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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 953655

>Do not involve/tinfoil about minor children or former spouses/partners of any members.
>No pink pilling.

Roots of Royals is a black separatist/supremacist cult that originated in New Orleans and is now based in Paris. It used to be just an MLM simply referred to as “wife school” and is based on the book “Man Leads, Woman Follows, Everyone Wins” by Ro Elori Cutno. Ro and her husband Laurent are the main focus of the thread but anyone who appears to be in the cult is fair game.

>Ro frequently tries to convince members to take out thousands of dollars in loans to pay for Wife School courses and not pay them back.

>Also frequently convinces women to travel to France to be “matched” with a husband
>In reality it’s because she trafficks these women to men in Africa
>Tells women not to disclose STDs
>constantly trashes the West (re: America) under the guise of being ~oh so globally enlightened~ but really it’s because she has arrest warrants in the States, including for human trafficking and endangering minors
>Has several sock puppet accounts to make her cult look bigger than it is.
>Laurent is her “husband” (they may not be legally married) and the ultimate simp
>”Wife School” is a scam; the “courses” are pre-recorded Zoom chats filmed on a potato
>Ro has been sperging especially hard since France is on lockdown
>If I listed every instance of insanity we’d be here all day

Social media links:
Ro - https://www.facebook.com/roeloricutno
Laurent - https://www.facebook.com/laurent.grangenois

No. 953712

OP, you got any good overviews/rundowns on this? I've read a little elsewhere, and this lady her cult seem absolutely bats, but I've found it hard to find a thorough scoop.

No. 953806

There was one that came out in sections a couple years back with statements from people who have left or were (are?) in the group against their will. The part with the teenage girl is chilling.


No. 953825

Any confirmed celebs or members in the cult?

No. 954051

No known celebrities. There were rumors about the Carters but that was disproven.

No. 954141

Frenchfag here. OP, the marriage is definitely legal or she would have been extradited to the US by now. France doesn't extradite Americans facing charges at home if they have dual citizenship or are married to a French citizen for at least the last three years. They married in 2015.

No. 954283

This is their website, right? https://blackwealthu.com/

No. 954299

Found this blog: http://www.forharriet.com/2015/10/the-shame-of-wife-school-class-is-in.html?m=1
..that linked to her yt channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGIQKRkbOPptSifptFHxVXQ

Do you have any screens of the things you explained, OP? It sounds nuts but I've never heard of these people.

No. 954524

I'll have to dig in my archives but I'm sure I have plenty of gold.

No. 955730

File: 1586312918990.jpeg (326.58 KB, 828x879, 8766DE93-4C99-4C9A-8120-B947E1…)

She is starting up her trafficking again. Mini photo dump with more milk coming

No. 955731

File: 1586312946486.jpeg (313.06 KB, 828x918, 7436827F-3F14-4AE4-8E83-8C0A78…)

No. 955732

File: 1586312992040.jpeg (617.11 KB, 828x1434, C73F495B-B10E-4C99-8EBB-763BFA…)

If the Frenchfag is still around (or anyone in France for that matter) can you confirm this?

No. 955737

File: 1586313741296.jpeg (542.21 KB, 818x1311, 5EFA1D6E-EA8A-43F3-A2E7-BEE5A6…)

Mrs. G is Ro (husband’s surname is Grangenois). Her followers believe she is the second coming of Christ.

(This is an old screenshot that I had to censor because of a different platform’s rules against personal information)

No. 956948

File: 1586559900495.jpeg (68.19 KB, 517x526, C462894A-7548-41AE-8433-001DBD…)

Recent milk. She’s been going on about hair and coronavirus all day

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