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File: 1514209445221.jpeg (160.59 KB, 808x846, C937719D-8822-472E-AE9F-970D25…)

No. 10468

Old Delandra Barbie Johnson thread was hitting limit. Intro to Del:

- Overweight Black American girl who has gone from fandom to fandom, community to community scamming people
- Had a stint in Japan where she went in and out on multiple tourist visas(which is illegal) worked illegally as an escort but due to her looks didn’t make much money. Screenshots of her begging people for rent money
- Scams by selling fake brand/ stretched out used Japanese alt fashion
- Was caught years ago on Craigslist Tokyo soliciting for marriage fraud(marriage for a Visa) and ended up marrying a military man for benefits
- Lied about a human child dying for sympathy when it was a dog
- Claims to have three homes in multiple countries despite barely making ends meet as a prostitute and begging people to sleep on their couches
- Was proven on PULL to white knight herself after a girl she scammed in Guam came to the forum. She also made fun of said woman for being domestically abused
- Posts photos from years ago in Japan to fool her ignorant fans that she’s still there despite being barred years ago
- Is dating a neckbeard in the speed runner community because his mother is ill and on her deathbed and Del has admitted to wanting life insurance
- Recently scammed popular alt Facebook stripper named Cola
- Is being currently dragged to pieces by Speedrunner community for scamming people at conventions(out of hotel rooms) and playing the race card after she flew to the UK and a guy rejected her
- Also claims to be getting surgery soon despite not making any money at all as a sex worker and relying on her multiple scams.

Twitter is @barbiexedge and her Facebook account is Delandra Barbie Johnson. Warning: If she asks to sleep at your place or offers to buy something from you do NOT trust her. She has been scamming for at least five years now.

No. 10469

File: 1514244976424.jpg (12.36 KB, 441x45, babie edge 14.jpg)

pretty sure she in the states. NOT overseas.

No. 10470

Out here looking like a dried piece of brown leather in that thread picture lmao

No. 10471

File: 1514259632261.jpeg (496.42 KB, 1242x2071, 646680E4-0F25-4057-9331-C80D83…)

Even though it’s over a year ago, she’s obviously catfishing her clients….

No. 10472

File: 1514259652253.jpeg (375.55 KB, 1242x1816, 3A7816D7-4F76-4DCF-95FD-5B4C0E…)

No. 10473

File: 1514259677292.jpeg (416.31 KB, 1242x1265, F81D5F33-BAF9-4037-B01D-89C071…)

No. 10474

Shit is this bitch in Jax fl? GIRL I wonder what hotel she's staying in out there

No. 10475

Ok wtf is she in the UK again?

No. 10476

I doubt it. You can edit locations on photos.

No. 10477

Or on twitter in general

No. 10478

That's definitely not a mansion bitch would've showed the whole picture instead of a snippet. The designs are to gaudy to be a mansion.

No. 10479

Not to mention that light fixture… she's probably just in an old house in Jax ..lots of them have that gaudy crown molding and other interesting details on the inside especially in riverside

No. 10480

No. 10481



No. 10482

Bum fuck Mississipi? i wonder if she met lobster yet

No. 10483

File: 1514386050798.png (151.79 KB, 640x842, IMG_7343.PNG)

No. 10484

File: 1514386132903.png (80.03 KB, 640x573, IMG_7344.PNG)

No. 10485

File: 1514386226948.png (134.5 KB, 640x826, IMG_7342.PNG)

No. 10486

Oh baby that's some milky stuff

No. 10487

It must be really old though. Ashley is out of the scene for about 4 or 5 years now

No. 10488

This is that crazy ohio girl with the jacked up hair that everyone blocked and she made 7273927389 fake facebook profiles. Your little story even sounds fishy, you hate BD but boost other gyaru? shut up already

No. 10489

A college scholar with that horrible grammar? LOL um…. I forgot what her name was but all her social medias have her located in Ohio. Some ugly mixed chick who self hates and disassociates herself from being black/latina. Claims she's Japanese and has lived in Japan, never stepped foot outside of dirty Ohio …..sorry but your story isn't credible

No. 10490

This is the review of Barbie on her escort webpage from vipgirlfriend ( recent as of late 2016/early 2017). The above is from an old tumblr post made about Barbie a few years ago, so not really relevant except to prove she’s always been a whore.

No. 10491

I have her on both twitter and Facebook. I’ve known her since high school & can dish out all the juiciness that she tries to hide from her “fans”.

No. 10492

Do tell

No. 10493

Go on

No. 10494

Thanks for clarifying

No. 10495

I'm thirsty for that milk

No. 10496

To be a fake/real encounter
, it sure is getting under your skin anon. How do you know she never left Ohio unless you lived near her?
Hmm sounds like a troll.

No. 10497

File: 1514492754981.jpg (65.44 KB, 364x448, babie edge 15.jpg)

wasnt she getting nose sugery?

No. 10498

$5 says she goes to the d.r or columbia to get some cheap surgery

No. 10499

yea bitch need to make up her mind but she's probably getting both.

No. 10500

if she goes to DR or columbia she gonna come back looking like all those girl injected with fixaflat

No. 10501

I think a waist liposuction would be better to achieve that

No. 10502

Delandra needs fat transfer(Brazilian butt lift), a rhinoplasty(nose job), to lose at least 70 lbs, and change that MLP friendship is magic lace front she’s been rocking for the past five years.

No. 10503


From another UK farmer that isn't a posh hotel though. Looks run down as fuck and the old interior like that can be found in most places lol. Most of these countryside hotels are cheap as fuck and are like this inside.

No. 10504

Lol I'd pay just to see that

No. 10505

"lats" is not short for laterals, genius

No. 10506

SHe going to South Korean to get this done right? isn't their idea of a hourglass shape diffrent from what she wants?

No. 10507

yea and I think she's going to south korea for her nose job don't know about the body though.

No. 10508

Let hope its for a nose job cuz if its is to get a hourglass shape body she gonna come back fucked up. Not saying they cant do it but she gonna be disappointed with the results

No. 10509


It'll be like that movie "Weird Science"

She'll come back with all sorts of fucked up parts. I take it she's after a smaller nose?

No. 10510

File: 1514840083003.png (303.21 KB, 500x500, 1449779199551.png)

remember when she got aegyo sal? I wonder how far she's going to go with surgeries

No. 10511

I've known her since high school days as well. I remember her ratty scene extensions from Java Jazz. In fact, I saw her post on a gyaru sales group and said "hey delandra I remember you" and she immediately blocked me.

I do remember within my friend group there being a shoop of her face on a king Kong movie poster going around Myspace. I thought it was kinda mean and racist but seeing as how her makeup style now (specifically lipstick shade) borders on blackface I don't think she would've cared as long as she got attention.

No. 10512

Delandra, blackface?? lol

No. 10513

are we ever gonna get that milk or are you a troll?

No. 10514

That person is a troll and don't count on that milk ever coming.

No. 10515

Basically this. I'm in Scotland and even my flat has moulded work and cornices on the ceiling (cheap as fuck slightly skanky area tbh) that could just as easily be a cheap youth hostel, budget hotel or Even an STD clinic waiting room anywhere.

No. 10516

File: 1516306236796.jpg (53.2 KB, 343x440, babie edge 16.jpg)

No. 10517

Why is this bitch showing off her tax money? Who in their right mind would take saving tips from this couch surfer?

No. 10518

Tax returns aren't even out yet…Pretty sure she worked for it

No. 10519

That or she scammed someone as usual.

No. 10520

File: 1517628897836.jpg (68.41 KB, 363x537, babie edge 17.jpg)

So i guess she isn't getting the surgery?

No. 10521

She never was bitch can't even afford it.

No. 10522

File: 1517694189790.jpg (57.78 KB, 360x389, babie edge 18.jpg)

Am i the only one who think this car is photoshop?
If it is real why the fuck is it on the sidewalk?

No. 10523

She probably was just walking by and saw some sports car, pretending it's hers.

No. 10524

It's look real and this car is probably her new boy toy car.

No. 10525

The pickup on the other side is on the sidewalk too. It's probably for street sweeping.

No. 10526

Looks Small as fuck tbh.

No. 10527

Looks photoshop or it’s a rental lmao

No. 10528

File: 1519174045572.jpeg (399.05 KB, 1242x1516, 399F4CCA-D1B8-480D-A28E-576689…)

Seems like Del is doing doggy sitting now.

No. 10529

File: 1519174117119.jpeg (362.58 KB, 1242x1683, 4E2896A7-2C1E-45FF-A407-2B437C…)

She recently got a new doggy…..

No. 10530

File: 1519174203302.jpeg (415.69 KB, 1242x1983, D7D20A49-CCEF-41F8-A222-816381…)

And it seems she’s gotten decent reviews. Hope it changes her for the better.

No. 10531

I guess she needed something to fall back on now that she's put on even more weight and can't strip/prostitute anymore. Those prices though, I can't imagine she's making a living off this. House sitting for only $30 per night?

Sounds like all of these people dropped their dogs off at her home. I can't wait for some poor soul to make the mistake of having her house sit for them and then things go missing. She has such a long history of theft.

No. 10532

>>10530 Why are all the reviews on the same day? Are these from legit people with accounts? Suspicious…

>>10531 Ugh I wouldn't trust her in my house. I know some people do since it is easier to leave their pet at home and have someone come in and feed/walk/check in. Hope they have CCTV if so lmao

No. 10533

Oh, you are right! I didn't even notice that they were all on the same day. Highly suspicious. Knowing her and her history of being a huge scam artist, they are probably all fake reviews to boost her profile and get people to trust her enough to hire her. Scary tbh, especially since she isn't using her full name, so all her history of theft/scams won't show up on google.

No. 10534

Either she has a fuckton of clones out there or they are probs made by fake people or people she knows.
I guess she plans on scaming the pet sitting community how long before we hear about her stealing someone dog
>I have over 20 Years of care for pet's
Yeah fuck off with that

No. 10535

File: 1519192267547.jpeg (Spoiler Image,272.2 KB, 1242x1737, C8127AF1-6156-4EB5-B110-3D341E…)

Now she’s flexing on Twitter. Her wig still looks stiff as shit…

No. 10536

Gross. Her weave/wig looks like straw at this point. Watching her flap her titties around in a desperate attempt to get that streamers attention in his merch is pretty hilarious though. She's also calling herself the "big ol titty waifu of twitch" in another tweet.

Desperate and delusional per usual.

No. 10537

Bitch get a bra that covers your tits.
How or why did she post that knowing one of her titties is poping out.

No. 10538

She's trying to get the attention of rich/famous twitch streamers now.

Basically, after she started dating, moved in with, living off of the last guy who was into the pro gaming scene, she's been trying to weasel her way into landing a successful pro gamer meal ticket. Even as nerdy/awkward as some of these dudes are, they don't seem to want to touch her.

Does anyone know if she's still with the last guy, long haired dude who was sort of a casual in the pro gaming scene, worked at a restaurant as his day job? She seems to still be living in the place they were renting together, but she's pretty openly pursued other men. Is he just a cuck?

No. 10539

Someone here said he was it was probably in the last thread on her

No. 10540

File: 1519257254014.png (493.19 KB, 603x393, del.png)

Sad. He looked like a pretty standard, average metalhead guy. There must be something wrong with him if he's willing to be cucked by a divorced prostitute who looks like Gary Coleman in drag.

No. 10541

No. 10542

Either that or is trying to become a twich cam girl

No. 10543

I am so glad I read this post. On the cheap prostituate sites barbie pictures are popular. Especially for the transwomen. They fight over her pictures. Her pics are used so often I went to check if I could find some. I forgot backpage made it more complicated to post. The barbie pics were used by low level people so I couldnt find any. Just think barbie, hime, and the white chunky camgirl have so many nudes/bikinis that whores use them to advertise.

No. 10544

File: 1519357070178.jpeg (429.78 KB, 1235x1694, 8C067B4A-9101-4A42-B478-2349AC…)


As of 10/2017 they’re still together. I don’t see much activity between them on twitter though, so they may be broken up by now. It’s possible he may be okay with what she does as long as it pays the bills. According to Cola, they haven’t slept together in over a year cause he got fat. Leave it to her to criticize someone.

No. 10545

She has a surprisingly flat butt for being a chubby black girl. She's basically a fridge with tits.

No. 10546

File: 1519859297998.jpg (6.62 KB, 440x59, babie edge 23.jpg)

No. 10547

No. 10548

Holy shit she has a big ass hand in that right photo. And that wig looks like it's sliding off of her head. I wonder if her boyfriend has ever seen her real hair.

Nothing popped up for me.

No. 10549

Too bad no one donated to her in the last hour and she hardly makes videos on twitch.

No. 10550

The link you provided didn't work.

No. 10551

Does she even have fans? kek

And what's up with that middle image? Looks like her eyelash is falling off.

No. 10552

I wanna know who is gonna buy her used panties? WTF

No. 10553

$500 for a pair of her dirty panties… this bitch is dreaming.

$1,000 for a skype "date"

No. 10554

No and from the looks of it not even clients cringe

No. 10555

File: 1519967640056.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.94 KB, 364x320, babie edge 24.jpg)

She is trying hard as fuck to get them though
At least her wig doesnt look like a mess

No. 10556

She must be hurting for money with all of these sudden new hustles (the pet walking and now patreon) popping up. I guess she hasn't been able to run a good scam in a while and her reputation as a bad escort has finally done her in?

No. 10557

File: 1520012709658.jpeg (371.29 KB, 1229x1790, 44D2C348-19E1-4E05-A1B4-CA97D9…)

Her reputation is tarnished to the point where she’s almost 30, with no life/trade/professional skills. Changing her name won’t help because she stands out. Anybody who tries to deal with her in the future will only have to google her once to see what type of person she is. Her shitty personality will only get her so far after her looks and youth fade. Seems like patreon and surgery is her cure to depression and suicidal tendencies. So much for mental health awareness.

