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File: 1537917373908.png (1.11 MB, 752x751, sakura hana.PNG)

No. 22259

16-year old cringefest that desperately wants to be a "kawaii idol like in love live desuuu!".

She's known to have her sister come in to defend the "bullies" on her Tellonym page that are trying to tell her that she can't dance and that she should maybe listen to the advice given to her, even to the point of threatening to murder them (https://i.imgur.com/ooGOPyf.jpg).

She's completely delusional about becoming a successful idol in Japan and runs her own fan page. Her dancing and cosplays are beyond terrible; a good example is her performance at MechaCon (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLDrShifCUE).

Her Website: https://sakurahanaidol.simdif.com/

Her Instagram:

Her Tellonym: https://tellonym.me/user39137871

Her Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Kawaii-Idol-Cosplay-168029180689154/

Her YouTube Channel:

Her Amino:

No. 22260

sis…. She's 16.

No. 22261

teenagers are allowed to be cringy.. they're children. Leave this girl alone. In 2-3 years if she hasn't grown out of this maybe make a thread then idk.

No. 22262

File: 1537922989625.png (22.87 KB, 512x512, 17-512.png)

omg a teenager doing inoffensive dumb shit? thank fuck you're here to make a thread anon!!! Tell us all about how this chick is so awful. Did she tell you not to sit with her during lunch at school?

No. 22263

op this only looks embarrassing for you, she’s actually kind of cute lmao

No. 22264

oh god she doesn't like being made fun of and she has big dreams? the horror!

No. 22265

Damn her sister defends her and supports her dreams? I'm jealous, I wish I had siblings supportive like that

No. 22266

OP posted this to try and trash this girl and OP is getting trashed and looking like a fool for it. OP must be pretty embarrassed by now HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 22267

File: 1537969671033.png (402.3 KB, 750x1334, 52ABD6D2-7CA3-49E2-BED6-9345FD…)

Even though what OP did was shitty, don’t cowtip. She doesn’t deserve to get upset over this.

No. 22268

File: 1537970314947.png (844.16 KB, 750x1334, 98571FD5-A2A0-4631-A441-219630…)

Exactly my point.

No. 22269

Poor thing. There's nothing wrong with having weeb dreams, especially at 16.

No. 22270

this breaks my heart. let teenage weeb dreams live.

No. 22271

>Her dancing and cosplays are beyond terrible
Her dancing and cosplays aren't much worse than any other white person that attempts this

No. 22272

Sent her some supportive messages in DMs, and she seems really defeated. I’m an aspiring idol myself, and seeing people getting bullied for their passions really upsets me.

No. 22273

everyone in this thread needs to sage and let the thread die
you're not supposed to be posting underaged people here for any reason

No. 22274

I’m not a fan of this girl but I checked her out after seeing her brought up in cgl and she’s really not that bad. She’s just some kid trying to follow her dream and yeah she may not be that GOOD yet but she’s definitely not milky… cringey maybe but doesn’t really deserve a thread.

No. 22275

exactly? what 16 year old wasnt cringe? we all had something back then we obsessed over and got all weeby with be it music, dancing, anime or Tommy from down the road with the cute hair flip who turned out to be gay

this is a dumb thread and everyone should just shhh, if when she turns 18 and she's only gotten worse, then she can grace the lovely pages of lolcow

until then leave the literal child alone?

No. 22276

This was so embarrassing

No. 22277

Does she have a mental disability? Something is off about how she moves

No. 22278

I checked the rules, 16 is okay as long as you don't post their full names. It's still shitty though. OP is the one that deserves a thread here, not this girl

No. 22279

wow shame on you, OP. seriously.

No. 22280

Keep digging yourself deeper, dumbass.

No. 22281

Oh no… a 16 year old girl doing something she loves and she's not automatically perfect at it. The horror. Wtf is wrong with you, OP. Save the threads for people who deserve them. Literally everyone was cringy at 16.

No. 22282

>I’m an aspiring idol myself
oh god

No. 22283

You’re retarded
Lurk more newfag and read the fucking rules
16 is fair game here

Kekek do we have white knight in here already?

