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File: 1578909649124.jpg (1.18 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200113_024503.jpg)

No. 917335

Espi is a cam whore/'sex worker' who is known for putting action figures and other non insertable toys in her rotten vagina. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @espikvlt, and her personal website is www.espikvlt.com. She is also the vocalist in a few black metal "bands", using the term lightly because it's all conducted on the internet with another godforsaken goblin doing instrumentals. Her vocals are rough and the only fans they have are the troglodytes who purchase her rank porn. She is also a horror writer and writes like a 14 year old, claiming she is the next Stephen King. She is non-binary, yet uses terms like pet mom to describe herself and reees for days about gender if someone uses the word woman in context to her. She is a self described anarcho-communist and is pro welfare/taxation. Not only is she physically incredibly gross, she constantly live tweets her dismal life, talks about her crusty boyfriend and refers to him as Geralt of Rivia (photo attached) and cannot stop constantly arguing with others on the internet, complaining how stressful her life is as a poor troon. Not only is her vagina a wreck, she is out of shape and claims to be 90lbs, with a gut of course. She is covered in horrible quality tattoos and says she doesn't care "because they are for her". Says she is married to Orochimaru from Naruto and Per Ohlin from Mayhem (who died before she was born). Lastly, she was featured on Viceland's Payday docuseries, where she cannot hide her disgusting self with the same angle she uses in all photos. Her boyfriend makes a cameo talking about how he loves how empowered she is. This girl is a constant feed of cringe.(shit thread)

No. 917337

File: 1578910285783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 530.6 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200113-031117_Chr…)

Here she is with two children's toys inside her vagina, real classy like

No. 917338

File: 1578910370612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 450.83 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200113-031109_Chr…)

Her entire porn catalog looks identical as well, same 4 poses, same fake moaning, same grody fingernails and black vagina. Putting porous plastics inside herself that aren't meant for insertion makes my genitals ache.

No. 917339

File: 1578910647802.jpg (1.64 MB, 1440x1820, 20200113_031628.jpg)

One of her worst tattoos to date, the aforementioned Per Ohlin. Samefag but I forgot to mention she is vehemently anti capitalist and cannot consooming, she has dozens of pop vinyls and other toys and is covered in pop culture consumer tattoos.

No. 917343

So.. no more naruto shit?

No. 917345

File: 1578913097464.png (1.07 MB, 639x766, IMG_1195.PNG)

>so br00tal and edgy guys!!1

her tattoos are so bad they look like vicky shingles did it

No. 917368

I thought this said CATSMELL at first

No. 917377

Thought I was the only one lmaoo

No. 917390

Her face is kind of objectively ugly and I can't tell what's going on with it. Maybe her teeth. Either way she should be friends with raven

No. 917402

>>Lastly, she was featured on Viceland's Payday docuseries
Links? Caps?
Links to any of this?
She does sound milky but please include sources in your OP

No. 917430

Sorry I was phone posting last night. The top left photo is a cap from the series, here is a link to her episode https://www.vicetv.com/en_us/video/reno/58220159c0421a5d4d20fa3d

No. 917431

She also frequently gets into it with other cows, like Dolly Mattel. Someone in a previous thread of Dolly's has mentioned Espi needing her own thread as well.

No. 917435

File: 1578932164467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.29 KB, 1426x758, 20200113_091624.jpg)

What nightmares are made of

No. 917437

Tbh she probably does have a distinct cat smell. She looks like she has incredibly bad hygiene.

No. 917453

File: 1578935026400.jpeg (339.24 KB, 828x1104, 7078B8E1-1B8F-4AC4-8E64-E6A0F2…)

in case you wanted some confirmation. LOL

No. 917456

File: 1578935877122.jpg (1.16 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200113_101650.jpg)

I am having a very difficult time telling her boyfriend apart from Henry Cavill, man he looks JUST like Geralt, spare tire and crust-stache and all!

No. 917471

kek, she's friends with the guy who was so mad about getting screencapped on a "reply guy" account that he suddenly made up DID and said his trans woman alter posted it

No. 917502

Not to derail but….wut???

No. 917531

So glad there's finally a thread on this ugly ass hoe

No. 917657

I second this, anon. Any e-sex workers here with caps of her acting crazy? I know there's a few in the dead camwhore general thread.

No. 917658

what the FUCK is on her?

