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File: 1452739033133.jpg (83.96 KB, 917x596, butter.JPG)

No. 32704

what do you guys think about her?

No. 32705

Literally nothing.

No. 32706

when did lolcow become a 'rate my basic face'-board? seriously, you guys look all the same and I couldn't tell which fake boobs belong to which stupid face. even their expression and posture is ALWAYS the same? get your own personality and fot got sake, a sweater would help too.

No. 32707

File: 1452742093843.jpg (63.91 KB, 1080x1080, 2.jpg)

She's cute imo

No. 32708

File: 1452742169316.jpg (53.89 KB, 1080x1080, 1.jpg)

No. 32709

Dear Lord, wtf is up with her boob?

Also, I agree with >>32706
Post this in the Instawhore thread.

No. 32710

what's wrong with her tits?

No. 32711

Chubby. Also selfpost because boring.

No. 32712

File: 1452743099344.png (683.37 KB, 945x598, la3920.png)

holy shit shes a whale

No. 32713

she has a decent small face in the shimakaze pics but her body just does not match?? why do whales like to cosplay loli characters lmao go use your melting tits in a super sonico cosplay or something

(also is this a self post? never heard of this person before)

No. 32714

wth dude, her face is the worst part? or maybe not the face but this incredibly wannabe-naive but in the end just plain stupid looking expression?

No. 32715

Wtf her head doesn't look like it belongs on her body

No. 32716

How she a whale?..

No. 32717

Because you're fat, fatty. Try doing some crunches.

No. 32718

I scrolled through your account briefly and I can see you getting fatter and fatter. The weight gain is especially evident in your arms.

Also, those faces you're making are not cute. You look like you have trouble seeing. Stop crossing your eyes. You're also really shit at faking a smile.

Finally, you look old and haggard as shit, which is sad because you act like you're probably around 17-18. Start moisturizing because holy shit child, you're gonna look like pixyteri in a few years.

No. 32719

why do you care so much about this nobody

No. 32720

calm down you fucking skeleton

No. 32721

wow, cute!

No. 32722


You guys calm down, I'm just egging on the self poster.

No. 32723

where even are here tits in that shimakaze? is this like someone who shoops their face onto random cos bodies? is it even the same person at all?

No. 32724

Lmao just actually looked at this acc and was like "wonder if she'll turn into a shoop queen." Funny to see her here now.

No. 32725

Personally I find it incredibly cringy how she constantly gives shout outs basically to ANY "hate" she gets or any obvious troll trying to get some rise out her by being overly lewd in some DM or comment.

it's embarrassing how she doesn't realize shes feeding trolls and even more that she doesn't realize what they say is ovioulsy just an exaggeration to get her to have some public reaction

No. 32726

so does just saying "body confidence" give you some kind of pass on still being pure or some shit to post some lewd slutty picture of yourself?

No. 32727


Yep, you nailed it.

You can be as slutty as you want and still pretend you're an innocent loli if you caption your photo with something like ~love yourself desu~

No. 32728

File: 1453006224199.png (433.6 KB, 478x596, ek.PNG)

her body shape is so weird, how to describe this thing?

No. 32729

File: 1453006288669.png (502.24 KB, 606x596, ekkk.PNG)

really, dafuk is this??????????????

No. 32730

A big part of how weird this looks is that her skirt is too tight and too low down for her shape. She is accidentally worsening her hip dip, which already accentuates the wideness of her belly by being small in comparison. She'd be much more suited to high-waisted A-line type skirts

No. 32731

Betty page?

No. 32732

You really should consider skipping a couple of meals, exercising, and maybe dental care/whitening.

No. 32733

>skip a few meals

Go away ana-chan

No. 32734

she reminds me of sheepcream lol

No. 32735

Fuck off ham planet. Just because you should cut out 5 out of your 15 daily feedings does not make you an Ana chan.

No. 32736

you are definitely an ana-chan lmao shut up.

No. 32737

File: 1453020545242.jpg (74.59 KB, 640x453, butterlogo.jpg)

Obvious Selfpost aside, I like your body. Looks like an Hourglass to be.
Your Face on the other hand… meh

No. 32738

File: 1453025660031.jpg (200.82 KB, 1186x559, oakdk.jpg)

She looks like she could be snouts sister kek

No. 32739

My body looks a bit like hers tbh. She's not fat by any means (don't know why there are so many ana-chans ITT), but she's not a loli and is definitely cosplaying the wrong characters.