No. 10558

It's good to know she still reads PULL,they thought "sx" meant sex money,thanks for clarifying it delandra *kek

No. 10559

She trying to get to twitch con and i guess her bf doesn't want to take her or pay for her to go (can't blame him)
STFU nobody cares and wasn't you suppose to get that sugery in December? Come out and say your not getting it instead of makeing bullshit excuses.Shes just like other flakes that use mental illness as a sheald on why they can't be fucked with.
>>10558 It also means symptoms in medical term.

No. 10560

Don’t come for me boo. I’ve been a source for half of the content on this thread….
Don’t do it…..
Just know Del has made more enemies than friends. I’m not her, just a resource that’s more than happy to share unless cunts like you fuck it up.

Step down and excuse me……(calm down)

No. 10561

wasn't "coming for you" i was talking about how barbie need to stfu about surgery because she was talking about getting it for so long its doubtful she not going to get it. Feel free to share whatever info you do have though

No. 10562

I’m not a Delandra white night at all but anyone with common sense could see this girl has severe mental illness. Years of scamming, happily being the gaijin monkey for laughs in Japan and being as ugly as she is she gotta be delusional.

No. 10563

Oh yeah i agree. I believe this patron thing is a cry for help because of the reward tiers make you question is she doing it because she wants to? Or is whoring herself out is the only way she knows how to get money? Being a Escor, going to Japan without a visa, Making a sex tape one question is she actually mentally stable

No. 10564

File: 1520818949725.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.37 KB, 365x555, babie edge 25.jpg)

is this a photoshop job? if it is legit her body look a bit weird

No. 10565

photoshopped to hell and back, plus body contorting and a strategic angle

No. 10566

File: 1520822988900.jpeg (273.82 KB, 732x1006, 1510036148393.jpeg)

Super shopped. It's funny because in the process of trying to make herself look skinny, she also ended up shopping her boobs smaller. She's built like a fridge, wide shoulders/no hips, though she does have a fairly large chest. For reference, this photo was only a few months ago.

No. 10567

File: 1520823077870.png (3.72 MB, 2208x1242, 1510799350639.png)

Bonus pic

No. 10568

It looks like a old pic she gained weight since then.

No. 10569

Old pic from her time in Japan or something else?

No. 10570

I'm guessing from her nails Japan, she had those nails when she was in Japan. She must've gained a lot of weight to be catfishing old pictures as prizes.

No. 10571

Yeah, >>10564 definitely doesn't even look recent. Given the nails and the very Japanese looking room behind her. Can't believe she's straight up catfishing rn.

She's up to 8 patreons, but only 7% of her goal for a "lighting update", so I can't imagine she's making a whole lot off it. Could even just be 8 of the $1 tier.

No. 10572


Yeah cuz nobody is going to bay $300 for her used panties

No. 10573

I’ve heard through grapevine that she’s using her pics from her escort site on Patreon. Plus in her twitter video she’s def not that small.
All the hard work she claims to have done & her ass ends up using pics from 2-3 years ago to get clients. Main reason why that Cola chick blasted her to begin with. Straight definition of a catfish!

No. 10574

Which is dumb and dangerous. Dumb because there are guys thursty enough to pay to see a fat chick as long as it is a chick. Dangerous because whos to say one of they guys she is catfishing don't appreicate it and finds out she bigger than the photos, get offended then try to find and hurt her for waisting his time?

No. 10575

File: 1522547071662.jpeg (123.4 KB, 1242x840, 1FEE9009-6609-4E7B-8509-4A91F4…)

I smell liesssss…..

No. 10576

She probably had to settle for a call center job or some other similar job after her side hustles never panned out. No one wants to pay her for sex and she doesn't even look like the old ass photos she kept using. She doesn't have the education or work history to land a real "corporate" job.

No. 10577

File: 1522642910027.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.6 KB, 360x535, babie edge 26.jpg)

No. 10578

Look at that hammy upper arm. Extreme angles can only hide so much.

No. 10579

She's losing so much pledgers on her patreon.

No. 10580

File: 1522691613817.jpeg (221.6 KB, 1540x1525, 9E50EDDB-0000-43C9-8FFE-D75F77…)

Her copying hentai scene…..

No. 10581

File: 1522691649941.jpeg (308.76 KB, 1242x1666, 9E9DC5E8-0FDC-4CAD-BC7D-EDDEC7…)

No. 10582

File: 1522691928415.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.3 KB, 1242x1600, FBFE13AB-7358-45E7-885A-4F9122…)

In this photo you can def tell she photoshops most of other pics she has uploaded in the past year or so. The patreon pic from a few weeks ago show how obvious it is & maybe this is why she is losing pledges. Hell if you put on weight and all about self love and positive sex work, don’t hid behind 4-5 year old pics

No. 10583

So you are stalking her patreon? LUL

No. 10584

FFS is she wearing a waist trainer / corset under that? Not even trying to hide her efforts to look smaller than she is.

No. 10585

Lmfao, oooh that's what that is? Damn, I could have sworn she was talking about getting lipo or something awhile ago too. Guess that plan fell through.

No. 10586

No….Twitter boo.

No. 10587

she was never going to get that surgery.

No. 10588

We all secretly love her otherwise we wiouldnt be stalking and investigating her every move for years on end. The obsession is real with most of you here whether you want to admit it or not, congrats
Most of us have nothing to talk about unless she makes a new status or puts up a new picture

No. 10589

Nah Delandra, you are just an embarrassing cow. There are many like you, as you can see from the other threads on this site, you aren't particularly special or loved. Let's be real, you have a total of 4 patreons right now, one probably being your cuck of a boyfriend.

No. 10590

No this is not Barbie, I’m just one of her followers that love checking on this site to see the drama and pointless arguments. Who gives a shit about her patreon? Are you trying to convince us or yourself? Only you would know if you’re looking, welcome to the lurker club hearts

No. 10591

April fools has already passed,congrats you played yourself. I doubt anyone obsess over you, your like a 2 on a scale,even your nudes can't save you. Tragic*

No. 10592

>this is not barbie
>welcome to the lurker club hearts

Yeah, sure. You don't even know how to sage.

Also, one of her followers? She doesn't even have a fanbase. Maybe she had a few people following her when she was at the "height" of her pathetic gyaru "career", but she's hardly even relevant anywhere anymore beyond places like lolcow due to her scamming, prostitution, and general drama. Even her thread here on lolcow has been pretty quiet lately.

Face it Del, you were washed up before you even were a somebody.

No. 10593

Yeah…..We love your ashy, overweight, scamming, lying, stealing, catfishing ass.

If you cared enough about yourself then this thread wouldn’t exist. Your reputation will never outweigh any good you will ever do. It’s just part of you pathetic personality ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trust and believe that karma is a bitch. You fail to realized you actually fucked over sooooooo many people, you won’t have a chance in hell try to rectify it. Good luck with your weak ass ‘fame’…..

No. 10594

Lying is her thing.

That poor carrot got crushed under her fat and died from her stank ass.

No. 10595

Tbh her new Easter pictures are damn cute. Repeating scammer/liar/ect over and over again is why this thread is dead. We heard you the first time. Bring on some good shit or stfu(whiteknighting)

No. 10596

File: 1522792558698.png (65.79 KB, 841x175, livingalie.png)

Her Easter shoot is trash, we can see her corset, her body looks hammy, and she has the face of a trans Gary Coleman. Whiteknight/Delandra please go. Or at the very least learn to sage.

Back on topic. Anyone else notice that even though she updated her Instagram bio to include her new patreon, she conveniently "forgot" to update the part about living in Japan as a "model", and is still pretending to be a member of Black Cherry? No wonder she's still catfishing with her old pictures.

No. 10597

To be honest…it shows her/your desperation in the attempt to bring back your/her youth. Ain’t happening boo.
If you/her have such a point to prove, live your/her life unbothered so we can a decent laugh or gain some insight that you are in fact bettering yourself in a positive light.

We all know you love to whiteknight yourself to prove a point that never happened. Maybe, and I exaggerating, if you come clean of all your the dumb shit you pull, you may get some sympathy. Obviously your depression/suicidal stint lasted only for a week.

No. 10598

Who are you talking to? you are like looking for an argument that isnt there. All in the life of a serious Barbie stalker…. I mean lover….love her

No. 10599

no sir you are just nit picking anything you can complain about, YOU must have been one of those lost patrons since you know so much about the site. I rarely see anyone ever call her ugly. Fat? yes, but she aint ugly. What do you look like? ILL WAIT :)(whiteknighting)

No. 10600

Del since you are a dumbass patreon is public the only thing that is private is your photos because people who are left have to pay to see them. they even have a social blade like website for patreon. You wanna explain why you lost 4 backers? or are you going to keep whiteknighing yourself like a dumbass?

No. 10601

No. 10602

And? Lol damn the obsession is real. I’m sure she does it for fun anyway. Do you keep count on her Facebook twitter and IG followers too?

No. 10603

Doing it for fun?? Bullshit! Doing it for desperation….you’re washed up honey. I would eat my own shit before I give you a penny. You’re tiers are bogus and a ripoff, you only have 4 idiots who are dumb enough to think your mildly attractive.
Hell even the speed running community doesn’t want to have shit to do with you.
Face it, your reputation is fucked. No matter how much you try to hide, your shitty personality will always be your downfall.
Your self-hate has been evident as long as I’ve know you and your deception and negative treatment of others is shown by the lack of social interactions you have.

Don’t blame us for how shitty and depressing your life turned out. Tits and ass can only get you so far.

No. 10604

if your "Doing this for fun" then why not go back to guam to strip
also patreon can take you off anytime because of their recent rule change against that shit.
I know right? like who the fuck wants to pay $300 for Dels used panties? let alone for some resued pics she used to scam people?

No. 10605

I can smell the funk from her ass…..

No. 10606

LMAO surely most people don’t live off of their patreon so that point is fucking retarded, you tried it tho
I don’t think she personally asked you to add her so who gives a fuck? Sit on the sidelines and suck ass because you being mad about her using her social media so or whatever the fuck isn’t changing shit, it’s like having and argument with yourself which it looks like that’s what you are doing here. Her personality, her jobs, her past BLAH BLAH BLAH, and??? You’re repeating the same shit over again! Not adding anything useful to the thread, stfu already(ban evasion)

No. 10607

File: 1522878711966.png (67.44 KB, 274x335, makethatmoneydel.png)

>I rarely see anyone call her ugly.
You need to lurk the past few threads a bit harder then. We have no qualms in acknowledging how ugly Delandra is. She looks like an ugly man in bad drag, even before she got fat(fatter?).

Also, nice ban evading Del. It's cute that you've come here to sperg out though. Shouldn't you be photoshopping some content for your 4 patreon followers? Oh wait, you've only got three now. How sad.

No. 10608

Del you better off backing down cuz you aren't gonna win in this thread.

No. 10609


lollll some of you are so patriotic in here, not everyone who disagrees with you is Del, so you can just get over that shit or keep cryin(whiteknighting)

No. 10610

Del looks like donkey Kong in a dress. Prostitution is so easy but she couldn’t even make money doing that. She looks awful

No. 10611

Typical Del lingo….
You do know we can always tell when your coming to your defense, even anonymously.
The way you try to convince others that Del is so high and mighty is laughable! Mainly cause it’s so far from the truth that we all know she will never change.

Keep entertaining us with your hilarious comebacks. Better yet, post something so we can see how delusional you really are…

No. 10612

Girl who are you fooling Stevie wonder…lol
Why are you mad if your a "follower" and not Delandra hmm it's not that deep.

No. 10613

If it’s not that deep why have you been stalking for years haha!

No. 10614

Where was that said again??? Hmm.

No. 10615

Wrong anon try again. Why are you still stalking your own threads is what you should be asking? Let me say it again "It's not that deep" grow a pair.

No. 10616

Good one! In too deep

No. 10617

File: 1523048887991.png (150.07 KB, 640x930, IMG_0121.PNG)

This picture is gold,compared to the other girls stacks, no one touched hers along with her name Barbie how ironic. Keep the milk coming delandra we missed you boo.

No. 10618

This is so embarrassing…those wigs really don't help her at all. The makeup makes her look 20 years older. She needs to grow her natural hair and tone down the trashiness for a little

No. 10619

she looks and acts like someone's shady aunt… Sage for samefag

No. 10620

where was this at?

No. 10621


During the height of her failed career

No. 10622

She had a high point in her "career"?

No. 10623

Career? Black diamond didn’t even pay her. She could barely make rent after nobody wanted to hire her as a street level prostitute.

No. 10624

File: 1523402236912.png (85.43 KB, 292x364, sad.png)

And yet she still tries to play it off like she's still a member, a "model" and living in Japan. While those of us who live normal, successful lives can see through it, this really was the "height of success" for her in her own mind.

Now she's living where… texas was it? Gained weight, can't seem to hold down a job. Not even the strip clubs want her. Her patreon only has two followers now. Probably herself and her boyfriend.

No. 10625

Is she still with that neckbeard guy? The one who she was waiting for his sick mom to die in order to get life insurance from?

No. 10626

File: 1523409144850.png (101.93 KB, 830x338, anthony.png)

Had to poke around a little, but yeah, it looks like she's still with Anthony, the neckbeardy metal head guy. I was wrong when I said Texas, she's in Las Vegas with him still. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised she doesn't work at a brothel out there as they are legal, but I suppose she's below their standards?

Turns out I was right when I joked about one of her Patreon followers being her boyfriend. Funny because he's also a patreon of another girl. I wonder how Del feels about that? He's the only one who actively likes the updates too, so it's likely the other one is herself.

No. 10627

File: 1523409190775.png (722.6 KB, 814x497, del.png)

Bonus pic of her looking like Bill Cosby in a bad wig from his twitter.

No. 10628

Someone needs to tell him that Del ADMITTED to only being with him for his mom’s check and she’s wishing for his mother to die.

