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File: 1567973030047.jpg (21.66 KB, 400x400, obayed.jpg)

No. 866142

Because outside of the raging AL vendetta that gave us that last shitshow thread, he's actually a pretty entertaining cow.

Here's a short rundown:

>obnoxious indian rich kid, parents are loaded

>notorious MCM Expo Group (the biggest UK comic con) troll, all edgelord all the time, lots of misogynistic and homophobic shit which he excuses with the presence of 'the harem'
>refers to his group of female fame orbiters as his harem, jury is out on whether he's fucking some of them, creeping, or actually just friends with them
>got heavily involved in the campaign against Mike Towers (UK con scene nonce, has his own thread) but quickly twisted it to his own publicity, to the extent that many people now actually doubt that Towers is a nonce because Obayed has made it seem like a personal feud
>has a habit of sending his inexplicably vast online following to harass and threaten anyone who criticises or even contradicts him- interesting cow vs cow mashups here as this has included people like Sindy Pop and Grace Mellody
>after having publicly crusaded as the Champion Against Nonces for years, one of his close friends is exposed as a nonce with evidence
>Obayed has been radio silent over this and trying to draw attention to low-tier AL drama instead


The MCM Facebook group where most of his antics take place:

His books (yes, really):

No. 866146

File: 1567973216799.png (168.29 KB, 685x561, transphobia bad.PNG)

One of his entertaining qualities is that he can't make up his mind whether he wants to be an edgelord or an SJW.

No. 866458

File: 1568036152909.png (95.33 KB, 460x340, Untitled.png)

Those books are cringeworthy, his coloring book is just shitty filters over pictures

No. 866572

File: 1568056420020.png (560.16 KB, 671x601, she's not your girl dude.PNG)

This isn't even recognisably cosplay. What's with his constant cringey sucking up to anything with a cunt, anyway? Some of the captions on his retweets make my skin crawl.

No. 866574

File: 1568056696637.png (429.34 KB, 676x546, bro aren't they all your fave …)

Like from anyone else this would be an immediate 'yikes, stop orbiting', but somehow he's created this cult of personality where he gets away with it. It really is interesting.

No. 866605

Towers, your syntax is still easily recognizable. Learn to sage.

also, wasn't this book a whole joke or something? If i recall it wasn't meant to be serious, hence the shitty editing

No. 866612

File: 1568060361161.jpg (167.45 KB, 502x681, hitlist.jpg)

He also has a secret "Fight Club" group where he and his "harem" shit on people who don't agree with everything they say. This is their current hit-list and most of the information there is out of date by a few years. If you are actually going to send a mob after people - get your information right first.

No. 866615

Neat, maybe now people on the cgl UK thread can stop ranting about this guy and take it here instead

No. 866687

ranting and his harem backing him up and ruining that thread

No. 866831

Anon, I am the original Towers syntax autist and the OP of the Towers thread. Please do not evoke my autism in vain… especially against my own posts.

No. 866935

Should I feel sad that I no longer appear on anyone's shitlist/blacklist any more?

Or is this a sign I might be getting my shit together?(blog)

No. 866938

Don't be such a fucking cow, anon.

No. 866959

maybe they all think you're dead?

No. 867026

If you ask really nicely, I’m sure they’ll put you back on!

No. 867041

Just hit on one of his harem or something.

No. 867051

Honestly though most of these are fair? Kyle, Lewis and Mike have all either sexually assaulted someone or have threatened to.

No. 867057

I was told Obayed deactivated his Facebook after this Adam stuff escalated, can anyone confirm this?

Also has Adam been added to the blacklist or is Obayed still dodging that one?

No. 867072

>Has Adam been added?
This is a very good question. Can anyone who has access to his group confirm?

No. 867089

I don't think he did he just started attacking 4chan when they called him out on it

No. 867101

yeah all of them have proof/evidence linked in the post comments

No. 867129

he was added as soon as the accusations came out, booted from the group too.

No. 867162

Got a screenshot to prove show that?

No. 867289

Yeah I'm skeptical about this as he has been avoiding it. When talking to othere they've said hes not updated his list, when I unblocked him to check the public post on his profile it was not updated.

No. 867388

I feel like theres more people like this on lolcow than we realize, just other cows making fun of other cows


its funny how someone who calls their female groupies a literal HAREM can still play the woke world. My god, is the late 2010s stupid as fuck.

No. 867389


woke role, sorry.

No. 867535

File: 1568251010974.png (782.22 KB, 2048x1915, Screenshot_20190912-021501.png)

Obayed and Adam were never really friends, that's just something Towers and Mel are trying to spread. Obayed has never even met Adam and it seems he only recently added him on Facebook. Adam's ex gf of two years didn't know who he was and Obayed has never hung out with any of the people from his friends group.

