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File: 1455129646665.jpg (45.46 KB, 502x600, albinwonderland.jpg)

No. 91208

Angelina or albinwonderland is a Canadian vlogger who spoke a lot about feminist issues on Youtube. She used to date a sensible guy but ever since they broke up and she moved into a house with a trannie, she's gone full blown sjw.


No. 91209

I like her.

No. 91212

That's cool. Some people have valid complaints about her though. This is lolcow after all. You can always hide the thread.

No. 91214

Wow, I wasn't even saying anything but "I like her." Lmao

No. 91216

She's always been a SJW wth? And is she even popular anymore?

I haven't been keeping up with her but I use to follow her YouTube

No. 91217

Already offended for one of the most sensible sentences on farms? triggered. Also gonna copy paste what I said before :
"Sigh. I used to LOVE her. I love her hair. But then she was getting more and more agressive. Like she has thiscalm, serene persona but on the other hand her stance of eating white bread during diet(??) was wrtten really agressively…something along the lines of "my friend eats onlywhite bread and she lost weight!!1!! People should stop listening to the bullshit doctors say!" Alb, do you even nutrition?
Also bawwed she was catcalled(I hate it too obviously) and chased by men (she described it as if they planned on killing her or something) and despite her claiming when runnning away from them they were screaming at her she didnt call the police. Instead made a crying tumblr post. "

Ever since she broke up with The Captain she became a radical feminist. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

No. 91220

I can at least sympathize with her being catcalled. That is bullshit and no woman deserves that.

No. 91222


No. 91223

Does anyone know why her and Captain broke up? She never went into detail about it.
Around 6:30 she talks a little bit about their relationship falling apart, but nothing more.

No. 91225

Wasn't the cat call a Motor cycle gang who followed her while she was riding her bike home. The way she describe it was def something to be scared about.

But the was like over 2 years old, and even tho she clearly wanted attention for it I don't think that's snow material. Why isn't this under pt?

No. 91227

Why would this be in /pt/ ? Alb is /snow/ material. I didn't want to make a thread just for it to get moved. Come on, anon. You're smarter than that.

No. 91235

Of course. I get this shit a lot. But the way she wrote this piece was so dramatic acting as if she'd been abused by them far more than that.

No. 91241

That sad. Especially since I remember her pics from what, middle school with him ? Anyone has his blog or something ?

No. 91244

She's dating the guy, not just moved in with him, and he's just another tumblr gender fluid fag.

I was expecting an actual trannie

No. 91247

Dumb question probably but does she use extensions? I've never been able to fathom how her hair can actually stay that long without breaking when she is constantly bleaching it, blowdrying and curling it.

No. 91248

I think she said once she uses shit ton of conditioner mixed with the paint. Oils and conditioners do wonders too. I have really long hair that I didn't cut in the past 2 years and they don't look like they fray thanks to my hair care. She has a video on her channel somewhere about her hair

No. 91251

She uses wet set curls and pin curls, and her natural hair color is light, so bleaching is minimal.

No. 91252

Thank you guys! This helps me a lot.

No. 91260

She has stated before that she'll use extensions from time to time for some up-dos but mainly it's all her hair.

No. 91266


She's dating someone named Niko, but the person she's moved in with is some trannie named Stef. He used to just be an obnoxious flaming gay guy but now he's a straight up MTF. I can't seem to find his Youtube channel though.

No. 91268

Well those gender fluid fucks consider themselves trannies right? Like, some even take cheap internet bought hormones or bind and shit and play the whole part of "omg I'm so oppressed, so discriminated about, now let me go out dresses like a clown"

No. 91271

They think that since they sometimes feel like wearing a dress and sometimes jeans means they're genderfluid …

No. 91272

.. So he's an autogynephile.
Filthy fetishists.

No. 91274

Here's her yt channel.
I actually like her, I think she is cute and I like her "special" face.

No. 91275

It was hard to watch that clip. He's gross.

No. 91276

He's a trannie, Alb calls him her girlfriend and on his twitter I've seen him refer to himself as "mommy" a few times.

No. 91278

anon, no.

No. 91280

But she is a trans girl, Anon.

At least she's actually taking estrogen and going through with it and not staying in that tumblr 'genderfluid' grey area

No. 91281

I'm not TERF and I don't give a shit about trans, I will call people with their prefered pronouns, I don't want to get into any debate, fam.
She is on T-blocker and taking estrogen, it's enough to make it legit to me;

No. 91285

I loved her so much when I was 15/16 in 2010, but now she's such a SJW….
I used to watch her videos but they're so boring now. Did you see her small town/big city video? OMG she's so spezul and awkward~because it's sooo differernt

I love Steff though, her voice so calming

No. 91287

That first part, me too! But yeah I hate the spezul ~~I love make up and pizza~~ shit

No. 91288

I use to really like Angelina, but for some reason I don't like her now, other then I still think she is really pretty.

No. 91289

File: 1455138102598.png (399.51 KB, 952x515, stefs.png)

Holy fuck

No. 91303

She is so sweet, I love watching her youtube's videos

No. 91315

File: 1455141229909.png (239.27 KB, 330x424, nai.png)


No. 91323

Oh she's been around forever on daily_lolita. She used to be an obnoxious shit-talker right before most lolitas moved from LJ to tumblr. I always thought she was haggard and too old-looking (despite being moderately young) for the style she tries to wear. Now that being a SJW is in style, it doesn't surprise me that she channels her annoying personality into a "just cause" in order to maintain e-fame.

No. 91333

Finally, I've been waiting for an Alb thread. Something about her grates me so much worse than most cows. It has to be because of her bubblegum snowflakey feminism and her SJW nature. At least other cows and flakes here are just pathetic people overall. Alb seems to have quite a mindless following, though. I think it's just because she's pretty, dyes her hair pink really well, and can charade as a reasonable thinker.

