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No. 867303

Kara Faith Sykes is a tiktok poster who claims to have a cocktail of mental illneses (DID, anxiety, depression, ptsd, etc).

Some milk -

• groomed at 11-12 yrs old by 30something yr old boyfriend who at the time was dating someone else
• let her cats inbreed and have kittens. One of the kittens died because it was so badly infected with fleas
• lives in absolute filth and squalor
• calls the plaque build up on her teeth “tooth butter” and the filth from her stretched lobes “ear cheese”
• participates in DDLG but claims it isnt sexual (claims her little age is 2)
• boyfriend allegedly got arrested (by accident) for murder???
• pathological liar
• boyfriend claims to be ftm but there is some confusion on that, because he claims to have a child with ex partner, and Kara wants to have a child with him
• purposely posts cringe in various facebook groups and asks to be roasted for some sick satisfaction
• at some point was reported missing, but this was already after she had moved in with her boyfriend
• boyfriend receives SSI for being handicapped. She doesnt have a job and he cant work.
* she also wants to get on ssi
• doesnt ever wash clothes, claims stains are “bc craft shirt”

Social Media:
Youtube- Syko Pebbles
Facebook- (she has like 6 accounts) all under Kara Faith Sykes
Instagram- instagram.com/lil_gothix_sykopebbles
Twitter - Lilgothixpebs
Tiktok - lilaliensykopebs(tripfagging)

No. 867304

File: 1568200313924.jpeg (150.15 KB, 750x1334, DD2E7A72-6EFB-41FC-96E9-116FE1…)

No. 867305

File: 1568200343293.jpeg (96.88 KB, 444x960, C399DCAE-9B29-468D-8007-DB7BAC…)

No. 867306

File: 1568200386198.jpeg (130.22 KB, 444x960, 7FB035DC-2343-4873-A133-62360F…)

No. 867307

File: 1568200412610.jpeg (131.03 KB, 444x960, DC4E92E8-39A0-4BB6-9862-5BA1C7…)

No. 867308

File: 1568200491115.jpeg (133.13 KB, 444x960, FFA6FFC2-7A86-4FCA-B51C-7E5203…)

No. 867309

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No. 867310

File: 1568200559670.jpeg (123.37 KB, 444x960, AFE37C25-BD7E-4F6A-AE09-FABFF4…)

No. 867311

File: 1568200642159.jpeg (80.3 KB, 720x773, C257604E-0D7D-4798-9D03-A33EFA…)

No. 867312

File: 1568200664781.jpeg (95.46 KB, 540x960, E983A33D-6B44-40D4-BFFA-008206…)

No. 867314

File: 1568200697312.jpeg (193.48 KB, 595x1547, B793B27D-5188-4675-97D6-D31B25…)

No. 867315

File: 1568200727095.jpeg (187.65 KB, 640x1385, 29173D16-5320-4ECB-8554-D2EF1E…)

No. 867316

File: 1568200777452.jpeg (166.17 KB, 640x1315, 1F05B12E-7D3B-410D-9BBD-919C52…)

No. 867317

File: 1568200816479.jpeg (86.28 KB, 960x720, 5CD3871C-2D69-425D-8966-E8DA3A…)

No. 867319

File: 1568200914062.jpeg (113.02 KB, 540x960, 3847F26C-0398-4220-B970-82771B…)

No. 867320

File: 1568201069055.jpeg (76.1 KB, 540x960, FCF036C9-418F-4A09-9DB7-2C2606…)

No. 867321

File: 1568201186394.jpeg (48.77 KB, 540x960, 4AECB072-136C-48E0-A098-EC1B93…)

No. 867322

File: 1568201264809.jpeg (104.42 KB, 540x960, 7A9B2203-5D48-444F-BCBA-047563…)

No. 867323

File: 1568201296691.jpeg (102.96 KB, 540x960, BC0EFBD7-D8A1-4C4C-9F38-59D387…)

No. 867352

Not even read the rest of the thread but had to stop here to say. THAT PILLOW. Vom

No. 867507

Shut up kara group got zucced??

No. 867516

This girl is just depressing tbh.

No. 867543

Her cats can't be the only thing that are inbred…

No. 878600

yeah this is just the result of untreated (or treated too late) grooming/csa. I've seen a ton of trainwrecks like her in csa c-ptsd therapy groups. They act out ddlg because that's how their sexuality formed, it's not rocket science.

No. 882684

>>882671 fucking stop doxxing, retard.

No. 882695

File: 1571612439943.jpeg (85.12 KB, 750x1334, C15C22DA-5E0B-4F66-8A39-C2C840…)

kara doxed herself fucking retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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