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File: 1448528857519.jpg (112.68 KB, 720x719, _20151126_035554.JPG)

No. 64584

Not sure if there's already a thread for this girl, if so sorry!


Yet another spoopy body posi witch queen, who's been called out by followers for putting inaccurate things on her crappy witchy clothing she sells. Gag worthy promoter of Teale Coco as well.

No. 64586

File: 1448529194544.jpg (136.55 KB, 720x707, _20151126_041215.JPG)

I mean….

No. 64588

Post dupe of crown pl0x

No. 64594

File: 1448530322797.jpg (140.92 KB, 720x728, _20151126_043050.JPG)

the size of her fucking legs.

No. 64598

No. 64600

I just find her generally obnoxious.

No. 64601

Fair enough, I like the brand she's always promoting, unfortunately. Is it hers?

What's the milk?

No. 64631

what's that line in the middle of her leg?

No. 64634


thats her knee fat going over the rest of her leg

No. 64649


No. 64714

>been called out by followers for putting inaccurate things on her crappy witchy clothing

I see this girl on tumblr all the time and her shitty eyeliner just boils my piss, but I don't know about this - any details?

No. 64718

She used to the run the FuckYeahGoths tumblr a few years ago. She was a lot slimmer then and dressed kinda hipster goth. I thought she seemed really cool then. I'm not crazy about the tumblr pastel witch thing.

No. 64722

File: 1448572424585.jpg (125.02 KB, 720x819, _20151126_161021.JPG)

I guess you couldn't call this person a follower exactly, but here she is admitting basically what she makes is for fashion and not really her beliefs even though she boasts how witchy she is all the time. Like anon said she's changed pretty drastically within a year or two. (I know the person calling her out sounds like a douche, but you get the point).

No. 64727

File: 1448574881738.jpg (92.59 KB, 533x280, 540_2014.jpg)

Looks like she's wearing drag.

No. 64744

Reminds me of Molly Soda

No. 64792

File: 1448596198417.jpg (152.97 KB, 720x718, _20151126_224706.JPG)

I have to agree with the eye makeup thing, but why the hell does her lipstick look all crusty?

No. 64794

File: 1448596608003.jpg (43.27 KB, 600x543, 1448047698795.jpg)

>that application
it's worse than suzy, holy shit..

No. 64802

Fuck this bitch. She followed me to only gain my follow last year on insta, and immediately unfollowed after. I then checked out her profile and noticed she only got like 20 likes on her photos meanwhile having over 1000 followers so she obviously bought them. She bought her way into -trying- to become internet famous. She also loves to steal other peoples makeup ideas and when she puts them onto her own face she destroys the whole concept. I find her to be really disgusting and self absorbed. Thirsty for attention when she does literally fuck all.

No. 64809

File: 1448602732405.jpeg (41.44 KB, 509x401, image.jpeg)

She looks like Cass Elliot, that fat chick from The Mamas and the Papas.

No. 64811

File: 1448603129688.jpg (45.16 KB, 720x347, _20151127_004335.JPG)

The eyeliner around her lower lids doesn't even touch her eyes.

No. 64814

File: 1448606239332.jpg (47.1 KB, 500x750, fc68b9b4af4142664e76fad590327a…)

No. 64817

File: 1448610685232.png (261.52 KB, 640x480, 1373597655525.png)

her teeth make me want to cry

No. 64830

File: 1448612806670.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.26 KB, 373x679, _20151127_032552.JPG)

No. 64841

File: 1448613651572.jpg (67.52 KB, 720x1227, _20151127_033809.JPG)

Can we talk about her clothing line for a minute? This looks like one of those "world's best grandma" tshirts you can buy at wal mart. Who's paying nearly $40 for this????

No. 64862

File: 1448618953243.jpg (687.81 KB, 1296x864, IMG_9532.JPG)

No. 64866

Goth brandy melville

No. 64868

She looks like a washed up, obese stripper with that makeup why why why???? This is legitimately horrifying.

No. 64873

It's a matte lipstick so this dumbfuck probably didn't moisturize her lips before application. Matte lipstick dries lips out REALLY badly.

No. 64875


The worst part about it is that photo was from 5 years ago. She is thinks that looks good. It's embarrassing.

No. 64877

File: 1448624421358.jpeg (241.7 KB, 1191x1188, image.jpeg)

Her boyfriend is legit hot, though. What's up with that?

No. 64878

This looks like it was probably taken in a public bathroom somewhere. Imagine washing your hands and then looking up to see that.
Fucking terrifying.

No. 64879

Her hands look like legit claws. They must be digging into his scalp.
Personally don't find him super attractive but he's not bad looking and could do a lot better than this eyebrowless butter golem

No. 64885


her mouth looks like an anus in this one

No. 64903

File: 1448637345717.jpg (66.45 KB, 719x960, WHY JUSTYNA WHY.jpg)

I feel like I can't really say much about her eyeliner application. Like, yes it's AWFUL but I've seen MUCH WORSE (pic related) but the thing I have the hardest time with is her eyebrows. I can't stand people filling in or drawing on eyebrows with black. It looks so harsh and unnatural. Some people can pull it off but if you're already unfortunate looking then it's best to stay away from "daring" makeup unless you can apply it properly.