No. 10629

This is a horrible thing to say, but she looks like an uglier, makeup-less Shalom Nchom in a bad wig.

No. 10630

That pathetic
Not only that but it was mention in the last thread she tried to sleep with one of his friend so he really dealing with a grade a bitch.

No. 10631

Yeah, I don't really get why this guy is so desperate, he must have been an incel or something before they met. He's not particularly hidious, just kind of dumpy and average. But to be so desperate that you would stay with a girl who has openly tried to cheat on you, has sex with other guys for money, and is only using you for a place to live/hoping to snag some of your eventual inheritance, etc. Not to mention she's actually hideous and is built like a lumpy fridge. Poor guy must have zero self confidence.

No. 10632

You’re definitely right! I feel the same way about her ex-husband. I have some screenshots somewhere where she criticizes a streamer because he cheated on his wife or gf. Then here she comes on her high horse talking about how that is unforgivable. I’m like “bitch?! You had a porno leaked when you were married!”
I swear this chick is beyond delusional. I’ll try to find said tweet. Plus the drama between her and the streamer in the UK was similar. She though he wanted her, he didn’t & she got pissy. Just like she did with the Philly stripper whose club didn’t hire her.

No. 10633

is that the stream where she toss her dog across the room?

No. 10634

File: 1523557816688.jpeg (481.36 KB, 1235x1811, 2B9AA397-8CDA-4134-A5BE-4D564E…)

No. 10636

File: 1523557863420.jpeg (340.54 KB, 1242x1669, E360CBFF-3526-44A0-B2C1-7E7945…)

No. 10637

No joke, she has such a long history of cheating too. She made a porno and was escorting/doing dating services while married, along with posting about multiple boyfriends all while married. It was all such a mess, no one could keep her timeline straight. She was hopping all over the place to any man that would take her.

Now she's openly tried to cheat on her current guy, and has still pursued work as an escort. Not to mention, the guy she tried to cheat with already had a girlfriend? Hilarious that she thinks she has any right to try to judge someone else for being "unfaithful".

No. 10639

Pot meets kettle
this is rich coming from a cheater like her

No. 10641

File: 1523661954994.png (11.86 KB, 587x102, salty.png)

Be honest, Del. It's actually because you couldn't afford to stay subscribed.

No. 10643


>they were undeserving of my support

sure you tell yourself that del

No. 10646

so no twitch con then del?

No. 10648

File: 1525251757742.png (89.5 KB, 280x373, lol.png)

Uh oh, even her boyfriend unsubbed from her patreon. She's been silent on all forms of social media since her last post on twitter >>10641 18 days ago.

Took a peek at her boyfriend's FB that used to be semi public and it looks like he either deleted everything or made it private.

No. 10653

Does that mean he grew some balls and broke up with her? cuz it sound like he did.

No. 10656

Nah they still together and following each other on twitter. I think they might be thinking of breaking up though her boyfriend wrote a shady post not to long ago.

No. 10657

Yeah, when I peeked around, I couldn't find much of anything interesting. She's been quiet and he's hidden a lot of his stuff.

I did find that she was active on the website "couchsurfing" just four months ago though? Between her openly trying to cheat on him, whoring around, not holding down an actual job… I'm sure their relationship is fairly volatile.

Do you have any caps of his post?

No. 10658

I wouldn't be suprised if he ended it somebody gotta had told him alread she was using him for him moms money he was gonna get plus all the cheating she did either they're in a rough patch or its over and nobody is confirming yet.

No. 10659

Yea I think the shady post is still on his twitter I will try to find it.
Del must actually be working a office job as she say or just keeping her whoring lowkey.

No. 10662

File: 1526021530227.png (157.7 KB, 823x456, what.png)

I couldn't find his twitter. Did he delete it?

I did accidentally stumble on this though. It's ancient milk, but I don't recall it being talked about before? Apparently an old guy was murdered at the stripclub she used to work at years ago? It's pretty bizarre.


No. 10664

shit did she had to go to court for a murder case? i didn't know that

No. 10665

Delandra did it #staywoke

In all seriousness I’m shocked she never has brought this up? She makes up crazy lies all the time so idk why this is the first time we’ve heard of this

No. 10666

You'd think this would be one thing she'd brag about but surpisingly no.
to be fair is this even her like is this veriied to be her or someone with her same first name?

No. 10667

She was stripping in Texas, in this area, around this time. Chances of this being a different Del'Andra Johnson seems pretty unlikely. Houston is Del's hometown too.

The spelling of her name is pretty unique too, not very common. She has simplified it to just "Delandra" sometimes though, but older accounts show that her name is "Del'andra". What are the chances of someone having the same profession, name, and location?

No. 10668

not likey.
Same name is possible but not same profession and like you said she was living in Texas at the time so its likely her.

No. 10670

File: 1526614814716.jpg (10.07 KB, 366x76, babie edge 27.jpg)

No. 10673

This bitch is so melodramatic. Where does Delandra even live these days?

No. 10674

Looks like she's in Las Vegas or at least pretending to be? The only "active shooter" event in a mall in the USA that happened in this timespan was there. Did she just clue us in to where her "office job" is? Figures it's nothing legit and is actually just a mall job.

Also, it turned out to be a false alarm. No one was shot.

Wasn't she living in Texas with Anthony semi recently? Did they break up and she moved to Vegas to mooch off some new dude?

No. 10675

anything new with Del?

No. 10676

Nope, she's still MIA at the moment. Her patreon, twitter, twitch, facebook profiles, all silent. She is back up to one random Patreon though despite not having updated it in a little over two months now though. Her (ex?) boyfriend hasn't updated his IG and has hidden everything on his FB as well. My best guess is that they broke up, she's working at that mall in Vegas in the meantime?

It's possible she's working in a brothel, club, or something too. It's not like her to take long periods away from social media or not have a dude to leech off of.

No. 10677

Is the possibility of her finally getting help likely or no?

No. 10678

Never she's probably just keeping a low profile for the moment or depressed.

No. 10679

Unlikely. I'm with >>10678 .

She's probably trying to recuperate, find a new meal ticket to house her, feed her, take care of her dogs, etc. All of her last hustles were a huge bust, her patreon was a complete failure, her dog walking scam also failed, all her social media is basically dead. She claims to be working an office job, which seems unlikely given her only work experience for the past however many years is stripping and escorting. She's probably got some kiosk job at the mall she mentioned >>10670 if anything.

No. 10680

File: 1530049275537.jpeg (283.14 KB, 1239x1291, A6ECBCB9-AD1B-4A11-8BFF-ECD857…)

At first I was like wtf is this?! Then I realized she changed her name. I think her current name has so much shit behind it, this is the ony way to escape it. Figured Naomi would've suited her better kek

No. 10686

File: 1530049746068.jpeg (87.12 KB, 1228x705, FA89211D-ADE1-45A2-A85E-5E5EF1…)

Plus I think her cuck broke up with her. Maybe a reflection of her recent disappearance from most social media. She’s semi active on Twitter, but nothing milk worthy.

No. 10690

Last I heard his dad was in the hospital,he probably figured out she was using him at that moment. She wasn't even in sight with her boyfriend while his dad was being hospitalized.

No. 10691

It lives! Thanks for the update, anon. I wonder if she'll bother to legally change her name given that all her drama is easily searchable under her current legal name if she's trying to finally work regular jobs.

His grandmother died and his father was recently hospitalized. Del straight up told someone that she was using him for his eventual inheritance, I suppose Anthony finally wised up. She even openly tried to cheat on him multiple times, while she was living with him, and was still trying to escort on the side. Good for him though, took him long enough.

No. 10692

how do you know?

No. 10693

She bragged about the inheritance

No. 10694

He posted on his twitter about it and del didn't even care to post about it. Del was also out of state during that time trying to escort.

No. 10695

Her Patreon is on private. you gotta be 18+ to be view it now.

No. 10699

She still has zero patreons and hasn't been updated since April. It was probably something the website automatically did due to her previous content.

No. 10701

File: 1530943197811.png (Spoiler Image,309.4 KB, 431x778, ytho.png)

For whatever reason she's been spamming her twitter with hentai recently? Bizarre.

No. 10712

Think she'll try the porn thing again?

No. 10713

File: 1532391842035.jpeg (385.6 KB, 1242x1854, 3B7AF399-2898-4727-95C1-1A2555…)

Been inactive on Facebook lately & but found this….let’s see how long it takes for her to scam someone under this guise. I

No. 10721

Has she addressed her "adopted" child that mysteriously was never mentioned again? poor girl

No. 10723

lmao co-own a dev company. As if she knows anything about sprints, what a pm even is,
or even how to manage her own time. These over the top lies are so embarrassing.

No. 10725

Translation: She finally snagged some new random "pro gamer" overseas, probably some desperate neckbeard in europe, and plans to weasel her way into all of his projects and connections.

No. 10727

She didn’t adopt anyone. That was the child of a guy she was fucked in the phillipines. Just like that random house she snapped a photo of in Japan and she said it was one of the two houses she “owns”. She’s severely mentally ill. This bitch lies about every and anything

No. 10728

File: 1535517961653.jpg (503.28 KB, 1080x1293, 20180828_234234.jpg)

She changed her name to Melanie and claimed she has moved to Copenhagen.

She looks really awful too.

No. 10738

File: 1535518094525.jpg (519.93 KB, 1080x1525, 20180828_234249.jpg)

She also posted this claiming to be having major cosmetic surgery soon? I wonder who she is scamming out of the cash for it?

If she thinks her results will be anything like the pic she's using, she is in for a ton of disappointment.

No. 10747

She can barely afford a place to live. Don’t count on it

No. 10748

File: 1535777951496.jpg (1.14 MB, 2560x1920, 18-08-31-23-57-55-127_deco.jpg)

You already know she's getting it done in someone basement or a shady ass place. I can't wait to see this disaster. I guess escorts stick together her and Sere even have the same bio.

No. 10754

It's funny that she still lists her location as Japan and claims to be a model, idol, and member of Black Diamond. It's been how many years now? She needs to let it go.

No. 10755

File: 1536285482366.jpg (268.58 KB, 1155x1193, 18-09-06-20-56-31-127_deco.jpg)

It seems Barbie is going back to Japan soon.

No. 10757

No she won’t. She lies about everything and is still lying saying she has two houses. She needs to be in a mental facility.

No. 10758

how did she get into black diamond?

No. 10759

File: 1537297297607.jpg (315.75 KB, 1193x1009, 18-09-18-13-58-58-978_deco.jpg)

She thinks about doing a surgery reveal video if she hits 500 likes. Kek

No. 10764

File: 1537316976637.jpeg (474.11 KB, 1237x2120, E828F473-CBB7-4ED8-AA4D-1244FC…)

I came across her trying to sell a funky bed & offers of doggie sitting in the Denmark marketplace. Scamming all over the world.

No. 10768

File: 1537317008364.jpeg (576.19 KB, 1242x2122, EA385349-E18F-4854-91FF-2C8D9C…)

No. 10772

File: 1537317028771.jpeg (444.01 KB, 1237x2116, 0D498FBE-4B35-4ECD-AA5D-BC18C1…)

No. 10773

I love that she's become too fat/ugly to sell herself or get a stripper job that she now has to try to spin a scam off dogwalking/petcare.

She's managed to scrounge up 200 likes, probably mostly from farmers and shared the post again. I'll be surprised if she manages her 500 like goal at this rate.

No. 10774

File: 1537405147322.jpg (339.17 KB, 3610x1472, lol.jpg)

lmao I can't believe she paid money to sponsor this shitty post

No. 10780

Wow. and she spammed it on both of her FB accounts multiple times.

And she's still barely halfway to her goal of 500 likes. Sad, but hilarious.

No. 10781

File: 1537895413786.jpg (509.22 KB, 799x1193, 18-09-25-12-05-49-212_deco.jpg)

What videogame?wtf

No. 10789

Her latest videogame? As if she's had previous?

This bitch just keeps getting more delusional.

No. 10790

File: 1538002906480.png (135.86 KB, 579x675, typical.png)

Turns out she moved to Denmark and is fucking hentai artist Solgryn. The video game she claims to be working on is his "Roah", so she's basically just riding his dick/coat tails per the usual for her, "bang a z-list internet personality, pretend their success is your own".

No. 10794

File: 1538002931139.png (464.67 KB, 577x614, solgryn.png)

No. 10799

Good luck in being a hooker in denmark. The country is small as hell.

No. 10800

This dumbass bitch is going to get human trafficked…

No. 10801

File: 1538014308935.png (675.6 KB, 660x499, thatpoorcarrot.png)

Her escort/stripper days didn't pan out in the states because she ballooned up and was looking incredibly rough, so I doubt she'll be seeing much work. She hasn't posted new photos of herself in a long time outside the dodgy corset wearing ones where she was humping a stuffed carrot back in April (or catfishing with really old pics for patreon folows).

Here's the kicker though. That whole carrot thing was based off of Solgryn's art, which she filmed while she was still living with her now ex.

No. 10808

Does someone know where in Denmark she’s located, because I feel it’s way too close to me

No. 10809

File: 1538022166744.jpg (7.41 KB, 200x200, jesper.jpg)

My best guess is that she's living with Solgryn as he's her new mark to leech off of.

His real name is Jesper Erlandsen if you want to dig around on him more. According to his Linkedin profile, it says he's in the Copenhagen area though.

No. 10811

File: 1538417587842.jpg (423.09 KB, 1193x1041, 18-10-01-13-12-30-941_deco.jpg)

No. 10812

He’s not that good looking but he’s still out of her league. He had some e fame too. Why the fuck is he with her? Black fetish?

No. 10813

>surgery monies! Leaving for the airport
So she's going to get surgery done in another country for dirt cheap? That's like 3k in the pile at most. Makes me wonder what she can even afford to get done at this point, because 3k isn't really much.

He definitely seems to have some kind of a black fetish based off some of his art, but even so, you'd think he could at least pull a cute black girl. I suppose there aren't that many black women in Copenhagen, let alone ones who would date a sort of creepy hentai artist?

