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File: 1553235147871.png (364.58 KB, 1080x1920, 1553093552378.png)

No. 40847

KawaiiBroCosplay (and friends) thread
Since it seems like it deserves its own thread.

>KawaiiBroCosplay aka Zayan

>based in Texas
>notable for "turning your waifus into husbandos", his sensual cosplays and body, being "cute goofy angel sweetie boi uwu"
>profits off this façade
>turns out to be an average run of the mill Chad asshole
>brags about all the people he fucks, but shittalks said people for being "whores" and "thots" like he's better than them
>got arrested at a con for public intoxication
>more and more people come forward talking about similar experiences, and people in the local Texas con scene talk about the same since long ago
>drug use, excessive alcohol, public intoxication, letting minors into his parties and giving alcohol to minors, sex with minors, unprotected sex
Most recently
>a screenshot of a group convo with him and his friends (CagedAngelCosplay included) surfaced
>he brags about "thots" he fucks, "lowering his standards" and mentions shady use of medication (cialis)
>a thread on /cgl/ about it is made
>an anon reportedly told him about the thread (>>40835)
>a reply with words that sounds like ones he'd use pops up a few moments later, making it possible it's him
>the thread is invaded by defenders
>nobody has publicly called him out on it yet
And so, the journey continues…

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kawaiibrocos
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kawaiibrocosplay/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KawaiiBroCosplay/

/cgl/ thread: http://boards.4channel.org/cgl/thread/10130532

No. 40849

File: 1553235193574.jpg (17.81 KB, 234x275, 1553195283863.jpg)

KawaiiBro getting arrested at Ikkicon

No. 40850

File: 1553235315414.png (5.85 KB, 646x99, reply.PNG)

The reply that's possibly Zayan's

No. 40869

File: 1553246890706.png (457.15 KB, 517x654, doratheexplorer.png)

Any more receipts/milk, anon? This thread is bare bones, but possibly interesting.

>cosplay chad
Is this what qualifies as a chad these days? kek.

No. 40897

If no one calls him out i will, where is the /cgl/ Anon who said their friend was going to post on fb?

No. 40899

People on /cgl/ really weren't understanding why this is so shitty.
Having casual sex isn't shitty. What's shitty is literally making money off your body, capitalizing on being sexual and people paying to ogle your abs, your ass, your junk, whatever. And then turning around and acting like people who are willing to have sex with you are slutty objects and beneath you. It's fucking amazing, the hypocrisy of it. I'm not annoyed that this guy's getting laid, I'm just blown away that he doesn't see the irony in viewing women the way he does.

No. 40900


Why was the /cgl/ thread 404? Probably due to the r9k tier shit posting I assume

No. 40907

iirc cgl doesn’t really do drama threads so they get deleted

No. 40910

File: 1553277778786.jpeg (187.52 KB, 1512x2016, received_272910536951857.jpeg)

Got a bunch of better pics of the thot mess getting arrested that night

No. 40911

File: 1553277830870.jpeg (201.26 KB, 1512x2016, received_571480970025352.jpeg)

No. 40912

This is actually at Oni-con. More arrest pics incoming lol

No. 40913

File: 1553278060775.jpeg (147.01 KB, 1512x2016, received_2553053981587824.jpeg)

No. 40914

lord I assumed he was pulling the old water bottle trick but he had this shit in a sippy cup

No. 40915

Creating a twitter to drop the tea soon. Any suggestions of who I should tag? (people from his friend group, etc)

God bless you anon. God fucking bless.

No. 40917

Youre welcome.

No. 40918

You should tag Dominique Skye cause they're buddies. For being such a big SJW/women advocate I can't wait to see how she is gonna try to ignore it or defend him haha

No. 40919

anyone have any idea how risky it would be for me to associate my real phone number with the twitter account I'm making? especially if I get reported. I can't find any phone burner services or anything.

No. 40920

You can do it and then remove the number. If they demand a # pull a rando business # after the post

No. 40921

let the games begin

Many thanks

No. 40922

cant even talk about how much I see her screaming on threads defending women and generally being very loud about her opinions, I'm shocked she would support someone like this.

lol TY whoever got the photos
true hero

No. 40924

Can you post screenshots?

