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File: 1607910300519.jpg (1.38 MB, 1184x704, pdztz2W.jpg)

No. 125897

Twitter: https://twitter.com/himelivhyun (private)
Youtube: Livaegyo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNO59KWwsnqFd56FbzZ_3Wg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livaegyo/, https://www.instagram.com/livaegyo2/ (both accounts are private), https://www.instagram.com/kurakuraliv/ (ppv sexwork account)
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@livaegyo/
Snapchat: livaegyo

>A delusional white girl who wishes she was joining the hoardes of European women making babies with Asian men.

>A source from instagram claims she is really "Olivia M Westbrooke". She admitted recently she's from West Virginia
>Claims she is a mixed bag of Asian/European and lives in Japan/Korea. >Claims she has 2 children (1- 3 month old and 1- 3 year old), has another baby in the womb. Has children and a significant other but never posts pictures of them together. Accused of shopping the AMWF (Asian male, White female) tags of social media to dig up fake ultrasounds and ~haafu children~ pics. Her children's fathers are spread between 3 men, apparently.
>In addition to the above: she photoshops her stomach to look pregnant. Has named her imaginary children Jisoo, Taemin and Kaneki.
>Her face shoop is never consistent and is always horrifying. Her tiktoks are even more hilarious, as she tried to use a motion filter to look asian but failed.
>post and shoop style are similar to chuly0m/skylar.nate. Same Asian male chaser aesthetic, same hate for minorities/koreaboos/weeaboos, even similar face shoop style.
>Has ALOT of followers that are dummy accounts. Will repost from these dummy accounts whiteknighting herself. You can look and see most of them never have more than 5 posts.
>Recent drama on tiktok has her reporting a woman for "harassing her" to the woman's workplace. Has a streak of claiming she can hack people's computers, get their IP addresses and cause them problems.

No. 125900

File: 1607910778819.jpg (1.3 MB, 1747x912, L8LqJ98.jpg)

Her belly updates

No. 125901

File: 1607910942805.jpg (736.67 KB, 748x752, c34q4KN.jpg)

Censored the child to adhere to rules but one of her shoops

No. 125903

File: 1607911265067.jpg (126.08 KB, 752x833, UQQroPf.jpg)

Hot takes on Twitter

No. 125904

File: 1607912198749.jpg (2.21 MB, 1631x1138, 5tTMxiM.jpg)

Last image was from google but she deleted it from her tiktok page

No. 125905

File: 1607912451930.jpg (327.98 KB, 458x814, Vg9NVXI.jpg)

No. 125907

File: 1607913047482.jpg (382.06 KB, 512x910, qYAizIl.jpg)

No. 125911

>my eyes are small and chinky

She and Tsundebolt working off the same playbook. Would love to see more bad shoops.

No. 125919

>than they get mad
>we are making their chances of being rich so low
>their community's normalizes cheating
>high levels of live

imagine bragging about your expensive private school education and judging the ghetto thugs when you struggle this hard with your native language kek

No. 125939

File: 1607923424190.jpg (473.79 KB, 510x905, MkwQaWU.jpg)

Her face in motion is really weird. She shooped herself like a "unnie" then does this

No. 125941

File: 1607923480641.jpg (827.85 KB, 710x885, xNq3Ius.jpg)

No. 125945

File: 1607923758254.jpg (627.96 KB, 531x940, PJe4UO4.jpg)

reaction on tiktok to a video she uploaded but is now deleted. https://www.tiktok.com/@jennieirl/video/6891589755876756742

No. 125953

The baby looks too young to be a 3 year old lol

No. 125968

That baby is 1 at most.

Her bumps also look large af. But maybe mine was just small idk

No. 125986

File: 1607957843180.png (1.44 MB, 1454x1070, Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 15.5…)

Her Japanese is so bad. Not only does she give kanji for the name (金木) that no normal person would ever use, but then she also writes "Due June 11th" as 6月11日デューア, which is… not a word.
Plus I don't get how she can claim to be half Korean herself but then it's AMWF?

No. 125988

holy fuck why is this baby's name kaneki

No. 125994

Lmao, the seethe. Looking at this and looking at >>125903, I'm sure she's had jealousy meltdowns over Naomi and other blasians.

No. 126029

korean anons feel free to correct me but i feel like there’s something off with her last sentence. “너는 나에게 이 세계를 의미해”, wouldn’t it be “너는 나에게 이 세계에서 의미를 주고 있어요”? the way she phrased it makes no sense

No. 126065

Google translate says "you mean the world to me" for her sentence. No idea if that's a thing you say in Korean, but I'm pretty sure she just google translates everything anyways.

No. 126066

File: 1608054016430.png (144.96 KB, 948x588, Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 18.3…)

lol just noticed this one: She misspelled Tōkyō (東京) as Tokyō (都京).
How lazy can you be?

No. 126070

File: 1608055070293.jpg (95.88 KB, 850x1600, Q6aBBfH.jpg)

I'm continiously digging because it fascinates me that a koreaboo would burn through so many accounts. jiminsels is another suspended account but luckily someone save screenshots. She calls herself "Olivia Hyun Lee" on this one… https://yada.land/t/koreaboo-of-the-week-olivia-hyun-lee-jp7hcpvauh

No. 126071

File: 1608055244067.jpg (328.13 KB, 1845x1600, xKY5Cag.jpg)

If the tags weren't so obvious, she has a weird obsession with pregnancy/vore/inflation. It could also be a abrasive joke but who knows with this bitch

No. 126072

File: 1608055282303.jpg (95.67 KB, 1242x1477, MdkVaG7.jpg)

A shoop

No. 126074

File: 1608055956457.jpg (278.56 KB, 464x814, YiGt1Z2.jpg)

chulyom/chuly0m/skylar.nate or Samantha Skylar Jeong is probably the same person. She maintains the same weird ass posting style and shoops.

