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File: 1576132868007.jpeg (97.66 KB, 840x560, download.jpeg)

No. 904697

Russ McKamey ran a 'haunt' called McKamey Manor in both San Diego and Tennessee which is now closed down. He was featured in a Netflix film called Haunters: The Art of the Scare which brought him forward to a wider, normie audience. The Manor was a topic of discussion more than a few times on plebbit, Facebook and YT due to the very obvious sexual pleasure he was getting out of having young girls in onesies be hurt and humiliated for as long as they could stand it. He had people sign waivers which weren't legally binding, he put spiders on them, half-drowned them, etc.

It turns out Russ was outed by his ex-girlfriend who alleged he was a pedophile. She then retracted her statement while still claiming he had abused her. It seems like she was the one who set the recent wave of interest in him off.

He had Facebook groups where girls who had previously taken the tour with him would act as moderators and flying monkeys for him to attack 'haters' who were telling the truth about him, which is that he's a sick fuck who got off on beating girls up and filming it. Said haters found out that some of his 'actors' were ex-cons and sex offenders. One of the dudes had an erection while running some people through if I'm not mistaken but I can't find the FB links any longer. I'm terrible at collecting milk but here are some links:

Gabi goes through the haunt. This is an hour long edit of her tour.

Five years later, Gabi and a friend talk about how she helped Russ for years after her abuse, running his FB pages and moderating negative youtube comments. She does not remember all six hours of her tour.

Surviving Life (terrible, terrible fucking youtuber, but he somehow got interviews with everyone) does a series on Russ, talking to his ex-wife, his ex-girlfriend, people who went through the manor, and his estranged daughter who says that her father is a bipolar OCD narcissist who was extremely abusive to both her and her brother growing up. She denied any sexual abuse but admits that her dad is a manipulative POS.

He always stood out to me because it was so obvious that he was using these haunts to get off. He sounds like a literal pornographer whacking it to these vids. I can try to make a thread but I suck at it. All the drama just came out this past month and it's not huge, but he's been under the spotlight enough times that it may blow up into something big. Hopefully this will ring a bell for some anons; I had followed him on and off for years and was shocked to see this blowing up but in no way surprised to hear that he was a pervert.

A quick search on youtube shows that there are a number of other smaller channels discussing it.

No. 904701

sounds milky OP, hopefully this thread takes but sadly I must sage as I have nothing more to say other than: "oopha".

No. 904704

How did I recognize his photo from the front page?? This fucking guy.
I saw the Netflix doc last year and jfc. There's something not right with him. He makes guests go through a psych eval but he's the one that needs it. He clearly gets off on filming each person in his "haunt" if he has hard drives of collected videos of each experience. Even watching the doc I could tell you this is not a haunt, it's just torture.
I had to try and talk one of my friends out from thinking this was going to be a ~fun Halloween~ experience because Horror Nights wasn't scary enough for her. But I don't think she understood that this man literally waterboards guests, feeds them back their own vomit, and ignores safe words. People pay to have this done to them which is just mind boggling.
I read quite a few articles on him, so now I'll have to catch up on these videos. Thanks OP for the update on this sick fuck.

No. 904706

Have you seen the episode of the Dark Tourist that he appeared on? He doesn't show a lot on the show but after a certain part, the filming crew is not allowed to keep filming the torture. It's quite shocking now that I know even more about what Russ does to his "guests"

No. 904707

It seems interesting but on the other hand, “middle aged white dude gets off on abusing young women and faces little to no consequences” is unfortunately so commonplace and vanilla at this point I’m not sure I can stomach any more, no matter how milky.

You might’ve tested the interest level elsewhere first. Maybe Celebricows even?

No. 904708

The contact you have to sign just to go through is ridiculous. Like, they literally warn that you may lose teeth, break bones, etc.

I've no idea why anyone would go near this place.

No. 904709

YouTuber Ron Swanson who exposed MM got exposed himself for mass scamming people for years

No. 904711

File: 1576135872598.png (35.41 KB, 540x191, Screenshot_2019-12-12-04-32-19…)

Will add more screenshots from fb groups later

No. 904715

File: 1576138417232.png (472.57 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2019-12-12-00-10-52…)


McKamey Manor Owner Addresses Extreme Haunted House Controversy, Shutdown Petition Surpasses 80,000 Signatures
November 1, 2019

No. 904716

File: 1576138636859.png (223.3 KB, 800x1034, Screenshot_2019-12-12-00-15-55…)

No. 904717

Unfair to label Swanson a scammer. His newborn baby died after a few hours and he had a breakdown. Ofc I'd be pissed off if my transaction with him was fucked up at the time, but it's hardly a scam.

Some of his videos are good exposes and he works with police to get rid of interweb paedos.

No. 904719

No he doesn't. He just alleges he does work with police. It's all for clout, views and likes.

No. 904720

Idk why you have a vendetta against him, but okay. Btw, shit thread

No. 904723

File: 1576140208830.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.52 KB, 700x457, PKVOKRB6D5FW7PAN2P6XETH6KA.jpg)


Posted 49 days ago, 354 comments

For Lawyers, McKamey Manor’s Waiver Is Even More Frightening Than The Extreme Haunted House
This is legally questionable, at best
October 31, 2019

Creator of extreme haunted house with 40-page waiver responds to outrage: 'It's all entertainment'
October 30, 2019

An ‘extreme’ haunted house requires a 40-page waiver. Critics say it’s a torture chamber
October 30, 2019

McKamey Manor: “Extreme Haunted House” is not for the Fainthearted
July 27, 2018
McKamey Manor is described as “a nonprofit haunted house or ‘extreme haunt.’” It was founded and run by retired U.S. Navy man Russ McKamey. Judging by the testimonies of participants, the house is more akin to a voluntary torture chamber. It’s less about ghosts and more into extreme physical and emotional discomfort.

Extreme horror experience McKamey Manor opens near north Alabama, owner dismisses controversy
August 16, 2017 (updated October 31, 2019)

Manor is leaving San Diego for the south
June 13, 2017

I couldn't breathe and they just laughed': Woman says extreme US 'haunted house' experience left her with horror injuries after she was beaten, tortured and waterboarded in ordeal they recorded and shared online
October's 26, 2016

Extreme haunted house: inside the real life kingdom of masochists
At McKamey Manor, people pay to be kidnapped, bound, masked, slapped, stomped on and held under water over an eight-hour ‘tour’. But unlike other ‘extreme haunts’ of the same variety, here there’s no safe word to make it stop
October 30, 2015

McKamey Manor ‘victim’ speaks out
Critics such as Amy Milligan of East County say they were held captive after they begged to be let go, and that what happened to them left physical bruises and emotional scars
October 30, 2015

No. 904725

Lmfao it’s not a vendetta you perverted swine.

