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No. 799333

This girl has been a cow for a while now, but since she is Brazilian not a lot of people know her. This is the summary of her past:

>She got famous back on Facebook for being "Ulzzang"

>Made a lot of makeup videos and lookbooks on her Youtube channel
>Created a Facebook Store that sold trending item in 2013/14,like K-Pop stuff,Japanese clothes,etc.
>Scammed most of the people and didn't pay back and never addressed the issue
>Tried to be a human doll because of her skinny figure and tiny waist, made her go to a lot of tv shows because of her waist and people wondering if she removed any of her rib bones
>Dated a guy for some months and then broke up with him to later get engaged to some other guy she dated in the past

New Milk:
>Went to Japan with her husband for some new Youtube content,even though no one cares about her anymore
>Started working in an electronics factory just to stay in Japan, both her and her husband
>Since she has been struggling with living there she created a patreon to sell nude pictures and sexual content
>Started being regular on Twitter just to promote the content she is making
>A lot of her followers are confused about the things she has posted recently on Instagram, because of her sensual pictures

Twitter: https://twitter.com/babymaybebaby
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nanakataiama/?hl=pt
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NarumiKataiama
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/narukataiama
Patreon: https://www.twitch.tv/narukitkat
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/narukitkat

This a portuguese tumblr addressing the scamming: https://narumi-kataiama-feedback.tumblr.com/

No. 799340

>not a lot of people know her.

with milk like

>Started working in an electronics factory just to stay in Japan

I am shocked. Sounds lulzy as fuck.

No. 799343

How is this milk? She's just some chick selling nudes to get by. Is there anything else?

No. 799357

She started selling nudes

No. 799368

I agree she used to be milky af, but as you yourself said, no one cares about her anymore

No. 799375

Is she really Japanese or another SEA faggot pretending to be Japanese?

No. 799396

From what she says, her dad is Japanese but he passed away? Her mom is whife af though

No. 799412

Here is supposed pic of her parents. Her dad did die when she was young. He's Japanese and her mom is Polish.(Do not post pictures of family)

No. 799457

god damn she is gross
poor father

No. 799460

she definitely has an eating disorder, just by looking at her figure you can tell that she has it, she denies everything by saying that it's genetic and because she is Japanese

No. 799530

This girl used to hop on every new trend, from ulzzang, living doll, gamer girl, "goth" clothes…
She also said ulzzangs should not have piercings or tattoos, and then when being alternative became trendy, she started getting multiple piercings and tattoos copied straight from the internet, like Pinterest tier.
She also shoops herself very pale, when there are candid pics of her with an almost tanned skin tone.

No. 800049

File: 1556142419387.jpg (301.82 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190424_184341.jpg)

I'm so glad I get to live in an age where I see Katagrana copying Belle Delphine and selling ahegao pictures. Plus she looks so uncomfortable both in pics and videos, the only thing she does is accentuate her thinness (really the only thing that ever got her attention, homegirl is so average) rubbing her stomach or arching her back and looking overall clueless. Her spanking video is also laughable, doesn't look like she's being spanked at all, and she has 0 reaction. And really, she couldn't even get rid of the tag on her cheap lingerie on pic related, or at least removed cat hair and dust from corset or socks?

No. 804514

She just recently made a Youtube video explaining why is she selling NSFW pictures, it's hilarious how she is trying to justify herself because she needs money. She used to be the first person to trashtalk people that would post pictures of themselves in lingerie or naked, now look at her.

No. 880325

No. 880415

Belle did not invent ahegao stfu

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