No. 10814

has she come back from surgery yet?

No. 10815

No,she said something about having to take a blue pill?

No. 10816

File: 1539219135461.jpg (168.56 KB, 1193x671, 18-10-10-19-52-06-880_deco.jpg)

No. 10819

Isnt that from the Matrix though? Red pill blue pill

No. 10820

She could probably be talking about AFTER surgery and a blue pill that's usually given after surgery is hydromorphone, which is an opiate that can knock you out (or make you see things depending on how you take it)

That's my guess from a pharmajew perspective!
I assume she did have surgery and is in recovery taking hydromorphone or something similar to surpress pain.

No. 10821

What she charges for a day is p much skandinavian standard hourly rate at any entry level job(waitress,mcdonalds), im loosing my breath

No. 10822

Does anyone buy into her dog sitting scam?

No. 10823

Any surgery pictures yet?

No. 10824

It's valium. I got it too. Was really nervous pre-surgery, so my doctor wrote me a script for a valium to take about an hour before I went in. I practically danced in.

No. 10825

File: 1540865545374.jpeg (142.02 KB, 675x900, Dqr9wXLW4AAS6FJ.jpeg)

Her new body looks weird…

No. 10832

I can't really tell what she looks like are there any other pictures?

No. 10833

File: 1540872718356.jpeg (122.94 KB, 1024x768, DqsphxiVsAARr7l.jpeg)

Nope this is the only one so far that's close up. I think this picture is her too from behind.
It looks like she only got her waist done.

No. 10834

File: 1540934555967.jpeg (189.53 KB, 1200x900, Dqx0zLBX0AAT5mZ.jpeg)

Nothing changed…..

No. 10835

File: 1540949797047.jpeg (519.07 KB, 1241x1728, 65E94C64-1B80-4657-9950-19C7C3…)

Her ‘after’ shot?

No. 10845

File: 1540949956906.jpeg (456.51 KB, 1230x1681, 7B7E9F3E-CCAE-4408-B1C9-D4E766…)

Those crocs are rough looking

No. 10846

cant tell from the outfits, waiting for more pictures

No. 10847

She does seem to have more of an hourglass shape but her shoulders are still broad as fuck.


I don’t see any signs of a compression garment much less foam and boards. It’s probably more like a waist trainer.

No. 10848

And the hole in her leggings? I can’t believe she went out of the house looking like that. Now I see why Margret thought she was homeless.

No. 10849

Those are cut out leggings retard

No. 10850

Sorry I’ve never seen leggings with one random hole in the bottom, asshole. It’s not like the photo is that great of quality anyway. Sage your bullshit.

No. 10851

Ignore the weird random salty leggings anon, she legit looks homeless in her casual wear.

She's probably swollen from surgery still, but even if they only did her waist, the rest of her body still looks wide, hammy, and unfortunate.

No. 10852

File: 1541515423188.jpeg (281.24 KB, 605x1737, 0D16C662-FE2F-4479-80B0-74714A…)

An actual decent pic for once. But her face is fatter than before.

No. 10862

File: 1541515473777.jpeg (585.86 KB, 1230x1878, 665CE5AC-63DF-477A-8050-1627FF…)

Still looks the same to me

No. 10872

She's like a black Trisha Paytas.

No. 10873

I don't see a difference. Maybe i'm really blind

No. 10874

She did a live today and said something about she did her stomach. I couldn't catch the rest of the live. She looks the same to me too.

No. 10875

I watched the whole thing. Her mid section looks way different hips are really high

No. 10876

File: 1541542889486.jpeg (159.65 KB, 1237x688, F5695CFE-8C95-48A1-8365-7383F0…)

No. 10879

File: 1541542915203.jpeg (165.9 KB, 1242x670, 5A7F5022-0A47-45A4-B0E5-2EEA40…)

No. 10890

File: 1541542933363.jpeg (172.38 KB, 1242x673, 037EB714-5FE8-4B56-948F-BC9C08…)

No. 10891

File: 1541542952029.jpeg (160.04 KB, 1242x698, D3AFE2A7-E5DD-450D-AD46-5D7501…)

No. 10893

From the side she still looks big, from the front it looks like she’s wearing a waist cincher

No. 10894

She took off a waist trimmer on top of her body suit thing and you could see all of the padding she had stuffed inside. She showed all of it without the dress in the live

No. 10895

She doesn’t look bad honestly. It’s an improvement.

No. 10896

She’s still fat but at least she has some curve now

No. 10897

thats a bit of a stretch, she looks way better now

No. 10898

She should've got a breast reduction they make her look wide as hell

No. 10899

File: 1541901185429.png (14.52 MB, 3438x3438, DD931E08-9435-407D-B924-9E9520…)

No matter how much lipo she gets on her waist & hips, her neck, shoulders & chest will always be wide as fuck. It doesn’t fit well with her new body & she needs to do something about that double chin of hers. Plus her arms are still fat as shit….

No. 10916

She still has chubby features but you just sound mad anon. She is actually working on her face next according to her video

No. 10917

Mad? I’m a different anon than before but she needs a nose job bad and to lose weight

No. 10918

At least she’s going something instead of living in denial.

No. 10919

What's with these whiteknights?

She looks bad and is still a scammer? No one is mad that she paid thousands to still be fat. It's a simple fact.

No. 10920

Obviously it’s Del. You know she lurks here just wk herself after she does anything on social media now.
Face, okay. What about you manly shoulders/hammy arms. Lift some goddamn weights for once.

No. 10921

Ts Madison lookin azz. Even with surgery theres not really any improvement. Sad.

No. 10922

File: 1542747888295.jpg (226.35 KB, 720x1009, 2018-11-20 03.01.15 1.jpg)

Lip fillers? kek

No. 10923

File: 1542747948226.jpg (140.87 KB, 720x679, 2018-11-20 03.01.14 1.jpg)

Lip fillers? kek

No. 10924

Who the fuck heads to a scandinavian country like Sweden for fillers? Even though sek has dropped alittle, both Norway and Sweden aren't known for being cheap relative to american plastic procedural prices. Why travel all over the place wasting extra cash to make yourself look even bigger than you are, her lips were the last place that needed a needle. She needs a healthy diet and some new hair(regrow that bleach stain of a scalp), but at the end of the day KEK @ wasting $$$ to look ugly w/ no future.

No. 10925

File: 1542766701438.jpeg (561.49 KB, 1242x1760, AF7786DD-044F-43CF-BDE9-6A7F24…)

Forgot to post from the other day, but I believe it’s semi official. Sage for ot

No. 10926

She looks trashy as hell with her tits on display and wearing a dress that barely covers her ass. Why must she insist on dressing like a hooker 24/7?

No. 10927

Poor dude, he's not great looking, but not ugly. Must be incel level to let Del move in and mooch off him for sex. Do you guys think she's back to escorting to make her surgery cash?

Her lips have always been really full though? Her lips were probably one of her better features. I don't get why she'd bother getting lip fillers when that money could have gone towards a surgery that could actually improve her looks?

How long before she starts looking like Momo?

She probably is back to escorting. She dresses like a hooker because she has been/ is one. That outfit is pretty awful though. The way the top is just makes it look like she permanently has her top pulled up and is showing off one of those lacy white granny bra.

No. 10928

He has a black fetish that’s why.

I don’t get why she got her lips done either. She always had full lips and I never heard of a black girl getting fillers. It seems like she’s quiet down a lot lately. After her Facebook scamming fiasco and being called out everyone who followed her turned against her. I wonder if she’s been running scams still but quieter about it

No. 10929

I just feel like she’s no longer relevant now that she’s no longer in Japan. She’s boring now and that should be a good thing considering how old as she is. She needs to settle down and maybe think about utilizing this marriage whether it’s fake or not (since we all know how real her Japanese marriage to her military ex husband was). Looking at her gram when she was in Japan verses now, such a drastic difference. Just not exciting anymore. Even with her big girl ballon surgeries.

No. 10930


Ever have a look at a map? She lives in Denmark so Sweden is right next door

No. 10931

She keep her scams incognito and thats only thing that made her interesting.

No. 10932

File: 1543374843939.png (886.45 KB, 640x640, zbarbie1.png)

She posted photos of her surgery results. It's a huge improvement, but at the same time, without losing any weight naturally, she's likely to go down the momokun route in the future.

She's trying to become relevant again via the gaming scene. First through her ex in the states who did speedruns or tournaments or whatever, but he was a nobody when it really came down to it. She tried to hook up with another more well known streamer, who turned her down, while she was still with her last dude. Seems like she even met Solgryn, the current guy, while still living with/dating the last one. She's a starfucker, but given her looks, her aim has to remain pretty low. Probably why she set her sights on the gaming scene too, it's predominantly male, lots of easy targets running about. She's clearly not in it for the gaming herself.

I think the anon was more so questioning why anyone would go to Sweden of all places for lip fillers. I'll agree it seems pretty random.

No. 10933

File: 1543374973290.png (523.42 KB, 637x632, zbarbie2.png)

Side view. Notice how she is covering her face in the after pics.

No. 10934

In Denmark she would have to give a social security number and stuff like that because even small procedures like lip fillers are done in private hospitals. Besides, it's not completely unheard of to get medical procedures done is Sweden.. It's usually a bit cheaper

No. 10935

Denmark is expensive af and not known for surgery, most EU people travel abroad for cosmetic procedures and plastics. I did for my breast implants.

No. 10936

Sage your shit and I thought she lived in the US still considering the twitch con pics, calm your titties anon, either way the difference in prices from Denmark to Sweden still doesnt make up for it considering she has to pay travel expenses.

No. 10937

Yes it does. A ferry ticket to Sweden is less than $6 and a train ticket is $14

No. 10938

Ferries are dirt cheap yes but shes getting surgery so she has to stay somewhere for a night atleast (hotels arent cheap), she has to get from the port to the doctors and whatever else shes doing, food, etc.
its also just as funny thinking of her taking Stena Line ferries to and from on the same day while her face or body is fucked post op.
win-win shes either way exhausting resources and will do nothing but face financial issues for all this trouble 'saving' money.

(sage goes in the email field fam)

No. 10939

You’re psychotic for wishing something bad happens to her. I just want to see what she looks like after the facial surgeries

No. 10940

Nice infighting but she looks fucked from the surgeries and if you think its wishing bad upon someone when they say "either way shes gonna look fucked" then please just catch a ban Delandra, cause its either you or an autistic wk.

No. 10941

Not everyone who doesn’t agree with you is Barbie, you’re the only one in here arguing with yourself lmao

No. 10942

I’m pretty sure this is the same response from Del wking herself a earlier in this thread

Same quote & everything….

>>10941 Hi Barbie! Nice to see you’re back….

No. 10943

Literally the same person talking to themselves on every other response

No. 10944

File: 1543637790864.png (2.71 MB, 1125x2001, 26323274-46DB-47AD-A195-CFA732…)

Based off his twitter background, prob a combo of black girl fetish like the other anon said (some Scandinavian ppl are really into non-white ppl bc it’s something different) and also a clear big tits/fat fetish.

No. 10945

File: 1544278266635.gif (4.06 MB, 360x499, 20181208_080551.gif)

No. 10946

Can anyone who follows her on insta give a decent update?

No. 10947

File: 1546550877147.jpg (246.5 KB, 1193x868, 19-01-03-01-15-31-483_deco.jpg)

She's going to mess herself up with all that.

No. 10948

She's been quiet lately so nothing has been happening.

No. 10949

>buying second home in copenhagen
How tf is she going to afford that lmao

No. 10950

Shes a fraud anon. So far she has:
-TWO homes in japan (reality she could barely afford to live in share homes and pay her 50,000yen rent)
Now one house in Copenhagen and almost two? When she couldn’t even afford to pay rent and got no clients as an escort? It’s not even funny. She’s so far gone with delusions

No. 10951

What I wonder is, got this photo taken wherever she got her surgery? Or where could this have been? Because this is neither Danish nor Swedish architecture

No. 10952

Did she even have a first? I bet that house is in her boyfriend's name not hers. kek

No. 10953

What house? I looked up her boyfriends address really quick(it's public) and he doesn't even live in Copenhagen. He owns a small apartment in Solrød

No. 10954

Apparently her and her boyfriend have been making a video game, maybe that’s why she’s been quiet

No. 10955

We’ve known this. Don’t bump the thread if you have nothing new to contribute.

No. 10956

File: 1548534209760.jpg (368.16 KB, 963x1193, 19-01-26-14-19-43-916_deco.jpg)

No. 10957

File: 1548534469659.jpg (304.26 KB, 903x1193, 19-01-26-14-20-20-012_deco.jpg)

Her boyfriend must be paying for her surgeries.

No. 30393

File: 1548824934337.jpg (337.19 KB, 1080x1598, 20190129_224734.jpg)

I came across this gold mine so here's what I have to say about Delandra.. How does she con people into liking her? HA NVM I once fell for her bullshit too! She has absolutely nothing to offer. I've seen guys she's dated in the states. Shes rapey, aggressive, demanding, and controlling. Well she's like that with anyone shes around, really. Also saw those reply vids she did at Cola. She practically called herself out, seeing as she acts the exact same way she accused Cola of being. I would know, I knew her personally years ago and let her stay at my place. She was rude and controlling of MY space. Touching my thermostat that she didnt pay the bill to. I mean I wouldn't want to stay in a dirty place either, but you chanced that decision when you decided to go to a strangers house. As I took that chance of letting a psychopath stay over and try to control how I ran my house. She likes to victim blame and act like shes the innocent one. Talks a lot about people spending money on drugs and alcohol, but that's the exact type of girls she would come after. Girls who seemed to be in a bad spot. To offer them a better life and lots of money. Just to manipulate and recruit them to stripping. Just so she could later on, kick out, and keep their belongings. Complete trash. Plastic surgery wont fix the mental on this one

No. 30394

Bless you anon for this glorious gallon of milk. This thread has been dry for months. Did you find it by googling her?

