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No. 296937

Takomayuyi a chinese cosplayer with 1 million+ followers on twitter and 46k followers on facebook.

She started off from facebook and has completely changed her entire life story when she transitioned her page onto twitter. She has lied about her age and her natural appearance. She doesnt respond to peoples comments or interact with others, many may think she's just busy but has been targeting and deleting any comments that expose her on her own posts, meaning she does bask in the compliments and comments she gets everyday.

I'm sick of chinese cosplayers(Im chinese, and this is a real issue with chinese media with how every girl is manufactured like a sexdoll) like this faking everything about themselves for a couple hundred compliments and simps who will do anything for them and aren't transparent, I been seeing a lot of comments from different women and impressionable young girls who express how they wish they were "naturally" beautiful as her, not knowing how she's got work done, and of course she leaves those comments on the threads to boost her own ego but will delete the ones who try to reassure those girls or expose tako for being fake.(newfaggotry)

No. 296955

Literally who cares about her…

No. 297675

So the milk is she's Chinese and doesn't respond to horny moids on social media. Incredible

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