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File: 1444325956874.png (439.32 KB, 980x528, MARRIAGE DESU.png)

No. 20345

Meet Idol Aiya. She's been my personal Las Vegas lolcow for a while, along with Isaki, but I figured I should share since you guys might find her interesting.

>like 27, acts the same as she did in middle school

>thinks she's an idol, tons of lulsy videos to go with it
>mediocre/bad cosplay
>considers herself an inspiration to others and will tell you all about her fanbase in person
>went to conventions instead of seeing her dying father
>is currently pregnant and naming her kid after sailor moon
>boyfriend cheated on her so she decided to force him into marriage

Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloodshotBarbie
"Idol" Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idolaiya
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IdolAiya/feed
Tumblr: http://idolaiya.tumblr.com/

I couldn't decide whether she belonged here or in /snow/.
I'll post some caps and let you guys decide.


No. 20346

File: 1444326081073.png (70.08 KB, 311x433, MARRIAGE DESUx2.png)

sorry I'm so lazy and half-assed at censoring.

No. 20347

This is why the divorce rate is so high

No. 20348

I'm having some technical difficulties posting but, I also forgot that she made a new idol facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAiya/timeline/

(I keep getting "failed to resize image" message so if anyone knows what that is about..)

No. 20349

let's see if videos work

No. 20350

File: 1444328062158.jpg (59.38 KB, 639x960, 11390176_1011200782225833_6973…)

No. 20351

looked at her page, at least she's naming it serenity and not some stupid shit like usagi

No. 20352

That's true. Now if she could just stop calling herself (and trying to get others to call her) Moon Momma.

No. 20353

Holy crap… I know this girl. We used to have a few friends in common. Everything about her is cringy… From her shitty cosplays to her personality. I actually genuinely got the vibe that she was impaired socially somehow…

She's super loud and obnoxious and doesn't understand why people are more interested in photographing hot girls or actual impressive cosplay because she's obviously *~*~the most speshhullll aidoru cosupuraya desu~*~*. Like she actually gets butthurt over it. Maybe she should lose a few pounds if she wants attention, kek.

It's been quite a few years now, but it doesn't seem like the crazy train has slowed down any. This new baby stuff is absolutely mental. I feel bad for the kid. Hell, I even feel bad for the beta guy she roped into it. She's insane.

No. 20354

I think she used to go by Motoko too?
But yea moving to California has not helped her personality in any way.

She is pretty much online constantly. Her boyfriend and her run their own "business".

No. 20355

File: 1444329340864.png (633.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-25-01-09-51…)

this is the cheater boyfurendo.

(lets see if I can post unedited pictures at least)

No. 20356

File: 1444329666820.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-25-01-34-08…)

okay so I can't post anything edited so have some raw caps from my phone (I have a lot of notifs okay..)

No. 20357

File: 1444329884338.png (175.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-07-17-53-24…)

No. 20358

File: 1444329952803.png (411.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-07-17-58-33…)

No. 20359

File: 1444330119931.png (696.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-25-01-10-21…)

No. 20360

File: 1444330236489.png (693.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-25-01-01-44…)

Also the day before their engagement…

when I get this technical problem sorted out, I have a collage of the lulsy parts of the conversation

No. 20361

File: 1444330408088.png (328.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-25-01-13-48…)

she complains a lot about not being in vegas, since she has no friends outside of the middle school/high school group.

No. 20362

File: 1444330994469.png (820.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-25-01-29-03…)

case in point.
alright, done for now.

I'll try to stop fucking up my future posts.

No. 20363

Wait she's interested in women? Is she one of those fake bi/pansexuals or something?

No. 20364

No. 20365

Actually I'm not sure. I've never talked to her about that kind of thing in person to be honest. She does seem torn between wanting to be a tumblr sjw and a pure idoru maiden.

No. 20366

File: 1444332879185.jpg (147.46 KB, 634x628, I don't care about my health.j…)

…. while pregnant.

No. 20367

File: 1444332995254.jpg (129.43 KB, 632x494, and the day before.jpg)

No. 20368

Thank the lolcow Gods for Las Vegas because they seem to produce the craziest milk.

No. 20369

File: 1444333609501.jpg (595.25 KB, 2060x2032, cheater cheater.jpg)

No. 20370

Las Vegas and Florida… so much milk.

No. 20371

File: 1444334020123.jpg (376.82 KB, 2008x1456, super healthy eater.jpg)

She is a healthy food guru.

No. 20372

File: 1444334331407.jpg (73.76 KB, 701x399, she was a cute kid.jpg)

Also I've always wondered if her gums are just the result of poor genes or something else.

No. 20373

damn what happened

No. 20374

File: 1444334775983.jpg (241.48 KB, 1062x1424, cosplay skills.jpg)


No. 20375

File: 1444334850818.jpg (16.02 KB, 345x345, 11224059_10206346380125910_671…)

No. 20376

Their baby is going to be hideous.

No. 20377

File: 1444335614953.jpg (197.7 KB, 958x948, best artist no etsy.jpg)

omg I can't believe I fucked up the links. here's more:

this is her personal storenvy: http://aiyacos.storenvy.com/
Newer idol fb: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAiya/timeline/

Photography "business" storenvy: http://redframedesigns.storenvy.com/
Photography fb: https://www.facebook.com/redframedesignandphotography

Their couple page (I didn't know people made these??): https://www.facebook.com/daniellejacobsalinas

And I remember she used to have an etsy but idk what it was/if it is still around

No. 20378

The lady sitting in the back is cringing so hard lmao.

No. 20379

why is she a part of this shitty local university youtube channel when she lives in California?

No. 20380

How did she manage to get cheated on by such a disgusting lardass, like who would come even near that

top kek

some people have no standards

No. 20381

File: 1444336244929.jpg (43.27 KB, 380x380, kawaii rini babby chan.jpg)

No. 20382

File: 1444336483298.jpg (16.23 KB, 423x130, golden corral what a dirty slu…)

idk but he is super gross.
He does work really hard to support her slightly less fat ass though (like two jobs or more if I remember correctly).

No. 20383

File: 1444340759195.jpg (365.85 KB, 1908x574, can go to cons but not to visi…)

Alright sorry for the delay but I had to track some of these down.

Basically her papa (who I forgot was her grandpa and not her dad), was sick and being cared for by her mother. But instead of saving up money to visit him, she basically blew all her money on cosplay and kawaii related stuff. Not to mention that despite multiple ride offers, she still used her car as an excuse not to make it down to Vegas.

After he died, her posts alternated from "I'm sad give me asspats" to "OMG look new anime-or-manga-related thing I'm so happy also look at how much cosplay I am working on" and a ton of check-ins at various stores. She started a kickstarter to have him cremated and people also donated enough money for her to drive to Vegas for the funeral (+ to Anime Expo on the way back).

Some of the posts have been deleted (there was one where she was essentially arguing with her mom about visiting), but I think the comments/timestamps on these kind of speak for themselves.

No. 20384

stay beautiful america

No. 20385

>I couldn't decide whether she belonged here or in /snow/.

For future reference, if you can't decide which one it goes in, just post in /snow/. Thanks!

No. 20386

aye aye farmhand-sama.

worst case, I figured it would be moved.

No. 20387

File: 1455255321232.png (241.9 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-11-21-33-46…)

No. 20388

File: 1455255450867.png (914.23 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-11-14-31-12…)

Not op but the drama that we all knew would unfold has finally unfolded. Told this girl it was a bad idea. Why ask for our advice and then ignore it only to ask for money when it blows up in her face?

No. 20389

Mexican men are fucking garbage. Is he really not going to stick around to help her raise the child?

No. 20390

Is he? He looks native am. Or like Indian

No. 20391

she's the dumb slut who realized she fucked up by getting preggo and is now trying to act upset when the guy who cheated on her is GASP still doing it???

I understand if the infidelity was because of some kind of intoxication but this could have been called from a mile away. When will people learn trying to lock someone down with a baby is only going to end badly?

No. 20392

File: 1455345208934.png (524.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-11-14-31-44…)

Doubt it. He's a scumbag never liked him

No. 20393

File: 1455345939640.png (1 MB, 2880x2471, Screenshot_2016-02-11-14-20-43…)

No. 20394

File: 1455345970809.png (2.47 MB, 2880x2466, Screenshot_2016-02-11-14-23-14…)

No. 20395

File: 1455345998300.png (1.55 MB, 2880x2460, Screenshot_2016-02-11-14-16-02…)

No. 20396


Wow, actually not super surprised she's here. I remember working in a Maid Cafe back when I was around 13? 14? She was also in it and kept trying to say how she's gonna be a Japanese idol. She would rope in the most Asian looking maids to be her backup dancers. I remember one girl was so shy she never said no to anything Aiya said.

The cafe in question was a joke, but mostly because people in it were in their weeb phase. I guess that's what you get when the "head" maid doesn't screen people (but they were gonna launch an actual cafe you guys!)

I just figured by now she would have grown up a little, and she's let herself go quite a bit.

