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No. 941632

(shit/duplicate thread)

No. 941634

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Her before she decided to look like an ugly fucking alien.

No. 941636

Why are most of them obsessed with make up though?

No. 941678

Seems like a fixation on doing whatever it takes to avoid being/looking like yourself. That and attention.

No. 941690

File: 1583460180002.jpeg (146.15 KB, 606x916, 9E2518AC-3CB8-41E2-8749-D93AEC…)

No. 941691

File: 1583460403657.jpeg (109.61 KB, 632x840, E8A6641A-E671-4D5D-9B58-BABDE2…)

I know ive seen her posted a lot but this was in her comment section. Deleted comment was saying how she definitely gets misgendered because she makes no effort to pass at all. Lol is everyone delusional?

No. 941692

Attention, plus I blame drag culture. They see men get sucked off for wearing lipstick and gaudy eyeshadow and performing tacky bimbo vaudeville routines. Meanwhile if a woman does that, she's a slut or an attention whore at best.

So if they claim male, they can enjoy all those things AND (they think) receive the accolades that real males do when they perform femininity.

No. 941694

That and the fact that they can feel like ~uwu groundbreaking queer bois~ if they do it, because a girl putting on makeup is not as special as a ""guy"" putting on makeup, >>941690 is a good example

No. 941709

It's basically women who hate themselves and want the male privilege card. it's sexist at its finest

No. 941710

What the fuck is this thread??

No. 941712

Delusional women with identity crisis

No. 941717

No I mean why aren't you posting in designated thread??

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