No. 22284

op, literally everyone knows it's you and your posts scream "I'm 17 already and totally not insecure"

No. 22285

Yikes. Can we just let this thread die, please? Making fun of a minor just having fun just makes you the cringey one.

No. 22286

OP is probably some guy who made a pass at her and she turned him down and now he's pissed

No. 22287

Literally wtf is this hugbox bullshit. The thread just started a few hours ago, nothing was even posted yet, you all clearly didn’t read the rules, and no farmers say 90% of this cringy shit your commenting and half of them are using the same words and phrases and grammar. Stop derailing, if admins don’t like it they’ll take it down.

This shit has been happening a lot recently, someone will start a thread with an organized format summary or go through thread requests, and before the first post in the thread they’ll be someone/some people commenting over and over the same thing (saying weird cringe shit) trying to shit up the thread and derail it, samefagging and commenting on anyone saying otherwise claiming they’re ~boooliesss~ When normal farmers would post once and then ignore or report the thread, because y’know… that’s in the rules. It’s getting so godamn annoying.

Nice try samefag that was my first post in this thread, literally no1curr that much about this girl, chill the fuck out autismo annie

No. 22288

And to add again, 16 is yet again ALLOWED on here, where are you people from srsly

If you don’t like it hide the thread, report the thread, or move the fuck on, the thread went to shit before a single receipt could even be posted jfc

No. 22289


No. 22290

>literally no1curr that much about this girl
That's why you made a post linking to a dozen other posts and wrote an essay.

This chick is boring. Someone like Beckii Cruel is a thousand times more milky.

No. 22291

>samefag and non farmers posting tons of times in a few hours
>shitting up a fresh thread with cringe
>pointing out the suspected offending posts
>2 short paragraphs, >3 sentences each, 1 sentence at the bottom

10/10 that’s some mental gymnastics there
Nigga what special ed school did you go to where that’s an essay kek

Tfw you don’t know that we don’t use character limits here

Why does it bother you so much? Unless, of course, your posts were tagged in there? Lol

>trying to convince people to end the thread

>you all are boolies to uwu 16 yr old idol
>”but you should make a thread on this other person!1”
[cough] whiteknight [cough]

No. 22292

Okay.. 16 is alllowed, so what? Does that mean this thread needed to be created? No. Obv people should stop complaining because it's giving this thread attention.

However… just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Being a cringey 16 year old doesn't make you a cow or a flake. This thread is such a reach.

Hopefully there is some milk otherwise op and anyone laughing at this are just as cringey as this girl.

Can't believe the milk has run so dry that this is what people are posting. I don't care but this just isn't interesting. Sorry!

No. 22293

I’m sus as fuck now
There are cgl threads were anons say she googled her name/alerts and will jump in wherever she’s mentioned to wk herself/send people/send family/pretend to be multiple users whenever she’s criticized.

That she runs her own fan page
Sends herself asks
WKs herself everywhere
Has her sister send her asks and post on her behalf
And send herself asks victimizing herself
Pretend like she has never heard of the site/posted there

A) they found this thread fast for a thread with no post (google alerts)
B) farmers don’t cowtip
C) your post would make sense, if “anons” had waited until after receipts were posted, when they start posting before the first comment or receipt, it’s a dead give away literally every time
C) this thread would have died and been ignored in the back of the catalog and no one would’ve ever seen it, if all these unsaged newfags didn’t shit up the thread, effectively bumping it to the first page, whoops

Naw homie, report and move on if you don’t find it “so interesting”. You are not everyone. All this cringey wk derailing has made this flake more interesting.

No. 22294

File: 1537987758284.jpeg (299.3 KB, 1536x898, 92DCD004-FD0B-4CB0-BA27-6CB09D…)

No. 22295

File: 1537987785168.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 5E6CA37A-CB52-41D4-AE12-969DB0…)

No. 22296

File: 1537987797595.png (248.6 KB, 491x899, 5082209B-F232-4689-B0E0-D5C67E…)

No. 22297

File: 1537988275706.jpeg (243.73 KB, 1242x731, F34BADF2-C463-411C-A0F5-1AD6E6…)

Lel this chick
>idol protection squad

pic very related
>wk who aren’t farmers run to a thread with no posts
>posts the same things over and over
>”I’m an idol too!”
>”I sent her supportive dms!”
>”her sister, which I’m totes not, was just being supportive!”
>”OP is a bully!”
>”OP is a guy (on an ALL FEMALE SITE) that got turned down by her!”
>”b-b-but she’s 16!”