No. 917675

File: 1578952836885.jpeg (343.71 KB, 479x1096, 1556210754165.jpeg)

Here is some of her calling out Dolly Mattel from about 8 months ago. Her holier than thou tirades about degeneracy is pretty funny. She degrades herself on camera and has to have a day job she makes so little off her porn and she thinks what she is saying makes her morally correct. Ashleigh, both you AND Dolly are fucking disgusting and just because you don't make Trump porn or underage character porn doesn't mean what you're doing isnt just as fucking foul. Why don't you go sniff your cats shitty feet more?

No. 917690

File: 1578953257382.jpg (949.87 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200113_150538.jpg)

>presents completely feminine
>is CLEARLY a woman, showcases her naked female body for a living
>rages when some boomer in an awful band tries to compliment her

She requires people to know everything about her and read her embarrassing twitter bio and take her 100% seriously. Picture above is the band who asked her to be on their cover, mega yikes. Why don't they just ask the father version of her who's in the band to be on the cover?

No. 917693

The amount she complains about internet drama is exhausting. Just get off of twitter if you're constantly feeling overwhelmed and depressed. You create your own drama by being on there from the time you wake up until you go to bed. No wonder she got fired from her last job, I bet she was constantly causing drama in her workplace.(samefag)

No. 917802

Oh my god. I used to follow her on tumblr because her trainwreckness fascinated me to no end.

I remember her attaching a dildo onto a body pillow of orochimaru and fucking it and making gifs out of it at some point. I'll try to see if I can still find them.

No. 917838

Pretty sure she used to wear a wedding ring for Orichimaru but I'm unsure if she still does. I remember the several body pillow porns she made as well, my husband and I had a great time cringing at that. Does anyone remember her hoarder level basement she lived in for several years? I wish I had a picture of the true squalor she lived in. Now she and Geralt live with his father, really succeeding in life.

No. 917868

I was just thinking a few weeks back about digging through the cam whore general thread to find stuff about her. This is perfect.

So I actually followed her on tumblr way back in the day. Before she did porn. She was just one of the edgy metal girls. So back then she was tiny and I'd believe the 90 lbs thing. She chonked up though doing porn I guess lol so unless shes the height of a dwarve, theres no way shes under 100 now. I always found her face to be that of a little euro boy kek

No. 917896

File: 1578977579271.jpg (1.49 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200113-215317_Ins…)

The last time anyone said anything about her weight to her, it was an anon message on that site she uses complimenting her saying that they appreciated seeing a girl with a tummy doing porn and she said she had no idea what they were talking about and that she hasn't gained any weight since high school. I think she is like 4'11 or 5ft so she looks like she's closer to 140-150 with the gut she's got.

No. 917903

File: 1578978394467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 970.46 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200113_220419.jpg)

Wow you can really tell how much she has let herself go in the 6 or 7 years since she started showing her holes off "professionally"

No. 917904

Oml what an unfortunate body shape, good for her making money as a camgirl gives me hope that not all men have as high as standards as we think but idk she’s still pretty gross looking and oddly proportioned

No. 917905

The men who are seriously consuming her porn are not men you would want to ever interact with, sexually or otherwise. Most of then are overweight neckbeard coomers.

No. 917909

Speaking of people letting themselves go and Shayna… here's your future Shay!! Substitute in the pink trash aesthetic.

No. 918187

File: 1579032402653.jpg (754.28 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200114-130636_Chr…)

Has anyone tried to listen to this unadulterated shit yet? The edge is too much I feel I would die of schadenfreude.

No. 918660

So happy to see a thread on this cow, I first discovered her on tumblr while looking for Naruto content, and the Orochimaru stuff horrified me (btw, is she autistic? with the way she exposes her grossest fetishes and spends her life on twitter). Hilarious she turned out that way, her porn is so bad, covered in shitty tattoos (the Overwatch one is going to age so well!) and making the same bad makeup with each "cosplay".

I also lol when she sees herself as the voice of reason and being super wise for being a cam whore, but the Pelle Ohlin waifuism is creepy, how does she not realize that.

I really don't get the NB shit either, she's more feminine than most normie women. I know genderspecials like to claim "but being NB has nothing to do with how you look!!!!1", but come on, this is 0 effort larping, she could at least buy unisex clothing.

No. 918684

I cant wait for her to find out about this thread and tweet about it for 400 years. I imagine she will try to post on here as well and it will be a major self own. Also I think this is the first place her real name has been associated with her porn name so kudos to OP for figuring that one out.

