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File: 1572673196619.jpg (209.43 KB, 1280x720, madame-thumbnail.jpg)

No. 887727

Introduction to Madame/Ashley
-19 year old self-proclaimed Leafy clone, who first got recognition for “suing” Onision.
-Scammed people by crowdfunding her Onison “lawsuit” through Patreon, there is no evidence she actually filed any paperwork.
-Supposedly flew to Washington for the “lawsuit”, in reality she stayed at her (ex)friend’s house and went to a concert. While staying with her (ex)friend she stole from them and tried to cause trouble.
-She claimed she went to court & filmed the whole experience, but won’t share any of it & will delete the footage because the internet was mean to her and they don’t deserve to see it.
-A 15-year old (ex)fan made her high quality artwork to use on her channel for free, in exchange for “exposure”. She used the artwork without crediting the (ex)fan/artist, and when the artist asked for credit she went batshit. She doxxed her phone number, and accused her of lying about her age, occupation and even a sexual assault.
-Laughed at and passed around a video of her underage mentally challenged classmate jerking off to My Little Pony porn.
-Has a history of targeting minors and teenagers.
-Pretends to be friends with/exaggerates her relationships with bigger youtubers for clout.
-Thinks she is an “Social Media Influencer” with her 45k subs, used to be 50k. Her supporters/fans are made up of immature teenage boys.
-Purged multiple Twitter accounts to hide old tweets.

To sum it up she is childish, delusional, has no self-awareness at all, plays victim, lies constantly, can’t handle criticism, and is an attention whore.
(Also she likes to delete, so archive and screenshot)

Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSatRhLxpTXdeqUBNR5b0wg
Side Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0k2FIsrhzk4fvLggkx4lA
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madamexo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pr1ncessAsh
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/madameyt
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/madamexo

Twitter (Old): https://twitter.com/OfficialMadame
Twitter (Old): https://twitter.com/ManqiiSmith
Twitter (Suspended): https://twitter.com/MadameYT

Videos summarizing the drama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVcNn2B2Ldk

It’s my first time making a thread, sorry if it's done incorrectly.

No. 887729

File: 1572673515172.jpg (262.38 KB, 1500x390, madame-facetune1.jpg)

OP here, There is a bunch of other things I wanted to add, but this is the jist of it. I’ve been trying to compile all of her bs, but there’s a shitload so it taking me a while. I’ll post some of what I’ve collected later.

Also a bit of a nitpick, but she also facetunes the hell outta her pictures.

No. 887732

Holy shit, these all from the same year?
It’s amazing what filters can do for potato faces.

Also good job on the op

No. 887733

I was wondering when this girl would get a thread. I have no idea why she would advertise herself as the female Leafy when he got run off of YouTube for harassing children (much like herself, I guess). So is she back from her little disappearing act where she claimed she was homeless and had to change her name and shit?

No. 887771

Back and completely ignoring it. She just keeps reiterating that furries were lying on her lol

No. 888038

Simplifying because she dragged this incoherent rant out for 15 minutes.
>Madame continues to claim she's the victim in the situation with the artist despite all of the evidence pointing to the contrary.
>Continues to claim the artist is trying to cancel her with no proof, compares herself to James Charles.
>Insists the drama doesn't get under her skin even though she just got finished ragequitting the Internet.
>Basically pulls a "mY hAtErS mAkE mE sUcCeSsFuL" (0:24 - 0:33) even though anyone can see her sub count is declining.
>Nine minutes into the video she contradicts her claim that the drama hasn't gotten to her, being butthurt that the shit she caused affected her income.
>She also goes on some irrelevant tangent about how the art community is toxic and artists are liars.

What a pathetic person. She has no one but herself to blame but herself for this entire drama.

No. 888088

She has to be playing it up for views, right? I refuse to believe someone would deliberately style themselves as a leafy clone, steal art, pick a bunch of unwinnable e-fights with literal children and even pretend to go head to head with onion and be 100% serious about it. I know she's a dumbass teenager but still.

