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File: 1498209624007.png (684.77 KB, 800x800, 123.png)

No. 10635

Let’s share our favorite "girly" mangas/animes. Any genre is welcome as long as it contains elements aimed at a female audience.

No. 10638

File: 1498210083429.jpg (110.52 KB, 500x413, wota00s.jpg)

I just started reading Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Love is Hard for an Otaku). It's a slice of life/romance/comedy whose main characters are 2 otakus in their mid 20s. I recommend it if you feel like reading a lighthearted manga with minimal drama.

No. 10640

File: 1498216094070.jpg (145.95 KB, 1440x900, UDlhT4q.jpg)

Strawberry Panic, started watching it 10 years ago in high school. Always will have a soft spot for this animu.

No. 10642

File: 1498233230795.jpg (220.42 KB, 736x1063, IMG_0722.JPG)

Swan is my favorite girly manga! It's about an ameteur ballet dancer from Hokkaido who enters a national competition and befriends a group of really skilled dancers that notice her potential. The art is gorgeous and I like how the main character has to learn a lot from her peers because she wasn't taught very well.

No. 10644

File: 1498233743027.gif (22.09 KB, 365x200, 200_s-1.gif)

Nana, it makes me cry everytime and it's just a well-written show. I wish there were more like this.

No. 10645

File: 1498239783380.jpg (168.6 KB, 1024x768, Cat.Street.full.1019605.jpg)

Cat Street. It has romance but main theme is friendship.

No. 10647

File: 1498240576930.jpg (700.3 KB, 1024x768, Beauty.Pop.full.131422.jpg)

Beauty Pop is probably my favorite shojo manga. It's pretty atypical for the genre, like the MC is pretty aloof and tomboyish and isn't super emotional and dudes aren't always falling over themselves trying to be with her. Plus it's centered around beauty makeovers like hair, nails, and makeup. It's really sweet and there isn't a lot of drama.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda is a pretty fun anime where the MC is a fat BL fujoshi who get's cute suddenly and some dudes at her school try to get with her.

Oshiete! Galko-chan is pretty comfy and centered around female friendship.

Boys over Flowers is a classic favorite of mine, it's so stereotypically shojo and hits all of those cheesy tropes.

No. 10649

File: 1498242569742.jpg (88.32 KB, 576x707, Skip_Beat_anime.jpg)

Thank you anon for reminding me about Cat Street! I really enjoyed the characters including the lolita girl.

To contribute I'm still reading Skip Beat, extremely slow-paced romance but the focus on the MCs working and developing as a person is nice.

No. 10650

What's the name of the one with the boy wishing the other one(not sure if boy or girl) good luck in getting a girl's number?

No. 10651

this looks SO pretty anon, I think I'm gonna check it out.

No. 10652

File: 1498243351387.jpg (500.86 KB, 1280x1024, IMG_2916.JPG)

Tsubasa chronicle! Did any of you watch this one?

No. 10654

A scan group called Shoujo Manga Maniac uploaded a really nice version of it online

No. 10655

File: 1498254575453.jpg (193.71 KB, 500x750, images.jpg)

Strobe Edge!
It's from Sakisaka Io. Your typical shoujo high school romance, you could say, but, coming from someone who have read plenty of those, it's really unique in some way. Main heroes are very well-written, especially the boy (picture related), he's unusally deep, sensitive, empathetic and gentle. I find the interactions very natural, yet with many very sweet "heart skipping a beat" moments. I don't know, there's something to this manga that has me coming back to it from time to time.

No. 10660

our story

No. 10661

File: 1498271862915.jpg (149.56 KB, 844x1200, otonari-complex-9154051.jpg)

Tamen de gushi

It's not my favorite but I'm currently reading Otonari complex and I'm loving it. It's a gender bender but for once I don't find either of the main characters annoying.

No. 10663

File: 1498288228526.jpg (865.79 KB, 1196x776, 911f214aa4ad227010cc2f04833fb9…)

Orange is great, both the manga and the anime. The manga is beautifully drawn and the story and characters are just so, so great. The anime has some cheap/shitty animation at times but the voice acting makes up for it.

No. 10669

File: 1498294238791.jpg (97.29 KB, 500x400, tumblr_oiqzcuGQMg1t86l7wo1_500…)

Hibi Chouchou is super cute! It's about schools most beautiful, but shy and modest girl and karate obsessed, cool and really modest boy!

No. 10671

File: 1498328491410.jpg (291.89 KB, 1920x1080, sayil.jpg)

say i love you

No. 10672

File: 1498334082340.jpg (141.93 KB, 564x901, 515863a214da201fd327fdfb5b155d…)

Oh my god Nana, I used to love that manga until fucking Komatsu left Nobu, after that I just couldn't keep reading. I love all of Ai Yazawa works, Paradise Kiss was amazing and bittersweet and Gokinjo Monogatari was incredibly cute.

I think I'm going to give it a read, I dig the drawing style.

I enjoyed Usotsuki Lily. It's about a guy who confesses to a girl who later finds out he spends most of his time cross dressing because he can't stand looking at his own body, mostly because he hates men.

No. 10681

File: 1498364534778.jpg (102.39 KB, 640x308, IMG_4448.JPG)

Nana, and Girl Friends.

I love cute girls doing cute fashionable things like shopping or cooking, but made by women, not men.

And of course fujo stuff galore. Not sure if that counts as girly.

No. 10682

Anyone have the name of that eating disorder manga?

I also liked Helter Skelter and Parakiss a lot. Love me some fashion manga

Let's please not litter this thread with fujo. There's already a boy love thread

No. 10683

File: 1498377775496.jpg (187.5 KB, 728x1151, gwatashitachi_no_shiawasena_ji…)

Do you remember more details about that manga?