The only reason why I ever followed her, honestly, is to see her hair dye secrets. Does anyone have a vid about it? I think she told how she gets that vivid pink, either on her tumblr or youtube, but I can't remember which it was.

No. 91334

She does have an oldish face, it's probably all those sharp features.

I used to like checking out her tumblr because of the pretty and cute things she would post but got so tired of the SJW rambling.

No. 91342


Her and another blogger who is popular now (stella rose) used to talk MAD SHIT on getoffegl back in the day. We all kind of did, and most people grew up and moved on and stopped being so petty, but I've got this feeling that she's still a mean person for some reason, and just says SJW things because she's cute and has pink hair and it makes her more popular.

I liked her back when she was dating the captain and actually drew and made artwork. She seemed cool and fun and normal, now I find her intolerable and I can't place my finger on why.

No. 91347

fucking hell no

No. 91348


All i like about her is her hair.

No. 91349

She was a lolita? For how long? Any coord I ever saw her in was super ita looking. I just assumed she was a typical tumblrite that grabbed random fashions that seemed trendy, lolita being one of them, and just threw them on her body.


This Stefan person strikes me as similar, as if someone just tossed some lolita onto him.

No. 91350

Learn to link properly
And she never came off as a lolita ever to me. She never said she was as far as I know and I used to watch her back in 2011/2012. She just owned a skirt skirts and accessories and liked how they looked because they were pink.

No. 91352

Stef is being referred to as 'he' and a guy in this video and it wasn't recorded that long ago. It really makes me feel like even though he's taking hormones, it feel trendy. why couldn't he just be a gay dude who wears makeup and sometimes crossdresses? I will never understand trans people who feel they were suddenly born in the wrong body because reasons. Please.

No. 91357

So she literally just owns a skirt and some accessories? Why was she talking shit on getoffegl, then?

She reminds me of the scum /cgl/ seems to get, where there's attention whore cosplay girls or non-lolitas that follow lolita drama but have shitty ita coords at most.

No. 91360

I've seen that Lor woman before. She has quite the horse face for lolita.

No. 91361

does she have down syndrome?
is she inbred?
what leads a person to look this odd, i think its mostly the fact that she has wide set eyes, yet still puts makeup on the wrong side to make it look wider

No. 91364

It's a genetic mutation called Waardenburg syndrome or something.

No. 91371

yeah, she's nice and all but goddamn is her face unfortunate

No. 91553

No clue. Ive seen her post some lolita dresses sometimes, but she never really did the whole shebang. If she hasn't deleted her lj, I'm sure someone who is a member here can also confirm. She was super obnoxious and memorable because she kept all of her fonts super tiny, bright pink, and centered.

No. 91560

>yet still puts makeup on the wrong side to make it look wider
This bothers me so much unless he's just trying to get more attention by looking more freakish since, who knows, it's a crazy tranny.

I watched the video talking about his disorder a couple of months ago and YouTube still constantly recommends his videos so I'm super triggered already.

No. 91568

I agree that ang is a bit much, but stef is a sweetheart. I thing wardenburg(?) peeps have cute faces.

No. 91600

File: 1455197877144.jpg (53.24 KB, 624x350, dren.jpg)

No. 91612

I think that's the case with most of her following, they just like her for her hair. Her being an SJW is just a plus for her dumblr followers

No. 91613

Funny you mention that, it's actually addressed by him/her/whatever.

No. 91615

I was a member of getoffegl, I can confirm she posted on there semi-regularly between 2006-2008ish.

No. 91620

I actually think her face is interesting, idk. That white mesh of hair also looks pretty cool. She seems like a nice person, judging by the youtube videos.

No. 91628

surgery aint cheap, dude.

No. 91655

Tell moar

No. 91679

Posting a video like this to Youtube is very manipulative.

No. 91682

Oh I'm so glad this girl has a thread. I remember back in 2012 when that "SHIT ___ SAYS" trend was happening and I LOVED her one on Tumblr (this was when Tumblr was still mainly fandoms and fun pictures). I've followed her on Twitter since then but I recently unfollowed her because my God is she obnoxious.

No. 91683

No. 91686

They all look like gossiping Versailles court hags.

No. 91736

File: 1455225512765.jpg (96.18 KB, 500x375, 1442281173575.jpg)

i watched this and it kind of enrages me that the mom's side with a HUGE genetic defect are breeding like rabbits.
this world is already overpopulated with unwanted kids yet they still knowingly bare children already aware that they will be both ugly and suffer from health problems for the rest of their lives.
also i was right about the inbred part, most genetic deformities come from inbreeding.
sorry, just really pisses me off when people have a clear genetic fuck up yet have kids anyways

No. 91746

No, I totally get it. This is why genetic screening should be mandatory. If you have fucked up genetics, you should not be breeding.

No. 91747


They so do. It's embarrassing that they're all in their mid 20s and act like this.

No. 91748

Suicide is cheap. Trans MTFs are getting more sympathy now a days then real women do. This is fucked up.

No. 91749

Of fucking course he's trans now.

He'd be a unique looking dude if he just remained a gay dude and not a trans shitter.

No. 91832

i looked back into angelinas IG and her boyfriend seemed to be a normal dude a few months ago no nail polish make up or generfluidness he just straight up looked like a normal dude and i feel like stef just hopped onto the trans bandwagon they are a sweet person but i think its being forced i kinda like them better as a gay non trans person maybe angelina has influenced them?

No. 91833

I went into this video cold. He's just coming off as a gay dude.

What are these people, who were too gutless to be trans when it was unfashionable and dangerous, going to do when they grow out of this? Because 99% of them will. And they'll be pleading for money for "reversal" surgeries or whatever they'll call them.

No. 91842

Is she some genderflake, too? I've seen girls who are really hardcore SJW imprint hard onto men who don't really have the will to fight against that kind of self-important feminism. It is hard, if you really love someone and they have unyielding political or ideological views.