>has a long history of saying the exact same things and flooding any criticism with derailment and WKs


No. 22298

Doublepost, but apparently she threats do this regularly whenever any threads or conversation happen that she doesn’t like

Spoiler: she doesn’t actually leave

I don’t even know her, and I found all this out in several minutes, she seems to do this often, then send her sister and friends to guilt people into shutting down the criticism of her, using her age as a shield, and multiple people are saying this.

No. 22299

>Her name is Perfume

No. 22300

File: 1537996265239.png (505.63 KB, 486x905, h.PNG)

Get ready to square up, OP.

No. 22301

File: 1538000639858.jpeg (Spoiler Image,645.97 KB, 2576x1932, 0024750C-AC0C-4FC1-8F24-C3D82E…)

I’d like to thank every person who stuck up for me. Seeing this has made my entire day hard and the fact that you all came and supported me warns my heart. Here’s a picture that hasn’t been posted to prove that I am the real Sakura. OP please remove the thread. Thank you!

No. 22302

OP can't delete post, you only have 30 minutes after making a post to delete it. Keep on doing your passions, though.

No. 22303

File: 1538001735250.jpeg (28.78 KB, 275x210, 966DF5F2-5366-4076-8015-225E53…)


Nah, but keep the milk coming!

No. 22304

Then can we please just let this die?

No. 22305

please stop. you now just made this worse for you. it won't stop after this and probably never will. there is no recovering your image after replying to the thread. you did this to yourself. just remember that.

No. 22306

Friendly advice, if you want the thread to die, don't feed it. Don't reply, don't bump it, and just ignore it. At the very least learn how how sage.

No. 22307

File: 1538004587885.webm (13.52 MB, 640x640, 41803153_272175650084384_71873…)

>All this cringey wk derailing has made this flake more interesting.

These niggas gay, I bet she cowtipped her damn self and before that sent all her ugly ass underage stans here.


No. 22308

i feel like this chick made her own thread. also she looks like an asian grandma not 16.

No. 22309

"OP" ended up apologizing for the thread on her Tellonym.

No. 22310

Who the fuck cares about what some embarrassing cringey teenage weeaboo is doing? There's thousands of girls just like her out there. Whole thread stinks like sour unwashed vagina vendetta. Get a life, OP.

No. 22311

Like YouTuber drama is more interesting.

No. 22312

you do know she made this thread herself to get attention? shes victimized herself in the past through fake tellonyms and stories.

No. 22313

OP is most likely "Sakura" herself making up her own bullies. Realistically speaking, whose friends are going to find this thread as quickly as hers did? Unless they're Googling "Sakura Hana site:lolcow.farm". Tinfoiling, she created the thread, sent the link to her friends and is now claiming an "evil booly" made it.

No. 22314

Yeah, I don't believe that at all, sorry anon. OP's writing style and syntax is very different than "Sakura"'s.

No. 22315

Agreed. I don't think Sakura would do that. Probably just some random kid from her Tellonym page or the cgl thread that decided to start more drama.

No. 22316

samefagging isn't going to help you, sakura

No. 22317

>everyone who says something I don't like is Sakura
It's really sad that you care this much about this thread, anon…

No. 22318

I don't mean this in any rude way to Sakura, but as a serious observation.

Doesn't she give off an autistic/aspergers vibe? I know quite a lot of people that are on the spectrum and she shares traits with them.

No. 22319

this was discussed when hoshi teruko was around and she wasn't. i dont understand why people are so defensive when she chose to present herself this way on the internet. sakura should learn from this experience.

No. 22320

This girl isn't interesting enough for a thread. No plastic surgery, nudes, animal abuse, slutting it up to get to Japan. OP and their followup posts reek of personal vendetta. If you want weeby losers Dakota Rose, g4laxy, and Kanadajin3's threads are better.

