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File: 1496068584323.jpg (65.56 KB, 720x960, 18698326_223474314825109_91387…)

No. 136741

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/golden.berry_/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littleberrycos/ - https://www.facebook.com/cerridwyn.wilson.9
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ship_fucker
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LittleBerry

-Pretty infamous in the cosplay community. Known as Momokun no.2, shares with said cow almost all of her worst traits.
-Ballooned up in a short amount of time, adopted the "body positive" shtick. It's rumored that she gained weight on purpose.
-Appeals to the lowest common denominator: chubby chasers and basement dwellers.
-Extremely lazy, her cosplays consist of bought swimsuits and a wig. But will say that she "tailors". Her cosplay shots are bathroom shots.
-Extremely sensitive to criticism: will ban you, screenshot you and send her whiteknights after you if you aren't kissing up to her.
-Calls other girls "thots", but whenever she gets called a thot she will cry and accuse you of "internalized misogyny".
-Used to be a camgirl, has porn stuff of her floating on the internet. If confronted about it, she will say that it's revenge porn an ex of hers leaked.
-Easily triggered. Her profiles are her only hugbox, everyone else who knows her considers her a lolcow.
-Always causes drama. Since even the most polite and constructive criticism gets her veins pop out, you will see her get mad and flood the comment section with passive-aggressive snark and accusations of "jealousy".
-Will use anything to get attention, even the terminal illness of her own mother.
-Brags about the number of her followers, even brings up the subject in arguments.
-Overall a snowflake with potential

No. 136742

File: 1496068776391.png (72.02 KB, 431x539, mydude.png)

Even the way she types is eerily similar to Mariah's. Context: yesterday she posted her new "cosplay" of Gappy from JoJolion in a famous JoJo cosplay group on Facebook, some people contested her laziness. This is only a part of her sperging.

No. 136743

File: 1496068915214.jpg (352.51 KB, 980x1078, swtpit.jpg)

More examples of her sperg

No. 136744

File: 1496068982167.jpg (28.78 KB, 427x361, 1495989602738.jpg)

No. 136745

File: 1496069828262.png (302.52 KB, 931x555, uh.png)

And back to yesterday's drama, this is how it started. (She deleted the original post, since a lot of people started dragging her)
A girl commented "Thanks for ruining Gappy". She immediately clapped back by saying "You seem mad", the other girl calmly pointed out the lazy attempt of cosplay. Berry then tagged the admin, telling her to ban this girl because she capped her post to laugh at her in JoJo Hell. The girl was banned, but another guy started dragging her. However, while Berry gave that girl shit because she capped her, she did the same thing only some minutes later, posting the screenshot of the screenshot on her profile in order to receive asspats from the orbiters.
Of course she didn't block out the names.
What's funny is that the whiteknights are calling out on "jealousy", but the girl who called her out was actually pretty

No. 136746

I was wondering why this girl didn't have a thread. All of the worst parts of modern cosplay in one person.

No. 136747


No. 136748

File: 1496070109337.png (369.19 KB, 956x1356, w0vLyxr.png)

Her passive aggressiveness really can challenge Moomoo's

No. 136749

File: 1496070216579.png (343.77 KB, 940x1248, zV3AGlP.png)

No. 136750

File: 1496070234661.png (178.72 KB, 920x646, ESjslqK.png)

No. 136751

File: 1496070360316.jpg (352.71 KB, 1836x485, 2.jpg.9f3e03e23dded7208de21cbf…)

Proof of her camming 1/2

No. 136752

File: 1496070373551.jpg (56.11 KB, 899x282, 1.jpg.da55159fb09814789af51907…)

No. 136753

File: 1496070731366.jpeg (33.21 KB, 500x500, image.thumb.jpeg.7f55a73947f4e…)

Since she defends her work so much, I wonder how nice her cosplays must b-

No. 136754

File: 1496070808529.jpg (59.25 KB, 720x960, 17796455_1878640555738617_8554…)

And this is supposed to be Giorno Giovanna.

No. 136755

File: 1496070970903.png (146.91 KB, 292x500, Screenshot_2016-11-08-17-58-52…)

Bringing her mom's serious illness into shitty internet drama.

No. 136756

File: 1496071007851.png (152.06 KB, 749x1016, IMG_3286.PNG)

she looks like an aspie

No. 136757

File: 1496071233447.jpg (2.82 MB, 2386x2400, fdf.jpg.5694ddf60edf9fae3883f6…)

She used to be cute, though. (Ignore the last three pics)

No. 136758

File: 1496071254688.png (263.89 KB, 508x500, Screenshot_104.thumb.png.f6638…)

And now…

No. 136759

She looks like a realistic fetish painting.

No. 136760

Did she really delete the page? Seems like the kind of person that would say that for attention and not go through with it.