No. 867642

As much as I like to blame Towers for everything most people knew they were talking to each other as they'd send edgy memes and such. Obayed wasn't hiding it well so can't really go back on it and go 'I never knew the guy'

No. 867671

I think people are over exaggerating how well they knew each other just for the chance to attack him for it. It looks like they were only facebook friends for a few months. Apart from commenting on each other's posts a few times there doesn't look like there was much else between them. Nobody even knew they were friends till Adam got outed and the anti-Obayed hate crew tried to jump on it the chance to bash him and call them "best friends".

If we're gonna talk shit about this guy here I'd rather try and stick to facts about what he's done instead of running on some obviously sensationalised bs because that'll just make me sceptical about anything else that gets bought up.

No. 867697

The facts suggest otherwise

>He didn't share the post about Adam publicly, where he would have been sharing it everywhere for anyone else.

>He hasn't added Adam in to the black-list he posted publicly, and no one has yet offered up a screenshot from his private group to prove that even that has been edited.
>Obayed himself said in his reply to the original post on Adam that they were friends, so it's not like he barely knows him.
>He continually kept throwing up smokescreens to distract attention ranging from it's all Mike and Mel's evil plot to wah 4chan hates me.

Very best friends, probably not, but it's obvious they were pretty close.

No. 867703

I have him added, he's shared all the posts, made his own and even forwarded them to where Adam was applying to work at to let them know. From what I've seen the reason it's not public anymore is because from a recent post of his people on 4chan and apparently here too he's made his posts friends only to wind up the people posting about not being able to see what he's saying or doing. Looks like that includes you, and it's worked.

No. 867705

File: 1568304620768.png (1.78 MB, 1324x2048, Screenshot_20190912-171009.png)

He's been making memes of the whole Adam Joestar situation as soon as things kicked off

No. 867727

I think the “best friends” thing mostly came from the fact that for one, Obayed and Adam have interacted on public posts a few times for a while, and then also because everyone’s so used to Obayed shaming people publicly that the fact he did it on friends only made people who don’t have him added think he was covering up.

No. 867737

I can agree they weren't best friends I don't think Adam even turned up to hang out with Obayed at MCM. I think the point still stands that the anti-Obayed hate crew are saying is that if this was anyone else he would've done the whole attacking and tagging them and sending people after Adam. The fact it was only friends only and he only made the ALcon meme after Nav and Nadeem were making loads and those were public. At least Nav and Nadeem posted publically calling Adam out and they were closer than Obayed ever was

No. 867762

I think it's just unfortunate timing, since the post was originally public from the looks of like/shares but he made his post friends only not long after he shared it.

No. 867763

File: 1568312292600.png (791.01 KB, 1667x2048, Screenshot_20190912-191436.png)

Proof he's actually taken steps to prevent Adam Joestar getting away Scott free

No. 867766

File: 1568312488401.png (772.07 KB, 1436x2048, Screenshot_20190912-192057.png)

No. 867767

File: 1568312521178.png (654.72 KB, 1417x2048, Screenshot_20190912-192129.png)

These were on the posts about Adam Joestar that he shared.

No. 867773

Has Obayed just deleted over a dozen posts including the ones he made against Alcon, 4Chan and AL or have they just been made friends-only?

No. 867782

Read the thread, brainlet.

No. 867788

Can't find where it's explained why he's removed the 4chan, Towers and Alcon stuff?

No. 867797


Can you towers autists learn to fucking sage Jesus Christ you're like the plague on every website you can be anon on

No. 867799

he's removed a bunch of his memes too. There was one about brexit but that's gone too and a bunch of photos too

No. 867814

He made all his shit friends only. You AL retards really do not know how to farm.

No. 867834

Holy cow do you all share one brain cell between yourselves?? He's made all of his posts friends only to make you mad. It's all still there, you just can't see it now.

No. 867842

I recognise roughly 70% of the names on that list and from the ones I know of I can say they fully deserve to be there. I'm pretty sure guys like Lewis, Towers, Kyle, etc are known to literally everyone. I've seen Phil make posts making fun of people who have autism often enough to know he needs to be listed, but he gets loads of white knights because he's in the army despite the fact that he's just a personal trainer and has never actually fought or been on the front lines but he's happy to let people believe he has.

No. 867913

That's one possibility. Or maybe he's worried that his family will find out what he's been posting?

No. 867916

File: 1568330154573.jpg (112.81 KB, 548x781, adam1.JPG)

Check the edit date: Adam was added pretty much as soon as shit came out.

>hurr durr lets tell mummy and daddy

Hi AL staff, here's that (you)

No. 867924

Why would he be worried his family find out he's helping out pedophillies and rapists? The fact that any of you even know who is family are is because he's posted photos with them that they shared. He posts about his family often on his account, he's literally not hiding anything from them.

