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File: 1589475413319.png (639.93 KB, 736x766, 2020-05-14_11-53.png)

No. 973908

Katie Joy, AKA WOACB, a 'reali-tea gossip blogger' known for leaking the Amber Portwood (Teen Mom) machete attack audio.

>Katie started off writing for patheos.
>She wrote about her sons medical conditions, then moved on to reality TV.
>Katie was an athiest, then christian then back to athiest.

>KJ was invited to Steve McRae's YT channel by former partner Kyle. Kyle kicked Steve off of his channel and ran away with $60K. KJ sided with Kyle.
>Steve sued Kyle in attempt to get the channel back, then KJ accused Steve of Sexual Harrasment using a conversation about a porn stars boobs as proof. https://imgur.com/a/OIq2lVn
>Katie then retracted her accusations and her defense of Kyle in a apology video, which she later removed. http://imgur.com/a/D5xfury
>Katie releases the Amber Portwood audio and video from Amber's ring cam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDJykKtj-Bs
>Katie has a hard time with competition and has a frenemy relationship with a channel with a similar style, Leslie Bass https://youtu.be/wh8oJ329-Wk
>Katie interviews Amber Portwoods Ex, Matt Baier. Leslie Bass does the same which triggers a "He was my friend first" meltdown. https://youtu.be/b9hvxIxJ_BU?t=128
>KJ sells the Amber Portwood audio to TMZ and gets botox and boobs http://imgur.com/a/ivhYLfH
>KJ doxes her haters. Example here: http://imgur.com/a/FFPoNRV
>Katie actively participates in cancel culture and encourages her viewers to mass report Leslie Bass http://imgur.com/a/HD9rGuy http://imgur.com/a/Qgz2gon
>Ex mods of Katie's join Youtuber UnirockTV https://www.pscp.tv/w/cLsqVXR3LTExNDQ4NDkzMjg5OTA4MDYwMTZ8MU93R1dkV2JxYlpKUVv1ggD5EazE5-TFlW3stOar6W5FFYgZrkNL6L2zwgph
>KJ goes on IG live and pees with the door open, doesn't wash her hands.
>Katie says she's glad Leslie Bass's nephew (Her mod/sister Crystal AKA Flossie's son) has died. https://imgur.com/a/G5YkKM0
>Katie is caught lying in tweets about Flossie http://imgur.com/a/4t3hx0s
>Amber Portwood goes after KJ and KJ tries to report Amber to her probation officer.
>Amber Portwood calls in to one of KJ's live streams and KJ hangs up on her.
>At some point, KJ uses Kiwi Farms as a source for her info, then denied it. https://twitter.com/WOACrystalBallS/status/1201839216126287873/photo/1

>KJ releases unathorized photos of Kailyn Lowry (Teen Mom)
>Katie goes after Amber Siren (Also Teen Mom) and Ashley Siren fires back. https://imgur.com/a/WQubttq
>KJ does a makeup live stream and snaps at viewers when given legitimate makeup advice.
>Says she doesn't want to look "like a drag queen"
>Youtuber Sharrell's World makes a video with Ashley Siren outing KJ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdtorFOHIEg
>In normal KJ behavior, KJ releases a story on IG about her rape.
>Katie threatens legal actions



No. 973919

File: 1589476057940.jpg (215.82 KB, 1080x2009, Qn2qnot.jpg)

She is always flip flopping

No. 973922

this girl is actually a huge cow and i'm surprised it took this long for her to have a thread. i originally saw her antics firsthand in the jani/bodhi schofield threads on kiwifarms where she (shocker) got way too personally involved with the subjects, just like she has with the teen mom cast.

No. 973959

File: 1589479330725.png (30.39 KB, 610x192, MOwsoXq.png)

Like clockwork? Does this happen on a regular basis?

No. 973975

File: 1589480974723.png (54.74 KB, 610x304, mQVvzsO.png)

laughable at best

No. 974143

How was she able to get the video and pics from the teen mom people?

I know she has been digging around famous fundies and former fundies trying to get info and when they don't pay attention to her she starts leaving disgusting comments on their social media.

No. 974218

What is she referring to? Surely not this thread.

No. 974267

If you mean the Amber Portwood ring cam footage, she states it was a source close to Andrew Glennon. Tinfoil here, but I think Andrew actually gave her the footage because he came on her show at least 2x after she had the 'Exclusive Audio/Video' leak.

I highly doubt it. She put out a 'rape' story on IG last night and then it suddenly gets 'hacked' this morning. The interview with Ashley Siren (Teen Mom) outing Katie also premiered last night.