No. 32740

i'm sorry but how is she a lolcow? she's just a random fat instagram cosplayer who doesn't even make her own costumes. she's just so…boring..???

No. 32741

At least this girl LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING GIRL. Himezawa is way uglier.

No. 32742

File: 1453046448006.jpg (3.73 KB, 100x100, photo.jpg)

She reminds me of Ichigo Chu

No. 32743

dem bouncing tatas

No. 32744

She's not. This is either a terrible vendetta or most likely a selfpost.

No. 32745

She looks like a girl that you'd fuck but wouldn't date.

No. 32746

Never realized how ugly hime was.. god damn.

No. 32747

lmao why would anyone selfpost here…. not a good idea

No. 32748

Suaki-chan and Sumomo_

Btw they're cute. :)

No. 32749

You sound insecure. Stop projecting.

No. 32750

File: 1453056935684.png (248.93 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_2016-01-17-19-52-51…)

Selfpost proven, no way she would have found this thread that fast otherwise

No. 32751

File: 1453057203879.png (549.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-17-19-57-35…)

No. 32752

File: 1453057218652.png (151.91 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_2016-01-17-19-57-52…)

No. 32753

Who or what the fuck is iku

No. 32754

You are literally projecting your insecurity via calling a average bodied girl a landwhale. Her body isn't great but its not that bad.
It wouldn't surprise me if you were her trying to distract people from thinking you're a selfpost by shit talking yourself

No. 32755

I can't take anyone whonopenly says they want to be a role model seriously. Just seems like they're up their own ass.

No. 32756

File: 1453060993458.png (999.43 KB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_2016-01-17-21-00-48…)

10 bucks that if this isn't a selfpost after all (which is unlikely but who knows) it was made by whoever send her that message

No. 32757

God damn sperg, I never called her a land whale. Find your chill.

No. 32758

I met Buttercup when she was cosplaying as Totoro last year or so ago and she was very sweet to speak with. After that I've bumped into her a few times at other cons.

I fount her Instagram and followed cause why not, but part of me thought she was seeking attention too much through there already when her followers were nowhere near 1,000. Suddenly she began buying more fan-servicey costumes and showing more skin, mostly her chest. Now she gives in to obvious trolls & thirsty neckbeards, gets aggressive about the comments she gets, throws a tantrum like the typical 18 year old she is and posts nothing but the same photos over & over that will gain the most likes. She has to constantly say what her measurements are and give the cliche speech about 'body confidence' to justify what she posts to Instagram each and every time.

I thought she was better than that, but clearly not. What a shame. If only she went back to fully sewing and making better costumes instead of flaunting skin for appreciation in cheap ones produced in China.

No. 32759

File: 1453066760495.png (62.69 KB, 168x187, nowtf is this.png)

no but seriously WTF IS THAT BODY. it looks so weird to me?? am i the only one who thinks it looks deformed? she's not absolutely huge.. a little chubby of course but WHAT IS GOING ON. someone please explain this to me..

No. 32760

She looks spoon shaped, that's all. People gain weight in different parts of their body depending on their shape.

Also the pic probably looks worse because that skirt is sitting very low and is probably too small.

No. 32761

small waist big hips

No. 32762


The skirt is just too small and forced too low on her hips to cover her backside. If you look for other cosplayers as this character, you'll notice how the skirt is supposed to look. It's actually quite fitted. She's just got big hips.

No. 32763

But her body is desirable

No. 32764


All of her attention seeking and cos whoring aside, IMO her body type is cute asf for a size UK 10/12.

No. 32765

>my boobs are real, so of course they're gonna look weird if i bend in certain ways
No one said you had fake boobs, calm tf down. You were laying on your back and your right tit is weirdly shaped, so no, don't blame it on "bending".

No one called you a whore in this thread. And your outfits are slutty.
I like how they all pull the "if you post anon, you're pathetic", "you don't know me", "think about my family if I killed myself because you posted mean things about me on the internet!!!!"

What if it's that fadingjade girl from the Instagram thread?