No. 64925

has anyone noticed how deformed the legs of the far right girl look on her latest instagram post? legs lookin like sticks, the upper body like it has its own gravitational field

No. 65029

I so often see attractive guys with huge fat slovenly chicks, idgi either anon. Maybe they're insecure?

No. 65035

This is an image board, learn2screenshot instead of saying "latest post" bc no one knows what you're talking about.

No. 65052


I hate the tumblr-girl trend of super thick drawn on brows. It looks awful. It looks even worse than too skinny 90s brows.

No. 65053

She looks like Genesis P-Orridge there

No. 65135

Oh fuck, I thought this picture is ugly, but I opened her instagram… Op literally found the very best looking picture of this creature holy shit

No. 65158

File: 1448701167064.jpg (119.98 KB, 720x546, _20151128_035807.JPG)

No. 65264

they poorly edited a background in and edited the pink haired one into the pic. wtf is up with her legs to top ratio?

No. 65270


I know a girl who's torso is significantly heavier than the pink-haired chick's, but her hips and legs are basically thin and she has almost zero boobs. She's told me she has a hormonal imbalance that causes it. Maybe Miss Pink Hair has the same imbalance?

No. 65271

Sorry: WHOSE torso, not "who's".

No. 65283

who knows/cares
It's really the pose that kills me. She is popping her hip to her right, pulling her arm back, and kicking her legs weird. But, it's not like any of them are models… Panda's make up kills me

No. 65553

File: 1448761196101.png (544.12 KB, 464x587, Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.38…)

pretty sure this is the same girl

No. 65563

File: 1448764711739.jpg (39.68 KB, 1280x720, 95207224_1280x720.jpg)

It's a shame because she used to be kind of… cool? Like she would do those deathrock or coldwave podcasts years ago and she pulled off the look very well. She used to dress in new wave fashion and that's so much more appealing than this fake goth pastel bullshit. She's a real fan of the subculture, why on earth did she develop into this chick who looks like a total poser? It doesn't make sense to me. It's like she went completely backwards.

Her old videoblogs: https://vimeo.com/6402075

Her old blogspot: http://alyssapandaeyes.blogspot.ca/

No. 65689

I agree, I knew about her in like 2010 and thought she was really cool then (admittedly that's exactly the aesthetic and music I'm into). When did she start dressing like this? I don't get it

No. 65711

for some reason seeing calves/ankles so fat that shoes wont fit is really triggering to me. It's just so fucking disgusting, how do you even get fat down there i just don't get it tbh

No. 65725

UGH, this shit. Someone I know does "his" eyeliner like this, it's so fucking retarded.

No. 66118

File: 1448857415706.jpg (145.73 KB, 720x714, _20151129_232159.JPG)

She only has these boots laced at the foot part because she has to leave the rest limp in order to wear them.

No. 66128

File: 1448859978302.png (508.05 KB, 603x453, apa.PNG)

I think she looked really good here. This is from 6 years ago. I wonder if she misses it? It must hurt.

No. 66131

This is disgusting.

No. 66140

do you have any more pics of him because this picture is far from 'legit hot'

No. 66142

File: 1448863588983.jpg (96.49 KB, 720x827, _20151130_010605.JPG)

No. 66145

Very cute darkwave boy omg

No. 66156

Trash standards.

No. 66159

Taste. If you aren't into goth at all you simply wont find these dudes cute. It's all about their knowledge of goth. To my cousin who likes all this current hype stuff doesn't think he is cute at all. But me and a few of my friends who are "gothgoth" think he is a babe. So idk, it's about what you're into.

No. 66165

No, he just has an ugly face. It doesn't matter what pretentious little subculture you've put yourself into.

There's nothing wrong with goth sadboys or whatever. I just really think his face is not attractive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Taste.

No. 66176

I'm into goth and he isn't cute at all. None of his features scream attractive.

No. 66229

This. I'm more 'alternative' than goth, but his features aren't super attractive. Don't care if he wears black or not. He's just fugly.

No. 66257

File: 1448891631145.jpg (82.04 KB, 1750x1312, north-korean-officials-go-afte…)

idk why but she reminds me of kim jong un

maybe it's the no neck thing

No. 66261


Repeating these.

You apparently think his style is 'cute'. His actual face is disgusting.

Reminds me of when emo was big and as long as a guy had bangs in his face he was 'hot' - no care what mess might have lurked beneath.

That ain't taste.

No. 66326

Holy fuck someone else knows of Justyna VAMPANDA? This made my whole day, I need to add her on facebook again.

No. 66394

I wouldn't go as far as fugly but his head looks too large for his body. It's just about the proper size for Alyssa's body though, maybe they can swap.

No. 66526

You clearly do not know what goth is.