I would recommend Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan for anyone that loves bittersweet stories. Made me cry like a baby.

No. 10684

File: 1498388254466.jpg (85.55 KB, 425x750, 4Ph3ldH.jpg)

Their Story is so sweet and precious and perfect.

Sun Jing <3 <3 <3

No. 10685

File: 1498422961445.jpg (30.13 KB, 491x491, mutsumi.jpg)

ok so i marathoned watashi ga motete dousunda today because of your post

this one could be just as great as ouran high school host club, but it sadly isnt. ive had to push myself to come through the first few episodes, but after that it does get really funny at moments

what i didnt like:
- no shading new age crapola art
- 1st ep is such a rush job. they reveal the whole plot in the first ep and after that its just a competition
- the girl is a hc fujoshi but acts so fucking brand new all of the time
- too hysterical to enjoy it to the max
- fujoshi pandering was over the top and could imo have a better impact if it was subtler. we arent reatarded - we dont act retarded (like the lead act) and we get the jokes, no need to explain every little thing

what i did like
- i usually go for the tsundere one, but ive fallen hard for mutsumi sempai and i thought about him in the shower earlier
- male characters were really nice, stereotipes, but nice & they do see some character growth
- a great tease; you want the smut but you know youd be disappointed if you actually got some
- some parts were really funny, like way above average funny

No. 10687

File: 1498426162902.jpg (238.76 KB, 1176x850, IMG_0391.JPG)

In Clothes Called Fat? That's the only one I know of that focuses on it a lot. Bulimia is also brought up in River's Edge, which is one of my favorite manga (and one of its main characters reappears in Helter Skelter).

No. 10688

>fujoshi pandering was over the top and could imo have a better impact if it was subtler.
I don't know if it was pandering. I'm not into BL and don't really participate in fandom stuff so it seemed like they were trying to make the jokes clear to non-fujoshis. I actually used to hate BL and this show kinda changed my mind about it a bit, like I kinda get why people are into it now lol.

Mutsumi best boy.

No. 10689

File: 1498449558952.jpg (801.88 KB, 1326x2003, sugarrune.jpg)

Ugghh, skip beat. It was my all time favorite manga but I gave up when the plot got too convoluted. Is there an endgame in sight yet?

I love beauty pop! I've never seen anyone else praise it before, it's criminally underrated. She's a really atypical heroine, she never has a beautiful all along moment or a makeover, the character just falls for her for her talents.

This thread makes me nostalgic for Shojo Beat.

Some of my favorites


One of the best mangas that feature lolita fashion accurately. The drawings are gorgeous, and I really loved the main character and her journey.

>Sugar Sugar Rune

The anime was all but trash at the end, but the manga stayed strong. I liked the food and sweets theme of the magical world, and the female friendship between Chocolat and Vanilla was the best part of the whole story.

>Sand Chronicles

It's a really understated drama, and very realistic, not full of all the standard shojo cliches.

Does anyone have any shojos you loved then grew to hate? Vampire Knight became absolute gabrage, the main character of Absolute Boyfriend was unlikable, and Black Bird became really rapey.

No. 10696

There's already a boy love thread

No. 10697

File: 1498454278893.jpg (195.86 KB, 695x1000, Bokura.ga.Ita.full.399046.jpg)

> Suki tte ii na yo, it just bothered me how Mei's personality changed completely and became your typical boring shojo heroine
> Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge because it never went anywhere
> Kare Kano, because of the fucking ending

I also remember watching the live action of Hana Yori Dango (which I loved) and tried to read the manga afterwards. What a mistake I made, it was beyond terrible.
>Kimi wa Pet, I don't exactly hate it but once again I hated how Sumire went from badass to bland

I think one of my favorite shojo mangas would be Bokura ga ita but I want to sue the mangaka for all the emotional distress it caused me.

No. 10698

File: 1498456131514.jpg (136.67 KB, 1280x960, 5.jpg)

Yumemiru Taiyou, the art is beautiful and story was ride on emotional rollercoaster

No. 10700

I forgot about Kare Kano! It was so close to being perfect, the first few episodes and issues are comedy gold. But that fucking ending. Fuck that ending.

No. 10702

Any sweet girly manga without some romance in it? At least none including a guy.
I like shoujos for their comedic side but most of the time, whenever a dude is included I yawn and quit. I wanted to read CandyCandy because muh olde shoujo art but it's so romance centered and blegh

Also highly recommanding the 4koma from OP's pic on the top left corner. Tomo Chan Wa Onnanoko is really funny

No. 10703

Is there anything out there with an MC who isn't shy and meek -or- a closed off bitch? I just want to read something where the characters are normal and relatable.

No. 10704

File: 1498489409303.jpg (194.25 KB, 635x1000, stardust-wink.jpg)

Check out Nana Haruta's work. Most of her main characters are normal girls. In her recent work the main girl is a little bit shy but not really extremely and it get's better. Anyways I love her work not really into shojo but after Arina Tanemura is only producing shit she is my new hope.
(Picture is from her manga Stardust wink)

No. 10705

File: 1498501705452.jpg (83.01 KB, 1024x768, lovelycomplex.jpg)

Ahh OP thank you for reminding me about Lovely Complex! It's a great love comedy about the relationship between a tall girl and a short guy. Both the anime and manga is super cute and enjoyable!