No. 918699

Lol at two people both thinking this looks good enough to represent their project, says a lot

No. 918702

I guess it's supposed to look nekro, but she shits on most of the BM scene ("they are all nazis!") while making bad music larping as Dead, she's the biggest hypocrite. She's giving me huge poseur vibes, you can tell she feels glamour in corpsepaint, and in her endless tape hoards on instagram, she always praises the packaging, never the quality of the music.

No. 918723

Honestly most of lefty metal is incredibly embarrassing. Lots of they/them try hard girls and obese try guy beta orbiters making incredibly bad music. The fact that she thinks that being in a band is just producing music and not actually, ya know, practicing together, playing live shows, touring is pretty pathetic. Has anyone heard her vocals for either of that bands she's in with this neckbeard? Its BAD y'all.

No. 918736

Does anybody have a mirror of this? I can't see the video, is vicetv restricted to the US (also no way I'm paying for that)?

No. 918743

That's the only copy I could find, believe me I searched for a dailymotion version to no avail. If you're able to find one, definitely post it.

No. 918790

File: 1579134410624.jpg (729.38 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200115-172511_Chr…)

1/2 she is currently sperging out over a man from a foreign country pulling a "hello beautiful, open bobs" on her like this doesnt happen to basically every woman at some point on social media. Welcome to the internet Ashleigh, men who don't speak English well are stereotypically ALWAYS doing this. You're not special.

No. 918791

File: 1579134471297.jpg (711.26 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200115-172522_Chr…)

He doesn't know your intimate life story with your crusty boyfriend, he barely speaks english very clearly. Love that she got upset that he "misgendered" her as well.

No. 918802

She sounds more upset to have been misgendered (big news, countries outside of the US and Europe are not woke) than having been randomly hit on. Why doesn't she just block them and move on, she looks so naive.

No. 918803

File: 1579136590661.jpg (482.53 KB, 1440x1836, 20200115_180206.jpg)

Uh oh tomorrow is the anniversary of her husband's death…3 years before she was belched onto this plane of existence. Not only is it mega creepy she says she's married to someone she never met, but kinda rapey. Not like that poor guy is able to defend his image from her fetishization.

No. 918829

File: 1579141434680.png (818.97 KB, 900x584, espicreep.PNG)

Nah, he killed himself way back in 1991 (there's pics of him having his brains blown out floating around, be careful), he was a black metal vocalist for the band Mayhem. For some reason and despite being a real person, Ashley has latched onto him as her new husbando, gets his face tattooed on her body several times and collects crappy memorabilia like pic related. She believes in past lives and soul reincarnation, she apparently thinks their souls are entwined and destined to be together.
I wonder, does she asks Geralt to cosplay as Per (and previously Orochimaru back when she was still into him) during sex?

No. 918850

ironic thing is that pelle wouldn't even be interested in her, he was obsessed with literally being dead (cotard’s syndrome) lol

No. 918865

lol i knew this girl back when she did knockoff suicide girls. ive been waiting for a thread ever since she did a blair witch porn where she put literal sticks into her vagina.

No. 918885

File: 1579148632633.jpg (Spoiler Image, 584.79 KB, 1440x867, 20200115_212334.jpg)


That was probably the worst thing she's made so far, besides the body pillow porn. She needs to work on her faces because she always looks like shes taking a fat shit while diddling herself. Sorry for the pause icon, manyvids is ghetto and it wont go away.

No. 918888

File: 1579148992245.jpg (832.81 KB, 1439x2461, 20200115_212910.jpg)

I swear she only claims to he nonbinary so she can be an "authority" on tranny issues. How does she function in real life without constantly melting down?

No. 918890

that’s the one hahahah she also had her weird snakekin phase i think in like 2015? she’s had me blocked for a few years because i said she was weird and god forbid anyone say she’s anything but a black metal weeb

No. 918930


None of it comes off as authentic, just a girl with mental issues looking for the next edgy thing to latch on to. But imagine being so easily offended and basing your entire personality around a genre that's meant to offend the easily offended. What a contradiction.

No. 918954

saw this cow defending loli porn on tumblr a couple years ago and then again on twitter… now she shit on shayna for producing the same thing? confused.

No. 918959

Shayna doesn't have broken shards of glass for teeth and is marginally more attractive than Ashleigh, thus she hates her guts. Also as an 'ancom' she dislikes anyone with differing political opinions and she suffers from bad Orange Man Bad syndrome.

