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No. 912676

Satyrn, aka Saturn, aka FireStickz, aka Kara Gilmer, is single-handedly the most retarded female I have met on the internet. Getting orbited on imageboards really put air in her head, because she
>wants to act like she’s not 110-115kg, and looks disgusting.
Besides that, you can see her hanging around R9K/Sheep discord servers, with her incel and furry orbiters. Oh, and she got mad cause I slept with her EX boyfriend. Piggie angry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912678

I would sex….

No. 912679

anon, how would you? I don’t think she’d be able to move all the fat out of the way.

No. 912680

simple, just fuck the fat

No. 912681

appearances aside, she’s understandably psychotic. She’s doxed people, and there’s proof that it’s her. She’s 15, and the biggest whore I’ve met. Hasn’t your mother taught you not to stick it in crazy?

No. 912683

Nypa vendettachan

No. 912685

But I thought this was for exposing snowflakes! You telling me this ain’t the move?

No. 912688

There’s no milk here anon. Besides if this chicks actually 15 then it’s against site rules. Take your vendetta chan ass back to twitter or wherever.

No. 912690

honestly, making an original post like this comes off way cringier than anything this girl could possibly have done. btw, where's the milk? is she just fat?

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