Here is a video of a girl sharing lots of interesting information about her tour. It’s pretty insane and disgusting.

No. 904727

No. 904729

something about this whole thing smells fishy. there seem to be so few people who've actually done the tour and spoken about it, and very little evidence of the 'tooth and nail pulling' (if any). dude has a 25000 person waiting list apparently, and yet one person was dropped and he msgs this girl to fill the spot? sounds like BS. not disputing that russ is a POS psycho who gets off on this shit. just curious how much of this is a publicity stunt/hoax

No. 904733

I can imagine that most people who paid to take this ‘tour’ are either ashamed of it and don’t want to be bombarded with questions about why they even went in the first place, or are still trying to maintain a tough facade. People who go through with this despite the warnings and insane waiver probably have a certain image of themselves and complaining about the experience would damage that image. It’s like some kind of extreme fraternity hazing ritual that you pay for.

No. 904738

Isnt this some sort of legal grey area diet red room type stuff? I've heard he streams this stuff to some niche groups who make bets on the people being tortured within an inch on their life

No. 904741

Gabi's 'last minute tour' is the first vid linked in the OP, if anyone wants to watch. It's interesting because she still doesn't seem to have processed what happened to her, whereas her friend is very clear about what was going on. She's supposed to have done a followup, but it may have been through Insta.

Almost everyone who went through became a part of the 'McKamey family', a cult of 17,000 fans who Russ would then direct to attack people through private Facebook groups and streaming videos to his friendslist. They defended him via dogpile and sometimes personal attack.

He was also pretty out of it in a lot of these vids and you can see the mask slip. This one is interesting because he was usually able to keep it together for people taping him, but here you can see his shitty bullying of an actor who chose to leave, along with the girl in the thumbnail, who appears to have had some kind of Stockholm response to it.

No. 904750

File: 1576153801004.jpg (274.15 KB, 1066x1784, McKamey.jpg)

Watching the 53yo guy come out of the house on the Dark Tourist episode, he seemed shattered by his experience, in a genuinely post-torture state (if we know what that would be?).
It's hard to believe there are 20k people on a list somewhere but if he's just torturing two at a time for shits and giggles and extra cash, I guess that works.

No. 904751

The San Diego people did not pay afaik. They brought cans of dog food for his ex-wife Carol's greyhound rescue.

Russ still has all the hard drives and lots of people who went through believe he kept and/or distributed them. He made his ex Holly go through naked which she did not consent to. This particular recording was on a hard drive that was 100% copied and shared, can't get the timestamp to work but if you watch from an hour and six minutes in, she's talking to another 'murder tour' guy who confirms he received one of the drives. He worked in the adult nightclub industry and also confirms that Russ took him aside to offer Holly up as a dancer for one of his clubs. This guy also seems slimy af but to his credit he did say Russ wasn't the person who should be offering, that was up to Holly.

No. 904762

the waiting list is apparently an illusion. Gabi asked if she could get on sooner and he magically found an opening for an enthusiastic 19yo girl two night later. She talks about it in her interview with Loey Lane (Loey's second video).

No. 904766

the part that's real is fishhooking, getting beat up, and being forced to sit in cold water repeatedly, which causes hypothermia. the manor never had a nurse or medic on site to properly assess whether or not people were going into shock.

No. 904895

These mass complaints from people go back 5 years every time he comes up with some excuse.
I agree its bad he lost his baby but that doesnt mean you can keep peoples money and block them.
He doesn't work with police his whole life seems to be eccuses and lies.

No. 904898

Heres 4 years of Ron "Rocco" Swanson and how he runs his "business" on facebook groups.
I bet if he gets checked up by his local bobbies they wil find all kinds of crap on his PC from cruising Tor i bet he uses Windows OS for everything.
He's a danger to himself and others but funny to watch crash and burn.

Edward Simpkins Scammer and Troll Alert UK February 21, 2018 at 10:52 PM · Facebook for Android ·
Anyone know whats happening with Ron Swanson again?
Joseph Tiberius Wood
Like Comment
He trying the whole fox box thing again ?
2 yrs Like Reply More
Edward Simpkins
No, someones waited over a month for a belt from him, 0 comms for nearly 3 weeks
2 yrs Like Reply More
Joseph Tiberius Wood Not great.
2 yrs Like Reply More
Write a reply…
Matthew Wilson
That doesnt surprise me…hes been same for years
2 yrs Like Reply More
Edward Simpkins
I know, god knows how he keeps sucking people in
2 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
Thing is what he gets out isnt that bad!! If he changed his ways a bit he could be great…just an ignorant fker imo
2 yrs Like Reply More
Gareth Anderson
He's still on Facebook like. I've had no problems with him, but seen a few people waiting on orders.
2 yrs Like Reply More
Luke Bullock
Has anyone got the latest phone number for Ron/Rocco?
2 yrs Like Reply More
Simon Glasgow
He was removed from the tradepost for being unreliable, he’s done it time and time again!

