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File: 1590283303214.png (57.91 KB, 929x433, fangirl.png)

No. 978278

This is a thread for the discussion of psychotic fangirls and fanboys.

The one who inspired this thread is Dawn Marie, a mentally ill middle aged woman obsessed with Marilyn Manson. She posts conspiracy theories about him talking to her on side accounts.

Her usernames include:

Other fancows uncovered in the Marilyn Manson threads include Madelyn Grimes and @realrachelwoods.

No. 978288

File: 1590284376326.png (674.22 KB, 2234x704, eyelet.png)

Here's a summary of Dawn Marie's delusions. She thinks that in 2018 she was in an online relationship with Manson and he used side accounts to contact her. Of course, there's no proof it was really him and not some incel trolling for nudes.

No. 978293

There was this one video up on YouTube with this woman claiming that she'd been in an online relationship with Manson for a few months. I don't know if it's still there or not.

No. 978303

I messaged eyelet.black in December, she’s definitely not Dawn. Her writing style is not even the same. I’m not claiming I believe her, but it’s bullshit to assume they’re all the same.

No. 978308

What did Eyelet tell you?

No. 978310

Pretty much what her account already said, that she wrote Manson’s verified account and would get an answer from two fan accounts. She said he stalked her reddit account, had screens to prove that, and she no longer talks to Manson.

She told me her real name, I assure you it’s not Dawn.

No. 978328

Oh great, another thread for the Manson retards to swarm and shit up. Yeah. Just what we needed here.

No. 978330

Link it?

No. 978337

Yes, it is, because now we can laugh at them and their ilk without shitting up the Manson thread further.

No. 978342

Why are you so sure that Manson doesn’t have fakes? That’s just as ignorant as these people screaming he does. We don’t know either way.

No. 978344

I'm pretty sure most celebrities have fakes. Think about it: the anonymity granted by the internet makes it the easiest way for them to socialize without getting swarmed by starstruck fans. The horny ones can also use that anonymity to do depraved stuff with nearly no chance of it being linked back to them.

That being said, accusing random accounts of being celeb fakes is retarded.

No. 978345

Not true. They will settle their fat asses in here just as comfortably as they did the MM thread. I can just sense new varicose veins forming on their pallid calves.

No. 978353

I agree with you, but why did you think Dawn and eyelet.black were the same? That’s kind of ignorant to assume.

I’m not defending either of them but Dawn is a right wing, jesus freak who thinks Manson is behind s8n and has some kind of vendetta against him for being a “devil worshiper.”

Eyelet.black thinks he’s behind fan accounts because some accounts posted shit around the same time she wrote Manson.

Paperblinds thinks he’s behind random IG accounts.

I’m just saying it would be easy for either women to verify themselves and it’s stupid to clump them together like that.

No. 978357

eyelet.black is eziligede. Delusional fan.

No. 978358

File: 1590301743991.jpeg (87.97 KB, 750x789, 9B727AA5-CF58-475F-9364-574D2F…)

In case she deletes her account because she is probably lurking, this is eyelet.black. She thinks masi’s fan account is Manson LMAO. Masi is a Middle Eastern fan who posts in her native language on her private account @delafkar68. @masi__da is not Manson kek.

No. 978366

File: 1590304349402.jpeg (274.48 KB, 1759x963, 51A02398-8350-4C3E-A115-2C7E7B…)

Masi is obviously not Manson, I really doubt he has time for that shit. But to be fair when I messaged eyelet.black >>978303 she posted screens of other people accusing Masi of catfishing. I think it’s a combo of being delusional and someone potentially fucking with her.

No. 978396

Dawn is not eyelet.black nor she was even a fan of Marilyn Manson. Yes she had fake accounts, but the only fake I know of that she currently has is miss_dangerx. Get your facts straight instead of posting false information about her.(the same lindsay obsessed ban evader)

No. 978413

Post proof that’s even her account.

No. 978427

Pardon me for asking dumb questions but why 'Lindsay' obsessed? She posts about 'scumbags' usually.

No. 978460

She's been ban evading now multiple times. She was on the other thread posting her psychosis there, most likely that poster is Dawn herself and mods aren't outing her yet. She was claiming to be Dawn on the Manson thread.

No. 978476

Fuck the ban. Also I’m not her. This an anonymous board. You can’t sit there and talk shit about someone and then wrongfully ban them so they can’t defend themselves. She doesn’t have psychosis. You’re not some psychologist so stfu.(whiteknighting yourself)

No. 978571

>I'm not her
>You can’t sit there and talk shit about someone and then wrongfully ban them so they can’t defend themselves
>She doesn't have psychosis
>You’re not some psychologist so stfu

Actually, I'm a psychiatrist not a psychologist so you are technically correct.(armchairing)

No. 978576

I’m not “white knighting” myself.

You’re full of shit. Show proof. If you were really a psychiatrist you would know you can’t diagnose someone via the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 978627

File: 1590358732020.jpeg (213.37 KB, 828x1155, 2820DD31-4CF4-4B3B-9B76-304375…)

Is this the dirty narrative that Marilyn Manson is trying to spin? That eyelet.black is Dawn? When it has become obvious that this is someone on his payroll & that’s why he liked one of her posts along with another one of his ‘online troops’.

You’re entitled to your opinion -but at the end of the day -it’s not what’s gonna matter- and people in the real world aren’t as dumb as him and his sluts look.(ban evasion again)

No. 978661

Sorry but is this thread simply the Manson overspill for newfags?