Here's some of the old Ichigo Cafe/dance videos I could find:

- https://www.youtube.com/user/IchigoCafe1
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp6I8_v6V8g

I'm sure you could wayback the Ichigo Cafe website, too if you wanted. Pretty sure Aiya had a profile. Either way, sounds like she needs to grow up… :/

No. 20397

File: 1455431736444.png (223.19 KB, 934x847, part 1 - doubt it.png)

Most of her friend group is stuck in perma-weeb phase.

Or, like me, have her as a personal lolcow since she never listens to our sound (often unanimous) advice anyway.

No. 20398

File: 1455431776625.png (231.96 KB, 955x847, part 2 - literally no one says…)

part 2

No. 20399

File: 1455431930562.png (102.02 KB, 474x732, much mental abuse.png)

No. 20400

File: 1455431957224.png (635.5 KB, 1329x662, and back with the scumbag.png)


No. 20401

Is it wrong of me to believe that she's faking all of this just for woe-and-sympathy bucks? I mean, it just seems a little odd that this whole crazy mom and baby situation went from 0 to 60 and then back to 0 again in like 2.2 seconds.

No. 20402


Don't forget she's also posting in local con comms begging for money to be sent to her paypal

No. 20403

It bothers the fuck out of me that no one can type. She also sounds paranoid. "We also think she has a recording device!" Where is your evidence or is it just you pulling BS out your ass?

This girls a hot mess. The fact that she's back with her baby daddy who cheated on her multiple times is astounding. Your husbands mother wants to take away your baby but you're pretending everything's okay right now? Nope the fuck outta here. I feel like I'm reading a Maury episode.

No. 20404

File: 1455505032043.png (654.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-14-14-50-07…)

No. 20405

File: 1455505065706.png (454.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-14-18-55-39…)

No. 20406

File: 1455505200710.png (263.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-02-14-18-55-42…)

And the comments.
She does not listen to us.

I don't know how she has so many people licking her ass all the time.
I guess to be fair, a lot of them I know are personally almost as bad as she is.

No. 20407

File: 1455559769682.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2213, Screenshot_2016-02-15-09-34-18…)

But jacob is friends with his mom so they do have a mutual friend…

Also this mom provided for and supported them note than anyone else during the end of the pregnancy

No. 20408

who cares about this nobody?

No. 20409

Ikr. I mean, sometimes I think i'm pretty below but wow. Lolcow makes me feel so fucking good about myself.

No. 20410

The people that have apparently donated a ton of money to her seem to care about her for some reason.

I just sit back and watch it all unfold.

No. 20411


Didn't she paint this guy's mom as a horrible person?

No. 20412

File: 1455615362917.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2251, Screenshot_2016-02-15-09-31-54…)

Yea, repeatedly.


But his mom just loves the kid and her son.

No. 20413


Poor kid, man… :/

No. 20414

File: 1456259212533.jpg (1.11 MB, 2000x2000, 2016-02-23 12.03.34.jpg)

No. 20415

File: 1456259251365.jpg (566.35 KB, 1440x1440, 2016-02-23 12.07.16.jpg)

No. 20416

File: 1456259293776.jpg (696.98 KB, 1440x1440, 2016-02-23 12.22.45.jpg)

No. 20417

File: 1456259529255.jpg (647.03 KB, 1440x1440, 2016-02-23 11.53.29.jpg)

Just fyi: Las Vegas is one, maybe two, gas tanks away (6 hours). Not to mention that many of us have offered her a place to stay.

She's gotten around $500+ from speaking to people that have donated. And she's still asking for more.

No. 20418

Woooow, cannot believe. Times are hard for a lot people, so just work harder, stop being so lazy. smh

No. 20419

>>20345 I'm convinced this girl lives on Facebook and does nothing else. Why doesn't she… you know, get a job? Or take care of her kid?

No. 20420

Holy fuck, I've known this girl for years. I shouldn't be surprised that she's on here yet somehow I am. She was always posted to 4chan back in the day on cgl.

I tried giving this idiot good advice and so did many of my friends, but no, she chooses to stay with that ugly fat fuck son of a bitch that disrespects her, his Snorlax mom and live in misery. It's like she wants to be poor white trash for the rest of her life. I still don't get how anyone as ugly as Jake can possibly cheat.

Jake is a fucking shitty father with no plans to move out of his mother's dungeon and is content with just working at a fucking Panera bread part-time. His mother is psychotic and sick… It gets gross because it sounds like she has a thing for her own fucking son. The ugly is strong in his genes so Dani is lucky that her baby doesn't look anything like him (so far, thank god).

For years, I thought that everyone disliked her because she's a huge weeaboo who won't grow out of her teenage mentality but now I see why. She is a masochist and is fucking addicted to drama.

No. 20421

Nope, he's the ugliest Mexican man I've ever seen. In his family, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree because his mother and father have some of the shittiest personalities (and looks) ever.

No. 20422

…yeah, no fuck this. I refuse to do anything for her wedding to this slob and I'm not cheap. She couldn't afford me.

No. 20423

She's using this money to go to a super shitty video game convention in Las Vegas instead of using it to move, by the way. Priorities of a shitty weeaboo family.

No. 20424

She's also proud that he proposed with a fucking ring pop after she gave him the ultimatum. I'd be fucking embarrassed as hell if I were her for both reasons.

No. 20425

File: 1457241749875.png (471.14 KB, 1440x1009, Screenshot_2016-03-05-21-18-40…)

Lol please tell me this is one of you trolling.

This "person" showed up on my recommended and is friended to one of her accounts. Or maybe it is motoko herself… ? Idk but it's fucking weird.

No. 20426

If it's friended to one of her main accounts then I'm surprised that she hasn't come to the thread. She thrives off of drama and needs some serious counseling.

No. 20427

File: 1457245227334.png (48.69 KB, 1440x241, Screenshot_2016-03-05-22-18-14…)

Also it's a member of her "Elle's Jammin Launch Party" group? And she personally added them. Lmfao I'm so confused.

No. 20428

File: 1457248686513.jpg (780.45 KB, 1440x1440, 2016-03-05 23.15.40.jpg)

It's kinda cringey when SOs post things like this to one another imo.

And it's even worse when the tagged party doesn't even like, comment, or acknowledge it.

No. 20429

Lvl up expo, right? She posted on the comm for donations too lolll.

See >>20387

No. 20430

Hm, so she is moving back with the money. I'm still not happy with the fact that she's wasting like $40 on a badge and cosplay shit when taking care of her daughter needs to be priority. What if her kid gets sick? Will she have funds to take her to a doctor? She has some of the worst money management skills I have seen in my life. Then again… a lot of the weeaboos on her friends list that never grew up are shit at it too.

I just don't get how she can be so fucking careless. This is why I've given up on her for good about a month ago. Teenage mentality at its worst.

No. 20431

And this is a classic sign of he's just not into you. I really don't get why she wants to marry that puss nosed sack of shit so badly. It's not going to solve her problems, neither is accepting $500 in donations just to play around.

No. 20432

"went to conventions instead of visiting her dyig father"? …Her father is alive and well, not sure where you got that from.

No. 20433

No. 20434

I understand people love their children but she goes way overboard with baby photo spam. Any idiot can have a baby but what the fuck is she so proud about? Danielle doesn't have a job, she doesn't have a stable environment to raise her kid in and who in the fuck wants to see 8 billion photos of her baby doing the same thing over and over again??? Babies that young look like gross blobs to a lot of people and she doesn't get it. I could understand posting a few (but not an assload) of photos of your kids when they're older and you're proud of how well they did in a sporting competition, how good their grades are, taking home a trophy for karate and the like, but "Here's a picture of my baby doing nothing" aren't things people want to see clogging up their feed.

No. 20435

File: 1457319048804.png (352.76 KB, 561x531, look at my gross blob.png)

No. 20436

Who'd want to hire a shit-tier Vegas DJ anyway. Should have stayed secluded when they got butthurt about the anime community not giving a crap about them.

No. 20437

That guy had way too much drama back in the day to

No. 20438

Haha, haven't heard that name in years! He should be glad to get any offers for work since Anime Vegas went under!

No. 20439

File: 1457649208523.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2270, Screenshot_2016-03-10-14-20-22…)

She knows about this thread.

This was posted right after we bitched about the mass dump of baby photos. Not to mention what she's says. Which, her apology is stupid because Facebook has this handy thing called messaging and you can hide stuff from your timeline.

I'm worried that she'll delete me even though we're pretty good friends (Not telling you enough to out myself just yet, weeb). Might play it safe for a bit, still taking screenshots but not posting them, unless there's done excellent milk.

Cya in fb messenger, dani.

No. 20440

No idea who this girl is but personally I love baby spam, but I'm a parent myself so…?

No. 20441

Well personally idgaf but the account she is posting then on is supposed to be her professional business page to sell nails n shit so… Why post 40+ baby photos there and not on your personal page?

Tbf she's been using them both as personal pages and that is dumb and attention whorey af.

No. 20442

Same anon you replied to, in that case it's stupid.
You have your personal page then your business page, no need to spam both with pictures of your kid.