No. 888679

File: 1572883696765.jpg (259.27 KB, 1073x1073, 20191104_104804.jpg)


The artist that Ashley is talking about actually responded on twitter. Which is a diffrent artist than the one op mention.


-Basically Ashley lied about the
-Mocafuwa didn't email Ashley's Fanfiber agent.
-Mocafuwa is aware she doesn't own the rights to the art anymore but so does Ashley.
-In the video Ashley doxxed Mocafuwa personal email.

Ashley keeps doxxing these artists and other people she doesn't like and then claims that she is the victim and they are unprofessional.

No. 888696

Ew no wonder she got fat bitch complex

No. 888812

File: 1572894355560.png (260.18 KB, 750x1334, 742EB5C7-329D-4D96-AC96-DA95F2…)

She’s also said in the thread that she’s also a minor. Pic related.

It’s almost like if Ashley pulled this with someone her own age it’d be harder to play victim of these children’s “unprofessionalism”. Lmao didn’t learn a damn thing from the slimers situation.

No. 889229

She has been doing this for a while now doxxing minors. She doxxed her bf who was 16 at the time, while she was 18.

This next part of the video start at 11:15. I ll summarize but the video does show the receipts.

-Claims her bf is stalking her and trying to have her killed and put her in danger for about 2 months.
-Ashley leaks the bf number and people are harassing him.
-Claims the bf doxxed her and is trying to access her paypal account.
-She wants her community to "f**k him up"
-Ashley releases her bf address and she goes and shows up to his house a little after doxxing him.

This incident happened almost a year ago and Ashley S is still doing the same thing to other minors. She claims she is the victim in these situations. But, she cant see that she's the adult and should know better…..but she doesn't.

No. 889241

It's saying video unavailable

No. 889251

Dont know why its not working here is the link.


No. 889297

Finally a thread!
Madame seems to have a weird uh…fondness of toilet paper? She used 16 rolls at her ex-friends house in 6 days.
Either shes a poop monster or shes eating it like popcorn.

No. 890037

File: 1573100732420.jpg (245.92 KB, 1440x961, 20191106_231600.jpg)

Apparently Ashley took down all of her Onision videos. She thinks that people will forget about her "lawsuit " against Onision. Well bad news for her…..people are not going to forget about her fake lawsuit, lying and doxxing of minors.

No. 890058

Ngl when her friend said that I thought she was bra stuffing or something like that to use a whole thing of toilet paper. What can you do with so much tp anyway?

No. 890103

Eating tp is an anorexia trick.

No. 890130

Okay but 16 rolls? And doing this at a friend's house too?

No. 890421

Does she look anorexic to you?

No. 892745

Looks like Ashley S is changing her username "madame" to "princess". Here is a short twitter tread with a ss from her discord as to why she is changing her username.


-Her reason is that she loves princess
-Its a lifestyle for her
-She feels better going by the name of princess than madame since madame was a name she came up with when she was 16

It's obvious Ashley S is trying to runaway from the things she has done. Deleting/putting her Onision videos on private to now changing her username.

No. 903702

here's the repzion video on madame. very informative

No. 903703

here's the ponder sprocket video on madame if you haven't watched it yet

No. 903906

Lol no one gives a shit about a dumb name-change and giving a reason behind it is so stupid and not worth mentioning. Can’t believe this girl spend 3K on a ugly purse from her Patreon money.

No. 906883

No. 906909

first of all this is an imageboard, second, that looks nothing like madame at all and that jadedalicorn person seems like an incoherent psycho

No. 917176

Yeah, I know jadedalicorn from the MMD community and she's a dramawhore and nutcase. Sage bc not really on topic and it's been nearly a month since the last reply but I wouldn't trust what jaded is saying

No. 917322

She is trying to raise money to charity for the Australia fires. But since she has a past of raising money and using that money on herself like buying a $3k purse, people are not going for it this time around.

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