No. 974271

File: 1589510138880.png (314.71 KB, 1141x424, tgWbkMd.png)

She is trying to use Sharell's World's video about her in a legal 'defamation' suit. But Sharell did exactly what she does on her own channel, report on others experiences. She also thinks the Sharell's World video prompted the instagram 'hack'

No. 974290

File: 1589512559062.png (38.79 KB, 596x204, 2MCu38f.png)

Lisa has been on several of her videos and insta lives. Now she doesn't like her? Did Lisa stab her in the back?

No. 974295

no, matt stabbed her in the back.

No. 974301

File: 1589515007568.png (251.44 KB, 647x612, 2020-05-14_22-51.png)

All this hacking is going to make her hair fall out. oh no

No. 974460

Katie just said people are still literally trying to 'hack' her accounts while she live. She's already 'contacted' the FBI. Oh and she's about to 'throw up'.

No. 974732

Uni saying WOACB/Katie put a cease and desist out on Sharrel

No. 974910

File: 1589639603226.png (102.04 KB, 704x338, wGTYiL3.png)

Everyone said the C&D was fake. She got drunk and started tweeting and went live on IG.

Drunk IG live

No. 975178

Watching this live stream she is just as obsessed with Unirock now as she was with Matt

She is the most annoying crustyball clown

No. 975672

File: 1589811376469.png (31.59 KB, 320x315, ySOcH7C.png)

She is always so defensive over everything.

Latest drama
Unirock and KJ did a stream about Sharell and how she's the one telling fake stories about her.

KJ sent a fake pdf of a C&D to Sharell. Steve McCrae reviewed it on YT. KJ flipped her shit and said that as illegal.

Unirock accused the GumbyJoy account of being Matt B. The account gets deleted "as he is recording". This is super sus and I feel like the actual person behind the account is unirock.

KJ and Uni have both admitted to infiltrating troll groups to see what they are saying/doing to katie.

No. 975781

File: 1589829169559.png (182.86 KB, 592x780, dumbass.png)

Engaging in cancel culture again and trying to get "Jenelle"/Ex-Sub/Whoever really runs that account reported. Wet Blanket Bitch

No. 976039

File: 1589857840481.png (333.31 KB, 592x827, 8rypiQh.png)

yes, shes also trying to dox jenelle

No. 976042

File: 1589858636654.png (70.93 KB, 594x387, BUuG9Vu.png)

No. 976419

File: 1589933262196.png (332.44 KB, 665x585, hb5RWL0.png)

Lisa is claiming she was hacked also. They are all putting the "hack" off on Amber. The "other girl" who Lisa first corraborated with to catch Usman and now says she's actually stalking, blackmailing and hacking her and other bloggers. Katie has jumped on the Amber hacked me train. Lisa also took a play out of Katies IG and is just playing with her hair for the first 5 minutes the stream is live.

No. 976427

File: 1589934332313.png (57.07 KB, 610x301, ZI1JXTk.png)

No. 976453

Unirock just went live calling Steve Mccrae a lolcow. I have never heard him use that term before.

Must have found lolcow after they started googling Katies name obsessively.

No. 976658

File: 1589989432650.png (430.21 KB, 676x853, tQeYZRO.png)

dumb cunt protected her tweets

No. 977209

File: 1590087044635.png (50.21 KB, 708x375, 6j6vudS.png)

Oh look

No. 977669

File: 1590158319028.png (381.28 KB, 760x623, BZv6HkE.png)

She is really feeling herself after her husband told her he would make her merch headbands. She's started throwing the peace sign up when signing off her video.

No. 978031

File: 1590237990436.png (241.69 KB, 613x624, LYuPQSA.png)

Oops, she must have forgotten to delete some tweets. She's back locked.

No. 978259

File: 1590279919870.png (632.35 KB, 611x1037, EngNN7Z.png)

Unlocked now.

"I haven't been online all day" then 2 seconds later "I have been down a rabbit hole that one of my subs told me about." Pick one.

Imagine putting makeup on to sit in a basement and look like a caked wonk-eyed zombie. That fallout is killing me.

No. 979515

File: 1590530452398.png (84.17 KB, 757x680, oxGDi0w.png)

Somebody is mad, what the hell is going on on the Reddit

No. 999008

Katie talking about wanting to sexually harass young boys as a grandma

No. 999096

what's the deal with the headband?

No. 999204

She's been coming up on my YouTube a ton lately cause of her involvement in the Myka Stauffer thing but its's wild that this lady is like this.

No. 1001030

File: 1593702690571.png (16.38 KB, 602x129, lulk.PNG)

No. 1001362

Oh my god i am SO glad theres a thread on this bitch lmao. I have never in my life seen such a pathetic attempt at a 40+ year old woman trying so hard to "befriend" famous people and get attention from literal z listers. How many times is she going to namedrop Lindsie Christley? Lindsey probably doesnt even talk to her very much and only stays in contact with her because she knows anything she tells her is going to get leaked and "gossiped" about if she ignores her. I love how shes moving on from fundie families after they started suing her(Like…Im SO close to Amy Duggar we are TOTALLY bffs after talking like…twice and having her on a livestream a couple of times) to regular big mainstream content creators. How did she already manage to insert herself in their "circle" to the point where Tati is threatening her, and ~super mysterious anonymous sources~ are allegedly "giving her sekret info in her DMs but telling her not to say anything? Lmao.