No. 20443

She's also super pushy about her nail wraps too but maybe that's just because it's a business page idk why do you need a business page for those things am I missing something.

No. 20444

Or she could have just made a Facebook like page instead of a new account.

No. 20445

Oooh, Bern…

No. 20446

"still taking screenshots but not posting them, unless there's done excellent milk"

Who's obsessed with drama now?
Call themselves "pretty good friends" yet you post in a forum that 5 people probably know about just to get off on responses. Gross man.

No. 20447

yo imma gonna keep saving these baby pics

livin da pedolife!

No. 20448

entertainment, anon. I'm not stirring anything, I just let it flow. it's like having a pt of my very own.

case you haven't picked up on it tho, it's a one-sided friendship. and there are plenty of us irl chronicling this girl.

a lot of us have donated or tried to be supportive but she just spits in our faces and uses her friends for attention, pity, and money.

No. 20449

>it's a one-sided friendship

That's how I began to feel about her recently too. She's just a user. After many of us tried to talk her out of staying in that abusive relationship, gave her sound advice and some even offered to give her money, I can't see myself really helping her anymore so I'm done with her as a friend and removed her. With how much she said she hated living in that shitty household, hated her situation, and talking about how much Jake cheats on her and gives her so much disrespect, you'd think she'd learn by now but she doesn't. And then of course, there's the way she uses her friends… Using the money donated to go to a shitty con instead of saving it for an emergency after they move back to Vegas? She is dead to me.

No. 20450

vegas weebs, nothing better to do with their lives. no wonder the community there is garbarge

No. 20451

Vegas huh? I'd move out too with "friends" like these!

No. 20452

Read the thread. She's moving back to Las Vegas. I do agree that it is pretty low on their part to call her a friend and still spill caps.

No. 20453

File: 1457771353020.jpg (15.03 KB, 535x535, 12814658_1257500447610981_7158…)

No. 20454

None of us ever will, anon. Never.

No. 20455

I am throughly convinced that Danielle will never get her life together. She's a hot mess and thinks that everyone else is at fault and not her. She is in a very shitty situation right now, but she keeps herself there by turning down everyone's advice, thinking that marrying Jake will make all their problems vanish, and just begs for money. Mother of the year.

No. 20456

Lmao I love how people can talk smack behind someone's back and act like their life is better yet they won't say who they are or talk to them in person cause they know that they are not any better themselves lmfao.

No. 20457

What better place for idiots to hang out than here! TRUMP 2016!

No. 20458

wow look all these immature children with nothing better to do but make fun and talk shit about other people along with posting their personal stuff from other social media

i bet half of you aren't even loved yourselves and only do this to make yourselves feel better cause mommy and daddy don't loved you enough and put you down youselves.

no one cares about your sad pathetic lives and why should they you're no better than anyone else.

hey i bet some of you are in abusive situations too and i bet some of you are fat ugly cows with no boyfriends/girlfriends i bet none of you have a nice body since you seem to have no lives other tan putting other down

grow up and leave that high school shit somewhere else cyber bullying is not ok and fyi cosplay is for everyone no matter who or what you are you have no right to say what people can and cannot do fat or skinny no one is perfect everyone is different and if you're a cosplayer how about you go back to your roots where you were a no body struggling to be a somebody

No. 20459

Hate to break it to you but most of us have said this shit to her face. She's just dumb as fuck for basically putting her fingers in her ears and screaming, "LA LA LA LA!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU! I LOVE JAKE AND I'M GOING TO STAY WITH HIM TO PROVE EVERYONE WRONG!! LA LA LA, CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

By the way, my life is fantastic. Can't say the same for her. ;D

And yet here you are.

>wow look all these immature children

You mean all the people on Danielle's friends list with middle school weeaboo mentalities that don't confront her for her dumb actions and instead, encourage her wreck less behavior? Yeah, that sounds about right.

>i bet half of you aren't even loved yourselves and only do this to make yourselves feel better cause mommy and daddy don't loved you enough and put you down youselves.

No my dear, the difference is that we actually do love ourselves. We love ourselves enough to let ourselves be helped. The problem is that Danielle doesn't love herself. If she did, she wouldn't be staying with that sack of shit claiming he's "the best thing that's ever happened to her" and letting his mother treat her like shit. What rational woman would even let something like >>20355 even touch her let alone get knocked up? Let's be honest, he has nothing to offer, is a loser, a cheater and disgusting to boot. He'd make any woman's skin cringe–lesbian or straight.

>hey i bet some of you are in abusive situations too and i bet some of you are fat ugly cows with no boyfriends/girlfriends i bet none of you have a nice body since you seem to have no lives other tan putting other down

No, we aren't because we're not blind and dumb. Unlike her, we actually know the signs and can stay the fuck away. How many of her friends have told her about this? The last time I looked at that status, a lot. And no, the majority of us are neither fat or ugly so keep projecting that.

>grow up and leave that high school shit somewhere else cyber bullying is not ok and fyi cosplay is for everyone no matter who or what you are you have no right to say what people can and cannot do fat or skinny no one is perfect everyone is different and if you're a cosplayer how about you go back to your roots where you were a no body struggling to be a somebody

Perhaps you and Danielle can take your own advise? Grow up and stop acting like you guys are in high school. Get your priorities straight. Get your lives together. Sometimes these boards actually hell people stop acting like idiots. Take that Yuuhi Takahiro girl for example (hey, they're both from Las Vegas). She got completely destroyed on a forum and today, she's shaped up and is actually having a childhood, acting like a kid and can actually keep friends. She doing really good for herself. Too bad Danielle has lost a shitton of friends because they all gave up on her. Who can actually blame them with how she acts?

No. 20460

help people*

No. 20461

You can say anything positive about yourself all you want but hiding on some random site on here instead of private message here or posting all her wall just shows that people now a days are pussies to talk shit directly.

No. 20462

>implying we didn't post a lot of the shit we're saying here on her wall in the past
>Guess what? We did and she didn't listen!

You weeaboos really want an excuse and want her to play victim, don't you?

No. 20463

Nobody is saying she's perfect. And I'm sure people warned her about jake and other issues but just cause someone tells you advice doesn't mean they have to take it. People need to learn things on their own if they choose their path. But the trash talk about the baby and any other trash talk, don't be acting like you do that directly cause that's just a lie otherwise she'd bring that up.

No. 20464

Websites like this are for the pussies that love to talk about others instead of just deleting them or saying it directly. Lmao the farther we get with technology the more pussies it creates.

No. 20465

>being this blind

You obviously don't know how to read. People in thread ADMIT THEY HAVE TOLD THIS TO HER ON HER FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. You brain dead weeaboos need to lay off the anime if it makes you this dumb. Concentrate on finishing high school instead of defending a 27 year old woman child.

No. 20466

I used to think Danielle was the nicest girl although she was pretty weird and very weeaboo. Then I found out she started shit talking me to several of my friends for quite some time behind my back and now I hate her guts. You get what you give. Thank you OP for making the thread.

You know what else she's done that was dumb in recent months? Quit her job at Forever 21 when she found out she was pregnant. She wasn't even that far into her pregnancy and just. Fucking. Quit. She wasn't even in her third trimester. About a month ago, she was offered a job at Kmart but didn't take it because she "didn't know how long she would be in Cali." That is the stupidest reason I've heard of for turning down a job. Any sensible person would have you know, taken the job and worked there until they were leaving for sure. She's just lazy and would rather have people do everything for her.

No. 20467

And sometimes people just like to play the victim and relish all the drama and attention, which has nothing to do with "~taking their own path~". We didn't trash talk the baby, fyi, we trash talked her posting over 40+ photos of said baby to a FB page being marketed as her BUSINESS PAGE which is stupid and unprofessional.

You mean like being the #1 pussy that dani is by just deleting her entire friends list instead of, you know, fucking growing up? I know she's on here posting, so that makes her the queen of all pussies in this thread by your logic.

No. 20468

>I know she's on here posting, so that makes her the queen of all pussies in this thread by your logic.

Seriously. She's posting in here and angry that people are fed up with her shit so she's calling everyone fat and ugly as if those are the most creative insults ever. I know you're here, Dani. Ashlynn, too!

No. 20469

Ah, children calling other people children. I would call this high school drama but this is easily an elementary school sandbox and obviously, the babies here haven't had their naptime

No. 20470

File: 1458014937768.jpeg (39.68 KB, 538x404, future hamplanet.jpeg)

She was always ugly (except when she was a kid) but she used to be slim. Damn, what the fuck happened?

No. 20471

File: 1458015503010.jpeg (360.19 KB, 1173x1608, it begins.jpeg)

As the years went by she kept gettin bigger

No. 20472

I wouldn't give two shits about her size if she didn't have such a shitty shitty attitude

No. 20473

Neither would I. What gets me is how she picks apart other people's looks and… well.. you can see.

No. 20474

That's true. The amount of shit this girl has talked is really more astounding than most realize.

No. 20475

I love when they resort to name calling and telling someone to grow up instead of making a valid point. Good job. Way to go. Gold star for you. There is literal proof of them telling her what a good for nothing piece of shit "fiancé" she has, no she does not have to take the advice but if this site helps someone else see the error in their ways then good.

