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No. 136321

Posting again because I posted in the wrong place before.
>Pity cosplayer from Spain
>Fakes mental illness and bisexuality to get attention
>Gets offended if you comment on her horrible cosplay, shielding herself with "you're fat phobic", even tho she herself mocks anyone that does a better cosplay than her or is just thinner than her.
> Only publicizes pictures or grupal cosplay with people fatter and strictly WHITE
> Evidently racist. Makes racist comments to many people and ignores comments of her "brown" friends on her IG.
> Always trying to be some sort of victim on her stories with any reason she can imagine, she doesn't mention it's usually her fault.
> she only befriends or date people who she can take something out of (her "bestfriend" is a model on momonga, her boyfriend is a photographer, etc)
> Bratty and hypocrite as hell.
>She thinks you got to love her poorly made cosplay because of some kind of a divine right. If you don't, she send her followers to attack you.
> Only followed by stupid SJW and people that want progress points for complementing a fat girl.
> Tries to be thoty and uploads depressive stories when she pathetically fails. Every time.

PS: Her boyfriend (the guy in on of the pics above) is another whole joke. Go have a laugh with this loser.


No. 136395

So wheres all the receipts, anon?

No. 136535

I'm sorry, I'm kinda new here, don't really know what you mean with "receipt".(lurk more)

No. 136557

if you're gonna be a newfag don't make a thread. learn to integrate

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