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No. 169910

Honestly surprised I haven't seen her here before, I'm actually surprised no ones talked about her outside of Instagram.
Candy_balll, your average 20 year old uwu japancore Asian fisher with a weeaboo following. I've seen her get called out for asianfishing and fetishizing Asian women but she's just gotten defensive about it. Will not lie I only realized she was white when I found out she's from Europe.(shit thread)

No. 169912

She looks European, what is with you race-fixated twitter tards? If that looks like an Asian woman to people then its safe to assume those people have only ever seen Asian women in anime and k-pop.

No. 169915

Too much make up to tell who that is.
By all account, that could be Koneko Megumi (Cute girl, cosplayer, from latvia, lives in UK, streams on twitch, has one eye, does Onlyfans.)
Every second cosplayer on IG looks like this

No. 169916

She is doing a great job with asianfishing. That blue hair and unnaturally big blue eyes is exactly how all asian people look (especially women of Tajikistan, Brunei and Afgaistan). Thank you for finally exposing her lies, otherwise everyone would still believe that she is 100% asian.

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