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File: 1467223652408.jpg (3.67 KB, 125x125, 1457371880098s.jpg)

No. 42534

Let’s have a thread about horrible anime conchairs. Meet Stefanie. She runs an anime convention called Shuto Con and is a total SJW/control freak/bully.

>Has the thinnest skin around. Gets trigged when people type Shuto Con as one word because it’s so similar to the word Shotacon. Or when she gets called a weeaboo. Or when anyone offers her any kind of criticism.

>Was banned from Colossalcon for trying to get an event banned and tried denying it. While walking around with a petition, asking for signatures.

>Has turned Shuto Con into tumblrtard central over the years because of her desire to create a safe space, including restricting access to the convention center itself (usually cons only require a badge to get into dealer’s hall/panels) and trying to stop any unofficial gatherings. Her horrible attitude and bullying has costed the convention many guests and volunteers over the years.

>Created a second con, Random Battle Con, which focused on video games. Stefanie had the brilliant idea to run it Labor Day weekend in a college town with little to no advertising and no guests of note. The con was a complete failure and racked up over 10 thousand dollars in debt. Paid attendance was 308 for the whole weekend. To put that in perspective Shuto Con drew over a thousand in it’s first year alone. Stefanie responsed by ebegging and jacking up the prices for Shuto Con badges to recoup her losses.

>Is a total Undertale fag and is obsessed with the character Sans, going as far as to write erotic fan fiction about him and soliciting it on her fb page.

Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/esperaqua

Shuto Con: http://www.shutocon.com

The failed Random Battle Con: http://www.randombattlecon.com

No. 42535

File: 1467223896421.png (473.42 KB, 1536x2048, 1452745221183-2.png)

This is the fall out from when she went on a huge rant about the word weeaboo being so triggering and a lot of people rightfully calling her out.

No. 42536

Not much to contribute but Shutocon blew this year, and I have a friend on staff who said there was so much drama behind the scenes with employees and volunteers too.

I highly regret not going to C2E2 this year instead. I did get to see charms in the wild though.

No. 42537

File: 1467224150560.jpg (449.25 KB, 1175x1567, 1457473411294.jpg)

Herr dictator trying to squash any unofficial gatherings at Shuto con. Having been to the Lansing Center I can personally verify that the place has plenty of space and this is just Stefanie being a controlling cunt.

No. 42538

File: 1505491530342.jpeg (394.35 KB, 1536x1229, image.jpeg)

Dashcon 2.0 incoming!

No. 42539

Shuto con literally is dash con. I've been when I was younger and they literally call the convention a "safe space" and den have "safe space rooms".

No. 42540

File: 1519764406647.png (87.38 KB, 750x383, IMG_7230.PNG)

Stefanie has been spamming sponsored ads for the past 2 weeks trying to get people to pre-register for Shutocon. Badge prereg sales were supposed to end 2/25/18 at 11:59pm, but then the next morning they were opened back up due to "popular demand."

Stefanie is getting super desperate to get people to come back to her con after how awful it was last year.

No. 42541

File: 1519764750634.png (151.85 KB, 750x740, IMG_7232.PNG)

For anyone not following the Shutocon drama, this is that the "photographer badge" is.

No. 42542

File: 1519852128909.jpeg (169.57 KB, 720x1280, image.jpeg)

The fb group is in lockdown now because someone posted a pic mocking Stef's begging and got banned for it.

No. 42543

File: 1519852148676.jpeg (102.77 KB, 750x1332, image.jpeg)

No. 42544

File: 1519853339750.png (349.66 KB, 1076x1190, image.png)


Stef is in full meltdown mode now.

No. 42545

File: 1519853597262.jpg (143.21 KB, 1918x719, IMG_7280.JPG)

Can confirm

No. 42546

I don't think this was ever posted in the official Shutocon group, but someone made a fake review video. That's probably part of the reason she's losing her shit.

I can't believe she gets this triggered by someone making a troll cosplay and a mean video. Isn't she in her 30s?

No. 42547


Yep, she is 34.

No. 42548

Loving all the drama coming out of my state lmao. We bred Momo, Micky, and now this shit show. Shuto's day has been coming for a long time.