Whoever this chick is she is just as manipulative and self centered as her "fiancé" and she deserves everything that happens to her. She stays in an emotionally abusive relationship with a guy who has cheated multiple times. Honestly she should have her child taken away from her. Any smart person in her situation would leave and make a better life for themself and their child.
Her poor kid, growing up in that world she's going to end up just like her mother. A pathetic waste of air. People should stop trying to "help" her. The only thing she wants is their money, a hand out. She obviously doesn't want to work and would rather go to a con instead of paying for a way out. She's had plenty of opportunities to leave, yet she doesn't. You can sit here and try your hardest to defend her and try and make anyone who comments the bad guy but the only thing you're doing is making an ass out of yourself. Take your own advice, stop posting. You don't like it? Leave.

Oh and if the person complaining is in fact the one this thread is about, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TAKE A HINT. You obviously have next to no real friends because you've alienated people who actually did care about you at one point but you've burned bridges and used them so you deserve whatever is coming to you.

No. 20476

She's the biggest shit talker to come out of our shitty toxic community. If there was another cosplayer that was better than her (even worse if one of her friends was friends with them), she'd go into a tirade of shit slinging behind their backs. Is the girl pretty? Dani would go on about how she's ugly and people only think she looks good because of her cosplay. The bitch couldn't fathom how another girl could genuinely just be more attractive than her.

Someone else cosplaying the same character she wants to? She'll nitpick them apart for dumb shit like, "Her breasts are too small. I'm going to look so much better!" Bitch, no one cares if your tits are big when you're the size of Shamu. Even if it's a character that she doesn't know shit about? She'd still go on to insult that girl's body type even if its perfect for the cosplay. Dani is the most two-faced bitch from the old school weeaboos and hasn't changed.

Heaven forbid a cosplay girl be all around more talented than her. The shit talking never ends! The asshole has no conscience. Even if the cosplayer is nothing but nice to her, she'll still talk mad shit. She'll pick apart their costume, accessories, wig, etc. and say what's wrong with it when she herself has no talent in any of those areas. In her mind, she's the best (insert character name here) in the world!

She has pissed so many people off. Funny how she thought none of this would ever get exposed.

No. 20477

This sad excuse for a human once had the audacity to tell me that I was "rude" to her once because I refused to do some stupid dance with her at a convention. Not to mention she (not so) descreetly decided to call me slutty and that my specific cosplay was "over done. Also she tossed in comments about the accuracy of my wig.
Of course, all this coming from the chunky Hatsune Miku cosplayer, in a maid outfit, with a wig so matted, a dog groomer would have shaved her down.

No. 20478

Ugh,this girl I have heard so many stories about her I never knew any of them were true till now,She really is a fat jelly donut with the personality like a sack of shit.

No. 20479

AND she is scamming people with her business! Trying to use others for her own personal gain and not giving credit where credit is due. She seems to do these things a lot. If you want to keep defending her go right ahead, I hope she scams you too.

How can you sit there with the proof staring you in the face but blindly go on and on about how everyone else is wrong. It's RIGHT THERE. Read it. But I must be expecting to much, if you believe this girl you obviously can't tell the difference between the truth and the lies.

No. 20480

Haha these chats are so funny to see some people have so much time to type a whole paragraph about someone's life lol. If you love her so much write a book since apparently you have the time too. (Response is gonna be how they are better and rich and blah blah lol)

No. 20481

How does it feel to know that people hate you so much that they just have to let it out?

No. 20482

they're called posts, you brain dead ass goblin. Who in here ever said they were rich? learn how to read because hooked on phonics obviously never worked for any of your kind, weeb.

No. 20483

hahaha it's so funny right. We love her so so much that we felt the need to tell everyone what a waste- I mean wonderful person she is. Oh man, you got us. We love this girl so much that we made a fan page of how much we love her. We're all so jealous of her, man what I wouldn't give to have a fiancé that cheats on me and a mistake oops I mean baby with him! Golly gee! I hope one day someone will love me like her fiancé loves her.

By the way that's sarcasm since your brain doesn't have the capacity to understand what's really going on you poor thing.

No. 20484

Snowflake spotted!

This is exactly how Dani posts and thinks. Christ almighty, I'd tell you to learn how to read and not just skim then wonder why the recipe didn't turn out right, but that'd be expecting too much.

No. 20485

And we know she's on Facebook right now so I wouldn't doubt it's her.

No. 20486


No. 20487

Is this where the circlejerking is happening? I brought the lube!

No. 20488

Do you mean those of us venting because we're tired of dealing with her using us or the lone white knight?

Mootoko is lurking around too so feel free to say hi

No. 20489

Rotfl. I know who you are. Stop it, you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 20490

Oh god, the infamous Mooootoko–the fat pasty land whale that thinks she has the body to pull off sexy characters and always has to be the main character (ex. Sailor Moon, Haruhi, Miku Hatsune). She's so delusional that she thinks she has a sexy body when the sight of her cottage cheese and stretch marks are enough to give you a jumps are or hurl.

Her delusions grandeur makes Our beloved Queen Pixyteri look rational.

No. 20491

Jump scares*

No. 20492

Actually, I caucused for Bernie, so

That said, why bump a thread with spam? If you want us to forget you, just let the thread die. It will eventually until mootoko can't resist and does more dumb shit.

No. 20493

Her sales page is so sad and desolate.
But who can blame anyone?

And what happened to the girl that paid dani's way for her to get started in the first place?

No. 20494

She's so fucking dumb. If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was illiterate. She's probably borderline since she can barely even read.

Really, deleting all your friends then trying to sell them some shitty nail crap? Danielle, you're a super shitty business woman. You let everyone know that you only see them as a dollar sign.

No. 20495

Aww did we hurt your feelings Dani? Is that why you're resorting to spamming the page? Sweetheart that's exactly what we all expect from you. You have no talents, or skills other than sitting on your rump, begging people for money. You know everything said here is true yet you refuse to see it. How stupid can you be? You know what don't answer that question because we already know. Run along now, go tell someone people are "being mean" to you.

No. 20496

Looks like her adult teeth never came in

No. 20497

File: 1458077481414.jpg (24.15 KB, 350x249, gummy-smile-before-and-after-t…)

If I were her I would've saved up for this procedure as early as fucking possible.

But that would require responsibility and money management skills so of course she would rather have a baby and no job.

No. 20498

File: 1458077915743.jpg (63.09 KB, 482x720, 26989_117580321587888_7413179_…)

Sorry for the double posrt
But I mean, if she wasn't self conscious about them, she wouldn't make it a point to close her mouth and use angles to hide her gums all the time. So why not get the relatively inexpensive and safe procedure to feel better about yourself?

Contrary to a lot of people in this thread, I think she definitely had potential to be very pretty. (see photo)

I think it's the case that happens to a lot of people where their attitudes and actions start to really impact their looks super harshly as they age though…

No. 20499

Oh no, body shaming on the internet! So mature and original!

No. 20500

Are we talking about
Jinnai or someone else?

I can agree with this. I used to think she was nice, too. My mom was always like that's a "weird" one though, and over time I saw it that way. I also knew that the maid cafe had clicks and everyone talked about one another. I just think it's sad to see people wasting their lives and not even going after a solid career. If she was gonna be a housewife, then awesome, but it sounds like that's an impossibility with her fiance's situation.

No. 20501

Oh no they aren't only body shamming but they're describing how ugly she is on the inside as she is on the outside! Boohoo!

You can try all you want to make her the victim, but everyone knows the truth.

No. 20502

Oh, boo fucking hoo, Danille. Guess what? The farm isn't Tumblr!

Oh and Danielle? Nice way to try scamming your friends with that dumb nail party. All you wanted were the hostess rewards.

No. 20503

We aren't judging her BECAUSE of her size, we are judging her size BECAUSE of her.

Get it straight.

No. 20504

>I just think it's sad to see people wasting their lives and not even going after a solid career. If she was gonna be a housewife, then awesome, but it sounds like that's an impossibility with her fiance's situation.

I agree! One of the sad things about it is that she never had a realistic dream. That whole idol thing was impossible because she wasn't good at marketing herself online with her dances. To be a weeb idol like Beckii or Yukapon, they had to find some kind of niche and constantly pander to it (Beckii's was a fluke tho), but Dani never had a niche. Plus she became way too old for it. Dem Japanese like dem idolz young.

Yeah, that's pretty much how it was with me too. She was the weird weeb in the group but I didn't mind it too much since I was able to see past that. Then when I found out about all the horrible things she was saying about me behind my back after doing favors for her because I thought of her as a real friend? The way she picked apart my cosplay, my body being too thin for "slutty" characters (who weren't even fucking slutty), picking apart my looks (lol she has no right with where she stands on the 1-10 scale at a 2 if being generous) and just slinging shit for no reason? After I found out about all that, I was so done with her. I didn't understand what I ever did to her but the only thing I can think of is she was the jelly donut of envy.

