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File: 1646681365315.png (129.08 KB, 300x300, ah4S3Ab.png)

No. 199783

Because the other OP's were incompetent tourists.

>Cutesy anime voice V-Tuber streamer on Twitch

>Claims to have CVID, an immunodeficiency, milks her viewers with sob stories about it
>Has gotten a surge in popularity after being shipped with a British youtuber living in Japan
>Suddenly starts getting money (over $500,000 in the last month from her subathon) where she's noticeably better
>Acts and tries to sound like she's 18, when in reality she has a daughter and is in her 30's
>Married and divorced a supposedly abusive husband
>Streams for days on end while her mother takes care of her 14 year old daughter

>Supposedly had her daughter doxxed as some others claim, which is why she deleted tweets and archives related to her, but I've yet to see any evidence of the doxxing
>May have HIV and not CVID, as the treatments are very similar. Would line up with her story of having an abusive husband, apparently making her daughter a rape baby

Interview from 2018:
>Claims to have a 10 year old daughter at 1:13:40
>Talks a little about her ex-husband

Archived tweets from 2010 and 2011:
>Talks about her daughter
>Deletes after rising to popularity and people start to catch on

Singing opera (real voice?):
>Drops her cutesty anime voice
>Sounds like a /hag/

Acting stupid for cute points:
>Mispronounces words and does baby talk
>Claims it's because she's Puerto Rican

>E-Boyfriend's YouTube

No. 199784

>suddenly starts getting money 500k
Who the fuck is giving her money and why? I could believe Belle making that amount of money, but a no name vtuber?

No. 199790

She did a 31 day subathon where she streamed non-stop. Most of the time she would be asleep on stream with her model tracking her while she sleeps.

Not including the donations, which she got a lot of, she ended with 170'000 subs ($5 each) this month.

No. 199793

Cutesy fake anime voice streamer with an anime avatar milks her sickness and is called brave for watching youtube videos and sleeping on stream. Parasocial losers donate to 'help' her.

No. 199794

File: 1646686096499.png (214.63 KB, 740x832, 1646658702458.png)

Quotes from a woman in her 30s.

No. 199796

It’s sad how the world keeps supporting talentless people who contribute absolutely nothing to society

No. 199797

Not trying to wk but she's not a no-name, she's one of the most subbed people on twitch and is arguably one of the most popular eng vtubers. She's been around longer than hololiveEN.

Tho I would argue that her being ill is definitely part of how she became popular and successful. If you look her up on youtube, a lot of her biggest clips are her talking about her illness or "wholesome" moments about it, and a lot of people donate because of that.

No. 199799

>her being ill is definitely part of how she became popular and successful
Yeah, absolutely. Without that she wouldn't have amassed the audience she has right now at all

No. 199802

Ditching the teenage daughter on her mother 24/7 so she can live out her Vtuber dreams? That's fucked.

No. 199803

So true, and letting them all think their slightly "famous".

She's been around since around 2017 as far as I know.

No. 199829

She's in her 30s with a daughter in her teens, claiming to be sick but spending all day DDLG larping on twitch to scrotes? And making a lot of money? Sounds like every sex worker in /snow/'s dream.

No. 199840

I wish we could go back to having a general vtuber thread.

No. 199869

>Streams for days on end while her mother takes care of her 14 year old daughter
Fucking sad. Wouldn't be surprised if her having a child at all is a lie tho.
Her character models all look garbage too. >>199794
Typical pedo pandering. Imagine my shock. >>199796
It is. Such is life.
It's really fucking sad. I feel for that daughter. I would feel embarrassed if my mother was this.
Me too but I get why mods closed it. It's a shame because vtuber retards are great for milk.

No. 199905

Ok, I listened to the 2018 interview through that -1:13:40 timestamp and she didn't mention a child or ex. Is the timestamp different?

Her simps are out of this world delusional. I told a guy about the child and ex, her bring 30s, and he got legit PISSED and to walk away from me because I even suggest she's not honest about her past holy shit.

No. 199906

The actual time is around 1:13:35, not the time remaining. For time remaining (on the right side) it's around -1:07:30

No. 199912

The actual problem are the cucks who give useless degenerates in society like this money and tacitly support them with views.
>b-but she's actually in her THIRTIES and might have the AIDs and has a DAUGHTER!!1!!
Good. I hope she's also a 600 pound ugly planet who bathes in spaghetti sauce and brushes with jism. It wouldn't make the situation any worse. If you ever believed cute little girls who look and sound like animu waifus are the ones who do 24/7 streams with their digital avatars for your coomer asses, you get what you deserve and worse. If anyone could actually look and act anything close to those cartoons then they'd be busy Delpine-ing themselves instead of hiding.
Scrotes need their heads examined.

No. 199918

Not a wk but who cares if she’s scamming scrotes. They deserve to have their money taken from them.

No. 199922

more like scrotes enabling all these adult child snowflakes

No. 199924

Nice OP. Been waiting for a thread on her. It's hilarious reading the replies to her clips on LivestreamFail, scrotes get so mad at anyone who dares to even imply she's not a perfect uwu princess

No. 199925

Again, who cares? If you wanted to, you could do it too, Nonnie. I understand hating someone for being annoying but if they’re hustling men, it’s a nonissue.

No. 199926

It really is her scrote fanbase that's the problem but it's gross regardless to see how much they pat themselves on the back and get off to keeping her alive because of her illness. It boosts their egos so much and gives them savior complexes, even if she's fleecing them.

Her wks are very serious and dedicated, some will probably find this thread and sperg eventually. They're the bigger cows tbh

No. 199932

I don’t know much about her or her conditions but isn’t it basically impossible for her to take care of her daughter properly? If all she can do is farm money from scrotes than at least her kid can have nice things and opportunities

No. 199949

I'm sure she's milky but this will only attract more males to this website. At least I hope they get banned early this time, last time it had big consequences.

No. 199951

Is being a vtuber even worthy, at this point? It always seems like it attracts the worst of degenerate males and they end up doxxing or harassing everyone involved.

No. 200013

I hate her voice so much

No. 200014

I believe she deserves a thread but why the fuck does OP read like a /vt/ scrote wrote it?

No. 200030

Because it probably is

No. 200095

I'm surprised her face hasn't gotten leaked yet

No. 200133

i remember when she was on younow with truthcrab prior to twitch lol. seems not much has changed other than the gross ABDL shit. IIRC she said she was bed ridden due to her condition.

No. 200618

It's on Google images dude, she's the latina one with the medical air tube in her nose in the first page of results!(sage your shit)

No. 200651

Screenshots? I've looked up 'ironmouse', 'ironmouse face', 'ironmouse real' and can't find what you're describing at all.

No. 200660

File: 1647073425425.jpg (1.92 MB, 4780x3138, 1612496138717.jpg)

All I could find, that matches >>200618 's description is pic related.

No. 200665

Holy fuck. It amazes me how some vtubers are plain white weebs, they would get completely trashed by scrotes if it weren't for they pedo-bait animu characters. Do they have 0 self steem to steep that low for male approval or what?

No. 200666

just how it is
the try hard white girls fake a cutesy UWU anime voice and pander to pedos with an asian fetish

then they can just revert back to their old voice and not have to deal with those guys irl, while some women have to suffer because of it

No. 200679

>While some women have to suffer because of it.
You sound stupid and like you’re from tiktok. Next you’ll say vtubers are why weebs think asian women speak in high pitch voices.

No. 200751

There’s a reason why they are vtubers and not irl internet personalities

No. 200878

Its not low self esteem. Its called being smart. If youre ugly then get rich by being a vtuber

No. 200883


I'm confused; If her disease is so bad she can't leave her bedroom, what exactly are you expecting her to do?

No. 200885

Sage because it doesn't matter at all but the "Operatic Mouse" in the OP links is from a Broadway musical called The Scarlet Pimpernel and not opera at all (no blame on OP since she's the one who miscategorized it).

No. 200890

Bro don't you know that opera just means putting way too much vibrato on everything

No. 200892

Her disease isn't so bad that she can't see or spend time with her family. Her parents regularly visit her room, especially her mother, so she has no excuse not to be spending time with her daughter. But here she is, spending 31 days non-stop LARPing as a anime girl with the mentality of a 13 year old and a cutesy uwu voice while having her mother raise the child.
Also her disease hasn't been so bad since she's milked all that money from her viewers. She went from only being able to stream for a few hours a day, to living a whole month on stream without any worries. Who would've thought that a few hundred thousand dollars would make her feel better so suddenly?

No. 200893

When it comes to internet personalities, it's best to believe anything they say is horseshit. So diseased and fragile, but manages to give birth; arguably the hardest thing a woman's body can go through. I'm sure the illness is made up, but that's just my opinion. Hiding behind the vtuber curtain makes that grift easier. Truly hope her daughter gets the benefits of that money and has a bright future.

No. 200904

Damn y'all are so easy to trigger with just a genuine question lol

While I'm on a roll here, how do you know she doesn't see her daughter when she's able to?(sage)

No. 200905


Oh my bad, you're right.

No. 200914

I kinda dislike vtubers overall but the cutesy voice is a part of the whole 'playing a character' thing and I'm sure majority of the fandom would understand this. Also, she doesn't sound like a hag to me, I quite like the opera voice. What's the milk here, that she has a daughter and an abusive ex husband? I think it's better to keep your private life out of your dumbfuck twitch career, so when she started to get popular it only makes sense to conceal those things

No. 200919

U good bro we all make mistakes

Ikr I wanted to come outta this hating ironmouse but like this is so lackluster LOL

No. 200944

File: 1647222649203.png (1.16 MB, 918x711, Screenshot_20220216-215025.png)

So if I'm reading this right
> Pitches her voice higher
> Thank god other vtubers don't do that
> Got out of an abusive relationship
> Supports her own medical expenses and her daughter, as well as her poor parents
> by flirting with a British dude and literally sleeping in front of some pathetic weebs

Damn OP she sounds based, you make a great case for her

No. 200960

She has a blatent pedobait, AB/DL schtik too, which does bug me because her scrote audience is so huge it further normalizes it and it has to influence scrotes who weren't into that shit AS much before watching her regularly. That's the distasteful part of the grift for me.
Pedobait is everywhere but it sucks when a woman chooses to perpetuate it. She could surely be cute, even loli, without crossing that line constantly. No shit she doesn't talk about her daughter any more and she shouldn't.

