for a private visit, she’s lying. waitlists and referrals to psychs are two huge roadblocks everyone here deals with. she needs to shut the fuck up and delete her channels. enough with this nonsense.

No. 49637

File: 1553543938143.png (164.3 KB, 1003x220, x.PNG)


this video has been getting quite an amount of views, and theres also an update video on her name change too

No. 49638

She won't perma delete her accounts and channels becuz she loves the attention. She's desperately holding on to the leftovers of her incel braindead wk fanbase. I believe the anxiety part, I would have anxiety too if I were a shitty person and got exposed/called out~

No. 49639

i'm not the type of person to be like, "they're jealous!!1" whenever a woman criticizes another woman
but it's obviously what it is
>flames girls for doing the same things she does/used to do

lmao she reeks of insecurity and lack of self awareness

shes angry that these girls pull it off better than she does and actually have gained popularity from it

No. 49640

her whole mercy movement was so idiotic, just learn to play another character jesus christ. Ana is 10 times more fun and useful

No. 49641

>I've been diagnosed with XTREME DEPRESSION

Boohoo she has uwudepression cuz everyone found out about her lies and hypocrisy. That's like when himeahri cried depression when everyone found out she was a white whore pretending to be asian. Didn't lilyfakevoicechu claim to have uwudepression too after her threads started rolling?

No. 49642

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Aria was the ~pale aesthetic~ farmer who attacked anons in the beauty threads for wanting to get a tan.

No. 49643

File: 1553666131252.png (760.33 KB, 800x974, Screenshot_2019-03-27-00-47-24…)

Lol it didnt take long for her to go back to her pandering pics, everytime she deletes she goes through this cycle of shitty selfies>animal only pics>no comments both>shitty selfies>animals>both+ enabling comments

No. 49644

File: 1553666808850.png (831.77 KB, 800x989, Screenshot_2019-03-27-00-47-33…)

Can someone tell Thotaria
anxiety is not schizophrenia?

No. 49645

I mean… that's not schizophrenia either, really lol.

No. 49646

why would she want to showcase her coloured lenses, caky makeup and face akin to that of madeline maccanns mother rn that close up lmao. congrats on a different angle of a selfie at least?

No. 49647

File: 1553690379073.png (530.57 KB, 744x620, aria_irl.png)


Look how mentally unstable I am uwu
She legitimately looks 40.

Also her face reminded me of this thing but the puppet is cuter.

No. 49648

File: 1553701532959.png (152.45 KB, 800x546, Screenshot_2019-03-27-10-43-14…)

Comeback pt 11

How long is she going to keep this up before she mass deleted again?

No. 49649

File: 1553701741297.png (52.73 KB, 800x182, Screenshot_2019-03-27-10-43-14…)


No Aria, you don't like girls. You hate them and you're jealous of their sexuality, looks and popularity. She's trying to fit in the lgbt community after being kicked out of every community she was apart of.

No. 49650

she lives in winnipeg? i'm a bit surprised we have more than one cow who's known online

No. 49651

yeah. are you from here too? so far she’s the only cow i know of in this city. i know of a couple irl cows but they haven’t really been mentioned anywhere publicly online

No. 49652

File: 1553727698432.jpg (41.02 KB, 571x571, Design.jpg)


So y'all know this clip of Pokimane that's circulating right, where she repeatedly calls people niggas

and ofc little miss white privilege goes in whining about her single mother and how nigga isn't a racial slur lmfao

No. 49653

Ugh, we get it you're white and ugly, life is harder for you bb.

No. 49654


You say it MORE than Pokithot and you are intentionally racist. She hates blacks cuz they are more kawaii than her.

No. 49655

It really must suck having being part of the majority race in your country not make up for being ugly, poor and unlikable. It's no wonder she blames the "niggers taking jobs" for her own mediocrity and bitches all the time about how white privilege isn't real. Her own existence is wholly unimpressive, in spite of her race never once being a factor that held her back socially, financially, etc. Blaming herself for her failures would be too difficult.
When it's not some racebait-y reason she's dissatisfied, it's her "anxiety", as shown here >>49644. Nothing is ever her fault.

No. 49656

why does she look so old

No. 49657

It's the cakey foundation, thin lips, hollow eye sockets, soulless expression, bad filter, and ~uwu nasolabial folds~

But honestly, she would be less ugly and more just plain/average if her awful shitty personality didn't twist up her face. Beauty really does come from within, huh

No. 49658

She's prob mad that blacks are more successful than her.

No. 49659

File: 1553789771641.png (824.47 KB, 800x1018, Screenshot_2019-03-28-11-14-30…)

More cringy pics, how old is this bitch again?

No. 49660

She's just so. . . Mediocre. From her gameplay, to her looks, singing, photography. She's not the worst, not the best, just middle ground. She's like the personification of the colour beige.