This account is more well known on Twitter for her outrageous behaviour and her multiple sockpuppet accounts.

No. 126077

File: 1608057594272.jpg (1.19 MB, 799x812, 6wPi8ak.jpg)

No. 126079

File: 1608058201530.jpg (247.76 KB, 374x807, tMI4ygs.jpg)


Last one. Has a video from her live discussing why she doesn't like "dark skins". I'd set it up here but I don't know how to.

No. 126099

File: 1608063655192.jpg (560.82 KB, 1080x1262, 20201214_162812.jpg)


No. 126103

So born with monolid desu
I wonder what her endgame is honestly.

No. 126129

She could have said said 出産予定日は6月11日 for the due date but I guess kanji is hard. Not to mention:
>12週間5日 instead of 12週5日間
>とても健康 (wow, very health)

All very natural, understandable, and expected mistakes that are nothing to be ashamed of for a first semester student. Not for someone who wants you to think that she totes speaks Japanese fluently enough to have a child with someone because she’s totes half Japanese, however. Unless she wants to admit that she had herself knocked up by a fuckboy in her search for a Japanese baby.

No. 126141

File: 1608076904812.jpg (303.29 KB, 510x906, y30ANXO.jpg)

No. 126144

File: 1608077113071.jpg (933.71 KB, 1216x941, vZxEI2H.jpg)

This is her new face apparently

No. 126176

>>125897 there are like 3 accounts on Instagram (search livaegyo and they will appear) exposing her. Apparently she's also racist, homophobic and of extreme right. Also she's attacking people who call out his shitty behaviour and trying to doxx them.

No. 126179

It now has the right kanji for Tokyo when I checked her profile. Maybe she reads here?

No. 126196

File: 1608093435084.png (Spoiler Image,609.07 KB, 1143x430, Screenshot_5.png)

>>126176 the accounts exposing her are these:


Another fact, in her Youtube channel she has a playlist called "hot boys", this has a lot of videos of asian men naked or doing sexual purpose things. Some of the titles of these videos are just nasty. Her entire fetish is asian people.

No. 126207

File: 1608103507662.png (814.5 KB, 814x1122, chickenscratch.png)

Sage for Japanese sperg, but you'd actually use 目 instead of 間.

It's still incorrect. That was her TikTok profile page. On her Facebook it says 東京日本, which is still not how anyone would write it though.

lol at her shitty chibi drawing with chicken-scratch hangul and katakana.

No. 126236

i think so too because yeah literally that’s what her sentence says but it doesn’t carry that meaning imo

No. 126241

I knew this girl reminded me of someone, and I realized: it’s katieaegi. Especially back in the day when she made that Korean cooking video and had that Korean boyfriend that was much older than her that she was planning on moving to Korea for. Except Liv takes it to a whole nother level with claiming she’s actually part Korean.

Waiting for her to make a video to say she was just larping and everyone who shat on her was a hater lmao.

No. 126267

Thank you for the correction! Now I’m embarrassed that I was acting as the Japanese expert. I suppose living in Japan can only go so far for an アホっぽい外人ちゃん。

No. 126415

File: 1608176148467.png (100.1 KB, 189x333, Screenshot_7.png)

>>126207 her drawings are cringe. She draws like a 3 years old poor kid with both divorced parents.

No. 126422

File: 1608180484622.png (375.04 KB, 564x561, Screenshot_9.png)

>>126241 i think she's Katieagi too. These 2 are too similar: obssesed with Asia and asian people, trying to look asian all the time, harassing and mistreating other people, being a bad person in general…but for now i don't want to assume anything. I have some little doubts.

Also i have new milk.

I took screenshots from all the exposing accounts (they have too much proof of everything). So here are just some examples:

No. 126423

File: 1608180526990.png (385.58 KB, 562x565, Screenshot_10.png)

No. 126424

File: 1608180552351.png (394.1 KB, 562x555, Screenshot_11.png)

No. 126482

Someone should ask her why she's clowning her own people with that screencap.

No. 126494

>>126482 she's just a clown.

No. 126515

Woke up to most of her socials wiped clean or gone. Her Twitter is still up but no new posts.
I noticed also that the livaegyoinfo and livaegyoisakboo accounts in >>126196 are private. Livaegyoinfo had a new post showing her true face (apparently posted by a former friend) and I think that's what set it off. She was obviously getting off on us posting about her. Hopefully she doesn't return.

No. 126516

File: 1608237163254.png (421.12 KB, 382x481, 698648.png)

>>126515 i noticed that too. Here are photos of her real face i found:

No. 126517

File: 1608237196411.png (313.89 KB, 335x321, 5865468.png)

No. 126519

File: 1608237252504.png (636.05 KB, 540x536, 56267726.png)

No. 126523

File: 1608237785897.png (456.66 KB, 851x458, 6576968.png)

I don't think she's gone of all social media. She probably has fake or secret accounts. One of them is https://www.instagram.com/sweetpinkulzzang/ supposedly it is an account that she shares with 2 more friends but that seems a lie. The account appeared hours before it disappeared from all other accounts (@livaegyo, @livaegyo2, etc.) and since then it has uploaded a lot of photos, has responded to messages, has commented on photos defending itself and half an hour ago it was online. This account is %100 her.

No. 126578

how did you find this account? when was it promoted? I've never seen this account promoted

No. 126581

Holy shit, that lazy eye

No. 126588

>>126578 i never say that she promoted the account. Why you say something that i didn't say? But yes, she promoted it and was on her stories for a lot of time. What are you saying? Are you Livaegyo trying to whiteknight yourself?

>>126581 she edits her bad eye in every photo, but everyone already saw that photo of her real face, so trying to hide it doesn't work right now…kek.

No. 126598

The account in question mentioned livaegyo promoting it (their instastories) so I mentioned it. I was asking you since you're well versed in when it was created.