No. 67215

File: 1449125849858.jpg (118.31 KB, 720x716, _20151203_015614.JPG)

I've seen some wild transformations, but this literally looks like she's acting. I don't know why else someone would go from that to this.

No. 67218

It's like she's trolling everyone or something.

No. 67541

She has clearly put on a large amount of weight in the past few years. I wonder if the ~body-positive~ tumblr girl thing made her feel better about it and that's why she turned towards this style? I dunno, man.

No. 67564

Her legs are freaking me out

No. 67566

I would pay money to meet a semi decent looking guy without stretched ears. I'm done looking at all these gross stretched ears. It looks good on no one.

No. 67942

Jesus Christ if she doesn't lose some weight she's literally gonna eat herself to death. Legs that size are just…pushing all kinds of limits. she looks pretty short too, her knees must hurt so fuckimg bad.

No. 68284

She's the kind of slob who gains a shit-ton or weight, and instead of doing something about it, she dresses in the "cool" tumblr fashion and jumps on the bodi-posi train to try and tell herself it's okay to be a disgusting pig. And get asspats for it. She's desperate for internet fame and her body is absolutely horrifying. Literally nothing fits her. Looking at her legs makes me never want to eat again.

No. 72698

Looks like Nessa from Gavin & Stacey

No. 72711

She's like a bucket of cottage cheese sporting racoon eyes.

No. 72849

i can't believe she can be THAT fat and feel "posi" about it

No. 73177

File: 1450297615372.png (1.54 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-16-12-24-48…)

Its crazy how thin her boyfriend used to be and now he's as much of a cow as she is. Pretty disgusting.

No. 73179

File: 1450297677054.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-12-16-12-25-00…)

No. 73396

Wow looks like they went through a terrible style transformation as a couple. WTF happened there?

No. 73413

There has to be a peanut butter and ham sandwich in one of those coat pockets.

No. 73567

At least one, maybe two.

No. 73573

She's making one of my favorite albums look disgusting dear god

No. 73773

It's so easy to spot the tumblr now a days.

No. 73839

anon what album is that? the art is very beautiful

No. 73880

It's Power, Corruption & Lies by New Order. An 80s classic.

No. 73899

Holy shit, she ruined him.

No. 76915

I'm the person who originally brought up the (formerly) hot boyfriend and after carefully reviewing this photo, I wish to revise my opinion. Not hot.

No. 83583

File: 1453331013441.gif (387.14 KB, 147x83, ezgif-3815273204.gif)

I wonder if this is the support she needs
If not, she will in a couple of months

No. 83637

Maybe they're a kind of mutual, self-destructive enabling team?

No. 83656

Even as much as he has ruined his looks over the last year or so, I still contend he could do soooooo much better than her.

No. 83658

jesus christ I used to follow the fuckyeahgoths tumblr yeeears ago, this is the same girl?? I have a few of her zines she used to give away for free lmao

No. 847467

necromancy - she met that boy when he was 17 (half her age), groomed him and then moved him in. know her irl to be an absolute scumbag(newfaggotry)

No. 847475

Yeah I've had dealings with her too when she came to London, everyone hates her - also her clothing company seems to have ripped a lot people off and she's retired from the internet due to 'illness' (waddling off with people's money).

No. 847486

Isn't she a bit young for a full blown lymphedema? My mum had it before she lost weight, it was hell to get rid off.(no1curr about your mom)

No. 847493

She's 35, so in her early thirties in that photo. A bit young for lymphedema, but not outrageously so. Probably didn't help she gained so much weight so quickly. She said she's on a social media hiatus for a few years due to severe complications with a IUD, at her size things like that can be fatal.

Sage cause this cow isn't producing any new milk.

No. 847636

she is NOT 35… lies about her age. she must be in her 40s by now

No. 847736


She is 38 at the very least & met the bf when he was 16/17 and she was 30. Started isolating him from everyone he knows pretty much instantly.

Nasty piece of work honestly, unsurprised she's taking a social media break that coincides with her clothing brand ripping a bunch of people off

No. 847829


38 would have been a few years ago for her AFAIK. 1000% on how she groomed that poor boy. I hope he's getting the therapy he needs now. She used to keep tons of booze around her house for underage drinkers even though she didn't really drink herself (at least not when everyone else was drinking). It was always super creepy. She'd prey on people who didn't really know any better, and play a motherly role until it was time to strike. Super predatory and she got a lot of sympathy for coming across as just sheltered and geeky - she also played off her predatory nature as just being socially unaware

Her whole company was funded through credit cards so no surprise that it fell apart. she was shameless about stealing ideas as well - anything was game to her and she viewed her buyers as "lesser goth" poseurs. for those wondering why she changed aesthetics - it was because that's where the money was

I'm grateful that karma seems to have caught up with her and ended the cycle

No. 847861

Receipts on her age? The only person with her name in her location that I could find on file online was listed as being 35 years old.

No. 870045

File: 1568802339880.webm (1.19 MB, 176x144, pandaeyes.webm)

Panda frigging herself, 10 years ago.

Will do a hot take soon on her.(necro)

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