just posted this on a bushcraft page….
This is to my clients friends and fellow adventurers - I am writing this as i feel there have been some issues since about january with my health some of you still my not know about and i want to explain to the public what has been happening with me and the fox workshop.
Last year in january my Mrs was let go from her job after she was off on paternity leave this was a huge blow to us and put a huge amount of pressure onto me as the only source of income. Over the next few months my amazing other slow became more upset and won over her job and then her mother was put in a hospice. Sadly last year we lost her mother to cancer this totally destroyed my Mrs and i really had to hold up the family both financially and emotionally. I was already under major pressure at this point and as christmas came closer i know it would be hard for my mrs as it is the first one without her mum - it was it was extremely hard.
This is what lead up to my breakdown in january after spending about a year and a half of ups and downs up and downs this started to affect me all the bad choices i made started to come back and pile up in my heads all the things my kids DID NOT HAVE started to affect me and letting people down through my work due for personal issues was also piling on me. Once you get a low point you then done realise that you have been sucked into a pit or self hatred and self destruction. I would get up everyday and look at myself and have a 10 hours monologue playing in my head about how i am fat, useless, no good waist of life and i should fucking just kill myself as everything think your a waste of space - this would go on and on for days and weeks then you start to believe it all u think well maybe is a just end it all that will fix it all as i could not see a way out at all from this black hate filled void. Once the void took hold of me i felt i needed to then be alone not talk to people and “pretend” to those i did see i was fine and of course in my head “why would they care anyway” about this waist of human life. So now i am alone full of self hate cut of from those who love and i am faking my real emotions like a camoflage for daily life. I started to self medicate with then made things worse using drugs to mask your feelings and mask your problems is a really bad choice as at the time you dont see the issues. Everything in my life was slowly being destroyed by this hate inside me and the lack of life within me - i could not work or talk with clients or my family or my friends i was simply a shell - remember i was always a m who took pride in the fact i could bounce back from anything take anything life had to throw and me and just keep going but after 36 years of being the strong one i am not surprised i broke down. I then got to a point were we had no money no food no gas and i if it was not for the Christian food bank close to my house i dont know how we would have got through this i truly have to say they kept my kids fed, and some weeks it was friends and family who kept my lights on in the house. It took weeks for me to eve realised t damage i was doing to those around me - my mrs was there doing her best to try and support and prop me up emotionally i am not going to lie to any of you, i gave up.
Then one night i awoke and realised everything i had done and everything that was going to happen if i kept this up we would loose our house and everything else we have over me not being strong enough to deal with my issues - i looked at my little girl and my little boy and thought to myself how would i explain to them why what happened to me and the resulting effect it would have on there lives forever. So that day was the day i started to fight back i started to believe i was worth something and it was time to start fighting back against the void inside me, so i did and it took a long time i still have that little hate fueled voice that trys to drag me back down but i have ways to ignore it now and every day is gets quieter and a little less noticeable. Everyday that goes by i am on the mend i feel great i am no longer driven by fear well trying not to be i laid in bed from about 5am today till about 8 am have some panic attacks about righting this and about my return social media but i am not any longer going to be lead by fear and nor will i allow myself to be beaten down by self hatred - as i have realised this i am a god dam Celt from the north and like a old tree i can bend and swang but i will not be broken with ease - but i did come very close to the point of no return and i am not telling you all this for points or to get sympathy i honestly feel like i came close to death and i have survived.
I just wanted those who have had worries or have been waiting on me to have an explanation for my actions i am truly sorry to those who felt let down and i cant thank the other 99% of you who honestly just wanted to see me well and healthy and never cared about their orders and were happy to wait really ment the world to me.
Many thanks Ron Swanson 2 yrs Like Reply More

Matthew Wilson
Hate to potentially sound heartless but he always has an excuse and its usually a large one like the above…
2 yrs Like Reply More
Paul Harcott
So wish I knew of this page earlier but yes RON IS still taking deposits and also advertising on American sites and taking deposits and knocking people. I’ve been contacted by a few since I’ve been hounding him for my money from over a year ago
1 yr Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
should change his name to Ron Jeremy…atleast then you expect to be fucked over
1 yr Like Reply More
Gary Armstrong
This situation is horrible but this made me chuckle
1 yr Like Reply More
Write a reply…
Paul Harcott
Your so right mate !!
1 yr Like Reply More
Write a comment…

Paul Harcott Scammer and Troll Alert UK March 11 at 10:52 AM · Facebook for Android ·
Watch out RON SWANSON, aka THE FOX COMPANY, FOX PREPPING ETC, is at it again, more excuses but still taking deposits and blocking people when they ask for the goods or their money back, buyers be aware!
Matthew Wilson
Like Comment
he never used to block people without first recieving abusive comms first?
9 mos Like Reply More
Paul Harcott
If asking for over a year just to have my money back is abusive I'm guilty, after over twenty messages promising to refund me, then blocking me is very frustrating. I've been very clear to Ron refund me and we can move on as I could never fault his work, it's a shame. You can't Continue to take money for deposits when your not working, live on the money and block people when they ask for their goods and money, personally I've never been reported by Facebook and if I want to post something on a site, I Check with admin where appropriate. Also having employment with a certain legal body, I have evidence to back my claims.
I asked not to be judged until people know all the information
9 mos Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
I wasnt insinuating you had been abusive dude sorry crossed wires…was more meaning he could be getting worse
9 mos Like Reply More
Paul Harcott
No prob mate, just frustrating as I used to really rave on here about how good his work is, the odd friend has seen this ordered stuff and been stitched up like me, what makes it worse I've been inundated with messages since my posts, claiming they are owed money, from people in the UK and overseas. I personally really try and promote our British workers as we have some amazing artists and skilled people. Have a good day mate!
9 mos Like Reply More
Taz Vowles
Jesus he still at it ? how he still has kneecaps I'l never know
9 mos Like Reply More

Matthew Wilson Scammer and Troll Alert UK September 19, 2015 at 9:24 AM · Facebook for Android ·
Never thought id have to resort to this but anybody know if ron swanson is ok? I thought he was a good trader but been waiting almost 2 months now. Just over a month ago he said he was waiting for some parts which had just arrived when i msged him and iv sent a message a yesterday again asking how its going as its been so long and no reply…i traded items and sent in good faith but seems hes not honoured his end, or thats how it seems at the moment! (Trade was done on bushcraft trade post uk)
Ian Williams Winnall
Like Comment
Iv been hearing issues with him
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
He had such a good reputation aswell, shame for it to go down hill really
4 yrs Like Reply More
Michael Clark
It seems a fair few people around the globe are having problems with him at the moment
4 yrs Like Reply More
Michael Clark
There a bloke in Australia that paid him about 2 months for some leather work and ron wont replie to him and let him know where his stuff is
4 yrs Like Reply More
Chris Dyer
Have you spoken to admin on that page. They can often help.
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
No to be honest im not fussed about my items its the principle of it and i dont want others to be going through the same
4 yrs Like Reply More
Chris Dyer
Talk to the admin. If he is a problem, they'll remove him from the group.
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
The groups admin are here too fella
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
Iv jist had word from a very trustworthy friend just let me know he goes very quiet when he gets too busy so ill give him the benefit of the doubt for now and await word from him,
Chris Dyer
Yes I know. I simply mean that they may be able to help.
4 yrs Like Reply More
Simon Glasgow
Did this get sorted? He's reappeared is all
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
Still not recieved but hes said he just forgot to post…still may not have done too
4 yrs Like Reply More
Simon Glasgow Hmmmm
4 yrs Like Reply More
Sally Nowill King
He's doing some mad regular box thing now….
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
Iv just this second recieved my item
4 yrs Like Reply More
Simon Glasgow Is it worth it?
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
Not sure any item bought traded or gifted is worth a couple of minths wait with little to no explaining until the end… too notch bit of kit for sure though
4 yrs Like Reply More
Ian Williams Winnall
I could almost put up with the wait if it was up to it, my nessy took its time but it was well worth it and I was kept up to date on its progress
4 yrs Like Reply More
Matthew Wilson
It wasnt the waiting that bothered me more the not knowing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 904906

Interesting thread OP

This is what I knew this from. If I recall I don't think the show accurately portrayed what exactly goes on inside and what is really on the waiver? Because I don't remember it seeming like it was something that was wayyyyyy too much. Just one of those fucked up things people want to go through for some reason. I don't think I knew the extent. Nothing about pulling fingernails off or teeth out. They did the waterboarding, I think also making them drink something, making them vomit? Being bound up maybe. And said how he will accept dog food as payment and about filming it.
Weird. I had no idea it was that bad from that TV series. So I saw that, and saw the petition about taking the manor down, but did not even put 2 and 2 together that it was the same place.