The maid cafe had some cliques but shit… She was the person of them all, fuck! The stories I've heard about the maid cafe… Thank god she never roped me into being a part of it. That was way too weeb for me to get into. All the cringe…

No. 20505

LolWAT? How, pray tell is she going to lose her baby? I'm convinced she really does have some kind of mental disability and it's not only stupidity.

You're illiterate, as always. It's a wonder you can even live on Facebook all day. Danielle, you are a cow. You're a cow both inside and out.

No. 20506

Well she was pregnant at the time, but it still makes zero sense.

No. 20507

Looks like cows live here too since they just whine on and on and hide behind a computer screen on sites like these. Congratulations!

No. 20508

Danielle, you have yet to come up with a retort that makes any sense.. All you do is repeat the same thing over and over, spam "TRUMP 2016!", call people fat and ugly (pssst, you may wanna look in a mirror) and say that people need to grow up–something that you don't plan on doing. And the way to talk shit and lie about people behind their backs? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Bitch, you're an A+ snowflake. Keep playing up the professional victim card. You can't come up with anything to defend yourself because you know everything people has posted about you here is true.

No. 20509


I almost thought I knew you, but then you said you weren't in the maid cafe, haha. I joined the year she did? But not from her, I didn't know anyone in it, I just thought it'd be fun. In fact, I donated a shit ton of prizes in the first year.

We might have ran into one another if you kept going to Anime Vegas and other Vegas conventions.

She was not apart of all the cliques though, it depended on whose clit she licked that week. She used to be super tight with Queen V, then she jumped to someone else, then someone else… eventually the spotlight for her shrunk and she didn't seem interested and after that the cafe closed from what I understand (I think the official message for it closing was legit drama).

Either way, finding out all of this has been really hilarious. I kinda figured she moved on or moved away (which she did the latter). The fact she's coming back is super funny to me.

No. 20510

You might have seen me but I wasn't known in the community or really partook in it that much. I went to maybe one of the maid cafe events but weebs like Aiya made me never want to join one. She just… no. Yeah, I remember hearing that she was close with V but I think she jumped to someone else when V started doing other shit like growing up and doing her own thing.

I went to Vegas conventions every now and then but wasn't that big on those.

Honestly, I thought she'd change and grow up once she left Vegas with that ex-boyfriend from Cali that was taking care of her but she didn't. If anything, I think she became worse over time.

No. 20511

File: 1458125009046.png (1.14 MB, 1440x1437, Screenshot_2016-03-16-03-40-59…)

Not sure what to make of this.

No. 20512

Some of her reborn Christian bullshit.

No. 20513

Lmao I love how my post makes people think I'm (Motoko) Dani. It's great to know that people have no fucking clue who they are talking to and act like I don't know what I'm talking about. I love the internet haha.

No. 20514


Wait, she's Christian. ._. Coulda fooled me.

No. 20515

Good job! You both prove to be complete dumbasses!

No. 20516

lol never mind, she used her donations to repair her car and stay in Cali.

No. 20517

Wait. So she threw this whole hissy drama fit about how horrible Jake's mom is, using sympathy to beg for all this money to move, and then stays in this supposedly horrible situation???

I would choose people that just want to me to grow up over a crazy woman any day.

No. 20518

Yeah I would want outa there too. But the amount of money she got doesn't come close to what a person would need to move from state to state. It's not cheap to drive two maybe three vehicles from one place to another then maybe not having a place to stay when she comes. Come on people I understand everybody loves to bitch but don't act like moving is cheap.

No. 20519

That is true but what gets me is that her mom even got her a trailer to live in when she got to Vegas. I think what changed her mind is that she realized how immature she was being and that she managed to piss everyone off in town so no one would want to be around her.

>I would choose people that just want to me to grow up over a crazy woman any day.

Agreed. I have the sinking suspicion that Danielle is lying about how horrible Jake's mom is, honestly. If she's as horrible as she claims she is, then why would she choose to stay? She doesn't have to move to Vegas, she can move somewhere else in Cali but nope, she chooses to stay. With how much she lies and loves to talk shit about people, especially those that never did anything to her, it won't be a stretch.

No. 20520

Ding ding ding

No. 20521

I might be outing myself here but I've literally made this move (socal > vegas) by throwing what I could carry in my car and my only out of pocket was a tank and a half of gas. When you are ing a desperate situation you figure out real quick what is most important to you.

Alternatively, I was desperate enough I considered taking megabus if my car hadn't been up to it (which is $15 tops one way, usually cheaper).

Like dani, I had family to stay with when I first got back. Slowly, I got back on my feet, but it was so much better than living with abuse.

No. 20522

>When you are in a desperate situation you figure out real quick what is most important to you.

That's the problem with Dani. She can't decide which of her weeb things is more important than the other to take with her. If I were her, I'd be more concerned with the necessities like a bed, microwave, toiletries, cooking utensils etc. than my damn Haruhi body pillow, anime figurines and PlayStation 3. All that other useless stuff are things she can have shipped to her over time.

No. 20523

Yeah she doesn't know what decisions to make I say that but staying in cali was a good one. One she's in school there. Two Yeah her parents offered her a place with them but her parents are not like most of y'alls. Like they are on and off homeless and broke cause they are struggling so bringing her here would make it hard for them and her which I think wouldn't be good to be homeless with a baby. Three weather there is abuse from Jakes mom or not it's better to deal with the abuse so the baby has shelter over maybe being homeless. I mean if I had a kid and I had to choose for me to deal with a bitch or move and there be a chance I'll be homeless I'll stay to make sure my kid had a place to sleep.

No. 20524

>it's better to deal with the abuse so the baby has shelter over maybe being homeless

Not… really. Both situations are just as bad as one another. The only bright side is that her baby is too young to remember any potential abuse her mother is going through right now (and won't pick up the ways of an abuser or go through trauma). I just hope that Dani one day gets her shit together and is able to stand on her own two feet for both her and her daughter.

No. 20525

Yeah they are both bad but I still say the abuse is still a bit better then homeless baby in my opinion. Like you said the baby won't remember and all she has to do is get a place by the time the baby knows what's going on. My opinion I would deal with whatever bs to keep a roof over my baby if I had one cause being homeless is pretty stressful and fucked up.

No. 20526

They have shelters yes it is way less than ideal.
But who's to say the abuse won't happen to the baby next.

No. 20527

Or here's a thought. She's not being abused. It's a little odd how ya'll know she is a huge liar yet ya'll continue to assume that she is being abused in the first place. Knowing her for as long as I have, I think she lied to create drama and sympathy and it has backfired on her because people got tired of the lies. If she comes back here to vegas she doesn't have the support or friendships she had before people started catching on.

No. 20528

I still think she's lying about Jake's mom. She's lied about so many people and has been exposed for it, so what's to make anyone think she's actually telling the truth this time?

No. 20529

…. There's a reason we never offered her a spot in kinu.

No. 20530

File: 1459090844873.png (219.09 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This was interesting

No. 20531

File: 1459090896498.png (198.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 20532

I fucking knew she was lying about that woman. I fucking knew it. Before I thought that Dani was telling the truth about her being abusive but after hearing all the shit she said about so many people in the Las Vegas community, especially the ones she called friends? I began to doubt everything she said.

I do think Jake is a cheater but I believe his mom is telling the truth about what a piece of spying shit Dani is. This gives more proof about her lying for drama, attention and sympathy. It's no wonder why her pasty lard ass never wanted to leave that house. It was just a scam to get money. Dani needs to get a job because those dumb nail sticker shits she's trying to sell isn't meant to be a career. Fuck, she'd make more money working at Kmart, the job she turned down, part-time.

No. 20533

lying* not spying

No. 20534

How do you know she decided not to take the K-mart job? Maybe she just didn't get hired.

No. 20535

This doesn't surprise me. She just wants attention, negative or otherwise. And look at this thread, she's got it.

I will say that Vegas isn't what makes people bad, it's just dumb people being fucking dumb. It's just sad… :/

No. 20536

She is so fake! She hasn't changed one bit! It's just gross.

No. 20537

First time I hear about her but damn she seems like a crazy mess, it's pretty entertaining.

No. 20538

Anyone else think it's suspicious she just happened to be able to afford a ps4?

No. 20539

Fucking yes. I wonder if it's part from the money she scammed people out of or her and Jake's inability to be adults. Her Jamberry shit doesn't pay enough to afford one of those and she still doesn't have a job.

No. 20540

File: 1461633057606.png (631.67 KB, 1440x2029, Screenshot_2016-04-25-18-08-29…)

And a game.

Just. I feel like if his mom was that abusive, moving would be more important than a ps4…

No. 20541

>This is good news for Serenity

How? Her child is only 5 months old, what the fuck?

And I agree. If Jake's mom really were abusive, they'd save to move out rather than buying frivolous items. All the more proof that she's lying and >>20530
And >>20531 sound far more believable than her whole, "Jake's mom is controlling and is trying to take my baby away from me!!!!" bullshit she tries selling everyone. And she wonders why none of us want to have anything to do with her?

