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File: 1574232014646.jpeg (569.05 KB, 1455x1455, 909DB121-3B6A-4A40-BF0E-22CA99…)

No. 895662

figured there's enough so decided to start her own thread
aria / gentlepurrs
previous thread cow.farm/snow/res/879341.html#895649
twitters- twitter.com/gentlepurrs twitter.com/fwagiIe twitter.com/meows4milk twitter.com/toiletpet
instagram- gentlepurrs , fwagilebun

>asian fetishist, attempts to look asian in her pics, overall weeb trash

>ddlg/petplayer but tries to play it off as age regression
>known to start drama, has even shit on the age regression community
>pandering to pedos(?)(shit thread)

No. 895664

Self post
>flattering OP pic
>weak points

No. 895665

see ur point i just thought the maid thing would show her trying to be an uwu weeb cutesy maid plus those were the main points from the other thread

No. 895668

The bar is too low

No. 895677

Just another erin

No. 895679

File: 1574238088462.png (8.67 MB, 1242x2208, 194F5CD0-748B-4897-98A1-D7C05A…)

all that shoop you'd think she would edit the cuts on her leg more…..?

No. 895712

since when are we making whole threads for every pedo panderer on twitter?
no way near milky enough for her own thread. keep it to a general loli thread imo.

No. 896053

Agreed, this seems like a vendetta. Just make a lolli gen thread, this isnt mikk

No. 896456

not vendetta to be honest. i’m not even op and i find this girl milky. she’s honestly a mini erin if you look at what she tends to post

No. 896457

not vendetta to be honest. i’m not even op and i find this girl milky. she’s honestly a mini erin if you look at what she tends to post

No. 896752

File: 1574480187817.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4000x3000, F5256009-723D-4A60-8DC1-79CF71…)

how ironic that her ddlg little age is five and her “age regression” age is five. she’s got a lot of milk but nobody cares enough to dig it up lol

No. 896754

It’s creepy she says her “little age” is 5 on her nsfw account. Why would you mention that unless you’re pedo pandering?

No. 896763

because ddlg. it’s quite literally pedo pandering

No. 897519

This was brought up in the other thread but wtf is going on with her chin in the main pic?


Johnny Bravo in a maid outfit?

No. 907900

File: 1576855576224.jpeg (449.77 KB, 1242x1420, 65E7DBBB-1E9B-47EA-9DD3-BFFD7A…)

i have to laugh

No. 907970

Erin stfu we all know this girl is just another boring ddlg bitch. She’s not nearly as much of a cow as you, you don’t like her cause she’s your competition in this “little agere” safespace. Quit bumping this useless thread to divert attention from you

No. 908059

I thought this thread was sus af

No. 908178

Not-so-secretly hoping the mods mark this thread like the last two. She's a cow who keeps on giving

No. 908186

i can guarantee i’m not erin (not the thread maker either) and i think this girl is a cow honestly. she’s got some shady stuff going on & id post it but i don’t wanna samefag or bump a thread nobody cares about

No. 908193

if you got milk you should spill it

No. 908283

File: 1576931225561.jpeg (720.82 KB, 1242x1782, 34DD6619-960D-4846-AB69-F482DF…)

in the soft girl thread there was some screenshots of claiming to be agere then posting about how she “loves fitting into little girl underwear” and wants to be collared (a bdsm act).

there was also screenshots about her supposedly being an age and pet regressor then on her nsfw account her main kinks were listed as pet play & ddlg.

furthermore, she starts drama/gatekeeps quite often. recently she subtweeted luna/LONGSLEEVES and said something along the lines of she always starts drama. pic attached is one of arias followers responding

No. 908284

not to mention there has been multiple occasions of her causing drama in the “age re” community and calling people not babies??? a while ago she was on blast because i believe she told someone to kill themselves? i’m not 100% sure, sorry.

recently she set up a ko-fi for donations so she could get a name change and also start up a business of upcycling gross thrift store stuffed animals.
her entire story on ko-fi is pretty much her whining about how her parents don’t approve of her nipple piercings and posting nudes on her nsfw accounts and because of that she absolutely needs a name change. lowkey reminds me of shayna, acting like her parents are the bad guys.