No. 980509

File: 1590709594114.jpeg (184.09 KB, 784x1288, F9D58EDC-580A-4615-9C73-BDDA4F…)

From what I’m getting from this, is that, Manson apparently put one of her DMs in his IG story, What? Lmao. This all seems really shady. Like it’s some elaborate set-up.

No. 980614

File: 1590720471088.jpeg (217.17 KB, 1071x1621, 268D4DDF-8002-479E-BDCF-BF2CBA…)

It looks like it was Manson’s story that Masi shared.

No. 980872

File: 1590777393642.jpeg (82.77 KB, 817x368, 16F4D9EB-8638-4BDA-9C6C-74E31B…)

YES! That’s just so weird he would put one of her DMs in his IG story for everyone to see. I guess that answers her question if he reads her DMs,. lol. And she’s not delusional like the idiot who made this thread is saying.

I don’t know if she’s really on his payroll or not, but if she’s not, it seems to me that Masi account is definitely a fake and probably run by someone like Judd (or some associate). Because I find it suspicious how that account went from hating Lindsay to all of sudden kissing her ass and saying how happy Manson is with her. That account totally contradicted themselves.

So it seems as though Manson was sharing eyelet’s DMs with other people and just wanted to fuck with her head., and so whoever is running the Masi account took her DMs and would make these indirect posts about them.
Even Louise Bell validated that he does shit like this.

No. 980894

This is what I also think happened to Dawn some years ago before she knew it was MM. He was sharing her private messages corroborating with someone and then this other person would make these weird indirect posts that made her think something.

No. 980899

Because it was fucked up how MM knew and was watching the whole time she accused this person of having a fake account.

No. 980925

File: 1590787890644.jpeg (221.35 KB, 828x1541, BB09917D-9718-49C9-88E8-422089…)

I’ve been lurking on this Facebook Dawn called out. I found it very odd how this was just posted. I think she might be right about this account being connected in some way.

No. 981083

File: 1590820499953.jpg (484.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200530-082914.jpg)

Lmaooo, why does it feel like Madelyn pretends that someone asked her this question but actually posted the question herself just so she can sperg about narcissism again

No. 981084

File: 1590821074566.jpeg (172.27 KB, 1800x630, E57ECF32-CF1D-406E-98FF-99DA03…)

I agree, probably Judd. Manson also used Judd to harass (sock puppet?) LKB and 666fearless.

Masi changed their username twice in the last day. Sketchy af.

No. 981318

Cause she lurks here and clearly is talking to herself about what we’ve been saying. Lol.

No. 981646

Lol, she is so lame. It definitely looks like she asked herself that question.

I’m almost sure that MM is using a fake account on her Instagram.

No. 981650

File: 1590949992388.jpeg (28.57 KB, 828x202, 5A72EBBD-0281-4A90-8275-1D4F2D…)

I suspect he’s going under this account based off this comment. He’s the only one who would talk about this type of thing.

No. 981663

File: 1590951497951.jpeg (33.23 KB, 777x200, B1092DDB-5D1F-4B6B-9514-09F70B…)

Here he is on another one of his fake accounts commenting about the same thing. He seems to have a thing with feathers.

No. 981665


No. 981758

File: 1590962826160.jpeg (41.52 KB, 827x342, 93718730-FAA5-4427-83BA-D98E97…)

He seems to be fond of feathers. Not only he uses it in lyrics to Heaven Upside Down, but he also dresses in feathers in his stage shows.

No. 981781

Manson, Lindsay, and his associates obviously have fakes but I think you need to be careful of which accounts you accuse.
There has to be something that directly ties it to Manson with proof. Even IF he’s behind those accounts, liking feathers is not enough.

No. 981788

Oh I know, that’s why I said I suspect could be him. It just sounds like something he would say and seemed suspicious because of the rope and feather thing. And we know he’s into BDSM.

No. 981870

That’s just so wrong and violating that he shares people’s private msgs. because he gets off messing with people. That’s some serious psychological abuse shit.

No. 984007

File: 1591442642333.jpeg (125.36 KB, 740x896, 8182311A-2BDA-44A0-BDBE-59A989…)

Inside his home

No. 984830

File: 1591631171806.jpeg (122.3 KB, 828x826, 3FA48943-8E5B-458D-8F52-98C23D…)

That account definitely is a fake. He has 5,000 friends and no likes on his posts and does nothing but spam the most absurd shit.

He even just posted his own song. It’s so crazy how he disguises his personality on these fake accounts like night and day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lindsay is using that account to mess with people too.

No. 984831

File: 1591631195872.jpeg (51.6 KB, 825x429, F0CD01C5-3707-4351-A83A-D25E3C…)

No. 984845

What ties it to Manson?

I think it’s best to stop reviving this thread, it was started by a fangirl to bully.

No. 984864

File: 1591641629935.jpeg (271.98 KB, 828x1135, 6622FA24-C304-49DF-B2B2-5E85E5…)

I think it’s a little more than strange that there’s screenshots about that account and now he just happens to be posting that song to his profile.

Amongst the other things that were discussed in the other thread, I found a post of him literally talking about Lindsay.

No. 1889077

Teale Coco stupid whore. Why she spread legs for Manson, she is ugly bitch and its good, that Lindsey harrased her.(retarded & necromancy)

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