Is there more information explaining that it's another sockpuppet for livaegyo? Aside from their instastories?

No. 126602

File: 1608256934451.jpg (90.29 KB, 674x674, 20201217_225206.jpg)

>>125897 some hours ago she was whiteknighting herself in an exponsing page with that account. Also she's online now and all the afternoon was online too. My theory is that she's using this "innocent kawaii aestethic uwu" account to see Instagram because she deleted her other accounts.

No. 126603

File: 1608257000373.jpg (11.36 KB, 378x144, 20201217_225418.jpg)

Btw right now here's the account.

No. 127583

File: 1608610176562.jpg (144.93 KB, 720x1274, 20201222_004242.jpg)

No. 127584

File: 1608610325701.jpg (164.72 KB, 720x909, 20201222_004217.jpg)

She's whiteknighting herself with that fake account…disgusting. She has 0 things to envy, she only has a fake ugly ass face and mental ilness.

No. 127586

>>127584 Yuma is herself or what??? She's crazy…talking to herself with all these fake accounts. Nobody trust her at this point. She has -50 likes in her photos with +1000 followers. Is just sad to see her trying to wash up all her lies and gain some followers.

No. 128003

File: 1608762185620.png (211.52 KB, 326x462, 5869867.png)

No. 128014

She‘s right so what‘s the milk here?

No. 128046

Please tell me you’re just trolling anon lmao

No. 128047

File: 1608775712239.jpeg (46.96 KB, 640x323, 96441B3C-BA59-47E4-8557-57912B…)

No. 128057

born in south Korea and came to USA at 10, but she doesn't speak Korean?? lmfao at least lower the age to make that actually possible? Bitch if you lived in a country for 10 years you would most definitely speak the language

No. 128069

Oh, so she’s living in Japan, not South Korea? Major tinfoil but what if she’s on that infamous breeding visa? I could totally see someone like her jumping on that.

No. 128082

Anon, what are you even talking about? There is no "breeding visa", only a spouse visa for married people.
She talks about boyfriends here >>127584
and there is no boyfriend visa. There is a huge stigma towards children born out of wedlock in Japan (and possibly Korea as well), so she's fucking them over if they grow up there anyways.
There is a visa for parents of Japanese children, but her bf would have to accept the child as his own first, which he may not do, considering he still hasn't married her even though she's pregnant (if she actually is pregnant that is). Children stay on your family register forever and a future spouse would find out he had a child with an American. If he doesn't accept the child, it doesn't get citizenship, meaning she has absolutely nothing tethering her to the country.
Even with citizenship for the baby, she'd have to prove that she has sufficient income for both of them in Japan, which… does she have any skills?

No. 128093

File: 1608800889934.jpg (540.43 KB, 1078x1351, SmartSelect_20201224-030725_Re…)

Anybody see the actual story on her account? I found this screenshot on reddit, but its gone from her insta now

No. 128094

File: 1608800954087.jpg (402.74 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201224-025549_Ins…)

Found this when I went looking for the other one…. yikes(emoji)

No. 128096

>I can do anything in my power to ruin someone
The keks write themselves.

No. 128146

Cannot believe I fell for the meme. (That’s what it was, a meme.) You’re right and provide a good explanation. I guess I didn’t know otherwise a way to explain her being in the country right now.

No. 128192

I want to know how tf shes supporting her children? do her first 2 have the same dad? her first post with the current pregnancy was from when she was only 3 weeks, and the line was dark as fuck. Blue dye tests are notorious for being less accurate than pink dye ones because the dye doesnt bond to the hcg chemical as well, and 3 weeks usually isnt even pregnant enough to have missed a period yet. Was she trying to get pregnant again? is she a narcist and just doing all of this racist shit for attention? sage for tinfoil

No. 128193

going through her twitter is a fucking trip

No. 128248

Don't be shy Olivia! Show us pictures of your fake family all together with you in them! I'm sure the photoshop job will be a breeze for you!

No. 128252

>>128096 she's fucking disgusting…and she's of course lurking here. She has nothing better to do.

>>128057 she's stupid and can't learn an idiom in 10 years. Stop photoshopping and stalking asian dudes and go learn to write.

>>128094 so she's doxxing now? Doxx my ass, Olivia Westbrook.

No. 128257

Doxx me next unnie

No. 128260

File: 1608879961436.jpg (52.92 KB, 703x589, 20201225_040029.jpg)

No. 128262

File: 1608880153609.jpg (213.75 KB, 720x1333, 20201225_040645.jpg)

No. 128263

File: 1608880178500.jpg (202.23 KB, 720x1324, 20201225_035926.jpg)

No. 128267

what the fuck? Shes also following a bunch of black/mixed accounts despite very vocally hating black people???? The more I learn the more I'm confused

No. 128381

>>128267 she fetishizes pregnant women, what's wrong with her??? It's fucking nasty…STOP SEXUALIZING EVERY THING IN WOMENS. You are truly a cow.

No. 128382

>>128267 one of these "mixed people" accounts is from her, she has these accounts for whiteknighting herself and promoting her account. All these accounts that are suspicious are from her. My theory is that she has 0 friends and everyone hates her and laugh in her face so she created a lot of fake accounts for feel less alone???
All this account thing is crazy.

No. 128386

This cross-eyed flat whore is embarrasing to see……
I feel bad for her parents for such a waste of time and lack of everything.

No. 128435

File: 1608925459518.jpg (74.44 KB, 439x827, 20201225_163922.jpg)

This is the most disgusting thing i've seen.

No. 128439

>>128252 Olivia Westbrooke*

No. 128441

File: 1608926063177.jpg (120.75 KB, 720x1110, 20201225_165119.jpg)

Fake account that's apparently a "fanpage".