No. 200961

> Complains about pedobait/normalizing fetishes
> Watches en vtubers
> Damn bro pick a side

No. 200993

I think shes like every vtuber. She makes money off pedo weebs, kinda like how the idol culture works in japan. I cant even hats. Shit is fucking autistic but moids are so dumb i cant be mad at a woman making money off of them. Im still amazed at how vtubers even have big fanbases but i never got the appeal.

No. 200999

I don't watch vtubers. I think they are intolerable. I know someone who watches Ironmouse in particular and I thought it was gross because it's pedo shit insidiously mixed into what is basically a cutsey anime girl reaction channel. That's the only reason I even familiarized myself with vtubers. Also, I read this >>199794 which is right in the thread.

No. 201008

>i dont watch vtubers
I think you just have a hateboner for them and you do watch them. This whole thread is fucking dumb.

No. 201010

found the guy throwing money at vtubers

No. 201016

I didn't want to be friends, especially irl friends with any man into that shit.

Yeah mr. greentext really sounds like a damn scrote.

No. 201019

Anon bad bait. Every vtuber pretends to be an uwuu innocent loli. Nothing milky about making money off of autistic moids kek

No. 201032

they have big fanbases for that exact reason; appealing to creeps, weebs, and the like for money has a long proud history both online and offline

> This whole thread is fucking dumb
ye lol

No. 201034

File: 1647274831907.jpeg (449.37 KB, 2048x2048, 0237CF22-E831-4F8E-B58F-578B69…)

Her fans have snowballed with how they talk about her. They say she’s a bubble girl who hasn’t had real physical contact outside of medical professionals for years, that she could die at any moment and the money from streams is all that’s keeping her alive, that she’s a fragile young little girl who needs the internet to keep her alive etc. they act like they wake up every day expecting her to be dead. They genuinely believe she’s a pure maiden who has never had sex because she’ll die if anyone touches her. Meanwhile her boyfriend had a vtuber debut and won’t shut up about his 12 inch e-dick

No. 201074

C'mon dude everyone knows britbongs only have 5 inches max(sage your shit)

No. 201145

A brit cucking two different Vtuber fanbases is absolutely hilarious.

Also, the only thing Mouse is doing is being business-smart and milking weebs off of a parasocial relationship with all the "muh sickness" shit. Hell, we'd all do that shit on a heartbeat

No. 201164

Does anyone know the true cost in the states?


In the video, she claims that it costs up to 25k/month for plasma(learn2embed)

No. 201181

>says that she had to pay 25k/month for one monthly treatment
>now has to get it every week but pays 12k/month
I honestly doubt she's paying that much, at least definitely not out of her own pocket. Given her supposed illness, she should have some of the best health insurance (with how much money she makes) which should be paying for most of the treatment anyway.

No. 201182

Scrote got triggered by a thread of her favorite v-tuber and came to WK her?

In all seriousness, she's a thirty-something year old woman who does baby talk (says that she's a brat, does baby talk, etc.), clearly pedo-baiting, while getting pity money acting like someone she isn't.

Her audience believes her to be a pure little angle who they're saving, when in reality she's a talentless snowflake only getting attention from actual pedos who buy into her loli persona and those wth a savior complex believing that their money is actually saving this poor little girl who might die at any moment if they stop donating.(sage)

No. 206375

From what I understand her condition is an autoimmune one where she can't naturally produce enough antibodies, or the ones she does produce are attacked by her own cells. Either way, without the plasma infusions to replenish those antibodies she wouldn't be able to fight off infections and viruses like the rest of us, which sounds similar to someone living with full-blown aids and is why people might think she has HIV instead, which I don't believe is the case. Her condition is also known for leaving the individual with nearly constant lung infections and when Ironmouse laughs super hard you can hear her lungs are bad. I'm sure some days are better than others. Hell, she may be able to go weeks feeling good/normal. In the end, I don't think she's lying about or over-exaggerating her condition. Leaving her room/home puts her at risk which makes sense given her illness.

Now, do I think she overplays her "Cutesy" card? Well, yea. I think she milks the cuteness more than anything, but that's just part of her mouse character that she's grown into, but there are moments when she's being herself and genuine for the most part. And many Vtubers are notorious for making efforts not to reveal or share much about who they are IRL. Perhaps Mouse wasn't as worried or aware of the consequences of sharing too much IRL stuff about herself before she became popular.

All in all, she's just playing a role. There are always going to be haters and naysayers trying to put people down. And some genuinely deserve it, I just don't think Mouse is one of them. At least, not as much as she's getting here.(post milk)

No. 206536

So something like cystic fibrosis?

No. 206963

I sincerely thank you all for showing the truth. Never been a dono but was certainly in the brink of obsession towards this particular vtuber.

No. 206972

I found this at basically the same time as you and listening to younow video all the way through I just don't see anything heinous going on. Like you can put this shit together, common variable immunodeficiency is a gradual onset problem and doesn't generally get diagnosed until their early to mid 20s which is plenty of time to have a kid.

She straight up Says in the interview that it's a character. Shes turned an escape from being stuck indoors into a job that pays 10x or more what other people make in a year, you'd be a fucking idiot not to.

No. 206975

We have confirmation on zentraya I believe.
Fat bald man in its 30s from a stream he did with his girlfriend at the time.

No. 207107

I need pics. All I ever found was some recording of him and her gf's voices that was vague and pointless.

That said no one in this pic is unattractive >>200660. Almost all of them are abusing filters, yeah, and Mel looks kinda weird, but I feel like whenever a vtuber gets face revealed a bunch of femanons (and scrotes pretending to be femanons) shit all over them as if they look like Chantal.

No. 207137

Exactly, nothing heinous. It just prevented me from being obsessed to this vtuber, or any other in the future. We all had preconceptions towards her IRL self, and I certainly did have one, it was shattered. I was highly against consuming vtuber contents because of this particular reason, now I got reminded on why I should've stuck to it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207171

Stop bumping the fucking thread with your asinine comments I'm going to kill you

No. 207188

You sound like a nofap coomer

No. 208130

the first vtuber threads were nuked because they attracted /vt/ scrotes, who are all extremely mentally retarded.

No. 210977

No way they're actually dating anon(sage your shit)

No. 212330

I wonder why so many stupid idiots think this is real, no wonder there so many salty useless people come here to vent on others cause they can’t do shut with their lives.(the saltiest of them all )

No. 212547

can someone reupload the interview?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212647

Half this thread is white knights. Thought I had a personal cow, didn’t know there was a thread in /w/, read it and damn. I watched this v tuber bc she makes me cringe with the pedo stuff, pee pee this, always refers to herself doing baby things bc she is smalllll. Wasnt she born late 80s early 90s? Fucking joke, super popular with the boys. Well grown ass men who are pedos on the dl

No. 212650

It should all be white knights. What a stupid thread. It's literally a nothingburger. And I thought something horrible happened. But nope, she has a kid that's it. Pathetic(then don't fucking bump it, idiot)

No. 212660

Saw someone white knighting her condition, and they weren’t even describing it properly. Didn’t sage either. Was literally a copy and paste from Google, guessing it was this scrote. Sorry your into 30yrs who abandon there kids who pretend/act to be age 6-9 yrs old. She has cvid, a serious condition, but you can still live a avg normal life, like everyone else. You don’t have to be in your room 24/7 as she claims, unless some crazy health shit went down. She is very prone to infections, but idk why that’s a reason to excuse the clear pedo baiting. She pedo baits more then belle dephaine imo, whatever her name is.

No. 212668

Didn’t even mention her kid…. I called her a child cosplayer. Poo poo, pee pee, goo goo, gaa gaa.

I don’t need diapers… okay I do… GIVE ME THE DIAPERS NOW!! UwU bs

I’m small… SMALL I SAYYYY!!!

thats stooopid, thats duuom

^^ this is what all her videos/streams are like. there ya go, she doesn’t just do the UwU voice, she does baby talk, and baby pov, it’s gross. This is why I don’t like her, and she was my personal cow. Do I need to provide YOU a reason even? Well here is the reason.

No. 212755


Don't forget she's so small but her tits are huuuuge.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212767

Yeah the model for her vtuber… even I think her recent model looks cute. you see her irl?! kek

any unattractive human male or female can become a vtuber if they are slightly witty or can pander to a pedo audience. Funny how you whine and whine about people bring up her child, but stay quite about all the pedo baiting. Seems like you can’t even excuse your sick fetish. Just go back to jerking it to your creepy fantasies, and stop trying to convince people to love your 30 yr old child wanna be

No. 212833

I heard she is moving to a "virtual content creators house". How the fuck is she gonna do that? Lol(no idea but learn2sage)

No. 212920

I also heard she is moving to Japan. It’s all speculation at this point.

No. 212921

Lmaooo, how tf is she going to move? Roll to Nipon land in a hamster bubble?(learn2sage)

No. 213142

You my friend are retarded to think sick people can’t move to different counties… at this point she twists her condition to milk her fans for money. I’m not responding to wannabe child fuckers anymore, who clearly don’t know the first thing about her condition besides what she tells you.

No. 213348

Ok, well how is she gonna get a visa then? Even if she’s perfectly healthy and just lying, you can’t just up and move to Japan, you need a visa, which she sure as hell isn’t going to get for twitch streaming/v tubing. If you could get a visa for that half of Tokyo would be gaijin streamers.

