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Viv aka Vivigamings (twitch.tv/viv) acts under a fake innocent facade now but used to be twitch staff which allowed her to get away with acting slutty on cam you can often find her still acting like a whore for attention in Savix and many other popular WoW streamers chats there have been speculations that something is going on with her and Savix but that’s hasent been confirmed Her twitch panels also used to say int her FAQ “how did you get a three letter name? Through the art of seduction of course;)” it has since been changed to something like “its a secret” now a days her instagram (https://instagram.com/vivi_gamings?igshid=16aqijz6pnqnf) consists of the dress up game Love Nikki but you can still see some pictures that aren’t so innocent(shit thread)

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