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No. 867299

Kara Faith Sykes is a tiktok poster who claims to have a cocktail of mental illneses (DID, anxiety, depression, ptsd, etc).

Some milk -

• groomed at 11-12 yrs old by 30something yr old boyfriend who at the time was dating someone else with a child
• let her cats inbreed and have kittens. One of the kittens died because it was so badly infected with fleas
• lives in absolute filth and squalor
• calls the plaque build up on her teeth “tooth butter” and the filth from her stretched lobes “ear cheese”
• participates in DDLG but claims it isnt sexual (claims her little age is 2)
• boyfriend allegedly got arrested (by accident) for murder???
• pathological liar
• boyfriend claims to be ftm but there is some confusion on that, because he claims to have a child with ex partner, and Kara wants to have a child with him
• purposely posts cringe in various facebook groups and asks to be roasted for some sick satisfaction
• at some point was reported missing, but this was already after she had moved in with her boyfriend
• boyfriend receives SSI for being handicapped. She doesnt have a job and he cant work.
• doesnt ever wash clothes, claims stains are “bc craft shirt”

Social Media:
Youtube- Syko Pebbles
Facebook- (she has like 6 accounts) all under Kara Faith Sykes
Instagram- instagram.com/lil_gothix_sykopebbles

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