No. 42549

Also from MI. I'm LIVING for the shutocon drama. I know quite a few people who volunteered previous years and have all jumped ship. Can't wait to hear all the details

No. 42550

Omg I’m so excited about this thread, as another Michigan anon.
I haven’t been to shuto con for a few years now because it’s gone to such shit.
I remember her not only begging for donations on the shuto bf page but also sending out mass emails to everyone from past years asking them to donate as well.
Many people were rightfully pissed with the unsolicited email spam, it’s just shameful and embarrassing

No. 42551

File: 1519926267047.png (31.84 KB, 621x231, image.png)

No. 42552

sage for ot, but is anyone actually going to shuto? i was planning to until i saw this thread and the kind of con that it'd really be. save money for ACEN instead?

No. 42553

File: 1520111306219.jpg (83.48 KB, 1440x422, IMG_7321.JPG)

The people running the Facebook page are such flakes

No. 42554

File: 1520456527363.png (802.74 KB, 996x560, image.png)

Incoming dump. What is with Stef and her obsession with Sans/skeletons?

No. 42555

File: 1520456561987.png (3.56 MB, 1440x2184, image.png)

No. 42556

File: 1520456582970.png (794.06 KB, 600x900, image.png)

No. 42557


She even makes her daughter get in on her insanity.(no photos of kids)

No. 42558

File: 1520456677512.jpeg (127.95 KB, 507x636, image.jpeg)


She's been at the begging game for a while now.

No. 42559

File: 1520456695383.png (863.84 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 42560

File: 1520456719159.png (41.95 KB, 513x445, image.png)



No. 42561

File: 1520456765981.jpeg (132.11 KB, 576x360, image.jpeg)

No. 42562

File: 1520456810072.png (40.22 KB, 504x439, image.png)


Flashback to when Stef got salty for being kicked out of Colossalcon.

No. 42563

File: 1520457105450.jpeg (102.09 KB, 540x513, image.jpeg)


Over dramatic much?

No. 42564

Lol thats like one of the best parts of colossalcon

No. 42565

File: 1520605384195.jpeg (911.85 KB, 1080x1642, image.jpeg)

This takes the cake. A hospice worker reached out to Stef for help because their patient had two months to live and wanted a weeb party. Stef's response was to just offer a t-shirt to the dying lad.

No. 42566

File: 1520605408046.jpeg (728.07 KB, 1080x1628, image.jpeg)

No. 42567

File: 1520605441349.jpeg (640.15 KB, 1080x1621, image.jpeg)


So fucking cold.

No. 42568

damn what a cold hearted bitch, honestly she could have offered some money as well or a big care package with all things of his favorite animes or given her the number of people she knew.

No. 42569

Zonic been up to much lately? I went to one of her cons in Cambridge (more fool me, oh well, it was cheap and close), she was saying it was "a huge success" but I overheard the security guards (who work for the venue) saying she'd lost thousands.

No. 42570

Ok not gonna lie, this kitsune character looks kinda like Kirara from Inuyasha. I bet she ripped off the design.

No. 42571

File: 1528679343220.png (35.27 KB, 471x406, image.png)

Got some updates. The con was a total shitshow and they lost the convention center. Instead of throwing in the towel Big Stef decided to just cram everything into the tinyass hotel for next year. Mark my words, this is gonna be the last one.

No. 42572

File: 1528679397990.png (23.64 KB, 517x302, image.png)


Using her child to beg for money.

No. 42573

File: 1528679424583.png (142.31 KB, 1080x953, image.png)

No. 42574

File: 1528679440463.jpeg (260.22 KB, 640x673, image.jpeg)

No. 42575


Forgot to comment, apparently Stef and her girlfriend split up, the girlfriend she got a divorce over.

No. 42576

And what exactly has tasty peach done except make better quality products with good designs?

No. 42577

anon tasty peach steals stuff from japanese designers.

No. 42578

ntayrt, but proof? I can't find anything with a google search.

No. 42579

File: 1554136759513.jpeg (330.78 KB, 750x1334, CE3B06A8-0FF1-4A5A-845A-8315D7…)

In case anyone missed ShitoCon2k19 this lovely person just got removed and banned from the group for her post. Also the post was deleted immediately after I screenshotted this. Part 1/3

No. 42580

File: 1554136783100.jpeg (366.18 KB, 750x1334, 578CB9B0-AF6A-44C7-B887-E25D28…)

Part 2/3

No. 42581

File: 1554136875641.png (306.62 KB, 750x1334, 4B147AB9-1C4C-419B-811F-FD01D3…)

Part 3/3. The link goes to this thread and again, immediately after I saw this post I was deleted. Stefanie also disabled comments before deleting and banning the person who spoke out.