No. 10706

yes, but we cant discuss best boy there, because hes not gay. its a reverse harem anime, where the girl ships the boys in her own harem

the thing is that it has a strong kuragehime feel, so i ultimately wouldnt call it a girly anime. her becoming perfect in order for the boys to like her, her acting like the damsel in distress half the time, being clueless and imediately estranged from her girl friend is a off putting. her not choosing any guy ("staying true to herself") at the end does not make up for it - it is still a series about a girl constantly thinking about boys

ouran, on the other hand, has a strong and foremost smart girl lead that could be a great role model despite getting with prince at the end. even though the guys act gay all of the time (which is NOT the case with KHNM) it does not come off as smutty at all

anyway i forgot where i was going with this really, but please just let us go at it. its not a huge derailment

No. 10707

File: 1498503793754.png (54.69 KB, 274x323, Capture.PNG)

youre right, i was looking at the wrong way. i also think i have a distorted image of what fujoshi is supposed to mean. here fujoshi is depicted like a girl version of a (imo) nasty guy otaku, while i was thinking of slightly older women that smoke cigarettes, watch josei and read bl ocasionally

how i long for the old days

No. 10708

Skip Beat- Not really, there's now both MCs acknowledging their feelings but a new arc has started so I don't think it's coming close

No. 10709

This is why I fell out of love with shojo and anime in general. I don't have the attention span to keep up with really long series. Very few stories are good enough to deserve that long of a run.

No. 10710

How have they managed to drag it out for this long? Shounen like Naruto and Bleach I can understand because of how much they have to work with, but Skip Beat is basically a slice of life romance. Doesn't take much to tell that kind of story and be done.

No. 10711

File: 1498608653370.jpg (40.23 KB, 225x321, fruba.jpg)

IDK I don't feel like its very well liked, but I loved Fruits Basket, the manga and the anime, but the books are much more dear to my heart.

No. 10714

File: 1498608733206.jpg (256.5 KB, 757x567, Lovely-complex-plus-konnichiwa…)

First manga I ever read. It occupies a very special place in my heart. I will never forget this story. They're friendship and romantic relationship is something I can only dream of. I really wish the anime had been of better quality. I would personally pay for the production of a remake with more episodes if I had the money.

No. 10715

I've never met any guys who liked it, and imo it's not OVERLY girly but it is light hearted/dark at times and has a decent plot. I adored it when I first heard of it and although I'm shamed to say, I do love the dub.

No. 10716

I have a lot of mixed feelings on Fruits Basket. First I liked it, but then I really hated Tohru. She was so obnoxiously perfect and had no flaws and I resented that kind of heroine.

But the manga, Tohru aside, had some really interesting plot threads. The backstory of Tohru's yankee mother falling in love with her teacher father (age difference kink made it appealing). The fucked up backstory of Hana and Haru. Akito's gender reveal and her mother issues. Yuki falling in love with Machi. Kureno and Arisa's romance. All of that was a million times more interesting than Tohru and Kyo's love story and I wish there was an anime adaptation of that

No. 10717

Furits was my first manga i ever bought myself so i think thats where a lot of my love comes from. I definitely relate to not liking tohrus "do no wrong" demenor, but i ship kyo and tohru harder than anyone in any anime. Also her voice in the dub is just annoying, i honestly just finished the anime and never noticed that they cut a lot of peoples back story out. Now im really disappointed

No. 10718

File: 1498758170373.jpg (135.05 KB, 553x750, IMG_0518.JPG)


Who is bringing up BL except in passing ? Calm the tits.

No. 10719

It's the first manga I ever read! I was super young when I discovered the manga after my uncle's girlfriend randomly left the first season at my grandma's house lol. I was in the second grade. Read it all the way through till grade seven, I'm obviously embarrassed about it now but I really don't regret it. Lots of sweet nostalgia.

No. 10720

File: 1498766230617.jpg (46.83 KB, 225x329, 4512.jpg)

Thanks, because of your recommendation I read beauty pop and it's one of my fav manga's

Anyone else is fan of hwang mi ri and hwang yu rang ?

No. 10722

*han yu rang

No. 10724

any good gal anime?

No. 10726

File: 1498912904654.jpg (498.28 KB, 336x189, c93660d94d150f19b4c7cd4c193a34…)



No. 10729

File: 1498951078388.jpg (239.99 KB, 2501x720, Kuragehime.full.361812.jpg)

I want the MC's life
>tfw no nerdy girl gang to live with
>tfw no pretty boy who is somehow into me

No. 10730

File: 1498970224193.png (427.69 KB, 875x1400, Chapter_59_cover.png)

Dengeki Daisy was one of my top favorite manga to read in 7th grade. I was nearly late for school trying to read this. The story is super cute and funny. 10/10 would recommend.

No. 10731

File: 1498970933465.jpg (91.61 KB, 505x505, panty-school-girl-uniform-1.jp…)

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

Not sure if this belongs here. I've always considered it to cater to a female audience and be incredible girly despite having loads of fan service. I don't watch much anime but I love Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I always go back and re-watch it at least once a year.

No. 10732

I think it counts. I think it's a show either gender will like fanservice or no, but I also think it has enough raunchy girl-specific humor that a lot of girls can get into it. If you're reading this right now and haven't seen it, check it out. The art style is a great blend of american style and anime, the music is great (Especially if you like Teddyloid) and the ending will give you the biggest blue balls for more that you'll ever have.

Seriously, season 2 WHEN?

No. 10733

Has anyone here read My lesbian experience with loneliness by Labi Nagata?

Does anyone know where I can read it for free? I can't find it on any of the popular sites.

No. 10734

that was actually the first anime i ever watched from beginning to end, back when i was in high school.
there's rumours going around that the second season might be announced soon. and the soundtrack is great.

No. 10735

it's kabi nagata, and you can find it to download on madokami

No. 10736

>so i ultimately wouldnt call it a girly anime. her becoming perfect in order for the boys to like her, her acting like the damsel in distress half the time, being clueless and imediately estranged from her girl friend is a off putting.
That's like 90% of shojo though.