I want to know more like how many people actually went through it since the wait list sounds like a complete lie. And what a fucked up hobby since he will accept dog food to do these things, basically for free. Then films it. No way he isn't some kind of fucked up pervert.

No. 904966

File: 1576199185861.png (1.2 MB, 1239x7669, 1414098341565.png)

I remember when this guy was all over /x/. Even they could sense there was something wrong here, but the working theory was that he was doing more than what was legally permissible, and full "haunt" videos were only shared with unsavory paying customers. Supposedly, they were based in Vegas and could even watch things live.
They also found out he gets paid in "dog food" for a charity that couldn't be verified. At least one of his flying monkeys even came to /x/ to defend him and perform damage control, at one point.
There's no "safe word", some people have been forced to continue even after reaching their breaking points, and the full experience is 8 hours.
I'm not surprised at all about him being an abusive narcissist. He's stated "This is my entertainment too" before.
Here's a Pastebin from back then, compiled by /x/ users:
Pic related is a Reddit thread from when this was first getting buzz around it.

No. 904968

File: 1576199267843.png (65.18 KB, 732x192, 1414619894494.png)

A review.

No. 904971

File: 1576199608068.png (201.38 KB, 2770x306, 898989.png)

And here is one of his people trying to defend him on /x/. He/she carried on like this for multiple posts, until people in the thread started trying to track them down on FB.

No. 904973

File: 1576200036223.png (470.68 KB, 1025x1837, 1414131644365.png)

Here is proof they knew about the 4chan threads (pretty sure Carol was his girlfriend at the time), and were opposed to the digging being done. It's funny how they're accusing anons of "destroying and scaring innocent people", as if that's not what their whole business is. Also, interesting that they refer to people who've gone through their manor as "survivors" instead of just, you know, customers.
If this really was an innocent haunted house, wouldn't it make more sense if they were delighted by the sudden PR? It's almost like they really are/were hiding something and using the "innocence" of a mere haunted house as a veneer.

No. 904981

File: 1576200628642.jpg (930.43 KB, 1424x2559, screencapture-old-reddit-r-IAm…)

Russ has some things in common with Greg:
>Make fans join his community and beg and bargain for his attention and a place on the tour list - faithful fan circle
>Builds himself up into far more than he is, attempts to create mystique to keep fans in awe
>Makes people sign bogus NDAs
>Psychologically messes with people for shits and giggles
>A love of self-important play acting and costuming
>Questionable military career
>String of angry exes

No. 904983

File: 1576200747484.jpg (74.19 KB, 471x577, 1414217373502.jpg)

More on the supposed livestream:
>We never know exactly what is happening, every tour we do is new and unique to the 28 actors we have as well. We don’t know what’s happening because we are guided along the way by a live audience that is watching this stream. So it’s different for us too.
I do wonder if he says these things partly to dodge culpability if he gets in any legal trouble.
Pic related is from another interview here:

No. 904985

File: 1576201063536.jpg (122.74 KB, 538x725, 1414217961089.jpg)

This one didn't even go through the "full haunt", but she still testifies that none of the videos can prepare you for the experience.

No. 904990

I learned about this place watching Dark Tourist as well. If I remember correctly, the host couldn't get through it. It was really bizarre and strange watching people voluntarily subject themselves to this, but I really think people do not understand the extent of what they're going to endure. This man is clearly a sadist personally invested in causing people mental and physical harm, not an actor providing a WaCkY ExPeRiEnCe. I was watching the show with a friend, and we both immediately agreed that the owner had some sick torture fetish he was playing out. It seemed obvious that he had to be getting sexual gratification from this, and we were comically unsurprised that he was ex-military. Further news confirms that he's a bonafide disgusting creep as assumed.

No. 904991

he does some lives with his faebook group of "applicants" and they give him feedback what to do

No. 904993

At 37:18 of this video, there's a clip of two participants talking about their experience. You can see that Russ is filming it from his TV. I'm not sure why he wouldn't just upload the raw footage, but if you look closely, he appears to be naked (or at least shirtless) while filming it.
That alone is pretty nasty. He doesn't just sound like a pornographer, pornography is basically what this is to him. Kind of interesting that there's a "warning" for "adult content" at 37:00, as well (as if the rest of the video could possibly be child-friendly), but the only "obscene" part about the clip itself is them swearing. Fucking creep.

No. 904994

Supposedly if you make it through the whole 8 hours (or however long it is) he'll pay you 20,000 dollars and no one has ever made it. I watched several videos about mckamey manor, can't remember which one it was on but there was a comment that said a marine almost made it all the way and only had 7 minutes left but Russ ended it because he didn't want to pay up.

No. 904998

File: 1576202721820.png (306.28 KB, 2776x546, 879090.png)

Some commentary from a veteran on the military links (apparently, a large amount of his "actors" were also involved in the military), and the legality of what he's doing.

No. 905026

I hadn’t really thought about it before, but this makes sense. I mean other than the folks coming to MM trying to prove they’re bad asses, there have to be others who come to get their rocks off - like, they dig being humiliated and tortured. That would be a good crowd for Russ, and they wouldn’t even have to be acknowledged as such.

Just a thought.

No. 905050

Ugh. Good thread, I hate this fucker.

There's a youtube video which has a before and after of a girl who did it, she's all sorta dazed and shellshocked in the after video and a bunch of people in the comments point out that her shorts are now undone. I can't find it rn cause I'm not on wifi, I'll look later tho.

Theres also been a bunch of speculative reddit threads on this, a lot of people think that he's livestreaming this to people on the dark web and allowing people to bet on how long individuals will last. Someone who did it said they could see cameras in a bunch of different rooms?? I think sorry I read a bunch about this a long time ago, cant find links rn tho.

Also I think someone, an employee or someone did an AMA. They said Russ is extremely thorough about researching the backgrounds of people who he chooses to let participate in the manor, like he only chooses to let in people who he figures out are not smart or wealthy enough to ever sue him. Also I think the employee said he's absolutely obsessed with his image and that he monitors all the press and all internet discussion about it constantly. Sorry I don't have links rn but yeah, this guys a sick fuck and it's sad this shit is sucessful.

No. 905086

Is there a copy available anywhere of the 40 page waiver? This guy is either an absolute psycho or this is all an elaborate marketing tactic to create buzz and make it scarier. I can only find some sections of the waiver, some people are arguing the waiver is designed to be scary and part of the """experience""" but this all still seems quite sketchy

No. 905089

>Theres also been a bunch of speculative reddit threads on this, a lot of people think that he's livestreaming this to people on the dark web and allowing people to bet on how long individuals will last.
It doesn't cost anything, where does he get money from? And they don't know beforehand what's going to happen? Definitely sounds like those people he livestreams to are rich sickos who pay for getting specific things done to the poor idiots who go through this.
I'm sorry to say this Americans, but how can any of this be legal?

