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File: 1413922289522.jpg (90.1 KB, 612x612, tabby_ridiman_4deafff2c7bf11e2…)

No. 81029


Surprised some people haven't heard of her. She followed Boxxy's coattails back in 2009.

Basically she was a cute and hyperactive girl who got attention and even though she's now 21 still acts like she's 14.
>Lives on a farm in Kentucky
>Shops at Walmart
>Made some really shitty music
>grew enormous tits at some point, which are now the entire focus of her camera angle
>extremely boring but tries to be funny and lolsorandumxD
>likes to give life advice despite being a career under-achiever
>just got married to a guy she has known for less than a year
>keeps getting shitty tattoos

Makes retarded faces in all of her pictures and looks older than she actually is in non-edited photos/videos.


No. 81030

File: 1413922404391.jpg (45.41 KB, 335x479, x_56432b68.jpg)

She will never have the same appeal she did when she was 14
She needs to just grow up and act like an adult instead of trying to look and act like she did as a kid, because she comes off like someone's mom who tries to wear her teen daughter's clothes

No. 81031

File: 1413922718450.jpg (79.08 KB, 863x936, mkPrgVv.jpg)

Her body has aged and she doesn't have the youthful, sprightly appeal anymore. She used to be extremely active and athletic and now is flabby and lazy. But still dresses like she did when she was extremely fit.

No. 81032

these are her older videos that made her "e-famous"

No. 81033

File: 1413923918295.jpg (86.76 KB, 640x640, 10632211_353459458145849_72859…)

Her husband's main talent is drawing Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon

No. 81034

her completely cringey cosplay video

No. 81035

She's obnoxious as fuck and Avril Lavigne-tier in never growing out of her emo/scene kid phase, but I don't really see much lolcow potential in her. Any dramu?

No. 81036

Her uniform isn't even right.

No. 81037

>Her body has aged and she doesn't have the youthful, sprightly appeal anymore

You are nitpicking. She doesn't have an athletic body tho, you're right on that point but who cares, she looks fine.

No. 81038

Her stupid cheap top is too tight, it looks dumb.

No. 81039

meh she's typically annoying as hell. I would hate to be her boyfriend (or husband).
She also vlogs every single stupid little thing that happens in her life…
>I spilled some coke on myself
>better make a video
>throw in the word vag for extra views

No. 81040

File: 1413928855834.gif (3.48 MB, 450x253, tabby_gif3.gif)

She definitely doesn't look that bad, but it doesn't go with her attitude at all. She's trying to have that "teen girl being silly on the internet" appeal and it doesn't work for her anymore. Her arms have gotten all big and bulky compared with the rest of her body and she just looks odd now. She would be fine if she started acting her age.

No. 81041

File: 1413929246885.jpg (78.64 KB, 640x640, 10683933_1518421491726601_1944…)

Her body-shape is super weird, it doesn't even make sense

No. 81042

File: 1413929789461.png (1.81 MB, 1272x1281, fail.png)

She has the body type of someone's mom but tries to dress all cutesy and it just looks trashy

No. 81043

File: 1413930001059.jpg (75.42 KB, 640x640, what.jpg)

More weird as hell figure

No. 81044

File: 1413930311543.jpg (287.71 KB, 1280x640, sick.jpg)

>continually posted pics of herself in the E.R. without telling anyone what was going on for days
Turns out she had cat scratch fever and it caused her to go mostly blind in one eye. She didn't say anything about it at first, just kept posting about being in the E.R. and letting everyone wonder wtf happened. She pulled this many more times whenever she had to go in for a checkup.
>"emergency trip to the E.R.!! I'll tell you about it later!!"
>pics in hospital gown etc etc
>disappear for two days

No. 81045

File: 1413930585961.gif (1.83 MB, 450x294, boobs.gif)


No. 81046

File: 1413930616191.gif (4 MB, 389x400, boobs2.gif)

No. 81047

What kind of autistic shit is that?
Christ, what a womanchild

No. 81048

Original Tabby was the only good Tabby.
She will never again achieve the greatness that she once had in her youthful innocence.

