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Hello /w/ !
Newfag here looking to make some friends

My name is Eric Moreno.
>I sometimes go by Eric Azure or Azuzu.

I'm a recently converted commie who also cosplays and makes music!

Some may know me as the vocalist for the band Design The Skyline.

Based reasons to like me
> I've been grooming my gf since she was 15. I was 25
> I'm Anti-Women and Anti-Trans
> China is #1. I order clothing for my girlfriend from china even if she isn't Chinese. Which I think this is very based.
> Anime culture is definitely a threat to communism. VTubing needs to die. Weebs need to disappear.

I'm from Corpus Christi, TX but no one here understands me. They don't understand that my eyes have been fully opened, mind fully awakened. The system is corrupt. Communism needs to take over.

I hope we can be friends. If you're a fan of my music then I hope this makes you like me even more.

Final reason to like me
> I'm not a schizo(shit thread)

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