He seems like a nice person, honestly. I bet he really likes her and is actually doing that to impress her. He comes off very normal gay to me otherwise. Some women use gay men as their little dollies and boy toys and this is what >>91350 came off to me as.

No. 92031

Well, to be honest, what is so weird with hiding being trans WHEN IT IS DANGEROUS?
You say it like they owe someone that, or something. Of course I wouldn't come out like 10 years ago or smth if I were trans.

Also the 99% ones is far fetched. Being operated as trans isnt as easy as you think. You can take estrogen and so on but no doctor will give you a surgery without MRI scans or some shit they do to trannies.

No. 92048

File: 1455331982728.jpg (69.82 KB, 1029x768, naturalbeauty.jpg)

you're being way too charitable, anon

No. 92051

I dunno, ask a trans person who was living the life in the 80s, the 90s. The ones I've met. They stuck their necks out to live this life, because they needed to… not to get snowflake points on the internet.

I don't actually think surgery is that hard to access anymore. If you leave your home country you can get all sorts of things done without a psychiatric review or counselling.

Taking hormones on a whim or for fashion is something no young person should do. But in their clamouring to be seen as non-normative in every way, some of these kids are going to make a terrible mistake. Not all, but some. Some will just wake up one day and realise they are just gay or whatever… too late.

No. 92136

I don't really get how Angelina could have influenced them both to be trans as you say. She's not trans herself or anything. The only thing I could really see her doing is, if either of them made some kind of comment about potentially being trans she would encourage them 100% to "be themselves" rather than being like "hmmmmm I don't know about that…" but I don't necessarily consider that influencing. Just reinforcing.

No. 92144

I'm out, I just, I can't, reading shit like this makes me want to kill myself and I generally ignore when people talk like this because clearly they're either 12 or a complete idiot but nope.

No. 92145

File: 1455361091087.gif (1.57 MB, 250x158, srsly.gif)

Who hurt you, why are you evil cunt

No. 93394

It definitely seems like the minority on this site to be straight up racist or homo/transphobic, but it's not tumblry to just accept that these people exist. IDK if you guys were raised wrong or are just that afraid of tumblr but chill the fuck out.

I get it, you don't believe Stefan. Personally, as I do with other tumblr SJWs, I don't fully believe Stefan either. If Albi, Laci Green, or especially Miles Jai came out as trans I wouldn't believe them either. But there are other ways to bitch about that than straight up calling people crazy trannies. This site was made for bitching, but some of you guys just being edgy.

Sage for OT.

No. 104731

She cheated on him with a friend and they took a break, he even dated another girl who had a big problem with her. They got back together but it was a bit off and finally broke up again.

No. 106826

Wow, really? Deets on that? I didn't really take her to be the cheating type. I find it strange how obsessive she is with her relationships though. She used to constantly post pictures with/talk about her boyfriend. She also used to say her and her ex were Harley and the Joker, but I bet you today she screams about how abusive and unhealthy their relationship is, lol.

No. 106828

She actually does claim that relationship was unhealthy.

No. 107093

This was back when she was still using LJ and had a pretty active ask fm, but making the switch to tumblr. The guy's name was Geoff and he was a close friend of hers. Not sure why she did it, she was pretty immature and obviously experiencing a bit of emotional problems, but she wanted forgiveness pretty badly.

No. 107094

It's kind of funny she used to post on efagz, and now she's being posted here. Ironic.

No. 122529

File: 1461227683070.jpg (19.38 KB, 400x430, 1430099581955.jpg)

does anyone have caps?

No. 122537

Isn't this the same girl who freaked out about vaccines and nearly went anti vax? I remember her telling people not to get the HPV vaccine (unless that was another person, please correct me if I'm wrong)

No. 122551

He looked fascinating as a kid, not gonna lie. Looks like a genuine mer-person or sth. Still looks interesting, just too much hipster bullshit. Know nothing about him, just commenting on his appearance.

No. 123184

I know Audrey Kitching did, but I don't remember Angelina freaking about vaccines.

No. 124144

no it's not

No. 147609

File: 1466753565436.jpg (72.45 KB, 939x525, image.jpg)

Alb is now the host of City's Between after show.

No. 147613

Vaginoplasty- $19,750
Orchiectomy- 4,600
Breast Augmentation- $8,200

They probably want a new face as well though just to go full Gigi


No. 147624

She looks so mannish. Some girls need to realize that if they look masculine, going hyper-girly with their look just makes their features stand out even more.

No. 147817


I agree. She'd look much prettier in boyfriend jeans and flannel/basic tees to balance out her handsome features.

No. 147824

Still gonna be a man. A fake vagina does not a female make.

No. 147884

please go die in a river

No. 147954

take a deep breath
it will be ok
there is no need to be so angry over someone disagreeing with you online

No. 148022

>I'm out, I just, I can't, reading shit like this makes me want to kill myself
>I'm out, I just, I can't
Fucking kek. This is the most tumblr post I've ever seen on here and that's saying a lot.

No. 148132

Aw, honey. You know it's true. You can't change your biology no matter how much plastic surgery your get.

No. 148133

She has really angular features and doesn't know how to rock them. Why is it all the hard faced woman want to be kawaii chibi moon?? She needs to lose that pink hair already.

No. 148151

I think she looks great with dark pink. Not this light, pastel stuff

No. 148153

It definitely looks better darker.

No. 148154

What is science? You can't just have a real working vagina, triggered tumblrette.
She'd look so much better with a darker hair color and losing all these pastels. She just doesn't have a cute face at all.

No. 148650

I think she'd suit a more refined stye like Dita Von Teese's really nicely.

No. 148659

File: 1467033165601.png (915.25 KB, 1204x596, w45.png)

Funny you say that. She does look better with that sort of style overall. It just matches her facial features more and her body is definitely a good fit for it.