No. 10737

File: 1499035496477.jpg (164.86 KB, 728x1097, p011.jpg)

If that's on topic I want to mention mangas were there's mostly girls in it and almost no guys (No idea why I like it so much)

Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw : Girls fighting zombies

Claymore : Girls fighting monsters

Nejimaki Kagyu (pic related): Highschool girls fighting

I can't recall the name of the mangas with girls on an island fighting for pins during certains hours. The art was very good.

I want to also recommend Kakegurui, there's a guy protagonist but the rest are mainly girls. It's about a gambling highschool with the characters playing different games and betting insane amounts of money.

Also asking for other mangas with strong or smart female characters !

No. 10739

Is there any more anime like this? This was a little slow paced and then it ended before things really started to happen.

No. 10740

The Wallflower/Perfect Girl Evolution

And this isn't anime but I'd recommend a one-shot manga by Aki Shimizu called Neet Onna to Shougaku 2-nensei, it's a story about a female neet that befriends a second grader with family problems. It's really heartwarming.

No. 10741

I'm straight but enjoy reading and watching shoujo ai manga and anime a lot
What does that mean?
Is there a name for people like me, like reverse-fujo or something??

No. 10742

You don't have to be gay to enjoy media about gay people anon, are you retarded?

No. 10743

Might be kinda off the cuff, but I've been reading Kumo desu ga nani ka? and the MC is technically a girl who turns into a spider and fights stuff. It's pretty enjoyable so far imo.

No. 10744

Watching Wallflower now, thanks anon!

No. 10745

God I love this anime, Stocking is one of my fave characters forever but god do I hate that ending.

Read it but forgot where and I never related so hard to something. Except the "ultra clingy to mom" part.

No. 10746

File: 1499614578027.jpg (34.72 KB, 300x413, sasameki-koto.jpg)

Could someone please recommend a shoujo ai similar to Sasameki Koto / Whispered Words?

No. 10749

I started reading this again recently and good lord~ I'm only to chapter 80 right now though. The style is changing a lot, it's interesting to read it.

No. 10750

I love the original zodiac story and how the cat became cursed… I don't really know how to describe it but it was just sort of simple and beautiful.

My favourite of all time manga/anime is Nodame Cantibile and Oiishi Kankei, both completed so worth a read!

No. 10751

Natsume yuujinchou was perfect during my years of skipping college classes. Sitting there marathoning it with a bowl of something.

I've sadly lost touch.

No. 10752

Hana & Hina
Kiss & White Lily
Girl Friends
Bloom Into You
Kase-san & Morning Glories
My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
Kindred Spirits on the Roof

All of these are released in English!

No. 10753



Honestly, my lesbian experience with loneliness is the best thing I have ever read in regards to how relatable it is to those of us dealing with mental health issues. So poignant and funny in places. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't much actual yuri in it though, that would have been the icing on the cake

No. 10756

File: 1500663875156.png (1.53 MB, 644x889, Swan.PNG)

Swan has really gorgeous art!!

No. 10760

Considering the director of Panty & Stocking is now at Studio Trigger, not sure how season 2 could happen. But something like FLCL is getting a sequel after so many years, I suppose anything is possible.

I read this after seeing this recommendation and it's lovely, but I can't seem to find anything online past volume 2.

No. 10761

This is so pretty, now I want to read it.

No. 10762

I wanna rewatch nana but no place has it where I can stream it on my tv from my xbox

No. 10763

File: 1502834791504.png (795.12 KB, 1377x2000, bloom_into_you_ch06_26.png)

I love Bloom into You. Anime when?

No. 10765

File: 1502855599913.png (384.23 KB, 583x630, superloveangels.png)

I really loved Wedding Peach in junior high, it has a early 90s nostalgic feel to me. It's pretty cliche nowadays but I still like it.

No. 10766

Not sure if you're still around but it's on gogoanime.io!

No. 10767

File: 1503650637047.jpg (386.22 KB, 1280x960, Nekota-no-Koto-ga-Ki-ni-Natte-…)

Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai is about a elementary school girl whose classmate has a cathead for no reason, its really cute and a good read if you want a girly series with no drama

No. 10769

Why… why do they look so much like Sailor Moon?

No. 10770

That was the aesthetic of the time, the writer actually worked on sailor moon too apparently.

No. 10771

File: 1506778564252.jpg (242.28 KB, 700x1050, 781099_49642_2003592_p966.jpg)

Best romance!

No. 10775

most romantic and girly vn evar!

No. 10776

File: 1514435814921.jpg (102.51 KB, 500x709, pretear.jpg)

Peach Girl

I'll admit that I never saw the hype around Chobits. I finished both the manga and anime in junior high but I found it to be dull. I don't know, it just bored the shit out of me. At the same time I was reading Love Hina and I had loads more fun with that but I realize it isn't exactly aimed towards girls.

No. 10777

Peach Girl is actually the first manga I’ve ever read. Definitely will always have a place in my heart

No. 10778

pretear is really weird to me tbh, i don't like the transformation sequences. chobits…well, CLAMP does a lot of men-centric stuff and chobits is a pro-waifu propaganda piece.

No. 10779

I love nana and would love to rewatch it but no place has it since netflix took it dowm

No. 10782

No. 10783

File: 1514492610985.jpg (57.57 KB, 494x654, AMS-Sweet_Belldandy.jpg)

I know, but when I was growing up Chobits was hailed as this masterpiece of a series by a lot of people both here and overseas. The only character I legitimately felt sympathy for in that series was the landlady. Freya and Elda were just boring characters doing cute things and the other persecoms weren't too memorable either. I enjoyed series like Love Hina, Ah! My Goddess, Cutie Honey, Full Metal Panic, Maison Ikkoku, and Kimagure Orange Road way more. Full Moon wasn't bad though, I will say that much.