No. 128447

File: 1608926457485.jpg (97.07 KB, 720x1314, 20201225_165017.jpg)

This is her too. All these accounts have patrons of writing.
One of the words she say is in one of these accounts is "luv", and here"s another account called "he he luvs" so it's her using the same word. But this account is exposing herself??? Exposing herself with her own account?
This is the most important thing. My new theory is that she's trying to get easy fame saying racist, homophobic and fatphobic things and also faking being asian and having a lot of personalities and accounts. She makes drama on purpose for get fame. All of this is on purpose . If all of this is real, she's sick.

No. 128450

File: 1608926669205.jpg (106.09 KB, 720x1255, 20201225_165006.jpg)

The exposing account owned by her has only this stories.

No. 128529

File: 1608950463290.jpg (475.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-164202_Ins…)

If you can't afford $12 for youtube premium how are you gonna afford this kid?

No. 128530

File: 1608950581510.jpg (442.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201225-164204_Ins…)

Also, a shout out? What good is a shout out on an account with less than 1.5k followers?

No. 128547

>>128529 so e-begging now??? What's left? This has to be a joke. If not this is too funny.

No. 128548

>>128530 LMAOOO SHOTOUTS WITH 1000 FOLLOWERS (%50 are fake accounts) IS THIS REAL?

No. 128660

>>128450 i swear i don't expect more than shit from this whore now…

No. 128666

File: 1609031861315.jpg (506.8 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201226-191144_Ins…)

Sure, Jan. What gorgeous boyfriends? We never see them. And really, who in Japan or Korea wants to date a 22 year old single mother with 2 kids and another on the way?

No. 128670

You hacked the WHOLE group chat? How? Hacking doesn't work like it does in the movies, liv.

No. 128671

File: 1609032425409.jpg (490.6 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201226-191300_Ins…)

No. 128714

File: 1609044303184.jpg (208.55 KB, 752x735, faFeJpp.jpg)

According to someone on twitter, it has been revealed how livaegyo gets IP addresses. She posts a link that gathers the information as soon as the other user clicks it.

No. 128717

"I have a case on you" girl you can't afford $12 for youtube, you definitely can't afford a lawyer lmfao

No. 128718

File: 1609045391601.jpg (893.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201226-225635_Ins…)

CP is anything pornographic depicting a minor. If you did somehow "hack" those girls, I'm sure your dumb ass saved their nudes. And if they're under 18 that's CP.

No. 128719

File: 1609045514781.jpg (722.8 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201226-225720_Ins…)

I doubt anyone cares about you enough to send you death threats liv. You barely have any followers. I also love how she cries about being bullied but is aggressively racist, transphobic, and homophobic all over Twitter. Dont be a piece of shit and people won't be mean to you on the internet Olivia.

No. 128721

I wonder when she'll drop caps of these mysterious case emails she sent to her ~haturz~. Must be financially draining since she, y'know, lives in Asia and these people probably live in the USA. I'm sure legislation travels.
Oh and the fact that she has 3 fake kids to raise is especially hard on our little cock-eyed wasian! I bet the children didn't have presents this year! Lawyers cost alot!

No. 128768

Olivia Westbrooke historial:
Asianboo, racist, transphobic, homophobic, fatphobic, poor because can't afford $12 so needs to e-begg to her inexistent fans, photoshopping all her pictures, faking having sons, having a lot of fake accounts everywhere, hacking, doxxing, threatening, harrasing and mistreating…

No. 128773

File: 1609077934254.png (1.1 MB, 1200x930, download-17.png)

Livaegyo right now seeing Youtube tutorials and WikiHow articles of how to hack in her house alone:

No. 128774

Asianboo thinks she's Anonymous or some like that but doesn't know how to type AT and use the calculator. LMFAO

No. 128802

Did she delete her insta? I went to look at her story again and it came up "user not found" on both my accounts. She posted screen grabs of the chats from the people she "hacked" and definitely showed some dudes dick. She hasnt said anything on twitter

No. 128819

She deleted her main to "rebrand" (according to her) and is now on her livaegyo2 account. She probably didnt like the fact that her insta name was attached to a phishing site and that she was actively instigating shit. Her new tiktok is himelivhyun. This is Momokun levels of buffonery. Deleting accounts and claiming one thing while preventing others from finding another thing.

No. 128843

"Rebranding" lmao what brand liv? We all know you're gonna continue the racist, koreaboo, racefaker shenanigans.

No. 128853

We're does she live and work at(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 128859

Are you stupid? Nobody here is going to give you that information.

No. 128908

File: 1609127191210.png (417.37 KB, 421x485, 568525683.png)

No. 128911

File: 1609127424497.png (313.53 KB, 434x489, 6986895.png)

No. 128914

File: 1609127657662.png (275.16 KB, 583x392, Screenshot_20.png)

But……you are an average women too??? We have seen your face and it's basic, normal, like everybody.

No. 128921


Not only does one of her eyes look wonky as fuck, she also tagged Taemin, Lisa, and Jisoo like they're gonna notice her or something.

No. 128922

At least those girls can do their makeup. Half the time hers is from an editing app or a filter lmao

No. 128926

Some detectiveprostalker-chan can find photos of her real face or more information about her? Remember that her name is Olivia M (we don't know yet what means M) Westbrooke. I say this because we have only a little bit of real photos and information of her.

No. 128932

Theres a bunch of pics of her real face if you look hard enough. She's probably scrubbed the internet of the ones we don't already have

No. 129003

>>128911 look at the ear, it's too blurried and weird and has no shape! She has no ears?
All her photos are blurried and photoshopped…

No. 129006

>>128932 i know but she probably has something more to find. I believe we can know more about her. If you Google her name or Livaegyo only new photos of her and things about her behaviour appear.

No. 129009

>>129006 we know she has an old Facebook account. The real photos of her and the anuary photo with her name are from there. But we don't know what's the name of it.

No. 129020

Shes probably deleted that account by now

No. 129030

Summary of all the personalities (we know for now).