No. 32766

What if she's making all this horrible Instagram Whore threads and then tells them how ┬░horrible and mean┬░ we are to gain sympathy and friends in the instagram Community?

This may sound retarded but imagine, I'm at least certain that it's always the same girl who tells them about lolcow

No. 32767

Her body's cute as fuck, although a little chubby

No. 32768

Her body is very cute, all the ana-chans here calling her a whale need to chill the fuck down and realise that the real world ain't made solely of anorexics. She's average cute in face, imo, but trying really hard to be sexy and appeal to neckbeards. But at least she's not shoopping herself asian

No. 32769


She's really cute :)

No. 32770

she's okay.. like i said her face is sort of cute but.. her body is chubs. if that's average, then it's true obesity has become the norm

No. 32771

nah, it's common.i have a skinny waist but there's still so much fat around my hips it makes me wanna cryyyy. even though i am slightly underweight. it looks smth like this

No. 32772

File: 1453093331472.jpg (111.22 KB, 698x960, IMG_20160117_220124.jpg)

She is shaped like the op picture in the ugly butts thread.

No. 32773

She's now on one of those hiatus trips away from Instagram and deleted lots of her posts. Too predictable.

No. 32774

that's such a terrible body shape, I would sudoku

No. 32775

unless she googles herself every few hours kek

No. 32776

Aaaahhh gotta low seeing cows overreacting when they find out someone's actually talking about them

No. 32777

File: 1453122603167.png (262.53 KB, 581x401, Get off the internet read desc…)

>your arents crying at your funeral
is she threatening to commit suicide? so original..

No. 32778

yeah, idk why a lot of people are saying her body is cute or desirable. lol, it's fucking ugly

No. 32779

bc ~men like women with curves~

No. 32780

Your anorexia is showing.

No. 32781

Stop with the "ana-chan" thing. The people calling her fat aren't ana-chans, they're trolling a self-poster and you don't need to take offense to it if you have a bit of weight on you. It's not directed at you, it's directed at Captain SelfPoster up there.

No. 32782

Maybe this is a good body shape and the skirt is really unflattering but it looks like a bunch of fat in the love handle region and then it's straight down or even goes in a bit and its fucking gross.

Also this girl is chunky as fuck and is not pulling it off unless I see pics that her bottom half isn't strange shaped as fuck.

No. 32783

Thank you anon.
Anyone with eyes can see she's fat. I'm not gonna mince words just because you bitches are insecure.

No. 32784

>I make most of my cosplays for example…Hestia
??? Didn't she post at one time that she was so happy to finally Receive her hestia cosplays that she Bought online??? Plz get your story together, Buttercup.

>I eat about 2 meals a day and exercise 2 times a week.
2 big Mcdonalds meals a day won't do you much good, honey. And putting makeup and clothes on isn't exercise.

She really needs to pick cosplays that compliment her body type (not this chick or Hestia or any type of loli character)

I can't believe she's posted those rants either. I thought she would be more grown up than "QQ everyone pat my back because meanies are talking about my weight!1!!". She should have thick skin if she wants to do skimpy cosplays. This is the internet, people are going to talk about you.

No. 32785


She's chubby but who gives a damn what a bunch of bitter catty cunts think. I don't. I only care what men think of me because women are dysfunctional retards anyway

No. 32786


Lol. Why do you hate yourself so much? Why do you give a fuck what men think. The only opinion that matters should be your own. You're the dysfunctional retard here.

No. 32787

she should lose some weight and get a new face. and stop self posting

No. 32788


what if the people defending her are actually the fat loli wannabe?

No. 32789

Yeah, so what if women call you "chubby"? I'm chubby. Being chubby isn't that bad. It's what men think that really matters!

Men think you're an easy lay with no self confidence who needs to post half naked pictures on the Internet for attention.

No. 32790

They are…

No. 32791

File: 1453216438619.png (494.86 KB, 930x591, crymeariver.png)

No. 32792

File: 1453216502879.png (800.73 KB, 922x586, k.png)

>making multiple instagram hate accounts
paranoid much?

