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No. 931019

>Internet famous for looking just like Megan Fox even though she obviously shoops her photos and does her makeup in a way to look like her.

>Removes the majority of her candid tagged photos (she allows some low light, angled, and filtered pics) yet allows tagged photos of Megan Fox to remain.

>Articles surfaced of Claduia Alende being Megan Fox’s twin. Bethany got jealous and made a post claiming Claudia has been following her on social media for years and is trying to be her clone. Later made a post claiming she wants Claudia’s body.

>Jealous she can only afford photoshop to to look like Megan a Fox while others get plastic surgery.

>Disagrees with her army of neckbeards when they say she looks just like Megan Fox even though she’s baiting the world into thinking she does.

>Anyone with black hair and blue eyes want to be her.



>Went to a con and looked completely different in a photographer’s pic than the one she posted. Quickly had the tagged photo removed.

>Made Facebook private to hide her candids and is trying to keep a low profile so her persona cover isn’t blown

Instagram: etfatale
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BethanyAnya

No. 931021

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No. 931022

File: 1581457098300.jpeg (764.77 KB, 3072x3072, 8FBB06CF-9524-484F-8891-4DB497…)

More candid comparisons

No. 931033

File: 1581458470324.jpeg (169.73 KB, 1242x736, 91A2411E-5818-4ABF-AED3-8C5345…)

Claudia Alende isn’t following her, but she’s following her fan account. Seems delusional.

No. 965098

Oh and she's related to frodo. But has no proof.(necro)

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