1- Samanta Skylar / skylar.nate
"I am 23, i have one daughter who lives in South Korea with her grandparents. I am learning korean. I was born in Soth Korea and came to the USA when i was 10. My dad is korean and my mom is scottish and american".

Archives of her:


Also google her name for more.

2- Olivia Hyun Lee / jiminsels
"Mixed 22 yo, half korean, i love my korean culture, i have a korean fiancé and i live in Korea. My monolids are natural, i was born with monolids and black eyes, i looked more asian than ever. My eyes were more chinky when i was younger".

Archives of her:


Also google her name for more.

3- Park Hyunjin
"Hello i am foreigner who got adopted in Korea by my korean family. Half british half korean".

Archives of her:


3- Livaegyo / Olivia / Liv

"22 year old living in Tokyo, Japan. Half german half slovakian half korean. I have 3 kids and a korean boyfriend".

Google her name for more and see the thread.

No. 129033

File: 1609190381784.png (579.62 KB, 800x800, collage.png)

In order: Samanta Skylar, Olivia Hyun Lee, Park Hyunjin, Livaegyo.

No. 129037

>Mixed 22 yo, half korean, i love my korean culture, i have a korean fiancé and i live in Korea. My monolids are natural, i was born with monolids and black eyes, i looked more asian than ever. My eyes were more chinky when i was younger

This shit sounds like a bot wrote it or some shit hahahaha. Does she not realize she doesn't sound like a real person?

No. 129042

File: 1609192478811.png (1.38 MB, 1245x481, Screenshot_3.png)

Her pins in Pinterest are +100 photos of asian babies, asian men and asian women. It's very, very, very clear that she is a fetishist.

No. 129052

Half of these are already posted in the thread.

No. 129060

If it wasn't for her shit personality I would not believe that these are all the same person, holy shit. Is she stealing other people's pictures and editing them? How can she make herself look so fucking different lmao

No. 129064

File: 1609201774468.png (443.01 KB, 351x507, Screenshot_22.png)

>>129052 it's only a summary for understand more everything and also for the newfags that doesn't know what's going on.

>>129060 yes! i found an Instagram account exposing one of her personalities (Skylar). She edits and stoles photos of other people and posts it like it's herself.


No. 129066

File: 1609201919237.png (470.93 KB, 423x436, Screenshot_23.png)

No. 129067

when will she learn that makeup apps make you look DUMB AS HELL

No. 129070

File: 1609202611688.png (82.42 KB, 174x237, Screenshot_25.png)

In one of these photos she has a swastika…

No. 129074

which pic is that from?

No. 129077

maybe stupid but, we know shes been stealing peoples pics, and with the shocking amount she edits, are we sure shes really Olivia Westbrooke? Maybe i've had one too many glasses of wine and I'm fucking stupid but something seems fishy to me

No. 129105

File: 1609212729797.png (522.69 KB, 572x386, Screenshot_24.png)

>>129077 i understand what you are saying, i'm too confused thinking about all of this, i don't find a conclusion. We don't know who is this person in real life, we don't know her %100 real face. And that's confused and scary. She has too many personalities. But my goal is knowing who is she, who's the person behind all these disgusting shit and fake accounts. I hope other anons can help me to solve this and find the conclusion.
I will be investigating more.

>>129070 from one personality named Skylar. Here's the photo:

No. 129106

File: 1609212819623.png (526.11 KB, 442x510, 6896875.png)

No. 129218

>>129106 she….knows…she's bald here right?

No. 129314

File: 1609309273055.jpg (452.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201230-001922_Ins…)

Sounds like somebody is mad shes not famous for being some rando's baby mama. They're still more successful than you are Liv, are you jealous?

No. 129463

File: 1609363965843.jpg (637.4 KB, 1080x1548, SmartSelect_20201230-145942_In…)

Since we know Liv has been stealing other people's faces and babies, I decided to see if I could find an original from the pic she posted earlier. Instead I found that the pic she posted has to be at least 2 years old. This is the Dotonbori area in Osaka and the Megmilk ad next to Glico Man has not looked like that since before January 2019. The current ad is a stretched poster-type one floating over the original, and the floating frame has been there since at least the middle of January 2019.

No. 129464

File: 1609364038787.jpg (693.2 KB, 1078x1079, SmartSelect_20201230-152904_In…)

This is what that corner currently looks like

No. 129486

fucking kek.

No. 129573

>>129463 well done! Ty!
Now we know another thing. The photo's description is "tonight" but the photo is from 2 years ago or more. Also she's spelling bad a lot of words in japanese. There's a big probability of her not being in Japan.
Imagine she being in her home in Virginia eating potato chips and Doritos while uploading photos of an old trip to Japan and faking living there.

No. 129574

>>129486 some translator-chan can tell us what's wrong with the description? And she's writing another words bad too? Her japanese is good or is bad?

No. 129582

Osaka is 大阪. It's spelled Oosaka. She put in Osaka because she's an idiot and out came 小坂, which is not what the city is called. This combined with writing Tokyo like 都京 makes it 100% clear that she doesn't speak any Japanese at all and probably doesn't live here, considering that you'd freaking know how the capital is written.

You also need to stop formatting your posts like that (eg no line break after the >>123456) it makes you super identifiable you seem way too invested in this idiot. .

No. 129601

Where did you find her pinterest

No. 129672

sage that shit newfag.

No. 129803

She doesn't know Japanese living in Japan? That hasn't sense. She's in another country and faking being in Japan…she can be in US right now…

No. 129805

File: 1609484694659.jpg (158.72 KB, 720x696, 20210101_034622.jpg)

An exposing account called out another exposing account. "Livaegyoisakboo" claims that "Livaegyoinfo" is Olivia.

