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File: 1567973030047.jpg (21.66 KB, 400x400, obayed.jpg)

No. 866142

Because outside of the raging AL vendetta that gave us that last shitshow thread, he's actually a pretty entertaining cow.

Here's a short rundown:

>obnoxious indian rich kid, parents are loaded

>notorious MCM Expo Group (the biggest UK comic con) troll, all edgelord all the time, lots of misogynistic and homophobic shit which he excuses with the presence of 'the harem'
>refers to his group of female fame orbiters as his harem, jury is out on whether he's fucking some of them, creeping, or actually just friends with them
>got heavily involved in the campaign against Mike Towers (UK con scene nonce, has his own thread) but quickly twisted it to his own publicity, to the extent that many people now actually doubt that Towers is a nonce because Obayed has made it seem like a personal feud
>has a habit of sending his inexplicably vast online following to harass and threaten anyone who criticises or even contradicts him- interesting cow vs cow mashups here as this has included people like Sindy Pop and Grace Mellody
>after having publicly crusaded as the Champion Against Nonces for years, one of his close friends is exposed as a nonce with evidence
>Obayed has been radio silent over this and trying to draw attention to low-tier AL drama instead


The MCM Facebook group where most of his antics take place:

His books (yes, really):

No. 866146

File: 1567973216799.png (168.29 KB, 685x561, transphobia bad.PNG)

One of his entertaining qualities is that he can't make up his mind whether he wants to be an edgelord or an SJW.

No. 866458

File: 1568036152909.png (95.33 KB, 460x340, Untitled.png)

Those books are cringeworthy, his coloring book is just shitty filters over pictures

No. 866572

File: 1568056420020.png (560.16 KB, 671x601, she's not your girl dude.PNG)

This isn't even recognisably cosplay. What's with his constant cringey sucking up to anything with a cunt, anyway? Some of the captions on his retweets make my skin crawl.

No. 866574

File: 1568056696637.png (429.34 KB, 676x546, bro aren't they all your fave …)

Like from anyone else this would be an immediate 'yikes, stop orbiting', but somehow he's created this cult of personality where he gets away with it. It really is interesting.

No. 866605

Towers, your syntax is still easily recognizable. Learn to sage.

also, wasn't this book a whole joke or something? If i recall it wasn't meant to be serious, hence the shitty editing

No. 866612

File: 1568060361161.jpg (167.45 KB, 502x681, hitlist.jpg)

He also has a secret "Fight Club" group where he and his "harem" shit on people who don't agree with everything they say. This is their current hit-list and most of the information there is out of date by a few years. If you are actually going to send a mob after people - get your information right first.

No. 866615

Neat, maybe now people on the cgl UK thread can stop ranting about this guy and take it here instead

No. 866687

ranting and his harem backing him up and ruining that thread

No. 866831

Anon, I am the original Towers syntax autist and the OP of the Towers thread. Please do not evoke my autism in vain… especially against my own posts.

No. 866935

Should I feel sad that I no longer appear on anyone's shitlist/blacklist any more?

Or is this a sign I might be getting my shit together?(blog)

No. 866938

Don't be such a fucking cow, anon.

No. 866959

maybe they all think you're dead?

No. 867026

If you ask really nicely, I’m sure they’ll put you back on!

No. 867041

Just hit on one of his harem or something.

No. 867051

Honestly though most of these are fair? Kyle, Lewis and Mike have all either sexually assaulted someone or have threatened to.

No. 867057

I was told Obayed deactivated his Facebook after this Adam stuff escalated, can anyone confirm this?

Also has Adam been added to the blacklist or is Obayed still dodging that one?

No. 867072

>Has Adam been added?
This is a very good question. Can anyone who has access to his group confirm?

No. 867089

I don't think he did he just started attacking 4chan when they called him out on it

No. 867101

yeah all of them have proof/evidence linked in the post comments

No. 867129

he was added as soon as the accusations came out, booted from the group too.

No. 867162

Got a screenshot to prove show that?

No. 867289

Yeah I'm skeptical about this as he has been avoiding it. When talking to othere they've said hes not updated his list, when I unblocked him to check the public post on his profile it was not updated.

No. 867388

I feel like theres more people like this on lolcow than we realize, just other cows making fun of other cows


its funny how someone who calls their female groupies a literal HAREM can still play the woke world. My god, is the late 2010s stupid as fuck.

No. 867389


woke role, sorry.

No. 867535

File: 1568251010974.png (782.22 KB, 2048x1915, Screenshot_20190912-021501.png)

Obayed and Adam were never really friends, that's just something Towers and Mel are trying to spread. Obayed has never even met Adam and it seems he only recently added him on Facebook. Adam's ex gf of two years didn't know who he was and Obayed has never hung out with any of the people from his friends group.

No. 867642

As much as I like to blame Towers for everything most people knew they were talking to each other as they'd send edgy memes and such. Obayed wasn't hiding it well so can't really go back on it and go 'I never knew the guy'

No. 867671

I think people are over exaggerating how well they knew each other just for the chance to attack him for it. It looks like they were only facebook friends for a few months. Apart from commenting on each other's posts a few times there doesn't look like there was much else between them. Nobody even knew they were friends till Adam got outed and the anti-Obayed hate crew tried to jump on it the chance to bash him and call them "best friends".

If we're gonna talk shit about this guy here I'd rather try and stick to facts about what he's done instead of running on some obviously sensationalised bs because that'll just make me sceptical about anything else that gets bought up.

No. 867697

The facts suggest otherwise

>He didn't share the post about Adam publicly, where he would have been sharing it everywhere for anyone else.

>He hasn't added Adam in to the black-list he posted publicly, and no one has yet offered up a screenshot from his private group to prove that even that has been edited.
>Obayed himself said in his reply to the original post on Adam that they were friends, so it's not like he barely knows him.
>He continually kept throwing up smokescreens to distract attention ranging from it's all Mike and Mel's evil plot to wah 4chan hates me.

Very best friends, probably not, but it's obvious they were pretty close.

No. 867703

I have him added, he's shared all the posts, made his own and even forwarded them to where Adam was applying to work at to let them know. From what I've seen the reason it's not public anymore is because from a recent post of his people on 4chan and apparently here too he's made his posts friends only to wind up the people posting about not being able to see what he's saying or doing. Looks like that includes you, and it's worked.

No. 867705

File: 1568304620768.png (1.78 MB, 1324x2048, Screenshot_20190912-171009.png)

He's been making memes of the whole Adam Joestar situation as soon as things kicked off

No. 867727

I think the “best friends” thing mostly came from the fact that for one, Obayed and Adam have interacted on public posts a few times for a while, and then also because everyone’s so used to Obayed shaming people publicly that the fact he did it on friends only made people who don’t have him added think he was covering up.

No. 867737

I can agree they weren't best friends I don't think Adam even turned up to hang out with Obayed at MCM. I think the point still stands that the anti-Obayed hate crew are saying is that if this was anyone else he would've done the whole attacking and tagging them and sending people after Adam. The fact it was only friends only and he only made the ALcon meme after Nav and Nadeem were making loads and those were public. At least Nav and Nadeem posted publically calling Adam out and they were closer than Obayed ever was

No. 867762

I think it's just unfortunate timing, since the post was originally public from the looks of like/shares but he made his post friends only not long after he shared it.

No. 867763

File: 1568312292600.png (791.01 KB, 1667x2048, Screenshot_20190912-191436.png)

Proof he's actually taken steps to prevent Adam Joestar getting away Scott free

No. 867766

File: 1568312488401.png (772.07 KB, 1436x2048, Screenshot_20190912-192057.png)

No. 867767

File: 1568312521178.png (654.72 KB, 1417x2048, Screenshot_20190912-192129.png)

These were on the posts about Adam Joestar that he shared.

No. 867773

Has Obayed just deleted over a dozen posts including the ones he made against Alcon, 4Chan and AL or have they just been made friends-only?

No. 867782

Read the thread, brainlet.

No. 867788

Can't find where it's explained why he's removed the 4chan, Towers and Alcon stuff?

No. 867797


Can you towers autists learn to fucking sage Jesus Christ you're like the plague on every website you can be anon on

No. 867799

he's removed a bunch of his memes too. There was one about brexit but that's gone too and a bunch of photos too

No. 867814

He made all his shit friends only. You AL retards really do not know how to farm.

No. 867834

Holy cow do you all share one brain cell between yourselves?? He's made all of his posts friends only to make you mad. It's all still there, you just can't see it now.

No. 867842

I recognise roughly 70% of the names on that list and from the ones I know of I can say they fully deserve to be there. I'm pretty sure guys like Lewis, Towers, Kyle, etc are known to literally everyone. I've seen Phil make posts making fun of people who have autism often enough to know he needs to be listed, but he gets loads of white knights because he's in the army despite the fact that he's just a personal trainer and has never actually fought or been on the front lines but he's happy to let people believe he has.

No. 867913

That's one possibility. Or maybe he's worried that his family will find out what he's been posting?

No. 867916

File: 1568330154573.jpg (112.81 KB, 548x781, adam1.JPG)

Check the edit date: Adam was added pretty much as soon as shit came out.

>hurr durr lets tell mummy and daddy

Hi AL staff, here's that (you)

No. 867924

Why would he be worried his family find out he's helping out pedophillies and rapists? The fact that any of you even know who is family are is because he's posted photos with them that they shared. He posts about his family often on his account, he's literally not hiding anything from them.

No. 867951

Off the top of my head, his actions potentially would drag his family and their business itself into the drama. I also doubt his family would be too supportive of his harem or general conduct. There's also libel repercussions if any of those he posts about chooses to sue him which would probably also concern them.

