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No. 925620

Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka is the 40-something founder of dead comedy forum Something Awful and prolific game streamer. Something Awful was a highly influential site in the early 2000s and arguable the origin of modern meme culture, but due to chronic mismanagement and neglect, the site has been doomed to obscurity. Still, there still remains a good deal of people on the site who retain goodwill towards Lowtax and currently fund his Patreon to the tune of $9000 per month (down from $15,000 at its peak). In a shadow of its former self, SA is now known more for being a hive of crazy trannies and commies.

Since founding SA, Lowtax has been riding on the coattails of its success. He has never worked another job, hence his need to e-beg. On the other hand, he did have some romantic success. He married a highly religious Asian woman and had two daughters with her, but they later divorced.

Currently Lowtax has drawn some attention to himself for his marital troubles with Ashli, a Canadian woman who he married about five years ago and has another daughter with. Ashli is currently in a domestic violence shelter with their daughter hiding from Lowtax, while Lowtax claims that he never abused her and that Ashli is stealing their daughter.

On the other hand, Lowtax has been seen spending time with Logan Day, a 25-year-old woman from Utah with BPD. Lowtax claims that he and Logan are just business associates who are working together to turn around the image of SA with Logan's strategic marketing skills. Time will tell if they will be able to turn the forums around…

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GamingGarbage
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPoSHO-OOTb0rqZr6bJlMkQ

No. 925622

File: 1580336527590.jpg (24.73 KB, 500x500, logan-day.jpg)

Hope I did a decent writeup. I just wanted a place to talk about Lowtax that wasn't KF. In particular I'm tired about how much talking about how Logan is fat. Like wtf, I guess angles can lie but I have no idea how they got she is chubby at all.

Logan really reminds me of one of my other favorite cows, Caroline Calloway. They're both pretty blonde girls who are ridiculous arrogant and try so hard to be edgy.

I was going to give Logan the benefit of the doubt of being a real marketing analyst, but after looking at more and more evidence, there isn't any proof that she's worked for anyone in particular. Apparently some SA posters have been asking for a portfolio or some proof, and she can't come up with anything. It's just like how Caroline Calloway loves to play act being a hard working businesswoman. I'm sure Logan has just been mooching off of her parents like CC.

It just seems to me that Logan was someone who got an overpriced "creative producing" degree from Chapman, failed in the industry, and then went home to SLC to live with her Mormon parents. She's been spinning her wheels ever since. I guess her family isn't as rich as CC, so she couldn't continue to live in LA forever.

No. 925624

Where’s the milk exactly?
This thread is shit

No. 925627

Right now a lot of drama is being documented on KF:


Lowtax is posting a lot about Ashli on fb and ranting during his streams. How isn't a custody battle/domestic violence case milk? I think we're going to have even more drama when Lowtax has to enter court. There's also the fact he's trying to disguise cheating on his wife by having a business partnership with someone totally incompetent.

Also something I forgot add was in the last couple of months, Lowtax shut down one of his forums core boards because of complaints from trannies. The drama even made it to Vice.


No. 925630

Well, hate to break it you, but this isn’t kf, it’s an image board of its own.
Either post that shit here or fuck off

No. 925632

>The drama even made it to Vice.

A drama that rattled Kiwi Farms into a particular frenzy even by Kiwi Farms standards.

No. 925633

Here's Ashli's gofundme's original text, though the current page is now blanked now that she's hit her goal of $3000. Sorry for the textdump and not being able to grab a screencap.

>(I apologize for any general vagueness in our story, but as we are still in hiding it's necessary to keep us safe.) Two months ago my daughter and I left my now-estranged husband and entered a domestic violence shelter after nearly five years of abuse. My name was kept off the bank account and I was not allowed my own card to access it. This made saving to leave nearly impossible without it being noticed. I have a foreign account but am unable to gain access to it without being in that country. During my marriage I was kept isolated, and have no parents or siblings. I am an immigrant who was half way through my legal immigration process and my "undocumented" status was, and still is, being used by my husband as a way to control and abuse me. I am currently working with a legal aide immigration lawyer to help me stay legally within the country under the Violence Against Women Act. My estranged husband has made public declarations about his intent to have me deported without our daughter, who is 3 1/2. As of now he is asking for full legal and physical custody of our daughter, while also falsely accusing me of being violent and a danger to her in an attempt to flip the script. If he is successful in his efforts to deport me, I will be kept out of the country for 10 years without my daughter and it is extremely unlikely he will make efforts for me to be a part of her life given his vindictive behavior towards me now. If he wins this custodial fight and is successful in attempting to make false allegations, I will lose custody of her and be forced to have supervised visitation. Right now I am in the very difficult position of having to ask for financial help because I am currently in a position of legal limbo, and am becoming fearful that he will follow through with his threats of having me charged with parental abduction, despite him knowing that we are in shelter. I contacted legal aide the week we left and I am still proactively waiting to get an answer as to wether the board has approved taking on my divorce case. I would be endlessly grateful for any funds that could be used to help protect my daughter from his abusive behavior and his attempts to keep her from me as another way to control, punish and abuse me. Keeping her with me also protects her from the escalation of abuse towards her as she grows older. Anything donated would be used for potential legal fees if legal aide ultimately decided they will not take my case, (it is still being deliberated on by their board members), for housing down the road when it is safe for us to come out of hiding, and for therapy to help us both move past our experiences in a healthy way. Thank you for reading our story and considering donating towards helping us towards a future free of abuse.