No. 81049

Ok I'm totally new to this chick, but c'mon, those titties have to be either fake or padded as fuck. I get it that bewbs can grow from the time you're 14 to 21, but from A size to double D's? Don't really see it happening often.

No. 81050


Those are way bigger than D's…..Got to be at least E's

No. 81051

Sorry, I'm not used to american bra-sizing, I was just taking a guess… but yeah, those things are huge. Reminds me of JNigri's suspicious "growth spur", if you know what I mean… but the jiggliness seems pretty natural? I don't know really.

No. 81052

>>her body has aged
Ummm….you do know she's only 21 right? Her body probably wasn't even done growing at fucking 14.

No. 81053

Ignore it. OP is probably an ephebophile from Unichan, anyone 18+ is most likely considered old hag territory to him.

No. 81054

She's dumb and pretty annoying, but is she really a lolcow? What are some lolcow things she's done?

No. 81055

Oh shit man, I only just noticed the person in the background. That terrified me.

No. 81056

I think she might be an inverted triangle. Or just plain top-heavy.

No. 81057

How is she an lolcow? I can see why some people think she's annoying, but other than that, she seems fine for the most part.

OP is probably from Unichan. A lot of them are nitpicky as fuck.

No. 81058

i don't get people like OP lol. she's obviously a gorgeous girl and not fat at all. she may be obnoxious as fuck but so are all vloggers. what's your point?
and if you wanted to dig up some drama why not bring up her boyfriend with the triforce tattoo?

No. 81059

she's an lolcow because she was a 4chan whore

No. 81060

File: 1414463813185.jpg (154.6 KB, 1041x536, tabby.jpg)

No. 81061

Yeah, back in 2009. That was five years ago and she grew past that way back. Grow up.

I can see why some people think she's really annoying, but I've poked around at some of her videos and stuff, and she seems genuinely kind and fun-loving.

No. 81062

I just noticed there is a creeper behind the door. Is that her prince charming?
Also, Ha! I knew her swim top was too big/ill fitting. Im a 34DD and i swear I tried on that exact same swim top from VS this summer. I looked I was wearing bowls over my tits and I felt like I was going to fall out.

No. 81063

Yeah… those tits are padded. That top is way too big for… whatever cup she is. Bigger than a D.

No. 81064

Holy fuck those tattoos are beyond shit tier.

I will never understand why people permanently alter their skin with ugly ink. It's like a stamp of stupidity.

No. 81065

File: 1414486160522.jpg (79.51 KB, 500x500, 42145286483.jpg)

now now, anon. not all tattoos are awful. she just made some rather poor decisions on placement and probably prioritised cheapness and availability over an actual good quality artist.

two different sized thigh tattoos rarely look good, and she's just got that one below her elbow and nothing else. it's be better if she had "matching" thigh tattoos (same size, similar design, eg. a frame with a butterfly on one, and moth on the other.) and had a shoulder tattoo instead of that big-ass one on her forearm.

No. 81066

This. When people think of ugly tattoos, ts usuall the cheap kind that have shit tier ink like Tabby's. The good ones like in that image go for hundreds so you really get what you pay for.

No. 81067

File: 1414524314801.jpg (64.98 KB, 800x480, legtat.jpg)


Tattoos like in your picture look good when naked or otherwise fully displayed like in a tank top, but even they look like giant ink smudges or hairy arms with most clothes.

Pic attached isn't exactly what I'm talking about, but does anyone actually think her tattoo is a good idea? It could be beautiful up close but from 2 metres away it's just a black splodge.

She has also severely restricted the types of skirts and dresses she can wear. She won't be able to wear anything much longer than what she currently has on unless it goes to at least her knees, otherwise she will be partly covering her tat which will make it look even more like a smudge.

To me, tattoos are like limiting yourself to the same hairstyle or pair of shoes for the rest of your life. That may not seem like a problem when you're young and deep into a subculture or fashion, but once you've seen yourself grow and fashions change several times it becomes clear that tattoos in fact limit your ability to express yourself.