No. 49661

nice dollar tree christmas lights aria

No. 49662

>tfw went to the same highschool as this flake almost 10 years ago

she was notorious with everyone at school for being annoying and always screech laughing really loud in the halls, I had no idea she was a youtube lolcow

the hypocrisy of her claiming bad anxiety and then going out of her way to get attention by starting fights with random e-girls is too funny

anyway this was all irl and i don't have any shiny receipts to show off, so take this with as many grains of salt as you like:

she'd use slurs like ngger, pki, rtard, fagot, etc in the hallways and class, talk about how white people are oppressed by minorities, call herself kawaii baka nicole-chan and other weeb shit unironically, and was homophobic (this was before she was bi I guess lol)

she also legally(?) changed her last name to a Japanese name, lmaooooo

(I’m not going to post it because doxxing is bad, not to mention that this was an entire decade ago so she’s probably changed it to an even faker, even weebier name)

I don’t remember much else

It seems like she hasn’t changed, and if anything has gotten way worse. I wish her therapist could see this thread, maybe she could get some help

No. 49663


whoops I fucked up the formatting trying to censor the slurs, guess I should lurk more, peace

No. 49664

Thanks for this, anon. None of this is the least bit surprising.
I'm glad someone like this has remained an unsuccessful, bitter failure of an e-girl.

No. 49665


No. 49666

I mean… even if this ISN'T true, the fact it's completely believable says a lot about her.

No. 49667

ive known a surprising amount of irl cows too, for such a boring place. there was also that drug addict girl who has a thread on here with crazy body mods who learned to speak vulcan or whatever, a lot of alt boys in the city know her. she's not particularly milky online and iirc had autism or something, her thread petered out.

No. 49668


the video of the homestuck cosplayers spitting into a bucket is from Winnipeg too

what a city of culture

No. 49671

File: 1554002145121.png (647.85 KB, 800x1156, Screenshot_2019-03-30-21-57-23…)

Rofl i always knew her name was something basic like nicole


She's such a ethot wannabe, all the stuff she bought is stuff her egirl targets has.

No. 49672

>changed her last name to a japanese last name

We got another transracial weeaboo kek. It was speculated that she was transracial and that proves it. No fucking wonder she supported himeahri it's cuz this white bitch wants to be japanese too. Just accept that you're a regular, plain white girl already Nicole.

Changing your first/last name to something Japanese doesn't make you Japanese, you fucking degenerate retards.

No. 49673

File: 1554053865249.jpeg (112.85 KB, 960x960, D2303g6X4AAOrA6.jpeg)

More close up pics :barf: is she a druggie?

No. 49674

She's doing the exact same thing other PULLtards do when they used to shittalk Kooter while obsessively posting screenshots of her videos and trying to find where she got her clothes and circle lenses from. She wants to wear Pokimane's skin and is butthurt that she'll never be as successful since she's so homely looking.

No. 49675

File: 1554068227481.jpg (112.9 KB, 1080x397, 20190331_163358.jpg)

Come on, Aria, you're a 25-26 yr old woman. You're not cute, you're just embarrassing.

No. 49676

>she's doing the same thing like what the pulltards did on the kota thread

All pullfaggots try to be the snowflake they talk about it makes sense since Nicole is a pullfag.

No. 49677

File: 1554093215012.png (259.18 KB, 800x555, Screenshot_2019-03-31-23-30-00…)

Anyone wanna bet the song she's making is plagiarized like her artwork?


No. 49678

File: 1554093614657.png (1.03 MB, 800x997, Screenshot_2019-03-31-12-41-36…)

She wants to be a teen so bad. She thinks dressing like a teen and posting cringey captions and pics will make her prune ass a teen

No. 49679

Sounds basic and unoriginal anyway, like every other boring musical rhythm in existence. Lacking creativity and having zero potential, Nicole would be better off quitting and getting a reliable job offline.

But her attention-seeking flat ass is obviously gonna keep coming back to deliver more mediocrity.

No. 49680

I think she is looking for a rl job (from this tweet) >>49631 since her 1 minute of fame is gone

No. 49681

If she is, then good for her. Just stop with the fake cutesy uwu persona and get offline if you really want to improve your mental health

No. 49682

File: 1554144052732.gif (1.3 MB, 450x406, tenor.gif)

We only care about the milk get that ~uwu good for her i hope she changes~ pull shit outta here.

No. 49683

And your useless complaining about a saged post on a slow thread is somehow better? lol move on

Meanwhile, Nicole's been sticking her nose in drama again.

No. 49684

Go back to pull if you can't follow how people post here. We only care about the milk, this isn't a uwu support forum you autist.

No. 49685

File: 1554151553466.jpg (391.9 KB, 1240x1280, 19-04-01-14-32-18-737_deco.jpg)

She does know she did the same shit, right? I'm not like those loli you tubers uwu sub to my channel instead

No. 49686


>March 9th

"im not posting anymore drama i'm focusing on the music"


>less than a month later

>makes a vid about yt drama

No. 49687

File: 1554153897207.png (166.67 KB, 800x654, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-18-07…)

She went after Vic Lasagna when there was no proof. How about all the people she witch hunted with no proof? Nicole has the be the dumbest bitch on the planet.

No. 49688

File: 1554154806252.jpeg (45.56 KB, 800x469, dt.common.streams.StreamServer…)

>minna im gonna stop making dramu videos because everyone knows i'm a hypocrite bitch now and im getting exiled out of every community I ALSO HAVE XTREME MENTUL ILLNESS uwu

no one gives a fuck about her


She needs attention so bad, like Pok and the other egirls she's a fish out of water when the attention dries up.