No. 908286

How is any of this milk. You just listed off things that all of these agere ddlg e-girls do. Come back if there's actual milk

No. 908310

it is milk though..? literally nobody i know in any community does any of that aside from good ole erin

No. 908316

It's like having a thread for every tumblr cringe cis-scum hating transtrender. There's hundreds of these girls, all of them do the same cringy shit, it's not milky if there's hundreds doing it. None of this is unique to her in any way.

No. 908377

i read her story and it seemed like much more than parents didn't approve of her nipple piercings. unlike erin she is actually posting proof of some real life issues. it just seems like her parents were pretty emotionally abusive and controlling. posting proof of her trauma makes her less of a cow imo

No. 908379

File: 1576961245951.jpeg (537.64 KB, 1242x1499, 354956A4-FF35-412E-BB1D-2D4B50…)

(1/3) here is her shitting on pet regression

No. 908381

File: 1576961295653.jpeg (425.61 KB, 1242x1573, 69652455-5D18-4084-B61F-4FD61C…)

(2/3) getting called out on it & making a different "apology" post

No. 908382

File: 1576961330427.jpeg (205.8 KB, 1242x854, 8D174A3D-3F0D-41DF-B63A-4AA344…)

(3/3) kek

No. 908403

This thread gets bumped almost every time Erins thread is, literally no one cares about this girl except her. No milk here, just Erin vendetta posting in hopes to drown out her own thread.

No. 908415

Erin btfo, go get a nose job with mommy’s money

No. 908479

Kek, sure you're not Erin. Regardless of whether you're her or not your vendetta is obviously retarded? Getting compared to her should actually tell you something

No. 908515

getting compared to her should say what?

No. 908519

File: 1576990642086.jpeg (955.69 KB, 1242x1759, 28498A2C-AFF0-493E-84FC-89AE79…)

1/2 i'm genuinely not erin i honestly think this girl is a cow. everyone is so stuck on erin to not see it though, she's suicide baiting now because she saw us talking about her

No. 908520

File: 1576990669636.jpeg (505.89 KB, 1242x1159, 544BD0BF-E368-457C-8996-6B1B08…)

2/2 uwu her trauma

No. 908530

How is this milky at all? You seem like you've got a lot of issues and trying to push this thread isn't going to fix them

No. 908555

ITT: Erin talking to herself

No. 908559

Damn that’s really fucked up if it’s true.

No. 908565

Literally no one gives a fuck go back to your teddy bear safespace on tumblr and learn to sage

No. 908574

Stop trying to push this shit thread. You're obviously either Erin or have a major vendetta, but this girl isn't unique in the fact that she's a spoiled crybaby like every other e-girl. And the fact that you keep bringing up Erin's thread to justify this thread is telling. 1 person thinking there's milk does not equal milk. Please gtfo.

No. 908578

File: 1577005215719.jpeg (200.01 KB, 1242x630, F7A0B96B-DAEB-44EB-8269-97B254…)


No. 908581

What is "pet regression" meant to be to these people anyway, aside from a different way of saying they're ddlg petplay tards? How does someone "regress" into being an animal or particularly a housepet lmfao. At least the concept of trauma-induced age regression has some kind of explanation, even if none of these egirls actually experience it.

No. 908944

File: 1577083668531.jpeg (689.12 KB, 1242x1307, 4C13D843-99FA-4AF9-9796-16E3F4…)

That's what happens when you move in with an eboy? What did you expect

No. 908970

What a crybaby(samefagging op)

No. 909030

yikes i don’t like this girl at all honestly but i hope she gets help and she’s alright

No. 909230

File: 1577142986333.jpeg (281.15 KB, 1242x587, CE71AED8-6FB4-469F-B782-1C7A99…)

uwu romanticizing eating disorders! so quirky so cute(ban evasion)

No. 909908

File: 1577328561668.png (7.19 MB, 1242x2208, 4D7667E5-63B2-4730-AEEE-E65BB8…)

This is her 'daddy' that she has meltdowns over? lmao(ban evasion)

No. 909909

Erin get the fuck out of here you big nosed beast

No. 909917

you sound like a ddlg egirl yourself, this girl is a cow like every other bitch who twipes liek dis ;;333 and suicidebaits

No. 909935

idk how to prove it but i promise u i'm not erin lmao

No. 909947

Seriously, get off of this site and go to PULL or tumblr or whatever your stupid age regression vendetta isn’t welcome here.
Learn to sage too, you keep bumping this awful nothingness thread. It’s so annoying seeing this in the catalog. Go away, Erin or some other age regression ddlg babie fag your kind is not welcome here

No. 909957

Stop embarrassing yourself Erin,
This girl has a daddy cause she went out and got one,
You could never have a sugar daddy because you're an ugly gross girl with a personality of a fart

No. 909964

ITT actual whiteknighting for ddlg/agere degenerates aka pedophiles who hide their perversions behind made-up kink labels. Drink bleach.