No. 30395

File: 1548829242427.jpeg (787.99 KB, 1125x1270, 0FECA729-1886-4E54-AF2F-D416AF…)

No. 30396

File: 1548829278003.jpeg (103.61 KB, 720x960, DE36567C-E2F8-4B14-9A48-F41B7C…)

No. 30397

File: 1548829353863.jpeg (Spoiler Image,88.06 KB, 576x1024, 61DB9A03-0964-4603-928D-62BDBA…)

Spoilered the surgery pic just in case because I don’t know if that qualifies as gore or not.

No. 30411

Plastic surgery on non Asians in Korea is always a nightmare from what I can tell. Especially with black folks and nose jobs. Just look at celina or whatever her name was.

No. 30412

Instead of all the lypo she could have gotten her lazy ass in the gym a lot more. I've seen her sit in front of a laptop for hours watching game plays and youtubers while shoving her face. Ugh I can hear her eating and breathing right now actually. So gross

No. 30429

Who in their right mind would ever go to Turkey for plastic surgery? That’s the equivalent of going to Mexico when you’re from the US.

No. 30433

I think they might do decent rhinoplasty since a lot of turks have huge noses

No. 30435

Looks like from the background she’s staying in a hostel. Also the problem isn’t her bridge it’s that her nose is so wide

No. 30436

They’re not equip with doing black noses though. Also if she’s so rich, has two houses in Japan and one in Denmark why can’t she get surgery in Denmark? Why does she need to go the hella cheap route by going to turkey?

No. 30488

Turkey is a rhinoplasty mecca, looks like she did her research instead of going to a doc that will give her a Caucasian nose

No. 30521

She is?? I never once saw a ring or a wedding.. Del would be boasting to the moon & back.

No. 30541

Why would she boast, honestly.. shes been to the moon and back with guys and using them to get wherever.. and now she just wants clout off this dudes game. She doesnt do anything unless she benefits from it. That's obvious. If they're "married" he's an idiot. But she only finds vulnerable people she can control and manipulate. Shes really good at manipulating people. Yall forget a lot of the money she made, she stole from girls. Or cashed in on her "selling" stuff online.. yall really dont put two and two together and it shows

No. 30550

We all know she’s a scammer girl relax

No. 31244

We already know she's a scammer. It's because she shows off every material item she gets from car,house and so on.
It's not that deep even though she scammed you..

No. 31432

Seems like they jumped straight into marriage from dating such a short time so she could get a marriage visa and stay. Doubt they had a real wedding or a ring, etc.

No. 35100

Her new nose looks fucked up. She looks like a who from the grinch movie.

No. 36854

File: 1550706019974.jpg (117.7 KB, 638x644, 1550705592309.jpg)

She's currently at the European Speedrunner Assembly, in case anyone cares.

No. 36887

Her nose looks so much better here. If only she quit with the shit blonde multi color wigs and lost weight

No. 36888

Why is she even attending speedrunner events?

No. 36898

She does not have the bod for a turtle neck. Bitch looks like a giant yoga ball.

No. 37084

Boyfriend and an game he created.

No. 37928

File: 1551244903010.jpg (145.05 KB, 1080x608, emiliafart.jpg)

She looks like a color swap emilia fart.

No. 38108

She looked better before. she's opening her shopping service again..

No. 38457

File: 1551583710403.jpg (261 KB, 1054x1193, 19-03-02-21-28-24-640_deco.jpg)

No. 38458

File: 1551583827588.jpg (127.09 KB, 1193x659, 19-03-02-21-30-26-048_deco.jpg)

No. 38751

I wonder if she's going to try to hit up the dating service cafes she used to regular.

No. 39116

She looks like little Kim when she started getting addicted to plastic surgery

No. 39186

>>>little kim

No. 40784

File: 1553198700185.png (236.29 KB, 511x428, screenshot_20190321_150350.png)

She's turning into a plastic surgery monster. kek

No. 41396

File: 1553507124415.jpg (701.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190310-061652_Ins…)

She went to columbia for more surgery apparently!? Wonder how botched she's going to look after all this.

No. 41397

File: 1553507159716.jpg (965.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-225638_Ins…)

No. 41989

File: 1553882406210.png (8.89 MB, 1242x2208, A2328EAF-4291-41BB-A4C7-58AF3C…)

Nah her nose looks good, I’m not sure about the rest of her surgeries

No. 42031

It looks good in certain angles but far away highlights how fat her face is.

No. 42435

File: 1554102166637.png (655.11 KB, 840x306, srs.png)

Her nose looks the same, if not more bulbous?

No. 43519

It looks taller and less wide.. i.e "not black"

No. 44322

File: 1555492604707.jpg (117.21 KB, 900x1200, botched.jpg)

She finally did a full reveal post surgery.

Her nosejob looks crooked and she's still only wearing turtle necks which has me wondering if her neck lipo is botched too?

No. 44326

She should relax her shoulders. Only makes her look more manly.

No. 44341

Her nose looks good. She still dresses like a GTA hooker tho. Del needs to lose those damn blond wigs for good and dress weight appropriately. She looks like a middle aged drag queen

No. 44347

Her new nose & body surgery makes her look like a man now… I thought she was a drag hooker.

No. 44349

Where did you get this pic anon?

No. 44354

Her twitter. She doesn't update her social media much, but she made a post about tagging along with Jesper to Twitchcon EU.

Good? Her new bridge is literally crooked anon.

No. 45457

File: 1556470414759.png (9.16 MB, 1242x2208, 2404489C-984E-4BC0-8C9A-C00D74…)

I wish she would pick a natural hair color for once

No. 45465

Get out of my country pls

Also, this whole new look makes her look like that white German girl who transformed herself into a ‚black‘ person.

No. 45533

So she got full body lipo, including her eyelids and neck, lip fillers, hip/butt fillers, a boob lift, rhinoplasty, etc.

Imagine spending that much time/money and show up looking like this. >>44322 >>45457

I can kind of see it. I wonder if we'll see her continue down the cosmetic surgery rabbit hole into lil kim territory.

No. 46716

Not going to lie, I love her nose, she looks so fucking good. If she lost some more weight and changed her style she'd be a dime

No. 46834

>>46716 lololl. Nose is crooked. She's literally on her way to looking like Lil' Kim like someone else said. She should have lost weight before she got lypo. But here she is, still fat, wasting money, and looking worse than she ever has. Barbie please pick a more natural wig. Spend some money on a good lace front wig that matches your skin tone.

No. 46916


She looked better before she got all of this surgery. Just go back to the gym.

No. 46968

File: 1557481091244.jpg (13.27 KB, 239x300, eaabecf45588879d5765e8c5b03a74…)

>she looks so fucking good
Bitch, where?

I never used to think she was all that cute, but in comparison to now? She peaked when she was skinny and scamming around Japan. Now she just looks like an incredibly bloated janice muppet.

No. 47077

She looks amazing you just want her to look bad soooo much. Find a new hobby anon

No. 47091

File: 1557556146940.png (79.77 KB, 680x256, lulok.png)

>she looks amazing
No amount of stanning can convince me this no-neck abomination "looks amazing". Sorry, anon.

Also, anyone else notice she still claiming Japan as one of her home locations? When was the last time she even went?

No. 47132

But anon she “owns a house in Japan”!

Also, what is that profile pic? Why would a sane person choose such an unfortunate selfie to promote themselves to the entire world?

No. 47196

File: 1557633815334.png (72.09 KB, 328x328, AMAZING.png)

What do you mean, anon? She looks "amazing"!
A real "dime piece".

All joking aside, I wonder if the lipo she had done to her neck/jawline was botched. We haven't seen her outside of a turtleneck since before the surgery.

No. 47210

Doesn’t the swelling in that area takes a good while (like 2 or 3 months?) to go away?

Also I wish she’d go with her natural hair or at least with a more natural wig

No. 47216

It's been three months already anon. >>30395

No. 47218

She doesn’t look amazing but her face looks more feminine tbh. She needs to stop with these trash ass wigs

No. 47328

Looks like she is making a silly face in that pic, what’s your point other than reaching? Lol

No. 47350

You know this is a thread on lolcow, right? If you don't like the thread you can hide it.

No. 47364

Delandra, you’re a nobody. Stop WKing yourself

No. 47636

Her body is shape like a line backer. Her face is the only thing that came out alright for now.

No. 48134

File: 1558213269843.png (Spoiler Image,11.65 MB, 1242x2208, 50D51B98-4297-48A7-9F99-312D09…)

I’m surprised she hasn’t posted more body shots….

No. 48191

You can tell how fucked up her nose job is in this pic

No. 48198

File: 1558254281479.jpg (Spoiler Image,406.76 KB, 799x1169, 19-05-19-03-24-20-509_deco.jpg)

No. 48215

So she’s stripping now?

No. 49132

She’s been stripping

No. 49133

what the fuck happened to her video game and her "husband"

No. 49172

They're still together. I guess he doesn't care she's stripping.

No. 49197

I'll take a guess. Recent post of her nails was posted in the nail techs insta 1st May. She was in Berlin Mid April for Twitch con so after that went to Texas and has been doing some stripping while there(strip pic have the nails done).

No. 49232

File: 1558381083041.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.21 KB, 1211x1583, 465AE05C-EFF4-4B8D-AC45-FA6FE9…)

So I just came across these lol….I think it’s more or a realistic idea of her after surgery body.

No. 49234

File: 1558381225859.jpeg (393.39 KB, 1239x1852, 6FAFD0D4-B5F4-4F51-B9B0-B74FFB…)

Same name as the ads from the US, and same email. Even though she blurred her face & not wearing a shitty blonde wig, it’s def her….

No. 49257

She probably doesn't have money for a flight back home.
Its her and she changed her wig so no one could recognize her.

No. 49276

Nope, that’s from January. Her insta is the most recent

No. 49289

Yikes. Her arms are still hammy.

No. 49301

I seriously wonder if she cares enough to learn Danish.

No. 49306

If you were lurking her shit you would have seen she flew there for a funeral ffs

No. 49313

Receipts, anon? I haven't seen her mention a funeral on her public accounts.

No. 49340

File: 1558442556313.jpeg (54.7 KB, 380x380, CA5C64E5-CD63-4139-B465-3591F5…)

No. 49341

Don’t get salty Del, just because you were there for your Grandma or Aunties funeral, doesn’t mean you weren’t stripping while there lol.

No. 49342

I hate to say, but she does look better with more natural colored hair. The blonde & pink shit is outplayed on her now….time to grow tf up

No. 49789

Yeah and she has yet to go back.
Why didn't her so called "husband" attend the funeral?
Body unfortunate eww. All that plastic surgery and still look grotesque.

No. 49810

File: 1558471398876.png (978.14 KB, 641x648, brbi.png)

I've roasted her looks quite a bit, but I'll admit, the more natural looking wig looks so much better. I don't know why or how she doesn't seem to have even the slightest fashion sense, I guess it's the whole desperation to stand out and ugly barbie aesthetic? She's STILL trying to pretend she's relevant to Japan/Gyaru scene too even though it's been years now.

Her hip to waist ratio is the only improvement imho. Her boobjob looks painful and hard. I wonder if they are botched like Angela or Sere's.

Still stripping and escorting, how unsurprising.

No. 49856

Wtf is up with her missing thumb nail….if you’re gna advertise then fuck me lol

No. 51685

File: 1559374151799.jpg (Spoiler Image,234.88 KB, 521x901, 19-06-01-02-25-34-179_deco.jpg)


No. 51686

File: 1559374228955.jpg (343.67 KB, 911x927, 19-06-01-02-30-38-726_deco.jpg)

No. 51687

Imagine spending 25k+ on plastic surgery so your attractive, just enough, to go back to stripping for a living.

In the States too. I wonder if she scammed the last guy with the surgery bills and bailed.

No. 51688

I think her visa ran out so she’s just in America to pass time.>>51685
Where did you see this anon? She’s still fat as hell with small tits

No. 51689

The teller is counting money/sorting it. That isn’t her money that’s the banks stock money lol

No. 51691

Her boobs look sorta decent from this angle tbh, but it does make me wonder if she has bad scarring that she's hiding. People with a lot of melanin in their skin tend to keloid, like when Angela/Himeka got those horrific raised lollipop scars from her botch job. I'll agree though, all that lipo and she's still fat. She forgot to get her arms done too, they look massive which doesn't help with her linebacker shoulders.

The teller recounts it before depositing it to confirm the total. It's not like that's even a lot of money though, it's mostly all ones. Guess she doesn't get many lap dance requests. Unsurprising.

No. 51746

Can’t be broke if she paid for all that surgery. My boob job alone was 6k

No. 51747

You must be new to this thread. She is a notorious scammer and thief.

No. 51749

If that’s true or not she still has the money sooo shrug(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 51750

Oh it's you again. And you still haven't learned how to sage.

No. 51951


That may be her post anon but that photo isn't of her. She blurred it out because it isn't her. Shes much darker than the girl in the photo. Also her most recent Instagram shot makes her look awful. I really feel bad for her because all these surgeries are making her look worse and worse. The people in her comments on IG that say she looks amazing should be blocked. Their obliviously lying and trying to egg her on for more failure.

Someone said it before, she peaked when she was running around Japan. Now she looks like a hood trans person with all these surgeries.
Also her defending herself on here all the time shows that all these hurtful comments she's been receiving over the years obviously affected her. I wish she would stop with the surgeries. Also I wish she would settle down and get into a REAL marriage with a man that can take care of her and won't allow her to strip or sell herself. She can't do that forever, and these botched surgeries will only age her faster.

But first before she gets involved in any real relationships, she needs some mental help. She's had family problems for a long time and that could be the reason she is the way she is now. She isn't that old yet, I think she can unlearn a lot of her behavior and stop screwing people over. She just needs to let go of her stubbornness and see that she has serious problems that surgery won't fix.