No. 22321

While it's not that hard to change your typing style from "cutesy animoo gurl" to a big meany on lolcow saying mean words about you. If it's not her it's probably another 16 yo who hate follows her.

>i dont understand why people are so defensive when she chose to present herself this way on the internet. sakura should learn from this experience.

I mean, I think some anons here are being too WKish myself. Especially when you use age as an exucuse. Using the same excuse, Stell Bell shouldn't be on here because she's 16, which would make her a child. I guess it's different because she's raycis and is lying about her heritage and her values? Who's to say that isn't "just a phase" that she'll delete in say, 1-3 years from now?

>hoshi teruko

Hoshi Teruko didn't resemble Chris-Chan, tho.
Sakura kinda does, which leads me to think she's probably autistic. Autists will seem milky in general, but it'll get boring eventually. (Unless she's Chris-Chan, of course)

No. 22322

File: 1538008176460.png (72.67 KB, 1187x873, sakura 2.PNG)

So it's confirmed that she sent WKs.

No. 22323

makes you wonder what other things she lies about

No. 22324

no it doesnt because literally everything about this chick is milkless and/or boring and there are better cow versions of her already

No. 22325

did she steal your boyfriend OP lol

No. 22326

I’m not a white knight, but I do think the anons on here are much more cringe and creepy for trying to keep a gossip thread going about a very milkless underaged girl,
Y’all sad

No. 22327

I don't even have the same typing style as OP "lol". OP doesn't even sage her posts, and I'm pretty sure OP is an edgelord 16-year-old with a Columbine fan blog. Prove me wrong!

No. 22328

Should have just brought back the wannabe Aidoru threads. Those were fun

No. 22329

She made her own thread for attention. But it backfired.

No. 22330

File: 1538020765752.webm (2.55 MB, 854x480, monkeysmoke.webm)

Whats with the video of autistic high school girl anon?

No. 22331

A long time ago, a dumbass 15 year old girl self-posted herself to this site hoping for attention, she had two very dry and milk free(but shameful) threads that she self-posted in constantly and by the end of it everyone just wanted her to stop because it was sad(and weird) to see a young girl try and destroy her life for attention she literally didnt understand was very, very bad. She learned her lesson, stopped self-posting and we all mostly forgot about her

I feel as though this is much the same situation, and after reading the posts it very much feels the same. This is a weeby kid who wanted the wrong attention and probably didn't understand the vitriol a gossip/hate site can create and is about to learn that lesson harshly. The anons in this thread have posted no milk imo, just her dancing (she's shit..okay? ) and her posts talking about the thread. It's all drier than a desert guys. At best she's something to laugh at in cringe compilations.

No. 22332

I wasn't samefagging either, how narcissistic do you have to be to be unable to believe that more than one person disagrees with you lol
Though I agree with the other statement, she doesn't look milky/interesting but most of the threads here are equally just cringe-centered, whenever you like it or not



>Her name is Perfume
>implying this is not bait
>thinking she's op
>also unironically using kek in 2018
jesus christ you're fucking computer illiterate

No. 22333

Cringe. Someone thanking people is hardly "milk". Definitely vendetta, and boring. Like >>22320 said, there's nothing to be milked here.

Don't we already have a cringe idoru thread, though? Why couldn't OP just post her in that?

No. 22334

Ok ass hole I bet you you couldn’t learn any of her dances in 10mins because I know she can and someone like you belongs in a mother fucken hole!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 22335

Learn to sage if you want the thread to die

No. 22336

File: 1538179129130.gif (1.27 MB, 480x270, ADE38F7B-37C6-47F5-B0A0-193E72…)

You literally said
>op, literally everyone knows it's you and your posts scream "I'm 17 already and totally not insecure"

and didn’t even sage your bs

So your offended I called you a samefag…. in response to you, incorrectly, calling me a samefag and OP

Gurl plz idk why your wasting your time WKing if your not interested in the thread

Do you not consider bullying others, pretending to be others, sending your personal army after anyone who you don’t like, pretending to be other people, sending family members to harass others (including other underage girls), lying, WK themselves, telling people to kill themselves, sending themselves asks, running their own fan page, WK themselves on cgl, bullying other underage girl idols/having their sister bully other idols, sending themselves post supporting themselves, thanking themselves for sending messages to themselves, and frequently saying your going to quit the internet bc of someone calling them out, and then not? Not even including this shitstorm of a thread that has their paw prints all over it? Not even including the things she’s done to further her career that are shady af?

