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File: 1477615365520.jpg (26.88 KB, 356x356, 13694791_546394115571831_11130…)

No. 32974

Discuss vloggers living in Korea

-Chonunmigooksaram (https://www.youtube.com/user/ChoNunMigookSaram)
-Bapmokja and Haeppy (https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexWilliamVarley)
-Edward Avila (https://www.youtube.com/user/mrpanda101)
-Sunnydahye (https://www.youtube.com/user/sunnydahye)

and anybody else you can think of

No. 32975

File: 1477615640700.jpg (38.78 KB, 590x443, sistersisiter.jpg)

it's like Sister Sister meets aegyo-sal

No. 32976

They are a lot better looking than the jvloggers at least

No. 32977

File: 1477617315178.jpg (100.77 KB, 1080x1349, 13694496_637589413076395_73122…)

Chonunmigooksaram looks different here.

No. 32978

Kvloggers are weird, they are way better dressed than jvloggers but some fetishize real kpop people while jvloggers do 2d animes

No. 32979

lmao. she really wanted to be Korean before. she toned it down a bit but now she dresses like a 15 year old who just discovered Korean hip hop.

No. 32980

File: 1477618304007.jpeg (134.58 KB, 900x900, image.jpeg)

samefag because forgot photo

No. 32981

Did anyone see the vid where she introduces her boyfriend? it turned out he had a fiancee or wife studying in america and she saw the vid, then chook made a snapchat vid crying her eyes out saying he used her for promos for his brand

No. 32982

File: 1477620633144.jpg (36.51 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

I don't understand why people post videos crying over their ex as if it isn't pathetic

Migook uploaded a video with her boyfriend only to take it down a few DAYS later and cry about it all over snapchat but her boyfriend was already engaged to a white koreaboo lmao. Supposedly Migook already knew that though. Her claiming the break up was because he was using her for promos sounds like bullshit. She had no problem showing off her ~ hot Korean ~ boyfriend. He was just a Korean gaijin hunter.

No. 32983

She probably already knew about the gf, but since the gf was abroad thought that she would 'get' him in the end and went along with him cheating on his gf with her, but got upset when he chose his gf in the end.

No. 32984

No. 32985

I think she knew about the fiance too, but didn't expect other people to know and it backfired. she was trying to snake her way in

No. 32986

Ahhh, too bad EYK are in Japan now. They would have been so great in this thread. (Yeah, I know they have their own, but they don't have anything going on anymore imoimo

Man, I didn't know Chonunmigooksaram had this much drama. I thought she was pretty cool. I see her videos in my recommended on YT and always assumed she was "normal." I actually watched the one about the boyfriend the day it came out. Weird.

No. 32987

Bapmokja is so fucking ugly and looks like a wannabe 2000s boy band member

No. 32988

I wouldn't say it's a ton of drama, just boyfriend dramu which admittedly is hilarious. Tbh when she posted his photo a few weeks before on her insta without saying it was her bf I thought he was sketchy because he had a ton of similar cutesy selfies with really cute and pretty girls on his page. He's the type of guy that knows he's hot (at least body wise) and can get who he wants.

I like the fact that she can speak Korean fluently though, it's nice to see her interact with people and not just be in a western bubble like most vloggers.

No. 32989

File: 1477626534602.jpeg (147.25 KB, 750x1017, image.jpeg)

I never heard of him before but fuck he is hideous. this is embarrassing

No. 32990


This looks like a mugshot.

His lips are busted as fuuuuuck. Wtf is going on there?! Home boy needs some lip injections on that top lip stat.

No. 32991

it looks like his right ear is melting off and that hair is a train wreck you have to be mentally ill to think that looks good

No. 32992

Was this before or after his plastic surgeries?

No. 32993

Aw man I miss that show.

No. 32994

this was recently posted so I'm assuming it's after surgery. holy shit, I can't believe he looks this bad after PS.

he looks ridiculous with circle lenses. he looks too old to be trying to look like a kpop idol

No. 32995

This is so embarrassing to look at…

No. 32996

File: 1477635805120.jpeg (135.91 KB, 750x733, image.jpeg)

It gets worse

No. 32997

File: 1477637793015.png (998.06 KB, 1024x826, hedgehog-pic-1024x826-097c342.…)

No. 32998

Does anybody watch Dave? I used to enjoy watching his videos but lately it feels like he's trying his best to be the king of koreaboos and he's pretending to ~forget~ English in order to be a real authentic white korean

No. 32999

File: 1477638922736.jpg (5.77 KB, 225x225, dave.jpg)

I'll give it to Dave and Josh, they are actually relevant to young Koreans and have been successful. Their vids always seem to go viral and they get tons of fan mail (from Koreans, and not Koreaboos living through them) and get stopped on the street. Funny though, so many Koreans think Dave's a fag as well. Pic related, Dave before his Youtube fame

Barely anybody knows who EYK, Megan, or Bapmokja are, and if they do, it's because they are foreigner obsessed weirdos who's only dream is to pork a non-asian.

No. 33000

What's wrong with Edward? I know nothing of him, I just thought he's kinda cute. Couldn't bring myself to watch his videos though.

No. 33001

Is that really him?? Holy shit

No. 33002

Don't insult my favorite hedgehogs

No. 33003

Is he mixed?

No. 33004

is dave really from atlanta though?

a few years ago before he became popular i remember seeing him on instagram, sucking it up to that white dude who used to interview k-pop idols, but his instagram profile said that he was from the czech republic or at least he lived there?