No. 42582

I just want to say that I am the one that reported the post to the shitocon page to have it deleted. If you don’t like the con then don’t go. You don’t have to like the convention or the people running it but if that’s the case then just don’t support it or them and be done with it. I don’t see the reason to attack someone over some mistakes. The post was unnecessarily hateful and seemed more like the poster had a personal vendetta rather than constructive criticism. Criticism should be welcomed and encouraged but it could and should be done in a way that does not include cursing and tearing down. We all knew it would be a smaller venue and everyone knew that there would be challenges accompanying that fact. It’s fine to point out what you didn’t like but it is not okay to call for something to end and destroy the person who really did the best they could this year. I didn’t attend but it seems as though there were much more positive reviews than negative this year. The most negative reviews were the lack of space (expected) and overly abundant security (which TBH has always been an issue for this con so nothing new there.)

No. 42583

I'm gonna have to say that the person who posted to the Facebook page just seems like they're complaining just to complain. I mean, you were freaked out by a joke? Really? Then you complain about how some people got better prizes than you did. I mean, come on. If you don't like it then leave. Cons are not safespaces and stuff that you don't like is going to happen no matter what. Cons have their problems and that's to be expected. But this Facebook post sounds like this person is complaining just to complain.

No. 42584

>>"as a white man who owns land I have a lot of power"(which scared the hell out of me)
God what a fragile baby

No. 42585

Just so everyone’s aware, the joke was made by an old white man to a young black guy and everyone was visibly out on edge during the closing ceremonies when it was said. That kind of shit shouldn’t be allowed in at an event certified as a “safe space”.

No. 42586

1. Thanks for misgendering me.
2. Yes, that joke did make my friends and I uncomfortable. Don’t be hypocritical and call me a fragile baby when I’m not comfy w a joke like that.
3. I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me.

No. 42587

Damn you know it takes a lot to defend a convention that literally robs people, is sexually explicit to around children, scams it's own workers, allows plagiarism in an artist alley because the shitty artist eats out and scissors the con chair, allows blatant racism, and many more things AND THAT'S JUST THIS YEAR. Look buddy idk where you got it in your head that Stephine might blow you (or to be inclusive eat you out) but damn dude pick your battles.

No. 42588


> Cons are not safespaces

Doesn't Shuto like…P R I D E itself on being a safespace lmao?

No. 42663


Point is no matter how hard a convention tries it can’t legitimately be a “safe space”

No. 42667

1. Misgendering? Where??
2. I don't think you understand what hypocritical means. And if a joke makes you uncomfortable then leave. No one is forcing you to be there and a joke is just that. A joke. Was it in bad taste? Sure. But again, it's a joke. Nothing else.
3. You say you're a bad bitch but yet get "uncomfy" from a joke, lmao

Sexually explicit around children? I read this whole thread and found nothing proving that? Unless there's something that I am not aware of, you're gonna have to explain a little more than that.
Allows blatant racism? Where? If you're talking about the joke that was said, that's not racism, you just really want it to be racism. It's a joke, a dark humored joke, I suppose you could say.
Cons are not safe spaces, they never will be. They can't be. If you don't like it then leave or just don't go. No one is forcing you to stay there and no one is forcing you to go in the first place.

No. 42668

Really seems like that person went to the con this year just to find things to complain about and bring back to this train wreck.

No. 42670

This thread was created to bash someone but the Facebook poster wants to hide her name? You wanna talk about hypocritical, that’s hypocrisy right there. Call someone out but then try and protect yourself. Bad bitch my ass. You’re a coward. Picking a fight and not owning up to it. I too have screenshots and am not above adding that poster to this beautiful snowflakes and mistakes thread where they quite clearly belong.

No. 42843

Also looking for proof. This is an image board please provide.

No. 43542

File: 1554839041820.png (46.97 KB, 505x454, the evil is defeated.png)

I guess she decided to pull the plug on this shitty con

No. 44481

So does that mean we can talk about other shitty anime conventions in Michigan cause I can think of a few.

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