No. 213405

Hmmmm maybe that’s why I said it’s all speculation… Japan isn’t even open to the public rn bc of covid

No. 213407

Sorry I forgot to add, it is indeed retarded though to believe you can’t move counties bc “so sick” that was the point I was making. I don’t know why visas were brought up. I really don’t want to give you an education lesson on the Japanese visa system. Felix just did it, and anyone with money can. Its not how hard you’re making out to be. When covid cools down, things will pop off more in Japan. I don’t even think she is moving there, it’s all rumors at this point.

No. 213409

7 million white streamers
/vtuber in Tokyo? Sure Jan. Just because you like anime or anything Japanese doesn’t mean you wanna live there. Way to make an assumption about every single twitch streamer and vtuber. You make assumptions on peoples race too? There in the same group, they all must think and want the same thing in life, with your logic, right?

I’m pretty sure there are between 400-700 j-vloggers alone. From unsuccessful to people as popular as Chris and Conner. A lot of people really don’t want to move away from their lives, friends, and family all for a holy Japan.

No. 213462

Mouse said on stream she caught covid(not cvid like she currently has), which brings the question: how the fuck?

I'm in the camp "she's probably actually sick because who would go through all the effort of faking this very serious illness" but now I'm super doubtful. If she gets exposed as a liar this might be the biggest con in history.

No. 213466

I do believe she has some disease, but not the one she is claiming and she over exaggerates the truth. Things just don’t add up, it would be sad if this whole time she had full blown aids, and was hiding it from being embarrassed. The funny part is the disease she claims to have doesn’t lock you in a room constantly, you don’t become repunzel locked in a tower. It’s like the twitch streamer who needed a wheelchair after a accident, saw all the views and extra donations he was getting, kept it up even after he healed. It’s all a money grab. Anyone having doubt is labeled a bad person, because how can you even doubt someone who is ill?!

No. 213585

She could’ve gotten it from a family member. Just because she doesn’t leave her house, doesn’t mean her family or friends don’t.

No. 213615

last week before or during the connor subathon she told chat her parents got the flu and they would not get near her for the next 9 days… I hope its not covid.

No. 213634

It was an exaggeration dipshit. It’s not that easy to just get a visa to move countries was the point. No, not everyone wants to live there but a lot of weebs would if it was that easy to get a visa off of YouTube/twitch. Ya, Pewdiepie who’s a multimillionaire can but I’m guessing Japanese immigration won’t even give a second glance to anyone who isn’t showing several years of 6 figure income from streaming.

No. 213716

Nice demolition job, you know what they say "The Tree That Bears Fruit Will Be Stoned"
Now, we may never know what her private life really is and honestly its none of your business.
We will never know her true face or her true condition. Not without crossing the line, at which point you will be very, very SORRY!

There is one truth I know, and that's CDawgVA. IF a GigaChad like Connor testifies to this woman's sincerity, then that's all the reason I need. She could be a 40-year-old single mother or an Eldritch abomination behind the avatar for all I care. That doesn't change the fact that her streams are entertaining, and her voice is heavenly. She can keep all the secrets she wants. If she's cool with the Trash Taste Gang then she's cool to me. And that's all there is to it…(newfag)

No. 213722

nice blogpost retard, kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213774

Where is the full Interview?(learn2sage, spoonfeeding)

No. 213829

You can make an exaggeration? But other can’t? See the sarcasm before getting pissy.

No. 213831

She said her family and her ALL her family haven’t left the house since covid started so she will be “safe”

No. 213832

What we do know her true face, how high are you rn? Do you even read the past threads?

No. 214862

File: 1653433848266.jpeg (518.18 KB, 828x879, 327EF8E7-7A16-44CA-B9FB-99288D…)

Is Ironmouse as ill as all the comments make her out to be? They make it seem like she will die if she takes one step out the door, it sounds so exaggerated like a backstory in an anime.


No. 214907

Forums on Google are the same way. Everyone says how she will die if she is exposed to outside. It’s how she gets big donations.

No. 214917

She sounds like a fat huckster to me

No. 215486


How fat are you landwhale?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 215492

Not as fat as Ironmouse

No. 215515

Begone scrote, go touch yourself somewhere else.

No. 215635

File: 1653708367483.jpeg (89.01 KB, 600x600, F5C00530-A707-4F96-803E-06AA46…)


No. 215670

What's wrong, looks cute.

No. 215674

Can’t you read?

No. 215710

File: 1653756388893.jpg (249.07 KB, 955x1862, Ironmouse_Demon_Form_May_2021_…)

This can't be real, right? And why would they be going with her older, uglier model if so? This design is uglier, but the model/art is better. Wouldn't the coomer design also sell more?

No. 215741

It’s cute. Not everything has to be oversexualized

No. 215746

The new one has a lot of details so it may be the problem?(sage your shit)

No. 215856

Goddam this design is HEINOUS. Peak coomer.
And yeah the one is real, GSC themselves announced it along with a Nyanners one.

No. 215953

Picrelated is a shitty DDLG-tumblr design. Simplicity in Nendroids works the best. They are making Nyanners old design Nendo too, after all their old designs are more recognizable.

No. 215998

While the new one is kinda cute, everyone knows her for her old model, the "classic" one.

No. 216046

Both designs are over-designed shit, the first one will just become landfill in the near future.

No. 216079

This place is more obsessed with DDLG boogeymen than actual DDLG degens

No. 217052

Washington Post Gaming did a video about her

No. 217178

She’s been doing a lot of mentions of CinnamoRoll lately. It kinda makes me think she’s farming to get Sanrio’s attention for a sponsor or something.

No. 218166

Alot of things are unconfirmed like you said in your post so why everyone is talking about it like it's real and confirmed ? Also the proof you have is an interview in 2018 that doesn't exist (I clicked the link and there was no file), a tweet from 2010-2011 (anyone can photoshop a tweet with someones name), her opera voice (why can't she know how to sing in a melodic voice ? Is that a problem ?) and acting stupid for cute points (almost every vtuber does that).

No. 218170

The tweet from 2010-2011 is photoshop. Vshojo was created in 2020. How can she have Vshojo in her twitter name already ?

No. 218176

God you scrotes are so braindead kek

No. 218177

There is no proof that she has a daughter cause the twitter photo is photoshop which means that all the posts in this page that talk about her <not being with her child for 31 days> aren't quite correct cause that proff is photoshop.

No. 218179

Wow calling someone a scrote on the internet cause you don't like their arguments and also cause you can't accept that someone is famous streaming with a model.

No. 218181

How can you be sure about anyone being like this or like that ? Anything on the internet can be fake.

No. 218186

Do you? not understand how twitter works? You know you can change your username right.

No. 218191

I don't use twitter why would I know how it works.

No. 218194

Ok i understand now. The photo was taken from her twitter of nowadays but how do i find that tweet in her twitter ?

No. 218199

Just ignore him, he won’t stop bitching if you give him attention bc again like you said they are brain dead

No. 218203

How can you claim something is photoshopped if you can’t grasp the basics of the platform it comes from. Men always try to explain and talk over someone even when they don’t understand the subject. That why you’re sperging uncontrollably? Your pushing this thread to the top because you don’t even understand how this website works. So please killyourself you brain dead scrote.

No. 218230

No. 218290

just realized exactly how horseshit her character's design looks now that I'm seeing a full body of it. looks like a 10 year old girl's gacha life avatar

No. 218291

alright, well fuck me, this one's way worse. absolute mess

No. 218376

Friend, its true. I was there when she deleted it. I remember someone on 4chan was making a thread about her and he showed us the twitter where she talked about her daughter, she never hide it but i think after the dox she choose to deleted it. You can try to find the thread if you want. In this same interview she tells us about how this pregnancy almost killed her it was way before her fungal infection when she had a "normal" life, after the infection her system took to much damage and now she really cant live house because of that. About the nick "vshojo" on the pic its kinda obvious, the post is from 2010 but the pics were taken in 2021.
My guess is that she closed her life from internet because people are stupid and its probably hurts like hell not raise your own child because she can kill you.
People who says her sickness is fake are dumb. She already gave us more than enough proof of that, people on this thread dont watch mouse or are her just because is cool to hate vtubers.
PS: found the thread where people leaked the twitter

No. 218426

This is good video. She is so open about so many things i guess that why she dont talk about this things anymore. Btw anyone else saw her "detroit become human" gameplay? She had a really bad reaction on one scene with domestic violence, i guess this explains a lot.

No. 219145

I wonder what's wrong with Ironmouse taking money from male fans to support their teenage daughter and give her a better home, I mean for any woman that's quite an achievement.
I mean, she didn't breaking her health and getting old in a fkn job or putting up with an old or ugly guy with money for obtain the money and the new house..

No. 219173

Youre the same scrote that loses your shit. Give it a break.

No. 219415

the problem is that she normalizes pedos

No. 219418

I'll bite. Since I'm only in the j volgger thread and don't know anything about vtubers.

I read the list and even saw her design. Nothing screams pedo.just childish personality wise

No. 219431

Knew you were the same damn anon. Stop bumping this thread, if you don’t want people talking. You clearly don’t know much about her. I’m not gonna spoon feed ya either.

No. 219433

Talking about what? I read through this and want to know what is considered pedo? How hard is it to answer? I've been reading through and it's all fake garbage I need someone to describe where the milk is(sage your shit)

No. 219447

You claim to read so much, but yet don’t understand how the website works. No point in spoon-feeding a retard

No. 219541

Yeah, She was having a breakdown on a scene about an abusive father. I think she said something like "You can't reason with these kinds of people", speaking from experience it seems.

Her life is just tragic, at least she's doing well at present, but there is always death looming and the pain of living like that.

No. 219658

You just get unbanned? You’re not very anonymous.

No. 220453

Yeah… For anyone who wants to see it here: https://youtu.be/gWrpymbwnus?t=10506
My assumption is that it used to be a lot more easy for her to talk about his life and the people around her when she was a 50ish streamer but now that she gets 10k on every stream i think she dont feel safe anymore, specially when she says "my ex was a bad man" by the way she react on that scene and her actions i can only assume it was really bad for her and the kid, maybe she is hiding from him all this time and fame was bad for her in this aspect.