No. 148661

she's just got very mature features so she suits more adult vintage styles really well. i was honestly surprised to find out she's 25 because she looks much more mature. She's always looked very adult, i think her face is quite timeless but not in a way that suits super pastel kawaii fashion.

No. 148844

Agreed. If she legit dyed her hair brown and went the Dita Von Teese pinup style, she'd look 100x better.

No. 168652


So she posted another Life Update video talking about how her ex-boyfriend (the one she cheated on) cheated on her and she talks a bit about her current partner. I feel like this is kinda manipulative. It's been three years and she's been with Niko for two like… there is no need to keep talking about him and opening the wound.

No. 168661

wait, she cheated on him? lol, i had totally forgotten about her until i saw that vid today. she really painted it as a "i was cheated on, just me" sitch. she seems a bit strange to me.

No. 168673

honestly i would be really upset if my bf or s/o were to post a video about their ex after 3 years.. like why are you even thinking about them still

No. 168678

yeah, i was thinking the same thing. unless there were people who still thought they were dating and she was trying to clear the air, which i don't think is the case, especially not three years later.

there was nothing else in the update except "i was actually cheated on and by the way i've had a girlfriend for 2 years." is that really the most exciting thing going on for you? that you're dating a tranny?

when i see a life update i kind of want more than relationship drama, especially old and stale drama.

this comment is old as shit but radical feminist is the opposite of what she is. she's a libfem through and through.

No. 170300

Jesus fuck, you losers will find anything to complain about won't you?

Angelina is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and besides who fucking gives a shit if she's dating a genderfluid person? Captain was an asshole who cheated on her, and she seems way happier now.

SJW is a stupid word that bigots made up to feel better about their own bigotry. Seriously, fuck all of you for hating on an innocent sweet girl who's done nothing but express who she is online.

No. 170304

Y halo there Angie

No. 170312

Yeah, why is she STILL talking about her ex? Girl needs to let it go.

No. 170313

File: 1472661709432.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

SJWs is a word for retards who think there are 76 genders and genderfluid is a thing. Chill. Angelina is a major sjw.

No. 172025

It's annoying how Stef complains about being ~misgendered~ in this video. The way he explained it, it seems like the person wasn't doing it with malicious intent or anything. And you really can't complain about this when you also complain about gender roles (idk if he does but I'm assuming he does since every other sjw does). Like I'm pretty sure if someone called someone like Miles Jai or Jeffree Star a woman, these people would flip out about how dressing femininely/wearing makeup doesn't automatically make someone a woman.

Sorry if I shouldn't post this here, I just felt like it was best to since I don't think Stef has enough milk for a thread and I really felt the need to rant about this.

No. 172094

File: 1473298298005.gif (959.91 KB, 245x210, tumblr_m95qemWLbI1r3jyz9o4_250…)

She reminds me of Louis Litt from Suits. Pic related

No. 172101

Didnt she make a video about how she never wanted to be a women that she will always be transgendered or some bull like that?

No. 172103

That doctor shouldn't be doing the surgery Stef wants. BDD cannot be fixed with shaving your jaw and forehead down to almost nothing. It's a mental illness and you will continue to find things wrong with yourself until you keep chasing the next surgery to become "perfect" for yourself. But that will never happen.
Surgeons are not supposed to give any procedures to people who have BDD and are depressed because it will only exacerbate the issues. Stef needs someone, a good friend like Alb, to step in and prevent it from happening.

No. 175084

she definitely pulled the whole "im not trans!! just a boy who likes makeup" thing once. and a few months later she suddenly comes out and starts posting all of these transgender related videos like shes some sort of trans authority
also her voice is super annoying, her whole persona just seems so forced and obnoxious

No. 178853

I just looked - Stef and Angelina aren't following each other on Instagram. Stef follows Angelina on Twitter, but she doesn't follow Stef.

Something must've happened while they lived together, because before they were always in each other's videos and seemed very close.

Also, I noticed she went back and changed a bunch of Tumblr posts from her full name to ALB. It's not hard to find out her full names. You can find it within a Google search or even on her YouTube channel.

No. 178856

I'm actually really surprised Stef moved out… So yeah, something must've happened

No. 178888

Do you think either of them will ever talk about it in a video? As 'private' as Angelina acts like she wants to be, she also seems like she enjoys that kind of attention if that "my boyfriend cheated on me 3 years ago" video is any indication of that.

No. 178942

I want these special snowflake idiots to go away. Stef is just a faggot, but had to jump on that trans train for those oppression points.

No. 180676

She vlogged her day, and she really is the most boring person on earth. How does she have followers?

No. 216870

Angelina used to be so interesting and likable before the breakup happened. Now all she does is collect LGBT friends like they're Pokemon (and abandon them apparently - she still hasn't mentioned anything about Stef, and I was really thinking she might say something congratulatory about the surgery) and now all she does is complain on Twitter and act like a fragile delicate princess. Her ASMR channel the the most uncomfortable thing I've ever witnessed. The cutesy pink schtick is attracting the worst fanbase from Tumblr girls to weird m'lady neckbeard types/male feminists. I've also looked at some of her Twitter replies and saw her sucking up to some other "famous" people. Super embarrassing. She's a fake and a snake and I hope it all gets exposed one day. I'm honestly surprised there wasn't backlash from the video she made about her ex THREE YEARS LATER, but she has pink hair so all is okay!!! uwu

No. 224807

welp she looks exactly the same. you'd think with the whole gofundme campaign that she used to siphon out money from her viewers she'd buy a nice face. but nope. just a huge waste of money

No. 224811

Her forehead looks nice. Why does she always sound so irritated though? I actually want to like her but she always sounds so fucking bitchy (example, the last ~3 minutes of the video)
Is Stef living with her parents now or is she just there for holidays/surgery recovery?