No. 49689

File: 1554155146649.png (315.04 KB, 800x1163, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-41-19…)

Her pokemon dramu tweets incase she mass deletes again

No. 49690

File: 1554155172732.png (472.78 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-41-31…)

No. 49691

File: 1554155276543.png (310.32 KB, 800x1059, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-41-48…)

No. 49692

File: 1554155756294.png (398.62 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-41-56…)

Tdlr; a pokemon youtuber is accused of being a pedophile. Nicole chan pushes her fuggo ass into this for some attention while autistically screeching for pr00f and tries to show case what a kInD anD rEasOnAbLe pErSoN she is. Cut the fake act.

No. 49693

"Prune ass"? She's in her 20s lol.

No. 49694

you do know that you can pay for a psychologist here right? I got into mine after a few weeks.
Not really milk but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Aria walking around the river heights area, just assumed it was a high school student

No. 49695

nta but she literally looks fucking geriatric anon. her hair is very thin, her skin lacks moisture and colour and she looks tired and skelly. she just has the general appearance of an elderly person without the wrinkles.

No. 49696

yes, that’s why i said
>unless mommy paid for a private visit

No. 49697

File: 1554176441197.png (360.41 KB, 800x939, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-58-09…)


HMM sure sounds ALOT like someone we know

No. 49698

File: 1554176748010.png (258.51 KB, 800x613, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-58-18…)


Nicole cries and whines like a brainless teen but to her that's a compliment lul

No. 49699

File: 1554308456162.jpg (249.04 KB, 1280x932, 19-04-03-10-18-26-153_deco.jpg)

This damn girl and saying everything is like mercy 1.0. How is it even close?

No. 49700

She just uploaded part 2 to her commentary on the Pokemon fandom drama she's completely uninvolved in.
I guess she's now fully realized she's completely irrelevant unless she's giving her (unwanted) opinions on things. Her fake voice is so grating.

No. 49701

File: 1554358304956.jpg (70.18 KB, 500x667, 1wmrrj.jpg)

Of course the racist transracial hypocrite queen defends a pedophile, what's next? Nazism? This bitch is so uggo and plain she'll do anything for attention.

No. 49702

File: 1554394421333.png (858.72 KB, 800x987, Screenshot_2019-04-04-11-09-13…)

Is it me or is she using less filters and shit after being called out? It seems like she still blurs her nose and face lines tho

No. 49703

She looks like a well-passing MtF.

No. 49704

File: 1554397297097.png (306.66 KB, 800x753, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-58-46…)

Defending a pedophile doesn't make you a good person, we all know she's been tryharding with her ~new kawaii kind sweet girl~ image and it's falling apart fast. Nicole is never consistent and it makes sense since she's always faking her personality. The only thing consistent with her is being a bitchy hypocrite and hating on girls.

No. 49705

File: 1554398050239.png (127.8 KB, 800x446, Screenshot_2019-04-04-12-06-14…)

Context to why the Alex girl blocked her.
I like how she kept going at her even though Alex gave proof and shit while retard Nicole chan is still up her ass and even had the balls to screenshot their convo ~just incase~ then she acts all surprised when alex blocks her

No. 49707

It's pretty obvious that she either wears circle lenses, uses intense filters, or edits the fuck out of her irises cause this bitch has different looking eyes in every photo

No. 49708

How did her name change go through? I thought the canadian gov was really stingy when it came to culture appropriation with last names

No. 49709

File: 1554407010686.png (470.29 KB, 888x626, sc.png)

>hey minna! checkout my uwu anorexic ankles

No. 49710

The pic here >>49671 says "Lee" which is both a common English European surname and a common Asian (Korean tho, not Japanese) surname, so maybe it was something that works both ways. IDK though, just theorising

No. 49711

I'm curious what she'll do if it ends up being proven that he is a pedo creep

No. 49712

If that anon's info is right then Lee could be her real last name before the change but I doubt it. Lee is a KR and CN last name but it is a rare white last name. She seems like someone who would have Smith or Wood for a last name. If she did change it to Lee she most likely did it to sound more ethnic

No. 49713

Lee is a fairly common white name- the English "Lee" and Korean "Lee" come from different origins, so if she changed her name, she did a pretty bad job of trying to appear japanese. But Nicole probably does anything she can to appear ~uwu special~ even though she's indistinguishable from a stale piece of white bread

No. 49714

File: 1554429538261.png (12.75 KB, 690x103, aria sucks at everything cuz e…)

her brainless wks will come up with any excuse to defend how bad she is at video games. Being bad at video games was at the top of Nicole's how to spot a e girl list while she sucks at every single game she plays

how is she going to appear japanese with a chinese/korean last name and a white ass face?

No. 49715

Unrelated, but why are so many cows from Canada? mystery.jpg, shoe's bf, this girl, and some others I can't think of?

No. 49716

I would say most known cows are American, with Canadians coming in second. And that's probably just because those are the people we have access to and interact with the most online. I'm sure there's lots of cows in Kuwait and Thailand, but we'd be unlikely to know about them.

No. 49717

Who could forget queen Pixie, anon?