No. 20542

File: 1462741966675.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2050, Screenshot_2016-05-08-14-10-44…)

Something about this makes me really uncomfortable. Maybe it has to do with treating a baby like a cosplay prop….

No. 20543

Before her baby, it was her cat. Now she acts like the cat never existed and her daughter is now her new, "Give me attention" prop. It's laughable how she honestly thinks she's better than people that don't have children just because she's a mom now. LOL

No. 20544

Give her a few years and maybe a little more weight and this will be Danielle in the future. They're exactly the same in terms of everything (lies about everything, think their fat bodies are something to show off, delusional as fuck, no skill set, annoying as hell with baby posts, etc.) http://instagram.com/momcosplayer

No. 20545

File: 1463090280441.jpg (49.94 KB, 450x600, 600x600.jpg)

ugh. she reminds me of that shawna murphy girl that has a sephiroth thigh tattoo and then named the kid sephiroth…

No. 20546

File: 1463937354138.png (312.16 KB, 531x749, oh boy.png)

Can't wait to see this one…

No. 20547

Does anyone else find it weird she is getting a new phone like first a ps4 now a new phone none of those are cheap where is that money coming from?

No. 20548

Some companies offer payment plans for new smartphones.

No. 20549

Even so, what real "poverty stricken" couple with a young baby and upcoming moving expenses have an extra $20-50 every month to throw around so easily?

No. 20550

I can't even tell what the fuck is going on in that picture.

No. 20551

You say that like there aren't people out there that have shit like xbox gold and netflix despite having a newborn and no job. People are irresponsible with fucked up priorities.

No. 20552

Wow. Who ever decided to keep this alive must really hate their life. You know she is on her exes phone plan, and it was cheaper for him to get two new phones rather than the one. I still can't believe how you can all post shit like this. Just shows how much better your life is having to put this poor girl down. I haven't know her for long but, I know she has been seeking mental health. Mostly because her whole life she spent with assholes like you. I keep telling her to drop her shirt Vegas friends but she grew up with you all. If there is something you don't like about her blame yourselves cuz it was being around you that made her this way. I just hope she can feel better soon, and that you just fall out of her life.

No. 20553

>knowing all this shit that no one cares about

You're still bad at white knighting yourself, Danielle. How is having two phones cheaper than one, especially if one is an iPhone 6? All your Las Vegas friends dropped you a long time ago (really, linking your thread in a Facebook status just helped everyone see all your shit get exposed just weeded out everyone else).

And on the rare chance this isn't Dani (but bitch, I know it's you because it's obvious you lurk several of these threads and not just yours), it's only a matter of time until she talks shit about you behind your back and uses you. Have fun with that.

No. 20554

File: 1466508384606.png (114.29 KB, 1439x700, 20160621_042553.png)

No. 20555

>If there is something you don't like about her blame yourselves cuz it was being around you that made her this way

So what you're saying is… It's our fault that you're a jealous cow? Sorry if we have better things going on in our lives than being a trashy weeaboo with nothing to show for being 27. I'll give you this. At least you went onto graduate community college but you need to do something with your degree. Work on your portfolio or something instead of concentrating on how many anime conventions you can go to. Shit.

Whatever happened to your drive in life? You used to have determination to do something with yourself and now you're not doing a thing. MDo something productive with your life and don't waste it. You're not even 30.

No. 20556


No. 20557

Oh great here we go again. Shes scared and calling on her "local friends" for help. BEWARE IT'S A SCAM. it's most likely drama she caused herself. we have already figured out she lied about being in an abusive home! It's obvious you haven't known her long either because she is a selfish lyer and you haven't experienced it yet! And quit blaming us for her mental health because she can thank her crap parents for that. She needs to stop being attention seeking victim and grow up because she has a child now. Gwt a job dani and start paying your own bills like a grown woman instead of you ex buying your phone like your "friend" said. I seen you in vegas and you still are so clueless. See you at AX! Can't wait to see you in your new cosplay ha ha ha

No. 20558

Please tell me your queens blade costume isn't going to be like the picture you posted. No…just no Cover up Danielle because you can't pull it off. No belly please. Why don't your local friends tell you because us vegas friends have no problem telling you.

No. 20559

Hey guys this is Danielle. And I have no problem telling you all to go die. Once I find out who you are I am done with you. This forum has been shown to many authorities and won't be taken lightly I am done hiding from you. And i will wear my queens blade costume and show my tummy because a post baby tummy should be nothing to hide. I have more things to be proud of then any of you. All you do is put me down hoping that one day I cave in and kill myself but I won't. I am seeking mental help for the shit you all put me through. And you know what you can't hurt me. You keep trying but you can't and that bothers you so much. I hope I do see you al ax and I hope I can punch you in your ugly face.

No. 20560

I hope she covers her stomach up too for that cosplay because… Well… It would be like seeing this in motion all over again at the 30 second mark.

She can also benefit from wearing pantyhose for it too.

No. 20561

lol won't be the first time a snowflake called the internet's police. You're delusional. No one here wants you to die. Where are people saying that or is this more drama made up in your head again? People just want you to do something with your life and grow up.

No. 20562


Danielle, I've met you a few times and I find you unbearable but, with that said, I would never sit and contribute to a thread like this just bashing someone.

My advice to you is to ignore it. I know it's difficult, but these people will feed on anything you give them. Nothing will come of you reporting them, and as such they have no reason to be scared… so the threats aren't going to help you.

Just do your best to steer clear of the post. If you have to come in here, only do so to correct blatant lies. Be cordial and only comment on the facts, then leave. These people have nothing going for them and will always hate you… just accept that and move on.

No. 20563


You both are being super delusional here.
No one wants her to kill herself. No one is making threats or forcing her to come here and read anything. She lurks here at her own peril, like any other special snowflake.

Dani, you are free to do whatever you like. We are free to talk about it. You are an adult, get over it, and stop blaming this forum for your own fucked up issues that have nothing to do with us. You can mostly blame your parents and biology. Which, by the way, no one is making fun of you for your mental health issues. What we talk about here is mainly how fucking hypocritical you are and the lies you've been caught in. Your weight gets brought into this because you've been a bitch about it in the past and karma is just as big of a bitch.

We aren't trying to get to you, we don't give a fuck how you feel about the thread, you just have so much drama to talk about that we like discussing it.

This thread isn't going anywhere either, nice try.

No. 20564



"Has anyone actually threatened you?"

"Well, no- but they are super mean!"


No. 20565

GURL. AX is a shit/line-con now. So no thanks chica.

No. 20566

"Post baby tummy" really? Isn't your baby 7 or so months now? Most mom's lose the weight not pack it on… at least wear a nude bodysuit. Someday you just need to figure out that you can't wear certain clothes/costumes. And girl, you can't pull it off. Ja Ja Ja

No. 20567

Yikes. That only shows how much you don't take care of yourself…..I've seen your videos from 2010, and it saddens me to see that you've become unhealthy, both physically and mentally…Get it together.

No. 20568

I don't actually believe it, but if it was Danielle…

Why are you even entering a thread about you without being mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for any backlash? People constantly judge each other and the internet is a way to do it publicly instead of whispering behind your back.

That's society, internet police can't change that.

No. 20569

The person who has been posting about ido aiya must not have a life what a loser you must be full of hate i realy would hate to be you a coward who has to hide behind a website becsusr your to chicken to identify yourself well let me tell you karma a bitch son and you will fsce the music very very soon while i kick back and watch that os the circle of life

No. 20570

>well let me tell you karma a bitch son and you will fsce the music very very soon

Funny because Danielle lies and talks shit behind people's backs all the time and plays nice to their face. Karma is a bitch, isn't it?

No. 20571

You put yourself in a public face as both a cosplayer and "possible" idol. You know what happens, people judge you. If you didn't want that then don't make your life public.

No. 20572

Is this English? I don't think you understand how punctuation or spelling work…

If the gist is that you are trying to just call us all losers with no life, out to destroy the super special snowflake Dani, then you must really be new here.

No. 20573


I love it when snowflakes come crying to their own thread. Like, what are you going to accomplish? It just makes more people interested in your hilariously pathetic life, and makes the dumbass that has a thread about them look even more like stupid, desperate snowflakes.

No. 20574

File: 1466735041388.png (11.51 KB, 632x77, lolgoodluck.png)

do you mean you'll delete your entire friends list (again)?

lol i like how you have no idea who i am, or how many of us talk outside of here on fb. makes this thread 100% more enjoyable.

No. 20575

I don't get why she keeps checking the thread. She could live a peaceful life by not living on the Internet. No one wants to fucking beat her, for shit's sake.

No. 20576

she likes the attention. she cant help herself.

gives her a new excuse so she doesn't have to take responsibility for anything in her life. she's bipolar, fat, and shit with money all because of the big bad online bullies, dont'cha know.

No. 20577

How can she even afford AX if she's broke? People need to stop giving this cow money and no one there is going to want to see her tres leches looking stomach falling out of that Queens Blade cosplay. Hopefully someone will see the land whale there and get pics, lol because no one else is going to ask her for a photo?