No. 33005

My only issue with her is that she likes to continuously point out how she's black and yet has no issues living in S. Korea despite her race. I mean, to Koreans she's going to pass as a white person 99.9% of the time. I don't think she can really preach about how awesome Korea is to black people when everyone there thinks she's fully white.

No. 33006

Thewanderlustproject is also black and she liked Korea just fine.

No. 33007

I don't think Sunny speaks Korean that well? Like in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjb0175aHss) when she tries to say "2 minutes" she says "doo boon" instead of "ee boon" (uses the wrong counter). And that's very basic Korean lol. I guess she's trying to improve it by staying in Korea though.

No. 33008

I like 2hearts1seoul. The content is a bit on a boring side, but they're nice to look at, videos are well shot and edited and the cat is a superstar, it freaking fetches and high-fives.

SweetandtastyTV is the best korean food porn. I also like her effortless enthusiasm and energy.

No. 33009

Meh a few years ago there was a black blogger in Korea that said one of the reasons why she couldn't stay long term was because of the racism (and on top of the pressure of being skinny). She once wrote a post answering an anon why she didn't like Chonunblahblah, and it was basically because Megan is white passing and she doesn't use her platform to education people about the cons of living in Korea as a minority. Also, she didn't want young minority girls thinking they could easily hop over to Korea and get these "dates" with good looking Korean guys like she does (even tho they're obviously set up by the company)

I'm guessing she got a lot shit from koreaboo megan fans because she later deleted it because I could never find it again

No. 33010


you should watch the morning routine video they did on their shared channel. the amount of make-up he cakes on is disgusting and his entire routine just makes you want to vomit

No. 33011

My boyfriend works for a company that Chonunu worked with briefly. He tells me that she is a diva. For an event that she was supposed to attended, she only showed up for 5 minutes then left. He tells me that she was really demanding and that all the stardom probably got to her head.

No. 33012

She has over 400k subscribers on YT, so I can imagine her having a big head (even though that really isn't a drop in the bucket compared to the most popular youtubers.)

I like jheartsj. They're cute and pretty honest, I feel. I've only watched like 7 or 8 of their videos, but I like what I see.

No. 33013

*really IS a drop in the bucket

No. 33014

>and she doesn't use her platform to education people about the cons of living in Korea as a minority
She doesn't have to, it's literally her own youtube channel. She's not obligated to educate anyone about anything just because some butthurt chubby black girl whines about it on her blog.

No. 33015

I didn't say you can't enjoy Korea if you're black. It's that she's using her own experiences as a 'black' foreigner to claim that being black in Korea is so awesome and you won't experience any negativity. She's even said people there are surprised when she says she's black so her giving her 'black person in korea' positive experiences is dumb.

No. 33016

So she can't talk about her experience as a black person in Korea because she's not black enough. Got it.

No. 33017

Megan is not white passing, atleast not in America. While I didn't immediately peg her as black, I thought she was some kind of spanish/latina. When she has her natural curly hair she looks even more nonwhite.

Light skin =/= white passing

No. 33018

Yeah, but she's in S. Korea, not America so…

No. 33019

…because every Korean person thinks she's white.

She can talk about her experiences. But to be like "I'm black and I'm having a great time so you're all gonna great time too!!" is weird to watch when she knows she gets treated like a white person by Koreans.

No. 33020

She's white passing in Korea.

No. 33021

Nothing wrong with Edward. I enjoy his videos.

No. 33022

Her experience is her experience. Using quotations around "black" just because her skin color isn't dark enough? Mess.

No. 33023

No. 33024

god those first 3 or 4 seconds were fucking awful

No. 33025

Already said she's allowed to talk about her experiences. Nothing wrong with that. But when her channel is based on educating other people about Korea and its customs and 'what to expect in Korea' its weird for her preach about how awesome Korea is to black people when she herself is fully white passing in Korea (and she's aware of this). Sure she's black but she doesn't get the same experience as a non-white passing black person in Korea would get. I wouldn't care if she just spoke about her experiences as a white passing black person in Korea, my issue is that she assumes every black person is going to get treated like she does, which is not the case.

I'm the same race as her and I'd be white passing in Korea too. Oops I put quotation marks around the word 'black', oh well.

No. 33026

Not the anon you're talking to, but she's kind of like those post-SRS, stealth trans*people.

No. 33027

File: 1477708275795.jpg (69.8 KB, 640x960, LonBki8.jpg)

Josh is hot

No. 33028

Lmfao anon.
Their only stealth if they don't open their mouth and remove all doubt.
Agree. If you don't look like the "average" person of your ethnicity, you're not going to get the brunt of the racism/discrimination/judgement etc. So everything is peachy keen to you.

No. 33029

I don't always like White guys, but when I do..

He is hot indeed, anon.

No. 33030

>i dont always like white guys
Gratz. Cool blog.

No. 33031

He really is qt.

No. 33032

Nah white, he uses a lot of makeup and has had botox (videos on both)
Circle lenses could throw you off his race a bit i guess.

No. 33033

I'm Korean, I can confirm that Dave and Josh are pretty popular, but I've found that Dave is more liked that Josh. I definitely have a lot of friends that absolutely despise Josh

No. 33034

Josh has a bigger female fanbase, because hes pretty cute. Dave is more 'viral' because of his content.

No. 33035

Really liked Migooks language videos…now shes just boring. I want to leant something about korea… if i was interessted in veganism i'd watch friggen freelee

No. 33036

I dread to think how many girls are planning to move to S Korea in the hopes of being like Chonunmigooksaram. She's constantly doing photoshoots, is apparent bffs with people who own popular nightclubs in seoul, etc.

