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No. 872945

You may of seen/heard of Riirichan in the old UK Weebs thread..

Well she deserves her own thread now for scamming people out of $1000s of dollars for her breast implants.

The story:
About a year ago, she signed up for this site Kofi. (Basically a site for donations through the lens of 'buying someone a coffee' despite it just giving them the money directly)

So she then gave the link out and said that anyone who donated 3 coffee(about $12 or 9 pounds) would get topless pictures after she gets breast implants and they healed up.

So a few months go by and she actually gets funded the goal and she gets over $2000 which will fund her breast implant surgery.

She gets the surgery, all excited and tells everyone she can't wait to take the topless photos for everyone, etc.

Few months go by, people start asking, hey where's the photos? She calmly answers that they'll be taken in the summer and to be patient. So the end of summer rolls around, she breaks up with her old long time boyfriend and a few weeks later starts dating another(I assume she was cheating with how quickly she got a new boyfriend). So she milks this excuse now for 2 months as to why she hasn't gotten pictures taken. She replies to people asking about the photos saying that 'its been rough, she had to move, and that we'll get the pictures at the end of August' Ok fine, fair enough then.. End of August rolls around and when people message her she starts getting an attitude now saying 'I told you when you'll get them, its still same timeframe' then poof, she deletes all her insta-stories about the Kofi off her Instagram around the end of August and has been posting NOTHING about the topless photos she promised hundreds of people.

This girl has gotten her breast implants for essentially free and then has tried to sweep the topless pictures under the rug.

And now she's saying once she gets a job she's ending her other scam, her patreon. She tries to sell off her last bits of Patreon on twitter saying '2 years worth of lewds' but its nothing more than super filtered underwear shots and booty pics. No actually nudes like she claims in the 'goals'.

Her Patreon was such a scam too, she would promise pictures and sets but would only post once a month on there, promised nudes and would never deliver and would go inactive on it for months at a time while still collecting peoples money.


I assume her next step is ending the Patreon and then she's just gonna disappear with all the money and shit she got for free.

We need this to get some attention and spread the word about this scamming weeb.

No. 872975

That was a boring read and comes off vendetta.

No. 873016

so you didn't get your topless pics huh? sad

No. 873025

This thread needs more screenshots if you want it to be interesting.

No. 873028

This. Why should anyone respect cumbrains? They don't even respect themselves.
Is there any real milk to be had here?

No. 873063

… That's it? You didn't get the tiddy pics for your fap folder? lol. This is like trying to milk the teat of a mummified cow corpse- that is, there's no milk and this thread is awful and you should feel awful for being such a dumbass.

No. 873158

why can't you just put this in the UK Weebs thread?

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