No. 1005642

will sage this post. There is a theory that it's her fault Amber wasn't fired from teen mom. She made a video saying "Amber portwood has been fired from teen mom! a source close to me has told me this" that source probably being a mtv executive feeding her shit, now stick with me. She she makes the video and everyone puts down their pitchforks, why tweet companies that are supporting mtv if they already fired Amber? Well turns out Amber was never fired and there were never any talks on firing her. It was just Without a crystal clue spewing nonsense like always. So when the dust settled, people no longer cared about getting fired and crystal clue has egg on her face.

Also for father's day, she posted a almost love note to Amber portwood's baby daddy, Andrew. Talking about how she'll always be there for him and he basically told her to fuck off but in a nice way lol

No. 1010562

>Also for father's day, she posted a almost love note to Amber portwood's baby daddy, Andrew. Talking about how she'll always be there for him and he basically told her to fuck off but in a nice way lol

Her obsession with trying to be ~chummy~ with barely known reality show affiliated people is so weird. Its never even people that are actually on the show. Its people who are either in their families or relationships that are barely known. Theres no way she has any real friends.

No. 1012759

This bitch is currently doing a live where she is talking about 14 year old Danielle Cohn. FOURTEEN. She's posting DM's between the two of them. Somebody needs to report her ass. Does she have no limitations to who the fuck she gets obsessed and starts drama with? Even we dont post/start shit with minors here. I'll post the vid after she goes off live if she keeps it up online.

No. 1012760

Also, her new "fillers" look disgusting. She looks like a muppet.

No. 1014188

File: 1595990936710.jpg (555.73 KB, 1080x1351, 20200728_224452.jpg)

No. 1014189

File: 1595990961830.jpg (65.78 KB, 673x688, IMG_20200728_224435.jpg)

No. 1014386

Not surprising if she's trying to farm IP's and addresses. She's such a weird bitch. I legitimately think something is fucked in her head and she creates "drama" with people that barely even acknowledge her. Like some sort of single white female type shit.

No. 1047386

Im glad to see other youtubers uniting to call this crazy bitch out. I was a fan at one point, and have made posts in this thread that, unfortunately, seems pretty dead now despite the flowing milk. Her calling and messaging, basically harassing sponsors of one of the girls on Big Brother(Nicole Franzel) for laughing at an inappropriate comment made about an autistic houseguests, because she's an ~autism warrior mom~ really pissed me off. Nicole wasnt even the one who MADE the remarks. Shes genuinely insane. She really thinks she's doing something on youtube. Like Hedda Hopper on steroids. So gross.

No. 1050272

r/WOACB is a lot more active than this thread for those interested.

No. 1082282

Katie doxxed yet another youtuber last night. This time is Creepshow Art.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1086201

Saged as to not bump a necro.

The last user that was banned didn't read the rules before posting and because of the latter drmam below there might be an influx of newfags.

Here's the current drama bringing katiefags to the farm.

Tati Westbrook is suing Katie for a minimum $5 million dollar lawsuit for Defamation. Katie turned into a stalker over the last 2 years and dug everything she could about Tati up, including her childhood modeling photos.

As more and more channels started covering the lawsuit, Katie went on a hate spree.

She turned to her last friend, Unirock.

He told Katie he was making a video on creepshow art to try to debunk some of the things Katie was being accused of.

Katie dropped a link to creepshow's farm thread in his Uni server and Uni freaked out and banned her from his server. They are claiming that CSA's lolcow thread was an actual dox on her (Obviously they don't understand what an anonymous image board is)

Uni turned on Katie and now those two are figting because Uni has a serious simp-boner for K8tea.

No. 1086203

sorry for the double post, serious-simp boner for creepshow art*

No. 1095120

File: 1606738895588.jpg (94.95 KB, 605x618, suicidebaiting.jpg)

kept seeing her name pop up in my feeds, didn't really bother to look in to it until now. she does seem lulzy, she's been suicide baiting like crazy and now everyone is like uwu don't do it.
>I now understand why other youtubers have either attempted suicide or have died by suicide.
no one makes you do youtube and it isn't suddenly a job just because you say it is.
can't stand the heat gtfo kitchen type deal here.

No. 1252868

How is this nose picking, uncircumcised dick-shaped headed, crooked incel chin's thread not more active? She is exploiting the Creepshow Art mess for views & attention & the public is not falling for it.

No. 1255716


It definetely should be more active. There's so much milk from her! But I guess people default to the subreddit.

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