No. 220518

fuck off back to your safe space newfag

No. 220673

they were a couple playing the voice. the whole thing about it being a fat bald man was just something that spergs who hate vtubers came up with as some kind of gay cope

that being said, Ironmouse is part of a company known for being trash. vshojo only hires trash talents and have in the past wanted to have people like demondice karen (who plays mori) and keekhime (who plays kiara).

No. 222337

Mori is one of the biggest English VTubers and her stuff as Demondice is getting kinda popular. Not saying she's good at what she does or her music, but this reads like a sperg post too

No. 222608

I don't know if it's just me but all these clips lately of her passing out on stream or having memory lapses/seeming pretty stoned from whatever meds she's on.. It's just weird to me how her followers think a highly medicated woman passing out or being incoherent is about the cutest thing they've ever witnessed? It's either worrying that she's in that state of barely being cognizant while live.. or it's being exaggerated for effect. I don't know which is a worse scenario.

No. 222609

Yeah this is really weird. I feel like she has to be faking it but that's creepy as fuck too

No. 222610

Gotta be like irl anime kek

No. 222635

If you watched her you would know everyone is worried about her but she ask everyone to just chill and do worry about it. She is taking really heavy shit for her "ligma". I think she said some of her meds are opioids based thats why she seems very stoned most of the time. She have a nurse and a doctor taking care of her almost 24/7 so its not like she is ignoring her health. She just makes jokes about it and takes it lighty because there is really nothing to do but to wait the ligma to end and her followers just goes with it, no one would win anything stressing her even more about her health, she actually hates people trying to be her carer.

No. 222703

I do watch her? I know she has covid and has had it a while but if she doesn't want people acting concerned.. take a break rather than passing out on lives? The main thing these clip channels are all sharing lately are her slurring like crazy and falling asleep on stream. It's on her what she puts out. Why be live in that state?

No. 222705

She slept on stream once and since then people keep asking her to sleep and rest but she dont want it at some point chat tried to convice her to sleep on stream but she dont want it. Like she said "if i not streamer i will just spent my time depressed and think stupid things. I prefer spent this time streaming" also her doctor already told her that she may have the long covid so it will at best take her 3 months to get hid of it.
At the end of the day its her decision and her body if she think she can handle it all we can do is to accept it.

No. 222714

>but her chat said
>but she said
>but her doc said
>all we can do is to accept it
Nonny a reminder that you are on lc. She chooses to put out content 'zooted' and while her audience is largely positive about it and oohing and awwing over just how adorable that is.. let us have one non-retarded space where we don't have to listen to tards who eat up her every word and quote her dumb shit like calling covid ligma.

No. 222727

>demondice the pickme who wrote a song that included her bragging about being a yellow-fevered retard and wanting asian dick
>keekihime is a known drama-seeking leech who always suicide-baited on twitter and facebook to get donations for her 'trip to nippon', shittalked venus and other weebs on twitter out of jealousy, even during nico days she would make dramafag streams
holy newfaggotory

No. 222742

What do you want? You guys are talking about her based in random clips out of context or things someone that never watched her says, even the original OP of this thread didnt take his time to watch the video him posted a lot of information about her is lost because people dont clip it, like the meltdown she had in the sunday. The only useful information here is her daughter, the abusive ex and one pic from her face, everything else is a bunch of people talking out their asses or complaining about "she doing this, she did that".
Like i said she loves streaming, she will probably stream from her deathbed if they allow it this is the kinda of person she is and her audience knows it, no one is awwwing or ouun'ing her people are very concerned but its her decision. If you had watched the video OP posted you would she that "she already bet 2 expiration date" and she is stubborn as fuck.

No. 222767

Yeah, with death knocking on the door and her love for being with people all the time, i would do the same. All the fuss with what people are thinking are probable not in her mind.

No. 222867

If people are dumb enough to think her Disney-movie-on-helium singing is "opera singing," then I guess they're dumb enough to think she really just sits on Twitch in an iron lung, death knocking at her door while she fakes a voice with a chronic illness that supposedly affects her lungs.

No. 222878

ffs I'm not saying Demondice is some based queen, she's an alcoholic fuckup and her raps are terrible. But the only people who think she isn't a big vtuber is some butthurt Holoscrote brainrotted with parasocial dementia.

Also I said nothing about keekihime but sperg more.

No. 222951

Some of the squeaky uwu lil girl noises that have been coming out of her lately while she has her memory blackouts or as she nods off really sealed it for me that it's way too put on to not just be disgusting. I obviously always knew the voice was heavily leaned into but to be having a moment of mental absence and yet keep the act up, That's too much to stomach. Her white knights itt can think otherwise if they want but I'm done buying much of it

No. 223058

The day Mouse's act gets exposed is gonna be thermonuclear for the vtuber community kek

No. 223152

Pretty much everyone avoids Vsluts like the plague, mostly due to nyanners but every single one of that group of hated by actual vtube autists and the ones who don't hate them are just braindead children or japanese or trannies who buy into their "wholesome but super lewd by mistake" act.

No. 223182

Holy shit, what if she has HI V instead of CVID?

No. 223295

The treament for both are very different it would be easier for her to have both than HIV dont go with the tards on this thread.
Basically theres no milk to be had and the milk we have are old as hell. We are at the point of "i think this" and "maybe that". I think it will kinda hard to get anything because she keeps her personal life very closed (with some rare slips) and never causes dramas, most of the time she is dragged on them but if you guys want to talk shit about her how about talk about her awful discord server? Even prisons are less regulated and full of rules than that shit.

No. 223313

Does Nyanners have any milk or is it the same, boring, ancient "she said the niggerwiord on 4chan when she was 14" facts the wokescolds and redditors keep bringing up

No. 223772

What proof does anyone have that she's a grown woman? Plus, if you dont like her, then just dont watch her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223773

Read the fucking rules, newfag. If we go by your logic, why the hell are you in this thread at all?

No. 223812

nona the op isn't even that well made, the accusations of mispronouncing words on purpose is just bullshit. Anybody who's met or is a hispanic will know those are normal things to say(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223828

Ok whiteknight.

No. 223855

You tried.

No. 223898

It’s only 1 single white night that comes here every few days to defend this women. It’s really sad at this point. Why do you care what other people think?

No. 223901

You sound like every other stan in her youtube clip comment to a T.

No. 224438

it's the same old, but I guess a lot of people just feel weird that she never apologized for it and posted a load of loli bait for 4chan

a little OT but VShojo related, what's going on with Hime Hajime? She literally just doesn't stream but is still with one of the biggest vtuber agencies, I don't understand it.

No. 224537

i think she is a project gone wrong and no one wants to admit it failed. If i not wrong she was banned on her first stream because her boobs was too big and she was bussy with her "real" projects, doubt she will stream anytime soon as she recently married.

No. 224580

It's weird to see an opportunity just handed to someone who has no interest. VShojo opened applications ages ago for new members and didn't even bother choosing anyone yet. They should graduate Hime

No. 224729

Hime is literally Syd from TT, nonna…

No. 224901

I sound like a wk but Nyanners did "apologize" on her Tumblr years ago and took down her Pomf video

Also wanting people to say sorry for being 1 year old chanfags is peak woke shit

Hime barely streams because she's Sydsnap and would rather do stuff with her channel and TT. Vshoujo is garbage because they pretend to be a big Western Vtuber corp but half their "talent" barely go online. Hololive is idolshit but at least they treat their streaming gig like a real job.

No. 224902

lmao I meant 14 year old

No. 224933

Nyanners will always be the 4chan child that got away. No matter what she does people will always pick on her because her past.
Vshojo seems to be too fexible for its own sake. I cant imagine put hime with mouse, zen and nyaners, does she even have a public? I was watching mouse early and half of chat didnt knew who was the blonde girl and why she was there with the others. LOL

No. 225052

Archived tweets from 2010 and 2011:
>Talks about her daughter
>Deletes after rising to popularity and people start to catch on

This is so fake lmao Vshojo founded in 2020, aint a thing in 2010,2011(imageboard)

No. 225091

If you're gonna be retarded about how Twitter works, at least don't bump the thread to advertise your retardation.

No. 225120

This is an imageboard

No. 225178

Are you a moron or never owned a twitter account?

No. 225269

File: 1656800372228.jpeg (425 KB, 828x717, E028BC5E-032B-4F35-A595-5B25B5…)

Connor just had to drag his friends into this retarded ~terminal illness~ animu girl delusion

No. 225306

This is so fucking cringe. They should all be ashamed for taking part in the delusion

No. 225448

Is anyone surprised? Her brand is built on her sickness.

No. 225525

What I'll always find hilarious about her is being in the medical field, even a CNA is gonna tell you. If you're too sick to go to irl events to the point of needing a tablet to "appear" you're too sick to be sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. Any critical thinking on it throws her entire story out. Sure she has issues doubt she's lying about that. But the entire thing makes me think of that guy that faked needing a wheelchair and got caught standing in stream.

No. 225530

This is the kind of shit people do with their friends as a joke. What the fuck

No. 225562

Connor is supposed to be the least degen, for being disgusted by lolis, yet he enables and builds his career around this loli cartoon. Literally makes sexual content for children and pedos. So wholesome and kawaii!

No. 225670

File: 1656889712133.jpeg (309.03 KB, 828x474, C0171978-37E0-4E06-BAD4-9D15FA…)

Wow! She sure sounds like someone who can die at any moment! @ :09

No. 225677

True. You could hear everyone crying the moment after this clip because of the fact she could die any minute.

No. 225679

100% this

No. 225680

If you don’t like what people have to say here just don’t read or post. Please leave forever newfag white knight.

No. 225689

Ah, yes those tears, give me those tears. I love it they are salty, they are so salty. Grab your little blanky and hold tight…. While you bear witness

No. 225728

File: 1656914609410.jpg (24.96 KB, 480x497, e62fcb0a808859d1f7a63c9e181593…)

Yes thank you. That's what I've been thinking since I first heard about her. Have you ever been so sick that you can't go outside? did you ever feel like streaming on twitch while you were that sick? and she supposedly can't even brush past a flower without dying yet she can cackle and yell and stream 24/7? and she's had a kid? what??