No. 918965

File: 1579161655994.jpg (408.89 KB, 1417x1091, 20200116_005812.jpg)

The walking contradiction that is Ashleigh Angell of Sacremento, CA. Posts about being explicitly a communist, and in the next breath is overcome with joy to buy YET ANOTHER plush of a character created to sell toys made by literally the largest multimedia conglomerate in history. Consoomer retard.

No. 919000

File: 1579167860365.png (770.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-102907.png)

Her Amazon wishlist https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/HYZ8UF6TOIFH?ref_=wl_share is super lolworthy as well, expensive cosplays made in China and dildos she already has, so much for being an anticapitalist eco warrior!

Pic unrelated, here she is crying about Dead again. I don't think she would have been into him back then, since he was an unwashed mess obsessed with death, she would have rather considered him an incel. Also, I don't think she's ever shown attraction towards older guys, if he was still alive today he would not play in the NB shit and she would have called him a boomer.

These are the only things she likes, mediocre mainstream movies and games, I've never seen her being into indie shit. Even her musical tastes are like that, despite the huge amount of tapes from unknown BM bands she buys, she only gets those sounding second wavey who claim to be antifa like her, she doesn't seem interested in the more modern European scene (probably thinks they are Nazis for being close to Germany).

No. 919015

I wish I could find the photo she took of her closet that was like 5 rows deep and as tall as the closet FULL of pop vinyls. Such eco-consideration. Those won't go in the dump or anything. The amount of bad indie music she consumes only to buy is an obvious sign of not being able to save money. She complains about being poor but she literally has the highest time preference, she has no deferral of gratification. Instead, she has to remind her orbiters to tip her and beg people to get her to pay out so she can go get another kitchen wizard pop culture tattoo or more toys. Bitch you're a 25 year old woman, why are you buying plushies and toys?

No. 919037

File: 1579174465083.png (Spoiler Image, 843.47 KB, 891x538, gross.PNG)

I think her worst videos are her Halloween specials (and everytime she's caked in corpsepaint but those are getting stale), in this one she fucks fake fingers and the handle of a kitchen knife while wearing a disgusting mask.

No. 919038

File: 1579174560309.png (Spoiler Image, 734.21 KB, 895x538, gross2.PNG)

And here she's fucking a creepy doll, seriously who faps to this? Are horror movie props the only way she can get off?

No. 919079

>from progressive
that seems like one of the easiest cosplays to make

No. 919104

File: 1579187531616.png (969.88 KB, 901x625, frozen.PNG)

This one's pretty interesting, I thought her parents were her #1 supporters, why would her mom not want her to take part in Christmas? Also, we get the usual comparison to female characters, I thought being called a woman was sooooo triggering to enbies.

I'm also currently browsing her old tumblrs through the wayback machine, I'm finding some interesting.

No. 919169

File: 1579199901404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1440x1920, 20200116_113802.jpg)

Cripes, I dont know which is worse, the shape of her body or the fact that she has that horrible tattoo that takes up most of her upper leg. I can't believe she paid someone to do that to her and she likes it???

No. 919216

Def the tattoo (and every other one she has), I don't think she looks that bad, at least she's not an hambeast, she would benefit from losing a few pounds. She willfully chose the terrible designs and artists for them to be forever on her body while raving how great they look, the cognitive dissonance is real.

No. 919218

File: 1579205445001.jpg (290.01 KB, 1440x923, 20200116_130853.jpg)

This is just a sample of the many tweets she's made about Per Ohlin. A person who died 3 years before she was born. A person who would have had zero interest in her if he were alive. She is acting like it's her husband of 20 years birthday and she can't go on without him. What kind of delusional retard behaves like this, or is this all just pandering for the internet? Probably the latter but dang dude chill out you look insane.

No. 919219

What do you guys think Geralt thinks of this behavior? He is literally being cucked by a dead guy, just like her bad porn title lmao.

No. 919278

He's probably a huge doormat, I don't think he'd dare to say something as Ashleigh is the best he can get, and he looks like a typical male feminist who supports his girl no matter what she does. On that note, I've seen her talk about him several times using "partner", does he ID as enby as well?

No. 919362

No shes talked about him being a cis dude and that she considers her relationship "gay". I don't understand the modern queer community, it's now mostly straight people who look ridiculous who have heterosexual relationships but because they all have made up genders it suddenly makes it gay. Penis in vagina is as straight as it gets.