No. 129806

File: 1609484719762.jpg (136.36 KB, 720x731, 20210101_034702.jpg)

No. 129807

File: 1609484828192.jpg (48.76 KB, 720x734, 20210101_034748.jpg)

No. 129810

JFC I'm just more and more confused as this goes on

No. 129869


No. 129870

File: 1609526566282.jpg (31.08 KB, 562x173, 20210101_153822.jpg)

No. 129873

File: 1609527902737.jpg (93.4 KB, 720x823, 20210101_153719.jpg)

This is fake. We know she isn't in Japan. This "exposing account" is doing fake confessions about her being in Japan. Also no one knows from where the "Olivia Westbrooke" photos are, this account is the only that claims she has an "old Facebook profile". The Facebook account is not easily finded. These photos look like she choosed them and submited it with the exposing account. She's doing fake exposing accounts AND fan accounts.

No. 129895

Did she forget she was supposed to have a son as well? Liv is just a dumb idiot believing she's some mastermind fooling everyone.

No. 129921

She hasn't any son or has one and is mistreated because she's inmature and not a good mother. I really think the sons are all fake and she's on US faking being in Japan too.

No. 129946

I had a theory that if her kids ARE real that she doesn't have custody of the oldest one (her son). She posted that she wouldn't be posting about him anymore right around the time she claimed she moved to japan

No. 129947

File: 1609560516943.jpg (567.86 KB, 1079x1564, SmartSelect_20210101-220311_In…)

Hes your day one, Liv? I thought you moved to Japan to be with your Japanese (now ex) fiance though? Also LOL @ >>128666 gorgeous boyfriend where? He's PAINFULLY average just like every other kboo's ☆~korean boyfriend~☆

No. 129953

If she looked any more white she'd burst into flame under the sunlight. Also why post about your Korean ex-boyfriend when you are now supposedly pregnant by a Japanese one?

No. 129955

She claims the guy that "fathered" her current "fetus" WAS her fiance but they broke up like right after she got "pregnant"

No. 129958

File: 1609566009842.jpg (159.36 KB, 1080x574, SmartSelect_20210101-233723_Tw…)

We don't, Liv. Lots of koreaboos actually get knocked up by korean guys. It's just that you fake shit so badly anybody with a brain can tell your pictures have been edited.

No. 129995

File: 1609581731630.jpg (411.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210102-035917_Ins…)

No. 129996

File: 1609581795479.jpg (327.28 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210102-035911_Ins…)

We call out black people for being fetishists too Olivia. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not happening.

No. 129998

File: 1609582195269.jpg (122.57 KB, 1080x423, SmartSelect_20210102-040515_Tw…)

>constantly talks about being in an amwf couple
>tags her shit with amwf
>retweets a tweet saying amwf couples are cringe

No. 130016

She retweeted it because of the first part, kek. She's constantly seething.

No. 130018

>someone in your life asian to me.
What is she even trying to say?

So she's got two half-Korean kids (one of whom just disappeared from her life apparently), and then had a Japanese fiance who impregnated her before breaking it off? Sure shit.

She just goes going on and on about black women with Asian guys and how cringe it is. Did a black girl date the guy she had a crush on or something?

No. 130068

File: 1609615076863.jpg (64.02 KB, 597x323, 20210102_160553.jpg)

This is important. She's doing all of these fake accounts "stanning" or "hating" her because she needs attention. She likes to have all the eyes on her, good or bad, fans and haters, everything counts for getting fame. Whatever brings her attention and fame is ok for her.
Having archives of all the shit she did and does. One day someone will find her real identity because nobody in Internet is Anonymous. Everything can be finding.

No. 130073

File: 1609617112782.png (603.26 KB, 634x976, liv_vs_russian.png)

it's not even her boyfriend, she's stealing these pics from some Russian girl and photoshopping them to death

No. 130074

this is so fucking creepy

No. 130075

>>130073 this is fucking creepy…we don't know her real face…al we know are photoshopps and stealed photos of other people…

No. 130077

File: 1609618341783.jpg (221.47 KB, 720x881, 20210102_170721.jpg)

Photo of @dojjaang

No. 130079

File: 1609618486220.jpg (126.35 KB, 720x821, 20210102_170737.jpg)

Photo submited by Livaegyo, @dojjaang is photoshopped.

No. 130081

File: 1609618689553.jpg (144.25 KB, 720x831, 20210102_171456.jpg)


No. 130085

wait… thats the same picture? WHAT

No. 130087

File: 1609619825810.jpg (167.49 KB, 720x1401, 20210102_173237.jpg)

The photo of she with her boyfriend is from the same one too. It's in her stories. This is not Livaegyo.

No. 130090

File: 1609620181059.jpg (113.93 KB, 715x1069, 20210102_170047.jpg)

No. 130094

>>130090 catfishing and sexworking now???

No. 130095

Shes been doing premium snapchat, if you go back far enough on her Twitter you can see her talk about sex work

No. 130096

How did you find this?

No. 130097

searched through the 국제커플 tag on ig. The account pops up as one of the first photos.

Did anybody notice that liveaegyo2 follows nightmarecake?
tinfoilhat but this could be nighmarecake larping? she has a kid so idk that could explain why livaegyo has this weird hafu kid thing going on

No. 130101

The person of the catfishing photos already noticed that she's stealing them. She talked about this and said "i found more edited photos of me in Google…this is creepy" and Livaegyo blocked her.