Maybe she is sick but I can't help but feel like she is hamming it RIGHT up and larping as that sick girl from SAO who is "full dive" or whatever. pic related

No. 225742

You think what she's doing is really that hard by today's technology. Because I've seen even blind people stream using braille keyboards. What I'm saying is it's not uncommon for persons with disabilities to stream. If they have the right setup

No. 225750

Agreed, she's also been fairly clear that her condition is much worse some days and better others, and has cancelled streams when she's unwell.

I'm all for calling out weird shit she does, but this reeks of accusing people with invisible illnesses or disabilities that they're faking it because they are able to do some things some of the time. If she's taking bedrest and getting good medical care there's no reason why she wouldn't have days where she's bubbly.

No. 225759

“There is no way my precious sped streamer is lying about their uwu ultra rare diseases that makes them so sickly they cant even leave the house and need 24/7 care and instead of spending said time with the literal child this person supposedly has, shes larping as a badly drawn big titty animu character on twitch and screeching nonstop for her retard audience cause everybody has good and bad days! Its not an act!”
No wonder she can keep the grift going for so long kek Imagine comparing being blind to an actual illness that she has in detail explained leaves her literally debilitated and is supposedly life threatening to a point where she can pass at any time lol.

No. 225765

she keeps it as vague as possible and yet sooper serious so idiots like above can cry "noo don't forget invisible illnesses nonnies! good and bad days" stfu, you're falling for it

I bet she is mild, MAYBE moderately, sick but she's fat as fuck and can't move and she lives online and never goes outside so add some depression and fucked-up brain from too much internet use… yeah I bet she IS actually sick and getting worse and it's mostly her own doing

No. 225769

Well, I can't really help you with that. If you can't believe what her friends and acquaintances say about her, then the only way to know is for you to examine her yourself… And get arrested in the process.

But hey, at least you'll have the satisfaction of telling the world you were right all along OR be wrong and despair in your own stupidity…(sage)

No. 225770

I just think it's weird that anons are so desperate to tear her apart for that when there are so many other things to criticise her for like sitting staring at the screen in silence while her community watches anime on discord, literally doing nothing for hours on end but talking nonsense and making silly noises, and weak low effort react content.

No. 225779

i cant wait for all the schizo post we will get when people on this board discover about the subathon she is planning for this month. OH BOI.

No. 225780

If she's sick or obese, either way, how can she forcefully fake that high-pitched voice for hours at a time? That would hurt even a regular person's throat after a while

No. 225797

tf? what about being a childrens entertainer/prostitute hybrid. What about taking on the appearance of a sexualised child (loli) whilst making googoo gaga baby noises. How's that for other things to critisize her for. How many actual retards has she oh so innocently guided one step closer to pedophilia?

Some of you are just ridiculous, yea anon lets all focus on something completely meaningless and boring. Go on then, let's hear you provide interesting discourse over what you consider big deal topics such as organizing shitty anime movie nights for her discord server.

No. 225799

>There's other milk and no one's talking about it!
Stop complaining and post the milk then.

No. 225800

i just did retard(infighting)

No. 225807

Are you brain dead or dropped as a baby? Mentioning milk doesn't count, post the content. You brain dead fuck.(infighting)

No. 225823

There's no more milk just a bunch of people going full balistic on rrat and "professional physicians".
Post some milk or stop this stupid rant, no one cares.

No. 225873

The amount of white knights here is baffling

No. 226174

Just admit there's no actual milk and go. rrat theories she's faking everything isn't milk

No. 227519

Nah, if there were actual vtuber WKs it would be obvious. Be glad this isn't a hololive thread

No. 229001

Everything OP said is pretty much a lie. I watched a few of her streams to get an accurate opinion. She mispronounces SOME words. Not as often as you’re making it seem. She’s never claimed to be any age from what I’ve found, so I don’t know why her being older than what you assumed is a bad thing? She usually streams about 8 hours a day, which is like a normal job. So, she has plenty of time to see her daughter before and after. She did a Subathon once and she made bank. Good for her. But while she was “sleeping” on stream she could have also been spending time with her daughter and you wouldn’t know because her tuber model is “sleeping”. It’s not like she wears her rig to sleep. Lol I just don’t understand why people hate the weirdest things. Is she something I would watch? Well no, but for those that want to and pay her, why are you mad about it? You man babies get your panties in a bunch over the dumbest things. “This vtuber is making money and I’m mad about it!”. Call me whatever you want after this post too, I don’t give a damn you bunch of babies.(wk-ing newfag)

No. 229009

you’re really fucking retarded.

No. 229038

summerfag pls
also not reading all that shit and she won’t either

No. 230662

Actually about what OP says, the same brittish youtuber Connor CDawgVA himself stablished so 2 years ago or so, that she was older than himself, even older than Akidearest (she is gonna be 29 this year) so she could be, indeed the same age as Chris Broad/Garnt or even older).

She is a millennial trying to act like a zennial.. and also quite cougar.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 231526

The projekt Melody one, i don't know about that one chief
I looked up the image of that face in particular and it takes me to a cam girl who doesn't sound anything like her and seems to be still active.
Here: https://twitter.com/marsmayhem42
I'm not saying that the rest are bad because that's nyanners, there are many photos of her hanging around, froot shares her cosplays on her twitter so it's not a revelation, but at least Melody is not that girl
I don't know the legitimacy of the rest, individually the rest of the faces are dead ends(imageboard)

No. 231736

Moid doesn't know what a vox changer is or how to critical think about timelines. Sorry to tell you that your hentai princess is in fact just a midwest 7 with her best filters and shoop.

No. 231760

Man, why so unnecessarily aggressive? I think you are too emotionally invested in this shit to realize that I am not defending anyone, If two photos coincide, but one leads to a random cam girl, why does it bother you so much that i questions the other photos? I am just giving the facts of what I found
If those photos coincide or not, it does not change the fact that you hate these v-whores who make money pretending to be animegirls because you die of envy of that easy money they do.
so yea, again Melody's photo leads to a random cam girl, the others I did not find anything, maybe someone else can find something more

No. 231771

This is why moids are not welcome here.
So sad I have to spell it out for you that the cam girl is Melody. Twitter even outs her the same way youtube does to chubbas.
Vsluts aren't like other corp chubbas they don't have to hide who they are or stop other income.
Please go back to your safe space on /vt/ with your brain rot

No. 231775

Then leave

No. 231780

It seems to me that the one who needs a safe place is you, that cannot bear the fact that perhaps (not really but that's what you assume) I think differently
To be honest your oversensitivity and emotional investment takes you to the extreme of not realize that I only said what I found! or just give your opinion, but not, you insult me with childish arguments, trying to offend me haha I've already argued with enough extremists feminist and overly sensitive progres bitches like you to recognize the pattern
again, I'm not defending anyone, Melody's photo goes to this camgirl: https://twitter.com/marsmayhem42, personally it doesn't seem to be her, I didn't find any indication or evidence that is her but maybe it is her, if someone provides confirmation it would be appreciated, the rest do not give any results for what I could search
To be honest Ironmouse looks too healthy to be someone with years of illness, I would expect a more "destroyed" face but can be an old photo ooooor maybe not be her idk, my point is the lack of evidence

No. 231784

None of the shojo sluts are reading that and neither am I
Good luck with your autism

No. 231785

Don't waste your time arguing with that fagot
He's too damn bad of hate for vtubers to understand anything different from an insult or an incel opinion
The foto of ironmouse can be the old one that she share on discord whit others vtubers, lordaethelstan reacted to the photo once, without showing it

No. 231787

I'm sorry kid, for you being an oversensitive who didn't understand my first comment about just what I found, I really don't wish you luck, fuck you and this vtubers, thanks for the laughs

No. 231789

Leave and cry simp no1curr that you can't accept you wasted all your income on a troon looking genderspecial

No. 231790

By insulting me you validate what I say, I'm not a fan of them, I'm not defending them, my first comment was about what I found when I looked for that photo, nothing else, personally I think it's most likely that they are all uglier than the girls in that pic, you argue with me because you are highly sensitive, your delicate self-esteem did not allow you to see that I only doubted the veracity of the photos(sage your shit)

No. 231792

That's a good point, I didn't know about that detail, in that case it could be ironmouse but the photo is very old, very protected to produce results? I didn't dig too much either but pay attention on the primary results, it's a posibility tho

No. 231820

dude stop bitching until you at least are cable of saging. are you brain dead? how is this so hard for you?

No. 231859

Why is it so hard for you to understand that I don't defend anyone and that you insult me ​​for no reason? If you start an argument, don't cry because I stand by my position

No. 232053

still no milk only malding. If i not wrong this mouse photo is from instagram maybe from before 2018 you can see the curative over the port if you look hard.

No. 233565


In another interview she did that year she would admit that she lied about the child cause she didn't think that just someone with cvid would be enough to bring people's attention and admitted that she was in the wrong and would drop the lie(learn2sage)

No. 233618

You’re literally here every week talking to no one. Yet you still can’t sage. If you care so much let the thread die so annoying

No. 233660

so what's the name of the guy that's interviewing her?(namefagging newfag)

No. 233669

do you have any proof or sauce? like a clip or something? legitimate question, because anyone can come here and say what they want if they don't have proof

No. 233690

I dont think what you said was ever mentioned on 4ch#n, so i call it a bs. If you are going to tell something like that, bring proof.

No. 234150

yeah i will call bullshit on this one. Makes no sense and you have no proof. Find the video like op and we maybe have something.

No. 236389

Fake us fuck. Do you know how easy it is to fake a tweet she isn't in her 30's nor does she have a daughter. Fuck wads

No. 236560

kek kys retarded scrote she literally admitted to having a child both with her own voice using her own model and posted it on twitter. keep sending her your money tho i'm actually glad women can grift inbred scrotes like you to this extent. it's what you deserve for being born a low iq subhuman

No. 236705

LOL accept it. She being 30 or have a kid changes nothing. She talks all the time about her life before get very sick. Do you think she was praying and saving it for you anon? Watch the video someone posted here, she talks about it and how abusive her ex husband was.