No. 867951

Off the top of my head, his actions potentially would drag his family and their business itself into the drama. I also doubt his family would be too supportive of his harem or general conduct. There's also libel repercussions if any of those he posts about chooses to sue him which would probably also concern them.

No. 867954

Moaning that people are from Al when I don't even care about comiccons and such anymore. I just hate the cunt

No. 867956

Mind posting the full list? I'm interested as to who else has been added.

No. 868030

It's pretty obvious this is probably coming from some AL shills or someone who doesn't even know him at all. Bet you didn't even know he's atheist and not Muslim like most people assume.

No. 868031

With how AL are struggling recently if Towers could have sued for slander or libel and gotten money out of it from Obayed, he would have done it by now.

No. 868032

Holy shit that's pathetic

No. 868045

Out of date?? I didn't realise that rape and sexual assault had an expiry date and we should forgive offenders after x amount of time. He's doing a good service by making sure people don't forget about offenders no matter how many years pass, especially when new people enter the scene and have no prior knowledge of these people.

No. 868051

We're not talking about if it'd happen we're talking about how his parents might perceive it. This isn't anonymous posting and he's possibly exposing himself to several dozen lawsuits against several dozen people.

No. 868073

If they're as rich as people here are claiming then they can afford to hire a better lawyer than Towers so again nothing to worry about here. From this thread alone it's easy to see none of his claims have been baseless and he's managed to evidence everything.

No. 868093

So when is he actually going to put his 'rich parents money' where his mouth is and actually, idk be the hero and take all these fuckers down? Instead of screaming over Facebook why doesn't he get these people convicted if he has all the evidence?

No. 868162

File: 1568395910368.jpg (266.57 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20190913_180850_com…)

No. 868176

>Has protested many times that he never posts on 4chan or lolcow

Well that's one thing Obayed can no longer claim. Then again it was pretty obvious he was lying there anyway

No. 868178

Hi Obayed! What tea you going to give us tonight?

No. 868179

Either he's lying to limit the damage or he's going full Sindypop on us. Either way this will be good

No. 868180

i'm not actually obayed, just someone in the group sick of it being entirely AL drama. Thought you guys would find this latest post funny, considering how fucking ridiculous it is clearly how he says he doesnt care about what's said about him.

No. 868182

Quality stuff. This is popcorn territory keep it up

No. 868183

This is pretty fucking hilarious not going to lie

No. 868184

So either he’s lying to stir the drama or he literally just admitted to posting solely so people will be more on his side?
Either way; it’s a yikes from me. We’re less than 100 replies into the thread and he’s already showing true cow material…

No. 868219

Or he posted that himself too and everyone is falling for it

No. 868229

Why did you join an anti AL group if you don't like anti AL posts

No. 868242

It wasn't meant to be an anti AL group, it was just meant to be dark memes etc. But now it's at least 30% Al whining

No. 868249

Let's all be honest without AL Obayed would be bored out of his mind. Let's shit on another con because he can only go to MCM

No. 868251

Considering Obayed made the group it was 100% always an anti AL group from the very start, and you're an idiot for thinking otherwise tbh

No. 868335

but maybe you are actually Obayed trying to fool our fragile little minds uwu

No. 868342

Almost certainly the case, pretty sure that screenshot was also him because he thought it would be funny to let us know he was messing with us all along.

No. 868346

Watching Obayed try and spin his way out of this way is just ever so entertaining

No. 868347

If so then this is hitting Sindypop levels of stupidity and it won't end well for him.

No. 868348

Lol, he's acting like he's in Death Note

No. 868472

Another fight club "mole" here. I can't stand his false positivity. Tbh im only in it for leaking stuff from it and for the ethots in his "harem" posting lewds on Thursdays to add to my wank folder.

Im now laughing knowing this will get screenshotted (HI OBAYED) and all those sluts will know every Thursday the type of ugly dude they'd call creepy and laugh at for only trying to be friendly is seeing their lewd pics and deliberately being the exact type of creepy dude they all try to avoid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 868490

Good for you, pervanon, and thanks for the tea! Keep those screenshots flowing, it's clearly driving him out of his tiny self-righteous mind.

No. 868499

Imagine reeking of this much Incel and being proud of it

No. 868503

Do you have him added too and can see his posts as well or just in the group??

No. 868525

Farmhand, are these screenshots all from the same IP?

No. 868548

Seeing as I'm one, and the other got banned, no they're not

No. 868555

jesus how new are you guys. read the rules and lurk more.

No. 868614

What love to see lewd Thursdays ;)

No. 868621

File: 1568478935690.jpg (18.27 KB, 750x743, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

No. 868626

Getting his girls to post lewds on a weekly basis sounds about right. Some screenshots (not of the lewds but his requests for them) would be even better.