No. 32793

File: 1453216710816.png (641.44 KB, 920x592, im.png)

No. 32794

File: 1453216888762.png (785.2 KB, 929x593, im.png)

No. 32795

>I work my ass off on my cosplays boohoo

No. 32796

File: 1453217007848.png (952.3 KB, 937x597, kek.png)

No. 32797

File: 1453218230837.png (437.07 KB, 597x578, 1453217007848.png)

jfc himezawa looks so gross

No. 32798


Nigga, one of those outfits is a average tier Bodyline coord. That shit ain't cosplay. Other than that you have a point in how hard she must bust her arse over costumes she bought kek.

No. 32799

Oh she came back, how unexpected…she was gone for what? a day? Are people even leaving hateful comments on her Instagram or anything? Cause the only "hate" about her seems to be here only and it really isn't much.

No. 32800

What a coincidence!

No. 32801

That wig is shitty.

No. 32802


She's also posting about her made from scratch costumes now too. She's definitely been reading this thread or at least been self posting, as now she's like "oh shit I buy too many costumes like the haterz pointed out, better start sewing again to prove my talent!"

No. 32803

File: 1453236399118.jpg (95.55 KB, 960x960, 12063327_646798918796658_31200…)

kek her costumes aren't even that impressive.

you know who else works hard on their costumes? yaya han, kamui. And I'm talkin about some seriously complicated costumes,craftmanship wise. I know a dude who spent almost A YEAR making an Iron Man costume.Didn't see him complaining.
Cosplay is for fun, YES, as well as the making process. So sick of tired of these bitches playing the victim card.

No. 32804

She's annoying.

No. 32805

File: 1453236559313.png (598.42 KB, 913x596, image.png)

No. 32806


Hestia isn't exactly hard to make and the one on the right was bought. Unlike her Dead Master or Totoro dress, she hasn't put that much effort into being as creative since she started gaining a fanbase when she put more tits on show in cheap Aliexpress costumes.

No. 32807

>…that I made
>progress photos when I make my cosplays
>I never really show you how I make things
Okay now, chill girl, we get it, you make your own shit!! Do you want a medal or smth?

No. 32808

File: 1453236791022.png (228.24 KB, 492x701, 1.png)

No. 32809

File: 1453236796102.png (31.22 KB, 481x303, 2.png)

No. 32810


No. 32811

This thread is cancer. Between all of this bitches self posts and insecure women taking offense at shots aimed at her…..no wonder this chan is easily fucked.

No. 32812

>people like that are just jelly

No. 32813


Hi Buttercup.

No. 32814

File: 1453237313916.png (56.45 KB, 222x241, 1453228777902.png)

No. 32815

Looks like she's starting to get what she wanted, asspats. Also she's a dumbass, her instagram name is the exact same as her facebook name if "haters" are stalking her instagram they could easily find her facebook.

No. 32816

File: 1453237445272.jpg (36.12 KB, 480x600, i19.jpg)

I just googled wtf I-19 was, your wig is off. I'm not talking about the colour since apparently there are pics of her with pink in it too, I'm talking about the cut of it. If you didn't say that it was "Kancolle I-19", I couldn't have guessed who you were.

No. 32817

whats with her and fucking lolis?

No. 32818

Does Gina even know what she's talking about?Probably doesn't even know what "jelly haters" she's talking about. She's just giving her asspats. So pathetic.

No. 32819


Because neckbeards and thirsty otaku fanboys.

No. 32820

well damn,isn't she predictable?

No. 32821

For someone who gives asspats to Himezawa on any social media there is in order to raise her level of efame, I'm not surprised Buttercup is too predictable.

No. 32822

No. 32823

jfc she's a whale

No. 32824

She has absolutely no fucking rhythm whatsoever. That was pathetic.

No. 32825

god i thought she was wearing a pink long sleeve top but nope thats just her arms and belly

No. 32826

File: 1453298731182.jpg (5.51 KB, 230x220, images.jpg)

there was a queue for himezawa

No. 32827

The way her tits bounce around looks painful, she needs a better bra

No. 32828

I was one of the anons defending her body but I take everything back after seeing this

No. 32829

she needs a sport bra

No. 32830

But jiggling titties brings all the fanboys to the yard.

No. 32831

No, she means Himezawa was in a queue

No. 32832

Damn she has a man face and a weird Ass body, is there actually people in this thread that find this thing "cute" or is it just herself selfposting?