No. 905092

File: 1576227099681.jpg (1.34 MB, 1078x7801, waiver.jpg)

pic related

he gets a military pension which is quite small. he lives in a trailer in some nowhere place now, so his cost of living is kinda low. he takes both cash donations and dog food donations - the dog food started when his former partner was involved in greyhound rescue.

people are basically signing up to be entertained, and he grooms and vets them in his facebook community to make sure he's bringing the most gullible ones in for a consensual torture session. most of the people I've seen interviewed think the $20k for finishing is a really big deal, which shows you how he selects people.

how he pays his actors, that's what I want to know - are they from the facebook group or does he get money to pay them from somewhere? does he house them too?

No. 905097

wow.. this is just genuinely depressing, i feel like this guy's computer definitely has torture porn or snuff films on it, wouldn't even put anything pedo-y past him. definitely not what i expect to see coming here. i'm surprised those 8channy pizzagate guys haven't clung to this yet, seems like good material for them, could get it some major mainstream attention in the process, but anyway, this seems like something that i can't even laugh at. hopefully more is posted, this thread has massive amounts of potential

No. 905107

I wish he elaborated on what mk ultra torture consisted of (drugging? trauma induced alters? electroshock? hypnosis? trigger words? sexual abuse? handlers?)

It’s a little vague, Russ

No. 905126

this is my thinking too. i simply cannot buy that hundreds, if not thousands of people have supposedly done this 'haunt', and not one of them who was apparently tortured decided to sue the pants off him. Im not from the States, but Im certain you guys have firms that do 'no win no fee'. it's not that hard to start a civil suit. im sure Russ's trailer would be worth a good 50k, and the evidence (apparently) is all over youtube! The fact that he openly states "people are watching this stream and betting" just makes me think he's trying to present himself as some badass dark web guy, instead of, y'know, being one.

No. 905127

and he also befriends and 'grooms' the tour subjects. they tend to be flakey people from the interviews I've watched, they believe the waiver is legally sound and they aren't the type to come for him with a lawyer.

No. 905131

samefag to add, just LMAO at that waiver, it has to have been written as a publicity stunt because you'd need to be an absolute vegetable to believe it is binding. now im tempted to con my way into mckamey manor so i can sue Russ for some of that sweet vet pension $$ (that's if any of this shit is real)

No. 905148

Sounds like he's taking advantage of desperate people. What a piece of shit either way

No. 905157

the surviving life vids are actually great, which sucks because dude is both phony and retarded and can't stop talking over people or having weird spergouts when the guests - russ' daughter lindsay, his ex-gf of fifteen years carol, most recent ex holly, and various 'actors' and people who went through, notably a girl named marissa, who according to rumor either fucked russ or was in love with russ or whatever - are getting into some serious discussion. almost every single one of these people are super emotionally damaged. in the case of carol and lindsay it's from having this creep as family, in the case of the guests it's 100% what he looks for. he uses his facebook pages to look for perfect victims.

the people he selects for the haunts are either beyond fragile, damaged women or thrill seekers who generally come out beat up but say, hey i signed up for it which is why i think you don't see a lot of lawsuits. not to be mean, but they are not very bright. inside the groups he's pretty skilled at creating an us against them mentality and while there are probably only a few hundred (if that) who have done the manor, he's excellent at charming them and keeping them on his side. he is a super predatory narc who is very good at what he does and is great at keeping people in line.

russ' daughter lindsay actually seems to have her shit together, she says that her dad was afraid to touch her as a kid because he had such intrusive pedophilic thoughts. she also said that her dad put her into a freezer at the age of eight as a tryout for the haunt or experience or whatever the fuck to call it and she was already dealing with her own mental illness/anxiety at that time, it runs in their family. she humanizes him a lot but i think she's still dealing with shit.

russ has been very quiet himself. he did release a video where he discusses his own abuse as a kid, which his family members have said is true, but i think he's using it to try and deflect from his shitty behavior.

it's unfortunate because a lot of what anons are speculating on here - the waiver, the actual number of people, 'vegas' - is discussed and answered flat out and often elaborated on in the surviving life vids, i can try to go through and pull relevant portions and timestamp them but there's over twenty hours of this stuff out there.

the channel that i linked to below is leaking all of russ' videos. i don't know if this is his main list, which most people can join, or his private lists, which are full of flying monkeys who start harassing new members instantly. they have good stuff if anyone wants to start a deep dive on their own. it's difficult to sum up the milk because there's just so much of it, but i'll keep dropping stuff.

onision would love to know this guy's secrets for having such a dedicated bunch and so many young girls who are willing to fuck him. he's an old ugly creep who abuses the shit out of people but he had almost pulled another girl. it's fucking nuts.

No. 905159

this video shows the hoops girls have to jump through to get in the manor. they have to get on facebook and livestream whenever russ tells them to. then they get harassed by 'actors' who are friends of or flying monkeys for russ. this shit can go on for hours until russ dm's them and says they've proven themselves. the whole thing is super twisted.

the haunt is, i think, his way to get more people to fill his narc supply, to feed his power fetish and to find girls he can fuck or ripoff or take advantage of. sometimes when he talks you can tell he's uh, aroused by this shit. i guess it's good he's not a serial killer? same mentality though.

No. 905161


I am genuinely shocked no one has taken this to court. Nothing this vague would have a leg to stand on so it's understandable that he carefully picks the guests who are blinded by the need to make their (physical or metaphorical) balls feel big. A playful slap on the arm can warrant an assault charge but this POS can legally remove people's teeth? I call bullshit.

Q: He's asking for donations. Is that to lessen the possibility of legality? If he had a rate I'm assuming he would have register as a business, making the laws directly applying to MM a lot less fuzzy… -non-'Merican not in a business field so feel free to school my ass.

I remember reading about this place after it was featured on a list of Most Extreme Haunts a few years ago. Fucking horrifying this place still operates.

No. 905164

triple post, just wanted to break down the textwalls, but: people don't sue russ because the supporters go after them hard, and they genuinely believe and fear that there may be a dark web element/vegas/mkultra group keeping tabs on them.

russ was way underground for a long time, but i think with this series and loey lane covering it we might start seeing some lawsuits.

No. 905230

File: 1576264592747.png (298.36 KB, 1130x966, Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 12.5…)

No. 905234

This sounds a little ridiculous though - is it just me?