No. 919611

File: 1579258397132.png (82.34 KB, 994x601, faq2013.PNG)

With that in mind, here's the FAQ in 2013 from her old tumblr url (luciferslittlewhore) where she calls herself hetero. While I know some people can figure out out their true sexual orientation pretty late in their life, she answers very straightforward, not even questioning or bicurious (notice how she has no problem calling herself a woman either). Do you think she convinced herself she was bi and nonbinary because of Tumblr, especially in the camwhoring community, where being kweer is almost a requirement (afaik she never dated women)? She seems like the type to be easily influenced by her environment…

No. 919818

I see her on twitter a lot cause horny dudes somehow like her shit and I don't really know a lot about her. Could someone post more links/caps about her past?

No. 920189

File: 1579382542812.png (443.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200118-221855.png)

She went private on Twitter, did she finally find out about this thread?

No. 920190

Either that or she is in some Twitter beef. She's gone private for a few days before. I don't have twitter but one of ya's who does should try and give her the ol' follow for milk.

No. 920385

Looks like she might have tried to kill herself judging by recent replies to her on twitter. anyone following/requested yet?(namefag)

No. 920390

Caps? What gives you the impressions she tried to kill herself. Also lol that's a real suicide attempt to livestream on twitter

No. 920400

Given how overly dramatic she is at every waking moment of her life (she always says she's crying whenever she's doing anything), I think she was just being hyperbolic to bring attention to herself. Or maybe she indeed saw this thread, got horribly distressed over the constant "misgendering" and decided to finally join her dead husbando.

No. 920406

I don’t know if I remember this correctly, but didn’t she have a video of her fucking herself and screaming Dead’s name? Or she fucked herself with pictures of him? Either way, her obsession is super creepy and the fact that the guy still has relatives who are alive and could come across this is just… beyond disrespectful and gross.

No. 920460

This very one https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1119694/cucked-by-a-dead-dude/ I really feel for his family, not only did they have to see him fall with the wrong crowd and his suicide picture be circulated all over the internet, but now you have this gross weirdo who claims to be in love with him and who sells masturbation sessions with his picture.

No. 920586

File: 1579475828351.jpg (666.11 KB, 1080x1979, 20200119_191525.jpg)

No. 920601

Imagine trying to kill yourself and then hopping on twitter to tell the gang. What the actual fuck. Props to the anon that got this. Y'all think Geralt swooped in and saved her?

No. 920841

File: 1579531209073.jpeg (114.34 KB, 640x804, 714F3D27-2F92-40FE-8777-134A5E…)

Can’t post all the tweets posted since that one rn but here’s something

No. 920877

> I didnt kill myself so I can watch a new season of television, remember I'm anti capitalist

She has no self awareness.

No. 920923


If my life were so empty that plush toys, twitter drama and TV shows were the only things that I looked forward to I'd probably try and kms too.

I can imagine she just choked down a bunch of pills and puked em up onto Geralt 30 mins later while weeping about how much she loves that dead dude

No. 920943


lol what a mental image. Funny thing is if she were alive then and knew Dead, he would probably hate her and her stupid politics. Kind of surprised she didn't develop an obsession for Dead's bandmate Euronymous, since Euro at one point had commie sympathies. Guess she'll always see Dead has the "sad boi who just needed the right girl to save him uwu", even though he was probably just mentally ill.

No. 921015

File: 1579555767177.jpg (84.98 KB, 750x983, tumblr_64e0244218c2cf7123b538c…)

Goddamnit, literally pic related, nothing about missing her family, her boyfriend or her pets, or the fear of facing eternal darkness, no, it has to be about dumb shit that doesn't matter in the long run. She has to be autistic, I can not see a normal person thinking about fucking Baby Yoda while gobbling down pills. Godspeed you Anon for enduring this shit for us.

No. 921028

File: 1579557091145.jpeg (130.99 KB, 640x814, 159F7DC8-3B83-4B17-9880-E65A59…)

Twitter anon who posted the last screenshot here - small pic dump of the other tweets I couldn’t post earlier.