No. 867954

Moaning that people are from Al when I don't even care about comiccons and such anymore. I just hate the cunt

No. 867956

Mind posting the full list? I'm interested as to who else has been added.

No. 868030

It's pretty obvious this is probably coming from some AL shills or someone who doesn't even know him at all. Bet you didn't even know he's atheist and not Muslim like most people assume.

No. 868031

With how AL are struggling recently if Towers could have sued for slander or libel and gotten money out of it from Obayed, he would have done it by now.

No. 868032

Holy shit that's pathetic

No. 868045

Out of date?? I didn't realise that rape and sexual assault had an expiry date and we should forgive offenders after x amount of time. He's doing a good service by making sure people don't forget about offenders no matter how many years pass, especially when new people enter the scene and have no prior knowledge of these people.

No. 868051

We're not talking about if it'd happen we're talking about how his parents might perceive it. This isn't anonymous posting and he's possibly exposing himself to several dozen lawsuits against several dozen people.

No. 868073

If they're as rich as people here are claiming then they can afford to hire a better lawyer than Towers so again nothing to worry about here. From this thread alone it's easy to see none of his claims have been baseless and he's managed to evidence everything.

No. 868093

So when is he actually going to put his 'rich parents money' where his mouth is and actually, idk be the hero and take all these fuckers down? Instead of screaming over Facebook why doesn't he get these people convicted if he has all the evidence?

No. 868162

File: 1568395910368.jpg (266.57 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20190913_180850_com…)

No. 868176

>Has protested many times that he never posts on 4chan or lolcow

Well that's one thing Obayed can no longer claim. Then again it was pretty obvious he was lying there anyway

No. 868178

Hi Obayed! What tea you going to give us tonight?

No. 868179

Either he's lying to limit the damage or he's going full Sindypop on us. Either way this will be good

No. 868180

i'm not actually obayed, just someone in the group sick of it being entirely AL drama. Thought you guys would find this latest post funny, considering how fucking ridiculous it is clearly how he says he doesnt care about what's said about him.

No. 868182

Quality stuff. This is popcorn territory keep it up

No. 868183

This is pretty fucking hilarious not going to lie

No. 868184

So either he’s lying to stir the drama or he literally just admitted to posting solely so people will be more on his side?
Either way; it’s a yikes from me. We’re less than 100 replies into the thread and he’s already showing true cow material…

No. 868219

Or he posted that himself too and everyone is falling for it

No. 868229

Why did you join an anti AL group if you don't like anti AL posts

No. 868242

It wasn't meant to be an anti AL group, it was just meant to be dark memes etc. But now it's at least 30% Al whining

No. 868249

Let's all be honest without AL Obayed would be bored out of his mind. Let's shit on another con because he can only go to MCM

No. 868251

Considering Obayed made the group it was 100% always an anti AL group from the very start, and you're an idiot for thinking otherwise tbh

No. 868335

but maybe you are actually Obayed trying to fool our fragile little minds uwu

No. 868342

Almost certainly the case, pretty sure that screenshot was also him because he thought it would be funny to let us know he was messing with us all along.

No. 868346

Watching Obayed try and spin his way out of this way is just ever so entertaining

No. 868347

If so then this is hitting Sindypop levels of stupidity and it won't end well for him.

No. 868348

Lol, he's acting like he's in Death Note

No. 868472

Another fight club "mole" here. I can't stand his false positivity. Tbh im only in it for leaking stuff from it and for the ethots in his "harem" posting lewds on Thursdays to add to my wank folder.

Im now laughing knowing this will get screenshotted (HI OBAYED) and all those sluts will know every Thursday the type of ugly dude they'd call creepy and laugh at for only trying to be friendly is seeing their lewd pics and deliberately being the exact type of creepy dude they all try to avoid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 868490

Good for you, pervanon, and thanks for the tea! Keep those screenshots flowing, it's clearly driving him out of his tiny self-righteous mind.

No. 868499

Imagine reeking of this much Incel and being proud of it

No. 868503

Do you have him added too and can see his posts as well or just in the group??

No. 868525

Farmhand, are these screenshots all from the same IP?

No. 868548

Seeing as I'm one, and the other got banned, no they're not

No. 868555

jesus how new are you guys. read the rules and lurk more.

No. 868614

What love to see lewd Thursdays ;)

No. 868621

File: 1568478935690.jpg (18.27 KB, 750x743, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

No. 868626

Getting his girls to post lewds on a weekly basis sounds about right. Some screenshots (not of the lewds but his requests for them) would be even better.

No. 868642

I mean if they are happy to share into a group and to him of all people on social media. No one can really say thery weren't asking for it

No. 868674

They're all girls who have been sending him nudes in DMs for years by the looks of it, there's no posts of him ever having to ask.

No. 868745

No. 868752

I really do seriously suspect there is at least some evidence somewhere of him being inappropriate with girls or perhaps worse. There is definitely something being hidden here

No. 868755

I've been using this site for two years you silly cunt, and asking farmhands to check IPs isn't against any rule.

There's no ban message for any of the posts containing screenshots, unless i'm incredibly blind. I'm interested to know whether we can immediately debunk his claim that he's posting them himself.

No. 868756

File: 1568504730303.jpg (279.86 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20190915-004604_Chr…)

Here's one example I've seen. Proper creepy.

No. 868759

That's a bit lame.

No. 868760

This is only off mine and a friends observation but we were in Birmingham one time and he was on the same train as us and we saw the girl he was with was clearly intoxicated and he was just touching her up it was quite uncomfortable.

No. 868763

File: 1568507308973.jpg (40.63 KB, 640x640, 1172623_160701407474253_204085…)

Again doesn't know whether he wants to support women or objectify them

No. 868793

File: 1568513920906.jpg (265.07 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20190915-031529__01…)


I mean in the 4chan thread where this was posted there were screencaps from Firdaus herself BTFO'ing this BS, but sure, creepy

No. 868794

File: 1568513963993.jpg (243.04 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20190915-031555__01…)

Actual FB thread

No. 868806

Jealous Incel trying to make him look bad because the girl he's nice to is ignoring him for Obayed lmao

No. 868811

File: 1568517766903.png (438.56 KB, 2048x1426, Screenshot_20190915-041458.png)

I'm the one who linked Fir to the 4chan thread when I recognised comments from her post were being posted, (here's proof) we both thought it was incredibly cringe how someone cropped out those heart reacts and replies to try and make him look bad (note: I've never met Obayed in person or have him as a friend so I can't vouch for how he really is, just that this is a poor attempt to make him look "creepy".)

No. 868812

If you had to scroll back 6 years to 2013 on his Twitter to find dirt and that's all you came up with then holy shit dude.

No. 868817

So the only evidence the combined efforts of everyone in this group amounts to is a flirty tweet he sent and an unverifiable account that sounds like total bull. The Towers lolcow thread opened with plenty of links of evidence collated by one person, this thread is a desperate shit show in comparison.

No. 868831

Jesus fucking Christ this entire thread just reads like a bunch of rapists who are salty they got outed by him. Considering Towers is very obviously posting here with his crew, I'm probably not wrong to say that.

No. 868834

Hai Obayed how's your "thread steering" going?

No. 868838

You do realise him making that post and then posting a screenshot of it here to boast about it was to literally start shit like this? Congrats on being played like a damn fiddle anon.

No. 868840

Keep spinning Obayed

No. 868842

File: 1568526651364.jpg (337.78 KB, 1080x1693, obayedkhanreminde.jpg)

Reposting this one from yesterday just to show what a cow we're dealing with here.

No. 868852

Tbh even if she's fine with it it's still super creepy. I've seen the whole version before and it doesn't make his comments any less creepy, just shows she doesn't mind being creeped on.

No. 868861

Reposting content he clearly wanted everyone to see because there's nothing else you can find, even with multiple moles in his secret private group. At this point I'm more interested in learning more about pervanon

No. 868941

Two people showing mutual affection over social media is not creepy you actual Incel, try harder.

No. 868956

Mutual for now. Wait a while until she comes out with her story

No. 868958

There have already been two screenshots of her side in this thread already. Fucking hell, being this desperate to make him look bad really just shows he isn't.

No. 868961

>Despite his physical setbacks
Even his female orbiters call him ugly. How does he have such a huge female harem? His edgy jokes are lame, hes not attractive, his family could be rich but I dont think hes spending on them.

No. 868968

She means being physically disabled, not how he looks.

No. 868974

Personally if a male friend made frequent comments to me about wanting to share a bed etc, that guy would not be a friend for very long. It's gross, have some self-respect.

Costhots love efame and being a notorious edgelord is close enough.

No. 868989

She literally says "yes we do" in the screenshot. All this lolcow thread has proved is that Obayed gets consent. Well done.

No. 869003

It shows his standard to…very low

No. 869015

File: 1568579046686.jpg (29.75 KB, 450x250, 9587785281_4e47d678de_z-59642f…)

I found a picture of Obayed's family hotel chain. He's getting really cocky building hotel chains so close to where Towers lives…

No. 869026

Lol "I decided to just pretend to be the "mole" and show them posts I want them to see so I can steer the thread in my favour"
Something that Trump would do! XD

No. 869029

Just found a recording of Khan's latest attack on Towers! XD

No. 869410

Weak. 3/10 Senpai can do better

No. 869491

What is it with closet-nonces going to Disney this year?

No. 869618

File: 1568708425468.jpg (16.8 KB, 300x242, s-l300.jpg)

This entire thread is basically just fan fiction. There's a distinct lack of screenshots to prove any of these so called claims. Just looks like some real hardcore projecting.

