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File: 1639701855674.jpg (415.38 KB, 1440x1429, 1.jpg)

No. 188007

Gackto Kristian K Takaida / Gacktstream / Kristian Kato / Kristian Tam / AZFoodGuy, the 38-year-old owner of Taiyou Con and mid-sized food tiktoker with a long history of creepy behavior and lying about his age, has been accused of sexual assault.

>Known in the Arizona convention community for over a decade as a predatory creep

>Would regularly and knowingly hit on and discuss sexually explicit things with underage girls as young as 14 or 15
>Would consistently lie to girls that he was 21, 18, or even younger, despite being in his mid-to-late 30s
>As he gets older, the act becomes more and more "how do you do fellow kids" with each passing year and just reeks of a man who can't accept the passage of time
>Would keep up this lie even in his long-term relationships, including with former cosplayer @itselectriclady whom he groomed as a teen and later cheated on
>Would also lie about his real name and his race (claiming he was Japanese)

>Yesterday, a woman (from the k-pop scene, unsure if she has any connections to the convention community) made an FB post alleging that Gackto came up, groped, and began fingering her in the middle of a club

>He responds, claiming that it was some other guy entirely who had been kicked out that night, and not him who had done it
>Woman responds, saying that she remembers the guy that was kicked out but guarantees that she knows it was Gackto and that the assault happened after the other guy was kicked out
>Many in the AZ convention community use this as the opportunity to finally condemn Gackto for all of his creepy (but up until now, non-illegal) behavior

Social media:
- Personal
- As Gackto (mostly been abandoned for a year):
- As AZFoodGuy:

No. 188008

File: 1639701938417.png (228.01 KB, 778x1661, 2.png)

Her allegation (sorry in advance that these next couple of posts are gonna be tldr)

No. 188009

File: 1639701976447.png (107.26 KB, 521x1253, 3.png)

No. 188010

File: 1639702001059.png (22.09 KB, 643x162, 4.png)

Her response to his response

No. 188011

File: 1639702030820.png (116.14 KB, 888x1485, 7.png)

Small collection of /cgl/ posts showing that people have known about his behavior for the past decade

No. 188012

File: 1639702076767.png (101.03 KB, 646x822, 8.png)

Few examples of people from the allegation post literally saying that they've been waiting for a concrete allegation beyond his typical sketchy behavior

No. 188013

File: 1639702168679.png (12.61 KB, 458x179, 9.png)

Post from his ex about the situation alleging grooming, lying, and cheating (anonymized because not on a public post and she's no longer a public figure). I believe she was 16 or 17 when they met but I don't know the EL saga too well.

No. 188014

File: 1639702324887.webm (1.42 MB, 720x1396, 1.webm)

General tiktok cringe from this nearly-40-year-old man

No. 188015

File: 1639702427671.png (56.8 KB, 872x783, 5.png)

More cringe from his facebook bio

Lastly, he also had a short MUA-guru-esque phase with a website and Facebook page and everything, targeted directly at Asian men, but I can't seem to remember the name. If anyone has any leads on this, I'd really appreciate it.

No. 188865

Met him once at ACEN, I think it was 2014 or 2015? I just remember he had a very young looking girl on his arm and he drunkenly asked me if I was a girl he had met at a room party the previous night & if I was interested in going with them to another that night. I definitely had assumed he was much younger at the time, so him being with her didn't really look that suspicious. I had no idea who he was until he asked for my social media and followed me. Never saw him again after that or interacted minus him sending me a few random event invitations. Honestly got the vibe he got weeb girls off being asian even though he was short, scrawny, and has big teeth. No surprise he's like any of the others in the scene.

No. 188872

File: 1639715272177.jpg (10.87 KB, 326x379, FB_IMG_1639715212048.jpg)

Update: The girl's post was taken down by FB and she's been restricted from posting for two days.

No. 188877

I came across him on Bumble/Hinge (it was last year, so I forgot the exact app). He definitely listed his age as 20-something and not 37.