No. 49718

It's really cold in the winter so they stay inside and post online lol

No. 49719

And Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Roaming Mill, Stefan Molyneux, Theryn Meyer

No. 49720

File: 1554492953182.png (28.39 KB, 800x111, 2019-04-05 14.33.07.png)

No. 49721

That wk is unintentionally roasting her kek

No. 49722


Hello. It's the highschool anon again. I know I am anonymous, and will remain that way, but I assure you it's me. Same IP,same bad posts, etc.

This will make people looking for more juicy drama cringe, I'm certain, but I NEED to put my mind at ease. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, and ever since I posted this my brain has been stewing in guilt and intrusive thoughts. I've been thinking nonstop about it and how I've behaved poorly in talking shit and digging up decade old drama. I am not a regular poster here. I saw someone I recognised from irl was being talked about, got excited, and posted.

I retract this hurtful and innacurate statement entirely. I apologise sincerely to Aria Rose / Nicole. (and to the posters here for wasting your time.) It was an honest mistake. It was wrong. I did not mean to harm.

Put me out to pasture if you like, but please don't delete this post. Thank you. Take care of your mental health y'all.

No. 49723

haha what

No. 49724

File: 1555104342785.jpg (63.37 KB, 745x559, SOiKJ1O.jpg)

she looks like Chris Fleming (sorry to Chris)

No. 49725

File: 1555117986637.jpeg (5.34 KB, 194x260, images.jpeg)

Damn did Thotaria figure out who you are and put a gun to your head?

No. 49726

blink twice if she forced you to post this anon

No. 49727

Bet you Aria figured out who it was and contacted her threatening to expose and sue her for "hate speech", "doxxing", "harassment", etc.

No. 49728

File: 1555126578158.png (42.86 KB, 800x155, Screenshot_2019-04-12-22-26-57…)

Sounds about right considering how she sent her braindead incel army to doxx and threaten the guy that exposed her fRiEndLy rAid


Nicole is a vile person, she disgusts me. She thinks spraying herself with body spray will cover up the smell of diarrhea, shit, vomit and the toxic waste spewing out of her

No. 49729

Can confirm this is indeed the same anon.
What a shitshow.

No. 49730

File: 1555134568455.jpg (327.11 KB, 1102x1280, 19-04-12-23-48-46-007_deco.jpg)

Is she trying to get people to compare her to Billie or something?

No. 49731

Lmao, she shouldn't even try. Billie might be a bit basic, but she's not that basic. At least she has a unique style and actual musical talent.

No. 49732

How can Billie be a rolemodel when shes fucking 15? She also acts like a snowflake on Instagram lol, saying sexism doesn't exist someth like that.

No. 49733

gee the point sure flew far above your head. the reason she made this r/thathappened-tier tweet is BECAUSE billie is 15 and thirsted after. aria is aging like milk and looks haggard as shit, she’s comparing herself to billie because her ideal persona is an uwu not like other girls smol qt talented edgelord.

No. 49734

She plays the whole righteous act with the ~I'll believe it when there's proof~ ~don't accuse til there's proof~ bullshit when she went at Vic Lasagna when there wasn't proof at that time. She made a bunch of tweets and made a vid about it. I hope someone has a copy of that vid

No. 49735

Billie is "some pop star" though? Lmfao. This bitch seriously can't grow out of her "not like other girls" bullshit can she?

No. 49737

I hate that this ugly mother looking cunt keeps saying shit like "I love sex!!!" like who gives a fuck about your private life. Maybe she thinks her little followers will fap to it, idk why she bothers saying this nasty shit.

No. 49738

Nicole: "i lOvE sEx"
Also Nicole:

No. 49739

Holy fuck this is so cringy, and even cringier to have it as a like.

No. 49740

File: 1555561051235.jpg (40.26 KB, 802x960, e32.jpg)

Thotaria is doing what Poki and Lily does. Acting all ~innocent~ while liking sexual things and taking pics with a sexual under tone. Didn't she say that behavior is dEceItfUl? It's pretty pathetic how she wants to be like the othergirls/egirls so bad, she mimics everything they do, interests, how they act, what they like/follow on social media, clothing, music, video games, hair, makeup (but fails miserably), voice, interests, fake names and personality. She's a skinwalker wannabe so fucking hard.

No. 49741

File: 1556208160588.jpg (308.28 KB, 1280x956, 19-04-25-10-01-46-117_deco.jpg)

What a self entitled brat

No. 49742

File: 1556253972746.png (1.29 MB, 1167x799, untitled 1.png)

The comeback absolutely no one asked for. Not only is Nicole back to making shitty youtube videos, she's also back to making shitty MERCY videos. Did she forget that everyone know how disgustingly bad she is at Mercy and how everyone laughed at her failed Mercy aids civil ~rights~ movement? She's so delusional to think everything is all good~ after all the shit she's done.

No. 49743

File: 1556254109847.png (35.72 KB, 1092x435, untitled 2.png)

Some of the comments on the vid

No. 49744

File: 1556294615641.jpg (395.15 KB, 1280x1212, 19-04-26-10-01-20-082_deco.jpg)

It's almost like she magically forgot where she actively posted on pull about people like pokimane and lily (even making the thread uwutubers). I can bet she even still lurks.