No. 224812

she's on holiday/recovering from her surgery with them. I want to like her too but she comes off as entitled bitch. also it just bothered me that she asked for so much money just to get barely anything fixed.
the thumbnail is pretty misleading cause it's shooped as fuck

No. 224813

Her forehead looks great and I do see a difference with her upper lip. Her upper lip used to be non existent, but now she actually has a visible one without makeup.

It's going to take a while for the real end results to be noticeable tbh. With any major facial surgery, there's going to be a lot of swelling that will make it more difficult to see what the end result will look like. I think she looks a lot better already, but I suppose we'll actually see in a month or two? It's only been a week.

Personality wise, I think she's alright, but tries a little too hard sometimes, can come off entitled, and can get overly defensive. I feel pretty indifferent though, her personality isn't really awful enough for me to have any real feelings about it.

No. 224842

I'm genuinely curious about what happened between Alb and Stef, because they are kind of annoying and entitled so I'm sure one of them (or both) did something bitchy.

No. 224981

I think she said her jaw is still fairly swollen, so give it some more time for bigger differences to appear. But her forehead does look good.

No. 225207

I remember a couple years ago when the tranny thing she is dating was still a dude.

I think it feels so forced and try hard because she thought she was a straight girl with a straight guy, ended up with this monstrosity and doubled down with the lgbt rights shit.

Either that or she encourages it to feel special instead of a "boring" cis girl who is dating a man.

No. 225254

Well, considering Ang made a video calling out her ex as a cheater 3 years after the fact leads me to believe that she'll probably make a video about Stef at some point, even if it's a few years too late.

No. 225613

…Anyone else think Niko moving in with Angelina in a few weeks has anything to do with Stef moving out? I know it's been awhile since Stef left, but maybe something blew up between the three.

No. 225636

File: 1483264330527.jpg (368.13 KB, 840x700, 1483081155485.jpg)

i wouldnt be surprised if she thought Niko was a fake tranny because they happened to come out a little bit after stef did. i dunno man she just seems like the type who wants to be the specialist of all the snowflakes, since all she talks about in her videos is being trans.like theres nothing more to her persona. she brings nothing new to the table creative wise. just another angry marginalized tumblr.

you know what drives me insane about her though she never shuts the fuck up about the huuuuuuge danger of getting murdered. jesus fuck lady you live in Toronto which is basically liberal city,unless she gets mixed up with gym fags or macho man douches nothing is gonna happen. her social circle are all people who are fine with her and what she is and people like that tend to attract other like minded folk. christ i'd get it if she was in the middle bumfuck nowhere kentucky or the south, bitch needs to use some of that gofundme money to see a psychiatrist and psychotherapist to treat her anxiety.

No. 227042

File: 1483496119373.png (119.06 KB, 1070x376, ALB.png)

Here's a comment I found re: Stef moving out. I feel like this is such a cop-out and kind of awkwardly written. It's fairly obvious to anyone with a brain that something happened between the two. They were so close before and now they don't follow each other on social media anymore.

No. 227153

File: 1483507926990.jpg (93.42 KB, 671x561, waybackcaptain1.jpg)

No. 227181

And in her flirting video she claimed she was gay when a dude tried to flirt with her. It just feels super forced…

No. 244904

She just posted TWO sponsored videos for the exact same thing. Pathetic. She's getting really greedy.

No. 244942


he's so fuckin ugly omg

No. 244948

Should have just stuck to be being a flamboyant gay dude. I don't understand this tranny epidemic.

No. 245355

Is there a way to remove links on Google about you? If so I think ALB did it for this thread. I swear upon searching for her it would be on the first or second page but I went 10 pages in and this thread was nowhere to be seen. Her GG thread was still on the second page though. And maybe I'm remembering incorrectly but I swear she had a PULL thread too.

No. 245381


salty bitch is salty

No. 252676

I love her so much alb is always do articulate. She's always trying to bring attention to important issues, she is a bit of a sjw but the world kinda needs them? And she's by far one of the smartest ones out there. Plus her hair is in such amazing condition for being pink for over ten years (seriously we need a thread on here for hair though)

No. 252677

That sounded so up her ass or like I'm her. I apologise anons. I really do looks her though..

No. 252835

Check /g/

No. 308591

Sorry for bringing the thread back but I genuinely enjoy Alb compared to most other kawaii ugu youtubers. Do any of the anons that remember her from her lolita days have any actual milk? or i'll just keep assuming that she's pretty tame?

The sjw shit doesn't really bother me but is she even still dating that FTM person? I get the single vibe from her videos nowadays.

No. 308894

hes actually mtf which annoys me since when she started dating him he was still a guy and looked better than her old bf
also just check her twitter she posted its their 3 year anniversary
she said hes 'a private person' so most of the time youre lucky if you hear his voice behind the camera

No. 333470

Wow, I feel terrible for her. I'm not a fan but no one deserves to have this happen to them.

No. 333529

i wish she would explain what actually happened in better detail i know it must be hard for her but im just curious im guessing they punched her in the face bc of the lip wound and what gave them the reason to even assault her? maybe its people who knew her from the internet

No. 333531

she said a group of men so it was probably some muslim rapefugee shits(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333535

Why the hell would you make a video about this?

No. 333536

She said they choked her as well. I'm really curious to the details too but it's not my place to pry into it.

No. 333560

i know it seems very attention seeking

No. 333562

u cant ban me lol liberal mods :3>>333531(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333564

also you're just mad cus i was telling the truth

No. 333571

File: 1497135220915.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, qwerty.jpg)

No. 333574

Did you watch the video anon? She wanted to inform people about what happened to her. She also stated why she made the video near the end.