No. 869674

I'm actually so happy someone made a thread about him, 4chan is a mess. I'd like to add that he's a complete creep who constantly harasses girls in the dms, making unwarranted sexual remarks. I'd post caps but I'd like him not to find out who I am, but I can vouch for countless girls. He's a thirsty narc creep

No. 869675


I can back this up, he public pretends he's uwu respect women woke gentleman and then sends countless messages in private about how he wants to bang you and how hot your body is, it's so gross and objectifying. He does this to countless girls and acts high and mighty.

No. 869676


No. 869679

Ask literally any female in the community who isn’t wrapped around his finger

No. 869681

So Obayed accuses Alcon of not paying in charity money just before Alcon makes a post showing proof it was paid in last week and a short thank you via email sent.

No. 869691

any real proof? like screenshots of him being creepy or girls calling him creepy?

this is lolcow, if you're going to post shit like that it has to be with some kind of proof, if not stfu until you can confirm anything you say.

No. 869692

Then have you seen the rest of the topics where they don't back up anything? This must be a very special thread. Also are we victim shaming women now?

No. 869697

It's pretty obvious that you're quite new to posting on lolcow, Obayed.

No. 869708

i've been using lolcow for years, also dont know obayed or towers personally.
If you're going to bump threads with this kind of shit it need to be accompanied with proof. Why not post any? I dont know the full situation but all i see is baseless accusations so the milk is dry and boring as shit.

Real the rules and learn to sage.

No. 869720

File: 1568732403089.jpeg (43.21 KB, 800x800, shirt-1498608361-08460601c9a47…)

No. 869725

File: 1568732694972.png (479.48 KB, 620x804, obobayed.png)

Obayed posts in the mcm group with fake news on Alcon, only for Alcon to respond by posting proof he's lying.

Legal action on Obayed next maybe?

No. 869726

File: 1568732742937.png (147.56 KB, 720x1440, obobayed2.png)

No. 869727

Same boat here- I've got screencaps of him being a proper cunt but it's be clear who I am and i don't want to deal with the witchhunt from his fan club. Ironically enough, probably the same situation a lot of people are in with evidence against Mike Towers. If you need to send a lynch mob after anyone who accuses you of something… you probably did exactly what they're accusing you of.

No. 869728

File: 1568732803410.jpg (101.16 KB, 1920x1080, obobayed3.jpg)

No. 869733

File: 1568733041518.jpg (123.13 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_20190917_160812.jpg)

Proves Obayed has never fundraiser for an event before. You don't need to be registered or partnered unless looking for sponsorships. But he can post about 'Save the Amazon' but not actually donate

No. 869737

He did donate, how did you see his post but miss that??

No. 869738

He's so desperate to nitpick the most stupid shit. There's so many easily provable things that AL do wrong, only an attention seeking retard of his calibre would try to debunk this in the face of conclusive evidence.

No. 869739

Either post it or fuck off.

No. 869741

Calmn your tits, I saged, I know it's not good milk. Just sad that so many of us are in this position.

No. 869744

With the amount of fake claims on this thread alone Obayed can probably sue for libel or slander now. Good job AL.

No. 869746

That's really not how the legal system works

No. 869750

Like I said… If he needs to send his lynch mob to threaten people who make accusations, it's only proving them right. Same as towers. Same shit different toilet.

No. 869752

That is assuming they're fake.

No. 869759

File: 1568735628844.jpeg (9.74 KB, 300x168, download (3).jpeg)

Making up fake harassment claims to deflect from AL and their improper fundraising from Towers.

No. 869761

Right now it looks moreso that Obayed is making up false charges of improper fundraising to deflect from his harassment.

No. 869762

What if I told you that Obayed and Towers are both cunts and most people would happily push both in front of a bus?

No. 869764

Their behavior is definitely eerily similar.

No. 869776

Narcissistic scrotes who gain rabid female followings with the promise of status. It'd be funny if it wasn't so fucking sad.

No. 869897

For reasons other anons have discussed I can't post caps because I do not want his vendetta mob on me but I one hundred percent promise that he DOES message creepy shit and some examples are trying to be pushy

"let me flirt with you"
"be my girlfriend even though idk you"
"you have a hot as let me touch it"

Shit like that

Ever consider some of the girls who are victim to Obayed have seen him get his way so many times to stay silent because it's not worth adding to his wall of rage and dogpile. He rips on countless males for treating girls this way but behind closed doors he's no different.

No. 869913

Fuck off sindy

No. 870017

The fact you haven't even tried to make it sound remotely like how Obayed talks is hilarious Sindy.

No. 870035

I got a creepy DM off Obayed once that is 100% real. I met him at MCM in May and added him on Facebook because so many people seem to love him and he didn't do anything creepy or strange to me on the night but the next morning I got a message from him along the lines of something like "Hey, you awake?" And then he said "they caught you trying to cross the boarder, right? Same as us and that thief over there."

No. 870037


Hi Obayed

Someday I can't wait for your ass to get exposed by a bunch of girls who aren't afraid, fuck your vendetta mob for making that difficult and fuck you for targeting girls you know probably who don't want to make drama by doing so.

No. 870047

I had an encounter with him too and his flirting. I was at the fox after MCM with him having a drink and he was very clearly trying to hit on me, saying things like "I don't like sand, it's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere."

No. 870055

I did too. he sent me pics of dogs and said he wants me to do dog role play with him. I only took part once. I have no proof tho, i dont know how to screenshot

No. 870057

He tried to ask me out once at MCM, I turned him down and he looked me dead in the eye and said "It's treason then…" Then did this mother fucking corkscrew jump through the air from across the room while autistic screeching(samefagging)

No. 870075

Posting lame jokes isn't going to get your thread deleted Obayed. Nor will it stop a legitimate account with screenshots eventually coming forth.

No. 870076


He lurks all his threads then whines on Facebook and pretends he isn't terrified of people coming through with caps. I wish I could post mine so badly but it isn't worth the mob of his harem.

No. 870086

I wish I could post screencaps too but I don't actually have any real ones and everyone will attack me for making false accusations(samefagging)

No. 870104

obayed once squatted in front of me and shat out a hatsune miku figure, i wish i could post proof…

No. 870108

I saw Obayed at a grocery store in Birmingham yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

No. 870109

When Obayed doesn't have the balls to do this on his public profile but thinks it is very to do it anon. Then claim he doesn't use lolcow or 4chan. Keep it up bro!

No. 870110

When Obayed "steers" his own lolcow thread with fake accounts to try and hide anything legitimate from being taken seriously. Seems that every time something is about to break on him, such as his formerly close friendship to Adam Joestar, he tries to throw up a distraction.

No. 870143


You know Obayed is a narc when this thread is so new and already he's posting shit like this

Can someone IP ban Obayed so we can keep it genuine thanks

No. 870146

This guy is such a cancer to the community, I wish that he and his fan's would just fuck off and die

No. 870147

I mean I have never met the guy and the weird and dodgy shit that I have been told about him makes me so thankful that I haven't. I wouldn't be surprise when someone comes forward with allegations about him similar to his "ex friend" Joestar

No. 870203

I think it's deliberate. He messages sexual creepy shit to girls behind closed doors and abuses people but gets away with it because calling him out means having to deal with the AL tier vendettas. He's constantly sat behind his computer on his threads and on his (multiple) Facebook accounts talking shit, nobody realistically wants to deal with that or his thot circle so they stay quiet.

No. 870204

File: 1568830873934.jpg (77.85 KB, 499x575, twat.jpg)

Biggest hypocrite!! He hugged me at MCM and didn't even ask if it was OK. I don't like people touching me at the best of times even friends though he just thought it was OK to do it and near my breasts too…

No. 870217

File: 1568832115399.jpg (35.48 KB, 1080x292, Screenshot_20190918-193933__01…)

No. 870230

File: 1568833646370.jpg (106.31 KB, 492x582, nonce.jpg)

Jokes about proposing to a minor. Joke or no joke that's a bit noncy to me especially when it is a bit creepy he is at Disney essentially by himself.

No. 870246

I went to school once where Obayed worked at, he wasn't a teacher or anything though. One day a lot of shit was going down, some drama between members of the student council or something idk, so our class was left unattended. Shit starts to sound like it's getting out of control when suddenly Obayed walks into our class. I looked straight at him and said "There's too many of them, what do we do?" And he just started killing us.(ban evasion, again)

No. 870265

wish he was shot

No. 870299

what I find interesting is the fact that there is one style of post which is trying to derail the thread and it follows the pattern of something that is obviously not true.
In one example earlier on he uses a slur on mental health and a homophobic tag.
Yet he has always said that he was very supportive of these topic going so far as too attack other people.
With these anonymous allegations about borderline sexual assault coming out about him, its only a matter of time before one of his victims goes to the police.

No. 870301

I am hoping that if there is any victims that they have the courage to follow through with it as the khan harem will definately harress and attack them in order to get any police charges drop :-(

No. 870304

Did you ever hear the tragedy of the lolcow anon who claims they were harassed by Obayed?

I thought not. It's not a story an actual con attendee would tell you. It's an Animeleague lie. Obayed was a Shitposter, so powerful and so wise he could use memes to influence the con community to create strife… He had such a knowledge of con creeps that he could even keep the ones he cared about from being assaulted. His black list is a pathway to information about people some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was being harassed, which eventually, of course, he was. Unfortunately, he publicly posted everything he knew, then it was posted to lolcow. Ironic, he could save others from drama, but not himself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 870310

Can a mod clean up this thread and remove Obayed's lame attempts at humour.