No. 49745

File: 1556382624671.jpg (657.47 KB, 800x1698, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-nJGx…)

Who wants tips from a boosted Mercy player? This retard think she's actually good. Nicole is calling herself ~Wynter Rose~ now, she changes her name every week lawl.

No. 49746

File: 1556685405553.png (499.06 KB, 800x545, Screenshot1.png)

Another anachan using food as an accessory

No. 49747

File: 1556986744852.jpg (364.56 KB, 994x1280, 19-05-04-10-17-09-898_deco.jpg)

Looks like Aria is back to her old shit. Totally doesn't keep track of people she hates. She also went ahead and made a drama channel.

No. 49748

>not sure if I should start drama!!!
>starts drama within the same hour

No. 49749

She starts drama the second she forgets to do her nice person act, she's fake as fuck. No wonder she has no friends

No. 49750

File: 1557037550580.jpeg (3.31 KB, 232x217, images.jpeg)


I thought this retard autist was done with talking about other girls after she got called out for being a e-slut uwutuber? Who is she gon attack this time?

No. 49751

>Can I beat her ass?
She calls this tea? This is dirty, cold water. She needs to accept that she's disliked because not only is there nothing interesting about her, she's just a wholly vapid, unpleasant, spiteful person. That's why her music keeps flopping, and why she needs to make tons of bland, unseasoned drama videos to get any sort of traction.
She's not even entertaining or quick-witted enough to pull off being a sassy #savage female Leafy figure. She's just the very definition of basic. All she needs is 50 more pounds to be a walking stereotype of every salty, fake, weeby chick on PULL with a hateboner for attractive, popular, talented and/or Asian girls.

No. 49752

She has every bad trait imaginable and wonders why minna doesn't like her

No. 49753

File: 1557597085019.png (49.73 KB, 682x140, Just stop.png)

When is fuggo nicole going to stop hating on different groups of girls?

>Why everyone hates you.jpg

No. 49754

File: 1557597575008.png (477.09 KB, 800x1116, Es.png)

Drama alert wannabe

Homegirl didn't want a real job

No. 49755

>Why I hate girls who are more successful at doing exactly what I do and being who I want to be

No. 49756


Just as believable as Nicole saying she's not an e-whore.

No. 49757

File: 1557632314797.png (147.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190426-100637.png)

I noticed Aria went ahead and made a video defending Mckena. Within the video she shames a pull user who made a video on Mckena (as if she didn't do the same about Belle.) but I noticed in the Pull Mckena thread that Aria wasn't a perfect little angel who never insulted Mckena… She does realize you can see her old posts in the thread, right? Here is a screen cap in which she calls Mckena fat.

No. 49758


New website with the same basic pastel 12 yr old deviantart weeb design + boring ass blog posts lmao

No. 49759

>tHaT oUtFiT mAkEs hEr lOoK fAt aNd sHaPeLeSs

Nicole is literally a walking wooden board with 0 shape and curves. Kenna is pretty skinny already, she should keep her anorexic mouth shut.
Need caps.

No. 49760

jesus christ

No. 49761

How many fake names is she gonna give herself?

No. 49762

File: 1557693161418.png (63.13 KB, 1727x289, screenshot.png)

we love our positive uwu hypocrite queen!!!

No. 49763

File: 1557700962772.png (82.08 KB, 2278x1020, rip.png)

Lmao, she deleted her "tea" YouTube account. Guess she's back on her fake "uwu self-care" shit. Doubt she'll stay on it for long before deciding she's a "commentator" again. She's such a vile, two-faced hypocrite.

No. 49764

File: 1557701446399.png (290.89 KB, 934x784, wew1.png)

I noticed she deleted her sperg-out about some Twitch streamer girl having one of her videos copyright claimed. I had some weird intuition that she'd go scorched earth last night, so I took some screencaps.
She was calling her everything but a child of God, lmao. Notice she actually saw fit to @ Keemstar for this, too. Delusional clout-chasing.

No. 49765

File: 1557701618615.png (312.07 KB, 944x1146, wew2.png)

Positive gamer kween who hates "e-girls" (aka any woman who's more popular and attractive than herself).

No. 49766

File: 1557701742034.png (619.53 KB, 936x880, wew3.png)

such a positive influence

No. 49767

File: 1557701795935.png (765.03 KB, 954x986, wew4.png)

No. 49768

File: 1557701911667.png (340.22 KB, 954x1168, wew5.png)

No. 49769

File: 1557702002588.png (306.1 KB, 942x1164, wew6.png)

No. 49770

>e-girls are so manipulative!
>boo hoo I have depression so be sure to check out my new video like and subscribe and join my discord

No. 49771

File: 1557702118143.png (205.38 KB, 970x1178, wew7.png)

No. 49772

File: 1557702284557.png (56.36 KB, 646x420, kek.png)

Bonus: Some choice comments from her video on why she hates uwutubers.
The irony.

No. 49773

File: 1557702378081.png (39.01 KB, 678x216, moneybags.png)

Remember, this is the same girl who talked down on another PULL member for making a video on Kenna, accusing her of doing it for easy clout/money.
She's such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 49774

File: 1557702616259.png (2.73 MB, 2502x1678, raspdere1.png)

She also posted this exchange with Raspdere as a "receipt" in the same video. Sorry about the low quality.