No. 236787

>Reputation tied directly to Vshojo
>Reputation tied directly to twitch
>If she's a fraud, the reputation of both takes a huge tanking
I'm sure neither of these multimillion dollar companies have never checked to see if she was legit
I'm sure a few fags with fake twitter posts (from a year before vshojo even existed) know the truth
I'm sure the abusive husband and rape child exist but you can't link either

No. 236796

Since you're too much of a low iq scrote to use Google, here's your proof.
Right from the whores mouth kek
Starts at 1hr11mins since I know you're too much of an inbred mouthbreather to be able to read or figure it out yourself
Now please stop shitting up the thread with your unsaged whiteknighting autism. Genuinely consider suicide if you cannot accept proof when it is given to you numerous times.

No. 236799


Link that actually jumps to the post before your crippling retardation forces you to make yet another post whiteknighting this grifting whore

No. 236804

>a file 3000 pages into a 6000 page thread
>Not even a hour passes between replies before you have to pop back up and remind thread what a fag you are
>file was deleted anyway kek

be honest fag, you got dono walled two years ago and haven't got over it, have you

No. 236806

Peach, the white knighting is such cancer it’s like the same 2 people that keep coming bad to shit up the thread

No. 236868

>purposely ignores the link to the exact post where the grifting whore admits to having a daughter herself
Kek there's truly no salvaging scrotes like you. Please seek the nearest fertility clinic and request a sterilization (not that any woman on earth would ever fuck you) since someone with such ineptitude and low iq should never reproduce. Death by guillotine would be to kind, you deserve to suffer for simply being born inferior.

No. 236886

I hope these insults sound better in your head because holy fuck reading this thread is pure kek

No. 236899

No. 236900

learn to sage braindead fag

No. 236907

File: 1659746152676.jpeg (88.09 KB, 750x561, 972802C3-331A-4BEA-8FD8-772273…)

Hang yourself samefagging scrote

No. 237529

Well, aren't you all having fun in here. Vtuber turns out being so uncontroversial that fights break out over how controversial she really is. It's ironic to see you call out how pathetic virgin-weeb-simps are, yet all you do here is shit on internet famous people. You think that's less pathetic?

So, from what i've seen of Ironmouse she seems unable to move around, gets regularly checked on by nurses, and have a permanent feeding tube in her abdomen. Have you ever heard of the minecraft youtuber GoodTimesWithScar? There, in a few videos, you can see on camera exactly the type of setup Mouse describes. Scar has afaik never specified his condition beyond "a neuromuscular disease", but it basically paralyzes a lot of his body. He can't walk. He can't breathe properly so he needs extra oxygen. He can't eat so he's fed through a j-tube in his abdomen. The last time his j-tube was changed he got an infection and eventually needed surgery to fix it. Shit's rough but dude is jolly.

I can't say i've ever seen either of them milk their condition for sympathy. They can talk about it when people ask, but there's no fucking puppy dog eyes or hints of imminent death. If anything they insist that they don't want any pity because it's irrelevant to their content. Most of their content is, y'know, content. If you can call streaming and gaming "content".

As a final addendum, Ironmouse said in some interview that becoming rich has let her go from being supported by her parents, to supporting her parents. She's payed off all her medical bills and bought them a house.

Is it really that unbelievable that some puerto rican happen to be both disabled and a horny weeb? I'm probably a white knight fag etc, but i think y'all should just go outside and have a snickers.

No. 237542

I never read this thread because I don't give a shit any Vtubers but I just clicked in here and no one's reading that shit. Go back to Reddit and jack off to 2D models run by women who will never want you, no matter how many subs you buy.

No. 237546

Says the guy who probably have a folder full of pics of girls from instagram that her can't get close because he lacks any skill necessary to be a normal human so he spent most of his time here shitting in people he doesn't know just to fell a bit better.

No. 237649

Jesus christ, consider suicide

No. 237736

who is this essay for? I doubt many or any anons will read it. You take your meds today?

No. 237738

Do you know where you are? Do you shit up 4chan this way? Or do you only have a problem with women speaking their minds?

No. 237777

Look at the smart fags pretending they didn't read through the "essay," realise the good points made there and realise they have nothing clever to say in response.

I hope your parents know what they gave up.

No. 237874

wut?I don't give a shit. I here just waiting for the promised milk and all i get is schizoposting or someone sperging about how fake she is without show anything for it.
5 months and all i got was a old interview where she talked about her condition, treatment, daughter and ex husband.

No. 238186

this page is so cancer i stg, full of a bunch of retarded incels who love to vent about things they know nothing about just to feel better

No. 238188

No. 238190

Just let the cancer keep talking to himself, no point in interacting.

No. 238192

5 months shitting up a dead thread. Kek. Obsess harder.

No. 238478


exactly the same as what you're doing?
hope MENSA knows about you, big brained fuck

No. 238657

No retard your bumping it

No. 240197

Ironmouse used to have pictures of her with tubes up her nose on Instagram. Also I asked Truth Crab (ironmouse’s best friend and lover during early streaming days) if he can confirm if she is sick. He ignored my message and blocked me. He seems very protective over her till this day.

No. 240199

Ironmouse used to make truthcrab fill in for long periods during streams so that she can inject medication into he blood stream. I saw an old photo of her tagged by an old friend of hers, and she is a very beautiful woman. No wonder she can bewitch men like Conner with millions of follows. I mean I’m beautiful Japanese women with big tits and truth crab chose ironmouse over me. Even after sending him lots of shameless nudes. Lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240492

Stop replying to yourself.

No. 240682

i think you scared the shit out of him. The man had gone full ghost in everything or you broke his heart again making him remember her KEK

No. 241435

Wow, the impotent rage in some of these posts.
The absolute painal on display.
Cope harder boys, keep hating and slowly get washed away like so much human scum.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 241797

i used to skype her back in the day. she certainly isnt a good looking person. i dont wanna dox but ill say she is over 50 years old(post proof or sage your shit)

No. 241811

Don't even follow this person but she has a child and her face is posted upthread, she's in her 30s not 50.

No. 241890

Don’t even respond, it’s this weird wk that will make clearly untrue statements and shit on the cow, then go crazy and spam white knights things. Really bizarre.

No. 241900

Tourist go back to twitch

No. 242396

I mean theres a study showing that south american women age like milk.

No. 242476

Really? I googled that and all that comes up are articles about studies showing how they age slower.

No. 242602

First time here. No way all of the OP is true. If it is, does Connor know?(newfaggotry)

No. 242614

Don't come back

No. 242616

Was it something I said?

No. 242689

Most of the incels here don't accept that you even suggest that something is not how they think it is, those who really argue something interesting or give evidence are the minority, I would tell you to pay attention to those who give evidence and ignore the incel who only insult

No. 242784


Watching this scrote talk to himself in this thread is fucking wild. It’s a full blown conversation, with himself. Get help.

No. 243003

I'm just shocked is all. I'm willing to buy it, having seen the evidence, but I can't believe I had such a wrong impression.

No. 243075

i jelq during all of ironmouse's streams and think about how much better the world would be if it was barren of life

No. 243441

you sound like the same poorly performed abortion that only insults people but hey at least some of us are here to laugh and be curious(infighting)

No. 243442

Same here, I'm surprised that she has a daughter among other things

No. 243490

No. 243888

Not seeing a whole lot of proof of a lot of these claims, also seeing a lot of straight up false info.

>Archived tweets from 2010 and 2011:

Except Ironmouse hasn't even existed that long online, she created her account in 2017

Oops, I pointed out something blatantly incorrect, time to get called a wk fag lmao

Was wondering if I'd find actual dirt here, sad to see it's just a bunch of incels in an echo chamber.

No. 243940


Just pointing out that a few thousand dollars does improve her health, just from the simple fact that she can afford better Healthcare.

No. 243941

Not sure why it's not here anymore, but one of the first few posts had a working link to the 2-hour long interview that has evidence directly from her mouth. You just missed it.

What do you believe is false info? Also, I'm curious, are you by any chance here because of her recent statement that marriage is a scam?

No. 243954

It can always be the same twitter account but using a different name. Your tweets dont get deleted if you change your username AND her account was made in 2009. Are you stupid?

No. 244043

we know you are the same anon because you never learn how to fucking sage.

No. 244771

They do know how to sage, that’s what makes it more crazy. He will sage and unsage replying to himself. He just comes in at least once a week to say “no proof of claims I’m new”

Does he even realize he is pressing a dead thread to the top? Who knows? Guessing they are a minor.

No. 245390

idk about twitter posts but OP's video is real, Connor must know, all that "I love milfs" thing must be a huge inside joke LOL

No. 245393

>>243888 the video is real, look for 2680021-8d2377689adf835effc9f0a6562cf77c.mp4(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 246888

Had never heard of ironmouse before. Was watching this among us video and she straight up DCs and leaves the game when some guy makes fun of her voice lmao

No. 248639

anyone else see jessica nigri made a video of doing cosplay of ironmouse?

i had never heard of ironmouse before so i went to her stream just now. holy shit her voice is so fake and inauthentic. you can definitely tell it's an older woman doing a "cutesy" voice.

her stream is so boring too. she's just playing crane games. why do so many people watch her? there's way better v-tubers (even though the whole community is cringe)

No. 249142

Time stamp? There’s no way on god’s green earth I’m listening to XQC for 30 minutes

No. 249148

It's at about 1:20 she says "what da fuck" in her fake voice then at around 2:40 he mocks her "wha daa fuckk" when she tries to defend herself in the game then goes silent and instantly leaves, everyone becomes awkward and chat spams pepesad then she comes back later on and tries to say her internet disconnected

No. 249481

my only problem with this woman is that she always plays the 'pure victim' card in anything just to get people to keep feeling pity for her and build even more parasocial bonds. people only know for being 'she's about to die!!!' woman behind a digital avatar with 'oh my god, such amazing, such great OPERA VOICE' that pops out once in a while.

