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File: 1657135400968.jpg (158.96 KB, 685x1103, fatbitch.jpg)

No. 226471

This creator is so annoying constantly saying that everyone is obsessed with them while they're the one's constantly making video's calling out other creator's and always starting those video's with "so i really don't like making these video's" like bitch??? That's all you do unless is those shit "fashion" videos calling themselves "gyaru" with that shitty makeup and outfits that literally get 30 views like. the hypocrisy.
They're so unprofessional for someone who call's themselves an influencer and they are EXTREMELY problematic.
They give more attention to hate comments than to their actual fans (if they have any), they make so many video's replying to haters or defending themselves because they're always in some kind of drama.
They say their account is a safe place? Literally the most unstable, unprofessional and problematic place ever and THEY are the one's who created it that way.
No one is obsessed with them if not they're a constant reminder to NOT be like them.(shittiest thread)

No. 226473

What the hell did I just read? You didn’t even provide a name.

No. 226476

kek wtf

No. 226493

are you the person who is shitting up the actual gyaru thread with posting this boring bitch? holy fuck, can you tiktok retards learn to fucking integrate? Christ

No. 226495

who is this nobody? hannah montana looking ass

No. 226497

File: 1657138691667.jpg (136.99 KB, 1080x2103, fatbitch2.jpg)


Omfg I actually forgot to say who they are, sorry for my stupidity. Also they're account is now private :) just proves how they know what they're doing

No. 226501

File: 1657139305795.jpg (311.85 KB, 1080x2102, fatbitch3.jpg)


They also have a secondary account
(btw best comment I've ever read in my life)

No. 226505

It’s the chubby sperg who’s been freaking out in the gyaru thread for days. Shes definitely a cow but this thread is shit and will get locked soon

No. 226508

i almost think she's selfposting at this point.

No. 226518

Lmfao, are you convinced that anyone who posts about this cow is the same person? Ntayrt but I wouldn’t waste my time making a thread on someone that can just be posted in the gyaru thread.

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