No. 20578

Why am I on this thread they ask. Well if one of you didn't send it to me then I would have been just fine. But ever since 4 chan I have been struggling with acceptance and hmm I wonder where that crap came from. Oh yeah my friends. If I ever acted liked a bitch to you it is because that is the kind of person you are and I am just trying to fit in. I have been bullied since grade school. Before I was into anime. At least they come to me and told me they hated me. I even had people throw gallons of milk at me. Once I got into anime I did the whole idol thing at first because it was the first time I felt like I was being appreciated. I haven't done anything idol in years so I really don't understand why you guys are so hung up on it. I suffer with my body image enough so why talk shit about it. Do you know what that does? Makes me cry and eat the pain away. You want me to lose weight? I was doing great until this thread came to my attention. I was finally under 200 pounds but now back up to 220 which is still less than what I was before I got pregnant so I think I am doing ok. I will cosplay what I want when I want it. I was asked by a friend tondo the queens blade and so if my friend is happy cosplaying with me that is all that matters. Not you sad trolls. Why do I keep coming back? This is a train wreak. How can I not come see what people think of me when all I ever wanted was to fit in. I don't even watch anime anymore because I know the community is complete shit if this is what they do with their time. I really am trying to fix my self from the shifty childhood I had to the shifty friends I have now. If you really truly are doing this to help then stop. Come say it to my face. Because if not your just the cause of the problem.

No. 20579

Ok I don't know you personally but I can tell you this much, I'm glad you think you're doing well and I understand being bullied turning you into a bitchier person but coming to this thread and white-knighting yourself is just going to make people pick at you even worse. I understand you feeling like they just don't understand where you're coming from with certain things, but coming here is going to make it worse. Just keep doing what you want to do regardless of what people think because people are going to talk shit no matter what so FUCK IT you might as well be happy with what you're doing. Get your impulsive behaviors and self-esteem issues under control and you'll be fine.

No. 20580

No one really asked why you were here. They just pointed out that there's no reason for you to be.

Most of us know your sob story, the truths and lies. You like sympathy and you like being the victim. That makes long term friends difficult excuse you don't fucking listen and you are in your own world.

Bullying sucks, but you're an adult so stop using it as an excuse to act like a 12-year old. Accept that it helped define you, learn from it, and move the fuck on. No matter what you do, people will dislike you and that's life. Sometimes those people that dislike you have valid points though – read this thread objectively and you'll realize it isn't just mean spirited, but mostly just calling you out on your own selfish bullshit.

No. 20581

>If I ever acted liked a bitch to you it is because that is the kind of person you are and I am just trying to fit in.

Bullshit. You've done this to people you barely know that were nothing but nice to you. Not everyone you were a catty bitch to behind their backs acts the same as you. You really do need help with your self-esteem and jealousy issues. I hope therapy will help you with that so long as you keep going. Constantly checking places like this and replying only make things worse.

No. 20582

Then workout everyday. If you want change you have to think of changing yourself every day. It takes 28 days to make something a habit. You need to live and breathe that you WANT to do it. This doesn't go don't do it, this thread gives you an excuse to be sad about yourself instead of taking it and changing. If you want to really, truly lose weight. Do it. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

No. 20583

I love how I'm reading people say she needs to to act like an adult and quit acting like a kid but what does that make all of you?

If you're all adults than you should know how to be adults cause children only act this way and cyber bully people.Every single one of you are immature and should take your own advise and grow up.

Look personally there are things she needs work and improve on and she ain't perfect no human bring is and if they are they need a reality check but words CAN HURT PEOPLE and is hard to ignore if you knew someone was hurting your feelings you all would be mad, hurt, and upset to and don't pretend like you won't cause I'm sure you had someone hurt you in the past

Do She Fat So what, So She Lies Who cares, So She Makes Things About Herself How does this Effect Any Of You? How about you all move on with your lives and find something better to do cause all I see aren't mature adults who need to behave like adults all i see are whiney kids that get a sick kick out of hurting people that they could easily ignore move on and not care cause obviously you guys do care about what she does or you wouldn't keep posting about her life there is a fun button called unfriendly and unfilled how about you learn to use it if you hate the girl so much or all of you to brain dead to even realize that would be a smarter solution

by the way cosplay is for everyone no matter who or what they are or what they look like you best remember that it ain't just for skinny people like you or super small model flat tummy girls
Or boys

she wanna show tummy damn right she can show tummy and ain't nothing you can do to stop her cause action speaks louder than any words can and it's her body not yours and if it makes her happy than let her be happy with what she loves

I'm sick of people thinking only a flat tummy should be shown with revealing cosplays.that isnt for you to decide

No. 20584

You must be new here.

This whole site exists to talk about to talk about people. Which, by the way, talking about people is not cyber bullying.

Most of us on here look at the website casually like gossip news. Who cares if she changes her ways, or not. True lolcows/snowflakes/etc don't change, they always call us jelly bitches with no life, blame us in some way for their issues, and send their white knights in to make fools of themselves.

No. 20585

Actually no I'm not new here I've known of this site and seen what you kids like to stir up on here for awhile so uh nice try

its actually called being a decent human being which none of you are you can talk a shit but you can't stop people for sticking up for them or themselves,that's not making a fool of themselves it's called being human the only one ones who making a fool of themselves are the cowards like you hiding behind a screen.everyone is only human they can only do so much before they crack

and by the way thank you, you just proved my point

oh and that whole white knight crap isn't really my style I'm just a human being who knows how to stick up for a friend cause 7th ice you actually have a heart and care

Wither you care or not is no skin off my back it's clear what anyone says you'll just find a better reason and excuse to make sure you're in the right and get them to back off so you can continue acting like a drama shit talker

No. 20586

If you aren't new here then you shit talk just like the rest of us so get off your white knight high horse.

We are mostly adults here that know English, so you might wanna brush up on your middle school spelling and grammar so we can tell what the fuck you're saying.

No. 20587

Haha this. >>20585 is new as fuck or a huge hypocrite because everyone on this site is here to talk shit. There is literally no other reason to visit this site unless you're here to do that or laugh at the cows and snowflakes. Keep white knighting your two-faced friend.

No. 20588

Just lol.

If you want to stick up for your friend. Tell her to realize there's some sort of weight you take onto your shoulders when you put yourself in a public light. That's reality. That's how society is. Have you never seen a smut magazine in a check-out line? It's the same bullshit everywhere.

When you subject yourself to it, you only have yourself to blame.

No. 20589

they always call us jelly bitches with no life, blame us in some way for their issues

Gee Golly I wonder why^^^^^^^^

No. 20590

At least I have the courage to make a fool of myself what does that make you,fools

and if you really were adults then act like one learn to take your own damn advice.adults don''t act this way this petty middle and high school crap

fyi i don't talk shit i just look cause i've seen half my friends on here get bashed and i take action to try and stick up for them it ain't white knighting it's called being a good friend and person learn the difference oh wait you can't cause your parents never taught you the difference and grammar don't mean shit as long as i can get a point across which thank you for proving yet again.

and i don't care what type of person this girl is she hasn't given me a reason to hate her yet or talk shit about her that shows little you know about people

No. 20591

Motoko, go… I'd say home, but you don't have a job. Go out, you're drunk.

No. 20592

If you read the thread and don't understand why she's been posted, then I don't know what to tell you. Adults make sites to talk about things that fascinate them. Lolcow is all about calling attention whores and special snowflakes out on bullshit that almost everyone around them knows about already. they literally put it out publicly and then pretend to be astonished/offended that it was reposted somewhere. It's the internet, it will exist forever and people will talk about the shit you throw out into it.

And if half of your friends have been posted here, you have a really shitty friend group. Get help.

No. 20593

>they always call us jelly bitches with
>no life, blame us in some way for their issues

>Gee Golly I wonder why^^^^^^^^

Because they don't know how to take responsibility for their actions.

You need to learn how to quote/reply to posts before you start claiming you aren't just a whiteknighting newfag.

No. 20594

>Gee Golly I wonder why^^^^^^^^

Holy fucking, shit I can't even…….
You call yourself her friend, and yet YOU can't help her out on her problems?! You don't see anything wrong that you see all of the evidence posted here as BULLYING…I feel pity for you, wait until you realize that what we're saying here is truth about her….

No. 20595

I'm pretty sure it's just Dani herself.
Why she'd want to make it look like the only friend(s) that would defend her are this fucking stupid, I have no idea.

No. 20596

It's because she's dumb as shit. Back in the old days people posted about her on /cgl/ because she was a major weeaboo and she white knighted herself horribly. She still hasn't learned why it's so easy to spot her posts. The only difference now is that people post about her because of her lies and shit personality. She's so blind and dumb that she thinks she's still being "bullied" because of her bad cosplay and her wannabe idol days… But we all know that's not the case. Her personality and treatment of her ex-friends is what's on display here. People would care a lot less about her bad cosplay if it weren't for that. Dani can't admit her own mistakes and blames everyone else for her behavior. She will never grow up out of that teenage mentality.