No. 81068

File: 1414526519557.jpg (81.62 KB, 500x500, 462478121486514786.jpg)

EVERYTHING detailed looks like a black smudge from 2 metres away you dumb fuck.

No. 81069


Exactly, which is why fabrics for large things like clothes or curtains tend to have large bold patterns compared to the same fabric used for more detailed things like ribbons or dolls.

Similarly, traditional tattoos like the Maori's use simple patterns and lots of white space so that the pattern is still discernible from a distance.

The problem with tattoos like in >>81065 and >>81067 is that they have lots of fine detail and achieve that detail through shading rather than contrast. They can be really good pieces of art but are still terrible fashion.

No. 81070

Once upon a time i would have also seriously questioned this girls story however the same thing actually happened to me…

I was a B cup at 17 and went on the pill. By age 20 i had a FF-G cup. My Dr called it "unusual" but apparently its not impossible.

No. 81071


LOL, angry much? I wonder how many shitty tattoos you have.

Tattoos are stupid, throw a tantrum, idgaf.

No. 81072

Or she can just like cover the tattoos sometimes like most other people who have them? You dont want them to be out in the open all the time anyways, that makes them fade faster.

Its very clear when someone has a tattoo even if you cant see what it is you cant mistake it for anything else.

No. 81073

Yes, like I said, "was"

No. 81074


It's not clear when someone has a tattoo, we just assume that it's a tattoo because they're much more common than giant birthmarks or bruises. But just because we're smart enough to assume that the blob peeking out from under your skirt is part of a tattoo doesn't detract from the fact that it still looks like a blob.

People will often go to lengths to tie together an outfit. They'll match their shoes, makeup, nails, hair, clutch, earrings, and so on. But then they make no consideration for their tattoos. If the color of your shoes matters then why don't the colors and patterns of your big ass leg tattoo?

Even if your tattoos match your outfits now, what will happen in ten years when fashions change and your own tastes mature? That's when tattoos become burdensome rather than expressive.

No. 81075

I agree. I started following her back when she first gained recognition on 4chan and I've liked her ever since. (Although, I'll admit that her style has become a little trashy for my tastes.) Her videos seem really fun and genuine, and I really respect the fact that she actually takes the time to reply to her comments and interact with her fans even though she has so many subscribers.

No. 81076

Not necessarily, her mom responds to a lot of her comments for her ever since she exploded on 4chan. Though, last I checked I think she made a new youtube account now that she's out on her own, so that may have changed.
IMO I've always felt like her family life was VenusAngelic-y her mom seems kinda crazy.

No. 81077

That's true, although her mom at least signs the comments as 'her mom' and from what I've seen she mostly just replies to the nasty comments and defends Tabby. But now that you mention it, I can totally see the VenusAngelic vibe you're talking about. Her mom does seem a little crazy, but at least she seems like a nice person with good intentions. Margaret Palermo, on the other hand, is in a whole other league of crazy.

Does anyone know any details on what happened between her and Cameron? I've always wondered.

No. 81078

File: 1417288465595.jpg (175.43 KB, 391x607, Untitled-3.jpg)

I… I always thought she had a nice body.
>tfw I have relatively the exact same body shape as her but with broader shoulders and more muscular arms.

No. 81079

Do her tits bounce off her knees when she removes her bra?

No. 81080

she has a nice body I think, but she often dresses wrong for her body type which makes it look strange in some photos.

No. 81081

So she made a new video that touches upon a few things discussed here. What do you guys think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTrT0N0am6k I think it's good on her to admit that she's been trying to milk that cow for too long and it's running dry, but I probably wouldn't cry over it. Anyway, for the most part it's a mature move, I suppose.

No. 81082

I see nipple !

No. 81083


No. 81084

holy shit i remember this bitch. i had no idea she was still trying

No. 81085

File: 1437083442408.png (473.5 KB, 420x586, rip.png)

At least she looks like her age now. if not a older now

No. 81086

five months later and she's still making the same shit soooo

No. 81087

I am jelly of her looks but her personality is horrible. I hate when people try to be unique and quirky

No. 81088

Really liking the change from that awful sceney hairstyle. took her fucking long enough.
She seems sweet enough, but you're so right. And how she tries to justify it with some ridiculous "life is too short not to be immature and have fun" nonsense.Like Gurl, you're an adult..you're even married. There comes a point where you just have to stop.