No. 49775

File: 1557702760661.png (1.99 MB, 2028x1622, raspdere2.png)

No. 49776

File: 1557702875757.png (1.72 MB, 2176x1582, raspdere3.png)

No. 49777

File: 1557703002337.png (1.65 MB, 1762x908, oof.png)

This person basically destroyed her, and she couldn't come up with a response, so she tried to use it as "proof" that all uwutubers stick together or something.

No. 49778

File: 1557703142650.png (1.57 MB, 1752x984, oof2.png)

And then proceeded to play victim by claiming she was being "threatened" and had "armies of fans" sent on her. Funnily enough, playing the victim was one of the "uwutuber traits" she mentioned at the start of this particular video.

No. 49779

File: 1557703292258.png (1.41 MB, 1764x970, oof3.png)

That's all, folks. She also posted the same screencaps from >>49747 as "proof" she was being "harassed and threatened by uwutubers", but I didn't screencap that since we've already seen it.

No. 49780

File: 1557703554043.gif (1 MB, 350x191, giphy.gif)

No. 49781

File: 1557704407810.png (75.91 KB, 934x362, hmm.png)

Not much, but you can expect she'll explode again once she can't keep up the positive persona anymore.
This one is funny, because she doesn't seem to realize that she's a textbook example of the first one (except for the "can still pull numbers" part). At least she's partially admitting to being shit.

No. 49782

File: 1557705289825.jpg (248 KB, 1058x1280, 19-05-12-17-53-50-054_deco.jpg)

More of her posts on pull. This was a response to someone after she attempted to accuse markipler of crying for views after his niece died.

No. 49783

File: 1557707000875.jpeg (27.53 KB, 560x481, laughingemoji-560.JPEG)

>Can't keep up fake nice persona anymore
That was quick, we all called it tho.

No. 49784

Wow that's pretty low. Of course she accused Markiplier for alligator tears because her psychotic ass would've fake cried for views. The difference is Mark isn't a manipulator psychopath like her.

No. 49785


LOL. This person is literally LilyPichu's friend.

No. 49786

File: 1558437010282.png (50.73 KB, 629x499, mercy.png)

No. 49787

Wow. It only took 9 days for her positivity bubble to burst and for her to go right back to being a toxic, hypocritical person, lmao. This salt was delivered via expedited shipping.
Aria is the last person who should be judging others for that behavior when it's literally all she does.

No. 49788

>read thread
>see people defending lilypichu and nyanners

you guys don't have to go that far. bitch is cringe, but the discord messages between her and rasp aren't some kind of sick burn on her.

No. 50102

File: 1558636942038.png (19.14 KB, 587x127, Download .png)


I'm gonna go ahead and call bullshit on this. She always claims to be the victim of this and that whenever an issue is trending, surprised she didn't make a #METOO post for the xtra attention.

Nicole loves victimizing the fuck outta herself. You're far from a victim you fuggo bitch.

No. 50104

File: 1558637257010.png (852.7 KB, 800x807, 1.png)

She looks like a ugly guy in drag

No. 50105

File: 1558637298283.png (865.01 KB, 800x818, 1-1.png)

When ur ugly but wanna b kawaii

No. 50109

Idk what it is about her but she has always looked like a TIM. If I hadn't heard her voice before I might have just assumed she was a LARPing dude.

No. 50110

File: 1558638107166.jpg (93.02 KB, 800x600, ufboztplyze21.jpg)

>FUCK U ESLUTS! *makes 12 video essays on why she's better than them
>crowns herself the mercy leader, creates cult
>harasses, attempts to dox and attacks people who don't agree
>thinks she's on top of the world
>gets rekt
>This month
>makes everything public again

No. 54998

She's willingly reviving the dead movement which apparently made her *~depressed and suicidal~* after making a video against a T500 Mercy player who were disagreeing with her.
She'll never learn and it's quite tragic considering how she'll be 27 this year.

No. 55056

This face certainly explains why she is so bitter about other women.

No. 55122

File: 1561585784276.png (142.81 KB, 729x904, Capture.PNG)

I'm following Niandra since months because I like her content as a very good Mercy player and Aria is calling Niandra disagreeing with her a "stab in the back" simply because she wasn't on her boat about the whole rework Mercy thing? This bitch is just delusional.
This is such an embarrassing behavior to always excuse her being shitty by saying how she was depressed. I wonder if it makes others turn more empathetic toward her.

No. 55124

File: 1561585897331.png (38.66 KB, 737x250, Capture1.PNG)

Those tweets are also hilarious considering how she doesn't do anything to get better and just constantly crave attention which is why she can't better herself.

No. 55125

File: 1561585939423.png (143.45 KB, 749x279, Capture.PNG)

Also saying she was abused for being a plat Mercy main. She's a rotten joke.