No. 20597

Yea, I personally know people in the LV cosplay scene that do shit closet cosplay for kicks but are cool as fuck. She just has a shit personality and is shitty to her friends because she's dumb and selfish.

No. 20598

Yeah, there's very few "good" cosplayers in Las Vegas. Shitty or not though, you still have to try and stay humble.

No. 20599

Humble ha you guys do t know the meaning

No. 20600

This isn't the site for you.
Go back to FB before you embarrass your daughter.

You're probably more hilarious than her though, tbh. Good job raising such a lulzy special snowflake.

No. 20601

Sue, don't bump the thread if you don't want to see people posting about Dani. You really should have been a better parent to her.

No. 20602

She actually attached her email…

No. 20603

Holy mother of shit, I just noticed that. This whole family is dumb as a box of rocks.

No. 20604

At least im not a coward like all of you everyone makes mistakes learn from them as for me im finished with you people good luck to you

No. 20605

>i have over 300 confirmed kills

No. 20606

Wait, her mom is in here? How old is Dani again? Cause I think it's about time to stop depending on mom.

No. 20607

Dani is 27. She seriously pulled a Jillian by calling her mom in. Judging by her personality, the apple really didn't fall far from the tree.

No. 20608

File: 1467401453922.png (88.69 KB, 557x602, srs.png)

Why would you post on FB over just calling someone you know to take you? Like your fiance, your fiance's mom, friends

It's like those tumblr kids that type posts while having an ~anxiety attack~

No. 20609

"Aw man, I'm in danger. Time to post it on Facebook instead of calling 911!"

Flawless logic.

No. 20610

I… Aiiiyyyeeee don't even know what to say about this one. She should've called the hospital or even an uber.

No. 20611

Uber probably have been her best bet they're pretty cheap compared to an ambulance.but I think health should be more important than some con.

Honestly I don't hate her she hasn't done me dirty, yet.but I do think she needs to learn what is and isn't important even if it means giving up a few things for right now and going back to them later.that is what being an adult is about.

No. 20612

True that. She needs to prioritize her health instead of putting an anime convention first.

No. 20613

Damn at first I was like you all are a bunch of asswholes that need a god damn life.Well actually I think you still do,but after reading her stuff a bit more I'm starting to think you all actually might have a point.

I think what bugs me is when she comments on people's things she sorta makes it about her.

No. 20614

I think I speak for the majority of us when I say this is really no different than people that half-heartedly follow celebrities.

We find these people to be interesting or a source of entertainment. Most of us have lives – steady relationships, jobs/careers, etc.

Sage because OT.

No. 20615

No. 20616

Still sounds like Dani.

No. 20617

Believe me that was me this is not dani who agreed with you all and saw you all had a point

No. 20618

How sad is it to be called Dani?
If you guys can't even tell if she is posting or not then you need a life off the internet.

No. 20619

>If you guys can't even tell if she is posting or not then you need a life off the internet.
>Implying that spending more time on the internet makes you less capable of figuring out if someone is still samefagging and stalking their own thread.

Kinda contradicting yourself there. We have lives and aren't pouring over every sentence she vomits onto social media. Ironically, she probably checks this thread more than most of us do.

No. 20620

File: 1482953825444.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.7 KB, 600x450, 00v0v_1qATcCphs4j_600x450.jpg)

Ummm is this milk?
:V I'm new here. Did I do good? o.O(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20621

the girl hasbeen loosing weight honestly just let this thread die

No. 20622

Nice try but She only has one tattoo and not there. Big fail.

No. 20623

no she hasn't. she's gaining lmao

who even cares? She's boring spoilt milk

No. 20624

holy fuck what happened. the little girl could've been pretty.

No. 20625

This thread is really so fucking entertaining, lmao. So many irl friends. Too bad I got here late.

No. 20626


No. 20627

She's at it again… have you seen her new pictures ugh! Thought we were done with the ugly! That is the same dress she wore during pregnancy and she still looks pregnant. Losing weight uhh NOT! Gross

No. 20628

I don't really know this girl but can someone tell me how she can afford a Nintendo Switch despite not working full time and constantly bitching about not having money.

At least she finally got a job

No. 20629

Well, what else is she going to spend those welfare checks on?

No. 20630

I would say her kid, but I'm pretty sure grandma is paying for 90% of that child's actual care.

No. 20631

Oh gosh here we go again

No. 20632

Crying homeless AGAIN. Whatever you do don't give the liar any money. She must have done something stupid again. I Seen her here in Vegas last month and it was comedy just watching her think she was all that. Ha ha. Delusional is all I can say. Stay in California

No. 20633

Wasn't she at Level Up Expo? How is she homeless?

No. 20634

She's posting about being homeless. You know how she loves attention even if it's bad attention. Selfish petson. She posted today that she is going to la for ax on Sunday even though she has no money and is homeless. She actually was asking who wanted to see her. Ha ha more like who wants to see the train wreck. How about wearing something that fits for a change. We are so glad she lives in California because if she ever came to vegas to live again we would make her wish she never came back! It would be a nightmare because all she does is talk trash and lies about everything because she is so jealous. Danielle I know you still read this because you told me you do. Your still riding the crazy train and I'm just over here watching with everyone else. Talk to you soon

No. 20635

Those teeth!!! She is so gross. Posting vidoes like she is cute or something. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Fix your teeth gum girl. Nobody wants to see you at ax jajaja well maybe to see the mess that you are. Gross

No. 20636

The bitch is coming back to Vegas.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20637

Ha Ha

No. 20638

The crazy is back! We managed to stop her from lieing and scamming people before looks like we need to do it again. She is claiming jakes mom is kidnapping her kid and calling cops and pressing chrarges on her for no reason. I don't believe it for a second. She had to have done something stupid again. Everyone commenting is licking her ass so I guess some have forgotten what she is all about. I haven't so it sounds like we need to get to the bottom of this and fund out what really happened before she starts asking for donations again to "help" her move here to vegas

No. 20639


No. 20640

Ops I sent to soon. so here is what i have found out SO FAR. Dani actually physically harmed her bf mom! She pushed her down a flight of stairs and the woman went to the hospital. You are a liar friend. (Yes we're friends) because you said that she was filing charges and kidnapping your child for no reason. I didnt believe her completely and now I know she's lieing because she left out some major stuff when she was saying what happened. (oops I may out myself but I don't care) it's getting harder and harder to be friends with someone who is this disgusting. Where was the baby during all of this? Hmm It seems like i have more digging to do. I almost want to post to her fb page the truth because we take what she says as truth. I won't yet because I want to find out more and go even further back. She'll block me when she finds out ha ha She claimed to be homeless a few months back because she got kicked out. So now I want to know why? What other lies will I uncover dani. DON'T GIVE HER MONEY. She will beg for it but don't do it. She was here in vegas not to long ago with her bf and kid looking at apartments to rent. STAY AWAY I can handle you from a distance but not to close. Ha ha

No. 20641

What? Wow really? I always thought the charge she picked up here in vegas for battery was bogus but I guess she really is an abuser. I Feel sorry for her kid. That's why she left vegas in the first place. How old is she now? 30? She's a little older than me but I could tell when we were in school she had anger issues. Sad most people grow up(samefagging)

No. 20642

So that makes it twice that she’s hit his mom. I fucking knew that’s why she got kicked out a second time. Why the fuck else would she cry about not being able to go to the police about her child being “kidnapped?” She has a warrant out for hitting his mom again, that’s why! I remember when she talked about the first time she had the cops called on her and lied about it pretending she didn’t understand why it was happening. She’s a real piece of work and I pray she never has anymore children. Dani was never emotionally or financially mature enough for the first one.

No. 20643

You guys know she is mentally ill right. Pick on someone else.(read the rules)

No. 20644

Dani, that’s no excuse to beat his mom and complain about having the cops called on you. You know that, right?

No. 20645

Damn Dani, you’ve posted in this thread more than farmers! You’re that desperate for attention?

No. 20646

Keep calling me Dani all you want. I can’t be her even if I tried.

No. 20647

On the very small chance you’re not her, you sure as hell are making things a lot worse by posting here. And mods can always check that shit if they’re bored enough.

No. 20648

File: 1517721702415.png (354.11 KB, 1080x1981, 20180203_211948.png)

Just some updates

No. 20649

File: 1517721764913.png (331.94 KB, 1080x2001, 20180203_212017.png)

No. 20650

File: 1517721809579.png (283.72 KB, 1080x1968, 20180203_212056.png)

No. 20651

File: 1517722000693.jpg (481.96 KB, 1080x1999, Screenshot_20180203-212433.jpg)


Whoops forgot I should probably include her original post about suicide

No. 20652


Well, well, well. Look what we have here… FRESH MILK FROM THE COW!!

No. 20653

I still feel like this might be dani…

Side note: where is dani living right now anyway?

No. 20654

With mike her "ex boyfriend"

No. 20655

How is Jacob ok with this…?

No. 20656

Does anyone know if she is or ever has cheated on jake?

No. 20657

Why do you can break them up too. Look she has enough going on in her life she doesn’t need you trolls on her now too just back off. She is doing better for herself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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