No. 10784

loved ah my goddess! I think that a lot of the positive reception for chobits, which happened for me too, is from girls who wanted to be like the persecoms, which was creepy to say the least.

No. 10785

>Peach girl

muh awkward preteen memories.

No. 10786

File: 1514502619876.png (101.4 KB, 419x600, Miwa.Ueda.600.435759.png)

Miwa Ueda's art is great too.

No. 10787

Same. Started reading Swan because of this thread and fell in love. But now Im sad.

No. 10788

File: 1514509738586.jpeg (429.61 KB, 813x1208, 7E6BB2A8-6425-4020-81AA-D29BF1…)

Shiiiiieeeet, Love Hina was probs the first manga I really fucking loved. Sweden had this magazine with Chobits, GTO, power!, love hina etc and it was the shit. Deffo made my teen years more bearable.

Read some other of Akamatsus stuff too, he got this comfy vibe even tho many of his characters look the same manga to manga.

No. 10791

I always see girls shitting on harems as if they're all blind fanservice even though Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo, The World Only God Knows, etc were great series.

No. 10792


I read Swan because of this thread too, lol. So frustrating. Looks like the whole series never got translated by CMX, even. I might try to buy what was used online, though. If I can get the whole set (of what's in English anyway) I'll scan it.

No. 10793

File: 1514767487150.jpeg (295.48 KB, 1024x768, 6F850ED3-A3AB-4729-AF24-36BE78…)

After I got into Nippon culture in my early teens my older sister let me take over all her old MM magazines. Good times. My junior high school also carried most of the Love Hina and a lot of the Vampire Knight volumes. I also bought Shojo Stars for as long as the magazine ran. Ugh. Memories.

I’ve wanted to read NANA by Ai Yazawa for the longest time… I know it’s like one of the most basic of shoujo manga but I used to skim through it at the city library after school and it has that sort of nice, calm and reassuring quality to me. Life was so much simpler back then.

No. 10795


NANA is really amazing, I remember binging the whole thing with my best friend and her crying during the ending, really recommended. It's great.

No. 10796

File: 1514846146326.jpg (26.74 KB, 360x360, 32209.jpg)

My favorite girly manga ever will always be NANA and Paradise KISS. However, I also really loved Princess Tutu more than I thought I would. It was on tv one day and i watched a few episodes and never looked back.

It'd also surprisingly dark.

No. 10797

The first movie was really well done too! Mika Nakashima was a perfect Nana imo.

No. 10798

check up Utena (the anime tv series, not the manga). You should love it too.
Warning: it's even darker and more psychological.

No. 10802

Do people really think that utena is dark? The social commentary and themes are present in other works.

No. 10803

Themes of incest, chikd grooming, statutory rape and abuse make for a pretty dark series IMHO (especially in comparison to Princess Tutu). It has breather episodes, but wouldnt recommend it to someone looking for a fun and cutesy series.

I don't get what point you are trying to make. Are you saying it's not worth to see Utena cause different anime series (which ones? would like to see them) also offer social commentary?
TBH I never get tired of "smart" anime like Utena or Paranoia Agent. We get so few of those tbh. Good thing that at least seinen manga is going strong.

No. 10804

Why not the manga?
Wanted to check it out but I don't really like watching anime I would much rather read especially since most of the time the manga is better (having more content that wouldn't fit into the anime for example)

No. 10805

Manga is a watered down version of anime. It's censored from most of controversial content.
For example, one lesbian character gets turned into a very much straight jealous not-even-girlfriend of the douchebag prince (who also becomes a less complicated character). One important character is absent, etc.
There are some rumors about mangaka being homophobic as she didn't want the main les couple to get together. She has drawn a manga version of the movie which is as yuri as it comes, so idk.
You won't find most of what made the anime so good (social commentary, morally grey characters, etc) in the manga and can end up disappointed.

I also usually prefer manga to anime but in this case anime is THE source material. It's very cutesy shoujo and simplistic. It's a nice read, but after you see the real thing, to compare how much you can bowdlerize a mature anime.

No. 10806

File: 1516648272805.jpg (31.38 KB, 300x250, lovelycomplex.jpg)

Can I get some recommendation for manga where the guy is smaller than the girl like lovely complex.

Rare request, the boy and the girl couple is the smallest in the class.

No. 10807

File: 1516658331575.jpg (468.32 KB, 869x1379, 20180122_165318.jpg)

Same anon. I found a new shoujo that suit my taste. The guy is my type as well. Also this scene gave me life

No. 10810

File: 1543729670209.jpg (823.63 KB, 1133x1600, 007.jpg)


No. 10817

Hey anon, I love these types of couples. Here's a tip (although it sucks) I used this to find some mangas that follow the same pattern.
https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?category=Tall+Female+Lead From here, I found at least 5, although I don't remember them, sorry.

No. 10818

File: 1543745824802.jpg (172.65 KB, 848x1200, furuba.jpg)

Did anyone here heard about the new Fruits Basket anime? It has been announced a few weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm disappointed Seki Tomokazu won't be Kyo's voice actor but we'll have a male voice actor for Yuki so it's all good, and iirc he's Haru's voice actor from Free!. It looks like the art style will be more inspired by the one used in the first volumes so that's great too.

No. 10826

File: 1543766308970.jpg (178.41 KB, 800x1189, kare.jpg)

I love Kare Kano.
The story of how Yukino and Arima learn to accept each other as their genuine selves. It also touches upon other characters with their struggles and relationships. Tsubasa is one of my other favorite characters.
It's such a shame the anime got the Gainax treatment, if it finished the entire manga's story I would've loved it even more. It's honestly worth it to watch. Hideaki Anno did a great job directing the anime.