No. 870311

Lol I see that Khan is changing his style after I called him out!

I am going to share this page to my friends and get them to do the same. So that people get a chance to come forward with their stories.

Hopefully people will see that they are not alone.

No. 870313

Good idea. The more people who are aware of this thread, the more likely someone will come forward. Once someone steps up it may then encourage others to also come forward too.

No. 870314

File: 1568848355697.jpg (106.8 KB, 515x773, manipulation.jpg)

Yes and you would know all about this wouldn't you? Tell us more Obayed

No. 870318


I'm one of the anons who's posted about him being sexual inappropriate in the dms but a real red flag moment for me was at my old job my supervisor who's on the MCM group had noticed him and how creepy he was, and she asked me if I knew him because he saw some creepy comments he'd made to me and told me to stay away

No. 870320

Damn, guess you dodged a bullet!

No. 870325

"proof Obayed actually taken steps to prevent Adam Joestar getting away Scott free"

I call bullshit on his intentions, look at the date. He made this claim weeks after Joestar was found out. Previously he was a close friend so this reaks of a desperate manipulation to put distants between himself and Joestar? Does anyone have a screenshot of his commercial response when the news broke?

No. 870332

File: 1568850680378.png (78 KB, 639x533, obayedsfriend.png)

You're correct though his private fight club post was 7 days later not weeks (otherwise your point pretty much is correct). His original response was very weak and consisted of not publicly sharing the victim's post but making a single reply to it instead. Basically doing the bare minimum. Here was his solitary reply publicly and only real response for days privately.

His failure to share the victim's post resulted in her only getting 125 shares, about as many as Obayed's obviously fake news about Alcon charity which has been shown to be fake. If he had properly shared the Adam Joestar post it would have got easily as many as Lewis Williams and Mike Towers posts got (ie: several hundred).

No. 870335

That's the one! A friend showed it to me last time I was in Bristol and re-reading it, its worst than I remember! Sounds so similar to the way a lawyer would instruct their client to release to the press! and the lack of sharing shows that he was still trying to protect Joestar at the time!

No. 870336

Haha wow I hadn’t seen this one but considering he’s also said he “was never friends” with adam this just proves how he can’t even keep his own stories straight.

No. 870337


No. 870446

File: 1568897524625.jpg (75.2 KB, 632x960, FB_IMG_1568897478980.jpg)

No. 870491

Sounds like everyone nowadays including Obayed

No. 870549

Lol, for someone who has spent years doing this to everyone else..>>870491
But.. but.. Obayed-Kun always fact-checks his evidence! Right?

No. 870605

Its worst than that, The Clown will purposely supress information if it would exhonerate an individual.

This guy is the worst kind of scum.

No. 870761

File: 1568944761842.png (761.64 KB, 660x442, die.png)

wish he would do this to himself. still find it gross he's at Disney like…shudders

No. 870768

File: 1568945602351.jpg (19.89 KB, 465x183, bully.jpg)

not only making the MCM Expo Group his troll space, also killing other groups I see?

Anyone have any more information on this?

No. 870783

Until one of you speaks out, you're just jokes to him. He'll mock you and make this all look ridiculous. Surely you see that?

No. 870834

>At Disney hitting on barely legal age girls

Seems legit.

No. 870849

I had already left this kink group before the trouble but from what I’ve heard from other members, Obayed and his friends started attacking a few girls from the kink group because of their posts in there, they told the mods, the mods kicked/banned obayed and anyone they knew was a close friend of his because mentioning the contents of the group publicly was against the rules, obayed went apeshit because he couldn’t see his thots anymore

No. 870881

File: 1568985428468.jpg (163.48 KB, 1564x1271, IMG_20190920_141342.jpg)

Incorrect, as you can probably guess from the screenshot already posted above one of the admins of the group (Chris) was openly racist and posted about how he thinks all foreigners are scum, Obayed added him to the black list, Chris eventually got kicked from the group after he added one of his friends who liberally used the n word and he deleted the kink group Discord before they removed him as admin on there too so they had to start a new one.

No. 870882

File: 1568985498812.jpg (179.1 KB, 720x1389, Screenshot_20190920_141719.jpg)

Apparently you can't ask his opinion on anything because he sends his harem after you and tells you are wrong. Such a nice guy

No. 870895

Yeah but he didn’t out Chris until after he wasn’t welcome. Surprise surprise, calling people out when he feels like he’s been wronged in some way.

No. 870913

I saw the drama happen and Obayed as usual twisted his words he was talking about "illegal immigrants" but you know Obayed can joke about blackface and say the n word all he likes and not get into trouble

No. 870939

>I absoutley love kicking people while they are down

Sounds like a psychopath there buddy

No. 870979

Seriously? WTF is wrong with this guy?

All it takes is for you to fall out of his grace and you will immediately be on his hit list.

Am guessing thats why alot of his victims are scared of coming forward.

No. 870981

Do you have any screenshots of him doing that? If so that is bang out of order

No. 870986


Anon with a bunch of uncomfortable sexual messages from Obayed, I stand by this. I've wanted to expose him for so long but it's not worth all the vendetta and drama it would cause so I always wait until he gets called out by someone who doesn't mind the drama and hope multiple victims come forward because that would be a lot less intimidating.

He's not only a creep but he's a bigot. I'm guessing he messages creepy sexual shit because he knows he can get away with it because he does it to people who don't want the drama so they stay quiet.

If anyone has him on Instagram lurking his following is enough to put two and two together on how much he loves approaching girls in the dms.

No. 871016

I think farmhands need to start banning people who are just making stuff up without screenshots or proof, it's derailling this thread from actual posts so hard and it's pretty obvious most of it is just Sindy

No. 871034

File: 1569013356897.jpg (217.41 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190920_220105.jpg)

Are we also going to ignore the facts that he likes to say he is the biggest person to help everyone. Isn't racist, is caring and is there to support when he infarct joked about abortions and when people were offended, told them to grow up and get over it.

No. 871037

Good spot. And I'm sure there's plenty more examples of his sheer hypocrisy and utter vileness in both the unofficial and (now closed) official MCM groups.

No. 871046

For someone whose current act is being all woke that must be super-awkward.

No. 871061


Considering Obayed is obsessed with Sindy I'd say you're Obayed and you're afraid of people speaking against your toxicity

No. 871062

File: 1569016585340.png (1012.22 KB, 1152x2048, 322156186.png)

I found the actual post. It's so disgusting him and his girlfriend actually chose to get an abortion, he even posted a picture of the ultrasound. Shameful.(obayed ban evading)

No. 871080

…what? theres nothing wrong with abortions.

No. 871082

I am glad that Khan is posting shit like this, it means that he is afraid, afraid that the truth is starting to come out.

No. 871085


Haha anon, can you really not tell this is a meme of a xenomorph from "Alien"? It's not real.

No. 871111

Don't be an idiot. It's clearly a joke but it was extremely distasteful and upset people who have suffered genuine miscarriages and upset in their lifes etc. Rather than apologising to those people he basically laughed and provoked them instead telling them to basically "get over it". Nasty provocative behavior of a bully. His woke phase is just another mask he's wearing right now to justify the bullying and harassment he does to others.

No. 871115

File: 1569022937328.png (555.29 KB, 1152x2048, Screenshot_20190921-004107.png)

He's so horrible, ugh…

No. 871117

> It's clearly a joke

Again does it have anything to do with the MCM group? Joe Black is just as much in the wrong here as he was saying "Obayed-chan didn't break the rules" yet he continually let's Obayed get away with being a prick. Jokes are joke but that's a private thing not being a cunt to people who legitimately have had miscarriages as much as he likes to not trigger people and had screamed at other people for doing that he's happy to do the same. Double standards much?

No. 871119

It's not worth the hassle. Joe Black knows full well that if he tried to ban Obayed that he'd have Obayed and his groupies pretty much seeking to fuck him and the group up in the same fashion they tried it with the dollkinx group.

No. 871235

kek obayed is really posting this shit here himself? Christ, looks like I've did a 180 and switched my opinion.
True classic cow material.

No. 871266

No. 871287

being ignorant here, what do people mean when they say that he is going through a "woke phase"

No. 871291

Agree with that, however Joe is causing a nasty situation that will back fire in a few years or so.

Once Khan has had his fill on Alcon he will most likely move against the next convention. Attack! Attack! Attack! then rinse and repeat till the only target left is MCM.

Out of interest, this guy must be 28. Does anyone know what he does work wise? As he seems to always be posting on MCM group. Or does he leech off his parents?

No. 871343

Fuck off Mike, cow tipping isn't welcome here. I see you're still incapable of blending in as anon. Probably a good thing for the safety of the young women you target and rape.

No. 871345

Are you Ok there? Firstly I'm a female if you must know every details though have more balls than most men here

No. 871354

Pretty much all men posting here are incels, that's not really a big boast

No. 871401


Mod's please could you check the IP. I posted 871291. Now someone has claimed credit through post 871345 and 871354 within the space of 20 min. Both these two responses are tailored to created offtopic conversation and distracted from talking about Khan the clown.

No. 871403

Trust me Khan, I am not MT. And really, your desperate attempt to try and squirm and deflect like the weasel that you are is laughable at best.

No. 871507

you fucking normies need to lurk more before posting cringe shit like this.
Mods will not check any IPs for you hun

No. 871607

File: 1569169921824.jpg (34.6 KB, 491x187, ugly.jpg)

Just wants the ugly people to himself it seems or the thots who'd bend over for anyone

No. 871658


Rich coming from him when he thirt adds ethots only, check his instagram following and his restricted mutual friends showing only Facebook friends.