No. 136761

File: 1496071681817.png (135.38 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.de4d0a638df437…)

Nah, she didn't delete anything. Her mom passed away apparently, which is very sad… just… did you really have to share something so private on a neckbeard infested page?

No. 136762

File: 1496071726072.png (145.58 KB, 281x500, image.thumb.png.dd172be3c9d640…)

No. 136763

Samefagging, forgot to add that this is from December

No. 136764

File: 1496072710233.gif (44.42 KB, 444x444, 444.gif)

jesus christ

No. 136765

Here's her YouTube too. Includes very (dare I say it) cringy content such as video related.

No. 136766

Perhaps it's a petty comment, but… she has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen. Especially when she smiles.

No. 136767


No. 136768


Fuck. This is so bad

No. 136769

What's funny is that whenever she gets compared to Moomoo (because it's happening a lot lately) she gets offended and snaps, while her orbiters give her asspats "Noo you're not like Momokun, she's so bad you're the thicc"

No. 136770

Btw I have this feeling that she's going to be informed of the thread soon, prepare for a "That cheap spandex suit got me more attention than you'll ever get" 2.0
>That cheap swimsuit has gotten me[…]

No. 136771

Does she fake a loli voice or does she actually use her real voice? At the end of the vid she does her loli voice

No. 136772

It's obviously fake

No. 136773

That's not her real voice. Her real voice is lower than that and she fakes it from time to time to be cute. I saw her porn video where she was masturbating and she kept doing those annoying hentai moans to sound anime.

No. 136774

This video is her real voice

No. 136775

shoot this over to a weeb cringe comp lmao. Yikes she's disgusting.

No. 136776

File: 1496074968397.jpg (31.18 KB, 480x480, 13391097_984293085017646_86111…)

She makes Mariah look better in comparison, as a cosplayer. At least Moo makes her costumes sometimes (even though they look like shit) and has worn more complex costumes (Mei's, Camilla's, Ana's and that other armor cosp). Berry literally relies on bathing suits.
This is her Mei.

No. 136777

She used to clean her bathroom mirror too.

No. 136778

Why are fatties obsessed with Mei lmfao it's like they can only cosplay her because ~fat

No. 136779

Ohhh god, this thot. I've been waiting for a thread on her, she's been my personal cow for a while now. I used to be in this shitty anime meme group for Josip on Deck with a population of like…maybe five women, who were just added there by mutual friends. It was a horrible group for a horrible person, but Berry here made sure she was the center of attention 24/7.

>constantly posting her "cosplay"

>constantly posting her enormous feet
>living off of comments gross weeb neckbeards made about her "based feet"
>considered herself the princess of the group and did anything for male attention.

She honestly only recently adopted this whole positivity thing after blowing up like a balloon. Being fat makes you fucking crazy. /endrant

No. 136780

File: 1496125118084.png (452.64 KB, 505x835, 2017-05-29-230642_505x835_scro…)

ayy you did it OP, thanks!!

i don't know if this is milkworthy or not but i cannot stand her """"cosplays"""" especially the butcherings of the jojo ones. pic related is the full body of the OP image and i hate it. it's not just low effort, it's virtually zero effort. they're not even in a closely similar color scheme- there's not even lines on the shitty hat or a tassel or anything on the costume that even resembles a gappy costume. quoting someone from the (now deleted) post in jojo hell, you might even think it's just fucking popeye in a swimsuit. the closest thing to any miniscule amount of effort is the pattern on the skirt towel thing and it's so generic and small you wouldn't be able to tell who it is anyway. practically every "cosplay" you see from her that she's posted on her page are all like this- a wig with maybe the right color and loosely resembling the right style and some clothes she grabs out of her closet that might be on the same half of the color spectrum as the right color scheme, of which there's a 99% chance it's showing of her tits (e.g. her giorno's boob window black shirt). that's on the rare occasion she's actually wearing an actual shirt because more than half the time it's just a bra or a swimsuit. top notch cosplay right there

also lmao i like how she focuses on the original post that girl made in JJH but not other posts and comments that actually give valid criticisms and improvements but i suppose that's to be expected, god forbid someone breaks the narrative of poor berry being attacked by jealous haters and said haters totally aren't also cosplayers who have also given real tips for improvement… god damn i do not like this thot

it's also funny because she likes to act like she's part of the thot patrol

No. 136781

File: 1496125629519.png (513.57 KB, 544x849, 2017-05-29-232501_544x849_scro…)

sorry for samefagging, just gonna try posting the worst offenders

another "giorno giovanna" cosplay. she says giorno is her favorite jojo character and totally loves him but can't even go as far as to make his already fairly simple actual costume, just gives him a titty window sweater and for some unknown fucking reason, bunny ears. why? why. why

No. 136782

File: 1496125808780.png (419.12 KB, 536x847, 2017-05-29-232852_536x847_scro…)

all of these jojo cosplays also seem to be for the same con, colossal con, which surprise surprise means all of the characters are going to be wonderful (read: shittily thrown together from the closet) "cosplays". joy.

