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No. 882818

Have you seen someone being incredibly weird towards teens/kids on tik tok?

This is their thread.

On the chopping board

Tik tok @georgeaweston5
> 40 something year old Floridian that lives with his mom
>spends most of his time making reaction tik toks to women and children
> reuses the same suit that he thinks makes him look attractive
> his room is filthy and seems to be the only place he posts about aside of private Snapchat
> overall creepy and weird
> divorced

euc benitez.
>He creeps on children through tiktok as well
>openly baits incest with his little sister for views.


No. 882819

File: 1571655167899.gif (2.53 MB, 270x480, C3B4EB13-544C-4D67-9714-129E77…)

No. 882820

File: 1571655272075.gif (2.45 MB, 270x480, 8CAF2683-37FE-4D51-94C1-38384E…)

No. 882841

That dude is baiting for pussy by showing what a great older brother he is who spends time with his sisters, its obviously not incest shit

No. 882845

File: 1571665341835.gif (802.25 KB, 194x280, BoldTintedAmericanbulldog-max-…)

This fucking frumpy egghead, The Budday, who would duet with mostly questionable aged girls. He's been banned off TikTok for showing his shriveled penis to a 15yo girl. He goes by fr3ak_alpha on Twitch & Instagram, however he's laying low.

No. 882857

I remember when tiktok was putting ads out like crazy for their app & this old dude was one of the people they'd showcase constantly. Unsurprising to literally no one that he turned out to be a pedo.

No. 882871

It's very creepy, he has romantic songs that they tik tok to. The first thing you see looking at his Ig is a another video kissing his sister while he's shirtless. If people are calling you a creep he clearly isn't helping lol.

No. 883074

This man clearly retarded imo. Not that that makes ok to show your dong to kids, but he's definitely on the smooth brain side of the spectrum.

No. 883238

File: 1571745176257.jpeg (56.11 KB, 470x470, 0B356520-25CB-448A-9373-83BA4A…)

The way he almost fall over after the spin

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