No. 871747

File: 1569188042031.png (652.25 KB, 493x745, agn.png)

Similar post even though he is this 'truth'

No. 871850

Remember when he tried to be a YouTuber? No one was going to take him seriously with his voice. We can all agree on that.

No. 871856

A man of great wit! XD

No. 871858

Check out his Uni assignment. It pretty crap but he does get batman to make a edgy homophobic remark at 1.50

No. 872112

must of been a crap uni degree if he got a mark on that

No. 872728

File: 1569367406711.jpg (43.24 KB, 503x209, 2ndgroup.jpg)

Remember that time when a bunch of people started their own group and then Obayed sent his edgelord fans after them

No. 872926

File: 1569420971964.jpg (214.7 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20190925_151408.jpg)

Look at me being eco friendly when I'm damaging the world being alive

No. 872961

It's very obvious from all of the posts on this thread that none of you have actually met Obayed before or know anything about him because you can't see how clearly obvious it is to everyone else who does know him that everything here is just made up by people trying to make him look bad. Obayed has had cancer since he was a child and has been physically disabled his entire life, the guy can't even walk properly and you guys are really out here desperately trying to make it sound like he somehow physically harasses and assaulted women despite not actually being physically able to do so. This entire thread is a travesty, as if you're all actually going out of your way to bully a disabled kid who's been dealt a shit hand by life, encouraging people to harass members of his family, making up fake harassment claims without screenshots, making fun of how he looks, calling him "autistic" as an insult, wishing death upon him, when all he's ever done is post edgy memes and help out a handful of rapists in the UK con community. It just looks like everyone here is incredibly desperate to try and "ruin" him because he probably outed all of you as rapists publicly and you're trying to get back at him for it, going by how vague you all are about hating him and calling him a "cunt" because none of you want to admit it's because "He outed me as a rapist". All this anonymous stalking and harassment, scrolling through six fucking years of his tweets and not finding anything worth posting here (outside of him giving a shout out to his female friend) is desperation on a whole other level. The way you all believe that he MUST have done something bad because you all refuse to believe maybe he just is a good person going about his life without doing anything wrong just seems like worrying levels of projection.

No. 872972

Has your ban expired Obayed?

No. 873006

imagine thinking you’re doing your friend a favour by posting to their lolcow thread

No. 873023

If you are as decent as you try to appear then you wouldn't be his friend after reading this thread.

No. 873031

Imagine being so depraved you obsessively stalk, bully, and harass a crippled cancer kid because you don't like the fact that he's exposed actual rapists who have assaulted women.

No. 873037

learn to sage shrill. Is he a cancer patient? Show us or I see he has a squeeky voice and an obsession with girls

No. 873048

People are slowly realising what Obayed is like and you don't seem to like that. Suggest you go back to Obayed and ask him why he has -

>continually posted sexists, misogynistic and homophobic crap as well as laughing at those who have suffered miscarriage/abortion

>sends his mobs of people to harass and bully others almost on a weekly basis which is almost illegal and outright horrible on those who are innocent and most proberly undermined any REAL police investigations on the guilty all for his own self-aggrandisement
>had a close friend who was himself proven to be a sex offender and nonce
>ignored the fact he was a nonce, unlike everyone else including several who are likely innocent, to share this important info
>and that there are several accounts now coming out about him acting inappropriately at the very least with females who are too scared of his mob
>has been exposed by the mods on lolcow here as posting on his own thread and pretending to be others to spread fake information
>and there is also a screenshot proving that he has been doing this and is trying to "steer the topic"
>has used his supporters to tear apart groups including an anti-trolling/bullying group often only because he just doesn't like the admins

Come back to us when he answers those questions.

No. 873053

Go ask him yourself, he posts about it often enough on his personal profile.

He doesn't post Homophobic anything or make fun of people who have had miscarriages, he mocks people who do with satire. You have to be as dumb as Liam Kirwin if you actually believe his post about aborting an alien. The only people he's mean to are pedophillies and rapists that have already been publicly exposed. We've all seen the black list and even on lolcow people have confirmed that pretty much everyone on that list deserves to be on it. Nobody here is disputing that. If by "close friend" you mean Adam Joestar Obayed has black listed him as soon as the news broke and shared all the posts, this has already been proven on this thread already. It's sad that the ONLY thing you guys are fixating on because you have nothing else is that he was Facebook friends with Adam for a few months. From the looks of it he's never met Adam in person before and their only interactions are that Adam liked and shared his posts. If they really are "best friends" then prove it by showing me screenshots of them together then because otherwise it's just more bull shit. All he's posted on this thread were screenshots of his own posts and star wars memes, from the looks of it since his ban there haven't been any screenshots posted here so it's pretty obvious the one posting them really was Obayed.

No. 873056

Forgot to address final point, but Chris Justice being a racist bigot calling foreigners scum is a pretty good reason to dislike him, so I don't see why you have a problem with Obayed being mean to a guy who seriously felt we need straight pride because he felt oppressed.

No. 873065

File: 1569440985955.jpg (78.87 KB, 514x582, razist.jpg)

such racist content…..also look above already sorted Chris boohoo

No. 873066

They weren't public posts and he didn't send a hate mob after his buddy Adam. He also didn't make any memes about Adam and quickly swept anything to do with Adam under the rug and moved on to "save the amazon" cause he's such an echo guy. You are basically saying he isn't allowed to trigger people when he constantly says "I respect everyone's issues", joking about abortion yet then saying you can't joke about killing yourself as that's attention seeking seems a bit hypocritical to me.

No. 873073

This thread is entirely pointless, it's just going in circles.

>He didn't even make any memes

Except >>867705 he did and >>867535 proof he's never met Adam and >>867814 it's already been posted that he's made his posts friends only so if your problem is "I can't see anything" then add him as a friend if you're so desperate to see his posts. This might as well just be the Adam Joestar thread, he's the one you all seem to talk about here. I'm done answering questions that have already been answered in this very thread, holy shit you guys are actual fucking morons…

No. 873080

File: 1569443792779.jpg (163.16 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20190925_205658.jpg)

He basically tells people to kill themselves while apparently seeks attention for having cancer.

No. 873081

Why not make an Adam thread then? He seems to have gotten away Scott free if you ask me. This is an Obayed thread so we are allowed to talk about him. Sorry if you don't approve harem member

No. 873084

File: 1569444992092.png (44.73 KB, 491x354, received_507627963388494.png)

Are you really so desperate for content you're digging up posts from an archived group and cropping them to make him look bad because you can't find any genuine examples of him being a bad person?? Poor attempt at slander.

No. 873095

not like every cancel culture nowadays? That's how these things work sweetheart

No. 873109

so people cant joke bout death/suicide while he's allowed to joke about abortions?

No. 873115

Not liking Chris is fine, but Obayed and his friends went into the groups that Chris moderates and attacked completely random people, including people who had never even spoken one on one to Chris and did nothing to defend him.
If Obayed is such a ~uwu nice and wholesome friendo~ then why would he attack people who have nothing to do with it? Anyone who actually still believe he’s a “nice guy” is so blind and it’s just sad.
Saged for sperg but people need to open their fucking eyes and see what’s right in front of them.

No. 873116

File: 1569449126315.jpg (154.13 KB, 960x960, makeawish.jpg)

my best friend Obayed has cancer uwu stop being a meaniebobeanie to him he hasn't got long to live. His recent tripz and cons are paid by Make a Wish to raise awareness for Anal cancer. you guyz need to stop in the name of love!

No. 873118

>Obayed publicly mocks mental illness such as depression then calls out those who do just half a year later.


No. 873145

File: 1569453663398.jpg (114.03 KB, 494x715, baby.jpg)

Even though it was a joke about an alien and I've seen this type of "joke" shared across social media when it was popular doesn't make it ok and people can be offended. As a person who has had a miscarriage I do get upset when this type of thing is joked about especially in a group about fucking COMIC CON. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONVENTIONS. When the admin basically told me to suck it up, I'm sorry but he didn't feel the guilt I had when my child died before he could even breathe.

The bottom line is he needs to learn boundries because obviously he is allowed to be a dick but when you hit back you're a SJW

No. 873211

From personal experience I can say that Obayed knows exactly what he's doing. He has no interest in boundaries as you mention, just in using whatever means he can find to push himself forward at the expense of others.

No. 873329

he tried talking to my underage sister once, had to block him from her fb

No. 873463


He's such a creepy perv in the dms

No. 873496

Literally blank out the names and post it.

No. 873501

Does anyone find it interesting how quickly this thread has been replied to? It's almost like this guy isn't liked

No. 873702

File: 1569596148579.jpg (19.04 KB, 918x164, Screenshot_20190926_192507.jpg)

Sent me this on Instagram

No. 873720

Can you show the full screenshot showing his name, date/time etc?

No. 873775

Look I hate the guy too but nobody’s gonna believe one cropped message

No. 873785

As an AL shrill even I can say that's a bit whatever

No. 873828

As a fellow AL shrill, I concur. Proper screenshots please and not this.

No. 873833

NAYRT but it'd likely still be obvious who posted it, unless he sends exactly the same thing to everyone, which I imagine he doesn't. I'm assuming you haven't been on the receiving end of the Obayed mob but it really is quite extreme and scary- 20+ people in your inbox in a matter of minutes who you've never even talked to but they hate you because you criticised the Big Man. I can fully understand why they're not posting. Posts like >>873115 aren't an exaggeration or smear, that's exactly how he acts towards anyone who challenges him and anyone associated with them.