No. 136783

File: 1496125898594.png (335.24 KB, 543x631, 2017-05-29-233020_543x631_scro…)

couldn't even get a god damn actual hair band

No. 136784

She actually has a cute face and used to be cute before she got big, but the lack of effort is super unattractive.
No, people aren't going to love your "cosplays" when you buy a bikini at Target and a shittily styled wig. I get that girls do this all the time on patreon but at least most of them put out some actual costumes as well.

No. 136785

File: 1496126319129.png (383.07 KB, 547x646, 2017-05-29-233733_547x646_scro…)

wait, this is a cosplay? who is it even supposed to be

why are they all like this?

why is she so incapable of actually looking like any character she "tries" to cosplay? why

No. 136786

File: 1496126378235.png (424.76 KB, 534x632, 2017-05-29-233847_534x632_scro…)

in what universe does this even look like samus?

No. 136787

File: 1496126711712.png (60.09 KB, 564x380, 2017-05-29-234448_564x380_scro…)

hmmmm really makes you think

No. 136788

File: 1496126834306.jpg (62.33 KB, 883x883, 18670921_223477541491453_70937…)

i just want her to leave my beloved jojos alone look at the eyelash lmao

No. 136789

didnt you know? samus has dark brown eyes, dark brown eyebrows, wears red lipstick, and wears a black shirt to show her underboobs. duh!

No. 136790

Sounds hilarious. Do you have caps?

And the moment later cries "muhsogyny" at whoever criticizes her habit of flaunting those sad pancake tits in a cheap swimsuit and describing it as "cosplay".

Imagine being this unaware

No. 136791

Nice attempt covering up that gut, Berry

No. 136792

lmao ugh, her. she spammed her anna ahegao face on cgl and also had a youtube channel for her subpar voice acting, aka loli uguu voice saying things that were totally outrageous because thats soemthing nyanners never did.

the vids that were posted in a cringe thread over there mysteriously vanished from her channel. the latest one being Yandere Imouto ASMR she sounded like a fucking nose i swear to god

No. 136793

from a dimension of endless pain and suffering to you

No. 136794

Maybe it's because I'm not a weeb, but how could possibly anyone stand such a high pitched voice and even find it "cute"? It sounds so stupid…

No. 136795

her cosplays look like someone tried recreating a character in those dress up games w/ generic clothes

No. 136796

Im a mutual of hers, and I'd like to clarify that her weight gain is from medication. It's still shitty, but yeah it's not because she wanted to try and be ~*thicc*~, she just couldn't help it.

No. 136797

I'd believe it, just because such a massive weight gain is NOT normal, even if you're trying to get "THICCC"

No. 136798

Are you sure this is her? I thought this was someone else, one of Nyanners or Lilypichu's league friends.

No. 136799

File: 1496209718984.png (596.5 KB, 597x588, Mei_Spray_-_Table_Tennis[1].pn…)

Mei isn't fat.

Sage because you probably already know this, but just in case.

No. 136800

Why do all the gross thots have to touch my sacred jojo? go ruin another fandom

No. 136801

File: 1496760415846.jpg (88.42 KB, 960x960, 18222553_212275175945023_11846…)

Berry: "Lol I'm going to thot patrol"

No. 136802

File: 1496760432156.png (28.97 KB, 514x433, mmm.png)

Also Berry:

No. 136803

File: 1496760532441.jpg (196.33 KB, 903x901, 18920457_228399167665957_64918…)

Also, it seems she's going for the fakeboi route now.

No. 136804

Moo made none of those though

No. 136805

i dont think these are the same people. thats a video of yurunyan (she claims thats her real voice too)

No. 136806

Yes, she made her Mei boots (which fell apart, lol), Android 18 costume (which is mostly store bought but ok), Cammy White costume, Morrigan costume, and I don't remember if she made Wicke and Camilla too. Shitty attempts, but at least she tried.
This girl only buys normal swimsuits, slaps a wig on and makes it pass for cosplay. Somehow we've found someone lazier than Mariah.

No. 136807

File: 1498772098388.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1520x937, 13392725_787007514770118_15957…)

I found naked pics
No need to say thanks

No. 136808

File: 1498772150480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 796.28 KB, 900x1600, MYXJ_20170615145938_save.jpg)


No. 136809

File: 1498772214824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 778.85 KB, 900x1600, MYXJ_20170612001814_save (1).j…)


No. 136810

>using subject line
>expects thanks for nudes

i think you're in the wrong place, buddy

No. 136811

Imma give thanks just so I can be "that guy"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136812

File: 1499468503138.png (Spoiler Image, 661.04 KB, 1544x893, W54ax1x.png)

Honestly another thing that pissed me off about her being a fakboi aside, is that she publicly flaunts her mommy fetish on her friendslist, both saying she's a "wholesome mom" but then posting mommies milkies style lewds/nudes and sees no problem in telling other people in relationships that they're her kids or that they should be cosplay mother/son.