No. 40925

Working on it. Sorry I'm slow

No. 40926

File: 1553282074994.jpg (239.17 KB, 718x1054, Screenshot_20190322-140842_Fac…)


I assume your shock is sarcasm. They are buddies and post on each others shit a lot. Its so hypocritical its sad.

No. 40930

The deed is done. I'm going to eat some fine steak and come back to see what hell awaits me

No. 40944

File: 1553296503629.jpg (23.36 KB, 585x155, 1.JPG)

>51 new notifications

No. 40945

File: 1553296554980.jpg (85.99 KB, 615x668, 2.JPG)

>h-he was just walking people back to the hotel I swear!

No. 40946

File: 1553296710505.jpg (51.46 KB, 583x399, 3.JPG)

No. 40948

File: 1553296883577.jpg (21.56 KB, 580x133, dskye.JPG)

No. 40951

File: 1553297087661.jpg (12.96 KB, 379x85, joei.JPG)

No. 40952

As someone who was also there for this, no. He wasn't arrested for some misunderstanding involving 'walking people back to their hotel rooms'.

No. 40953

File: 1553297282141.jpg (40.86 KB, 579x462, Capture.JPG)

replies are all just angry salty fangirls

No. 40956

did you get banned?

No. 40958

What the fuck? It was working literally only a few minutes ago. Now when I try to log in it says my username or password isn't in their database. Same thing when I try to recover my password.

JFC. At least I tried I guess.

No. 40970

Not even a follower of kbro or whatever but I've been following this entire thing here and on cgl and this is the most anti climatic and boring shit ever OP deliver or quit while you're ahead

No. 40971

This thread will be deleted in the next 12 hours unless the OP or other anons can prove this is a cow.
Being a dick isn't grounds for a thread with little information. Please read the rules.

No. 40975

I don't really follow this thread but I've been lurking in here for years and isn't being a dick the basis of being on lolcow? Jillian is known for being a dick, a whiny dick. Mickymelody is known for being a dick, a smelly dick. In fact this dude has done worse things than most of the people in the ethot/cosplayer thread.

No. 40982

This. Kawaii Bro is definitely a cow and mods are cocksucking. His thread is valid.

No. 40983

Seconding this.

Kawaiibro is clearly a cow. There’s been stories of him on /cgl/ about him spreading STDs at conventions and trashing hotel rooms, not to mention the actual proof of public intoxication that is already on this thread. He really does ride off his popularity of a “kawaii soft boi” to hide how much of a trash person he is.

No. 40985

File: 1553315553298.jpeg (143.93 KB, 720x986, 07EFEC79-0EC6-4C5B-A802-EEC6DD…)

Kawaiibrocosplay more like kawaiiscamcosplay

No. 40986

File: 1553315926218.jpeg (91.06 KB, 720x524, 2B18436F-4EA0-4710-A26E-25442C…)

The guy didn’t receive his rewards in the end

No. 40992

I don’t see why we didn’t keep him in the costhot General we don’t have enough evidence to warrant a full thread (yet.) more legit screenshots need to drop

No. 41536

I remember this guy. He made fun of people RELENTLESSLY in a convention group for asking him to wear a dance belt with one of his cosplays. That's when I knew I didn't like him. Glad this new info is coming to light. I have no sympathy for pedophiles

No. 41574


woah wait

>no sympathy for pedophiles

Where is this claim coming form?

No. 41575

mostly from the behaviors mentioned in the OP - giving minors access to alcohol, bringing them to parties, and his proclivities regarding sexual behavior/general impulse control

No. 41587

male cosplayers who dont wear a dancer's belt when they are wearing a tight or spandex suit are disgusting and should be thrown out the con for indecent exposure.

No. 41653

File: 1553674781322.jpg (264.43 KB, 808x684, Screenshot_20190327-011847_Ins…)

Oh god i remember that whole ordeal

It was over his awful widowmaker cosplay and people told him to get a dance belt but he refused

No. 41654

File: 1553674939926.jpg (12.89 KB, 351x402, FB_IMG_1553674912323.jpg)

He also claimed he was "already wearing one"

Lmao fucking bullshit, zayan

No. 41661

Surprised he doesn't pack tbh. That's a sad and tiny bulge.

No. 41669

That's why he doesn't need a dancer belt.

No. 41953

What the fuck is up with the Photoshop on his face?

No. 42194

Him using Cialis makes sense now lol

No. 150935


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