No. 10827

I heard about it! I'm so excited.

No. 10828

File: 1543767927068.jpg (62.52 KB, 720x710, 21dec12f1299a8e203ab8d97b38a2f…)

I love Kare Kano…so much. I first watched it a couple years ago and just recently watched it again. There's just something about it that is so refreshing. (I watched it after binge watching a lot of other romance animes) It felt really different then the others, and the art style and animation is beautiful, Yukino is truly a unique character and she will always been one of my favorites. I also love the monologues through out the series, and prefer Yukino's English dub voice rather then her Japanese one. Arima's on the other hand took some getting used to lol.

I'm thinking about continuing the manga when I get the chance, although I heard it gets kinda dark, I don't mind though. Okay…I think I'm done gushing about this anime lol

No. 10829

i have honestly rewatched it almost once a year since i first saw it back in 2006. the story never gets old.
i related to a lot of both Yukino and Arima's struggles to the point where I went into a deep depression after watching it for the first time through. nothing ever hit so close to home until i happened to have checked it out, I was like 14 at the time, too.

No. 10830

File: 1543769628430.jpg (83.34 KB, 629x720, 884669946546.jpg)

am I the only one who liked this anime?

No. 10831

File: 1543773116293.gif (869.65 KB, 500x288, giphy.gif)

No I love it too lol, I thought the relationships were interesting and entertaining. Natsume was my fave character, she's so relatable. Honestly, shoujo like this is so nice to see, especially with a protagonist who is cold at first and slowly warms up to the idea of dating. I loved how determined Shizuku was and as a middle school girl she sort of inspired me lol.

No. 10836

if you liked the anime I would 10000% recommend the manga, it's a favorite of mine. just a solid ass shoujo with a satisfying ending.

No. 10837

Is it just me or the best shoujo anime and manga made years ago? I’ve tried to find recent good ones, but it seems like everything is made to please perverted otakus these days.

No. 10838

honestly it seems about right. i think most shojo media catered to women until until late 00s.

No. 10839

File: 1543859204864.png (112.89 KB, 300x450, pZ.b30d8rqx.png)

I think Ao no Flag/Blue Flag is considered seinen (because of the mag it's serialized in?) but god it really is the best romance manga I've read in years, and from what I've seen a lot of women enjoy it despite it being seinen. Complex characters, lgb themes, and it had a small arc about this girl character that had her complaining about how female/male relationships always fall through bc men always see her as just a potential girlfriend candidate and never as a human being. I love it.

No. 10840

I wish that Shizuku got together with Kenji for awhile, or a spon off where they are a couple. They would've made the best tsundere couple

No. 10841

Oh, same. I kinda always end up cheering for the second guy even though they won't win because I'm weirdly into the unrequited love aspect.
Of course, the time I don't like the side guy he wins.

No. 10842

Can a kind anon direct me to the manga on the top right corner (with the lady smoking a cigarette)? It's captured my interest

No. 10843

File: 1544324766563.png (496.41 KB, 500x659, kwp.png)

If I'm not wrong I think that's kimi wa petto. It's wacky at times but definitely one of my all time favourites mainly because I want their relationship so much. tfw you will never come home to a cute bf who will comfort you.

No. 10844

File: 1544327401875.jpg (364.06 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_m0yhxbwcuz1rqshvdo1_128…)

I'd recommend Kaleido Star as a good show, thought it's animated with small bits of fanservice depending on how you look at it. Also Super Gals as it's ridiculously silly and focused on the kogal/gyaru subcultures and focusing on deeper issues that they come across.

I'm like ages behind everyone here, but if it's Full Moon wo Sagashite you're talking about, it's a good series but the relationships are a little weird considering the age gaps between Mitsuki/Takuto and Mitsuki/Eichi. I think the anime even widened the gap between Eichi and Mitsuki.

IDK if you're still on lolcow, but didn't the Utena manga start publication in 1996 before the anime aired?

Yeah, it feels like it. Maybe there's more out there now, but there's a lot more focus of the shonen and fanservice-y ones instead and the shoujo ones are harder to find.

No. 10853

Thanks anon! ♡

No. 10854

i really loved super gals and a lot of the other gal themed manga. it's a shame gal is just fetish feed for gross dudes now.

No. 10855

oh shit! didn't expect to see this, i'm currently reading GALS! i was about to recommend it too. i remember watching the anime way back when I was middle school.
I love the messages the series gives to the reader. Definitely helped me develop a sense of self.

No. 10856

Does it bother anyone else how predatory the male leads in shoujo tend to be? I try to avoid anything with romance because the men have gross personalities.
That being said I've been really into shows with all or mostly female casts lately. Aikatsu Friends is a really wholesome show, I love the focus on friendship and there is surprising no fanservice (like I would have expected from the artstyle). Just cuteness.

No. 10857

The shoujo love interest stereotype tend to be really boring and humourless too. Not to mention bad a t communication. I like the opposite of that!

No. 10858

That's one of the few things I hope for in a shoujo manga is that, if the love interest is a creep starting out, then he hopefully has some character development later on. But some of the manga I've adored when I was younger are littered with shitty LIs (Kaito from Mermaid Melody, Chiaki from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, hell every love interest from an Arina Tanemura manga usually starts out shitty). Some of them get better, but lord not by much.

No. 10859

There's actually a common and depressing explanation for this.
A girl can often rarely admit she wants to fuck around with boys, so shoujo overcompensates by making all the guys rapists so she can get her fix and still stay "pure".
Even women-oriented media isn't safe from this which makes me suspect male editors have too big a monopoly or women authors simply can't include sex and be seen as respectable.

