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No. 802959

Toxic Twitch streamer

has changed her account name several times, but her main: https://twitter.com/Roleplayers_TV?lang=en

> Was a guest at E3 in 2017 and left without telling friends or SO
> missed scheduled panel appearances.
> LAPD were called and it spread like wildfire on social media.
> 24 hours later, her accounts start tweeting again, but poorly constructed with numerous errors and about panic attacks.
> Eventually she posts a few videos explaining she went to play poker at a casino.
> Her SO replies to her tweet, still not having had any contact from her.
> Later, photos reveal her to have been at a seedy hotel in the area.

>6 months later she had an abortion and did not tell SO (same from before).

> public meltdown and breakup on Twitter
> SO calls her on her coke problem
> she's kicked out of house, threatens to hire a lawyer for slander, etc.

More recently:
> She's been getting flirty messages from a more popular streamer (Mfpally) who had a SO.
> She promised to "keep him in check" and continued to talk to him about games and her patreon (there's some vague text about lewd content).
> After 2 years she decides to post screenshots of his messages on Twitter (his messages were creepy and gross, but not worth death-by-internet-mob imo).
> He posted a public apology and has since ghosted.
> Other people came forward to claim this is not the first time Lauralanie has used mob justice on someone claiming harrassment/rape.

No. 854495

m REALLY surprised people still give her money when she begs for it afer all the dumb shit she's done

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