No. 51956

I think it's her, anon. But it's definitely edited to make her seem more hourglass shaped and lightened her skin. Her thighs look a lot less lumpy there too in comparison to >>51685

She's too caught up in trying to prove something constantly (lying about multiple houses in multiple countries, shopping sprees, excessive surgeries, etc) to actually ever settle down or do something beyond hoing around. She literally just had a semi notable, and somewhat decent looking, dude in the european videogame community housing her, paying for her shit, etc. and she still couldn't lock it down. She's just too thirsty for a scam I guess. Similar to Lorena/Sere really, but she's never managed to scam her way back into Japan as of yet.

Btw, where did these pics come from? She hasn't updated her twitter, facebook, or IG in forever. Is this her self-posting or?

No. 51964

I honestly dont see Barbie settling down with anyone unless she gains something tremendous from it. Which is what she's tried to do with every last guy she's been with. Before it was just kissing other girls asses in other countries so she could have a place to stay and try to social clime. Then the Black Diamond thing where she apparently fucked the manager. One that was in Guam so she could travel that apparently was going to adopt a kid with. One in the video game scene that lived in the states and did Twitch. But her recent one she's been riding his dick on Twitter for as long as I can remember. He's just higher up in that world than the nerdy metal dude. And if she's actually married and of these guys, it's for the Visa. She was still prostituting and stripping this whole time. That's all she knows.

Her body would look a lot better if she had lost weight before getting all these botched procedures. Her arms have always been that big though. Its muscle from doing pole tricks. She still looks like a rectangle just a bumpy one

No. 51966

File: 1559542394548.png (659.53 KB, 1793x591, selfpost.png)

Muscle? She has never had a very muscular build. She was definitely very boxy though and the weight gain didn't help. Her arms are fat because she got the rest lipoed and forgot to do her hammy arms too, much like momokun did. Their figures aren't that different from eachother's tbh, wide linebacker shoulders and all.

I do wonder what her endgame is. Trying to snag a rich man in one of the sleazy strip joints she works at? Dutch dude seemed like a decent catch for her, but I suppose she burns through these dudes quickly and jumps ship to the next paycheck.

In regards to self-posts. It looks like she was self-posting to PULL too? She necroed her dead thread with her surgery before and after pics on an account that only has that one post. Pathetic.

No. 51968

Should add that those pics also confirm that
>>49232 is definitely her. Look at that wallpaper.

No. 51977

>I wish she would marry a real man who won’t allow her to strip
I hate delandra too but settle down tradfag

No. 52003

It's from her instagram story.

No. 52005

Yeah same wallpaper but just changed the portraits in the background.

No. 52859

File: 1559970346209.png (629.89 KB, 725x679, noshoop.png)

One of her stripper friends/coworkers in Texas uploaded a short clip of her on their IG story. She still looks huge regardless of all that lipo. Face doesn't look much like her more recent staged pics either.

No. 53061

I guess chick is her next scam.

No. 53615


She’s doing everything to look less black as possible

No. 54681

File: 1561278948667.jpg (144.37 KB, 720x1280, 1.jpg)

Still Stripping and showing off the curves.

No. 54682

File: 1561278985493.jpg (100.72 KB, 720x1280, 2.jpg)

No. 54762

File: 1561349122049.png (896 KB, 806x771, 5o3A8GA.png)


No. 54773

Is she still with her husband? Could she possibly be fulfilling a bimbofication kink for him and in exchange he's paying for everything/paying her?

No. 54788

That danish guy isn’t her husband

No. 54863

Dude in the back face kills me…
She hasn't been with him in months. She must've got kicked to the curb.

No. 56066

File: 1562254811254.jpeg (328.1 KB, 1151x1812, 3DA2F6E8-4B5D-4CD3-8218-EE3956…)

Looks like her & Solgryn are still somewhat together. Idk

No. 56067

File: 1562255070798.jpeg (583.1 KB, 1242x2002, 6611E9B8-A493-497F-B490-5635F5…)

I came across this on Twitter. Apparently somebody didn’t want her at a GDQ after party. Now she’s playing the bullied victim as always.

No. 56100

GDQ literally bans people for minor offenses, so I'm sure if she has a known reputation, she wouldn't be very welcomed there. She can cry all she wants about it, but in reality, she's a nobody?

Old pic or did she finally whore up enough money to crawl her way back into Europe?

No. 56145

File: 1562312268259.png (1.64 MB, 909x817, b.png)

Must be old cause she was still in the states shacking up with random speedrunner dudes at GDQ and is already back to work at her local sleezy strip joint.

Ngl, now that her face has settled a bit, she looks a little better, though she's still hiding her chin/neck constantly. Still got a mom body too. You can see her sucking it in and trying to hide her tummy constantly with her hand. Wonder when she'll get more surgery, lord knows she's addicted to the knife.

No. 56146

No. 56165

She looks like a fusion between Tana Mongoose and that white lady who has had surgery to look as "black" as possible
Plastic surgery not even once tbh.

No. 56170

I thought she was pregnant when I first saw this.

No. 56838

File: 1562841083797.png (645.23 KB, 931x480, tags.png)

Something funny I noticed. She originally had multiple people tagged in this group shot that she had posted to her IG. All, but one of those people have untagged themselves from the photo now. Considering the drama she brought up at GDQ of someone "talking shit" it's safe to say she's got a reputation in the scene.

No. 57148

They didn't consider her "a friend." kek

No. 57965

I saw a close up of her nose on her twitter and shes either terrible at contouring or they really did a shitty job. It looks crooked. The chin looks pretty decent now. But I still cannot fathom how someone spent money for a tummy tuck and is walking around covering their stomach and trying to suck in because they look pregnant. Those body suits are not suiting her either. They make her look like she's tucking. I would be pissed if I spent all that money to look good but just came out looking worse

No. 57966

Why does that look like her metal, gamer, ex bf standing beside her in the group photo

No. 57968

File: 1563611129894.png (854.73 KB, 647x638, newnose.png)

Her bridge is definitely crooked. Honestly her nose looks way worse up close, she paid thousands for an actual potato nose.

Her chin lipo does look decent from a high angle like this, but we've seen it from lower angles like >>56145 >>56066 where you can definitely see her double chin peeking. She also still has no neck somehow too? I don't think she had a tummy tuck, just lipo and a butt lift? She probably could have used a tummy tuck though cause she does have a pretty obvious fupa in her stripper outfits >>56145 totally looks like a bad tuck job though, kek.

Seems to be him, which is odd. I wonder if she was staying with him and sleeping with him while stripping in TX? These dudes she uses are the saddest of sad. She didn't even tag him in the pic either originally, maybe hiding it from solgryn?

No. 59362

File: 1563838703664.jpeg (742.67 KB, 1799x2048, DHZGVkLWAAEman0.jpeg)

It does look like him. I could only find one pic of him facing up close.

No. 59472

Fuck that store interior is gross.

No. 59524

He looks fucking miserable

No. 59624

I noticed that as well. If the floor looks like that, I don't want to know how the clothes look like. yuck

No. 60205

File: 1564381821533.jpeg (601.37 KB, 1822x2048, 0F17C122-3CF7-441E-9FF3-5A1383…)

Her face has definitely settled now, but apparently she is getting more work done

No. 60207

File: 1564382863763.png (895.78 KB, 705x667, wide.png)

Is this another selfpost? She is still looking busted.

No. 60216

She doesnt need work she needs a diet

No. 60217

No joke. She's working on a momokun looking body. Lipo can only do so much.

No. 60225

All of these reek of self post. No one cares about this bitch anymore so who keeps posting selfies with no milk?

No. 60242

Try posting a current picture where she actually looks bad ^^

No. 60244

She looks like a big fat ogre

No. 60246

You do too :’)

No. 60247

Do you have eyes that can see? Let me know after looking at all of these. If she looked good she wouldn’t be attempting to get ANOTHER surgery.

No. 60249

This. All that money on a new nose, new tits, new ass, but she can't count calories?
Ridiculous. All of that shit is a waste when you're obese.

No. 60252

You are reaching…. for once she looks fine to me

No. 60253

All that money? I thought you guys said she was broke, so which is it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 60281

She is broke. She needed a coworker to drive her to work and never paid her for gas. Boyfriend pays for her surgery not her.

No. 60293

I thought I saw her at ESA during stream!! She's still fucking gamer guys?

No. 60316

Yeah, she was cucking Solgryn in Texas too. She goes to these gaming events with her ass and titties out trying to hug up on literally any semi notable dude in the scene and it's honestly really embarrassing. She's starting to get a reputation for it too.

Solgryn is such a sad sack tbh. Paying thousands of dollars for her to morph herself into momokun proportions meanwhile she's trying to fuck every other dude she comes in contact with at these events. kek.

No. 60367

Proof please, I’ll wait.

No. 60368

File: 1564470812667.png (1.31 MB, 1059x777, k.png)

You don't have to wait, sweetie. Just peep the earlier part of the thread and her twitter. She was stripping, escorting, and even hanging around with her ex while in Texas. On top of that, she had drama at GDQ because she has a reputation in the scene already, no one actually really likes her, she's not a gamer or a creator, she's literally a gamer groupie, kek.

The group pic of her next to her "ex" where everyone, but one dude untagged themselves from within a day of her posting it.

Her whining about "og staff" at GDQ not liking her and not wanting her there.

She has a long history of groupie behavior, even back in gyaru. Gamers are her new scene since she wasn't wanted in the gyaru scene. She latched onto the metalhead texas dude first cause he was easy and less known, then had all that drama with the streamer who had a girlfriend in Cali last year because she was trying to sleep with him, but he rejected her. Solgryn was a big enough cuck to pick her up and she's still sleezing around the scene.

Also, here's an example of what she's been wearing out to a big gaming event, in regards to me saying she's running around with ass and titties out while she's trying to hug up on these dudes. She's really out here going to these things in a party city wig and a corset too. kek.

No. 60370

File: 1564471631500.png (3.97 MB, 1825x1084, gamergroupie.png)

No. 60371

File: 1564471763117.jpg (281.25 KB, 2048x1626, y.jpg)

No. 60373

You posted pictures of her tagged with her friends which most in the gaming community are MALE. All that other shit you are saying has NO PROOF, you are just spewing nonsense. Everyone is tagged in that photo on twitter, which most twitch streamers use. She’s a fashionista celebrating her body so your point is? You my dear, sound like a salty fat fuck? GDQ was in Minnesota, like you aren’t even in the right state! You will say anything to discredit this girl, but it’s only to justify what little you have accomplished yourself. You mad, you mad, you mad you mad you mad lmfao. An attempt was made you fucking clown

No. 60374

Learn how to stalk, because your stories are all over the place

No. 60375

Not sure about all that other stuff but what does her being a sex worker have to do with anything? Slut shaming in 2019 LOL

Yeah a lot of text with no proof common trend around here. Barbie looks damn good in those photos too :)(literal whore)

No. 60377

File: 1564479427580.png (133.67 KB, 332x363, noneck.png)

WK Barbie going all in tonight.


kek, bitch where?

Also, most of these dudes aren't her "friends", they barely know her. She can ask them for awkward selfies all day long and try to slide into their DMs as much as she wants. At the end of the day, she's still just that groupie girl with no gaming or creation skills trying to get an in on the scene. Do yourself a favor Barbie, get off your fat ass and learn a trade/skill that isn't just sucking dick.

Barbie still looks a hot mess. She's still built like a fridge. Good on her for having some semblance of a waist now that she got all that lipo, I guess? It's a real shame the neck lipo didn't work and her fupa is so stubborn tho. kek.

No. 60378

Trying to find your point >.>
Still no receipts. Thank you!
She mentioned this dumb ass thread in her discord but we didn’t think it was ridiculous
Also 2 of the people in the selfies are gay af soooooo, get your facts straight
Btw that GDQ fatty you're speaking of WAS an OG staff but got kicked off to volunteer but for some reason is still ligering around trying to get runs in. shows how much she was liked, keep it coming because we are coming

No. 60379

capped a picture of her with no makeup to make a point…..good one!

No. 60382

>we are coming
You realize the selfie selfposts and these shitty unsaged whiteknight posts are literally the only reason this thread ever gets bumped, right? This thread is usually pretty dead otherwise.

How mad are you rn, cow?

No. 60383

Wow all this shit posting is something

I actually know her and am going to defend her,she is simply great. I hope you find peace in whatever grudge you have against her to keep this going.

No. 60384

From all the rumors you posted here, I think you're the one that's mad….clearly(lel)

No. 60416

Lmao wtf is happening. I cant imagine barbie having any real friends to take up for her. Well at least any that last that long, because she usually fucks them over or they start seeing how much she truly sucks. If you're wanting compliments for the money you wasted, Barbie, there really are none. Sure you can angle a picture decently sometimes, but its obvious you dont need more work. Just a Diet and weekly workout routine. I don't think anyone actually cares about who the gamer dudes are. It's the fact that you're running around showing off in a group of nerds with your tits out. While having a "husband" that's not even around. Also not denying your metalhead ex. He looks really uncomfortable next to you. Must have done a number on that poor boy. Asking for receipts when everything is pretty much laid out in plain sight for everyone to see. Next

No. 60424

I remember this fat cow went to GDQ last year or the year before and she had a dog on the couch with it. it was distracting and really unnecessary. I'm sure she was told not to come back

No. 60496

It's because she don't have friends. That's her husband defending her. I don't know what she means by people like her? if she read the gaming threads they say pretty racist stuff about her. Someone tried to get her banned for flashing too.

No. 60504

File: 1564560774329.jpg (532.38 KB, 1920x2560, 19-07-31-03-02-58-752_deco.jpg)

Some receipts before she try to lie again.

