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No. 912154

I haven't seen many threads about the powerusers of Reddit. This one in particular is REALLY obsessed with incels. In just 1 year, he managed to rack up well over 1 million karma and become a mod at r/inceltears, the subreddit where most of his posts are made. And he posts there a lot. It's very rare for him to post less than 20 times a day, often posting comments made on incel forums months ago just to hit his quota. This has obviously made him a favorite target for incel communities. The most recent alteration was this Christmas, where BrazilianSigma made over 50 posts (not including comments) instead of spending time with his family. The incel communities naturally mocked him for wasting his Christmas, but BrazilianSigma didn't seem to understand why such a thing might be seen as pathetic and decided to post about how he spent Christmas posting about incels on r/inceltears. As per usual, most of the community began to whiteknight for our internet hero, with some members even coming up with theories about how BrazilianSigma is actually a bot that somehow beat the Turing test. A few people actually sided with the incels and called BrazilianSigma pathetic, but they were few and far between all the comments supporting his one-man crusade. All powerusers of Reddit are pathetic, and there are even a few people who are more active than BrazilianSigma, but BrazilianSigma may take the cake as the single worst user just because of how delusional he is. He legitimately believes that he's making a difference by wasting his life browsing incel forums for imaginary internet points and has an entire subreddit encouraging him. By the time you've fully absorbed the latest bit of drama between him and incels, he's already made a dozen other posts to rile up incels even more. The teats of this lolcow never run dry.
Reddit Profile: https://www.reddit.com/user/BrazilianSigma
BrazilianSigma mocking incels for mocking the fact that he wasted his Christmas: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncelTears/comments/eg1vho/hahahah_sigma_didnt_go_offline_in_christmas/
BrazilianSigma admitting to having a self-imposed quota: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncelTears/comments/bdhvaz/i_dont_even_count_my_posts_anymore/
Incel wiki page on him: https://incels.wiki/w/BrazilianSigma(shit thread)

No. 912156

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No time for sleep while stinky inkwels are bothering m'lady
I also forgot to mention his fan subreddit. Mostly taken over by incels now.

No. 912175

eh, some bored scrote isn't milky

No. 912204

It's hard to look bad when your target is incels.

No. 912617

OP you're an incel posting in a girl forum. Go back to whatever shit hole you came from and cry some more about how muh jawline can't land you a good gf.

No. 912952

>OP you're an incel posting in a girl forum.
> Go back to whatever shit hole you came from and cry some more about how muh jawline can't land you a good gf.

No. 912970

Lol reddit incels are literally the most worthless braindead morons on the planet. Good for him if he has no life and so he spends his time telling them they’re retarded, this thread is a joke made by some even more pathetic incel. Next

No. 913335

Good luck bro, I'm behind 1000 proxies
Incels have never been wrong about anything.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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