No. 10860


It gave me a weird fetish because I read too many of those things during my formative years, so yes. Anyone else know this feeling?

No. 10861

File: 1544586092022.png (257.52 KB, 687x534, tumblr_nsmp29X0aU1qlgsu0o1_128…)

Yeah, but in the reverse. If I created characters myself and wrote (very bad, of course) stories in my early teens, I'd write males as passive about creepy, forceful romantic advances (that he secretly wanted).
On topic, ctrl+f'd and no one mentioned ore mono! I'm surprised, it was a big love of mine in HS for the cute relationship.

(pic related to both points in my post lol)

No. 10863

I relate to this! I was a late bloomer so had no bf most of my school years. I got my horny teen romance fix from shoujo and it gave me really stupid expectations of intimacy. I've had to work so hard to break the almost pornsick damage it did to me. Had to learn to be turned on by normal things again, and to look for men that respect me rather than borderline molest me.

I think josei and seinen are better suited for a grown woman that has no patience for shitty narrative and rapey "romance". I've been wanting to find something like Nana, that manga has always been my favorite female-oriented work.

I reread Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne which was actually my first anime/manga experience and it… it aged so poorly, you guys. Constant molestation and extremely shitty plot. The art is kinda nice but holy shit how did I ever enjoy this garbage?!

No. 10864

I enjoyed Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne for the fact it was so ridiculous (also I enjoy the phantom thief trope so much), but the behavior most of the guys have in it is really inexcusable despite supposedly being driven by plot (the whole initial "Jeanne's powers only work if Maron's a virgin" thing is retarded as an excuse).

No. 10865

I just bingeread this all as soon as I read your recommendation, anon.
I loved it until Mami's subplot began. What she's saying was true and I cannot believe a seinen manga was the one to say it, I just can't overlook that she's a temp stall for the development of the main trio.
As refreshing as it is, it's still cliche and I think that's what prevents me from fully embracing her as a character.

No. 10866

This explains a lot of japanese media. I feel sorry for girls and women who are under the pressure to forever be some pure uwu shoujo maiden without a sex drive. No wonder they write stories about shitty rapey guys, but I can't relate to their dilemma and find it incredibly off-putting.

No. 10867

Japan is pretty bad socially, like in all regards. Most of the shit in anime that seems bizarre to most people is totally real. Like how weakly the characters show emotion, or the lack of parents being around, the weird way characters get attracted to eachother with very little interaction.

I wouldn't wish being Japanese on anyone.

No. 10868

File: 1545094840485.png (95.16 KB, 681x971, dafc99f84ea587a263f0a78ac04f37…)

White Note Pad by Tomoko Yamashita

It's about a high school girl with low self esteem and a depressed middle aged man switching bodies.

The middle aged guy is doing a lot better as a teen girl and becomes a model and the girl living in the guy's body decides she wants to change and better herself too.

I'm shit at explaining,sorry,but it's by the same artist who did Hibari No Asa

No. 10869

hi anons im glad someone mentioned ao no flag it might be my favourite at the moment, but one thing its not seinen its actually shounen which surprises me 10x more that they would have a gay character since i feel its more a josei thing.

its such a great and refreshing manga i recommend to everyone that reads manga lmao.

No. 10870

It's shounen?! What the hell. Two gay characters (g/l) seems impossible for a shounen manga, I first thought it was josei and even seinen seemed a bit impossible.

But yeah I love it and I'm so happy to see that othets love it as much as I do!!

No. 10871

File: 1545162872107.jpg (125.72 KB, 626x273, shimura senseiiiii.jpg)

Last winter I was on a Takako Shimura binge and I need to repeat it and catch up to Koi-iji. "I'm a Runaway Girl" is my favorite manga from her and it has so many varied characters, it's both sad and healing, every story is named after an 80s song.

Also does 3-Gatsu no Lion count? I think it has a very feminine approach to Shogi, other mangaka would focus on competitiveness, but Umino takes a look into the lives and issues of the players.

No. 10877

tysm for mentioning I'm a Runaway Girl, anon! I'm in the middle of reading it and am really enjoying it. I love stuff with a bunch of interconnected and fleshed out characters who all have their personal issues/drama. And the variety in couples is so cute.

No. 10878

File: 1546086959861.jpg (74.33 KB, 400x599, tumblr_pfps0rl9vU1ul0ndk_400.j…)

I'm super stressed out right now because uni stuff and when my stress takes it to the final level I'll start binge brain numbing media.

This time is the fucking yuri manga. Fortunately there is so many series to read.

So far I have read:

Girlfriends by Morinaga Milk
A+ waifus high recommend. If you are new to yuri like me this is the gateway drug.

Citrus by Saburouta
very similar setting than girlfriends but they are stepsisters and that's kinda twisted in a good way

Tamen De Gushi/Their story by Tan Jiu
Techically manwa or something because it's Chinese. I really like this because it's ongoing series. First chapters are not very professional compared to Girlfriends and Citrus but it's still cute. There is too much hinting on boylove which is super annoying because we are there for the cute gurls!!

No. 10880

Finally a yuri manga with good art!

No. 10881

File: 1546108451171.jpg (46 KB, 480x600, 38215571_203925750482316_40046…)

Not really a manga but this webtoon is GREAT

The protag is soo relatable and the art is super pretty, it's a must read

No. 10882

In which way is she relatable?

No. 10883

You didn't rise to pretty girl fame in high school?

No. 10884


You mean rapey trash. It's obviously written by men for men and it's gross

No. 10885

>this meme
Saburo Uta (the writer) is a woman so sit the fuck down. Some of us actually like OTT sexual stuff as well as romantic realistic shit. I hate judgmental anons who whine about "muh male pandering" because god forbid any of us like smut for the sake of smut.