No. 130106

File: 1609626418319.jpg (148.29 KB, 720x1280, 20210102_192346.jpg)

No. 130107

File: 1609626472204.jpg (152.64 KB, 720x1266, 20210102_192401.jpg)

No. 130109

File: 1609626546068.jpg (155.11 KB, 720x1245, 20210102_192438.jpg)

No. 130110

This is so bizarre
I love it

No. 130111

It doesn't look like dojjaang tags her pics and I didn't see any of her in the tag so???? Also, who tf is nightmarecake? I've literally never heard of her until you mentioned her.
When did she mention she found pics? Cuz her story clearly has DMs from somebody who told her liv was catfishing as her and I wouldn't put it past liv to be the one in the DMs

No. 130119

If she doesn't exist and is catfishing…there's a possibility of a men being behind "Livaegyo". We know all of "she" is fake. She CAN be a men. Also making a Snapchat with stolen photos is illegal…

No. 130126

File: 1609634341777.jpg (127.85 KB, 720x1279, 20210102_213614.jpg)

No. 130129

I have a theory as to who is behind this but they're a nobody lmao

No. 130133

File: 1609636339612.jpg (164.5 KB, 716x1176, 20210102_220931.jpg)

No. 130134

File: 1609636375466.jpg (111.09 KB, 720x954, 20210102_220822.jpg)

No. 130135

File: 1609636403111.jpg (126.3 KB, 720x952, 20210102_220854.jpg)

No. 130139

File: 1609637184491.jpg (67.99 KB, 582x884, 20210102_221520.jpg)

>>130129 what theory?

A Tiktok of her is stolen from @dojjaang too.

No. 130140

File: 1609637206783.jpg (108.83 KB, 720x960, 20210102_221457.jpg)

No. 130156

The accounts of Instagram and Twitter are gone. Disappeared again…

No. 130161

Good hopefully she stays gone
This koreaboo that I used to be friends with. This person claimed to be a gay intersex dude, which is whatever I have no problem with gay or intersex people. Except it turns out they had NO medical diagnosis. And now they claim to be a lesbian woman. This person was living in LA trying to be a rapper and was super fucking convinced they could turn any straight guy gay, and also super convinced that g dragon would fuck them. All of that despite looking like a cave troll and smelling like ass. Super mega attention whore, and I could totally see them doing something like this because "it's funny". This is just speculation based on one of the names "olivia" has used though so lol

No. 130177

To add to the current revelation:
I never mentioned this before because of board rules and not wanting the family to be alerted immediately as I couldn't match up the exact video/pictures. I think I found her "eldest son" and his family's profiles on instagram in the same tag. He is a toddler model and his family is cute.
Again I never mentioned this not only because of the above reasons but it was obvious livaegyo self posts/reads here and she could've botched evidence to support her own side. I really wanted to see her faked pregnancy belly. Too bad, it would've been hilarious.

No. 130184

Glad I'm not the only person who thought she was self posting lmao

No. 130210

How convenient…Since this account was discovered, you suddenly have a story about this chick. How about you post some proof or gtfo. Self post some more caps.
We get it! You like the attention but it gets old.

No. 130223

I'm definitely not Liv. I said it was a THEORY. I just happen to have known one of the most cringe worthy, attention seeking kboos on the planet. I haven't even posted any of the milky ~exposing~ caps I'm literally just here to talk shit about kboos.

No. 130273

This isn't more "Livaegyo", this is a person with mental ilness making more than 50 fake accounts for having """fun""". No normal person will do this. This person has a very big problem. Stays hours, days, months doing all of this. This isn't normal.(newfaggotry)

No. 130275

File: 1609696037779.jpg (96.91 KB, 720x731, 20210102_235015.jpg)

No. 130276

File: 1609696064120.jpg (118.47 KB, 550x689, 20210103_144420.jpg)


No. 130277

File: 1609696096710.jpg (159.41 KB, 719x1277, 20210103_144434.jpg)

No. 130279

File: 1609696476957.jpg (116.69 KB, 705x1253, 20210103_144308.jpg)

Accounts are ok now. Still lying…you aren't in Japan!!! You don't have a boyfriend! You don't have sons! It's all fake.

No. 130280

File: 1609696520598.jpg (87.66 KB, 720x1245, 20210103_144322.jpg)

No. 130281

File: 1609696606745.jpg (90.11 KB, 720x1247, 20210103_144338.jpg)

One of the fake accounts is helping you? You talk to yourself?

No. 130290

Considering her right wing sperging her English is pretty shit.
Also she seems majorly unhinged, I'm sure we'll get lots of milk in the future.

No. 130311

Has she ever considered that she is in no way obligated to parade her boyfriend and children online?
Plus she stole pictures of @dojjaang's that didn't even show her partner, so her lie doesn't even make sense.

No. 130320

And she's stollen other people's pics before lmao like you can't pretend all these "other" people saying the same shit that you say weren't you when most of your past accounts has been named some form of "Olivia hyun". Come on liv. I know you read here. We're not fucking stupid.

No. 130325

She lurks here everyday. We already know it.

No. 130371

File: 1609748985681.jpg (316.32 KB, 532x913, F8Xhjpz.jpg)

A new victim has been discovered. It's another model with the username palindri. She was cited in another expose tiktok because, surprise surprise, she also has a tiktok account. Liv used one of her instastories to fake her own appearance in a tiktok seen here >>126144
(I assume, because I cannot locate the original)

I wonder if "Jisoo" is another model baby.

No. 130373

File: 1609749743060.jpg (1.01 MB, 1778x945, zNKCy6d.jpg)

Just kidding, found it

No. 130406

>>130373 something i noticed: the people from the stealed photos @dojjaang and @palindri both are white girls with asian boyfriends living in Asia.

No. 130427

This is not new information. It's been mentioned several times.

No. 130437

You don't say, galaxy brain. Next you'll tell me that the children whose pictures she stole are Korean.

No. 130443

proof of that of stfo.

No. 130477

This might be a reach (I know this was mentioned before as well) but does anyone think maybe "Liv" is deth.vroulett? It would be easy for him to fake the hair and eye color (he wears contacts/has blue eyes and wears wigs frequently). I've seen him mentioned before in other cow threads but I don't know enough about his past to know if he's the type to do things like this (plus I don't know Espanol).

No. 130482

File: 1609823504781.jpg (16.74 KB, 393x368, 20210105_020235.jpg)

She follows Nigthmarecake and once she uploaded a photo of Shayna naked…she knows about other lolcows and Lolcow itself.