No. 33037

I know no one's posted here in a while but I have stuff to get off my chest lol

I think Megan Bowen (Chonunmigooksaram)'s kind of a nice person who, despite sometimes being annoying and less informative and more…koreaboo nowadays, genuinely saw an opportunity and took it.
Don't know where she's taking it to, but she took it.
About the boyfriend situation, the "he said, she said" is all over the place. Some poor (read: stupid) anon even posts about it here(http://onehallyu.com/topic/337744-chonunmigooksaram-boyfriend-tag/?p=15267408), saying quite passionately (kek) Megan is to blame.
Facts are that as soon as Megan came out with that video, a comment came from one of the fiance's friends saying that he's engaged. Offline, the fiance flies into Korea and her, Jun, and Megan had a huge confrontation and then the snapchat stuff happened and Megan fans rip the shit out of his instagram. He puts it on private for a while and she got caught liking some of his shit after everything went down.
She also curated a KBox (korean beauty subscription service, like Ipsy or Birchbox) that she heavily overpriced (35 bucks compared to Ipsy's 10 bucks? um no), considering how cheap korean makeup and skincare is and how it was basically only a sheet mask, some stupid liptints, an eyeliner, Etude House falsies and stickers of herself. Whatever.

BapMokja (Alexander Varley) and Haeppy (name unknown) are already controversial as fuck in the kpop community because they shat all over everything in the kpop reaction videos, if it was too sexy, too innocent, never liked guy groups. They were like those two muppet dudes who never liked anything but more douchebaggy about it. And then their BS got worse when Alex was featured in a kpop music video (AOA's Heart Attack) and then they shat all over CL or Hyuna, which forced them to privatize/delete all of their kpop reactions.
Don't really know what they do now on their channel/in life other than bleach/fry their hair, slather on the BB cream, shove in the circle lenses and put on their best "blue steel" for the kpop groups no one knows/cares about.

Edward Avila is one I only just heard of. I saw a video he did with another K-Youtuber and he was an absolutely blatant asshole. I don't know if that's his thing, so I saw a video he did by himself (the Harley Quinn one) and it was bland as fuck and he talks like one of those aggressive hipsters. Clearly, he's only there to bank on the fame of being a foreigner in Korea (something that K-Netizens are beyond tired of) and he might actually try to audition for an agency if he hasn't already and posted a video "on his process".

I don't know much about Sunny, but she seems like your harmless Koreaboo and I actually like that she's honest about her cosmetic surgeries.

Whitneybae is one I'm surprised no one is talking about. She doesn't have drama as far as I'm aware, so no real milk. She was mentioned twice in Korean media: Once, in a documentary about how she's just another koreaboo with a youtube channel who came to Korea with dreams of being in the industry but the thing is, she can't sing and she's not that great at dance; and two, when she tried to answer an English question on a Korean college entrance exam.
Her youtube videos can be fun, if you can get past her terrible, exaggerated, aegyo-filled, "airhead american" accent or clickbait-y titles. She does genuinely study Korean and she does seem like a nice girl, though.

Josh Carrott (the cute half of Korean Englishman) is one that I have zero problems with. All he does is travel and introduce cultures without imitating or just doing huge Koreaboo-y stuff, and now he's married to an amazing chef from Master Chef Korea.

Dave is another one I know nothing about. From the looks of his videos, he seems like a genuinely nice person. I remember he did a foreigner's special with Megan a few years ago and he would slap on the BB cream even though his skin was already breaking out.

I feel much better now. Just like when you go to take a dump and come out feeling 10 pounds lighter. Thanks for that.

No. 33038

lol what at that nightclub statement. i lived in korea, and i never saw hide nor hair of her at any club.

the most popular club is nb2 and she doesn't know the owners there because it's owned by YG entertainment. there's also octagon which is one of those super clubs, considered one of the best clubs in the world, she doesn't know the owner there. and then for all of the medium or smaller clubs in hongdae, knowing the owners and employees who work there isn't exactly hard to do or everything. you just have to go to clubs regularly and then they know you.

but this chick i've never seen her. i doubt she knows the club owners and shit.

No. 33039

Found this Korean vlogger called namiicho and this video is pretty fucked up

In this video she has a mental breakdown and fights in front of her kids

No. 33040

In this video Namiicho talks about her teen pregnancy and how

>it saved her relationship

>how she abused her boyfriend

No. 33041

Am I the only one who thinks Megan tends to be quite condescending? She makes a lot of videos criticizing "those other foreigners" in Korea and preaching about what people should and shouldn't do. It felt fine the first time she did it but now it feels like she brings it up a lot. I can't help but feel like it's her way of saying "I'm not like those OTHER foreigners." Even in her teaching videos, the way she talks is as if she's blaming people for not knowing better. Is it just me who feels this way? I have no real milk but something about her just feels off

No. 33042

So Cherie is a 19 year old KVlogger who said she was upset when she got to Korea to study abroad and met other international relations majors who were into kpop because she was no longer special the way she was back home

thinks her life is an epic, crazy adventure because she gets to walk past the Han bridge everyday and eat Kimbap every waking hour

No. 33043

thanks to this thread this popped up on my yt feed.

No. 33044

I hate that youtube has exposed us to idiots like this

No. 33045

she seriously complains about not getting to be ~unique~ anymore? what a fucking moron lmao

No. 33046

double post but why the fuck do people go off to Korea solely because of their fucked up kpop/kdrama obsession? A little trip sure whatever, but actually living there?? What the fuck
I lived there for almost 2 years and those things never entered my daily life. The most I ever saw of it was ads in subways and shit. It's not as prevalent as they think it is.