No. 249529


She sounds like an obnoxious prepubescent boy half the time… I really can't stand most Vtubers and youtube personalities, especially in videos like these where everyone's trying to outshine each other by being the loudest, most "wacky" personality. Literal nothings who think they're interesting enough to broadcast their mundane lives to the world because other parasocial losers with nothing going on in their lives put them on a pedestal. I wouldn't mind them so much if they were actually interesting but they're so full of themselves, it makes me wanna puke.

No. 250163

Stop watching corpo VTubers, they all get egos and put out terrible content. If you wanna waste your life watching jpegs talk on the internet, look around for smaller streamers, a bunch of them are relatively normal and never get into drama or grifting

No. 250901

Do it coward

No. 250911

You get him anon, I bet they won't even post their face.

No. 250918

File: 1663964282639.png (170.68 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220923-161006.png)

Interview needs re-up, or on a better host, maybe catmoe? :<(:<)

No. 251646

I'm pretty sure I found the video on twitter.


Please confirm this is the correct video and reupload elsewhere for posterity.

No. 251759

Taken down by a company called muso (muso.com) within hours. I gotta say, I've actually been a fan of mouse for a bit, but her trying to memory hole this from the internet along with her having public tantrums over smaller channels restreaming her have really started to change my view on her.

I don't even care that she has a fucking kid. It's when internet people get this fucking entitlement to think that they can just erase information about them online and still collect a check on it.

Anyway, reuploaded to catbox… let me know any other providers that don't immediately cuck to false dmca.


No. 251761

… Dude stop bumping this dead thread. No one cares about your feelings.

No. 251868

I know I'm gonna get shit for saying this, but are we sure Mouse is the one trying to hide her kid, and not her employer trying to hide it for her?

No. 251968

manys rrats. One say she is afraid of dox after the one gura suffered. Another one is about her ex and she trying to hide from him…
Personally i bet on the gura thing because she only started to purge her past after this.

No. 251994

She may have been lying about the kid in the same way shes lying or at least exaggerating about the illness.

Think about it like this. She and her employer are professionals, they have access to media strategists with the goal of maximising profits. They know that being 'just another ewhore' wont cut it. They tried the child-having angle but didn't like the result, so they want to bury their mistake and are running with this illness story instead. Seems to be working for them.

Conclusion: dont trust any of these people they are professional liars and deceivers.

No. 251999

you only fail in one point. When she first talked about her child she wasn't even part of vshojo, hell she wasn't even a twitch streamer. She was a less than 50 viewer streamer on a now defunct app.
At least do your reps man.

No. 252036

How long ago is this clip? And damn her kid is 10. Makes me wonder how old she actually is. Just makes the Connor and her shipping more akward

No. 252057

It's cool. Checks with the milf fetish

No. 252060

This doesnt discount anything, 50 viewers per stream is enough to get the ball rolling. The whole point is to use these stories to get efame and then money.

Its also possible she started as an unmonetised troll, but to me looks like one of her first attempts, which she is trying now to bury.

No. 252068

i think you give too much credit to someone whp doesnt even know how to fix her own audio.

No. 252074

People lie online every day for absolutely no reason. This person very obviously has a curated persona and appearance you won't find anyone faker than a vtuber.

Just pointing out that we know absolutely nothing about this person, except from what they themselves tell us. One thing is certain though, they want to bury this 10 year old child story.

No. 252077

File: 1664455977233.png (19.6 KB, 112x112, 1664137729056138.png)

anon let me tell you with facts why your theory is dumb and needs more reps.
There's a old blog post from 2011 (i will not post the link here go find it) written by someone called "ironmouse" where the person in question talks about her childhood, school, the first time she met her husband, how he would beat the shit of her and isolate her from world and how get pregnant saved her because give her strength to fuck off her ex. In the same post she tell how the doctors finally diagnosed her with CVID and how it changed her life.
2011 anon, looooongggggg before vtubing was a thing, long before being a streamer for a job was a thing. She even had her socials linked to that account, you could go to her facebook.
You see anon, if you wil start a rrat at least do your reps.

No. 252079

>proceeds to use an imageboard to whiteknight someone
>doesn't show any proofs other than 'that happened'
>doesn't even bother achieving the blogpost and link it

No. 252103

why should i spoonfeed you fuckers?
Even the faggots in 4chan were posting this link not long ago. I'm sure you guys are capable enough to find it.

No. 252126

You could park a car between those eyebrows.

Has Veibae's face been leaked yet? She's the one I find the most unfunny and annoying.

No. 252137

File: 1664472476300.png (767.35 KB, 494x883, chrome_lV3eLxYiOU.png)


only pictures she ever posted publicly on her twitter before the vtuber shit were shooped to high heaven but here you go, veibae face

No. 252142

omg that's some terrible photoshop lol. so she's either insecure or painfully average i guess

No. 252144

I think it's a little of column A, a little of column B. There really is no advantage to the public knowing that the actress portraying the character Ironmouse has a child. Or knowing who she is period. She's not Jane Doe, she's the voice of a cartoon character. Of course there is a little difference in the fact that the streamers are probably putting in their true personalities more than a straight up actress would…but like, she's not an anime girl. She may not even actually be playing a lot of the games that she plays, or whatever. She may be reading from a pre-prepared script. There is zero advantage to knowing who she really is, and the circumstances of her life, for anyone involved. Ironmouse gets a nice paycheck and the adulation of some randos on Twitch. The parent company gets a check. No one has to worry about stalkers, in the best case scenario, or the true woman behind Ironmouse gaining weight, getting older, or even completely changing overnight with the help of voice changing software. Who really knows, and who really cares so long as you're being entertained imo.

No. 252146


a mixture of both, probably. she used to send nudes to a bunch of OW t2-t3 shitters back when she was a non-vtuber ewhore and shooped those too.

No. 252166

More alien shop cows. Her photoshop is as bad as himeahri’s. You know she’s an ugly ass hoe under all that shop.

No. 252211

>She may not even actually be playing a lot of the games that she plays, or whatever. She may be reading from a pre-prepared script
wtf am i reading?

No. 252234

I think it's an obsessed fan who thinks they are somehow less obsessed if they acknowledge not everything a vtuber does is genuine (bringing the 90s back here to say fucking duh) like no shit someone who uses an anime face to speak through is probably not being genuine.

No. 252471

This. Boo-hoo your pedo-pandering waifu is gasp a normie that actually hates video games, and your creepy parasocial obsession with them is slowly coming to terms with that.

No. 253051

as a jp loser i can say that it is in fact quite easy to get a visa for japan.

No. 254462

I dont get the obsession with proving Ironmouse has a kid, ffs let the woman keep her child away from her coomer audience

Vfags are the most privacy invading psychopaths I've seen in awhile. It's not even about drama its Super Saiyin parasocial insanity

No. 256472

It's because they have this delusion of a locked away virgin princess that can't be touched, and the idea of her having a kid shatters that.

No. 256503

I've seen the infamous interview where she talks about the kid and husband, but there is an old blog post too?!? damn, all those juicy details lost somewhere…

No. 257070

It’s easy and expensive to get a student visa but any kind of visa is difficult. Even a talent visa has high requirements and is to be renewed every 3 months. without a university degree 95% of visa are very complicated.

Pewdiepie had to base his business in japan for his visa. No one hands out visas to rich. Lol

No. 257748

>Even a talent visa has high requirements and is to be renewed every 3 months

What are you even talking about? Companies here have no expectation of looking at the local market to hire people. You can literally get a job anywhere, and they can apply for you. Also like you said there's the language school visa, which most people do. There's dozens of language schools that are literally visa machines. They have 0 expectation of you even showing up for class, and it's not that expensive, because it's mostly catered towards Chinese.

Also IDK wtf visa you're talking about that only gets 3 months. Every visa here is minimum 1 year, and up to 5. They tend to give everyone 3.

No. 257996

You guys are good at doxxing but you are not sure if her having cvid is true or not. Lol(newfag retardation)

No. 258486

So the are screenshots of tweets from 2010-2011, even though she created the character Ironmouse in 2017 (just had her 5 year anniversary awhile back)? Sus(learn2sage)

No. 259259

catbox always cucked to DMCAs immediately, how stupid are you?

No. 259262

File: 1666083698326.webm (5.16 MB, 1280x720, MjME1jfSnbCjqOH6.webm)

No. 259564

You are all straight up retarded losers and bad people oversimplifying the experience that is being chronically ill. You do not know what it’s like to have her illness and even if you did, symptoms vary on the daily and a persons expression of the pain theyre feeling is also highly variable. An individual with a chronic condition could “get used” to the daily symptoms they feel, that would probably make a healthy person bedridden until they also “got used” to that baseline after years of dealing with it. You are all so irrational and have low IQ. That’s why you’re here after all. Imagine pretending to care about pedobaiting when you accuse a chronically ill person of malingering. You have no moral compass so stop pretending, kys already scum. Ur female channers and I hope you die. And “as a healthcare worker” 250,000 medical error deaths per year. Nobody cares that ur a low level nurse, but its very typical of a nurse to be the type of bitch on this website!(unsaged wk)

No. 259567

You guys literally use misinterpreted anecdotes as proof for various claims, for “proof” that someone else is being dishonest. Your innate knowledge is not good enough. The literal apophenia I see here is pol-tier, I guess that’s proof that you guys are all 4chan grooming victims using hermit moid “logic” . Sad that you mimic and copy the people you claim to hate and have no free will! And I dislike Vtubers who appeal to pedos as well, but the difference between you and me is I can and do convince people loli is bad, and you just complain about other women anonymously in the exact same ways that moids do (ageism…), making our stance in this argument look like shit because its clear you have no core values. Learn rhetoric or die(sage your shit)

No. 260128

White knighting a pedo-baiter. Classy.

No. 260996

wk scrotes are one thing, but wk scrotes defending vtubers deserve to be shot.