No. 188892

While I have no doubt this guy is creepy, gross and predatory (because of course he is), this girl specifies being groped with one hand and fingered by the other, then goes on to say a sentence later that the dude is holding a drink when she turns around. Huh?

No. 188897

Great job OP. What a creepy fucking guy.

No. 188906

File: 1639760117434.jpg (422.5 KB, 1080x1440, 20211217_095348.jpg)

This you too huh

No. 188908

Guy is likely a creep but yeah some of the things she said don't add up? It's common for people to misremember and trip up when recounting traumatic things. Her comments about him being exotic are cringe and racist and the arm thing is confusing, but also it's AZ so you can't expect much from people in the scene KEK. Good for her on coming out, more people with stories should come forward since everyone and their mother has been aware of the "whispers" for YEARS.
And inb4 no I'm not >>188892 or >>188906

No. 188912

No anon, it's just a pretty conspicuous continuity error in the account. Please post her response if she gives one though, because I'd be interested to hear the clarification.

Yeah, I wasn't trying to suggest that this didn't happen, it was just a detail that stood out as making this account quite confusing. Fuck this guy, and good for her for coming forward, especially because it seems he's a bit of a sex pest in general, but she might be playing into his hands a bit by describing things inconsistently.

No. 188922

File: 1639768406969.jpg (44.53 KB, 1080x526, FB_IMG_1639768356005.jpg)

Age confirmed at 38

No. 188924

File: 1639768720160.jpg (684.42 KB, 971x2393, Screenshot_20211217-141442_Fac…)

Also the owner of the largest anime convention in AZ (Sabotencon, also owns Connichiwa, Kikoricon, and others) says that he's been looking for a reason to ban Gackto from his cons for his creepy behavior for a long time

No. 188926

File: 1639769100210.jpg (491.54 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20211217-142241_Fac…)

Actually looks like Gackto just stepped down as chairman of Taiyou Con, but it's not clear if he's still a significant owner/financial backer

No. 189056

You guys need some serious reading comprehension skills. She never says a hand groped her chest. She says Gackto's arm wrapped around her grabbing her breasts, implying he was wrapping his arms around her at breast level, ding dongs.

No. 189065

You need to seriously read the fucking rules

No. 189101

>she never said a hand groped her chest, she just said he grabbed her breasts!

intriguing take, newfriend.

No. 189123

sorry for double-post, but did she ever reply to this? >>188906

No. 189135

Is it so impossible for him to have picked up his drink in the time that she turned around? Seems like nitpicking for the sake of it

No. 189182

Sure would’ve been nice if monkey paw acted this way when I reported my harassment incident

No. 189199

Call them out and we can cancel every con in Arizona and start from scratch

No. 189276

The entirety of the AZ "scene" has been shit from day 1, our only claim to fame is being the home of the slut who made cosplay into a race to collect the most pornsick simps.

Not shocked this piece of trash went to WHS. Can also confirm him being a sad creep has been an open secret for years.

No. 189281

Lol I remember this creep from back when he was dating Kara. Pretty sure he told me he was 18 at the time which would make me much older than him and he's actuay 5 years older than me. Lmfao

No. 189382

People say there was either no one that came forward or ignored it? It was both but a lot of it was not by choice but by intimidation, the fear of being singled out for accusing him with no proof. Gackto and his friends made sure no one said anything, while not a direct threat, they said don't say anything. Combine that with his influencer power, not only would you get your name smeared, you could also drag your friends along with the ride, ie if your a panelist all the others in that group could be blacklisted, etc.

No. 189388

holy shit kara, haven't heard about her in a forever. i was at her going away party. can't believe he was pretending to be 18 then, none of us were 18 then LMAO

been waiting for something like this to drop for well over a decade now, but never knew when it was going to happen. speechless tbh

No. 189426

can you weebs learn to sage?

No. 189433

You would have to seriously cancel every con. Every moid that works on every con is a freak and usually creeps on people. Even the married ones are creepy and usually cheat with or are married to women like ten years younger at LEAST. Good luck building all that back up. The social fallout would make that a sisyphean task. The scene is crawling with pests and parasites, just throw the damn baby out with the bathwater and start going to CA, CO and UT for cons. Place is hot as balls and basically hell anyway.