No. 55143

She should also show her stats and Winrate in order to prove that she wasnt ~ uwu boosted ~ imo

No. 55199


You can see in her videos and streams that she duos with a Reinhardt main. Her profile is public and her stats aren't trash but they're not great either. Like everything she does it's painfully mediocre


No. 55206

The Reinhardt main is her boyfriend, he's better at the game than her from what I saw, but far from being a pro player. He's more average than her in terms of playing.
I wouldn't personally call her boosted since she's only very low diamond as of today and she's prone to go back to plat really soon, but she is simply mediocre, as you say.

The fact that she's open about how climbing was unfun to her because she couldn't play with her friends anymore, yet did it only to prove a point to her haters who apparently abused her? This is so ridiculous.

No. 55214

That canadian accent makes her sound like she has downs.

No. 55573

It's pretty clear that NicoleChan is jealous of Niandra. She attacked Niandra for defending her against boosting accusations and kept sending her white knights to attack even when Niandra apologized for defending her fugly ass. She just wanted to have shit with her because she's mad that Niandra is actually a good Mercy player.

No. 55887

File: 1562111872991.png (118.91 KB, 753x790, Capture.PNG)

She's still crying over being *~abused~* by randoms who only want her to give her excuses toward people she hurt. To give real, honest, sincere excuses but we all know it won't happen since this bitch is as true as she is talented.

Funny how she switches from being happy with her e-boyfriend to the verge of suicide in a matter of hours just because someone said she was offensive. Remember when she said she wanted to be free of any drama yet can't live without any kind of attention from her supposed haters?

No. 55892

i'm not trying to victim blame here but being a public figure and in the spotlight is a personal choice. nobody's forcing you to be public online. you could just private your accounts or delete them if the harassment really is that bad that it's making you suicidal. delete your social media and do something else with your life, why act like deleting your discord or twitter isn't a viable option?

i think we've all been harassed online at one point, at least i know i have. my solution? private and wipe all accounts. you're not gonna die from not being able to use social media.

No. 56005

File: 1562207292135.png (43.53 KB, 734x233, Capture1.PNG)

She's back to her attention whore-self after less than one day, is she that thirsty for not wanting her online presence to be forgotten that much?

No. 56008

idk who this person is but she seems histrionic to be threatening suicide weekly on Twitter to a bunch of strangers, thus requiring their emotional labor to talk her down from the ledge, also seems like she just uses it as a technique to make her posts more spicy

No. 56150

no. no nono. you're telling me this ~uwu smol~ "i'm not like the other e-girls (because i'm too fucking ugly and also have no tits)" gremlin is the same age as shuwu?

howww do women grow up to that age and still base their personality around what they think neckbeards find attractive?

No. 56388




No. 56396

I'm not interested at all in seeing her body.. but damn she's such a fucking hypocrite. If it was any other girl, especially more attractive than her she would lose her shit. She hates Belle Delphine as it is lmao. Does this girl ever hear herself when she speaks?

No. 56418

That's not how you link youtube here. Also, yes nsfw is allowed here, that's what a spoiler is for. Please read the rules and also learn to sage?

No. 56427

>NSFW lewds
As if we needed any more proof that she's just a failed, unattractive version of the "egirls" she despises so much, and that she's just been intensely jealous of their looks and/or popularity all this time, lmao.

No. 56431

>$50 per month for nudes
Nobody is going to pay for that from her lol

No. 56432

How is her boyfriend fine with this? Lol

No. 56433

Hes a beta cuck.

No. 56451

He looks like a catfish on his twitter too

No. 56598

To my understanding the "boyfriend" is just a beta orbiter on discord

No. 56655

File: 1562737750111.jpg (98.12 KB, 960x960, IMG_20190710_084415.jpg)

… Imagine paying $50 for her lewds

No. 56691

She looks kinda like Marge Palermo under a flattering snapchat filter lmao

No. 56741

$50 for nudes apparently?

No. 56777

what's his twitter?

No. 56785

she looks so old, I can't even pin point what makes her look so ugly. It looks like she has a collagen problem or something

No. 56824

Looks like a young boy with long hair and lipstick

No. 56858

File: 1562863395773.jpg (252.7 KB, 817x1280, 19-07-11-10-41-06-448_deco.jpg)

Our favorite hypocrite has moved onto actually following Belle on insta & Twitter.

No. 56874

gotta know what poses she can steal from the competition, innit?

No. 56966

File: 1562909808109.png (986.45 KB, 1035x1355, SmartSelectImage_2019-07-12-08…)

Where's Ryan? Where's the breakfast? Why caption it with an unrelated picture?

No. 56968

does she have to take ALL of het pictures with the same angle and face expression

No. 56999

File: 1562924059353.png (440.86 KB, 582x611, a.png)


She has another post like this one. People on PULL were discussing if they're in a long distance or local relationship. There was evidence to it being long distance which makes me think they might be faking a local one. As you said these posts are weird, where is Ryan? There's no pictures of them together

No. 57015

Ryan openly talks about living in texas on the discord so, it's not quiiite a secret.

No. 57020


So she's flat out lying in these posts? That's…strange

No. 57025

It IS possible that he very recently moved, but yeah, these photos are strange.

No. 57042

File: 1562947329895.jpg (914.72 KB, 1907x947, 1562737750111-4.jpg)

Saged for irrelevance, but I tried seeing if it was possible to make her attractive with photoshop. She still looks very boring and unlikable.(fanart)

No. 57058


is this her idea of lewd pics? Straight up wearing a bra/swimsuit in the same angle as all her pics?

