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File: 1544319047718.png (908.65 KB, 1293x1112, nobita_racist.png.14a4c1c985af…)

No. 27643

Japanese born sperglord that tries to give dating advice to western men trying to find their "perfect japanese" wife despite never having successfully dated anyone himself, while riding on a self deprecation.


No. 27644


I can’t stand him at all

He’s a closet racist

No. 27645


No. 27646

One of the few Japanese people who publicly parrot autistic American-tier racially obsessed views and they act like he's a representative of all of them. Seriously tho, any racial autism you can trace back to the U.S, this is even true for Nazis' ideology.

No. 27647

fuck off, euroweeb

No. 27648

File: 1544387686072.png (241.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8410.PNG.ce569780467ebdaa8…)

No. 27649

is there some actual milk of him though? What has he done expect acting like pretty much every guy on 4chan

No. 27650

>Japanese people cannot be racist, but when they are it's americas fault
Are we just going to forget that they were literal nazis and a alarming amount of them still defend nazis?

No. 27651

By an "alarming amount" don't you actually mean a fringe minority largely comprised of ignorant dips that barely bothered to expand their worldly knowledge beyond Japan?

Secondly, what OP means is that (and this is something i've noticed as well) Japanese tend to be very easily influenced when it comes to their interactions with foreign acquaintances so their opinions tend to be colored by those interactions as well. I find this to be true mainly in those who study English or have interest in foreign cultures; almost as if trying to appeal to those cultures albeit picking up some pretty awful cultural biases while not fully understanding what they're parroting. Likely this guy is close friends with some alt-right sperg who's presenting his opinions as fact to Nobita, who hardly has any outside perspective nor can he grasp the cultural nuances well despite his attempts. This can actually be applied to anyone raised in one culture and attempting to immerse themselves in another; again, in an attempt to appeal or ally themselves more closely with the culture they admire they tend to pick up certain points; i've seen quite a few weebs picking up this attitude and going the "I hate Koreans/Chinese because (insert BS here)" route because of shit they hear from their Japanese acquaintances.

Honestly I think it's pathetic for people to just parrot shit and not use their own judgment and research to come to such conclusions, especially when they're adults with supposedly fully developed brains, but it seems to be a flaw in human social functioning or whatever.

No. 27652

Nobita is such a weird cuckold. He wants people to come find a Japanese girlfriend but hates foreigners who aren't white piggus. I have to believe its a wm/af fetish of some sort.

No. 27653

No. 27654

Low key, that's exactly what I think is up with him. An embarrassing human.
Imagine how white guys on Reddit and 4chan would respond if a white European incel made videos in Arabic aimed at Muslim men about how to find a European girlfriend. But when it's an Asian guy, he's "based", lmao.

No. 27655

Ew what a weirdo. This guy is a cuck.

No. 29675

Moved to >>>/snow/773145.

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