No. 868642

I mean if they are happy to share into a group and to him of all people on social media. No one can really say thery weren't asking for it

No. 868674

They're all girls who have been sending him nudes in DMs for years by the looks of it, there's no posts of him ever having to ask.

No. 868745

No. 868752

I really do seriously suspect there is at least some evidence somewhere of him being inappropriate with girls or perhaps worse. There is definitely something being hidden here

No. 868755

I've been using this site for two years you silly cunt, and asking farmhands to check IPs isn't against any rule.

There's no ban message for any of the posts containing screenshots, unless i'm incredibly blind. I'm interested to know whether we can immediately debunk his claim that he's posting them himself.

No. 868756

File: 1568504730303.jpg (279.86 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20190915-004604_Chr…)

Here's one example I've seen. Proper creepy.

No. 868759

That's a bit lame.

No. 868760

This is only off mine and a friends observation but we were in Birmingham one time and he was on the same train as us and we saw the girl he was with was clearly intoxicated and he was just touching her up it was quite uncomfortable.

No. 868763

File: 1568507308973.jpg (40.63 KB, 640x640, 1172623_160701407474253_204085…)

Again doesn't know whether he wants to support women or objectify them

No. 868793

File: 1568513920906.jpg (265.07 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20190915-031529__01…)


I mean in the 4chan thread where this was posted there were screencaps from Firdaus herself BTFO'ing this BS, but sure, creepy

No. 868794

File: 1568513963993.jpg (243.04 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20190915-031555__01…)

Actual FB thread

No. 868806

Jealous Incel trying to make him look bad because the girl he's nice to is ignoring him for Obayed lmao

No. 868811

File: 1568517766903.png (438.56 KB, 2048x1426, Screenshot_20190915-041458.png)

I'm the one who linked Fir to the 4chan thread when I recognised comments from her post were being posted, (here's proof) we both thought it was incredibly cringe how someone cropped out those heart reacts and replies to try and make him look bad (note: I've never met Obayed in person or have him as a friend so I can't vouch for how he really is, just that this is a poor attempt to make him look "creepy".)

No. 868812

If you had to scroll back 6 years to 2013 on his Twitter to find dirt and that's all you came up with then holy shit dude.

No. 868817

So the only evidence the combined efforts of everyone in this group amounts to is a flirty tweet he sent and an unverifiable account that sounds like total bull. The Towers lolcow thread opened with plenty of links of evidence collated by one person, this thread is a desperate shit show in comparison.

No. 868831

Jesus fucking Christ this entire thread just reads like a bunch of rapists who are salty they got outed by him. Considering Towers is very obviously posting here with his crew, I'm probably not wrong to say that.

No. 868834

Hai Obayed how's your "thread steering" going?

No. 868838

You do realise him making that post and then posting a screenshot of it here to boast about it was to literally start shit like this? Congrats on being played like a damn fiddle anon.

No. 868840

Keep spinning Obayed

No. 868842

File: 1568526651364.jpg (337.78 KB, 1080x1693, obayedkhanreminde.jpg)

Reposting this one from yesterday just to show what a cow we're dealing with here.

No. 868852

Tbh even if she's fine with it it's still super creepy. I've seen the whole version before and it doesn't make his comments any less creepy, just shows she doesn't mind being creeped on.

No. 868861

Reposting content he clearly wanted everyone to see because there's nothing else you can find, even with multiple moles in his secret private group. At this point I'm more interested in learning more about pervanon

No. 868941

Two people showing mutual affection over social media is not creepy you actual Incel, try harder.

No. 868956

Mutual for now. Wait a while until she comes out with her story

No. 868958

There have already been two screenshots of her side in this thread already. Fucking hell, being this desperate to make him look bad really just shows he isn't.

No. 868961

>Despite his physical setbacks
Even his female orbiters call him ugly. How does he have such a huge female harem? His edgy jokes are lame, hes not attractive, his family could be rich but I dont think hes spending on them.

No. 868968

She means being physically disabled, not how he looks.

No. 868974

Personally if a male friend made frequent comments to me about wanting to share a bed etc, that guy would not be a friend for very long. It's gross, have some self-respect.

Costhots love efame and being a notorious edgelord is close enough.

No. 868989

She literally says "yes we do" in the screenshot. All this lolcow thread has proved is that Obayed gets consent. Well done.

No. 869003

It shows his standard to…very low

No. 869015

File: 1568579046686.jpg (29.75 KB, 450x250, 9587785281_4e47d678de_z-59642f…)

I found a picture of Obayed's family hotel chain. He's getting really cocky building hotel chains so close to where Towers lives…

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