No. 33047

Idk. Koreans are even more cringe than weebs usually. At least Japanese people are nice to weeb/exploit the shit. Koreans curse those mfs out

No. 33048


No. 33049

Can't help but agree

Yeah, it was the first video I watched of her and very cringe inducing. Clicked back to that old video of her and her sister in the link above and saw that she was even worse than I originally thought

No. 33050

forgot to add that part begins at 5:57 mins in

No. 33051

She seriously said that she's upset because other exchange students from the US are better at Korean than she is? And how does speaking a handful of Korean words make you original anyway?
She seems like the sort of person that is intimidated by other people's success, even though she should just be focusing on improving herself.
Also, koreaboos seem like weeaboos in terms of being territorial about a ~unique~ culture that isn't even their own

No. 33052

yup she is definitely upset over other peoples success

in her first semester, her roommate had a bf and she made a joke about it, but you could tell she was really jealous because her roommate didn't spend every waking moment in the dorm room with her, since she had a life

plus nevermind the fact that Cherie (girl in the vid) has never had a bf before

In many videos she shows how jealous she is over her classmates being much better at Korean, smiling about how much better they are but it looks so forced: (start at 8:40

No. 33053

So, uh… kind of feel bad posting about this girl now because she seems to have gone through some sort of mental breakdown

No. 33054

I feel like most koreaboos go through a mental breakdown living in Korea once they realize it's not the magic land of oppars and kimchi they thought it was
Or they fall for some random 외국인 hunter who dumps them after a couple weeks and they just can't handle it.

No. 33055

I think she went through something similar because before she left she kept saying guys suck and her friends confirming that they're terrible. She said she would say why in a later vid but never brought it up again.

I can understand building up expectations of a relationship, but a country? An entire nationality? Smh, no pity when they're dreams get crushed as a result

No. 33056

She seems like someone whose miserable but trying to cover it up "omg this sucks! But I'm not complaining! It's great here!"

No. 33057

Sunny is so hyper. She doesn't allow anyone else to talk much in her vlogs lol I can always see her friends looking annoyed/frustrated. She comes off as so attention seeking/fake

No. 33058

Does anybody watch mykoreanhusband? They also make cringy comics like texanintokyo did. I used to follow them on twitter, but got bored of the wifes stupid pity party over infertility and always going on and on about her ~miracle ~ test tube baby during her whole pregnancy. I feel so bad for the kid being posted a million times a day on social media being touted as a miracle. Kids probably going to grow up with some issues because of it.

And then her husband got fit and thats all they could talk about for months. Something about the husbands voice just grates me too.

Now every other post is about her hate boner for Trump and everything American.

No. 33059

Sharla is now doing videos/presumably 'friends' with Megan.

It's going to be interesting what happens, since Sharla is used to being Queen Bee in Japan and Megan is the Queen Bee in Korea.

No. 33060

Megan looks so weird and plastic that she makes Sharla look nearly somewhat cute…

No. 33061

Its so funny to see sharla try to be ‘fashionable’ and wearing faux korean 2013 street fashion. She probably feels like she is one with her people

No. 33062

I know megan is kinda over the top but this vid really drives home how little charisma sharla has.

No. 33063

I was thinking the opposite tbh lmao
Megan looks really pretty and is open about her PS and sharla looks kinda…washed up

No. 33064

Love how Megan is showing off her toned body and sharla is just a lump of insecurity in a shitty hoodie lol

No. 33065

I hate megans wig. it definitely looks like a shitty wig made by koreans who don't actually know what good curly hair looks like. First she looked like lord farquaad and now she looks like shes rocking a wig from partycity…

No. 33066

I'd take looking like boring Sharla over looking like PS, bleached skin and wig wearing Megan any day.
I bet if Sharla had all the shit done like Megan had, then she'd also look prettier lol

No. 33067

sharla looks pretty natural and glowy in the video, awful fashion sense notwithstanding

No. 33068

they're all creepy koreaboo nutcases. it's actually sad how delusional they are. whitney is so ugly and cringy, she isn't even smart. it is easy to get a bachelors degree and she doesn't even do anything with it because she can't. she has fetishzed Koreans for a long time and decided to go over there and become and idol. so she gets scammed at karaoke bars because she is an idiot. and then she acts like she personally knows every Korean boy and if she calls them oppa they'll date her yet she is still alone. she acts like she is pretty because she did a modeling job but her photos are nowhere to be found anywhere, the company needed someone with dark skin and social media presence to try to expand their brand. why else would they choose someone with terrible skin for a cosmetic modeling job? they had extra work photoshoppung the hell out of her. and she doesn't speak Korean well or she would be able to get literally any other job with an engineering degree.

she's disgusting. all kvloggers are.

No. 66091

a former finalist for miss germany,
Farina Behm/Jo is now a kvlogger
not milky other than her looks and height (6'3) but its interesting compring her to the other kvloggers(necro)

No. 66097

She is 5′ 10.