Why would she let a man torture her and "lead others to the slaughter" just because he has a video of her saying the "n" word? SJWs dont come crawling out of the woodwork to destroy anyone's lives who say it, it's not like hes filmed them committing crimes that could get them in trouble. Its literally just an offensive word she claims to have said because someone forced her too. How can you not just explain that same scenario she just did especially with all the horrible information that's come out against Russ now? Something doesnt add up that this person would rather be "ownee" by someone they claim is so sadistic and lead others into the same situation over him having a tape of her saying a bad word.

Even the way this person types up their experience gives me strong "this is weird" vibes. Is everyone who signs up just that out of their mind that they themselves come off just as crazy as Russ does?

No. 905241

this has gotta be a chris-chan reference

No. 905251

Yeah, definitely sounds a little weird to me too. Most of the people I've seen who talk about their experience (and there aren't many) all seem a bit unhinged themselves. This is the kind of place that would attract people that have some kind of issues already

No. 905296

Well she did say they had to say it in a calm sentence. Tinfoiling, but they could be put in a scenario, as part of the haunt, where they admit awful things on camera ala MKULTRA questioning. Admit true things, untrue things via torture and questioning.

Like imagine a video from an unknown source or call out channel had someone saying racist comments and embarrassing personal stories and it going viral and following the person whenever they apply to rent or get a job.

No. 905299

>rather getting waterboarded than saying n*gger
Hope that's not real.

When I got sent a video of somebody saying non-pc stuff while getting fucking tortured my first thought certainly wouldn't be "Damn, that's a racist"…

No. 905307

Sorry for asking for spoon feeding but I can’t find anything about his daughter anywhere, receipts?

No. 905359

lindsay appears in this video, in the video featuring her stepmom carol here, https://youtu.be/x2Wdje2c4do and later on in a video where she confronts the guy who is russ' current right hand man, tarrin, and actually seems to get through to him to some degree here: https://youtu.be/9U4zhIY-uu8and

she's a very smart, strong and empathetic young woman. she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. these are all very long vids, but if you skip ahead she'll pop up on the screen. the guy interviewing has gotten a bit better, i was fascinated by all of their stories.

No. 905371

apologies i linked the wrong vid, this is a girl's exit interview. it's disturbing anyhow. they shaved her head and have the key to he hotel room, so she isn't sure if it's really over.

No. 905373

File: 1576281092949.png (223.95 KB, 1990x262, 76543678.png)

No fucking way the shit numbered off here is legal.
This one makes me wonder, too.

No. 905376

I have so many questions. What's a "super safe n sound sentence"? What exactly did he make him/her say? How was s/he tricked into saying it another 3-4 times while trying to get him to delete the footage? How did multiple people care that much about saying the n-word on camera?
I really can't imagine a mob coming for someone who was literally tortured into saying those things, and it's not like anyone besides sadists who wouldn't care about a racial slur are really even watching MM clips.

No. 905398

What does MKUltra mean within the context of a torture house? You can't just ~do MKUltra~ on someone like you can rip out their nails.

No. 905400

lmfao, it just seems like he used a boomer buzzword to make it seem more mysterious and scary than it is. he probably thinks giving drugs to someone else is mind control.

No. 905409

A lot of immersive horror shit like Blackout or Heretic these days uses MK Ultra and/or hypnotism talk to freak people out and fuck with their heads before they get there. There was a group here in LA that had people smoke pot during the experience to fuck with them and apparently it was fucking terrifying.

Russ is just copying better writers and actual theater groups.

No. 905453

The whole story screams fake to me. All your points are good ones. Also, the targets are people who probably don't have a lot to lose in that way.

NOT WK-ing here. I see that this guy is an uber-narc with serious problems, but the "story" is weak and if anything seems like he would want someone to post it to demonstrate one of pOwErFuL "mind control methods."

No. 905469

Thank you for sharing these!! I had known about all of this Manor stuff for a long time and also suspected this guy was a total psycho but I had no idea any of it went this deep. Thanks lolcow for teaching me new stuff.

No. 905472

also samefagging but in this video gabi says that long weird “libel” waiver is fake and not the one she signed


No. 905675

>There was a group here in LA that had people smoke pot during the experience to fuck with them and apparently it was fucking terrifying.
This sounds interesting, do you have any more info?

No. 906009

I found interesting that in the livestreams, RM's daughter said she was going to a drag show, when Russ is such a Trumper..his safeword used to be something like "Crooked Hillary".

No. 906079

>he’s not a bad person, he’s just mentally ill
Not really sure how I feel about Russ’s daughter saying that but I can’t say I agree with her. I guess I don’t know Russ as well as she does but even if mentally ill, I wouldn’t consider someone a good person if they are running a torture chamber and probably getting off on it.

No. 906124

this girl is delusional and impressionable. i get it, he's your dad, but get a grip. my dad was abusive as fuck towards me and countless other women, i have no qualms admitting that a sadistic male that derives pleasure from torturing people, and especially women, is just a sick as fuck sadist, not simply an uwu just mentally ill sad boi. he didn't even care that she left. he never saw her as his own child anyways, just another female to abuse, potentially fuck, etc. fucked up of her to claim that holly is "playing the victim" because she habitually abused by him for less than 15 years.

idk why everyone is licking the daughter's ass for being so intelligent, i have a lot of sympathy for her, but she's not as intelligent or perceptive as people claim, just kind of articulate considering her age. for her to sit here and act like the way these people are being physically abused is "in their mind" because "it's the power of suggestion and he's a genius at psychological manipulation" is so fucked up, and her repeatedly saying he DEFINITELY ISN'T A PEDOPHILE like she knows all because he didn't touch her… wtf? countless child rapists and murderers didn't touch their kids but raped and murdered other children. it's not uncommon at all whatsoever. to act like she knows for a fact he's not a pedophile is just horrible, honestly. yeah dude, avoiding changing you, forcing you to wear bras that covered your breasts before you grew breasts so they'd be covered, etc, means he's DEFINITELY NOT A PEDO? nah dude.

No. 906270

Honestly, she hasn't seen him since she was 13. She has no grounds to be excusing him like this when she flat out doesn't know him as a person. Her total experience with him, was in her own words "being mentally and verbally abused by him" as a child. Then straight after saying that she says he's not predatory towards children lol. I think she only sees flat out rape as sexual abuse, this guy seems to get off on abuse and she said he abused her then disappeared from her life when she reached teens.

Also can someone explain the OCD thing to me? She said he has severe OCD and that makes him "scared he's a pedophile" and stopped him from ever touching her as a child. I wanna say this isn't how OCD works even slightly but then I know 0 about it. Do people with OCD become super paranoid about being perceived a certain way if they do a certain thing?