No. 57066

The nudes will leak eventually and we all can have a laugh at how terrible they are. She is boring looking, no emotions. Ever picture is her showing this creepy forced face ":-)".

No. 57067

File: 1562959069569.png (698.67 KB, 775x761, Screenshot_4.png)

An older one, again no Ryan and no restaurant just a picture of her face with a caption "Rye Rye took me to a cute Italian restaurant ~"

When you're out with your loved one at a restaurant I expect to see you two at least on a dining table having some food.

She's actually being weird, not sure if trolling or psychotic.

No. 57135

No. 57138

Haha she's really getting desperate for attention. The hypocrite faggot never fails to impress everyone with how low and hypocritical she can get.

So laughably pathetic.

No. 57142

I bet she's gonna beg her 3 loser fans to pay for breast implants next

No. 57351

She has the body of a 9 year old girl and the face of a boy. Her lewds will probably be pedobait-tier especially with that non-existent chest

No. 57536

What does this hypocrite wannabe whore not lie about? She's always been deceitful.

No. 61473

>>56655 uh, so i dont really use this site but i was friends with her back from 2014 to 2017, im pretty sure this isn't even new i saw this pic posted of her on her IG or in her discord at one point, im curious if she'll end up posting some lewds that she sent me back then lmao

No. 66649

File: 1568821885288.jpg (529.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190918-114918_You…)

Comment from new video off her Pixel Pluie account

No. 66751

You've got some she sent you? Anyway you'd be convinced to share?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66976

File: 1569108114935.jpg (562.63 KB, 1080x1414, 20190921_191751.jpg)

She's gone official thot on her yt and it is as sad as I thought it would be. Still got the stupid angle thing too.

No. 67008

I kind of want place screencaps of her sperg-outs about hating e-girls on this image, but she's really not relevant enough to warrant that much effort. Just a hypocrite and a flop.

No. 67091

This makes me so uncomfortable, she looks like a cross dressing 12 year old boy. It's so unfortunate that she can never be an e-girl due to her masculine face

No. 78591

File: 1579061588090.png (Spoiler Image, 807.26 KB, 640x853, 0819_Lewd_15.png)

Her entire 100$ Patreon tier set of photos were leaked onto this site: https://yiff.party/patreon/2415342
Here's a preview of the incredible quality you can get for a whole 100$ a month lmfao.

No. 78608

Hilarious. So different from the other slut e-thots, uwu!!

No. 89296

File: 1587338908768.jpg (1.87 MB, 1536x2048, BeautyPlus_20191224194904852_s…)

at first i thought that was ladyzero but then read the name. they look so much a like.(Necro)

No. 89453

They're both ugly white weebs. I don't blame you for thinking they're the same person.

No. 97013

never met them in person but from what i know of her online, she's very money driven. gets rid of anyone who questions her or asks for advise/help. Cosplayers are not what they use to be, unfortunately.(necro)

No. 101936

File: 1592852841651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.99 KB, 1122x2208, Ea96VavU8AAFeE3.jpg)

She's now fully doing porn and still being as nasty as ever. Notice the strand of hair on her toy.

No. 102008

File: 1592883698077.png (643.3 KB, 1375x809, 6-22-2020 youtube.png)

Here's a summary of the last month:

Early June, she had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend (Ryan aka Rye Rye) & I'm speculating it may of had something to do with her doing Onlyfans and he became fed up with it, but that's only my best guess due to how he completely simped for her then vanished off social media when she progressed more into fully nude photography (when she began posting without any heart censors on twitter and straight up showing the goods).

The result of the breakup was her panic moving back in with her parents and begging for emergency flight money back to Canada on her twitter. She probably couldn't just move out somewhere on her own due to not earning enough money via Onlyfans. She's been liking a lot of basic "all men are evil" posts on twitter which might have something to do with Ryan, as well as voicing wanting to date girls instead of guys now, though I can't confirm if Ryan was abusive at all as both she and he have been silent about the breakup. Additionally she mentioned she left some of her props at his place as she packed up and left suddenly and was asking for donations to replace these props. I'm guessing that she has cut all communication with him, otherwise she could ask him to ship the props to her.

Days later, she talked about having a discord party and extended the invitation to her YT subs by opening her discord server to the public for a couple of hours. Vertu (aka Ryan's username on Discord) was no longer on her server but had a message history, so either he left, was kicked or was banned.

She now claims she's happier, but I'm not so sure. Moving back in with your parents at near 28 is not something anyone would be envious of, especially considering she stated her family was toxic and that was why she had to move out in the first place. It must of been really bad breakup to force her to return home.

Now on her YT channel, she's been getting into doing reaction videos as well as starting up drama videos yet again, a familiar cycle.

TLDR: She had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend, panic-moved back in with her parents, is continuing doing her onlyfans at home and has once again started up drama videos.

No. 102135

do her parents know that she's making porn in their home? fucking yikes.

No. 124342

And she's fucking known for sperging at e-girls, hilarious. An embittered, hypocritical jealous woman

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