No. 32833

File: 1453394921017.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_2016-01-21-17-47-00…)

No. 32834

File: 1453395046721.jpg (14.88 KB, 236x386, tumblr_niznu5t9e11qhhyepo1_250…)

Well tbh she got some Betty Page going on, which is hot to some people

No. 32835

File: 1453395856024.png (330.1 KB, 501x510, 98765467.PNG)

No. 32836

The more i look at it the more i get weirded out by her hips

No. 32837

Not sure why everyone blames her for her body? She looks hot af only her face is off but would be savable with the right contour and some photoshop

No. 32838

Her body just needs a tiny bit of toning but other than that I think she's hot. She also needs rethink her faces that she makes and her angles because what she's currently doing is super unflattering. Her jaw is super square and her posture sucks, if she tilted her head down more and if she stood up straight with her shoulders back, stomach in and neck elongated she would look a lot better.

TLDR she's bangin but seems really unsure of herself and it shows in her posture

No. 32839

Some people have apple bodies it can't be helped, the way her skirt is positioned in respect to the character isn't doing her any favors either.

No. 32840

Actually like her hips. I agree with >>32838. If she toned up she would look pretty good I think.

No. 32841

Her nose ruins it for me, but I also don't think she's straight up hambeast gollum.
The only reason ppl on here started shitting on her in the first place was selfposting anyway, she really needs to grow thicker skin and fuck off on imageboards

No. 32842

no the girl on the right has a really low rise bottom and isn't afraid to show her lower stomach because she doesn't have a nasty muffin top.
There is a reason why her skirt is so close to her belly button.

Hey Bunny if you're reading this (of coarse you are) post something with you wearing a low rise skirt or something to prove you're not fat like you rant about being so.

No. 32843

Why are people saying shes fat

Her body in OP is literally perfect.


No. 32844

go back to ass patting her on her Instagram posts white knight

No. 32845

File: 1453442348523.png (472.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Kawaii !

No. 32846

lmao, big hips and lovehandles arnt the same thing you fucking idiots

No. 32847

File: 1453471948237.png (618.71 KB, 841x590, sekushiidesu.png)

No. 32848


No. 32849

Her body is perfect, what's wrong with you ana-chans? Get a burger

No. 32850


Meh, perfect is in the eye of the beholder. I like girls that are chubby like her but not everyone does

No. 32851


for those farmers who say her body is pretty or so… THOSE ARE NOT HER HIPS, FUCKING CHRIST

No. 32852

she has violin hips, shits gross

No. 32853

File: 1453474583263.png (366.46 KB, 606x596, hips.png)

>omg what a beautiful body!!!111! go away ana-chans, she's perfect look at the curves

No. 32854

look at where her belly button is. those aren't her hips.

No. 32855

Funny how she posts this when anons here are talking about her body.

No. 32856

CURVES!/thinking love handles are hips lmao

so many underage kids here, or just dumb idk

No. 32857


No. 32858

ITT: chubby teens who think love handles are curves.

No. 32859

this and like every other newfag thread tbh

No. 32860

File: 1453530821760.jpg (66.29 KB, 640x640, 12331449_1100859456592233_1758…)

she needs to fix her teeth

No. 32861

File: 1453530886639.jpg (85.51 KB, 874x639, tumblr_nx07lkoFiU1qkg62ko1_128…)

She's friends with Alice

No. 32862

File: 1453530900411.jpg (127.74 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nby2asc0LZ1tihwsao1_500…)

No. 32863

File: 1453530928016.jpg (67.76 KB, 615x433, tumblr_nby2asc0LZ1tihwsao1_500…)

wtf are those??

No. 32864

File: 1453531015811.jpg (17.45 KB, 320x320, 11311195_385303875004621_31140…)

No. 32865

She looks "special"..

No. 32866

crayola FUCKING model magic!

nah it looks like a carrot and a leek, but why?

No. 32867

Because Vocaloids.

No. 32868


No. 32869

I fail to see the milk from this cow. I am disappointed.

Also this girl's face is cute I'm surprised people find her unattractive? But to each their own.

No. 32870

>triangle face with jewish hook nose
>nasty rat like hair
>"shes cute guys i don understand :("

stop self posting bunny

btw please at least fix your bangs, they look horrifying especially in your latest youtube video. They look like a mess I swear it's embarrassing you went out in public to London looking like that.