No. 130489

Can yall stop mentioning IRRELEVANT ASS NOBODIES in this thread please? She's stealing pictures from people. This has been established. It's not some fucking dude either because there's audio floating around of her on IG live.
If this is liv's way of trying to derail and keep us from finding out who she really is its a piss poor attempt.

No. 130491

She's Nightmarecake. The hastags she follows are #amwf #amwfbaby #familygoals #hapa #hapababy, others in japanese and korean, and she is a lolcow (has her own threads), asianboo and has a kid too. Also she follows Venus.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 130493

How does that make sense? Why would someone who actually has a half-Asian child and husband/boyfriend and no problem with being milky on main make an account with stolen pictures?

No. 130496

>>130477 her Instagram has a lot of likes from her. The other options are Katieaegi, the intersex LA men, the creepy chilean men or a troll. That's it.

No. 130589

Its not nightmarecake. She has no fucking reason to fake the shit she actually has. Nightmarecake follows venus, but Liv doesn't. Having vague similarities in behavior is doesn't mean that's proof that its the same person. Lots of kboos follow those tags. Give us real proof that it's her, or shut the fuck up.
Those aren't the only options.

No. 130593

>>130589 what other options for example?

No. 130611

Some other mentally ill kboo? Lmfao

No. 130614

>>130611 so a nobody but asianboo that wants attention? That counts as a troll.

No. 130641

Isn't it quite obvious this is a troll? There's no reason you'd write the shit she writes if it weren't so. She reminds me of your run off the mill 4chan troll edgelord, just talking shit to get a rise out of people. I honestly don't think she should be getting attention. Find the pictures whose accounts she steals so they can report her, but other than that, don't engage.
She's most likely just a nobody who made up a persona she thinks is enviable, and when that is a woman who has 3 children from 3 different men, none of whom married her, that's honestly quite pathetic.

No. 130651


My thoughts exactly.
This is 100% a troll and every post made just feeds into their agenda , attention.
Racist, catfishing, multiple sock puppet accounts, obvious lies.. Meh.
Not lolcow worthy imo. Seeing "her" face on the page is just a nuisance at this point.

No. 130758

>>130641 if she's a troll wtf is going on with the Olivia Westbrook photo? From where is it and why? I'm tired of this hoe.

No. 131017

File: 1610081076398.png (114.91 KB, 1024x1284, 1024px-Forbidden-151987.svg.pn…)

Might just be someone who went to school with her. Or it might be her, who knows. As said, it doesn't really matter who this person is. She's obviously fucked in the head and trying to expose her is only giving her the attention she so craves.
What's the endgame of the exposure anyways? We know she's fake and to me she doesn't seem like the person who will just stop her pathetic behaviour because she was exposed online. I mean she still has this >>130373 video up on her tiktok profile.

Her profiles are back up again btw.

No. 132527

File: 1610693969899.jpg (628.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210115-005656_Ins…)

Shes still stealing other people's pics and editing them, plus this gem. We don't hate you because you "live in east asia", we hate you because you're a piece of shit Liv.

No. 132528

I also love how her new thing is shitting on girls with OF when she had a premium snapchat at some point which is basically the same thing

No. 132533

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! When she is the hugest koreaboo to exist kek.

No. 132733

I think it's hilarious how someone with not even 400 followers on insta apparently has a fan page and a page just to defend her. How many sock puppet accounts does one person need?

No. 133762

File: 1611259219709.jpg (17.42 KB, 752x654, 0Q6AUaq.jpg)

No. 133767

It's just a stupid whore with a lot of free time. She had a lot of accounts doing the same. She likes the attention so move on and let this thread die. We already know that all her photos and accounts are fake. This is %100 a troll.

No. 133994

She made a new Twitter and the only thing she's posted is racist shit and a waifu so far. I just want to know what butthurt kboo is behind "livaegyo" Probably a fat cow who's angry Asian men won't look at her so she has to cosplay as Liv to feel validated

No. 134661

File: 1611712706625.jpg (796.56 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210126-195739_Ins…)

What in the white fuckery? You absolutely have to be half korean to say you're half korean what the fuck

No. 134686

kek. She's retarded.
Let's ignore her, it's not as if she actually had any people looking up to her that aren't her own accounts.

No. 134741



I suspect she's here bumping her own thread because she's been largely ignored for a while. She's a troll. A boring repetitive one at that.
She / he has no reach except to their own sock puppet accounts.

Let this thread die.

No. 139542

File: 1614304365121.jpg (375.42 KB, 1080x1545, SmartSelect_20210225-194657_In…)

Apparently she's not naming the "baby" kaneki anymore, but has apparently decided the korean word for park, like a park you'd take a walk in, is a good middle name.

No. 145553

File: 1618574751793.jpeg (69.47 KB, 567x754, 4F9AF6AC-72D6-46E4-A50B-C83F80…)

No. 145554

File: 1618575245275.jpeg (52.13 KB, 699x685, FC9571E0-6E42-4D33-A974-8D8A39…)

No. 145572

I cannot even with the levels of stupid. But I DO forget she is a student of the Miranduh Constable school of appropriation. "I like KPop boys therefore I'm half Korean".

No. 145582


I almost wanna low key ask mod to lock this thread. I see it only pop up whenever she says something clearly retarded and I feel like the other anon had a point with their theory that she’s bumping it herself. She’s not even a person anyway? Is that rude to say?

No. 145811

But she was spewing all this bullshit before the thread was even created.

No. 174646

File: 1632810491888.jpeg (117.82 KB, 815x851, 9115CB25-9059-4693-A91D-7DADC8…)

Pretty sure this is her if anyone is still interested. Same hatred for black ppl, ambw relationships, and now racist asf against Native Americans. Her only pic on her insta page has the background completely pixelated and her face covered

No. 174788

she has a lot of accounts like this, she does it on purpose to get attention

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