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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1579234837694.jpg (150.23 KB, 750x1333, C4834641-73BC-4A0B-89CD-59C1FF…)

No. 919511

Newly-discovered breed of lolcow Sadhippy AKA Albany Davis Drabot from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I found out about her from her god-preaching comments on a memepage that was shilling lingerie on instagram, i checked out her "feminist" page, mainly composed of cliche quotes and hate-filled rants about rape culture and men.

I eventually dug a little deeper and found some other instagram accounts that had posts that made me question her general sanity, from taking 5 acid tabs at a time to wanting to gut someone open from the pussy up. There are several screenshots of someone (who will not be named for confidentiality purposes) being threatened by her, threats include, but are not limited to: Selling their dead body as a fuck doll, Dreaming about (victim) being raped by a thousand knives, Repeatedly saying she will skin them, Raping their neck hole after she cuts their head off and kicks said head around, Eating them for "God" and acquiring their "Power", etcetera etcetera. Pic related.

Links to instagram(s):

No. 919512

Promising cow, but this should probably be in snow

No. 919745

File: 1579281422792.jpeg (329.81 KB, 750x1074, 19133A62-F063-4E73-BA90-6F21E4…)

went on a stroll through her various accounts, small pic dump incoming. IIRC the girl she’s sperging at here has been posted in the altcows thread before but maybe i’m dreaming

No. 919746

File: 1579281455377.jpeg (411.89 KB, 750x1176, 1D514516-D89A-4D86-B35E-D54562…)

No. 919747

File: 1579281583491.jpeg (581.42 KB, 750x988, 2E5AEA58-E058-4B8C-AD5F-D9F5F4…)

No. 919749

File: 1579281622675.jpeg (268.83 KB, 750x955, 1A590F7D-8688-4F92-AAF8-DF0E7B…)

and finally, some more texts she sent to the same person as the OP image

No. 919783

File: 1579288247281.jpeg (184.31 KB, 750x1083, 44C628C5-7F94-4292-A45C-A7169B…)

this chick is insane

No. 919788

File: 1579289447269.jpeg (158.49 KB, 750x982, 78B69EAC-CABF-4262-B0A2-4C3EB1…)

every comment is basically someone new calling her out. the delusion hurts to read.

sage for samefag

No. 919789

she’s mad because she was kidnapped, used as a cum-bucket and now has ptsd. so she’s taking it out on sex workers? what? how does that make any sense? she needs serious help.

No. 919861

Hey everyone, OP here, I do have more screenshots of the text conversation if anyone wants them. I can dump them into a mega file or just here. Also I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past few hours and done some background researching. The reason she tard raged in the texts was because a group of her ex-friends got her old instagram deleted. Also, her boyfriend has an instagram. I do not know anything about him, if he’s encouraging behaviour. Apparently she was on 5 whole tabs of acid at the time of the texts, there are pictures of the conversation with her saying she will eat victim’s memories, and admitting to being on the acid. Pic is of her, boyfriend’s instagram is:


No. 919862

File: 1579303480857.jpeg (152.91 KB, 733x884, 5CD57CB7-B8B1-414A-B502-033918…)

No. 919864

nothing rhymes with circus era ryan ross wants his style back

No. 919893

whatever’s easiest, go with that, anon. do be aware though that there is flood protection so if you choose to post each screenshot invidually there’s a 30 second buffer between each post. i wouldn’t recommend a mega file, but you could maybe make an anonymous gmail, add it to that gmail’s google drive and make it accessible to everyone and then post it here. usually when that’s done, people will go through and find the milkiest parts to post individually in-thread. godspeed!

No. 919902

Thank you anon, I will make a drive with all of the images I currently have

No. 920105


Thanks for thread, this is absolutely batshit and I will follow closely.

Two things/questions tho:

1) In thread pic, her (or whoever it is) phone number is visible. AFAIK you can't just remove pics from a post, but a farmhand might want to take a look at that and start a new thread without it or something. Just saying.

2) Info on why this was sent to the person? I'm with you on not talking about who it is but I'm extremely curious as to what the backstory is here.

No. 920107

The fucking irony
>girl trust me my bodies nicer than u


No. 920298

OP said she raged because some ex friends got her instagram deleted >>919861

No. 920782

File: 1579504843256.jpeg (179.24 KB, 1280x718, CFE6399F-22A1-414C-9058-142599…)

No. 930105

Why tf does she make the same appalled duckface face as Pixyteri? Is it something crazy people do?

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