No. 873855

Post it and if that happens then screenshot everything and go to the police. Sending dozens of people against you is full on harassment and would be easily proven.

No. 873856

There'd probably be a lot for the police to act upon by just looking through his MCM Fight Club group alone.

No. 874004

The police aren't going to do anything about people being unpleasant on the internet and nobody with a shred of dignity would ever waste their time with it. I don't know what kind of zoomer delicate flowers you two are but that's not how it works. Hence none of Mike's legal threats ever actually amounting to anything. The police don't give a shit about rumours or dogpiling on the internet.

No. 874052

MCM fight club is essentially the modern KKK just more inclusive this time round where anyone with a different opinion gets lynched

No. 874087

The police will step in if it gets serious. Obayed is effectively stirring up lynch-mobs against those he deems guilty. He is seriously toeing the line and if it ever gets physical then Obayed is toast.

No. 874095

File: 1569689972623.jpg (75.54 KB, 493x523, NeverLearn.jpg)

You can tell he only made this post because he reads/posts on his lolcow. The guy never learns and apparently has cancer so should appricate other peoples sensitivities or is faking it.. I wouldn't be surprised

No. 874104

He just can't resist it, can he?

No. 874106

For the record, why does Obayed have such a thing against abortions? Did he knock someone up and she refused to do it before miscarriage or something?

No. 874107

Imagine being so desperate for attention that you try and get your posts posted on lolcow.

Just imagine.

No. 874115

Mike Towers and Obayed Khan. A two horse race! First to 500 comments, let's go!

No. 874141

File: 1569694394847.jpg (292.1 KB, 1564x1564, 71048258_10157549176266241_874…)

You have to be a mental case if you're doing this stupid 'OK' sign everywhere. Maybe it's his way of communicating with his cult?

No. 874226


Naw dude, it's a stupid games that kids used to play in high school. You see that okay looking sign below the waist and you get two punches in the arm for looking. Nit that deep. This was a game waaay before all the alt right pepe shit
Sage for useless input.

No. 874229

Yes I know, wasn't born yesturday. It is just super childish.

No. 874275

Did you evew heaw the twagedy of the wowcow anon who cwaims they wewe hawassed by Obayed?
I thought not. It's not a stowy an actuaw con attendee wouwd teww you. It's an Animeweague wie. Obayed was a Shitpostew, so powewfuw and so wise he couwd use memes to infwuence the con community to cweate stwife… He had such a knowwedge of con cweeps that he couwd even keep the ones he cawed about fwom being assauwted. His bwack wist is a pathway to infowmation about peopwe some considew to be unnatuwaw. He became so powewfuw… the onwy thing he was afwaid of was being hawassed, which eventuawwy, of couwse, he was. Unfowtunatewy, he pubwicwy posted evewything he knew, then it was posted to wowcow. Iwonic, he couwd save othews fwom dwama, but not himsewf.

No. 874288

I lost it at wowcow

No. 874295

Its when you have to send a mini army in to post your jokes for you sd you are banned

No. 874301

I wanna know more about his cancer?

No. 874381

File: 1569743578871.jpeg (1008.89 KB, 1242x1746, 56A50444-B2E2-47B1-B80E-A9DB00…)

No. 874424

File: 1569758442507.jpeg (223.38 KB, 750x808, 62565097-4A6A-47DF-AD50-BA09E1…)

Talk about not hiding your identity! How does Obayed’s arse taste, seeing as you’ve been kissing it every day?

I find it fucking hilarious that some people think they’re special for hating Anime League but then will wk for someone who the community hates just as much.

No. 874436

Kek what's even better is when he starts posting his own shitty memes in the Towers lolcow. He needs to go back to obsessing over his crappy lenmeeks cosplay page

No. 874442


Jokes on y'all cause he's said to me himself he can't comment on lolcows as his internet won't allow it
I'm feeding him the screenshots, so, well done on exposing yourself, Grace, lmao

No. 874443


You call his cosplay crappy when you can't even wear a wig properly, go back to fantasizing about your idol group, which will never pick up off the ground 🙂😂

No. 874446

Jesus the shit being posted in the towers thread is so cringe. Veteran con goers didn't develop a decade of nuanced 'Towers is a nonce' culture for this.

'as his internet won't allow it'
okay maybe I'm showing my oldfaggotry here but I remember when Annie May said this and then get caught sending herself rape threats to get her thread deleted. it don't work like that, champ

No. 874454


He's using mobile data as he told me his WiFi is off.
Surprisingly enough, Grace
Some phone companies will ban sites like this, isn't that CRAZY?!

No. 874457

Okay. We really do this "I'm his friend not him honest" nonsense? Really?

No. 874459

If you're that dumb then I think you've been on lolcow for too long :/ maybe go outside and get some fresh air?

No. 874472

>Some companies ban sites like this

Only if parental controls are on and Oliver is a child considering they can't leave the house without having a panic attack or daddy holding their hand

No. 874483

With the crazy way Oliver is carrying on I can see them getting a lolcow of their very own very quickly..

No. 874496

Can children please take your petty grudges out of other people's lolcows. If you are going to bitch and moan about each other make a thread.

No. 874500

As if Grace is old enough to remember Annie May drama. Grow a fucking braincell, these threads aren't exclusively populated by the people you're engaging in cunt-offs with on facebook.

No. 874522

she can't even remember what she had for lunch yesterday

No. 874544

We talking about Oliver Wilson here? I think they recently changed their surname?

No. 874546

Just checked. It's Oliver Temperley on facebook now.

No. 874565


damn you can really tell Obayed is shitting himself about this thread and trying to act macho. Can't wait for the day he can't hide anymore.

No. 874571

I mean when you have to claim al harrasses you everyday you must be someone important. Someone so important but has no life too and is best mates with children like Oliver

No. 874574

Could we possibly spoiler his face on the next thread? I’m tired of seeing his ugly chinless gross face.

No. 874580

File: 1569783818144.jpg (65.22 KB, 960x640, 2617816_4480261.jpg)

Why not join him on his couch. Can make an audition tape together. Put a paper bag over his head if thats your kink

No. 874637


No. 874648

I'd tap that >>874637 don't be a bigot now

No. 874671

Seriously? He looks photoshopped.

No. 874672

File: 1569798942301.jpg (381.36 KB, 746x742, joestar_LI.jpg)

remember Obayeds best mate Adam was asking nudes from minors. Such a legend!

No. 874677

File: 1569800581265.jpg (373.24 KB, 1444x1440, Karli_Rae.jpg)

So Obayed's new best buddy Karli Rae seems to keep lying about Towers. She accused him of raping in September 2014 at Alcon but these screenshots show she was basically wanting to see him again after they had sex and that he was not particularly interested. Butthurt much?

No. 874703

File: 1569808483301.jpg (56.96 KB, 600x583, obayed_sad.jpg)

You dont like frogs?

I met obayed in person at mcm in may, hes annoying online but in person you kind of just feel sorry for him, dude doesnt have much going for him.

Also at the same con he hid away in his hotel most of the day, said he was feeling ill but most likely it was to avoid towers. Obayed always said towers was banned from mcm yet he was walking around with his friend, theres pictures of their alcon group sitting on the green.

No. 874716

She must've been shit in bed if even Towers didn't want another go at her

No. 874738

Fuck off Towers literally everyone knows he was at con the whole day doing his Beyblade tournament thing, there was even a public event on Facebook where he said he would be hosting it and he did a Facebook live stream directly in the MCM Group. You'd have known that if you weren't banned.

No. 874739

Go make an Adam thread, unless you can prove they were ever really friends this is just off topic.

No. 874774

Not Towers and plus Obayed you only came out at night could've done your boxing match with him. Beyblade is a children's game so well done for looking like one!

No. 874813

File: 1569863174129.jpg (198.57 KB, 1190x737, Towerszerofucksgiven.jpg)

that event was at night, heres a pic of towers on the green like i said, obayed was shitting himself hiding away all day and only emerged from his pond after towers had left.

No. 874815

All this has proved is that Towers has a bed time and hangs out with dudes who wear fedoras and Obayed doesn't. Well done.

No. 874819

They just didn't go to the fox at night they went to the Hilton instead as I was staying there and had a few drinks myself as the Fox is shit nowadays

No. 874844

Instead of confronting Obayed at the time and place everyone knew he would be despite Towers constantly acting like he would? I think that's called running away.

No. 874845

File: 1569868551821.png (211.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190930-192707.png)

Omg Obayed got called out

No. 874846

File: 1569868587757.png (642.15 KB, 1152x2048, Screenshot_20190930-192312.png)

People are posting screenshots of his messages

No. 874847

File: 1569868616211.png (512.71 KB, 2048x1280, Screenshot_20190930-192617.png)

He's finally getting exposed

No. 874850

File: 1569868761023.png (520.31 KB, 1152x2048, Screenshot_20190930-191835.png)

I can't believe he would do stuff like this…

No. 874854

the fight was meant to happen on the green…

No. 874859

File: 1569871260512.jpg (51.97 KB, 486x750, 888.jpg)

Being part of a religion is inappropriate now.

No. 874887

Where has Towers once said he would confront Obayed?

Also, can the mods sort out Obayed's latest thread "steering" attempt? It's just downright embarrassing.

No. 874890

The sad thing here is that if anyone of non-muslim descent was to post this joke they'd immediately be accused of being racist.

No. 874891

I just said that to be woke

No. 874902

I think the funnier take-home from this is just how much this lolcow thread is clearly annoying Obayed to get his friends to make these posts.