Yeah lol no milk here, nothing to see here, just move along

We’ve had threads for cows with barely half of the reason she has hers
If you don’t like it leave, but your complaining is just contributing to derailment and sage your bs bc you haven’t, when you posted, multiple times, in this thread, fyi it bumps it to the first page every time you don’t.

No. 22337

Fucking this

No. 22338

No. 22339

ok but can we talk about how her or her friends or whatever keep reporting every new net-idol thread on cgl? It's fucking. Exhausting. There isn't even really another place online to discuss net idols and dance covers. I guess we just have to not post anything for a month or so and she'll go away? I don't know. It bothers me.

No. 22340

She’s been obsessed with 4chan and lolcow since she found out about them. I doubt she’ll get bored anytime soon.

She’ll probably kick off again when nobody wants to be a part of her OIC rip off.

No. 22341

Why is she trying to skinwalk as Nico irl, cringe as fuck lmao.

No. 22342

File: 1546897300199.jpeg (271.15 KB, 749x1002, C1EFE79F-3091-4F22-B11E-D41315…)

she’s bitching in the cosplay help thread now

No. 22343

The net idol thread in CGL is garbage full of weebs who don’t think they’re weeb lol

No. 22344

Is this the girl from OP? This is the worst dance cover I've ever seen I can't believe this isn't ironic or the girl doesn't have a severe mental disability

No. 22345

Does she have a mental disability? Just watch her in any of her videos. I can't post them here since she removed her YT https://www.instagram.com/p/BokyRu8BXTv/

No. 22346

Can you all stop? I saw something on her live that makes me realize why she might be mentally disabled. Her family doesn’t support her. They mentally abuse her. They yelled at her out of nowhere on camera but she didn’t share it publicly. Leave this child alone.

No. 22347

I don’t think she deleted it. She stated once that it was removed because of copyright

No. 22348

I don’t think there should be a thread on her, since she is just a kid, but honestly this thread and the times she has been brought up in the idol thread on cgl have been super tame really.
So she has a shitty abusive at home life, but guess what? It doesn’t give her a right to be really hateful and rude towards every last person who tries to help her or give her constructive criticism. Even when she ASKS for it she either blows the responses off or gets defensive and rude.

No. 22349

File: 1546918430721.jpeg (163.89 KB, 640x951, 9BBBFD14-FED4-409D-B8E6-6D2A43…)

I don’t think she has a disability, I think she’s just very, very naïve. She doesn’t even realize that a lot of the people telling her she’s not going to become an idol aren’t “haters”, just people telling her the truth. So many weebs have that dream, and 1% of them make it. And I’m not trying to nitpick, but out of all these weebs chasing that dream, so many of them are beautiful, extremely talented and great with costumes, and she can’t really compete. She can’t even do makeup. I hope she grows up one day and pursues something that isn’t crazy. If she wants to be an entertainer so desperately, she could just go into theatre, or study the arts. That being said I don’t really think she’s that different from every other young weeaboo, so I don’t see why she deserves a thread.

When you don’t sage your posts you are only helping to bump the thread so more people see it and come on here to make fun of her.

No. 22350

I honestly don’t think she means if. To be honest I think she’s just using what she grew up with. I know it’s not an excuse but like if you were raised that way.. idk. But I don’t think this thread was needed. She’s just a girl with dreams and she shouldn’t be the worst person ever for giving it a try. She’s not perfect but is anyone?

No. 22351

Double posting AND sage because I accidentally sent this before I was finished… newfag I know….

She honestly is never going to learn how to be stronger than the abuse, put more honest effort into her passions, and learn to stop being a bitch and lying about everyone who tries to help her until she has nothing left.
I’m speaking all from experience here as someone who was an insufferable annoying weeb from an abusive household who blamed all my issues on everything and everyone else but myself. So don’t make excuses for her.
Who knows though, maybe she won’t learn, I mean Jesus, she has already been like removed from 2 other fandoms and communities……

No. 22352

Yeah but still she’s human. She doesn’t know how to handle it. I wonder if she thinks whah she says is normal. I wouldn’t be surprised. But I still don’t like how people say she’s the worst when I’ve actjalky seen way worse.