No. 32871

>I only care what men think
>why do you hate yourself

…..maybe anon doesn't give a fuck whether or not women think she's fat when she's getting fucked regardless. why would she look good for girls when she can look good for men and get something out of it?

lol really? she looks like any other Brit girl imo. she's just depressingly boring and retarded.

No. 32872

she looks mentally disabled

No. 32873

Those of you who are butthurt, are you her? or just fat?

No. 32874


this. i've never seen a thread filled with white knights defending a fatty before.

No. 32875

File: 1454434588206.jpg (85.03 KB, 918x534, really.JPG)

I used to follow her before when she had around 1000 followers, but then once her fanbase started building up she was just so self centered with all her posts. It's no longer about her skills in costuming or sewing. Its all changed to pandering and needing attention from her fans. This her laest post just confirms it. It's so sad to see her going down this route like this to get attention.

Does she not realise the people that message her do the same thing with their other 300 instawaifus. Shes just became a nobody, as shes doing the same thing all the attention seeking whores are doing on social media.

No. 32876

Is that her bra showing underneath wtf thats aweful. So her bra's showing, her skirt don't fit, her wigs are a mess…thats pretty low tier. She should not cosplay Shimakaze or any of the shipgurls for that matter.

No. 32877

She's been posting a cosplay on IG of some girl from an ecchi anime with her tits out, booty shorts and doing suggestive poses, yet asks for 'creeps' to not comment on her body or send her sexual messages. I can't take anyone seriously if they go down that level of stupid. She knows exactly what she's doing pandering to fanboys.

No. 32878

Tbh..she is hott!!!!

No. 32879

Is it me or do most of these cosplayers look the same?

No. 32880

they all look the same because there are a few who figure out what way they wanna shoop themselves and then all the other try to copy those shoops. like
is her trying to be ahripop but recently she's trying to morph herself into Anzujaamu

No. 32881

Did anyone actually save the original photo? She deleted it.

No. 32882

I wish she would stop with the 'woe is me' attitude on IG. Yes we know you're struggling to find a decent job with the injury you have and yes we know it must be agitating to be in constant pain. I don't get why she doesn't apply for disability benefits in the UK. Most jobs won't take on a young 18 year old who relies on heavy medication & crutches from time to time, it's just how it is unfortunately.

No. 32883

She's hot even though she has more blubber than what I am used to, shes got a nice face and good skin but she's not really anything special. Plus from what I can read here she seems whiney

No. 32884

OP is fat and Betty Page is fat

big hips pls go, curves are fucking gross

No. 32885

Calm down ana-chan

No. 32886

Did you literally just bump a dead thread for that?

No. 32887

I am happy they did
>>32712 what a sexy cute pudgy lass

No. 32888

no one gives a shit about you butter stop fucking bumping your own thread jfc it's so sad.

No. 32889

Not her just your local chubby chaser, you'll also find me in the camwhore and kooter threads drooling at chubby stomachs (y)

No. 32890

her pictures lately have gone so downhill. i never liked her body but i thought she had a decent enough face when in cosplay. her recent pictures out of cosplay almost make me ashamed to think she ever looked kind of cute in the face with a good wig..

No. 32891

It's hilarious how things happen in the Idol and Cosplay circle. It just so happens that Alice is now dating Abipops ex boyfriend.
I wonder how Abi and Alice are going to be affected by that kek.
My bet is that Abi is going to be annoyed at how Alice is always trying to copy her and have what she did. Alice is practically showing just that by only dating a guy she was with before.
Petty, petty Alicepop.

No. 32892

isn't that the creepy guy who always told ahripop that her body is perfect and shit like that?

No. 32893

yeah! I forgot about him after ahripop disappeared. This is actually really creepy. It feels like the sort of thing people around him would tell the police after he gets arrested for sexually assaulting a little white cosplayer girl he stalked on Instagram

No. 32894

There is literaly no way that can be her correct measurement
More likely that it's something more like this

No. 32895

its called a hip dip hun…(necro)

No. 33167

File: 1549859013832.png (195.59 KB, 445x450, 1547050602196.png)

No. 264208

Fuck off moid

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