No. 333578


what the fuck? did you even watch the video? it's not like this is "(STORYTIME) I GOT ASSAULTED!!!" she tends to make videos to spread awareness about things and this is very in line with. i think this is a good video spreading information about this + what happened to her. she even says in the video she feels like she needed to make it.
what the fuck do you want people to make videos about? alb didn't even do a bad job here at all, i feel bad for her

No. 333742

if i was banned why am i not banned??? :33

No. 333751

Because you're an edgy autistic who doesn't know when you are not wanted, and ban evading on an anonymous forum is your way of coping with rejection.

No. 333755

i know my liberal friend, the truth hurts.

No. 334129

I don't like her tumblr views on a lot of stuff, but she didn't deserve this.

No. 334132

This genuinely pisses me off. like, fuck. The comments too make me feel so sad that this feels so commonplace for a lot of women.. I don't tend to like her videos, but this is so fucking awful. I don't understand how this still happens in North America. I feel for her and really hope she gets a little therapy, because it does help..

No. 334186

don't respond, just report. They're clearly not getting enough attention from mommy and daddy

No. 334203

>North America
What? She's Canadian, right? I'm really curious about the so-called "safe and busy neighborhood in broad daylight" aspect if some guys just ran up and started choking her. Did she say if that mark on her face has to do with it?

I definitely think something happened, but her story is really contradictory. She says she's doesn't want to get into details at all, then get into morbid details like how the police officer asked how hard he choked her and if he had rings on. She says it was safe and busy, but there were no witnesses and no one stopped to help?

I wish her the best and fuck whoever did this to her, but she needs to tell this whenever she feels a bit better and can talk coherently about the situation. She's clearly still shaken up.

No. 334229

Yeah, she's in Canada (part of NA)
But yeah, I agree with you. She seemed clearly distressed over an assault, though it's crazy to think a group of men in broad daylight attacked her unprovoked IN FRONT of her family unless they were stinking drunk.

No. 334233

What's confusing for me is that no one took a video of them? If they had enough time to choke her, why did none of her family record it or call the police right then and there? Or fight them, even?

No. 334235


I don't know anything about the situation, barely anything about Albin… but you have to realize that what happened was shocking. It's not everyone's first instinct to pull out their phone and record. Some people just freeze up, run or do something that isn't "logical."

It is easy to deem their actions illogical when you've never been in that sort of situation. I hope that the attackers are brought to justice and everyone involved receives the help they need.

No. 334291

Yeah this. She also mentioned it was all over in 25 seconds, that's not much time to pull out your phone and film anyway.

No. 334308

Does anyone know if she had a falling out with Stef Sanjati? And if so, why?

No. 334380

To be fair, there are loads of intolerant people in the world. She's dating Niko, and even in Canada I'm sure there's people who don't agree with that. Not to mention she stands out. She has bright pink hair.

No. 334560

I'm still confused by her supposedly safe and "busy" neighborhood she was in. Why did no one else witness this or help? I think she was clearly alone with her female family member. I really don't like how she acts like it was a random incident when it sounds like she's omitting a lot of important details.

Was she actually out with her girlfriend? Some people made a comment that the "family member" was actually her and the nature of the crime was homophobic.

No. 334588

If you have ever been in an emergency situation you will know that most people suck and won't do anything but stand there gawking at the disaster. It's actually really rare that someone will risk themselves by stepping in to help. Plus, like she said in the video, the entire assault lasted for only 25 seconds. That's barely enough time to react.

That being said I don't really buy her entire story, but I believe it's possible that no one did anything when she was attacked.

Not related to the rest of my post; but I'm wondering if she was sexually assaulted and that's the part she didn't mention on youtube. I hope she makes a more in depth video at some point.

No. 339768

File: 1498182311744.png (461.57 KB, 1148x588, dkfjdk.png)

The only thing she's said about the attack since the video came out.

No. 339770

File: 1498182397894.jpg (174.79 KB, 960x1280, alb.jpg)

Samefagging, but here's a recent pic of her with Niko. Is Niko even taking hormones?

No. 339957

It kind of terrifies me how openly aggressive/violent men are towards women nowadays. I don't particularly like Alb but no one deserves this shit. And I 100% believe her, cause I have experienced and witnessed this many times where I live (I'm in a pretty rough neighborhood and there are loads of white trash assholes, but middle class frat guys are bad for this too)

Men have tried to start fights with me and my friends, spat at me in the street etc. I remember I was out with my friends and we stopped outside a store to talk, and this random group of grown ass men (like 30 years old) kept running into and shoving in between us to separate us, like shoving us really hard and thought it was the funniest thing ever. One runs up to us and screams in my friend's face going 'WHAT BITCH?! WHAT?' and like putting his arms out like 'try and hit me'. And we couldn't even respond because you don't know what the reaction will be.

I'm not some pink haired SJW with a MTF partner like Alb, I look about as basic as you can get. But I'm sure it draws a lot of negative attention to her. Especially since pink hair is associated with tumblr, lefties, zoe quinn etc.

Gone are the days when men were gentlemanly and women behaved and were treated as ladylike. Sigh.(blogpost)

No. 339972

.. Yeah, I'm sure all of that happened.

No. 339979

I don't understand why niko can't just be an effeminate dude, seems like eyeliner and pastels are what it takes to make a girl.

No. 339988

I don't believe this, I just don't. Unless she can't distinquish arabic from white.. or she over exaggerated what happened if they were white it's likely they didn't abuse her sexually. Gang rape just isn't in white genes.

No. 339990

>Gang rape just isn't in white genes

Go to back stormfront

I've experienced all kinds of similar shit from aggressive men of all races and I've lived in Canada my entire life. I actually don't believe girls that claim they've never encountered random violent men on the streets, or it's safe to assume they don't actually leave the house much on their own or they don't live close to big cities.

GTA has the biggest population in the country, obviously crime rates are high. Why would anyone be surprised that a special snowflake like alb got assaulted in a city of 6.5 million? Shit happens.