No. 874903

From a neutral standpoint,
realistically, who would be scared to bump into string bean greasy looking ass Towers? Was Obayed generally scared to bump into that? He looks like a strong blast of air could take him out for a couple hours

No. 874945

File: 1569881867578.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1696, received_411342802859549.png)

I would say actually Mike is more butthurt when she started realizing he was a peice of shit and broke it off with HIM.
But, of course, Mike wasn't playing on her anxiety or anything.
Funny how you try and make out she is the needy one when he's trying desperately to keep her and tries to put her down.
Bet you didn't think anyone saved this.
Keep this to the Towers thread you dipship.

No. 875001

Did they ever catch the guy who stole this faggots chin?

No. 875007

File: 1569893099740.jpg (41.83 KB, 540x960, abuse.jpg)

oh dear we should arrest a guy for organising a meet up. maybe we should arrest everyone in the mcm group for making meets? Karli we don't give a shit - go back to Obayed.

No. 875022

Do you find it odd how screenshots not here are being released? It's almost as if those there are out of context. But you'd know about that now wouldn't you Karli?

This one probably deserves her own thread soon..

No. 875024

Further to that, I think she should be more worried that Towers will release all of it. She's going with the fake (she does a lot of fake do note) "revenge-porn" to try and deter him from this. Scare tactics, probably advised from Obayed. Pathetic.

No. 875027

File: 1569897619704.jpg (29.11 KB, 275x274, karliraething.jpg)

A reminder on what's come out so far that is not in her screenshots. Why release a load of shots out of context when you know the other side can do the same?

No. 875076

Yet Mike also showed one captures.
This is doing nothing but showing she's being harassed by AnimeLeague so congratulations?
These captures got put up on Grace Melodys status and she deleted it so I'm more inclined to believe Karli.
And yes, Grace threatening her that Mike will show everything is indeed revenge porn.
This is pathetic now, you tried to start this in the Towers thread to no avail, make your own one, or are you afraid it'll be traced back to you?

No. 875116

Smells like damage control in here

No. 875132

File: 1569940502228.jpeg (867.46 KB, 2048x2048, A6F6D205-E0A0-4E84-AA54-D259D5…)

Funny because if you ask Grace to show you what she said to Karli you can see she was actually just warning Karli that there was screenshots that put holes in her story, you can even see her say Mike didn’t show her any of the pictures (assuming that means the lewd ones) she offered to send

But oh yes, much blackmail, so scary

No. 875142

Harassed by anime League? Or being proved wrong that she wasn't rape and faking it? #metoo then! Think changing your story 10 different times and claiming to made a case against someone is worse than a few "stop talking for your own sake l" messages

No. 875147

So a short version to this drama is towers shagged this karli chick, he decided against going for seconds, she begged him for the D and got pissed when he denied her. She decided to play the #metoo "omg he raped me!" card because its the only thing she could do? But towers has messages of her being thirsty for him?

No. 875153

Just to get this on topic, it should be noted that she only really started against Towers after Obayed spoke to her. Obayed also then backed her publicly (pretty sure there's lots of evidence of that but cba finding it). It doesn't really shine a good light on Obayed gathering proper evidence before putting his lynchmobs on people does it?

No. 875164

File: 1569949124089.jpg (78.55 KB, 504x315, 1569795597585 (1).jpg)

she claimed this but lets be honest do you think noodle towers could beat a chick black and blue and no one would question the bruises and she wasn't hospitalized for being beaten "black and blue".

>>874945 Obayed made that screenshot and shared it on a status bitching grace deleted "evidence". 1) Can't see most of the conversations there and it just seems like she's being needy after an argument. 2) If Obayed wanted to defend Karli properly he wouldn't be arguing with two 20 years on facebook, the guy is almost 30 doesn't he have better things to do - you know like that Filming career he wanted but has done fuck all with?

In addition, if she was so traumatized and abused she should've gone to the police. I don't think the police would look at a beaten women and go "mahh not enough evidence love"

No. 875182

Karli Rae is what probably 17-18st? If Towers managed to beat her up then Obayed better get running next MCM

No. 875205

File: 1569954618083.jpg (121.86 KB, 1080x639, 1567627881026.jpg)

Remember Obayed doesn't post on cringe forums such as these…

Hi Karli by the way. If you want to start shit make sure you got evidence to back it up and not anxiety BS.

No. 875297

>Implying this thread isnt 75% himself and his friends.
Its so annoying when snowflakes clearly have their thread bookmarked but act all unbothered in public, like who do you think you're fooling?

No. 875319

watch her claim blackmail and harrassment same as obayed.

No. 875352

Or go quiet. She's a coward like that

No. 875353

Same-fagging here, but on the subject of cowardice, unless Obayed has literally been 100% banned, does anyone find it odd how he's given up on his latest stunt here?

No. 875370

File: 1569974360044.jpeg (42.94 KB, 1080x763, received_2448767385202860.jpeg)

Seems she used the "rapist" well.

No. 875372

One wonders if she has shown Obayed these screenshots.

Will Obayed now (like as he should Adam) expose her for being what she is?


No. 875374

Don’t be silly, that would require him to ACTUALLY call out people who’ve done something wrong!

We all know he’d much rather just target random people that will result in him getting more female attention.

No. 875375

but Obayed-chan doesn't rat out his shady friends uwu

No. 875394

Seems Towers is a dark-horse in bed

No. 875414

File: 1569979644490.jpg (178.39 KB, 750x1334, CalledOut.jpg)

uwu I totally called him out when I posted my evidence of him asking if I was ok and my evidence was so amazing that no one can really see what it says… owo how convenient for me cause I'M THE VICTIM

I was raped he made me cum 6 or 7 times! Totally don't want to be raped by him again!

No. 875425

Now that we know she's lying, can we get some screenshots here of Obayed urging Karli on and how he frames it. I think this would go to show how he operates.

No. 875429

File: 1569981538241.jpeg (214.45 KB, 750x1040, 7CD79E92-A93B-4690-AD40-EEEC66…)

Don’t worry, Obayed Senpai told her to send proof of the blackmail that doesn’t actually exist! That’ll show ‘em!

No. 875430

Fake claiming he's going to the police just like Alex Baker then?

No. 875580

>Get in contact with this person

It's my mum

No. 875612

File: 1570037473700.jpg (125.68 KB, 750x1334, 68988761_349434742661567_25409…)

its when I see decent cosplayers stick up for this guy, but obayed be like "he's a twonk"

No. 875657

Imagine being afraid of two girls who don't even talk about you, yet these two are so triggered by them they talk about them all the time

No. 875770

obayed doesnt actually know phil, just like he doesnt KNOW anybody he starts attacking. he has a group of 30+ fangirls who are complete snowflakes who start shit with people then run back to obayed and say they were raped by XYZ person. then obayed triers to expose them because he has a hero complex

No. 875876

This Phil guy is a complete twat in his own right. Archetypal misogynistic scrote who thinks the world owes him pussy for going to the gym.

No. 875955

Have you actually met him? A few decent cosplayers (the good ones) actually support him. He's actually alright but then again some people think Obayeds a decent character.

No. 876024

I don't need to, honestly. Anyone who talks about women like that online deserves the rope.

No. 876106

So Obayed can make abortion jokes and say cosplayers are ugly as a joke but when Phil does it it is wrong?

No. 876123

no one can make any kind of jokes now honey, unless you are a black wannabe con-hero

No. 876183

File: 1570150241489.jpg (237.93 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20191004_014955.jpg)

Ohmygod can't believe she actually said this. She should be banned for those outfits

No. 876198

imagine the scenes if phil and obayed did a charity match. Phil would literally eat him, shit him out and the resulting turd would be an improvement on obayeds attraction

No. 876207

File: 1570161694494.jpg (365.47 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20191004_050012.jpg)

iM oNLy MeAN tO RaPISt aNd pAeDO

No. 876317

Why would you assume that a random poster in this thread is pro-Obayed? All these gross scrotes should be hung.

No. 876318

Obayed giving to charity? Sure

No. 876319

File: 1570192719566.jpg (126.69 KB, 1080x713, Screenshot_20191004_133640.jpg)

This Bethany chick needs to realise that Obayed has called her ugly before. She needs to come back to reality.

No. 876367

File: 1570202424179.jpg (268.06 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20191004_162004.jpg)

Time to set the furries on this shit show

No. 876471

No. 876572

"chick" , you know bethany is trans and has a dick right?

No. 876673

Oh, she is? I thought she was just all kinds of ugly. How do you know?

Wild if it's true, ugly-passing is a crazy phenomenon.

No. 876709

Is this guy a sociopath?

No. 876711

File: 1570279150032.jpg (46.2 KB, 683x912, FB_IMG_1570257502814.jpg)

No. 876821

File: 1570308289638.jpg (53.5 KB, 1080x357, Screenshot_20191005_214402.jpg)

It seems to me that obayed, in continually egging Bethany on, is 100% taking advantage of her very obvious mental illness. Very manipulative

No. 876840

he used to constantly post about being trans and how hard it was constantly in mcm group. Other posters used to always take the piss out of him but admins cracked down on the transphobia. I remember he posted about how annoying it was being sent dick pics and all the comments were stuff like "did you send a dick pic back?" etc

No. 876986

Oh, gotcha. Yeah, fully thought she was cis but just ugly and possibly mentally disabled.

No. 877369

Considering he's always fighting for mental health its funny how he picks and chooses when he does it

No. 877378

He should just kill himself and blame 13 Reasons Why and the world would be better for it

No. 877398

File: 1570454190415.jpg (287.62 KB, 1080x1971, Screenshot_20191007_141454.jpg)

These are the people Obayed is manipulating. People who think looking up on Google and believe anything someone tells them without proper research or common sense.