No. 189451

These neighborhoods need to know a predator is in their midst.


https://clustrmaps.com/person/Tam-27u2kd(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 189478


The creeper video didn’t age well

No. 189486

I don't think this is right (or at least, it's pretty outdated). Pretty certain he's from Scottsdale.

No. 189487

Also, samefagging, but don't fucking cowtip

No. 189598

I knew this guy over ten years ago. He was a compulsive liar and so obsessed with young girls that he had a fake ID to pretend he was under 21 when he was actually in his late 20s. It's sad but not surprising that he is still at it while pushing 40. Kudos to the younger generation for taking out the trash

No. 189679

Played stupid games long enough dude

No. 189687

Lurker usually but dropping by to add my voice and say I’ve also had icky experiences with this guy. He lied to me about his age, ethnicity, and name. He said his name was Christian after I bullied him into giving me a real name (Gackt, where he gets his nickname, is an equally creepy singer so I didn’t want to call him by that). I specifically asked him how he could afford going to so many conventions because he pretended to be the same age as me (much younger, no income). He would always approach me at cons or dm me asking if I’d be at a certain con. He wanted me to cosplay with him as a character that was a common yaoi pairing to his character. He also tried to separate me from my friends and get me to go to his hotel room alone, to which I refused. I got a really bad vibe from him but never said anything since what he did wasn’t illegal, just creepy.

No. 189785

“Kristian” is a red herring obviously. He thought since a lot of people use Japanese sounding nicknames he could pass off his legal name as such by making a big deal about keeping the name Kristian a “secret.” He’s been doing it since the ‘00s.

No. 189979

Jai has known for years about Gackto. His real name, age and more cause they are best friends. I find it very strange that he is allowed to even take over that position when he knew everything that Gackto did. Naomi is very much involved and she kept her mouth shut because it meant she could get into cons being his friend. She is announcing Jai taking over like its some big prize that she won and not just a simple statement.

No. 190185

God this brought up so many things I had forgotten about. I remember meeting him the first time before 2010 and has always been creepy and trying to be the center of attention with girls. He was running an 'Asians in America' panel while playing in a band at some of the local cons which he then turned into that Aftercon bullshit they pushed for a while. After that failed I believe he had worked at the same place as Jai when they decided to both go in and create Taiyou. The guru stuff I had heard from others that were still working for him at the con and were confused by him getting into and promoting it, but it was just before he started the food blogging and shifted to that when he got more success.

No. 190211

Glad to know I didn't just imagine that phase, though I did just realize *PUA autocorrected to MUA in that original post, my bad. It was weird pick-up artist shit, not makeup artist.

No. 190245

File: 1640358202283.jpeg (751.31 KB, 1284x1375, 7596FB80-439D-4231-84D0-1FE057…)

This aged about as well as he did

No. 190246

File: 1640358787648.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2425, 6551F062-A25E-41BE-A29E-0CD7AE…)


No. 190247

File: 1640358897699.jpeg (607.51 KB, 1267x1252, ED624E46-7588-4319-8D48-9A3644…)

No. 190282

File: 1640367504868.jpg (535.65 KB, 971x2963, 1.jpg)

Holy shit thank you anon, that's exactly the page I was trying to find

Featuring the most generic boilerplate "motivation" ever

No. 190287

File: 1640369970449.jpeg (776.92 KB, 1275x2018, CBC4A66D-003E-4A34-950F-3CF756…)

Ya boy's in the news! Merry Christmas!

No. 190302

File: 1640379407161.jpeg (201.02 KB, 1284x517, B1D7177F-E429-4B0E-90A7-FA494B…)

The irony

No. 190316

I am POSITIVE I met him at ACEN pre-2010 and even had him friend request me on myspace or deviantart. I was a few years younger than him, I know that for a fact, so the idea of him going around claiming to still be in his 20's is hilarious. I need to do some more digging, but I think there might be old messages even.