No. 906480

I have severe diagnosed OCD and I have had OCD since I was a child. Pedophilia OCD is very real. It does absolutely not make anyone a pedophile. It can be debilitating. I have experienced it, off and on for a few years, in the past. Even when I was a kid I actually feared becoming a pedophile. OCD is the 'doubting disorder,' it latches onto everything you hate, everything you love, and makes you terrified. It's irrational. I've never in my life been attracted to children and I'm scared of hurting people so I had panic attacks constantly wondering if I were somehow 'secretly' attracted to children.
It is genuinely how OCD works, but it is worth noting that some people have used pedophilia OCD as a cover up for genuinely pedophilic behavior before.
This site is a very good and straight-forward resource for learning about OCD. It's not hand-washing or cleanliness at all, it's basically doubting everything and being terrified about every thought you have that seems even slightly odd and letting anxiety about it snowball and compulsively doing things to try to make the thoughts and anxiety stop. People with pedophile OCD will usually refuse to be in the same room as children because they're terrified of somehow hurting them even though they have absolutely no attraction to them, just like how people with contamination OCD will wash their hands raw despite not touching anything dirty.
"just in case."

Sorry for the sperging about this, saging. It's really important to me and OCD is a very misunderstood disorder and I don't want anyone with OCD that's not a pedo to be seen as one. I don't know if this guy is lying or not, but OCD definitely does work like how this is described.

No. 917774

Primink did a video on him. At least according to the video, Russ is straight up scamming people these days. He doesn't have his manor so he's just making people do physical tasks in his yard.

No. 917885

It's turning out that the anti-RM folks are wayyy more milky than RM himself, but it's so much, spread out across a dozen facebooks and youtube channels, that I can't even begin to break it down.

No. 918774

They are plenty of cows who have cattle calves who only go around telling everyone that the main cow is bad, just to get likes.
I'd call Primink a massive cattle calve. Many of his videos are half assed if not entirely first googled results.

>Oh don't worry guys he just crossed the line in the chamber

>but there are videos of people saying they enjoyed!
>he seems like a nice guy!
>#psychopath or #actor uwu teehee

No. 918787

Prim is literally so annoying he comes off as if he's in 8th grade at the very oldest.

No. 918871

Ot but god yes. His fake laughter is so cringy.

No. 918923

it seriously is. scroll through the comments though and you'll see how many desperate girls fawn all over his fakeass laugh and he eats that shit up. it's so fucking cringy and he seems really fake.

No. 919057

Prim's a massive shill. Like you said, his videos are entirely sourced from the front page of Google. I can't think of a single time where his half-assed commentary hasn't done a disservice to situation he's meant to be "shedding light" on. Ugh not to mention his recent Wenus video imbued the spergelics with a new found sense of sympathy for their ~kween~ (which let's be honest, the world could have really done without). Soz for Primink sperg but fuck that guy

No. 919765

Makes sense that the group of people who would sign away their bodies to be physically and mentally tortured for no point other than to "push themsleves" would be the real crazy cows imo. Anytime anyone ever tries to breakdown or "expose" the manor it never makes any sense and theres a billion conflicting theories/stories/accounts. It all feels like telephone gossip of one commentary video influencing the next. Russ seems like the type of guy I wouldn't even want to be in the same public room with but I still cant fathom the types of people that actually sign up willingly for this kind of stuff.

No. 933300

Stumbled across this. He got into the Facebook group which is locked down

No. 933346

sorry, not able to watch video right this second. which Facebook group did he get into?

No. 933368

lol no. russ is desperate right now and accepts everyone. has been since he left san diego. i've seen every single fb live of russ for a long time now, this person doesn't know shit and this deep dive sucks.

No. 933627

put up or shut up, this is an imageboard.

No. 1101972

If anyone knows anything about This tardcum Justin Wolfstar? His tour was the Lulzest most embarrassing thing. We have ever witness in Mckamey Manor History, Located in Tennessee.CumTard Justin also infamously "known" for uploading redistributing child porn. Right on his JewTube channel that he lost last year. This Tardcum is now Manipulating Someone Else's Tragedy For his own Personal Gain. Promoting and Revictimsing people,exposing victimising publicly,humiliating making them relive their own trauma. Russ Mckfuckery, is not to blame for this tardcums own actions of recycled, other people's home video's!

Exactly, what is this online tardcum trying to achieve by “recognizing” that a person has just taken a tour and promoting their tours or someone else's tragedies by asking for “likes” or “shares”?Advertising his links to join his Cultish group? He is not exposing anything just glorifying. Helping other predators watch these home video's, attracting tricking more innocent people or predators into a shit posting group. Who are going to fall for this TardCums tricks,lies,into the act of deceiving his new army of blind followers.

The TardCum makes the matter even worse because it is just sickening to see him also his
Manson Family like "followers" take advantage of an awful event or event's like that. Torture,Rape, pedophila,Pedophilia comments, stalking,harassing, public defaming,blackmail,Bullying,lying,hacking,gaining IP's, revenge porn,recycling home video's, is not something to be celebrated or used to garner attention.Like what the TardCum and his, followers do.They also organised gang stalking,preying on who ever that does not agree with them. All in the guise of "Exposing" Mckamey Manor. TardCum Wolfstar is actually helping predators not stopping the matter. It's more lulzing he and his zombies advertises.They do just opposite from what they claim. Hypocrisy spending so much time attacking people one and making x3 amount of post flooding, then taking it to Jewtube spending 8+ talking about the same thing for days. They do not help anyone! They just mock survivors or people who had a traumatic experience. In their life from childhood digging up. The skeletons of someone else's past or present. They will use it against their victims in anyway,shape they can online.Just like any predators would normally act with criminal mentality. They create more groups and chats just to continue on their predatory behaviour. Brag about it all online. Accusing strangers of being their target because their opinion is different from there's in these face Mckfuckery groups. Good or bad flip flopping milking anything they can because they are so obsessed,possessive in the Manson Manor. Trying to follow TardCum Wolf and his cult. You see he is pro Russ by doing this much damage online. Hitler Wolf is no different than Dictator Russ.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1102433

File: 1607370262921.jpg (90.67 KB, 551x712, Resized_Screenshot_20201117-08…)

BoomerStar has put in a lot of effort in his partnership with Russ Mckamey, that he automatically opted tens of thousands of small businesses out of money. By hacking Facebook accounts and now his own Friend Russ Mckamey's emails. As complaints from angry fans and club bar owners, turn their eyes again back to BoomerStar. Everyone knows BoomerStar is a double agent. The internet's own Jester stinking up the books once again.

No. 1103384

File: 1607479809685.jpg (23.29 KB, 683x900, funny-things-to-say-to-a-perso…)

The little haunting community or as they called "themselves that now."
Lindsey Hensley & Angela Pharris who do not know anything about extreme haunts. They never took a tour anywhere. It is true they Thrive for Drama and cyber stalking people who once were fans of extreme haunts moved on. These two
play the victim so well they should carry around their own body chalk. It is not hard to research current affairs online & the public knows these two women thrive off of Drama & Hate. They are online predators & not victims.