Keep in mind that Ashli is from Canada. Despite being married to Lowtax for several years, Ashli does not have the legal status to reside in the US for some reason. Why that's the case, no one is sure, but there is suspicion that he deliberately kept it away from her. Ashli has been unable to drive while living in suburban St. Louis, so her means of interacting with the outside world have been limited.

No. 925634

I'm not sure what's not milky. I don't see how this is less milky than anyone else who has a thread. Lowtax is better known than most of them.

I guess a lot of KW posters on the thread were former SA posters that despised FYAD yet missed the glory days of SA.

No. 925641

nobody gives a single shit about any of this, go back to KF and stay there. at least read the fucking rules if you’re gonna shit up /snow/(hide the thread then)

No. 925648

Can you post the stuff about him having a barely legal wife or something?
somethingawful has always been a shit

No. 925649

I guess if the janitors have a problem with this thread, they can delete it. I'm not sure what rules I'm violating but I'm not sure if it matters to tell me because there's no point in mini modding. I do think I was a bit hasty to make the thread because I left so much out of the OP.

I think Lowtax definitely fits the criteria for a cow:

>Subjects must meet 3 out of the 5 following criteria:

>An unhealthy desire for attention
>Failure to accept criticism
>A lack of self awareness
>Delusions related to their skill or self importance
>No willingness to improve upon their behavior

Lowtax isn't as attention whoring as other cows, but he does have a desire for attention. That's why he's run a gaming stream for the last couple of years despite having no talent. He's also done some milky things in the last 20 years, including trying to fight filmmaker Uwe Boll for attention.


Back when SA was more popular, he used to beg posters to go to his office. This is a guy who misses the days when he was more well-known and could throw his weight around.

Lowtax is definitely someone who doesn't accept criticism and is not self aware. That's why he's a washed up has been who has not lifted a finger in the last 20 years. He's refused to have a job or try to manage the forums, which were his major source of income.

>All subjects must have:

>A documented history of bizarre behavior displayed online
>Some sort of public presence outside of private circles, groups or irc channels. >Personal cows can go in the personal lolcows thread.

Lowtax is definitely a public figure and has had some articles written about him. Back in the day, he even gave a couple of talks and ran his own convention. In his heyday, he was able to own a McMansion (albeit in the middle of nowhere) and lease some offices from the money he made. Of course he's old now and the internet has changed a lot. I guess some zoomers think that everything that happened before 2010 didn't exist.

I'm not really sure what you mean. I think he's had some girlfriend trouble and did hook up with a barely legal girl, though I'm not sure where I would find the details of that. Ashli was 30 when she married him, and I'm not sure how old his first wife was.

No. 925659

>I finally had a talk with my daughter about pedophilia and how it's bad at the age of 13 and then I explained to her diaper fetishism which my dumb boomer ass didn't think she knew about despite her being an avid internet user from young childhood and then I finished by having her draw a klurf pissing and shitting itself and posted her smiling face while holding said drawing on Facebook

It's hard for me to browse through kf right now since it's full of server errors atm

No. 925760

Ew, I’m getting flashbacks to the shmorky fiasco of 2016, when he got outed as a diaper-shitting prdophile tranny and it turned out that lowtax was letting him babysit his kids. You probably should’ve included that, OP

No. 925927

Duly noted. I'm going to try to type up a better summary, but I have a hard time keeping track of what has happened over the last 20 years.

Here's some other stuff I should have added:
>Boxed with Uwe Boll and got owned badly
>Probably drug addict
>Was in serious debt with the IRS (due to not working for several years)
>Has a ton of medical debt too
>Allowed pedos (not Shmorky) to mod his forums
>Apparently has no life outside of his forums and his new sidepiece

Anything else? I'd love to add it to my list

Here's some dirt from Shmorky's insane schizo ex-girlfriend.

>I wouldn't classify Lowtax as a cuck. He's 100% a bipolar person who self-medicates with alcohol, which is probably the worst thing you can self-medicate with as a bipolar person. I honestly feel bad for the guy. He's a deeply depressed person who can't climb out of the hole he's in. I don't think he ever really healed from his divorce and losing custody of his kids. That and he really didn't have any dreams outside of his forum, which went the complete opposite of the way he wanted it to and is unfixable. Yeah, he could sell out a bit and get more ad revenue, but there's no way to suck the SJW poison out of the userbase at this point. Stick a fork in it, it's done. When I hung out at the strip mall office he'd be walking around in basketball shorts, a stained T shirt, and no shoes. Do a little work in his office, then go in the game room and play vidya and the empty bottles on the table would just pile up. Cutting alcohol out of his life wouldn't totally fix him, but it'd be a major improvement. I let him try my kratom once to see if he would like it, but he was a baby who couldn't handle the bitter taste. I kind of feel bad for contributing to his alcohol problem - I would buy him his favorite beer and liquor to try and bribe him into letting me be a mod. Asshole always said no, though.