No. 340009

>I actually don't believe girls that claim they've never encountered random violent men on the streets
I've never encouraged anything of the sort and I was born and raised in Eastern Europe. Never been mugged either. I go out plenty and the only time something happened to me was when some gypsy kid threw a can at me because I didn't want to give him money.
Sorry you live in a shithole full of cavemen I guess.

No. 340040

because as a dude he's a loser among men, as a "transwoman" he gets to order women around and do oppression roleplay and get away with all kinds of shit.

No. 340111

I love the rain cloud emoji she used for the thumbnail. She's so stylish! <3

But yeah, she's full of crap.

No. 340123

I don't get why people are seriously harping on her for talking about what happened, or accusing her of lying (one reason being that her attackers were white and apparently white people are incapable of attacking or harassing strangers).
If she spilled all the details without a care, people would call her an attention whore or accuse her of pulling a Tana Mongeau because that'd be suspicious as fuck. Instead, she's handling things as gracefully as possible. I just don't get it.

No. 340127

Sage for blog. My aunt was gang raped by white men (she is also white). You are stupid.

No. 369034

What a pointless video.

No. 369090

I don't want to give her views but let me guess its her talking about how totally gay she is but not really

No. 369103

to summarize the video she basically pansexual and hate labels. she doesnt outright say shes pan but she says shes attracted to people no matter what gender.

No. 369193

It's funny because the Bi+ community is constantly rolling their eyes at people who feel the need to explain "I just don't like labels, I transcend labels" as well as media constantly using the same "I don't like labels speech" in TV and movies instead of simply having characters ID as bisexual. I get it, some people genuinely dislike labels, e.g. Gore Vidal (gay) and James Baldwin (some people say gay, others say bi) insisted they hated labels and love is love and whatnot, but most queer people don't give a shit, they're fine with labels. Sage for blog, but I personally prefer "Bi" because it doesn't require me explaining in depth to somebody my entire sexual identity, like, nobody wants to hear a speech about who I'm willing to fuck and I'm not interested in giving it. Frankly, the "I don't like labels" speech almost always feels like somebody who

A) Is still figuring themselves out and may be uncomfortable with a label just yet
B) Desperately wants people to know their sexual orientation makes them very, very speshul

No. 369325

Idk what I got from it was that she doesn't hate labels, like she doesn't mind when others say she's bi/pan/lesbian, she just doesn't care or think about it enough to label herself as any specific thing. And that's why she likes the umbrella term queer I guess. But who knows.

No. 369963

I think yall are kinda overreacting. I think she was rather neutral and stayed true to her beliefs. Did you expect her to be all out radical about her sexuality?

She already gets dragged for being an avid SJW/tumblrina but then how dare she have moderate or non-explosive opinion? HOW DARE SHE NOT USE LABELS!!! (that she never agreed to use?)

like what?

No. 370135

why even make an entire video and not just outright say it? it's a long drawn out way to separate herself from others. the other anon was right the people who pitch the not wanting to use labels meme are just people who wanna be special. shes pan and she says in the video she has always known that she was because from an early age she liked people no matter the gender.

No. 371004

But aren't pan people basically bisexuals but want to add in a little splenda to feel more special than they actually are? She comes off as very pretentious.

No. 374138

This is how I feel too. Like there's literally no difference between pansexual and bisexual, calling yourself a pansexual is just a snowflake way of putting yourself above others "bcuz look I fall in love with one's personality, not their sex hurrdurr"

No. 374496


mmm, i mean tbh I dislike labels because…well your whole rant. No matter what I pick, as an girly girl who likes other women, someone has a rationality that I must just be a straight girl wanting attention and that 'real gays pick Y.'

I also tend to avoid saying bisexual because I feel like it's misleading, I am not equally into men and women. I like women mostly but will occasionally sleep with a man.

Like I get that lol le sjws or w/e but I sincerely prefer women and the label thing can sincerely be awkward. I get that she herself only seemed to answer it because people asked a lot. Irl I avoid labels by just sincerely never coming out to anyone and letting them figure it out after seeing me with men/women over time.

No. 374497


I mean tbh probs because she makes her secondary income vlogging.

No. 376824

I can't post a screenshot atm but it looks like Angelina just got married to Niko today according to her instagram.

No. 376832


Did Niko dead ass wear jeans for their wedding pictures (if they actually did get married that is) because if so what the fuck

No. 376852

File: 1503365462273.png (574.07 KB, 929x467, shedid.png)

there you go. why can't i shake the feeling that alb cares waaay too much about the aesthetics of everything? all the wedding photos are so "perfect", they nearly seem fake.

No. 376854

File: 1503365541502.png (276.3 KB, 595x402, milkshake.png)

more wedding pics

No. 376856

File: 1503365763415.png (907 KB, 1015x715, bicycle.png)

last one. stef hasn't congratulated them on social media afaik. i'm 99% sure something nasty happened between them. alb didn't congratulate stef on her transition either (or say "get better soon" or whatever in that situation)

No. 376859

I'm still confused is Niko a FtM, MtF or just a butch NB lesbian?

Either way I wish they would have worn better pants for their wedding photos.

No. 376862

I'm sorry but who the fuck doesn't want their wedding photos to be perfect? It's the entire reason people hire photographers in the first place.

To be honest I'm actually super happy for them. Alb seems really happy with niko, at least from her tweets and the way she talks about her in videos etc.

No. 376877

so like are they legit in love? or is some clickbait sjw stuff?

she looks good though, by she I mean alb, her "wife" looks like a complete mess and so out of place, you'd think someone wouldn't want to look like an 80s hobo going to court but wants to look like a rockstar at their wedding, this aesthetic just doesn't fit "her"

No. 376918

Niko looks like a member of The Ramones kek

I'm glad they're happy though. Hopefully it lasts.

No. 376953

Idk would you marry someone after 3+ years of dating just for that ~click bait sjw shit~ ?

