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No. 923999

Boogie2988, aka Steven Williams, is a gaming YouTuber who, in his heyday, used to be known as "The Mr. Rogers of the Internet". Since then, however, public opinion for him has shifted from that into recognizing Boogie for what he is - a manipulative narcissist who craves attention, emotionally abuses women, and is constantly embroiled in drama and scandals.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/boogie2988
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boogie2988

General milk:

>45 year old man (as of January 2020)

>Forced his long-suffering wife Dez to sign an NDA after their divorce; still constantly talks about her on livestreams, forcing her to call him and beg him to stop bringing her up because she's legally not allowed to talk badly about him online
>Hired two live-in sugar babies after his divorce from Dez
>One of whom - a woman who was 20 when he was 44 - made a video about him, claiming that he was emotionally and financially abusive towards her
>Constantly suicide-baits his audience, claiming that he will kill himself "When his fans no longer remember him"
>Has had multiple welfare checks called to his house; complains about fans calling in these welfare checks despite his constant suicide-baiting
>DMs fans constantly to tell them how suicidal he is
>Had minor beef with fellow YouTuber Kat Blaque at Vidcon in 2019 after he went up to her and randomly informed her that he was suicidal, forcing her to remain in the conversation because he uncomfortably roped her into the interaction from a fear of being responsible for his death
>Later posted on Twitter about how uncomfortable it made her:
>Supports known child abusers like KidBehindACamera, despite claiming to be an abuse victim himself:
>Has changed his story several times about the nature of his childhood abuse - claimed that his parents never touched him, then that his sister raped him (she denied it), then that his Dad raped his sister, then that his mom molested him, then that BOTH parents molested him, then that both of his parents raped him - and as of January 2020, he is now back to claiming that it was only his mother, and only molestation (as opposed to rape)
>Claimed that his school teachers violated their mandated reporter status by failing to report the abuse he claims they knew about that was happening in his home
>Claims to have several mental illnesses as a result, including:
>Bipolar disorder, which he claims to have been diagnosed with as a teenager (but now, as of January 2020, claims that he was misdiagnosed, and was informed that he actually had PTSD)
>Any time he's called out for doing something fucked up, he claims to have been in a dissociative state
>Has threatened to commit suicide after losing debates
>Has claimed that the LGBTQ community should wait five or ten or twenty years before seeking equal marriage so that they can avoid upsetting bigots: https://twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010581891081228290
>Blamed Anita Sarkeesian for the Charlottesville attack
>Is morbidly obese, despite getting a gastric bypass surgery in 2018
>Continues to eat like shit and makes excuses for why his weight has plateaued at ~350 pounds
>Is a pathological liar
>Whenever anyone points out one of his lies, he falls back onto his manipulative and passive-aggressive behavior, saying things like "Sorry you were lied to by someone who hates me", or "My real fans would know that I would never do that, sorry you can't see that"
>According to Boogie, his critics are "worse than Nazis and rapists"
>Tried to walk back that comment in January 2020 by using his favorite argument: that his critics took it "out of context", that he was using "obvious hyperbole", and then apologizing that they "didn't have a good enough understanding of the English language to see that it was clearly an exaggeration".

Recent milk:

>Bit his dog on a livestream

>Lied about being swatted twice in December 2019 by the r/SamandTolki subreddit, and in particular by its moderator, u/HaberdasherA
>HaberdasherA proved that Boogie lied by poring through over 4,000 public records
>Boogie then claims that the Fayetteville police station has a special protocol JUST for him, where they don't publicly record swatting attempts at his house because "they don't want to give attention to the swatters"
>Several redditors contact the Fayetteville police, who confirm that ALL calls where a team is dispatched to a location are a matter of public record, and confirm that there are NO special protocols for anyone
>Boogie, realizing that he fucked up by accusing his local PD of committing a federal crime, responded to this claim by then revealing that, TA DA! It was actually all a gigantic troll, and we fell for it! D'oh!
>At this point - after having been reassured for weeks on end by Boogie that he wasn't lying, only to later reveal that he actually was - his fans no longer trust anything he says
>Boogie done trolled himself
>Panicking at how quickly the tide is turning against him, Boogie then attempts to claim that his Twitter account was hacked
>Claims that hackers went through MobCrush
>National newspapers are beginning to pick up the story
>MobCrush publicly confirms on Twitter that Boogie's latest accusation is impossible

Stay tuned!

