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Bunnycosplayzz/christmascandy2 is a known cosplayer named bunny. She is also known in the mha fandom and the black butler fandom. She also considers herself in the lolita community. She is an adult that has been caught grooming multiple children and touching people without consent, including trauma dumping on the first day of meeting people. There will be an ongoing thread of list of all the things she's done and the past and in present to future(shit thread/ shit OP)

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There have been multiple victims coming forward about her fetishizing Asians and her including herself as one. there are stories about her dad being japanese when he isnt. and she would tell people how she was a fairy and being Japanese's herself. there is a video of her singing lyrics from x's song moonlight with her saying the n word, and when confronted by her best friend (whos mixed) she went into panic mode and her best friend blocked her.

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>Whines about some nobody deadnaming trans people
>Using your email on lolcow

How embarrassing.

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