Come on anon. I don't really see what's supposedly so disingenuous about alb to begin with, let alone to accuse her marriage of being a sham.

No. 376980

These are so damn awkward… I know Niko is trans, but do they have any plans to get facial reconstruction surgery? because they desperately need it.

No. 376981

I thought they were only together for a year, I'm dumb. But yeah, it seems rushed, but whatever– I hope she's happy. Niko is ugly af imo, but i'm also not fucking him.

No. 377049


I think Niko is hot as a guy. Looks like Noel Fielding.

Sage for pointless

No. 377063

THANK you! I feel like alb is the least drama filled girl on here so people have to make shit like this up about her to have something to talk about.

No. 377353

I agree. I dig skinny, androgynous '80's-rocker-type dudes.

No. 377842

Wait so is niko a guy or a girl? Like if they're trans is it ftm or mtf?

No. 377865

He's supposed to be mtf.

No. 377872

fuck thank you anon. i knew niko reminded me of someone but i couldn't put my finger on who

No. 386756

Nothing about Niko reads to me as woman. It's… just weird to see them in motion as well.

No. 386762

Yeah theyre super awkward to watch. The photos are beautiful but everything else is …off

No. 386776

they seem really awkward and forced with each other but maybe it's because they were deliberately posing and shit. niko looks vaguely uncomfortable the entire time, like they're thinking about puking. alb looks gorgeous though.

No. 387353


I was a little shocked when she started talking in the video, but it's not a bad thing. Definitely mtf. They're cute together, I like Niko's style especially those boots

No. 387605

Mtf hormones for sure

No. 388281

Niko doesn't look like a girl at all.

No. 388303

they seem so awkward together
they could just be feeling nervous about filming a video together or something but I don't sense any chemistry from them whatsoever.
and Niko just looks like some kind of sissy alt boy, not female at all.

No. 388323

See, I think so. Looks kind of just like a lesbian tomboy to me. Honestly, before people in this thread said Niko was MTF I thought they were a cis woman.

No. 389107


You can't just look at the face, even though that is also a deadass giveaway - look at the broad 'coat-hanger' like shoulders, look at the height, the hip to chest ratio - all very male. Also the hands, the nose, the huge feet, the terrible hairstyle.

No. 389140

You must not pay attention. The way Alb tip toed around it for a whiles as a give away. It took months after she got Niko over after years of dating to show pics together, always calling Niko a gender neutral "partner" to avoid it until the recent videos about having a wife.

There is also the timing of the fight with the roomie mtf Steph that clearly happened since they no longer appear in anything to the time that Niko came from the US. Op pic is pretty masculine despite the shop on it as well.

No. 395183

calling an actual transsexual woman a guy kinda makes you a special snowflake yourself. just sayin'

No. 405820

In Stef's new video, she says she was in a toxic friendship… I think it could have been with ALB, seeing as they no longer are friends.

No. 405891

Yeaaaah, I'm thinking it's about her. People in the comments are asking too and there's someone going around defending ALB saying Stef said in a livestream the other day that they're still friends… yet they don't follow each other on any social media. Hmm.

I mean, anyone who has followed ALB for years would know she's a bit of a narc.

No. 405936

Nope lol.

No. 406626


re: narc–how so? Haven't followed her SUPER closely for a while, I'm curious.

No. 416623


Niko: "She works SO HARD on her ASMR videos"

Like she opens boxes of shit people send her in front of the camera, what about that screams "hard"?

No. 426969

I'm interested too in hearing about why she would be called a narc, to me she seems like a very sensible and sweet person, at least in videos. Then again I have not followed her for a long time

No. 430590


I'm pretty sure they meant narcissist… and if you can't see that ALB can be a narcissist you haven't checked her twitter account

No. 430825

Does anyone know what "trans" Niko is? MTF? FTM? What gender pronouns does Niko use? I can't tell, honestly… Alb seems happy with Niko, and they look happy together. In their wedding video where Alb announced they were married, there was a scene of Niko pushing in Alb into her (his?) arms and they looked really cute holding each other.

No. 430828

Is Niko actually trans? I thought she just dressed super androgynous.

No. 430836

he's so obviously mtf, have you even seen him?

No. 430840

I honestly can't tell that Niko is MTF. In fact, I thought Niko was biologically female who dressed androgynous or butch (like a soft butch boi) then I saw this thread and it said Niko was trans.

No. 430852

Yeah, Niko's a transwoman. She started transitioning before they moved in together.

No. 430928

The only way I could possibly see him as a woman is with some hardcore shoop and insanely flattering lighting. Doesn't look like a girl at all to me, especially not his body.

No. 820287

Srry for necro but looks like ALB is going to be in a movie on Crave- for reeses pieces of all things. And Niko is finally doing reassignment surgery

No. 846343

I know this is old. But for those against Stef based on appearances or thinking this was all for trend, https://www.instagram.com/p/BupDJLmD5IW/

She's kept with it and has made huge strides. If you genuinely think trans people aren't trans and whatever else, fine. But she's definitely putting forth the effort.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 846346

godddd what’s with all the necro today(Necro)

No. 855581

File: 1566302159772.jpeg (904.71 KB, 569x1565, DB8E4711-C14A-4C6E-A467-D4BE16…)

Angela and Niko have been dating since early 2015. She claims it’s only been a little over 2 1/2 or maybe 3 years. Her old username was dienikodie. She dated her, then him, under the impression that he was a cis male. I think they briefly broke up, perhaps over the fact that they finally opened up about being trans, and Angela decided to accept the transition and pursue a now lesbian relationship with him. Unfortunate because he was a handsome guy and now a really ugly girl.

No. 857302

I dont understand why men dont just stay men. he was an average looking dude. now he looks like a caveman larping as a woman. i feel bad for her because they are absolutely not a lesbian relationship. they are both straight white people

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