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No. 863772

Obayed R.R Khan -

Recent chain of events:

>Support pedo ex best mate

>All the people he hates
>His joke book and colouring book and going mental when he gets bad reviews
>He 4chan calloits
>Being a cancer on mcm group
>His harem
>His fight club group
>Claims he never reads 4chan but sure posts a lot of screenshots about it(shit thread)

No. 863808

This could have been a good thread with better info, the guy is big on the uk scene and acts like an attention seeking cow everywhere he goes

No. 863963

He's currently moaning that people are talking about him on 4chan, oh dear

No. 863965

Who is this dude, what does he do and shit like that would've been great to know bc never heard of this dude. Bad op is bad.

No. 863982

Yes sadly the op is shit but to give a short introduction.

Obayed Khan is a young lad who is basically a troll in the MCM Expo Group. Usual shitposting and general annoyance. He then went on a campaign to hate every person who had a single negative comment. These people including Phil Dragon and such. He then made an MCM fight club where he gets all his minions to hate on people and threaten to hurt people, basically a modern version of the KKK but for the people! #metoo and all that but just attacking anyone he can.

He's recently found out that one of his mates Adam Joestar is a nonce, however won't admit he never knew this and won't share victims stories and give it the push he has compared to other cases. He has the biggest ego going and loves the attention he gets from his harem of girls he preys apon and people he has swayed. He is innocent of course

No. 864004

He tried saying that he wouldn’t call out Adam publicly because “he won’t make his posts public!!” even though he’s infamous for posting shit about anybody who doesn’t instantly drool over him.

He also got called out for the irony in going public to talk about people posting on 4chan, but saying he won’t go public for his friend being a pedo. He also tried to say they’ve never been close and he only knew him for a few months even though people have seen them both being friendly before that.

No. 864020

File: 1567628511983.png (929.04 KB, 617x807, khanandco.png)

Shall we throw in the fact his family has no clue what he does and own a multi-million worth hotel chain?

No. 864021

Phil Dragon is an emotionally manipulative abuser, Obayed is right to post about him.

No. 864027

Shit original post but good call on making this. Obayed is the biggest lolcow in the uk scene right now

No. 864034

I cant wait for the mods to have a feild day with the amount of samefaggorty and non saging that'll come out of this thread.

No. 864045

No one fucking cares, stop bumping this thread

No. 864048

I smell testosterone.

No. 864049

you posted this here and 4chan, why dont you talk to him yourself if you're so keen?
grow up

No. 864059

I remember when I said something negative about his colouring book and my other half comes into the living room and tells me some weird frog looking guy was talking shit on Facebook about our 3 year old son. She wanted to know who this guy was after I'd mentioned the book.

Hes such a cool guy he talks shit about someones 3 year old child rather than the person who made comments about the book. Hes a tough guy.

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