She also complained a lot about how her old straight relationship meant she couldn't come out as a boy or nonbinary, yet still told EVERYONE they HAD to call her Mika last year because she was nonbinary (and aurie/aurelio this year), and even shitted up thread where people defended her if they called her cerri or used she/her pronouns.

No. 136813


No. 136814


she's still around being shitty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136815

File: 1607619843163.jpeg (719.6 KB, 1125x1247, 44D4AE6A-6F27-4E29-8B01-D5F8DA…)

She’s back to doing her horrible “cosplays” which is just wearing a wig with garbage makeup. When will she stop? Still desperate for online attention.

Dating a guy who used to hate her and call her fat online it’s funny she’s so pathetic I couldn’t imagine dating someone who used to bully me and her boyfriend is such a soy boy dating the tub of lard you hated so much now you’re ok with it because you get a crumb of pussy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 136816

More details on the guy shes dating?

No. 136817

Learn to integrate before you necro a thread with your literal nothing vendetta, retard.

No. 136818

You guys aren’t dating anymore, it’s really embarrassing of you to necro the thread because you two broke up and she won’t take your sorry incel ass back.

Racist incel everything-phobic /k/ fag Canadian who is way too invested in American politics and dresses like a wannabe techwear soy boy

No. 136819

Oh did they, now? I'm surprised they didn't break up sooner, guy made fun of her out of spite then pulled a 180º and started begging for pussy from her when literally everyone else in his group made fun of her too.
Cry harder, Buzz.

No. 136820

His name is Andrew. All he did was talk about how much he hated her, how fat and disgusting she was, her garbage cosplays and about how she fakes everything for attention. She’s autistic now and trying to be French hahaha it’s sad. He’d always call her brain dead. It’s like he still hated her but wanted to be with her idk.
I dislike both of them but I still can’t believe she dated him it’s pathetic. She needs to get a grip and not date people WHO BULLIED HER.

She literally chose to date a guy who had a hate page about her and let all of his friend group talked nonstop about her and he would let it happen while they were dating and joke along idk who’s more pathetic honestly.

No. 136838

How the hell is she trying to be french?

No. 137031

i remember this drama,crazy to see she's still a piece of shit

No. 137336

File: 1612861467275.jpeg (320.91 KB, 1125x1435, BD847241-086A-4C50-A456-7C1DDE…)

shes like 30 and trying to be an e girl now. shocking anything for attention I guess.

No. 137346

she looks very young, could still pull it off

No. 137359

Your vendetta is really fucking embarrassing anon, Cherri is like 25.

No. 137412

>implying editing and filters aren't a thing

No. 137413

Yeah sure keep telling yourself that, anyone would too with the amount of Asian beauty app filters she puts on. That disgusting yt women looks 30 trying extremely desperately to be young again probably trying to build herself a new beta fan base. Fucken kek

No. 137416

File: 1612902860419.jpeg (574.92 KB, 1125x1242, B3226C9A-BD8B-4CC9-AD56-BFEEB7…)

definitely not the face of an asian app edited used up lolcow 30 year old trying to be a teenager again.

Yup fair enough.

No. 137449

Hey Buzz can you try getting a hobby? Might I suggest therapy or perhaps killing the neighborhood cats is more your speed? Sorry you’re mad that you and Cerri broke up but sperging over everything she posts online for the rest of your life is sad.

No. 137475

not everyone who disagrees with you is the same anon, retard.

No. 137518

Of course not, but Cerri being back on socially media publicly or cosplaying again doesn’t warrant this much hate when she’s not even being as obnoxious as she was a few years ago when she was a weird gender kinnie. The milk is dry and has been dry, and anyone still invested in hating Cerri for being annoying a few years ago can’t be that much better.

No. 159032

I remember her from years ago. This thread is almost a sort of "blast from the past"

What is she up to nowadays?
Most links are dead, archives excist but can't find any new/recent IG or FB accounts.

No. 176819

her new twit is @chierii_

No. 252696

lmao, he goes by buzz presto on facebook and instagram and he's a canadian obsessed with rick owens and other gay moid /fa/shion. he's a lanklet who goes after any girl with low self esteem and a lot of makeup, so naturally he's into tiktok thots and clown girls, like literal clown girls from OF and tiktok who dress up as egirl clowns. he did in fact run the hate page about her, so i have no idea why she dated him. sounds like he was abusive imo, but hes such a wimp its a little hard to imagine.

No. 306384

any anons have her feet pics? :) I remember she did some before(moid necroing :))

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