No. 87425

Sorry for necro, but I saw this on pull and thought it's interesting:

This girl got scouted in korea to model for the clothing brand chuu and got pretty popular (over 800k followers on insta https://www.instagram.com/chuu__chloe/). Now she quit and made a long af "expose" video. The problem is, all of the things she stated seem to be pretty much the standard for modelling contracts, especially for a foreigner in a lookist society like Korea.
Her way of constantly referring to herself as an elf (or "complaining" about it) is super cringy:
>If you think you saw an "elf like" version of me on several Instagram profiles, then you're right! However, since I ran away from my former agency, is Dobby a free Elf again.
She looks really crusty and sickly up close, very skinny with thin hair and greyish skin, but I guess that's the level of paleness koreans like. Most of her comments are Chinese or Korean who still kiss her ass.
Some of the reasons why she quit:
>complains about the editing of her photos + the clothes aren't her style
As a model that shouldn't matter to her and she must have known about korean beauty standards beforehand. She also claims to have some kind of degree and that she's better at editing than them.
>they took control over her instagram, told her to send them selfies to edit
Again, pretty normal?
>complains about bodyshaming
You're modelling in korea, what else to expect…
>got told off because she cut her hair too short
>stylists sprayed hairspray on her face, although her skin is sensitive
>thought companies usually pay for foreigners' apartments, but her's didn't
>no longer had time to study korean
It just seems two faced that she quits all that, only to plan on becoming a youtuber. She also said she's not gonna be your typical makeup beauty guru, yet her next video was the stereotypical "What I eat in a day as a model".
Many models in east asia are underage poor russian girls, meanwhile she's in her 20s, german, rich enough to do work and travel, she got popular within just months, yet is still not content. Pretty entitled, she basically lived the dream of millions of kboos lol

No. 111083

File: 1599084944388.png (132.39 KB, 1942x480, Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 6.12…)

cari cakes is being called out for stalking dearseoul.

No. 111097

what's that story?
I'm looking through both of their youtubes for info.

No. 111098


Cari used to post shit about Rachel on PULL and other sites, plus doing other crazy stalking shit to Rachel (and her bf). Rachel got spooked and quit youtube. It was hella suspicious because Rachel was small youtuber with 0 problems/scandals and so later PULL figured out it was Cari posting. Cari got caught, did a halfass apology post admitting it was her and she was 'going through hard stuff' as her reason.

Why Rachel? No one knew why and she never gave a reason. Maybe because Rachel is gorgeous or because she could get away with it since Rachel was a small youtuber. Cari got away with it because she kept quiet about it on all social media and pretended it never happened. Plus her saving grace of Rachel never releasing her name. But yea Cari ruined Rachel's life/yt career.

You can probably find her shit posting and apology on PULL's kvlogger thread if you dig

No. 111129

The thumbnail made me think this would be a coming out as trans video

No. 111133

So what’s the new consensus on Meg? I think I like her now, she seems to have found herself.

No. 111138

File: 1599131211148.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1242x1531, 7F54F5EA-4655-4F20-9286-165B6C…)

her face looks photoshopped into like every pic she’s posting these days

No. 111143

Fuck noooo I thought cari cakes was one of the good ones, I loved her travel vlogs. Can’t trust NO ONE lmao

No. 111145

Jeez she changes so much!! At least she’s not making herself whiter anymore. She seemed to have dropped the kpop beauty standards

No. 111150

Her body looks amazing. She doesn't seem to know what to do with her face when modeling at all, but she looks ok on video.

I loved her channel too. I'm not saying the persona she gives off now is totally fake, but it's disturbing to know she has a psychopathic side to her with the content she puts out.

No. 111276

Aa same here. She just posted a video about it apologizing. Idk, i still kinda want to like her but ah.

No. 111305

Rachel/Jun got stalked by Mira….

Taylor R got stalked by Kiki/Dakota…

Looks like Cari was kvlogger edition lmao

kinda surprised she admitted it though, i excepted her to just ignore this and hope it'd go away again

No. 111324

I'm very shocked by this. Cari's was my favorite channel basically and I looked up to her and wished I could be more like her because even though most people think I'm so "wholesome" and nice I also do stuff like browse gossip forums and spend hours just feeling jealous about girls online etc. Cari made me want to be a better person so realizing she's even worse than me is disheartening. Not like I have to "forgive her" or any shit like that, it's my responsibility for looking up to someone online knowing most people create a persona that isn't always very true to what they really are, just I thought she was the kind mature soul she shows in her videos.

No. 111327

It's convenient she doesn't post an apology until after pull is archived? What kind of things did she say?

No. 111405

So she did all of that only three years ago…damn

No. 111415

From the comments it looks like she was talking about her boyfriend and where she lived etc

She made the point that she DID NOT posts pictures of Rachel’s house but like?? There’s still a lot of other shit cari!!!

No. 111469

Huh that doesn't seem too bad? Unless she was attacking her bf personally? idk her apology seems a bit empty because she doesn't really specify what she actually said.

No. 111470

Wait, my brain just caught up with me. Posted about where she lived, like, doxxing? If so that is majorly fucked up. (For some reason when I read that, my mind interpreted it as making fun about where she lived, not sharing the location.)

No. 111490

Example of Cari doxing rachel and her bf on reddit/pull https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/6o5wlf/rumor_nsonics_leader_jheart_possibly_datingliving/

All the pics are gone and reddit user deleted tho

No. 111494

same. I followed her when she was jsut starting 'ginger with a seoul' on tumblr

No. 111518

uhh did she have ginger with a seoul before dearseoul? if not, that's a lil creepy considering the stalking

No. 111646

>> 111490
I found cached forum pages of Pretty Ugly LIttle Liars where it seems the user "jenga" is caricakes because it mentions this person as posting pictures of dearseoul's boyfriend which caused problems for him. and other commenters say it seems "jenga" has something against dearseoul because she keeps criticizing even those people close to dearseoul, esp the boyfriend


No. 111647

No. 111741

Oh so she lied about posting pictures too? What a fucking snake

No. 112047

Holy crap about Whitneybae getting millions of views per video now, I thought she was still a small youtuber.Is this what these k/jboo youtubers are pulling in on their channels now?