No. 60505

File: 1564560807256.jpg (674.29 KB, 1920x2560, 19-07-31-03-04-49-183_deco.jpg)

No. 60506

File: 1564560834611.jpg (579.96 KB, 1920x2560, 19-07-31-03-07-45-787_deco.jpg)

No. 60507

File: 1564560886908.jpg (419.83 KB, 1920x2560, 19-07-31-03-11-13-742_deco.jpg)

No. 60509

I know she's a cow, but that's just mean.

No. 60519

She’s not married anymore. Her marriage was a fraud on both parts. The guy wanted more government money from the military because they pay more if you get married. She wanted to be able to stay in Japan and scam more dumbass weebs into thinking she was a dark skint plus sized moderu. That guy is LONG gone or if they’re still married they’re separated. It’s Delandra defending herself because she has severe mental illness and really thinks she’s the shit. I’m willing to bet she has some form of delusion to the point of danger.

The next guy she kept around was the greasy neck beard metal fag. She was dating him so she could potentially marry him and wait until his mother died and she could get the life insurance money. If that don’t tell you how fucked she is idk.

Next guy was Solene or whatever his name is. He’s a Scandinavian guy and is decent looking. He could have any beautiful Nordic looking woman yet he picked Delandra because he has a black fetish. Just like the guys paying her 10,000Yen for a screw back in Japan. Black fetishists with zero other options. It’s the same as when you see weebs with ugly Fillipino guys. Best they can Get.

Nobody is defending Delandra besides herself. She did it on PULL before and was caught.

No. 60557

Hasn't she married like 3 dudes already…

No. 60563

Gamers and racism are like one and two. I wonder if the people she's been taking photos with in >>60370
later went on to talk shit about her online.

No. 60576

No it’s onky been one, the Mexican army guy who married her for government cheese. She lies about everything.

She lied about her baby dying when it was just a dog, she lied about adopting a fillipino kid, she lied about having three houses in Japan, she lied about anyone giving a damn about her in Japan. She’s seriously fucked in the head.

No. 60637

They do. She tweeted for people to stop bailing on her. Alot of people must've heard of her shady past.

No. 60642

File: 1564631430864.png (1.54 MB, 1641x792, stream1.png)

Yeah, I don't support the racial aspect of hating on her whatsoever, but it's an unfortunate toxic part of the gaming scene.

However, they aren't wrong about her bringing her dog on stream and being a distraction the whole time, letting her nipples peek out of her clothes at a family friendly event, and being a general attention whore with her ass and tits out almost the entire time while trying to get friendly with literally every other dude there, especially the ones with any kind of notoriety. I've said it before, she's literally just a groupie and solgryn is her cuck enabler at the moment. Anyone who isn't her, who is whiteknighting her is either solgryn himself or one of the few other thirsty orbiters she has hovering around at the moment.

She actually did a stream the other day about her upcoming surgery and throughout the stream it was mostly just solgryn rattling on in the chat with a couple others popping in to say hello. Apparently, she's getting her thighs lipoed next along with another round on her stomach, going back to columbia to do it. Solgryn is tagging along and footing the bill, of course. She also said she is getting more ass fillers and has had her arms lipoed once already, which comes as a shock to me cause just look at them. Said she is going to twitch con weeks after the surgery and that it will be her "last surgery" which I'm sure we can all expect to be bullshit.

Oh yeah, she also claimed she was an actual model when she was in Japan? She literally said "when I was modeling in Japan" at one point of the stream. Bitch, where? kek.

No. 60644

File: 1564631917210.png (1.22 MB, 863x671, streamsh.png)

Tbh I'm surprised she's not going for another round of chin and neck lipo considering the last one did nothing. Wasn't sure if it was the lighting at first, but after seeing it in motion on camera, her nosejob is definitely crooked too. Sage for samefag, but here's an additional screencap.

No. 60646


I will never in my life understand people who spend thousands on cheap surgery when they can just work out. they always look awful too. she's gonna be momokun 2.0 at this point.

No. 60656

Oh noooo she’s going around being friendly to other streamers! I didnt know we were to go to events being awful and hating on one another. People are always against plastics when they are broke, you’re poor we get it. “Omg I hate her, she’s so gross “ takes out time to meticulously stalk her social media and create a collage of pictures of her You have all of this to say yet your grimy ass went to her her stream and watched the whole thing. The your obsession with her is real, no matter what you say. She’s going going to keep shining though(ban evasion)

No. 60659

File: 1564641102215.jpeg (243.41 KB, 1239x902, yep.jpeg)

she also tweeted this while you were lurking her shit, but you must have missed this too huh?

No. 60666

>takes out time to meticulously stalk her social media and create a collage of pictures of her
All I had to do is click photos on her twitter and copy paste. Took maybe five minutes at most in mspaint. It's not that deep. kek.

>People are always against plastics when they are broke, you’re poor we get it.

Either you are her or one of her "surgery sisters". Did you pay thousands to look as botched as her? It's no secret she goes to Columbia to get surgery on a budget cause she can't afford a real doctor.


No. 60671

Anon there are no orbiters. She’s defending herself here

No. 60676

On Twitter Delandra is still claiming to be an actress, member of Black Diamond, Game Developer, Idol, Voice actress

she’s delusional

No. 60683

All these claims and nothing to ever back them up. It's been years since she's even been in Japan. Remember when she used to claim to own multiple homes across multiple continents? kek

This girl has taken the motto "fake it till you make it" to the extreme.

No. 60715

She’s a fucking scam artist

No. 61278

File: 1565079557082.png (653.64 KB, 595x793, lipoprep.png)

She's prepping for several rounds of lipo yet eating like this? No wonder she's starting to get a figure like momokun.

No. 61327

She could just exercise but I forgot she's too lazy.

No. 61753

She would rather flex her multiple surgeries than the actual dedication it takes to having a healthier and nicer looking body shrugs. It only looks worse on herself

No. 61791

File: 1565425570420.png (24.28 KB, 568x187, suuuure.png)

>claims she doesn't have a bad reputation
>claims streamers girlfriends can't stand her
Pick one. We all remember the situation with the streamer Drakodan, there's a good reason the girlfriends shouldn't trust or like you. kek

No. 61794

File: 1565426312624.png (236.26 KB, 517x920, drakodan.png)


For those unfamiliar with the Drakodan drama. Basically, she tried to mooch off Drakodan to attend a gaming event in the UK. She flew out to London, expecting to stay at his place, but he felt uncomfortable with her staying with him because he has a girlfriend and Delandra wasn't getting the hint that he didn't want to fuck her, he straight up told her he only wanted to be friends. Drakodan's girlfriend tries to play mediator and is kind enough to try to help Del get a hotel in the area, but Delandra throws a tantrum instead claiming that he wouldn't have turned her down if she wasn't black?

Drakodan's girlfriend dropped a bunch of screencaps of her conversation with Delandra in the previous thread, but I can't get them to link properly.

No. 61802

Del’Andra been doing this scam for at least 5 years or even longer. She will message someone that she’s in their area and if they don’t tell her stay she will be homeless. she did it in Ohio, philly, Texas, Japan, Guam, all over Europe… bitch been doing a world tour of this fuckshit

No. 61803

File: 1565433507518.jpeg (204.35 KB, 1120x976, 669F80DC-D030-420E-913D-4AD890…)

Also peep how she uses the race card so much it’s offensive. She doesn’t have nearly the amount of orbiters she used to but they still act like attack dogs for her.

OT but this picture is pathetic. She’s such a liar and went to cheap dirty ass Colombia for surgery. She reminds me of the himeka girl how
Much she lies…

No. 61813

I forgot about Himeka tbh, wonder what she's been up to since she got chased off the internet for her botched boobjob.

I still can't believe Delandra is so cheap that she's getting all her surgeries done in Columbia of all places. She'll be lucky if she only ends up botched.

No. 61858

I see she doesn't get the hint. Its weird ass fuck she wanted to stay alone with him and she knows he has a girlfriend makes it more weirder.

No. 61955

Melanie Johnson lol why

No. 64190

Oh hey delandra! still looking like fridge with a wig I see(autism; read the rules)

No. 64494

File: 1566866578483.jpeg (Spoiler Image,435.06 KB, 750x911, 47F771A3-BB33-4643-95CF-DCF912…)


No. 64507

Del, you don't have to self post/flex here every time you get a new surgery. We get it, you had to pay thousands of dollars to have a waist line, cool.

It's all good either way, she'll eat her way back to her old proportions in due time.

No. 64618

File: 1566937384822.jpg (94.4 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


She looks like that 80s movie Weird Science with the machine that makes your proportions fucked up

No. 64622

File: 1566938292792.jpg (84.87 KB, 1024x741, D1lIYXHXcAA-CU4.jpg)

Given her massive shoulders and lack of neck, she's going to come out looking like this dk meme. Countdown to her next lipo/surgery when?

No. 64631

I’m dying

No. 65065

That DK meme is on point hahahahah

No. 65384

So whats the latest surgery all about? Waistline?

No. 65395

She said it was her "final" round of lipo in a stream about a month ago, on her stomach and thighs. >>60642
I'm honestly surprised she isn't getting lipo on her lunch lady arms or double chin, but I guess the first round didn't really do much.

No. 65722

Why is she posting old content from Japan from like 3 years ago acting like she is or was even relevant there..

No. 65825

Why does she lie and call herself a game developer when it's literally just Solgryn doing all the work? Why does she claim she's super close to a bunch of big name streamers even though almost all of them they hardly acknowledge her? Why does she still claim to have a house in Japan and has worked as a "model" when she was there?

She's just trying to flex and claim any tiny scrap of clout she possibly can. Literally the only thing she has going for her is that she's Solgryn's live in sex toy. He's still a massive cuck though given that she's still escorting on the side to help pay for her surgeries though. kek.

No. 65892

She’s mentally ill

No. 65939

File: 1568078758128.jpg (1.6 MB, 4096x2731, EALsp16XsAEv_lq.jpg)

She looks so out of place here.

No. 65950

is she legit the only woman there? she's got that pick me vibe, hard core

No. 65956

Her shoulders are broader than half the men in this photo. Why would she out herself like that kek

No. 65977

How to google her porn vid?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 66053

Girl hasn’t been to Japan since how many years and still using Bdiajp for clout.

No. 66057

File: 1568158788891.jpeg (288.82 KB, 1242x921, 43D18EF8-C95C-430A-A012-E86DF0…)

I’m curious if she’ll fuck anybody over during her trips?

No. 66088

More like fucking anybody. You know she's going to be seen around her Texas ex yet again when she's there. Wonder who else she's boning for a place to stay while she's in the states.

No. 66095

I don't remember her having an ex in Texas. Like ever. Just her family. That metal gamer dude was somewhere on the west coast. But what we all know is she's really just going to all these states to strip. I would want to earn back all the money I wasted on surgery too. Hopefully anyone who actually does decide to hang out with her and let her crash at their place doesn't get conned into anything. We all know she steals from people who house her because they find out how she really is and cant stand to be around her

No. 66325

Shit she would be in the same states my ass is visiting. I smell a scam about to happen when she find a gullible person to let her stay.

No. 67065

File: 1569188573981.jpeg (180.86 KB, 750x1176, 06745FB8-FDDD-4625-AAED-231BC5…)

Seems she got fired from her stripper joint back to patron it is.

No. 67387

Why get all of that surgery if you're still just going to hide your stomach.. I feel like she looks bigger after it all anyway. It doesn't make sense

No. 67404

She's been spamming this dumb ad all over social media for at least week now and still only has 6 patreons, at least one of which is her beloved cuck, Solgryn. Probably still needs to pay off her latest surgery botch job she got in Columbia on top of funding hoeing around various gaming cons.

She's just like Momokun tbh. She was always a little on the chubby side, but she got fat because she's lazy and eats trash like >>61278 all the time. This is her second time getting lipo and she's still hiding her doughy waist.

Her results the first time looked pretty good very briefly as seen in >>10933 but she quickly undid it and gained. Her and mooriah both need to learn that lipo won't counteract their unhealthy lifestyles.

No. 67560

File: 1569646759774.png (828.5 KB, 476x902, thassaman.png)

Her post surgery face without layers of filters. I hate to say it, but she was cuter before? She looks trans now and her nose bridge is obviously crooked.

No. 67561

File: 1569647320003.png (777.81 KB, 781x585, 2019vs2014.png)

No. 67572

They did her dirty on that nose job. Nose was better before

No. 67591

Agreed. Her old nose was actually kind of cute compared to her new one.

No. 67616

I’m surprised the con didn’t kick her out, now she know that top is too small for her…
Her ass flashed everyone I bet.

No. 67619

File: 1569716790035.png (619.59 KB, 451x612, twitchconlewks.png)

She did herself dirty with the under eye injections too. She has permanent uneven eyebags now which only ages her face?

It gets worse. She wore this out to the con too. She's literally out here at a con in her stripper gear. kek.

No. 67723

I can only imagine how the attendees were looking at her…

No. 67786

File: 1569804342908.png (349.61 KB, 585x604, cringe.png)

She literally had her titties, gut, whole ass and fupa out at the twitchcon event. No class.

No. 67844

That's her thinking "go-go dancers" are still relevant. Forgot she liked to act like she got paid to be one but was just a stripper

No. 68416

She does look better here ngl… if she just kept the stripper wear inside the club and dressed casually to events she would be fine.

No. 68433

File: 1570298716679.png (769.07 KB, 934x592, EF0f0dXU8AA1O6J.png)

You're right anon

No. 68439

She needs to lay off the dominos looking like miss piggy

No. 68440

Dress casually? I don't even think she owns any clothing that actually fits her

No. 68445

That and she needs lay off the blonde wig, and chappy lip color she always use. Other than that, she looks better than she been looking a few months ago.

No. 68446

I was hoping maybe her nose would look before from afar, but nope. Her nose is fucked and crooked. She’ll need to get another job done

No. 68482

Because she went to cheap surgeons

No. 68566

It's honestly so cringy seeing her appear at video game/streaming events dressed like this. What does she hope to gain? This is not the local strip club.
She could just lose some damn weight and become Belle Delphine: Busty Gyaru edition if she's so thirsty for attention/money from gamer boys.
It's secondhand embarrassing imagining them all mocking her and calling her Jynx the moment she's out of earshot.