No. 10886

ehhh, tbh I found it kinda boring, I saw 12 other webtoons with the same premise

No. 10887

Well idk I'm not ugly, don't have any pimples and know nothing about make up but i found her character's inner struggles relatable

I have to admit it tho, I almost dropped it when that Suho fucker appeared his face pisses me off

It's like a girl's version of Lookism and I think Korea really needs this type of content with their beauty obsessed culture and all

I always end up hating all shoujo crap I come across so I'll just see how long it will last

No. 10888

>god forbid any of us like smut for the sake of smut

Nta but kek, how anyone could get wet to stupid big eye shoujo school girls fake-incesting each other is beyond me.

No. 10889

File: 1546179882504.png (455.63 KB, 717x478, joy.png)

Thanks for the recommendation, it's got great expressions.

No. 10892

File: 1546194159878.jpeg (299.37 KB, 1049x664, 0588BA0B-3CB4-49D8-ACB8-75CB53…)

Seconded I love this so much

No. 10900

Lmao I love this webtoon its so funny and nice to read.

No. 10901

File: 1546973155817.jpg (169.29 KB, 750x928, tumblr_oo0ndgdEfU1w2i8ouo1_128…)

I'm still bingeing Yuri as my thesis' deadline is just around the corner…

I just finished 'Pulse' (author: Ratana Satis) and I think it's my new favorite!
The main characters are adults which is a big plus because as much I love blushing school girls ahem ahem lusting after mature women feels more acceptable, as a adult female.
And there's more sex scenes which is great. It was a pleasant surprise that there's also a BDSM relationship. Femdom is the shit.

Also, I read Gunjou (Nakamura Ching) because it was in Yuri list and I felt betrayed. It's not 'Yuri' like cute girls etc It was story about two horrible adult females who hate each other. It made me extremely sad for DAYS.

Also I found out that same sex marriage is not recognized in Japan and that also made me super sad. All those ending chapters with matching wedding dresses WERE LIE. How can I enjoy Yuri waifus when real life lesbian couples can't have their happy ending?!

No. 10902

this post is cringe city anon fuck.

No. 10903

Anyone into yuri is cringey. Theyre worse than fujoshits.

No. 10904


Life is not serious. You should try to be cringe sometimes - it makes dull normal life more bearable.
But you are probably teens and afraid being ’cringe’ because that’s what teens do.

No. 10905

no i'm 30, and your post sounds like you're a 2deep4u 19 year old who "has it all figured out".

No. 10906

File: 1547025429197.jpg (146.61 KB, 750x1066, horimiya-pics-horimiya-manga-3…)

I'm more into comedy shoujo so I picked some I absolutely loved and laughed my ass out.


Popular dominant girl, respected by every classmate, secretly a "housewife" because of her busy parents. Shy plain guy, secretly a show-off full of tattoos and piercings. They both find about each other's secret and tag along more.


This is fairly old, I remember it being popular in the 2000's. Half American - half Japanese girl has the biggest crush on a Japanese athlete, so she plainly moves to Japan, to study at the same school as him. It's a boys school, she has to crossdress, and her dormmate is her crush.

>Dengeki Daisy

An orphan girl, poor as shit, gets by on scholarships, but she's always positive. She has a cellphone her brother left her before he died, with a contact called "Daisy", which is her emotional support.

>Oresama Teacher

The ex-leader of a gang moves to a dorm school, expecting to turn into a normal girl, ready to start over. There, she bumps into her teacher, which is also her childhood friend, and the previous leader of the same gang.


The main character is a NEET given the chance to land a good job if he participates on some weird project, which make him appear 10 years younger and pass him through an entire highschool year attempting to reform him.

Skip Beat and Kuragehime are also two of my big time favorites but they've already been posted.

No. 10907

Is het shoujo any better?

No. 10908

Yes it is, its for teen girls. Women should be reading josei if they want something less cliche.

No. 10909

I loved Horimiya, but the latest chapters I read where so boring. They took away too much of the 'secret' identity and now I just find it boring. Long hair Izumi is best Izumi.

No. 10910

Sounds like it was written by a male Yuri fan tbh

No. 10911

File: 1548317242406.png (141.37 KB, 600x600, F88E9872-06EC-4E48-8C34-3BA255…)

Does anyone have an adult manga recommendation?

Workplace or office environment centered in adult issues would be great

No. 10912

File: 1548348308956.jpg (10.97 KB, 188x268, download.jpg)

Not sure how good it is, but Suppli is what you are looking for (it's a josei manga).

No. 10913

File: 1548353689071.jpg (124.63 KB, 760x1200, jreal_clothes_v02_c11_wingtipc…)

Real Clothes is about a department store seller that gets moved to the clothes section and slowly learns to become a manager

It's a bit like Devil wears Prada but better done and it's mostly about the MC's emotional development although there's some romance thrown in

Oishii Kankei by the same author is good too, it's about a girl who starts working at a restaurant because she has a crush on the chef. Problem is she's a former rich kid who has no idea about cooking but she slowly develops into a great character

No. 10914

Nta but I'm currently reading this manga and I absolutely looove it.

No. 10915

That kind of depends on what you like. I really liked New Game! Even though it's more about just being out of school in a new job and has some moe elements, I really enjoyed it. It also does a pretty good job (even for Japan) pointing out issues with juggling work and friendships. Overall I thought it was really sweet, and loved the idea of an all female game design office, especially since their games are pretty female oriented. It's technically a seinen, but only a few characters fit that bill. My one criticism is that the main character looks kind of like a child, which seems too OTT despite her being really young, but I get it.

No. 38116

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