No. 921029

File: 1579557130033.jpeg (118.07 KB, 640x743, 2A295047-838A-4C12-A8D7-0E5346…)

No. 921031

File: 1579557156847.jpeg (107.18 KB, 640x706, 34C9715E-EAEB-4749-9A7B-B0D6C3…)

No. 921033

File: 1579557195722.jpeg (116.43 KB, 640x772, 7C08F8E6-0DC3-4A63-8B85-E218C9…)

No. 921035

File: 1579557220528.jpeg (71.89 KB, 640x738, 2F4ACDDC-4CB1-4949-9DE3-A91AFB…)

No. 921036

File: 1579557246463.jpeg (78.29 KB, 639x689, 00F5E605-8548-4B07-92BB-3050FA…)

No. 921038


samefag but literally no one has made assumptions, it’s all kind support. Unless they’re sending her messages asking what she did. But even anon accounts that are clearly following her to jerk off were sending support and being nice so…

No. 921049

>respect my privacy
Dude you're the one who put your highly personal experience on twitter. It would be easy to keep this a private matter if you didnt live tweet your entire existence. Further proof I doubt she even did anything as an attempt.

No. 921269

As usual with drama queens/attention whores, she has to be "opressed" even when people are being extra nice with her. If she indeed got messages making assumptions, just ignore them and block them. Also, she's kinda dumb to accept new followers whild private, she should understand that these are lurkers just in for the drama (thank you Anon tho).

No. 921297

File: 1579615163751.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.07 KB, 640x984, 3789F760-8C64-473A-9BF6-2A7170…)

The transition from sad blogging to porn comes off as ‘hey I’m suicidal give me money’ and rubs me the wrong way

No. 921300

File: 1579615341082.png (209.01 KB, 640x1136, 8F3753B0-1DEC-4AC8-BB16-F18E6A…)

Another tweet pic dump incoming

No. 921301

File: 1579615366001.png (197.91 KB, 640x1136, 175393AC-EE46-458D-9226-FC7100…)

No. 921302

File: 1579615390695.jpeg (139.68 KB, 640x950, 5E548370-5191-4C3D-B07F-E20122…)

No. 921303

File: 1579615422108.png (196.01 KB, 640x1136, 7D78D4DA-EFBF-4293-BE67-30C371…)

No. 921311

"I love you all uwu" now watch her be back to shitting on random people in a few days. At least she calmed down from her usual posting on trans/camwhore rights and bad takes on BM.

No. 922209

File: 1579756351711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 348.01 KB, 1280x1920, D9e9-WaU4AAMyna.jpeg)

Her twitter is back open. Her vagina rivals Shayna's with what's going on in there. She has a very strange looking vagina and I can only guess it's from shoving shit in there that isnt supposed to go inside a human orafice.

No. 922213

File: 1579756564391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 529.35 KB, 1440x1797, 20200122_221503.jpg)

One, you tried to off yourself so you can't possibly be that happy. Two, plenty of her leftist dumb dumb friends refer to her as intelligent, as does she. What smart woman thinks degradation for money is an actual aspiration. I'd also be very worried that my kid was molested or abused if they said they wanted to be a stripper at 7…

No. 922251

Her pussy looks like it stinks, she seems like the type to not wash right

No. 922255

Why is it so dark as well…

No. 922260

File: 1579765283599.jpg (84.01 KB, 520x326, papercut.jpg)

Where is her lip??

No. 922280

There is so, so much wrong with those two tweets. First, showing interest in sexual stuff at a very young age is a classic sign of abuse, most often unadressed, you should not brag about this. Second, stop conflating every "sex work" (which is a term invented by pimps btw), you choosing to shoot nudes in the security and comfort of your home has nothing to do with trafficked women forced to walk the street at night in dangerous neighborhoods, I'm pretty sure professional models would be offended to be called hookers. She's always complaining about some US laws which is apparently harmful to prostitutes, but it doesn't affect her at all, she's never going to be in danger for what she does (worst thing would be a stalker, which can happen to anybody). SWERFs are not bad women either, most often they are former whores who know very well how harmful "sex work" is and are trying their best to help other women escape it. She really is the poster model for the sheltered white girl who has no idea how the world works.

I just think it's hairs, combined with the fake blood it looks darker than usual. When she is clean shaven, it doesn't look that dark.

No. 922497

She has a slit for a mouth. I love all the fan art of her that gives her pouty, heart shaped lips. She can't even over line to save that. Also THE TEETH!!!

No. 926063

File: 1580431580887.jpg (449.91 KB, 1440x1391, 20200130_174632.jpg)

Her "brand" is causing internal damage? Weird flex but okay

No. 926236

Weirdest thing is a shoe and not children's toys and a dead guy's picture? Strange priorities but okay…

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