No. 261207

Yooo does anyone still have the link? The link here doesn't work anymore

No. 261216

The video is literally embedded four posts above you

No. 261250

Whose the left guy

No. 261353

Damn, what a madman, you have my respect

No. 261382

I don't believe this health shit at all. She sounds like a classic munchie.

'I didn't eat at all during my pregnancy. I lost 40 pounds' bruh x to doubt. Feeding tube is eating. Technically. I don't know anything about this them beyond the annoying voice but they seem like a 'I'm so sick smol bean' attention seeker

No. 261607


No that's definitely Melody. Compare this clip to any of her CB streams:

A slight pitch adjustment on the voice and that's totally what she sounds like when she faps.

No. 262541

>this familiar with melody “content”
Get the fuck out of here schizo scrote. Melody isn’t even milky so who cares.

No. 264640

I came here because I saw a random comment on a clip channel about her having a daughter and wanted to do some research, this was the first result.

It is really weird and obsessive behavior to hate somebody so much that you do more research than even her Stans to try to “expose” them.

It’s also super nostalgic to see people talking like early 2000’s bullies lmao. Calling people fags/scrotes/spergs it’s wild here(leave)

No. 264659

Integrate or leave, newfag. This is what lcf is.

No. 264793

How is it possible that people still believe it so easily when an e-celeb claims to have some sort of major illness? I thought everyone would wise up after so many cases of these fuckers faking illnesses, sometimes even faking their deaths for crying out loud.(learn2sage)

No. 266147

Do you still have the interview from 2018 please? It looks like it's gotten deleted, the archived copy isn't working too.

No. 266231

File: 1668624436619.png (985.4 KB, 1453x983, ironpoop.png)

Never mind, I should have read the thread properly, sorry. Found the 2018 video interview here thanks to >>218230 (give it a few seconds to load, can download it from there too if you click the three dots on the right of the video).

She also talks about her old model for her avatar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k_bySN5vhs&t=117 (1 minute 57 seconds in).(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 266925

While I hate vtubers as much as the next person I do enjoy the amount of salt it generates off jealous cows clearly mad they can't pull off the hustle(sage your shit)

No. 266931

Sage and integrate newfag

No. 269344

>"Archived tweets" talking about her daughter with her username saying 'VShojo' from 2011
>VShojo formed in 2020

No. 269498

The tweets in question were still visible in 2020.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 269646

This is the saddest and most pathetic of all threads I've read on this site, which says a lot. How and why the jannies here haven't removed this dry well is beyond me.

No. 270143

Managed to get the video saved from the kiwi farms forum. The link is dead in the initial post but you can still save it on the kiwi forum. Really interesting video. Honestly wish IronMouse would talk more about her personal life but I understand concerns about getting doxxed which is why she deleted info about having a daughter and the fact she was on FB forums discussing her condition with others.

No. 272358


I guess the "she is lying, trust me bro" is dead now.

No. 279163

I've never seen so many sad people in one spot. I don't watch Ironmouse but I was curious about her since she's been circulating lately. As someone who lives with chronic illness and works in media industry. You never know what people are masking. Takes years to find diagnoses, especially for things like CVID. I personally have EDS, POTs, and MCAS. And honestly? Living with that shit puts you down 50 levels from everyone else. You'll never be as fast as everyone, the world isn't fair and it sucks. But yall see one person talking about their experience online and getting a bit of sympathy and try to say she's selfish for it? If she can let that illness do at least one good thing for her I don't blame her one bit after all the bad it must do. tyvm(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 279167

Lol coming in and announcing that you have the munchie trifecta isn’t going to make you any friends. Lots of people have chronic illness and they just deal with it instead of making it everyone else’s problem or using it for sympathy.

No. 279184

Wah wah poor you. People speculate it about ironmouse since half of the shit she does her WK excuse by saying "she's chronically ill!!" People are allowed to speculate on the Internet. Her only proof is her own mouth.

No. 279547

>I personally have EDS, POTs, and MCAS
Top fucking kek do you have DID also? Take your munchie bullshit elsewhere. If she was consistent and the shit she said made sense her CVID would barely be a topic here.

No. 280972

TL;DR kill all vtubers. Gas all simps. -lolcow.farm(sage your shit)

No. 281476

skip to the part where they all cannibalize each other and kill themselves

No. 282126

Why does everyone gotta be so goddamn toxic on the internet fr man chat rooms like this are like a whole new level of toxicity I found on the internet fr(sage your shit)

No. 282180

File: 1676638581471.gif (99.84 KB, 150x150, tao vibin.gif)

you're retarded(sage your shit)

No. 282637

From the recent drama, Connor never thought of Ironmouse as some sort of pedo bait but the sisters here think she is, so who was in the wrong here.
https://twitter.com/CDawgVA/status/1627176376330772483(learn 2 integrate)

No. 282659

You need to post caps if you're going to have a link in your post

No. 282717

File: 1676883640270.png (575.48 KB, 585x1416, 283746823.png)

NTA, but here's the post. Connor seems to be defending the girl in the video carrying the "lolicon = pedophilia" sign which is obviously valid, but he's definitely some sort of a hypocrite to some degree as he's close friends with a lolicon.

No. 282722

Not defending him but is he actually a lolicon? The joke is gross af but it's definitely one of those easy ones to make by a weeb. I never really cared about weebtube until recently since the boom of vtubers really annoyed me so I have no clue about any milk on these people.(sage your shit)

No. 282764

Joeys well known to be a lolicon I mean for fucks sake he likes non non biyori even in the new episode of the podcast with Pete looks uncomfortable when he mentions it .conner can be a coomer sometimes but atleast he calls out joey when he spergs about lolicon shit(sage your shit )

No. 283577

He's said that he likes loli and he doesn't make any apologies about it. But he just doesn't bring it up as much, probably at the behest of Connor.

No. 283602

Not that his friendship with Joey isn't hypocritical, but he was less supporting the girl and more referring to how creepy the guy was being to her, basically confirming her sign that lolicons are creeps. You have to watch the actual clip to get it.

No. 284950

Out of every single thing you could defend yourself with, you come with feminist trashtalk about how mansplaining hurts your little brain and whatnot. How amusing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285016

reminder to kill your local glownigger trainee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285249

Y’all are some straight up fucking scumbags that will make yourself feel better about your shit life by attacking anyone who is vulnerable or successful. The bitch has CVID who gives a fuck. You all have something else to worry about that’s much more important than some person on the internet’s life. Nobody fucking cares, get over yourselves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285276

shut up and stop defending strangers on the internet retard

No. 285394

anyway fuck ironmouse come watch my stream https://www.twitch.tv/perindigo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285527

There's this clip of Ironmouse talking about her income from streaming and family. She talks about her parents, specifically her mom and her 'sister' a few seconds in. I have no idea if it's actually her sister, seems more likely the 'sister' is her teenage daughter that she just covers up to her audience.

No. 286048

File: 1678859870017.jpg (23.01 KB, 448x463, Screenshot_20230315-055513_Chr…)

How do people know this is Iron Mouse?

No. 287026

They don't. Some guy found an image of random latino girl with the tube in her nose and that was it.(sage your shit)

No. 287553

“may have HIV and not CVID” faggot you of all people should know there are drugs that make HIV positive people live completely like a normal human being. Maybe you should stop ramming your anus with your uncle’s aids ridden dildo and start getting on that drug?

Its funny how you don’t believe her when she said her voice is natural and she has CVID. But you suddenly believe her 100% when she said she has a daughter. So do you think she is a reliable source or not? Too retarded to make up your mind?(sage your shit)

No. 288162

Ironlung simps are unhinged and milky I see. Fitting.
A friend brought to my attention a different lesser known chronic illness vtuber who did VRchat content that passed away last week. There wasn't a single thread about her on /vt/ nor was she mentioned in any of the indie threads. Probably for the best, most scrotes tend to reply to that kind of tragic moment with inappropriate "baww we could've fucked" type comments. Yuck. I only feel bad for mouse in the sense that when she does die, there's a good chance that her fans will absolutely be weird and uncomfortable about it.

No. 288613

she used to have an instagram before fame, it had a lot more images of her with tubes and shit.

No. 291567

>banned from /vt/ for saying ironlung is a mother IRL in response to someone asking why is she such a whore
/vt/ is such a shithole, jesus christ.

No. 292425

At first I thought this was just dark triad gobbledygook. But wow, pretty sure the video is real. Very surprising. Search 2680021-8d2377689adf835effc9f0a6562cf77c_mp4, as the link is broken.

HIV is unlikely. It is treatable. Her AIDS would be in remission.

Peeksa is a real Puerto Rican colloquialism. I've heard it before. It does play into the cutesy persona.

Her being a mother explains CDawgVA's obession with her. She could be older as well. From his streams with Hasan, it's clear he likes much older women.

Although, we can't be sure of her age. She could have been a child bride. That's also in line with it having been an abusive marriage.

Not sure I trust archive.is/archive.today. Why wouldn't it be on archive.org? But it's just corollary evidence.

In a few years, none of this will be believable because of deepfakes.

No. 292569

the first rule of vt is to not talk about they IRL info. They even ban people who posts kson irl stream images. You was dumb and got fucked. Suck it up.

No. 293768

What was Iron mouse original Instagram accounts called. Please send the links please.(namefagging)

No. 293769

No. 294339

>>200883(sage your shit)

No. 294345

this just convinces me more that these vtubers are really ethoties.

it really bothers me why even if I state these obvious facts in some anime / manga groups I'm in that the simps keep simping.(namefag/ newfag)

No. 296743

I have CVID and she's full of shit about how it works. Bitch literally tried to make up a bubble kid situation and chose whatever the first illness she found was. She ain't sick.

No. 297370

do you have MAC Lung Disease too retard? The reason why she is a "bubble girl" now is that she can't get another infection like this one.

No. 299297

you don't have shit. you are just a useless attention seeking mouth breather who's got nothing better to do than being a jealous little cunt. the only illness you have is a shrinking brain.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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