No. 112272

File: 1600060194150.jpg (918.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200914-010431_Ins…)

Soooo she blocked rachel after her bs apology

No. 112350

File: 1600090816306.png (472.57 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200914-153945.png)

No. 114039

Ik I’m super late but ctfu at all the comments being supportive and Cari
trying to downplay them without showing her vendetta
I was so curious to see what farmers would think of this debacle because it’d be similar to a poster from here being exposed (though Rachel isn’t a cow.) Cari was an obvious vendetta chan who intended to harm Rachel’s life so I think most of us at least have the upper hand here.

Idk why but I can’t stop thinking about this old milk so sage for irrelevancy

No. 126735

anyone know if there was ever a follow up to this (besides cari saying everything was fine and just a miscommunication)?

I'm super late, actually found out about this because I just discovered Cari and fell in love with her videos, but it seems like DearSeoul/Rachel really took the high road and didn't post anything except this story (and her vague why I left video that avoided identifying Cari).

damn, it's really fucked up that Cari did that and gets so many asspats about being so 'brave' in the comments, when based on this image, the apology really didn't land with the only person it mattered to. really felt like this was mostly to calm down her fans who were hearing rumors.

No. 137973

Yeah. I agree. This doesn't feel right at all. All but a couple of comments on that video basically act like Cari is the victim and everyone who has a problem with her should get over it. She faced zero consequences.

I unsubscribed from her after being a fan for a while. Every move she's made with this seems like classic narcissism - just trying to make herself look like a sweet, innocent person who was led astray because of depression. Just doesn't feel right.

No. 138019

Cari got away with it (again) because she essentially played her cards right. She could've either ignored it and let people keep commenting about it OR just admit it all and leaving it to time for people to forget. Which did work, her fanbase did move on lol. The worst that happened to her was that she lost some subscribers at the time; and for a hot second people were shocked that the girl who markets herself as being wholesome and sweet was actually a crazy obsessive doxxing stalker during her free time lol

No. 141874

Rachel posted this video today. I’m obviously late to the party— does anyone have an archived copy of the now-deleted video Cari posted?

No. 141878

samefag but nvm looks like Cari actually removed & reposted the apology video in >>111276

No. 141885

typical that cari would remove her apology video loll

At this point; seems like her pattern of caught is admitting it for 2 seconds, damage control & deleting comments, and then trying to erase the history of her psycho behavior

she's not sorry, she just knows she has to deal with the situation at the moment until she can try to hide again it lol

No. 141951


i think you all misunderstood what rachel was saying, she wasn't saying cari deleted the apology she was saying she deleted any comments that weren't ass kissing her on the apology video. the video has always been up since it was posted.

quick reacap of rachels video:
> it's mostly about rachels personal feelings
> she is now saying cari's name now (since cari outed both of them without rachel's consent, see her insta story when the apology hit)
> takes some small jabs saying that cari cares about social media number and isn't as sweet as she seems (she ain't wrong tho)
> repeats that cari sugarcoated what she did and left out all the really bad stuff
> calls out cari for deleting any comments that praise rachel or acknowledge that cari did anything wrong (but really anyone can see that for themselves so it's not really hot tea)
> she doesn't want to talk about the details of what happened herself because cari went after some really personal shit that hit her hard
> honestly it really is about herself and her own feelings, trying to resolve how she is traumatized but still wants to do youtube for herself and stuff

nothing really new about cari, i think rachel just wanted to talk out her own feelings and also definitively say that she's still messed up from the events (rightfully so) so that cari can't control the narrative and say they talked it all out (lol that was an obvious lie in the first place anyhow).

has anyone dug into the pull archives to get cari's old posts?

No. 142409

the PULL threads were deleted way back when, so other than the posts that were like trying to say that Cari only meets up w/ OP to gossip about other korea tubers (that everyone assumed was just Cari posting).
It's been so long since the original situation happened, and almost six months since Rachel finally decided to talk to her small fanbase about it and return to youtube. This new video feels less like processing and more like focusing on Cari as the reason why Rachel's channel isn't growing. Rachel does the most in the new video to repeatedly drone on with her xanned out vocal fry about how all youtubers are fake and superficial, especially cari, but "you guys really know me". This seems insincere, considering how little content she's put out over the past few years and how little she's interacted with her fanbase.
I won't deny that Cari did something to Rachel and it stuck with Rachel. That sucks, but it seems like Rachel is more bitter that all the drama isn't drawing new viewers like she thought it would. Maybe if she left her apartment more than twice a year or did something other than try on forever 21 hauls, she would garner more than 15 k viewers. At a certain point, Rachel needs to grow beyond who she was THREE years ago.
It feels immature for Rachel and her fans to be so bitter that Cari is moving on with her life and that she got help and got married or whatever- Rachel could also do these things, but she is choosing not to. Unless Cari left a bunch of dead animals on Rachel's doorstep, I don't think she deserves to be treated like she committed war crimes lmao.

No. 142413

um no, watch the video first maybe? rachel clearly acknowledges she hadn't put out content and she places the blame on herself, that SHE needs to resolve her own feelings. she isn't crying about not getting more than 15k views? wtf are you even going on about?

i agree she's not going to build a viewerbase if she isn't going to put out more content but it sounds like she's prioritizing having a healthy relationship with the content she puts out over churning out videos for views.