No. 925929

Lowtax denies abusing his wife as she had described in her now-suspended gofundme here >>925633

No. 925930

File: 1580409848620.jpeg (357.99 KB, 1242x846, 11DEF603-CCA1-40F7-8EDF-289FE3…)

Forgot the pic

No. 925931

Here's a video that does a decent job at covering some of Lowtax's drama

No. 928662

There had been some drama about Peter Coffin's creepy doll-wife being barely legal when he married her, so maybe the other anon is confusing those two cases.

To expand a bit on those points:
>Boxed with Uwe Boll - Boll is a semi professional boxer who challenges all his critics to boxing matches. You gotta be a decent boxer when you're such a shit director you need to physically fight your critics. Anyway, Lowtax got owned, you can find a video of their match on youtube.
>Him running on a mix of boxed wine and ambien is basically a (merited) meme at this point. Some goon who once came over visiting to their strip mall office managed to snap a photo of Lowtax passed out on some pills and wine on the office couch.
>Speaking of which, Lowtax adamantly claims that he didn't leave Shmorky alony with his daughters, which probably means he was physically there, just drugged out of his mind while Shmorky was playing with his kids
>Basically people warned Lowtax about Shmorky since day one, along with an ample evidence of his diaper furry fuckery, but Lowtax just kept defending him. The famous pedo mod case, Aatrek, was also just ignored by other mods and admins until things became too obvious
>Even when SA was at its peak in 2000-2005 and brought a yearly revenue of about 500 000$, Lowtax could disappear from the forum for weeks on end. He's back now because he has no other sources of income and insane trannies that run the site now still donate to him on Patreon, albeit he's been losing supporters since divorce drama started.
>His medical problems are kind of disputed now, since despite his bad spine Lowtax somehow managed to get up from the bed and fly over to SLC to bang some BPD Mormon chick. It's not his first extramarital affair either.

Lowtax left for Utah (ostensibly to pitch a script for Doom House) in November and stayed there for about three weeks, including Thanksgiving and posting unashamedly about his new side piece. He filed for divorce before going to Utah and bragged earlier about how he's planning to fuck his wife over and make her never see their daughter again. Upon coming back home, he discovered that his wife grabbed their kid and fled to DV shelter. Lowtax sperged about it on FB (he's permabanned from Twitter, btw). His Canadian wife, Ashlii (who doesn't seem to be particularly bright, but that's beside the point), did not sort her immigrant status out during the last 4 or 5 years of their marriage and has no job, no money, no driving license and basically no means to support herself. She set a GoFundMe for 3000$ and got donations from about 40 supporters, prolly mostly bitter ex-goons and KF itself. Despite her not claiming she was physically abused, Lowtax keeps sperging how he never laid a finger on her and she's a lying whore. He himself opened a thread about his divorce on SA, despite tons of people (again) warning him about not airing his dirty laundry publicly, especially since he comes off as a huge asshole with everything he says while his soon to be ex-wife wisely stays silent this entire time. Lowtax bans all those people and anyone who dares to criticize him. Several senior users basically use this opportunity to tell Lowtax to go fuck himself and get permabanned with no regrets. Some mod closed this thread now.
BPD thot went back with him to Missouri and was clearly staying at his house while calling his wife a cunt on twitter. Despite the above, Lowtax claims they're just business partners and she's gonna help him revive the site (for free ofc, since he's flat broke, or so he says). Logan posted a bit on SA, answering some questions, and now she's clearly ditched Lowtax and went back to Utah.

Speaking of FYAD drama, it basically goes like this:
Trannies on SA, who apparently turned this forums into ResetEra 2.0, want Lowtax to get rid of some problematic subforums, particularly FYAD. Lowtax tries to bargain with them and keep FYAD under some conditions. Shortly after he does a livestream on YT while drunk and happily bans trannies at the request of his YT donors. The next day a hungover Lowtax has to deal with a ton of butthurt banned trannies shitting up his mail. He unbans them (for free) and, to appease them, decides to gas FYAD. When VICE interviews him about it, he claims FYAD was a Nazi haven, despite defending them just a few days earlier.
Trannies are still not content and are currently debating which subforum should be killed next.

Also, hilariously, it was apparently Lowtax's first wife, Megan, who helped Ashlii escape to the shelter.

No. 931652

File: 1581588990257.png (7.01 KB, 339x90, 1581562736995.png)

Logan has been quiet for a few days but apparently she still has big plans for SA

No. 931713

I've heard that lowtax is dying of some sort of neurodegenerative or other type of neurological condition; is that true or is he just an alcoholic?

No. 931993

I heard nothing of the sort, AFAIK he's just an alcoholic pillhead.

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