No. 877400

File: 1570454224953.jpg (304.3 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20191007_141512.jpg)

Logic doesn't work on the mentally ill

No. 877674

File: 1570487251112.jpg (171.62 KB, 1280x2048, 17761103_10154222298047234_483…)

forgot about the time he joked about shooting up mcm

No. 877676

File: 1570487316671.jpg (107.11 KB, 493x735, shoot.jpg)

No. 877689

What kind of fake news are you trying to spin here?

No. 877704

So Obayed is basically spreading fake news about shootings. Lovely

No. 877755

I really don't get why people love this creepy Indian Leafy looking mf so much.
His ego stroking edgy shitposts made the MCM group pretty fucking cancerous.
Yeah exposing problematics in the cosplay community was good but I've never gotten a good vibe from him because he just reeks of "I'm a god, worship me" level of narc with his army of e-thots/costhots.

sage for blogpost

No. 877756

He friends those with a lot of mental issues going on and uses it fully. It's not difficult to be a god to a load of seriously fucked up individuals

No. 877927

you forgot to crop yourself out of the comment section, we now know who you are

No. 878074

apparently a tiktok thot too

No. 878265

disabled thot more like

No. 878461

whos actually gonna go to this

No. 878496

He really goes for the mentally unstable to try and fuck. My friend Li An Harkness has only just had her boyfriend break up with her, she's currently suicidal and is just not coping day to day yet frog face is there at the center trying to get with her. It's disgusting

No. 878498

Got screenshots of this one?

No. 878587

What a good friend you are, posting her social media handle on lolcow.

No. 878643

She needs to know because no amount of telling her does any good. She is vulnerable, I even told her she needed to take a break from everything to calm herself down but that makes me not wanting her to be happy. She needs to take control like the rest of his harem they are just being manipulated

No. 878647

"She is vulnerable" Because this site known for taking care and helping vulnerable people… are you mad?

No. 878673

File: 1570724597296.png (11.74 KB, 475x154, Damage Control.png)

Looks like Obayed is getting Li to do some damage control lol

No. 878786

Poor girl probably doesn't even know she's been brainwashed by him. Yikes.
Either that or she's willingly friends with a misogynistic creepy fuckboy, but i'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt here.

No. 878832

File: 1570744202824.jpg (82.5 KB, 510x616, daddykhan is home!.jpg)

Daddy-Khan must've arrived home early

No. 878937

well someone who was in hospistal for half a year for almost knocking themself out permanently would go for anyone. It is attention seeking at the end of the day sadly. Maybe the knock out again will do her good?

No. 879264

Seems very clear who is pulling dem strings there

No. 879361

Obi only goes for the clinically insane

No. 879456

I was her friend until a few months ago she just fishes for likes and attention and she knows Obie will do it for her. They are as bad as eachother

No. 879707

File: 1570994825012.png (206.17 KB, 454x405, KillingKids.png)

wants to get drugs off kids now. such edgo content lads pewpew

No. 879719

>he wants to get drugs off kids
I can only assume that his bad stolen joke just flew drastically over your head because you're not familiar with the drugged/razorblade candy rumor in the U.S.

or just typical lcf reading comprehension

No. 879741

stil wants drugs and I dont think anyone wants to be assosiated with that

No. 879759

And yet will jump on the case of anyone making a vaguely anti-SJW joke? But drugs, abortion and abuse are fair game? Got it.

No. 879764

I genuinely can't believe OP pic isn't shooped. He looks like his mother fucked a frog.

No. 879779

File: 1571013624145.jpeg (62.6 KB, 1200x630, 5d02073a210000a718ecb30a.jpeg)

maybe it just a disorder of chubs and fucked up eyes the chinese would ban him due to censorship

No. 879891


I can so see that now that you mentioned it!

No. 879893

File: 1571054867050.png (130.12 KB, 610x343, W5TfPeB.png)

Actually he is more the unholy spawn of a toad and pedobear

No. 880044

File: 1571086704230.png (6.43 KB, 612x93, Sweetie.png)

>When you type in obayed khan to google
So the king of making accusations and attacks on others has gone running to his lawyer about attacks on himself. lol

No. 880045

awww Obie sweetie can't handle people calling you frog boi?

No. 880046


Silence, Sindy

No. 880047


Sorry wrong post, I meant >>879707

No. 880052

Damn he does look like a creepy man.

Love how he has tried to brush it off as not caring about this thread then complains to google


No. 880054


After seeing his disney land photos i Certainly wouldn't let him near my children

No. 880055

Funny thing is that we now have official legal confirmation that he is completely lying when he says he doesn't care. This is gold

No. 880056

We already knew he was keeping tabs on this thread when he told his baby doll Li An that we were "bullying him" on this thread and she threw a hissyfit on fb stories claiming she is mentally stable and loves Obayed.

>Mental Nut loves frog face confirmed

No. 880061

True, but this is 100% proof. He can't say someone else did that for him unlike everything else he claims.

No. 880062

This also explains why he took down all his facebook posts last month. Likely took them down before running to his parents to get their lawyers involved?

No. 880069

daddy daddy people being mean to me and saying my pee pee is small ;w;

No. 880073


Quick let's hide all my dodgy posts to stop my rich parents from finding out before running to them. Serious pedo frog needs to grow a pair

No. 880079

From what I heard he doesn't have one or at least doesn't want one….

No. 880119

Hey Obayed! What is your next move?

No. 880181

This guy is so uninteresting and keeps posting here to look like anyone cares.

Every time this thread pops up I gag because I think it's a picture of Soren. She literally makes me sick and now by association so does the soren clone.

No. 880471

I love bumping my own thread though ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 881017

File: 1571266285363.jpg (114.2 KB, 502x635, OBI.jpg)

>I tend to drug my girls and force them into my harem. That's how I roll.

No. 881019

File: 1571266380200.jpg (13.97 KB, 464x77, ChrisCockSucker.jpg)

Also Chris you suck Obii's cock to high heaven. You may of graduated from University, but it is very easy to fuck a lecturer to pass these days. Wouldn't surprise me if you manipulate girls the same way in normal circumstances.

No. 881296

Obi’s entire personality revolves around other hating him. Besides that he’s completely unremarkable and has zero personality outside of “trolling”. And orbiters who try to be the same. Screenshots harassing “problematic” people that nobody cares about. If they dropped the AL shit it would fade into obscurity but they would have nothing left for themselves.

Drawing of a frog was posted to his group, of course he had to make it about lolcow making frog memes about him. He has zero interest in anything that isn’t himself.

No. 881319

I wanna know if this still going on cause the event page is dead

No. 881489

File: 1571354249465.jpg (201.43 KB, 974x696, footfetish.jpg)

My best friend is now promoting cam girls. I can see what fetishes yet will moan when an 'inappropriate' photo is taken at con.

I think we all know what he is into.

No. 881496

>My name is Ketchups92. I'm a disabled gamer with nerve damage living in the U.K. I also have cancer and slit my wrists for attention everyday at 4pm and then cry for tit pics from my camgirls. I stream games on Twitch, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink coke zero. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

No. 881715

It's the only booty he can get. Cry about being disabled then get what you want.

No. 882191

File: 1571500001626.jpg (262.43 KB, 1080x1435, Screenshot_20191019_164641.jpg)

Talking about yourself?

No. 882594

File: 1571592393370.jpg (36.83 KB, 960x540, 74226552_689451814899981_71091…)

No. 882701

File: 1571613483039.jpg (562.37 KB, 2048x1536, 72471752_10157618568051241_583…)

the bf and virgin that he couldn't manipulate cause she's too ugly and not even up to his taste

No. 882737


Insult me harder anon, you're just feeding into my humiliation kink(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 882870

I thought we didn't kink shame here

No. 882938

Im well into fuck the virgin and drug the girl kinks

No. 883443

File: 1571781601322.jpg (20.99 KB, 487x147, trig.jpg)

my friend is still triggered I called her out. Really needs to move on and get a real life rather than expecting pitty from other men

No. 883505

this dude looks like elliot rodgers to me, he has that vibe

No. 883576

Wouldn't surprise me if he murdered his harem and then buried the bodies in his backyard

No. 883743



No. 884155

I do still consider her a friend but I might follow what everyone else has done and cut her out if she's just going to push people away just to get some daddy issues advice and dick(great nobody cares)

No. 884504

Just looking for her 5 minutes of fame let's be honest…

No. 884541

Just seen frog face hopefully will stay in the hotel while I enjoy the fox like he did in May(mike towers pls)

No. 884639

Any news on Obayed's whereabouts tonight?

No. 884641

File: 1572038628420.jpg (2.73 MB, 2560x1920, MYXJ_20191025222233_save.jpg)

If you hate Obayed Khan send drinks to table 17 at The Fox(ban evasion)

No. 884644

Is it just me, or is Obayed's forehead already receding?

No. 884653

that and his eyes seem to get more crippled. send drinks to table 8. We actually can hold down our drinks and not drink cola all night ;)(;))

No. 884658

When your "harem" is made up of foot faces

No. 884711

or non passable trans

No. 884729

File: 1572054127237.jpg (139.7 KB, 553x941, Screenshot_20191026_024138.jpg)

Wow they let anyone have a press pass nowadays don't they? Even with a wannabe magazine publisher

No. 884896

well mcm need to be on their good side or they have no cosplayers

No. 885184

OMG, I just realised that he has been hiding his chrome done with a comb over!

No. 885492

He is one fucked up guy. LMAO eyebrow freak looks like he shaved them.off

No. 886000

I love my daddy though

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