No. 909975

where's the white knighting anon

No. 910016

off topic but this girl is like 5ft meaning her uwu daddy dom is like 5’4 at MAX lmfao

No. 910224

Stop bumping this shitty thread, retard, and sage your shit

No. 910248

The irony.

No. 910264

this girl is actually a cow and it's annoying how you guys say "vendetta post" or ur so far up erins ass you assume it's erin. she's not the only cow in the world and i brought gentlepurrs up because i thought it would be nice to talk about someone else for a change. erin is getting old and boring imo and half of her thread is self posting or her replying to this thread on twitter(ban evasion)

No. 910265

Well then spill the fucking milk or gtfo. Arguing someone is a cow without proving it does fuckall.

No. 910321

you're the only one posting that she's a cow. you're one anon talking to yourself in this thread because no one cares lol any other anons in here are anons saying you're Erin.

No. 910324

You’re jealous of her and while yes she’s some DDLG slut pedo, you’re probably one yourself. Because why the fuck does she warrant a thread of her own? There is nothing milky about her, she’s just some boring ddlg bitch and you’re either
-Gentle purrs herself trying to gain infamy
-Erin trying to divert attention from her own thread
-some other retarded age regression twitter thot
Gentlepurrs doesn’t matter nobody gives af about her stop trying to make this thread happen. Go back to PULL

No. 910330

Can you please shut the fuck up? This thread is literally just you talking to yourself. No one besides you thinks this girl is a milky cow and no one cares, so sage your shit. You don't make threads on randos on this board just because "it'd be nice to talk about someone else for a change", retard. Gentleprrs has no milk, and people talk about Erin because she's the milky cow that keeps on giving.

No. 910362

File: 1577400822350.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, B717C72D-37E9-429C-BFD1-E67DE1…)

she edits herself to be a totally different person… look at the middle right picture she looks haggard

No. 910363

lol "haggard"
she looks like a normal girl albeit a bit tired. just looks worse beside the edits. at least she's recognizable unlike a certain cow named erin and all the other personality disorder addled ddlg girls

No. 910367

Impeccable post. Impeccable. POTY

No. 910370

File: 1577401427730.png (7.16 MB, 1242x2208, 8D09EFE5-02D8-4F92-96D6-692998…)

"cute bottom 3 pictures"
you're either white knighting, gentlepurrs defending herself, or an erin dick rider who wants this thread to die to continue talking about your queen cow

No. 910371

She is cute in the unedited pics. You're really trying hard to make a milkless, boring ddlg slut into cow of the year, jesus christ. Either you're Erin, gentleprrs trying to make herself infamous, or a jealous ddlg girl. Go make some friends

No. 910377

she looks fine?? this isn't any worse than your average insta girl.

this seems like vendettaposting

No. 910380

so we're not gonna talk about the whitewashing or how she's trying to appear asian?(ban evasion)

No. 910381

If you want to talk about her whitewashing go take it to PULL. No one here cares.

No. 910411

did i not sage? my bad sorry, i’m on mobile

No. 910461

you did, they didn't. kek.

No. 910884

File: 1577523008238.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x3464, 8C664113-3C90-4D83-8A05-F6B336…)

she's always trying to start drama…. what a hateful bitch

No. 910920

How is this trying to start drama and her being a "hateful bitch"
Jesus christ anon calm down. If anything it's just her copying them

No. 910945

ntayrt but she’s mocking @longsleeves who she has something against. it’s weird as shit tbh

No. 911470

File: 1577667987923.jpeg (754.98 KB, 1242x1682, 40234E0C-0AE1-47E0-8D20-54DA4C…)

1/2 this strikes me as very attention seeky

No. 911471

File: 1577668026174.jpeg (277.97 KB, 1242x1514, 162DBEC7-2CC2-4A3C-A704-68239F…)


No. 911504


>'be safe!!'


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