No. 191633

File: 1641322043033.png (159.43 KB, 599x411, Capture.PNG)

No. 192088

File: 1641621073878.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1277x2196, 92DDD43F-1896-425E-8648-390370…)

Meanwhile, Taiyou con pulls in “record breaking” numbers.

No. 192181

File: 1641669269520.jpeg (96.05 KB, 1400x788, B534FFB8-70A1-41E2-B318-C745C5…)

same vibes

No. 192343

So apparently Gackto still went to the convention even though the con claimed he wouldn’t be there.

No. 192373

Hilarious if true. I guess you can't blame the guy, what exactly are a bunch of nerds at an anime convention going to do?

No. 192406


I am a little surprised that he would when there are three or four other cons this weekend though. It almost feels intentionally obstinate

Like he's expressed preferring out of state cons before so why not go to ALA or something if he needs his con fix that badly, especially when I doubt that he just really wanted to go for guests or panels or other generic normie convention stuff(sage)

No. 192407

The problem I have with this is that no one would tell their sources or provide any photos of him there. all Ive seen is just "I've heard from a staff member… etc"

No. 192410

A vendor I know who doesn't care about the drama at all says that Gackto almost definitely wasn't there, because there was a girl walking around with him on facetime to show him the exhibitors hall. Obviously that's also hearsay, but it's the only first-party anecdote I've heard and it's from a disinterested party. I wasn't there but does that ring a bell for anyone else?

No. 192437

Tbh, if Gackto was there at TaiyouCon. People would have bailed out left and right. Con would have been in fire.(sage your shit)

No. 192650

File: 1641927618299.jpeg (774.25 KB, 1275x1523, BAAAC0E4-D15F-4459-970F-7C3FC7…)

No. 192664

Did this person actually see him or is this just built off of the same "well I heard…" as everything else?

Lmao mods that was the one post that actually was saged

No. 192684


Not a single person has given a source just "PEOPLE SAW HIM"

No. 193269

Fuck off whoever the retard is in charge who keeps whining about “sage” this and that. You’re lording over a dead image board that’s lucky to get 5 unique visitors a day, you don’t get to bitch about what people should be doing (what the fuck does sage even mean anyway? I read your stupid rules and it still doesn’t make sense nor does anyone care about them) if anything you should be sending thank you cards to anyone who interacts with this site. Faggot.(read the rules again )

No. 193309

What is with his name? Is Gackto his real name or he copy Gackt singer?

No. 193410

Pretty sure Kristian Tam is his real name, Gackto Takaida is his fake Japanese name to lure in clueless young weebs. Definitely came from the singer which is kind of funny as it clues us all in on his age.

No. 193447

Lurk more anon we have his yearbook photo. >>188922

Also what’s up with the mouth. Does he have a jaw issue?

No. 193497

No, just a giant horse mouth.(sage your shit)

No. 193839

There's also a vague possibility that Kristian is his "english name" which a lot of Asian-American children have, but it's also just as likely that he just made it up.

No. 194862

So honestly what was Taiyou's turn out really like? Did anyone see Luna Con at Kei Collective? Kek

No. 195762

Luna was a fail. There was barely anyone at Luna. I had a few friends went to Luna and got bored…they went to Taiyou instead. Taiyous crowd was huge despite pictures that was passed everywhere of the empty artist ally tables…(learn2sage)

No. 202935

this guy is a cool engineer, but he's kinda friends with some trashy people in the az rave scene (Which makes the predators at anime conventions seem tame)

No. 204949

File: 1648932226296.png (356.32 KB, 1440x1952, Screenshot_20220401-175229~3.p…)

So I was shared this post.

No. 204976

Sounds like she got a settlement

No. 205103

Nah sounds like he got a lawyer and she couldn’t afford one and had to fold. That was very clearly written by his lawyer, not someone representing her, makes her look like a complete piece of shit even though she was probably truthful somewhere in there

No. 205548

Well this is absolute shit. He’s been a known predator for over a decade and actively lies about being younger.

No. 205625

This is such horse shit. Now it’s gonna be even harder for victims to be believed.

No. 206303

The wording is unnatural. Definitely smells like she was forced to write this.

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