No. 81089

File: 1437257581337.jpg (39.98 KB, 446x594, large (4).jpg)

Really? I kind of think the opposite, actually. I always liked how she seemed so happy and fun-loving, but lately I've found that she's been looking really trashy and haggard. Obviously her face has changed as she's aged, which has a lot to do with it, but I think she looked so much better before she started wearing such dark, heavy makeup and had a slightly more subtle style.

No. 81090

File: 1437846346574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 723.92 KB, 2074x3098, 2AZk5qP.jpg)

No. 81091

Oh shit. Where did you get this?

No. 81092

She was 14 here?!?!
But… Why is her face almost wrincled? So much shadows.. Her skin looks thin… Wtf?

No. 81093

It was posted on her ED page.

No. 81094

because it's clearly not her

No. 81095

Uh, no, it clearly is. I don't know what to tell you.

No. 81096

well you could prove it seeing as it actually doesn't look that much like her. And I'm pretty sure she's never had black in her hair like that.

also I'm pretty sure I remember someone from /b/ posting another image from the set which showed it was someone else

No. 81097

File: 1437921776793.jpg (396.68 KB, 592x888, tabby.jpg)

I think you mistakenly thought the person you quoted was quoting this one >>81090
But in that case, I do believe that is Tabby also. She has the same smile/nose/hair/freckle above her lip and she did once have her hair dyed like that, pics related.
You must be blind if you don't see the resemblance.

No. 81098

Idk what to believe…
ED page ???

No. 81099

No. 81100

How hard is it to read OPs post? Go away, newfag.

No. 651432


No. 651446

No. 653054

Well, since this was necro'd, I went back and watched that original video, and saw the posted a "reaction" to it. I think that hair color looks really good on her. Though I'm surprised she wasn't more….uncomfortable with the video? She basically just said she was obnoxious. Watching it now as an adult, I'm deeply uncomfortable by how sexual she is in it.

I remember being a shitty underage girl who lurked on 4chan around her age when that all was going down. As a wannabe scene girl/tomboy, I always wished I looked like her.

No. 653071

Her boobs have shrunk dramatically. Did she get a reduction or just rely on crazy push up bras?

No. 653078

I remember her mom used to go onto the comments of her youtube videos and defend her "large breasts" to commenters asking why she would show off her chest and stuff in videos.

No. 653104

File: 1533099427948.png (114.56 KB, 214x403, tabs.png)

Just kind of looking through her videos now, she's still relying on being quirky and showing her body off, though not as much. Everything looks like clickbait.

Well, her 2nd most popular video is called "How To Get Amazing Cleavage With Any Cup Size!", so I'm guessing it's the latter. Smaller boobs look way less weird on her. The crazy pushup or whatever made her look so top-heavy and disproportionate.

Honestly, looking through her recent YouTube videos makes me sad. She is truly living the life of small town trash who peaked in high school and got married way too young. I watched a video where she was doing her makeup and their mattress was on the floor and her house just looked trashy and gross. She was basically using all Wet n Wild/super cheap makeup as well. Don't get me wrong, I love drugstore makeup, but it was just shocking to see someone in the age of beauty gurus really not own any nicer makeup. I feel bad for her. The discrepancies in her views are insane, but I doubt she's even getting monetization for something like this, since it's not "family friendly".

No. 655538

She stopped taking birth control. There's a video about it.

No. 659748

she got a breast reduction

No. 659985

Why is, shopping at Walmart, a listed feature? That's just petty and retarded.

No. 936701

Well it's been another year and nothing has really changed. I just came across a gif of her and decided to see what she has done the last decade and I guess the answer is nothing(necro)

No. 936790

Pre-vendetta lolcow is something else
She's literally just a typical small town girl, no sane person cares this much about a stranger's tits wtf

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