No. 68588

She does look better but she needs to lose weight or wear clothes for her size and stop with the ghetto ass wigs

No. 68622

How was she allowed to walk around like a trashy stripper?? this is really gross

No. 68629

File: 1570422081349.png (680.8 KB, 491x621, 234.png)

She's looking better than hefty post-Japan her, but I'd still argue she peaked in Japan, albeit very briefly. She seems like she's always struggled with staying slim and unfortunately with her body type, any extra weight only emphasizes how top heavy, especially in the shoulders, she is. They lipoed her whole body, twice, from her thighs up to her neck and she still has this sort of weird, no neck, linebacker body? The bad hair, makeup, fashion choices and botched facial surgeries, etc. only kind of add to her looking like a post op trans woman tbh.

She's a "starfucker" with her sights set extremely low. She used to try to fuck her way up in the gyaru circles in Japan, now she's set her eyes on gamer dudes. Probably not the worst concept as there are plenty of desperate dudes to choose from, just look at Solgryn. He's her resident dutch cuck "husband", he brings her to events, helps pay for her surgeries and she was still escorting out of his home too. She's also trying to get her patreon/twitch to take off, but she's really not as well liked in the scene as she'd like to believe she is.

No. 68668

He’s not Dutch he’s danish.

No. 68783

Who cares. Learn to sage.

No. 71740

File: 1572838330596.jpeg (180.9 KB, 750x963, 55BEA282-CFC9-48D3-B6A2-C94EC0…)

Her body looks fucked up after surgery.

No. 71794

She's legit got a big hump above her fake ass, wtf.

No. 71954


Responding to a two month old comment, so saging. Drakodan's gf here to just respond to this situation with a little clarification. Was surprised to see this mention as little as two months ago because well, this all happened over 2 years ago now.

I want to clarify that Delandra wasn't barred from Drako's house because we are together since he had very much made it clear to her he was not interested in her like that. She was because he brought her up to a mutual friend of ours who said "I'd suggest you look into this girl's history before you let her stay with you, even if just for a couple of days". That's what led him to find the threads here, which led to him ultimately deciding she was trouble. That aside, it was super clear she wanted to fuck too, and that she just thought she could prey on someone who was potentially insecure, vulnerable, had low self esteem and too trustworthy for their own good, since that's her modum operandi.

In addition to this, at the time, Drako had another roommate, who is an extremely insular person who doesn't trust strangers at all, and would've not been okay with Delandra there regardless. He straight up said he would not let her stay.

There was also some other more personal things with regards to the situation which I'd rather not go into. I don't want to reveal too much at the digression of others involved.

Either way, she did make it to ESA as far as I know (of course she would, she travels the world on her own all the time, apparently), so it's clear she just wanted to cause drama or make someone feel sorry for her so she could mooch off of them.

Oh, and irrelevant to what I'm saying overall, but said mutual friend tried to have a conversation with her in Japanese and she clearly couldn't understand a word he was saying. Have to wonder how she managed to live in Japan like that.

No. 72194

The fuck is wrong with her lower back/butt. How is that even possible.. like reverse jelly roll or something. Money clearly wasted

No. 72198

Just saw this now. Her thread is a bit dead now that she keeps a low profile online, but I wanted to thank you for clarifying the situation even though it was a while ago. Good on Drakodan for looking into her first and good on you for backing him up tbh. You have her MO down to a T. Is it true she has a reputation at the gaming events like I've heard?

Also, she doesn't speak Japanese, literally the only reason she lived there was because she married a dude who was military and stationed there. Same reason she was in Guam working as a stripper for a while. She used him and was a serial cheater. She literally just jumps guy to guy and pretends their accomplishments and houses, cars, etc. are all her own.

That's what happens when you go to Columbia for cheap surgery. You get botched.

No. 72201

On twitter she was talking about being in the US and how she wasted too much of her precious time on terrible people. Shes literally the epitome of terrible people. They probably started realizing how shitty she is and finally aren't putting up with her

No. 72207

That guy wasnt innocent tho anon. They found each other on craigslist and he married her to get increased military benefits. it was an illegal marriage all around and he was in on it. Delandra is a shit person tho and thats why the greasy metal guy(previous bf) found out she was only dating him cos his mom was sick and she wanted life insurance

No. 72285

She left the US and is now going back to Tokyo or whatever.

No. 72426

She has a reputation for trying to mooch off of people in general. At GDQs, because there's a limited number of rooms, she would try to scalp roommate costs so she would have to pay less or nothing at all for her room, which caused a discussion of whether or not that was against the rules. Not to mention she brings her dog as a "emotional support pet" and doesn't tell roommates she has one, potentially exposing people to allergies. From what I've seen, she doesn't really have much of a friend group who she can share a room with like what most people tend to do at these events so that's why she does the price scalping. That's the one thing she is known for within the community.

I don't know much else other than that she really liked to suck up to certain men in the community, and was even a mod in a mutual friend's chat for a while. She would post very sexually provocative messages in stream chats of male speedrunners from what I've seen, Drako being one of them. I don't go around asking people their opinion on her, but they probably see her as attention starved and a leech because of these things.

No. 72536

For someone who flaunts her stripper/escort money around all the time, you would think she would go out of her way to try and help other people. Not the other way around of mooching off of people and scalping them for what they have.

No. 72784

She lives with solgryn in Denmark or whatever. She hasn't lived in Tokyo for years now, she's just on vacay.

So basically Del is still just a conman trying to mooch off desperate men. Shocking. Good on most of the dudes knowing better and not being fooled by a pair of flabby tits.

She's broke irl. Let's be real. She only was hustling so hard so she could go get botched down in Columbia.

No. 73543

you mean the same roommate you made up fake assault charges about? I wish Puncci had beat your ass you lying roach.

No. 73626

kek, ya'll summoned the she-beast herself. She mad.

No. 79669

File: 1579822856917.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200123-091944.png)


No. 79681

File: 1579836142203.png (586.92 KB, 471x615, rusure.png)

Still a backpage escort, shocking.

I'm honestly surprised she's happy with the results, weird crooked nose, back hump, and all. I suppose having fake tits and a slightly flatter stomach outweighs the cons for her?

No. 79709

Her face really looks bad now.

No. 79774

I don’t think so tbh. Her nose is slightly crooked but I think she looks more conventionally attractive now than she did before. Her body is another story but her face has made a 160. But then again she probably shopped like hell

No. 79779

File: 1579915520802.png (320.17 KB, 611x350, 2311.png)

Her old nose was a little wide maybe, but the new nose healed really poorly imho. Her nostrils are really wide, the tip is very bulbish, the whole thing is more than "slightly" crooked, and there's that god awful weird ridge between her eyes? Her new nose is easily the worst feature on her face rn. She has nice lips and she only semi ruined her eyes with those dumb puffy eyebag injections.

The work on her body could have been good if she didn't go to Columbia for full body lipo on the cheap. She was always awkwardly top heavy, so I get why she opted to do it, but she should have lost some weight first and found a more legitimate doctor. Same goes with her botched nose job.

No. 79780

Her “ridge” in between her eyes is just had highlighter anon. Im not saying her surgery is good but compared to the picture on the left in mainstream society beauty standards the one on the right would be “better”. Her nostrils are smaller than before.

No. 79782

She literally gave herself a crooked pig nose, but hey, go off I guess?

No. 105849

File: 1595210794655.png (95.97 KB, 770x530, Y2tY9rg.png)

She's back and trying to get in on the recent smash bros metoo shit by accusing one of the nicest dudes in the scene of being an abuser.

No. 105913

Yep that shit boiled my blood when she tried to make such shit up. it was a good thing Caleb talked about it on his stream yesterday to let people hear his side of the story.

No. 105937

Got any clips/links to?

No. 105970

She leaves a lot out of the story. She was recently back from Japan, after lying about her vacation home in the Philippines and dating a man there, then onto scamming some stripper in Guam. Separated/Divorcing her army husband and back into the states to be with the speed runner metal head boyfriend in the states. During this time she continuously lied about owning a house in Japan and still living in Japan, being a part of the gal circle, etc. It's all in her old thread.

Sounds like she used her boyfriend, as was suspected, as an in to the speed runner world to get closer to bigger names to clout chase. She slept with Caleb and clearly tried to bully him into a relationship as seen in the texts she herself posted. When Caleb ended up dating someone else Del faked a pregnancy or had legitimately tried to get pregnant during their hookup to hold it against him? Either way, it's disturbing.

Then she happily continued using her boyfriend until moving onto Solgryn, opening a whole new source to network and clout chase through.

No. 105973

File: 1595300253380.png (14.88 KB, 682x120, okdelandra.png)

This part gave me a laugh though. As she has been escorting since her days in Japan and even made porn with some Japanese guy while she was still married? Whatever you say Delandra. kek

No. 106170

This bitch is a fucking clown imagine waiting this long and then suddenly post this shit, looks like a bad fanfiction

No. 106305

File: 1595470562286.png (100.59 KB, 572x479, Q97BHXd.png)

Somebody made a thread on /r/samandtolki (speedrunning drama subreddit) about her accusing CalebHart https://www.reddit.com/r/SamandTolki/comments/hvvaeo/calebhart42s_accuser_barbiexedge_is_a_known/

Pic related is from the thread - Nancy is someone who called CalebHart out for groping her last year but eventually apologized and took back her accusation

No. 106468

So, will Barbie finally go to jail?his mom is pursuing the case against her and I cannot wait to see how this turns out. Wrong victim Delandra .

No. 106479


she says she has receipts too! its a shame that she's getting so many people on her twitter page just blindly following her and victimizing her because Mrs Hart so "rude" threatening legal action. if only they knew half of the things barbie has done including MARRIAGE FRAUD

No. 107509

She seems to have dropped it. Must was scared shitless when they said, “legal action.” How low can she go..

No. 107510

So she tried to scam again but didn’t know the dad was a lawyer. Bitch I’m cackling. Barbie ass was scared and pull out immediately.

No. 107540

It's kind of sad that her last scraps of clout chasing is four year old hook up drama with a streamer like caleb. All that money spent on her body and she's still got her same old three patreons and a failed OF. I guess all she has left is scalping those stupid bunny bags and hooking. kek

Can't wait to see her name pop up again in another year or two when she's desperate for more attention. Almost seems like Solgryn will never tire of being a cuck.

No. 107582

I've lived with Barbie.. many many many years ago. She was a stripper and very very agressive towards band dudes and any men that would come/stay over (some being guys I was trying to pursue for a relationship). Hell, she would even wake me up in the morning grinding on top of me. If attention wasn't on her, she would gaslight, or blame her race for being the issue. From my personal experiences, and how she manipulates and steals and lies, I don't believe for second that she did not try to frame this guy. She literally sought out poor, messed up women she knew she could control and recruit to stripping.. and when they didn't give her what she wanted or listen to her demands, she would kick them out and take all of their belongings. Fuck her. She's a compulsive liar. I hope they persue legal actions. Maybe she'll learn for once in her life that she's a truly terrible person. Coming from someone who has ptsd from HER abuse and actions.

No. 107760

She went the ethot way and still not pulling in onlyfans moola. How pathetic..
I’m not really surprise look at ol dude she say she is married to. It looks like she was cheating on him with Caleb. The guy she with now is only a meal ticket until she find another victim.

No. 118242

File: 1603861614591.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20201028-005807.png)

So it's true that she got kicked out of Japan?? I thought there was only speculation but this Milla person claims she was the one responsible? I know the name "Milla Lucci " is an alias but whoever you are, if you see this, can you explain how you got her kicked out? Barbie made it seem like she was still able to go to Japan.

No. 118714

Funny how she’s claiming to be a black diamond member when she can’t even go back. Botched surgery, can’t make money on only fans. That narcissism and manipulation didn’t get her very far.

No. 120893

Yeah she is kicked out of Japan. I think she tried to reenter back months ago. She only made it to Korea and tried to play it off.(necro)

No. 122511

File: 1606379079275.png (3.75 MB, 1242x2208, AB2F83EF-8F7C-44BB-9448-8B3EA6…)

Kek. So she doesn’t age? Pretty sure her correct age is 31.

No. 122553

File: 1606410216303.jpeg (Spoiler Image,387.81 KB, 1800x1681, BEF4C588-3D2C-44B0-AF8E-023533…)

I’m sorry but her ass still looks gross af.
So much money wasted on a botched booty.

No. 122554

I went to school with this bitch. I’m 30. She knows damn well she ain’t no 22 kek

No. 124145

She not no damn 22. kek(necro)

No. 136389

File: 1612411593087.jpeg (534.57 KB, 750x721, E6865071-FD36-4D6D-9C20-1D68E8…)

I know damn well Del sent this!

No. 138694

this chick messaged my boyfriend's brother who's a speedrunner on valentines day and asked him to come down and spend a week with her in vegas. she was super insistent despite them not even knowing each other and yknow the fucking pandemic going on that they meet up.

I just wanted to say thanks for this thread so we could research her beforehand stop him before he gets involved in this trainwreck bc fuckin yikes

No. 138726


She wants to be mixed so bad lmao

No. 138743

Glad that this thread has helped some people avoid her in the future. She's nothing but bad news and was probably trying to dig her claws into your boyfriend's brother for clout and/or to try to pull a scam like she did on Caleb Hart.

Is she living in Vegas currently or was she just visiting? I wonder if she's working as an escort again.

No. 138745

share the texts so we can kek

No. 138769

Skin bleaching or just filtered to hell and back?

No. 138868

Filtered to hell and back.
She is looking for another prey and guy to use for clout.

No. 145181

File: 1618348301151.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.58 KB, 253x308, Job - Copy.jpg)

Maybe we can work with her.

No. 145254

Are you lost?

No. 151413

>Are you lost?

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