No. 924002

File: 1580028026047.png (158.37 KB, 1050x870, null.png)

Cow crossover: Null from Kiwifarms attempts to claim credit for Boogie's Twitter ban (which he claims is a hack).

No. 924004

File: 1580028132361.png (263.93 KB, 610x669, ahG-RS2ttHEroxpJnhWITvHHBpWP9B…)

Boogie claims that Newsweek contacted him out of the blue to tell his side of the story; the Newsweek author claims that Boogie called HIM.

No. 924009

Thank you based anon! This guy more than deserves a thread.

No. 924012

Ugh! I'm so disgusted by this guy, I can't believe he did not have a thread before. His gaslighting and suicide baiting drives me up the walls. How long does he think that tactic will work?? I watched a few of his twitch streams and it was cringe.

No. 924014

Samefag, sorry. I forgot, was he part of the better help scam? That garbage where youtubers profited of the mental illness and emotional struggles of their fans? Sending fragile people to subscribe to get "help" from what was proven to inadequate personnel at best and quacks at worst.

No. 924099

File: 1580054578741.jpg (95.02 KB, 1066x464, Screenshot_20200126-110246_Red…)

Boogir suicide baiting his audience again.

No. 924100


I can't find any screenshots, but I do remember seeing him advertising BetterHelp.

No. 924112

I literally don't understand how he keeps having supporters and fans. The amount of things that people let a shitty dude get away with is insane.

No. 924116

Jeremy (the quartering) mentioned lately that he still considers Boogie to be his friend, but admits that Boogie is a pathological liar and said that he does not support his behavior. It was an odd video to watch. When your own friends say something like that to their large following, you should really reconsider your actions. But Jeremy did ask that people stop ganging up on Boogie.

No. 924134

Boogie is such a piece of work. I’m glad his fans are turning against him. Never forget he used them to go after people trying to help him with his weight loss, like EveryDamnDayFitness guy.

Jeremy from The Quartering is another snowflake that needs his own thread. Used to ask for support for his own non political gaming page called Exclusively Games, but once it didn’t work, he stopped talking about it and his general behavior on Twitter and his ban from cons and Magic the Gathering because of harassing people who work for them and a girl cosplayer. No doubt he is friends with Boogie. Neckbeards being neckbeards.

No. 924143

I'm sure you'd have to be brain dead to be a boogie fan. The way he's always professing himself to be a good guy and better than other people really irks me.

No. 924244


Yes. This video is rambling as hell, but it confirms that he sponsored them. He shifts the blame, and tries to paint himself as a hero for dropping them.

No. 924248

>harasses his ex wife
>dates a prostitute/camgirl
>also harasses her during their livestreams by sharing personal details about their relationship to his army of manlets
>suicide baits on a near constant basis
>buys a Tesla after claiming he cant afford one
>has a pity party aka massive sperg out for himself anytime anyone critiques him
>cannot take blame for a single action hes done since being on YouTube
>a good guy

It must be really hard for his fans to rub together two brain cells since they collectively share one and realize this overweight loser is milking them dry while sitting on his ass complaining about how things are too hard for poor old Boogie.

No. 924250

I remember when Boogie made a tweet about how his sister JUST told him her dad had sexually abused her, what did boogie do? Run to twitter tells the world and makes it about him.
His sister obviously was upset because he NEVER ASKED HER.

What a scumbag

No. 924251

Then his sister apologized to HIM for getting upset.

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