No. 22353

Well. She must be doing something right to be at 1K.

No. 22354

I also came from an abusive household and was a weeb, and you can find a thousand other people with the same story on the Internet. That does not give anyone a pass for acting the way she’s acting. While I agree this thread is ridiculous, there comes a point in time when a person, no matter what situation they come from, needs to be held accountable for their actions and told they need to grow up. It’s a hard truth, but someone needs to do it.

No. 22355

Well. She’s hurt very easily. So maybe a “hard” truth will just make her NOT want to. I don’t know. But the thing is she’s still going through it today.

No. 22356

The internet is not her hugbox. Plain and simple. No one is going to go out of their way to cuddle her just because she’s fragile and gets hurt easily. If that upsets her, she shouldn’t have put herself out there on the Internet. There are a lot of people going through really messed up shit in their lives. That’s no excuse to act like an ass hat.

No. 22357

She gets upset with super sugarcoated crit though. She needs to learn how to control herself.

No. 22358

Well it’s still no reason to treat her like she’s the worst person on the planet

No. 22359

I’ve seen her behind the scenes. She gets flat out “you suck” from even her family. She hasn’t gotten any positive feedback as far as I see

No. 22360

This thread is pointless. What even seperates her from other people her age doing the same thing?

So let’s just let it go.

No. 22361

File: 1546921005982.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, hmmmmm.png)

>>someone revives a month old thread
>>instant white knights

No. 22362

Nobody’s treating her like she’s the worst person on the planet you fucking idiot. Do you want to see someone getting their shot handed to them? Hop over to Onision’s thread. Momokun’s thread. Shayla’s thread.
If you hate this thread so much stop fucking bumping it and sage your shit, or get off of this board.

No. 22363

You’re the idiot. She didn’t deserve this. So will you people let this die?

No. 22364

she probably figured out that if she stirred shit on cgl it would make its way back here

No. 22365

The fact that you are not saging your posts is only helping to keep this thread alive. If you started saging, the thread would stop bumping, and would die out like all the other milkless threads. She’s just a boring weeaboo.

No. 22366

Being yelled at by your parents doesnt make you mentally disabled like having autism, she looks on the spectrum

No. 22367

ah yes, the old "there proof that only i can see!" excuse.

No. 22368

File: 1547087198370.png (285.21 KB, 640x1136, BED0CC4A-BCF3-4C89-A525-5F3196…)

She’s holding auditions for an idol showcase. Saging because I don’t want to bump this thread and bring a ton of hate but Sakura, if you’re reading, I don’t know who’s going to want to work with you after the way you’ve been acting online. It’s hard to draw people to yourself when you’ve been so erratic online with the way you respond to people.

No. 38362

anyone know what happened to her instagram? did she finally delete her account for good?

No. 38435

Why does it matter?

No. 38476

Her account is back but it says “hiatus”. She also mentioned that she was logging out for awhile. But why do you want her to delete her account?

No. 38481

never mentioned wanting her to delete her account. shes always threatening to delete her account in attempt to gain sympathy points. when she does "delete" her accounts, its a true surprise in light of her empty threats.

No. 38500

She’s says she’s deleting her social media every single time someone calls her out or she gets caught self posting/whiteknighting herself on cgl, which happens often. I’ve seen her say that probably 4-6 times in less than a year. Don’t take it seriously, she never actually deletes and never actually “takes a break from social media”. She just says it to victimize herself and to silence criticism.

One time she sperged out “How dare you criticize me! I’m being boollied I’m just uwu smol girl going after muh dreams! I’m deleting my social and never coming back!!!!1”, she was then selfposting about herself and insulting randoms on cgl 30 hours later and using a different social media account.

No. 38512

She doesn’t have a different social media account

No. 38602

Learn how to post

I ment she just switched to a different social media platform, she has multiple social media accounts.

No. 60095

the “idol showcase” happened. video is out there for anyone who wants to watch.

No. 60183

post the link if you’re not even going to sage faggot

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