They are
shit stirring rioters
suicide trolls
organized gang stalking
Victims shaming
Re victimised
Rumor starters
Creating fake pages
Revenge speakers
Psychological mind games
Pedophile sympathizers
I am just rehashing what is already stated above. The correct responses instead of lying to people just say they support & help Predator Mckamey.(emoji)

No. 1200117

Lindsey Hensley is a pathological liar ( lies about everything including her own long time of stalking people online , history and kids) compulsive online cheater. Possible personality disorder, but can’t be rehabilitated in my professional opinion. When someone causes havoc it’s not good to stay silent. I hope this post saves others from the destruction she is capable of. She grooms people share's kids photo's, contacts people's churches, doxes discredit's people. She is always going through some things as 'a excuse', for her to keep stalking and harass people online. Why does Lindsey Accuses everyone of Stuff? She does herself But Says 'she does not?' — Gaslighting - Her favorite imprint of power she thinks she has over a conversation.
Gaslighting Lindsey will damage your emotional well-being by imposing, her abusive mind manipulation, techniques or shaming them through gaslighting. She is verbally abuse and uses people, to get what she wants. This professional Gaslighter uses and needs a group and or platform for all her lies, denials, and or manipulates information to control people. Including changing and or creating fake screenshots. She uses her own addictions turning around blaming others for Xanax problems. When it is really her, as 'she would stay up for days.' Stung out on pills and drugs. Spamming facebook group like chats.

Lindsey will leave you like this.

. You are constantly feeling you are confused and second-guess yourself.

. You find making simple decisions are difficult

. You are frequently asking yourself if you’re being too sensitive withdraw or demands you need to leave the internet. stop socializing. You are not allowed to socialize or associate with me if you are friends with this person.

find that you’re always apologizing to the abusive person
defend the abusive person and the behavior
. She will lie to your family and friends about you and try and get them to turn on you.
.She will post family personal photo's in Angela pharris slanderous Facebook Group.
. She makes fun of people with spiritual beliefs and make fun of rape victims.
.She will teach this same 'Cultish Tectonic Mind ' other's will join in following all the above. They claim ' they are the Mckamey Manor community." Yet, they were all kicked out of every MM group and mod for someone who was shunned for posting up child porn. A ex contestant of Mckamey Manor. That was rejected even by the Rejects. Justin WolfStar is a phony because he just copy and paste, others work while 'claiming', copywrites too?

Justin, Lindsey, and Angela are Constantly needing to be admired or wanting constant attention credit, notoriety Believing that they are superior than others or that they should get special treatment for their constant slander,defaming,stalking,child porn,predatory behavior, revenge porn,shifting blame, exploiting others,harassing,then again 'recycling the same punch', every .three months.' Contradicting themselves worse each time.
Having no empathy or sympathy or owning up to everything they accuse other's of. They accuse others of ruining their cases but uses other peoples trauma and or evidence. Either against or give flash it around exploiting and or revictimization them. Lying so bad that none of the poetry, match what they are putting out.
Lindsey makes public service announcements demanding people to do a story on her and her former ex-husband’s uncle is that she claims is the 'former mayor?' (KEVIN D. BROOKS
City of Cleveland)

https://www.clevelandtn.gov/283/Mayor(extreme autism.)

No. 1275141

File: 1626048454260.png (Spoiler Image,20.8 KB, 842x130, little flowers.png)

Would you look at that? +he one crying harassmen+ is the actual harasser. Exploi+ing her own adul+ child like tha+ for 'seeking' attention views. Interesting.(autistic typing)

No. 1275241

Is your T key broken because wtf

No. 1275307

Weird thing is they spelt out "interesting" just fine.

No. 1281550

File: 1626880179009.jpg (16.67 KB, 275x183, 1626868132754.jpg)

The Drama behind the Manor now? Is ran by a extreme "Autistic" group of "Incels."

No. 1282449

No. 1286701

a lot of these people are genuinely fucked. there was a breakaway group that russ had worked with after he moved down south called caedis silvis. the head of that shitshow ran a bunch of titty bars and is the same guy who told holly that russ had offered up her services as a stripper so that russ could make some money. that guy turned said offer down but then another loser from this group who calls himself witness and is an ‘actor’ for them ends up being a sex pest and animal abuser, the whole indie extreme horror scene is run by a bunch of perverted dudes with low iq.

No. 1286766

the parts where the "actors" tried to defend themselves were unwatchable but that chick was brutally tortured, wow. and she paid them $250 to do that to her. what the actual fuck?

No. 1288965

File: 1627842159175.png (177.93 KB, 494x493, ApplicationFrameHost_QVL5Cs1UV…)

All The Flopping Titty Freaks { Fans } Were All Sexual Deviants Pedophiles or Rapist. They { Hook Up } With Their Own Customers. Remember Dereck's Try Out Video? Anyone Has Larson's Try Out Video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1328395

لماذا تضيع حياتك على هذا الموقع؟ نعم ، بعض "الأبقار" على هذا الموقع نرجسيون ومفترسون ومحتالون ربما يستحقون ذلك. ومع ذلك ، فإن الحديث عن "الأبقار" يغذي أسوأ دوافعك ، مما يجعلك أقل تعاطفًا وأكثر عدائية. لقد أمضيت سنوات على هذا الموقع ، في متابعة اثنين من هذه "الأبقار" ، لكن النشر هنا يعد أمرًا سيئًا للغاية بالنسبة لك. هوسك بالنميمة عن هؤلاء الناس يقوضك ، حيث تشعر بالخجل أكثر. اخرج وافعل شيئًا بناء في حياتك. يمكن أن تتحسن حياتك.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1749624

it is not closed down it is still up and running unfourtountly(necro)

No. 1749646

Oh wow, haven’t heard of this dude in awhile and didn’t know he had a thread here. Absolute Shayna-tier fetish cow supreme with a whole dairy farm full of cows around him.

No. 1749658

Are you the anon who wrote in Arabic? And why did you write in Arabic as the site is mostly English?

No. 1750198

File: 1674400699658.jpeg (324.53 KB, 1309x1536, EA925AA3-CB95-4A10-8E33-74F723…)

Just discovered this thread because it was bumped, I’ve heard of this place before, possibly from YouTube. Sick and depraved, I hope this man and his helpers will get arrested. Didn’t expect the pedo accusations but with a person like that, all the worst is possible.
12 days ago someone on Reddit said that the manor is listed on Google Maps as “permanently closed”.

No. 1750199

File: 1674400768224.jpeg (167.53 KB, 2048x1075, 995586DA-E71A-411C-A178-97349A…)

Someone replied though that it simply “changed location”.

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