No. 142429

lmao she spends a good chunk of the video talking about content creation and what does well and what doesn't. she points out that korea videos usually do well- hers don't. she also says she "hopes cari isn't seeking validation through social media because nobody can be happy living that way" but she's still out here trying to get validation from the 14k that still watch her boring videos.
extra lol for natalie to show up in the comments, speaking of struggle buses

No. 142451

> I won't deny that Cari did something to Rachel and it stuck with Rachel. That sucks, but it seems like Rachel is more bitter that all the drama isn't drawing new viewers like she thought it would.

if she wanted to milk the drama she would have put out more videos sooner whens he would have had both her own viewers+cari's eyes on her plus probably some outside drama spectators. her only response at the time was an instagram story. besides the one video two years ago where she explained why she left youtube, she has never about it or named cari on her yt until now

like, i think it's obvious why her channel is dead, but she acknowledges it's because she doesn't post enough. i guess vendetta chans just want to make milk out of everything. it's not like cari hasn't also spoken about her emotional issues or her own relationship with content creation on her channel. it's just vlog content. rachel explicitly says that the 'you don't know youtubers' crap applies to her too. so stop saying she said things she didn't?

No. 142452

their lives are just totally opposite, and rachel just isn't that passionate about youtube

Rachel is running her own business, hangs out with friends, and just seems to have a normal healthy social life outside of youtube.
Cari had nothing but youtube, no friends from whats been shown, and obviously more passionate about youtube. It make sense cari has a bigger base apart from harassing competition off lol

No. 142458

Cari has hung out with friends and traveled with friends on vlog and off, so how are there no friends? Because she's not making chatty duo vlogs?

No. 142466

this reminds me of when princess mei posted about her stalker. she had also been pretty boring for a while, putting out the most milquetoast content like rachel, albeit more frequently. the most "milk" to come out of her in months was that she broke up with her bf and said nothing about it…and yet as soon as she mentioned her stalker some super obsessive anon showed up out of nowhere to sperg. what a coincidence.

No. 142602

Lmao sounds like Cari is not done stalking

No. 162548

sage nothing new here

( I only just learned about this stuff):

but Rachel despite how awful I find what she's been through 3 years ago made it also really obvious in her tiktoks which kvlogger she's talking about. I can understand that some anger because of what happened resurfaced and she wanted to aim at Cari lol.

I don't understand why she then is like "Cari outed me and her"… lol

Also in this day and age everyone goes on about mental health issues and awareness and stuff but mental issues sometimes also look awful like the shit Cari pulled with Rachel… In the end we need to decide what we want:

Condemn People with mental issues or let them get therapy, apologize, trying to get better, etc?

Mental disorders can also have an ugly face like Caris did and she seeked therapy. Are ppl only satisfied when she leaves YT?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 162549

Sage goes in the email field, you just bumped a dead thread for no reason

No. 167752

File: 1629039515814.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1920x2560, AF964623-44BC-4E44-835C-687818…)

Sunny Dahye and Chris Okano are being called out by an artist who worked under Chris at Tokyo Creative before he drove it to the ground. Full post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSjlHfPHcPE/

Indonesian netizens, including former fans, are not playing right now. Sunny’s social media is being flooded and her videos mass downvoted.

No. 167842


No. 167844

sadshrimps (the artist) took a pay cut at a "friend price" under pressure from Chris, on the condition that she would be credited for the assets she made for Sunny Dahye's channel but she never got credit

No. 167873

She never got paid either lmao

This is especially fucked because Chris comes from a wealthy family

No. 183270

File: 1637251472964.jpeg (219.13 KB, 828x1413, 4AAB350F-B470-407C-8025-6225D8…)

Megan is pregnant. Mixed baby vlogs in 3… 2…

No. 184332

Imagine having your sisters kid with your mans

No. 184351

lol well now she finally has something new to milk for content; after running out of ideas and rehashing info within an already oversaturated kboo market

No. 184359


No. 184386

It's her sister's egg and husband sperm.
Megan can't get pregnant, I forgot the exact reason why but you can find it in some obviously titled video of hers a while back ago. Plus I think in south korea you have to use a family member's egg. But I think megan said she wants that anyways because she wants the kid to look and be related to her.

No. 184392

Omg that’s fucked up.i think she got into early menopause in her 20s

No. 184469


So we have Taylor who’s preggo to an asian and now Megan

The battle of The Hafu videos should be fun

Next generation is gonna be a mess

No. 184479

I've never quite understood how people can make that scenario/plan work, but kudos to them. All drama aside, I feel bad for women who want so desperately to have a baby but cannot.

No. 184481

But shes birthing her nephew/niece that’s so strange, which has her husbands genes. I don’t get why people won’t adopt. She probably can’t when she’s not korean or has a proper job

No. 184482

yea i imagine the reason why she can't adopt is because she's a foreigner. But if she wants the kid to be biracial like her own biological kid would be, she's kinda stuck. They would have to go back to america to buy an anonymous egg (and could choose the race) and do the process there. But in Korea, I think she said it has to be an egg from a relative, probably due to some weird korean confucianism bs about blood family. So yea, technically it's her niece/nephew. Her dream of living in korea came with a price. If it doesn't bother her, then good for her then.
And I could see Taylor going back to Canada or some other country so they could pick the gender and finally get their dream daughter. Their reaction of finding out it was a boy was pretty pitiful lmao. Asian countries have weird/different rules for fertility treatment.

No. 184483

Well it was either her sister's eggs or paying for a stranger's, at least this way the kids (she's having twins) will have more resemblance to her than they otherwise would have.

About adoption, I don't think her being a foreigner was really standing in the way of that. Many foreigners adopt from Korea, this didn't end decades ago, Korean international adoptions are still happening. If anything it probably should have been easier for her, considering she's actually a permanent resident there and is married to a Korean citizen. She just didn't want to adopt. She wanted kids that resemble her, that she birthed herself, like many women all over the world do. It's understandable to me anyway

No. 184492

I would be so sad(learn2sage)

No. 184493

It is a little strange but I think most parents, especially the women would like to try and have kids that resemble them first or are at least more related than an adopted child.

No. 184534


A thin skinny hafu girl to force into the modelling world and then force her to get with a rich white man.(sage)

No. 184646

I'll laugh so much if some kind of generation-skipping happens genetically and they come out really dark-skinned like her parents

No. 184694

Not both her parents are dark. Her mom is light like her

No. 191427

LOL, I'd like to see her face when that happens. She obviously loves her family, don't get me wrong, but it's also glaring that she's very pleased with her much lighter complexion and enhances it however she can. Otoh, I'd feel bad for the kids. Growing up in a racist country they'll be bullied at worst and never fully accepted at best, and all that while being half-Korean.

No. 193898

I really don't know what's fucked up about it. It's not like her sister and husband had sex. I'd donor an egg for one of my sisters too if they want a child that much and can't have.

No. 225382

There's no way her own kids could be biracial. They are 3+ races…retard.

No. 236736

what a fucking psycho

No. 245193

File: 1662382882058.jpg (722.69 KB, 1079x1622, Screenshot_20220905-220228_Ins…)

Hojusara passed away from leukemia

No. 245244

No that’s so heartbreaking I would watch them. She seemed to be doing better.

No. 245273

Holy fuck no way… she was one of the good ones

No. 245275

Oh my god…I had just started watching her when she was first diagnosed because somehow that video wound up on my feed. They seemed to be so optimistic and things were going well?? Nooo ohh my heart. Man. What the fuck

No. 245276

Just saw the vid and came here wanting to post this. So fucking sad, I always thought leukemia was one of the more treatable types of cancer, yet it killed her so fast at such a young age.

No. 245309

Holy shit.. I hope her loved ones get the support they need. Crazy that she was diagnosed only like, 4 months ago?

No. 245320

I froze when I saw the post pop up on instagram, I didn't even read it and I just knew :(
She was super sweet, the bideo was heartbreaking to watch.
god I hate cancer, the last time I felt this kind of sadness was when Qinni passed away(:()

No. 245407

it is, but it also completely ruins your immune system in the process. The younger a patient is, the higher the rate of survival.

>>The 5-year survival rate for people age 20 and older is 40%. The 5-year survival rate for people under age 20 is 89%.

No. 245412

It was so fast anon, like I thought she was doing better and boom she’s gone. Her health got bad so fast out of no where, I thought for sure she would be cured.

No. 245413

Yes :( in a matter of months she’s super sick and passed away. I didn’t realize it could come so fast.

No. 245415

Kind of sad to see a lot of other bigger kvloggers not at least even mention Sarah.

No. 245417

Oh fuck off it literally just happened

No. 245422

Hasn’t even been 24hrs yet

No. 245450

I looked through her old videos and in one of them she said she was having frequent headaches, poor girl, you don't know the sign until its too late.

No. 245456

I just wanna take a moment to encourage you females to get your frequent pap-smears. I know she didn’t pass from ovarian cancer, but the importance of this is so underestimated.(true but gtfo)

No. 249527

File: 1663341749144.png (2.53 MB, 1933x1434, Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 17.18…)

thejosh1994 claims that he spent 3 million euros already "working every day" to win Nayeon's heart, making donations in her name etc.

No. 250039

Who and who? Also it’s pointless to tag the thread

No. 292389

Why is this thread far less active than J-vlogger thread?(necro)

No. 292410

No milk no posts? If you have milk post it otherwise stfu

No. 292803

idk but she's hot af

No. 293139

it's weird to see j-vlogger thread is more active because korea is a much more popular cpuntry than japan.

No. 293147

go back to twitter

No. 293161

Then post milk you dumbass

No. 293315

in your dreams?


Foreign visitors to Korea in Dec 2022 : 540k
Foreign visitors to Japan in Jan 2023 : 1.5M

No. 293449

I live in Korea. This country sucks.(sage your shit)

No. 293459

At least you're being honest. People who worship a country literally the size of Indiana that is incredibly racist and has a beauty standard that requires perfectly healthy and attractive people to lop off 2/3rds of their jaw are point blank retarded. Korean citizens are miserable, bullied relentlessly, women are casually beaten, rape and voyeurism is commonplace, etc. but the heavily mistreated k pop girls turn looks so yas queen slay the house down boots.

No. 294535

Just watched Megan's latest video and damn, it must be so uncomfortable for her family to have multiple cameras shoved into their faces when they're trying to have some family time.

No. 297345

File: 1684552684030.png (157.17 KB, 950x563, Untitled.png)

literally though, guests couldn't get in the door without enduring the camera gauntlet. then be jet lagged and struggling to stay awake and boom, camera.

the house tour felt like a cluttered yet empty crayola blue hospital. she should consider finding someone to finish unpacking and organizing everything for her. could even make content out of it.

No. 297346

Her house gave me secondhand embarassment.

No. 299327

Nitpick but I don't know why they are obsessed with painting their doorways royal blue. They did the same in their previous apartment. It's tacky as hell. They really just don't have a sense of style at all

No. 314039

It actually really does. Korea is like Japan without the fun stuff, only depression and destructive entertainment for coping such as drinking heavily while partying in clubs and collecting std’s from borderline rapist guys. Also, the fucking air is so disgusting and Seoul is ugly as fuck. The couple cute cafes sprinkled here and there aren’t enough to fix the overall ugliness.

Please if anyone knows why the fuck do people want to live in Korea please explain to me.

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